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					By: Brian Maloney
Faculty Advisor: Skip Rochefort
Collaborating S d
C ll b     i            Paul Dornath (HHMI), Moey Handloser (ASE)
              Students: P l D      h (HHMI) M     H dl
Funded By: The Subsurface Biosphere Initiative
                          Conflicting Experimental
                          ◦ Mice studies done By DrDr.
                             Patricia Hunt of WSU
                          ◦ EPA, FDA, and the
                             Consumer Products Safety
                          Literature yielded similar
                              fli i        l i
                          conflicting conclusions
       www uwuhelp org

Nalgene PC Water Bottle        Background
Is the Leaching of Bisphenol-A from
p y                                y
polycarbonate containers exclusively a
surface phenomenon?              g

Bisphenol-A molecule        Bisphenol-A monomer
Bottle Preparation / Autoclaving
Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)
HP 5890 GC/MS
(C18 column)


                      Fl   h t
                GC/MS Flowchart
                            ~ 7,000,000

                         1 ppm BPA ↑

           ←10 ppb BPA

1st Autoclave ↑

         2nd Autoclave →
Determined a method for SPME of BPA from
water samples
Performed detection limit/calibration curve
for GC MS
Detected Bisphenol-A in autoclaved PC
b ttl
No definitive results at this time
Perform full detection limit test
Continue surface phenomenon testing:
◦ Perform multiple autoclaving procedures per bottle
◦ Simulate the effects of surface degradation
◦ Quantify leaching rates as a function of number of
   t ili ti               (autoclaving)
  sterilization processes ( t l i )
Subsu ace osp e e        t at e
Subsurface Biosphere Initiative
◦ Dr. Skip Rochefort
  Dr. M h        d Azizian
◦ D Mohammad A i i
◦ Paul Dornath
◦ Moey Handloser (ASE)
College of Chemistry
◦ Dr. Christine Pastorek
◦ Dr. Emile Firpo
◦ Kristi Edwards
◦ Greg Jones
◦ Todd Shechter