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					Universe,third Chapter, a Bit Fire of Fertile Plain
Author: He Qi Lin (Chinese man)
There’re greating Rubbish Bases in the small palnet near Double Stars, 200 sq.km. There’re defend power having 50,000
soldiers, and almost 100 thousand workers. It’s one of main bases for deal rubbish of V.Family in the D.S. Military establishment
such as tank depots, maintain factory, info-center, etc. and set hundreds of elevators and running cannon systems, it’s with very good
battle power. A young officer was directing soldiers to help worker divide or take down a big broken astro-ship. A star train was landing
down near young officer. A scientist Got off, he’s Borndear who consultant of nation science and technology. He’s lost a left arm,
because one attacked him at youth. Now he is a consultant duty to the rubbishs bases of D.S. Borndear had on safety suit who came to
young officer, There’s over dust forg or others, he’s had a wigwag with hand in front of himself, but didn’t see fingers. Dense
forg almost overcome the working yard. Workers and soldiers working with feeling in forg. It’s only the robots able to finish task, if
they haven’t safety suit in cold and rolling smoking yard. The young officer continued to command,
Borndear had a weak patted officer soldier, and asked,“Captain Waken, would you tell me where’s the astro-ship from?â€
Waken replied,“Mr. Borndear, waiting a minute. Frist thing to finish the task.â€
Waken was born at poor family in D.S. Depended on his strong will and excellent military tactics in Contract soldier job 10 years. Afterall,
joined to V.Family who become a level 5 captain of empire. He’s only commanded thousands of soldiers beated back ten
thousands of S.soldiers attacking under great dispanity condition, has rescued a group of war refugee on the sky during one man task
too. He’s awarded suggestion medal of D.S., because made a great contribution for environment construction objects of V.Family.
He’s official nominated the Top Commander of The Rocks Starfields rubbishs bases by V.Family, and in charge of whole affairs.
There is a full dangerous starfields, many astro-mobster always appear and dispappear,that’s D.S. rebellion-force of activity
territory too. V.Family excepted to establish greating rubbishs bases, also were building a large-sized forest section for State
Experimentation item. Waken both holding ground and deal with diffend affair of the forest section. If it’s lookless out, possible to
became target of public criticism.
2 hours late, Waken went back the command post, dust all over his body. Had a pat dust of coat, then went into the clean system room.
The clean system room use three clean types for body healthy. The first room is cold and heat clean, people can clean body and clothes;
the second room is healthy radial clean, people can use the radial quite put and end to unknow virus, bad microbes or other parasite etc;
the three room is difference temperature and medication, people can according to conditions one’s self, about suit temperature or
healthy medication, to choose suitable method for good health. And kill bad germs grow in difference temperature.
Waken walked into the first room with too impatient, filter water over strong body, to scatter warm in drops or particles. Then went to the
second room, the healthy radial were sweepping and scanning on air, his body seems ghost appear or unappear. He’s feeling
release and free. Stepped into the third room, easy press personal code in computer, then tuned to room of temperature and medicine
gas. Cold feeling flare up.
In the mean time, the computer said alarm,“Waring, waring! Captain Waken, the temperature is above normal, will be restore
Waken had a deep breathing, then answered,“Mr. Consciousness, thank for your help.â€
The computer spoke,“Not at all. Honorific Waken, work data of tomorrow and other information will be submit for you in two hours
“Thank you, Mr. Consciousness.†He’s talked.
Borndear and a commander watching the screen at mean time, the news of civil war in sights. The commander name’s Veten.
Sounds or pictures with exciting bedin of antwar billowing around air at command post. Angry people had burning mimic-weapons.
Some people exciting standed on the camera lens middle, and violence dissatisfied criticisming. Some people even do many quizzical
acts. They’re faces wore a somewhat quizzical almost impertinent. Some people were exerting strength to throw things to riot police,
some civil war supporter abuse to antwar people, then up to force. Rows, streets, scenes, every almost confusion everywhere, fire sky.
Waken walked out the clean room, he’s wonder asked,“What’s matter, It’s so busy? Everyone looks like exciting.â€
Veten talked,“There’s I told you civil war of empire affairs last time, many starfield people are acting antwar bedin as. But on my
standpoint, these acts useless, only show people’s look and thinking to the empire premier at war. Impossibility to war decision.â€
Borndear talked,“No matter what’s side in war that make of very serious influece. But sometimes use force who straight way.â€
Waken smile spoke,“With reason, howerver, war will work to fatal personnel casualty or loss. But I thinking that isn’t the best
straight at a point.â€
Veten talked,“So,Captain.What’s a good idea?â€
Waken thought a litter time, then talked,“Temporarily, I haven’t. you can ask me again when I bethinked.â€
Brondear watching and saying,“Onhogo should going on the way that time.†Veten asked,“I have a thing no understood, Why
Onhogo going to Universe Empire Star battle without you? Captain is a First-rate battle expert in my mind.â€
Waken have no alternative spoke,“He’ve a lot of lion-generals, What’s ability to me? No kidding.â€
One soldier come in, and saluted, then reported,“Captain Waken, there’s have a remote antiquity battleship was delivered,
please order.â€
Waken had a little impatient replied,“Set the remote ship to artificial gravitation field, avoid last case begin again. Then deal with
thus tomorrow.â€
The soldier power responded,“Y Captain!â€
Borndear sigh with emotion,“Could you tell me what’s type of ancient ship?â€
Waken answered,“It should be a trash ship, the type made in G.I.M.E. calendar 1045 y. Ancient empire astro-ship.â€
He’s interested in,“Doctor.Waken, could you take me to have a look, may be have somewhat good finding!â€
Veten first talked,“He’s an expert, We might discover a pot of Transmutation Stone at the end of the rainbow.â€
Waken watced clock, 62:45 second day, March, G.I.M.E. new Calendar 5030. then answered,“In this case, we’re going to.â€
He’s pressed a calling system, a soldier came in.
Waken ordered,“Tank ready, leave for ancient ship.â€
“Y commander!†soldier responed.
Bumper-to-bumper tanks were ordered waitting for them outside. V.Family tankâ… looks like a thick and flat China-fan. When
tankâ… reach to high speed, they’re can close-ground Fly and volplane, through out road block, cross over danger zone. Heavy
machine gun installed at front, effective gunshot 3 km. Sides of gun seted emitter gateway that able to S.L.A. (sea,land,air) long distance
attack with suit guided missile. Soft and hard crashworthy system, can endure and support very strong crash power, can change
bodywork depend on conditions.Tank metal shell are installed Chameleon System that able to change colours on surface in difference
environment, heighten camouflage skill and show V.Family of variability character. 
Three persons stepped on Tank who go forward to anchor of the ancient ship. Borndear looked into the distance of rubbishes bases on
the way. The bases are builded on a mountain chain, there’re needed to shovel mountainside a year. It’s undifficulty imagine, as
these buildings have needed great rich material fling into. Present to great taste because as beehive adhibit surface of small planet in
sight. A military unit of G.I.M.E. regular-soldiers motorcade After Moving tanks. Few minutes late, tanks arrived at the ancient ship on
time. Waken had seen an engineer was making a reconnaissance the ship.
He’s closing and greeting,“Our engineer, thanks for your working.â€
Steborg had a suddenly, and talked,“Never mind, everyone know I’m high on job. Thanks your care.†Then Borndear and Veten
followed stepps, they’re talking about this cases.
Borndear knocked at metal shell of ancient ship, was touching, petting, considering about. The ship shape as an ancientry Chinese
knive, 500 m.long, 30 ton weight. Ship shell were made up by platinic metal, flashing under sunshine.
Steborg pated dust of body, talked to Waken,“That ancient battle ship mass and stick astro-dust or rocks, grains, I believe it should
be dead in an accident of meteorite zone, We should go into and have a look.â€
Waken nice and fast replied,“Sure, no problem.†Two soldiers used great effort to open the cabin door 10 minutes, a team of
soldiers were being guided cabin by robot.
Waken listened report from soldiers, then turnned to say people,“We can go in.â€
The ship isn’t bigger, but command module can contain ten and several human people. Command module is confusion, equipment
still good save as new. Waken had groped to find or accomplish something, Steborg continued work, Borndear had a touch per several
stepps, his full curiosity of surrounding, as seek out an object that arouses interest, as by being novel or extraordinary. Veten exciting
leaded a team of soldiers went around inside. As want to seek out something.
Signal sounds form expsire suit of Waken, he’s opened hand-screen, asked,“What’s up?â€
A soldier reported,“Captain, there’s a trade astro-ship under attacking of Astro-Robber in our contronlled C section of star
fields. They’re need help, please order.â€
Waken spoke,“Start up pilotless aircraft to completely scout B, C, D section of Rocks Starfields in second, ask starfields patrol units
go to rescue at accident. The bases must up to guard, strong defense!â€
“Y commander!†soldier replied.
Veten asked,“We’re whether go back or not?â€
Waken said,“Don’t worry, Astro-robber never do out of pocket businesss. There’re rubbishs bases, not the palace. Does
notthing to do with life themselves. Otherwise you lead 200 soldiers go back, stay 600 soldiers with me, go.â€
Veten received,“Y Captain Waken.â€
Borndear came to the front, then told,“I asked Steborg, it’s complete know the battle ship that need to spend 2 hours.â€
Waken ordered to soldiers,“Holding on defense, follow me to return after 2 hours!â€
A soldier reported to him from outside,“Captain, V.Family brigadier QuQing demand communication.â€
“Y no problem.†Answered Waken.
Brigadier QuQing had dranking fine green tea at home, and talking about civil war of empire cases with Waken. He’s talked
again,“I’m so sorry, delay you long time. Bases job must be very hard?â€
Waken replied,“No, not hard. Thanks for honour regard. To great responsibility for defense of palace, It’s comparativer than
Waken’s cases with worth.†They’re talking about something again.
Some times passed, QuQing continued,“After a week, V.Family will open The family important meeting, I’ll send the information
for you tomorrow.†Waken replied,“My pleasure, honour QuQing. I will attendance on time, Good bye.â€
A moment late, Steborg had a stretch, and talked,“I have finished the work, we can leave.†Waken then stepped on tank who went
back the bases with them ahead of time.
In the one of palace rooms, one warrior had lying comfortable and big bed who looking up sky of window outside. Although epmire have
bursted out civil war, but It’s not matter with? It’s only do best my task is enough.
An officer came in, and asked,“Good morning, Mr. Luohu. My master Bianja asked me to remind you must keep those words. On the
other hand, the long-voyage combat airship is ready for you. Please to Mr.Luohu depart and Warrant for arrest Goodbingo. We’ll
sent the information to your hands at any moment in time.â€
Luohu dressed coat, then walked out the room as leisure. Fast step in long-voyage combat airship. Flew to blue sky with a swoosh,
disappeared in people’s eyes.
Y esterday, Luohu walked along a long hall way who then came in Kue office. Walls of office full puted materail or information, Kue was
siting at the center of room. His flying-chair took him to take some information. No a point of diffence face before. Sly eyes, tine-knife
face, a wisp mustache grow at chin, Luohu distinguish him from a look.
He’s knocked at the door, opened mouth,“L.Colonel Kue, I’m Luohu, What’s job do you find me?†Kue put down the
information and returned the chair, happy to talk,“Hey~, Mr.Luohu, your arrived, please sit down, don’t metion.â€
Luohu sat down with a rush, his hand fingers slight had a point to office table. Then had a little neck act, side-face talked, “The
criminal had handed to location police last time. What’s task? How many rewards?â€
tastily spoked from Kue,“Don’t hurry, and don’t worry. I believe this task will be accomplish on your great power such be, Mr.
Luohu. But… the task concerning many thing, important thing, great thing. So the end time should be fast. And of course the money will
doubling for you. Let me a think, a! have 500,000 E.coin. Listening, five hundred thousand Coin. Al! I don’t worry about my life, such
as firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy, vinegar, tea if belong to me. But it is a pity that I haven’t your skills.â€
“Hum, hum, unsimple task.†Luohu watched and played a few E.coin with hand. Sometimes throwed in air, sometimes held in.
bicker grain moving on stars, It’s the most earnestly dream of world forever.
E.coin is small side, flat and round, diameter 1 cm., and 2 gram weight. Main clour gold yellow, main material are mix-made from the
firmest metal of Empire. Frontface mark in G.I.M.E. Sword designs. And have 250,000 diffence clour and very microstructure artifical
distinguish charts, it needs to use tailor-made sky-high distinguish percentage of microscope radial scanner to clear. Frontside sword of
E.coin also can depend on specially conditions that change to all manner of empir sword forms Backside of E.coin are 5,000,000 best
heroes, heroines’s image, difference sculpted. E.coin having a direction pointting system, facility to take count in account, and
process a limited tail as occasion requires. In addition, G.I.M.E. have check system, energy sources money and others for main currency
in the empire, too.
Lunhu laugh said,“What kinds of person worth 500,000 E.coin. go on.â€
Kue talked to,“Don’t look down the man, have skills too. He’s name Goodbingo who a professional engage-soldier of
U.E.S. A big man’s son was killed in his hands. The big man from X family. Then Goodbingo killed all the prison police at captivity
airship after go to the dead execution star field on the way, also hijack the airship. So, he’s unsimple person. I also tell you a thing,
3,000 dead execution prisoners with him. According to intelligence information show, the airship is flying to star fields near Double Stars.
If Mr.Luohu can take these criminal! The money Sure belong to you without other. But, in another point of view look, If you can life
arrested, you’re very possibility to get appreciation from premier Liyidan. Also have a chance to join empire “War Proofâ€
competition, at one time you will become focus from newspaper, magazine or other medias, then you are great news.â€
Kue opened again the screen, his face front eyes: strapping body, vigorous and power hands, feet; brown black hair, his hair is seep in
smallness pearl of colour gold and luminous, as galaxy of dark night on sky, especially eyes; stick eyebrow, sharp eyes, high nose, full of
fascination lip. Dragon beard of totem temples; favor to soft and comfortable combat armour, usuall carry a travel bag that characterized
by intricate and beautiful design or execution, a pair of high speed battle shoes, there’s installing a laser sword system on surface of
shoes, He’s born in U.E.S., parents dead when childhood, and relatives unknow; he’s original lived in Human Orphanage of
Jieme City, then sent to D.S. and educated in Contract-soldier Lesson While youth, to become a profession Contract-soldier.
Luohu had careful watching Goodbingo’s face on screen, thought about something, talked and asked,“Very qualification,
educated from the Contract Soldier Center of D.S. a demon warrior. Well then How many time I owned?†Kue replied,“A month. If
above a month, I will send other man to arrest him, such as analogy.†Continue talked,“There’s 10,000 E.coin. according to
pass actions. It’s first reward. Because we believe you.†Kue pressed a calling button, a Royalty-guarde put a bag of 20 kg. E.coin
in front of Kue on table. Luohu took up the bag, and want to leave.
Kue told him again,“O! Y Mr.Luohu, Gonggu said that “War proofâ€, I’m not say anything, I’m apology. But pleaset to
remember again.†Luohu had a smile, answered that,“Thanks, L.colonel Kue.â€
A week ago, one captivity airship had flying to the Dead Execution star field. 3,000 more dead prisoners locked up in the airship,
including murderer. He’s an engage soldier. Hometown in the U.E.S….
One night, strapping Goodbingo had dressing style back evening wear attendanced friend society party with girl griend, she has
multicoloured, quality astro-coat(long winter, shor summer style). She’s a national trade company president’s daughter. Good
and high stature, emeralddish and bluish, soldier-high long hair and colour eyebrow, specially obvious times colour. A pair of high speed
gymshoes and a suit of seven colour, transmutation Stone and sex body bijouterie that show diffence beauty at diffence surroundings.
Goodbingo combed hair himself, then linked her fine hand, went into the party hall of hotel. Many new faces, guests talking, dranking ,
chating or so.
He’s thought,“She’s social skills very well, fast a lot of people.†A young miss moved toward,“Welcom, welcom,
Mr.Goodbingo, dear Tylice.â€
Tylice did an alluring lips, then gently puff, pretend to angry,“Congratulation, Gece. A lot of friends again, also open a ceramic
company, I don’t know How to thinking.â€
Gece smile talked,“Oh, my dear Tylice, how to forget? Wait a minute I’ll introduce my new friends to you, do you like?â€
Melting sound from Tylice,“Sorry, I just joking, don’t mind. Y       ou’re good friend forever.†Gece low said,“Stealth talk to
you, today guests almost from very important people, also have young military officer… Mr.Goodbingo should be watch up your girl
friend, she’s so beautiful, If don’t care about, may be a pile of love opponents running in. Hum, hum.â€
He’s made an act as not care, then talked,“Really? Where? Where’re they?†Tylice gentle an energize niped on his buns
by hand, the pain with a cough, bring breathe out smile from Gece. When they’re happy talking something, a young man had
dreessed red and white business suit who leaded several strong bodyguards came to, they look like a big great.
Gece hurry turned, and talked to,“Hey, noble Mr.Kuwi, Welcome here! Come on, let me introduce two good friends for you.â€
Kuwi pruriently gaze at Tylice, and talked,“ah~, dear Tylice, How are you?â€
Tylice bright eyes suddently became murky gray, rush hid to behind of Goodbingo. Goodbingo consciously block in front of girl friend.
Low asked,“What’s happened?†She’s a ghost fear of espression was passing in sights. Little sound,“Kuwi was my
neighbor of childhood, he teased me.†Goodbingo seems understood some, smile talked,“We’re very luck see you long time,
Mr.Kuwi. By the way, Ms.Gece, I have a friend waitting for me and Tylice, excuse me.â€
Gece as understanding too,“All right, waiting for you, have fun.â€
He’s a gaze to Kuwi, then they’re made a distance and disappear in his sight, ten and several minutes late, Tylice went to toilet,
but the case has started happening. When she went out, a black showing in the way, and emited deep and low voice,“Lovely Tylice, I
haven’t seen you some time, you’re growin up beauty.â€
“What do you want?!†lightness and style step all of a sudden hurry up.
Kuwi bared up the lewd and cheap face,“Don’t, don’t scare. I’m not a wolf. Do you remember we’re innocent
playmates time?†I’m very like you when that time, but pity you moved other place, Hoothoot, I’m so hurt. Today! I finally meet
you again! We’re really foreordained of fate, must be god’s plan. We would be better to…†Hands with alcohol gas run out
her beautiful face, slender thigh, Tylice promptly moved by exerting force against. Kuwi hasn’t talked all, a straight slap his face. She
still as a willow is slender—and equally graceful, equally erect. Kuwi covered left face, gazed at Tylice’s tender white, spring, young
skin, as debauchee laugh,“Eh, so good, belove hit, come again.â€
Goodbingo is having a chat with people that time. She’s leave a long, therefore decided to find her at outside of toilet then waiting.
But the result of picture from the case. He’s very angry, fast came and had fisting Kuwi to swound on the ground. Want to fist again,
Tylice speed to hold, and told,“We must go out, this place unsuitable stay for a long time.†Got on the taxi running after they’re
fly out hotel. After a little, bodyguards found Kuwi,
Headache Kuwi utterly discomfited and standing shouted,“I swear I never free you, Waitlook!â€
Slightly raining air, strangers in a hurry near running car. Tylice inclined her head toward boy-friend’s breast, softly leaned against
him, and was considering that how should to deal troubles Kuwi at future. Goodbingo fingering girl friend’s hair, and
comforted,“Don’t worry, may be we should looking for one place avoid fire. Listened to landscape of Double Stars not bad, We
can have a tour. Right?†She’s soulful looked at dear, with hands to firmly hold his power right hand. Slender talked,“I following
you wherever.â€
Sudden, fast and furry sweep shoot from back of taxi.“da~da~da~!†taxi back had broken in second. Taxi driver scared, and
terrible emergency cried,“Help! Help!â€
Goodbingo put the pistol, expertly open the safety lock, light spoke,“Don’t be afraid, I will come back soon.†Then took a good
opportunity to welter out running taxi. She’s exclaimed behind, the voice more and more far.
Goodbingo roused active and spirit, fired to the chaseing front wheel of sports car “Phut! phut!†two gunshot, then sports car
brushed way and down aside. 2 men rolled down from sport car, a group of gunmen in the wake of other sports cars, the police alarm
sound more voice from far place. Cold swind faned city sky, gunmen took weapons, having cap and veil. A balck suit and sunglassess
midlife man lead they to shoot, crazy bullets biting around of Goodbingo. He discovered force badly, promptly rolled to left, hid at the
corner, again back shoot to gunmen, many gunmen had shot down with voice, but they’re too many, more and more formed to
besiege a circle, Goodbingo very dangerous. It’s luck that a police car fast coming on sky, a police tensely used gun aim at gunmen,
another police use broadcast system said aloud,“Please attention! Everybody listening to me! We’re patrol police of location.
Our reinforce will be fast to here, please calm down, calm down! Put down your weapon, we can manage every problems. I repeat…â€
The sunglasses man laugh,“Ya~! That guy such really be I had seen disk of police and thief words yesterday, I’m not fool!â€
He’s put scattergun and shot to police. Other gunmen firing too, police rush shoot them, one of police called the info-
center,“Backup, backup! We need to force! The mobsters have 30 and several, We only several, hurry up!â€
A gunman closed to sunglasses man,“Brother! Police force will arrived here in 5 minutes, Should we…â€
The man talked,“Fall back, fall back on aim way! With chance to kill that guy Goodbingo when fall back!â€
Gunmen answered,“Y head.â€es,
Passerby hid and avoided at scene, only gunmen and police shadows moving in the street. Police making fire to gunmen, bullets
bursting, cluster, random. Goodbingo took the chance of running, then rode a small car running away. He’s worry girl friend’s
safety, must be chase up. Through a street and a street , a familiar of taxi stopped road side. He had seen Kuwi forcing to hold her. He
deeply never thought that shoot down Kuwi bodyguards. Kuwi very scared, and pressed Tylice to aside. Then hands up, said aloud,“I
give up, I give up! But, tomorrow I’ll never free you, Fu~aha~, your girl friend’s body very nice! Not bad. Eh~, ah~~.â€
Goodbing looked at confusion wear of Tylice, obvious marks.
He’s angry and blood eyes,“Phut, phut, puht…â€
Spare bullets beated in Kuwi’s body. Kuwi stared eyes, couldn’t believed the shoot from him as wonder, Never people could
dare. He’s slowed lyed down on the road, lying die with little moving, Fishy blood poured out from body’s mouth. Goodbing
exhausted, and kneeled on the groud, and deepped breathing and winded. Tylice clashed to him, then firmly held and cried. He’s
too, Police car were coming, besieged their… rain even more befor, as complained of ugly of world.
Goodbingo whole bared body, sitting on the presoner bed, and gazed at photo of girl friend. The prison house only 30 square meter.
Prison door set laser cote system. If illegal in and out, It would be emanate high temperature, emitting sting ray of laser light. Perfect
mointor system at corridor, able to distinguish clear every walker. For the better keeping of Tylice photo, he’s used a tailor-made
small winebottle. The small winebottle was made up by transparent green-fiberglass, have definite tenacity. It’s wall of inside put a
precious colour fibre photo, can conitnue to pour wine or water after used of special solute tool together photo and winebottle. This little
bottle is one and only pocket property, that’s coursed many twists and turned, finally kept up. The capitivity airship never-rest flew to
Dead Execution Starfield, difficult foresee, suffering prison life will waiting for 3,000 prisoners. At former, many prisoners were dead,
because of couldn’t bear dying prison life in the Dead Excution Starfield.
Goodbingo lying on bed and having Tylice in mind, then insensibly sleeping.
Suddenly, captivity airship as earthquake moving, broadcast system alarmed,“Attention, please to attention! Airship is passing a
Thunder Dust Devil Zone.†The airship continued acutely shaking, Goodbingo no attention on the bed still.
And at once he discovered disappear without trace of hand bottle! Fast and hurry jumpped from the bed, then looking for little bottle on
the ground. For a long time, found the small bottle had rolled aside of corridor. Goodbingo could not closed to, because of prison door. A
robot had passing the corridor,
He’s promptly beseeched him for a help,“Excuse me, honour robot, honour robot! Could you help me to take the little bottle,
please, please!â€
The robot had a seen to him, then trod down small bottle with foot,“I have not this class of request in the programme.â€
Then moving, Goodbingo as mad as wild animals bluster, loudness, the prison room is flickering, suffering in heard, a screen and screen
of beautiful fancey along with besmash as degreeing to die. Goodbingo weeping and tremble, suffering heart, Had changing to an angry,
a hatred fire flightiness upswing without end. He’s angry kicked the door. Hurried stepps coming from, the door “Zi†opened,
two whole armed prison police walked in prison house, loudmouthed with rush,“What! What’s cry! I will throw you out, eat dust of
universe if cry again!†And that time, a sharp violent of thunder crul shot captivity airship whom slanted and swagged, people were
An idea fireing from he’s heart,“Rush, kill them, rush out!â€
He’s eyes murderous. Took a shaking chance of airship, small acts beated down police, put on police battle suit, single along to
operation module… after a moment, prisoners flood out roomes as tide tidewater, went at other police…
Second day, Goodbingo hijacking captivity airship news blazed Milky Way galaxy, other solar systems. Had a some one stealth smile in
the Rocks Starfields. There’s secret hideout of astro-robbers—Dake City. Famous and big astro-robber Dake controlled in this city
Who leading privateer fleet is the legalize crime group of Milky Way galaxy. He lighted up a smoke, smile and talked himeslef,
“Y   ou’re standard, you’re standard.â€
A dark engage-soldier supported another engage solder who went in capacious and comfortable Dake office. Dispiritedly told,
“Boss, D.S. normal army helped the trade ship at starfields, the fish gone.â€
But Dake Having a buoyant or self-confident air,“Never mind! Never mind. First go back for rest, I will call you if something.â€
“Y Boss.†They answered,
Sixty minutes ago, the trade ship was flying in the Rocks Starfields that came from Force nation of earth. The passengers were including
elder Holen and his son and daughter who went to Double Stars on way. They weren’t expected astro-robber will waylay action at the
zone. Elder Hole’s 700 years old, Force nation wisdomer, Stars Map Logic Ecclesiastic higher educator, famous called
“Hundred Education†He’s observed to look at planet map of D.S. as looking for a good universe corridor. Lovely daughter
Hofi carefully driving, and Hoen mointor to operation system ship of screen, holding in standard effect. Abruptly, a minitype interstellar
missile hit to the impulsement module of trade ship that dithering.
Hole thought about,“Why the astro-robber appeard?â€
A moment with that words,“Hoen, hurry up send SOS to near starfields!â€
Hoen answered,“No problem, my father.â€
Hofi talked to dad with a little exciting,“Father, astro-robber destoried left impulsement of ship. Flying speed start to slower, must be
seek a repair place.â€
2 interstellar fighter plane again shot as slam. Information screen showed masked robber, “Step in our fileds, quickly give me the
Hole pretended to a face of smile, asked him,“How much is the money?â€
Astro-robber laugh, and shouted,“Whole! Hi hi…â€
Press closed with moment. Hoen have no idea,“A flock of madmen!â€
Flight planes missiled one again, a largeness blast on the same place, then ship speed was slowing. Operation screen fast showed a
young officer pictures When asking help failed,
He’s explained,“We’re D.S. empire military of Rocks Starfields, SOS has receipted. Patrol fleet will be arrived, please for
waiting.†A sharp of electrolazer bursted back of flight plane when the third missile ready, ten and several battle airships lightning
appearance on back of them.
They shocked and loss color on face,“Fall back! Brother.†The flight planes very fast run into meteorolites. 
Hole mopped down cold sweat on head, talked,“Now safety, all right.â€
Trade airship landed on the airfield of defend army that armored forces, patrol battle ships, soldiers full control the airfield. Felicitate on
mind themselves whole got off the airship. A high, young officer came to them, and saluted,“Good to meet you. I felicitate you on
safety, sir. I’m D.S.L.colonel Veten of defending troops in Rocks Starfields. Welcom to Double Stars.â€
Ash and blue gown cap was being opened by Hole, then nodded,“Thanks for your help, thanks a lot.â€
And Hofi talked,“Because of the underattacking from astro-robber, We need time to repair serious broken ship.â€
Veten looked at the nice girl, she’s lovely face and touching eyes, a suit of white metal astro-coat that show sweet for good model.
He’ll fell in love with beautiful girl if hadn’t married.
Veten talked to,“We’ll share a place for your repair job, but first let’s checking you airship.â€
Hoen spoke,“Sure, father.†Elder Hole answer,“All right, Veten. With check to begin.†A battle tank ran in the airfield. Three
people got off and they’re Waken, Brondear, Stebrog who came back form the remote airship.
Waken kindly shook hands with Hole,“Welcome to D.S. I’m Waken, the highest commander of location, they’re my
They’re introduce on another, then wlaked into the meeting room.
Cup of Hole was filled up hot tea by soldier. He’s a little drink who felling green tea aroma seepped in body, lingering fear eliminated
all at once. One sip again, then thanked,“I’m so grateful to captain and other people’s help. We’re dead in the Rocks
starfields if haven’t you.â€
Waken replied,“Not at all, never mention. This our responsibility, elder Hole. By the back way, you’re come from the remote earth
as important thing to deal, is it right?â€
He’s smile said,“Y captain Waken. Else personal reason, we also have an important purpose that establish embranchment of
Stars Map Logic Ecclesiastic in the D.S. Nonce, G. people are facing to first strange catastrophe, for end to war fire burning more, for
end to slump an abysm with people more. Stars Map Logic Ecclesiastic put almost available material, We’re come to here for
tomorrow sky.â€
Brondear spoke,“I’m very glad to see you, famous logic exploiter of galaxies.â€
He going on,“I’m admire to base tenet of education from Stars Map Logic Ecclesiastic.â€
Hoen answered,“Overpraise from your admire, We’re tent to education, because of people mind have extending and improve
from education.â€
Veten talked,“I’m thinking that education important, economy at the same.â€
Brondear told,“Y     ou’re right, I think so.â€
Veten continued to said,“On the way, I had listened that unstability of earth and planets around, sure?â€
Hole smile talked,“Colonel Veten really well know all, very sure. There’re under goodish since the civil war. As, wars had
recorded since first human history. We’re only may be one cup of water pour on the hill of befire-woods.â€
Waken asked him,“Could you tell me What’s happened when you’re underattack? Do you remember?â€
He’s replied,“I haven’t mind to more because I had seen the empire interstellar chart. But my ship computer has noted all
procession. I believe ship data will be useful for help.â€
Waken thanked,“Thanks for your help and support.â€
Hofi one-up talked,“This should be, you saved me, brother and my father.â€
Hofi’s eyes gazed at the handsome man. One suit of silver-gray military officer, suggestions decoration of D.S. on left arm that show
his full of wisdom. As Cupid arrow blew in heart, fall in love with young officer, Waken. Hoen thought out sister’s unusual act. With
right handed to a press her arm. Hofi woke up a little gaffe, turnned see another place.
Waken kept up,“On the case your trade ship should be repair a week at least. After a week, I’ll present to V.Family important
meeting, would you want me to drive on way?â€
Hole said,“With so pleasure, thanks captain.â€
Knocking on the door outside, pretty voice,“Captain Waken is here?â€
Waken answered,“Come in.â€
A nice young girl walked in the office. She had on purel-white space suit, floss cap didn’t cover fine hair. She dressed down the coat
in minute, showed up the purel one-piece dress that low-chesty and intimate style,slow spoke,“Why so hot?â€
Waken smile talked,“I’m so sorry, allow me to introduce my personal physicaltherapy master, Ms. Xingmei.â€
She’s smile talked,“Sorry to trouble you, your nice.†A sight dropped on Hofi, intuition told her have carry weight from the girl at
future. Xingmei hurry drawed apart with Waken because big or small question who afrair love will be fly out.
Xingmei had a bit tweaked Waken’s arm, then small voice,“My Waken, Who’s that beautiful sister?â€
He’s smile and answered,“She’s edler Hole’s daughter Hofi. What’s wrong?â€
She’s asked again,“She’s love competitor in woman’s intuition.â€
Waken returned,“Y may be not enough confidence oneself in my man experience.â€
Xingmei coquetry said,“I didn’t care what or some what, you need to tell me who beautiful.â€
Waken seens realized,“Y      ou’re very beautiful, she too.â€
He’s suddenly felt up her sunshiny face as become clouds more. Rush renew,“No! of course not. I’m joking. Y               ou’re
beautier than her.â€
Xingmei happy talked,“Thank you.â€
Then talked more,“Reach hand.â€
Waken asked,“Why should I reach my hand?â€
She’s annoy talked,“I want to help you physical therapy acts, come on.â€
Waken asked,“What time is it. We have guesters, after one, waiting for me at room, we could be continue talking about.â€
Waken got a hump on eyes to Veten, He’s smile said,“What are you doing? We’re talking about the cases. Don’t
manner such, difference armyman’s way.â€
Waken speedily returned and talked,“My brother Veten speak out my heart words, I have words talk to elder Hole. Excuse me, you
should go back room.â€
Xingmei plumped up the mouth, and went back the room.
Brondear continued,“Where’s words? We would be talking the cases.â€
Hofi sat, then saw them, realised what’s tastes in mind.
She’s thought,“I’m better than her, take chance of closing.â€
She’s brother hoen gazed at young and white skin, beheart fire back, swallowing saliva. Sister pressed to brother with hand too,
he’s woke up and smile. Other people still having a chat or so, no one find unusual colour on their faces.
Sunshine throught out the cloud stones, then shine in the Rubbishs bases, soldiers suit apparence effulge on armous. A small team of
empire soldier had passing channel of hill, they’re didn’t discover serveal shadows moving at sunless hill channel who steal visit
to great rubbishs bases.
One of shadows steal talked,“Brother Flolamp! Couldn’t close up the great rubbishs bases, this’s very damage.â€
Flolamp acted big steel teeth, thought about,“Elder send me to scout here with reasons.â€
He want to continue toward, a soldier sudden high shouted,“Who’s there!?â€
Flolamp had knew fail to hide. Empire soldier is shot down when he want to say again. A team of soldiers up to there, and savage shot
to him. Flolamp put out mini bomb at pocket, fast threw out.
Suffering soldiers lying down. They’re hurry rode small cars running quickly. Bases airplane, army came to, Flolamp already ran into
an air, only leaved behind serveal soldiers’s bodies.
Flolamp went back to the secret base of Natureism with small car. Dressing Natureism traditonal warrior short battle suit. Got off the car
with leisure, at moment that stretching full muscular arms. Breast’s muscle and ventro-muscel following moving arm dithering.
Wounds was bright flopping on the body or face. It’s rode a long time in long distance, then with warm up sports would be eliminate
tire and good acts.
A team of Natureism closing,“Brother Flolamp, elder inviting.†Tall and strong team of headman talked to him.
He stopped and answered,“Ok, this go!â€
Long time go, Natureism have begun to war V.Family since. Who don’t know war began with what’s reason , may be someone
know at future. Nowaday, Natureism, some of human, other underoppressive nations against to V.Family for real freedom, even for
control in D.S. They’re good at battle who Natureism buidled a secret military base because flying guerilla. Ring Mountain Zone very
vast area, enough 760,000 sq.km. Ring Mountain difference, some as a vase standing on the Ring Mountain, some as broke bowl with
some water, some as feetprint of giant, some as great spiral snake, some as character english letter ‘O’, all kinds of strange
things, layer upon layer, ring upon ring.
The military base was builder in the wide mountain chain, because good camouflage, more nature-blocks, brought about undiscovered.
Dia 10 kilometre of ring mountain all over Natureism gun towers, N.fighter planes interluding near canyon of ring mountain. And around
many ring mountains zone. They’re set up roadbocks or patrol every main road, exit. If unknow this landform, impossibility safety
come or out.
Flolamp had a saluted,“Elder Tker, Flolamp have finished the scout and come back.â€
Short Tker answered,“Good, good job, Natureism hero is no doubt.â€
Flolamp talked,“According my know, there’s in charge of Waken, he’s new defense commander. Greats rubbishs bases still
working in rubbishs and recycle material every places. No big found.â€
Elder Tker smile told,“Oh, changed to young man, the ex-commander’s ages probably as me. I think that is time to find some
time for visit parents or relatives at country.â€
At the moment, one Natureism warrior came in the army corps, saluted,“Elder Tker, we’re come back.â€
Tall and thin warrior spoke,“We’re came back from astro-robber Dake’s den, It’s said that had a trade airship was
rescued by V.Family Who passed the Rocks Starfields. If ture, they’re should be repairing in the bases. Mr. Dake hope capture
them, then send. The due is 3 interstellar battleplanes and 2 ton of weapon ammo material.â€
Tker slow asked,“Did you ask the reason? Hatmen.â€
Hatmen answered,“Y I did. But Mr.Dake no replied.â€
Tker blinked eyes as understood something, talked,“Thank you, you can back to rest. I’ll call you talking if something.â€
Hatmen answered,“Y elder Tker.â€
He’s a looked at Flolamp, they went out corps after had shaked to battle gown,
Flolamp wonder,“Elder, Tker, that’s…?â€
Tker hat pated his hand, talked,“That’s Hatmen, he’s son of deceased gnerral Hadoe. Y          ou’re sheepman’s son
therefore may be look down you. He usually this manner, don’t blame him.â€
Flolamp laugh,“We’re Natureism. Never mind everyone.â€
Tker asked him again,“Y       ou’re go back here from far Queen Haven yearstoday. I haven’t ask you that what about deatil of
He’s stemly replied,“Queen Haveen grimness as the same of Double Stars. They’re sometimes war because rob treasure
material. It’s said that have a new V.Family commander again, so my uncle send me to help you.â€
Tker satisfactorily talked,“Taromer is Taromer, I don’t worry about, because you.â€
Another Natureism warrior came in from outside again, then reported,“Elder Tker, Waken’s background has found. He’s
single who born in poor human family. Father was officer, but now It’s dismissed from his post. Mother is mtermittence madwoman,
has living in the psychopathy hospital of D.S. other relatives unknow. Waken depended on individual strong will and wisdom, has working
on engage-soldier 10 years long. After, he’s passed the entrance examination of 2G War college who conitune to an advanced
studies, now degree Doctor. Waken is assigned to here After graduated. That man have rich battle experience. Creativity very strong.â€
Take spoke,“Thanks for your intelligence, warrior Menbeca.â€
Menbeca talked,“No thanks, Elder Tker. If no other thing, I should back to rest.â€
Tker talked more,“Please wait a moment, come here, I introduce a new warrior for you.â€
Menbeca said,“Thank you, elder.â€
Tker continued to,“This is warrior Flolamp, come from Queen Haven, aslo Taromer’s nephew.â€
Flolamp talked to him,“Not at all with proud, I’m so grateful to admiration. I’m great fortunate to meet you today.â€
Menbeca got a look of strong warrior: bright eyes, vigor steel teeth. Teeth-form mustache especially show full of selfhood. He’s
began to discover the young will become Natureism future. Both were invited by elder Tker who presence to Natureism dinner party…
Some piles of firewood distributing vastness ground with flaming and burning. Natureism teamheads and some of nation-warriors are
together talking about how to gainst V.Family. This is an enormous meeting party, There’re almost people joined. Elder Tker standed
up from elderseat, said aloud,“Today, My heart delightm because we can together to against V.Family. Today, my heart affaid,
because worry V.Family’s tyranny will unstopping! Eventually, Gods give us an excellent chance. Now! there’re so far Leitibu,
great Windom leading 20 galaxies rebellion battlefront, above 7,000,000,000 rebelliion warriors uprising, also have first progressing at
win. I believe at the future, at the short time, G.I.M.E. Family of ten, V.Family will be crush on hand!†One tigrish and bear waist warrior
was standing, shouted,“Elder right! We must take the chance beat down V.Family.†“Y              es!†“Good!†“So nice!â€
“Wa, very excited! †“I like thus!†Warriors talking or shouting or aloud. Flolamp and Menbeca were drinked and laughed.
A power warrior had standing with a rush, then shouted,“Y Why laugh? What’s wrong with Tker words? Talk me reason!â€
Warriors of sides as same.
Elder Tker had a knocked on the kettle with crutch,“Please calmness, calmness!â€
People began soudless, but wouldn’t ease dissatisfaction from heart.
Elder Tker asked to Flolamp,“What’s good idea?†Flolamp slow put down the wine cup, standing up then speeched,“At
first, I want to thanks elder Tker’s forgive, thank you. I’m apologize for everybody, because impertinence. Then I want to ask the
brother, He name’s…? call…? â€
Y oung warrior shouted,“I’m FlameOx, Natureism warrior teamhead. What about you?â€
Flolamp made a manner, talked,“I come from Queen Haven, my name’s Flolamp!â€
Crowds in an uproar because Natureism warrior come from Queen Haven must be unsimple.
He continued,“I want to ask brother FlameOx, What’s good idea would be hit down V.Family?â€
FlameOx thought a few time, then shaking up arm as elephant, howled,“I first shovel down V.Family defend army, after all wave
                                             es! es!
straight point to Double Stars!†“Y Y Very good!†people shout again.
Elder Tker knocked again, talked,“Quiet, please quiet, listen to them!â€
Flolamp clapped hands and said,“That’s a good idea! But have a question, How to shovel down the defend army? Were we
stared up many battles before, but succeed? No! We haven’t succeed! We have brave, but we need to enough patience and
wisdom at same!â€
Crowds start talking and talking “Right, not bad!†“That’s great!â€
Elder Tker asked,“What’s good idea from you?â€
He’s gentle and slow walked out the seat, near the pile fire.
Continue talked,“Bushfighting of Natureism is good play to the government. Force conflict and fury uprising have emerged in
endlessly since main battle of empire attacked and defensed. In order to inner or outer of territory main projects have showed no idea,
even involved, one disaster after another. Battle of military army. The empire depending high-tech power that bring to nicety attacking
and high-speed flexibility on successful way. This is main reason why bushflighting group face to face, crossing swords in underattacking
with fail. But the empire still face to ghost bushflighting group with no idea, because main reason that guerilla batter than empire in
shadow, nationality and religionary power. Military supply line, nicety intelligence are cogent power for battle. If can press these into
confusion, destory nicety intelligence work involved, that will be the furthest threats, intimidation, compel to attacking power. So that
destory intelligence center, working station, logistics department, supply-line etc. will be greatly hitting enemy’s morale or battle
skills. Step more, if would be use effect psychological warfare with actions, better going gainst battle to pull down empire regimes every
Elder Tker a nice noded, Natureism warriors began a look to his strong body, but unsimple head Flolamp. Flolamp fast put up a big cup,
then step and step closing pile fire. Warriors sights on his body at same time, bearing flame as mirror on red sun. Flolamp faster step by
step to hill pile fire who clothing with sencod emited some piece of white gas. He’s stopped, and never fear eye’s flame, cut
airstream, nip sparks.
Clap, clack, crack had following he didn’t stop wiggly dance postures as loudness song.
Warriors filled with admiration.,convulsion because very courage and deathless will.
Flolamp shouted like a lion, flame afraid and drew back.
Firewater threw into center of hill fire, flame started upswing again. He turned back to warriors with safety. Open big mouth, hold high fist,
said aloud,“We’ll take a cup of fire to V.Family! Let him fire on mad! Burning more!â€
Menbeca standing, threw out cup of hand too,“Great! Sounds great!â€
Elder Tker smile with pleasure,“Right! Such this!â€
People cried out,“We’ll take a cup of fire to V.Family! Let him fire on mad! Burning more! Speed them to die! Speed die!
burning! …†insanely cried or called, FlameOx touching heart.
He’s cried,“Brother Flolamp right, Let V.Family ruin flame on mad, on burning!â€
Hatmen still siting on one side, quiet and kept silence to drink alone. Analysed every people, his minded,“That Flolamp really man.
May be strong opponent!â€
A Naturesim battleplane landing on ground near pile fire, pilot hold the messages box, with honor on heart,“I’m Natureism
warrior Tatajanmen from D.S. Elder Hesuner send me to here for deliver the messages box, also called me to give you an oral. We have
united D.nation, Die-hard nation, some of human , and some other nations to dark armies, We’ll uprising at apointed date. Please
Elder Tker send units for union battle!â€
People cheering again, ring mountain as shout on sky including inside and outside. Menbeca words in head,“My tactics of
bushfighting good happen to D.S.â€
Exciting people took fire brand shaking and shaking as countless firebug have glitter in far places. One empire airplane thought out near
In the bases, Waken bargaining works with other worker.
A soldier closed to him,“Captain, Natureism base has found, please order.â€
Waken answered,“Thank you, my responsibility for defend bases. As for Natureism secret base, they’re usually changing
places, no meaning in found. Send the report to Universe eyes center, nature have somepeople deal with.†Soldier answered,
“Y captain!†at the U.I.E.C., thoudands of officers were checking, approving a lot pile of information, one intelligence officer has
browsing a data, Universe Empire Star Warfare Presenting Unclarity…
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