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									                                                         Suggestion Summary -- 9/24/07
Title                     Name     Date       Suggestion                                                             Referral
Registration              Hunter   9/5/2007   The Refund Drop Date (and last day to add classes without an           ▪ COS is reviewing the timeline for add/drops
                          Church              instructor’s signature) should always be a weekday, rather than        and for requesting refunds. Look for chances
                                              falling on a weekend, so that students who have trouble using          soon.
                                              the automated system can get help adding and/or dropping
                                              classes without missing the deadline to do so without penalty. It
                                              would also be very helpful for students if the Registration Help
                                              Line was staffed any time that the online and telephone
                                              registration systems are in operation. If students encounter
                                              difficulty, they can become very frustrated, and reaching a
                                              recording saying that the office is closed and instructing them to
                                              call back another time just causes them more stress.
Emergency Response in a   Dianna   9/5/2007   I recently sent an e-mail to the Safety Committee regarding the        ▪ The Safety Committee has been working on
Crisis                    Fauvor              lack of procedures being distributed to staff, faculty and             many of these issues. Look for new information
                                              students. With the Crisis Committee having been formed two             soon.
                                              years ago and that committee having to wait for the Safety             ▪ A hand-held version of safety procedures is
                                              Committee to prepare a procedure manual, whether the                   being finalized.
                                              procedures have or have not been written, instructions still           ▪ We recognize that the Emergency Preparedness
                                              haven’t been provided to staff and faculty. What are we waiting        Plan needs work. Work has already begun. Look
                                              for? At CSU Fresno, instructors advise students on the first day       for progress within the next year.
                                              of class of the exact location to migrate towards, in case of a
                                              bomb threat, etc. So for example, the Craig School of Business
                                              students are instructed to vacate the buildings and head towards
                                              a park that is near the northeast corner of the campus. Couldn’t
                                              COS provide similar information to students? Can you imagine
                                              the bedlam that would occur if students and staff panicked and
                                              started running towards their cars to evacuate? We don’t even
                                              have fire drill procedures posted for students. How can we
                                              claim in our mission statement that “students are our business”
                                              if we won’t even provide basic safety instructions? Should a
                                              fire or any form of crisis occur, this would probably be
                                              questioned by the media and might place COS at risk for
Web page                  Linda    9/5/2007   I find it interesting that you have developed a new web                ▪ The website task force is working with
                          Amaral              connection for new ideas, when our currant COS web page is a           departments who do not have active web pages.
                                              mess. Most of my students use the web daily if not hourly. I           ▪ The website task force is assigning currency
                                              myself have learned to seek out times, dates and information           responsibility for the top 3 levels of the COS
                                              with some ease. Have you noticed there is no link to the               website.
                                              Physical Education Department? Athletics yes, but nothing to
                                              the Department itself. The same goes to the Fine Arts
                                              Department. Where do they exist? What about up coming
                                              events on campus? As I clicked on the Fine Arts events Link
                                              yesterday, it was still all last year’s information. This is the 4th
                                              week of school. I then clicked on the ASB page and looked at
Title                  Name        Date       Suggestion                                                            Referral
                                              the COS newspaper, it was dated March and there was an
                                              Advertisement for “Thoroughly Modern Millie”. This is free
                                              outreach and advertisement! Who is in charge of all of this?
                                               Why is it still such a low priority? Only the individual people
                                              that know how to do webs (Arts & Lecture) or have paid big
                                              money such as the Athletic Department have them working.
                                              The college has made many changes and up dates lately but we
                                              aren’t there yet. Every Department should be provided a Web
                                              template page and it would seem efficient and cost effective that
                                              the Department secretary be taught how to enter data to keep
                                              them currant. Do we have a web master? We have people that
                                              create and build information but it seems to stop there. I feel
                                              we need to hire someone who constantly updates and keeps
                                              gathering information from each department and sector on
                                              campus. We need some one proactive, creative and ambitious.
                                              Some one to seek out the information, not sit at a desk and wait
                                              for it to be delivered. I have been here at the college many
                                              years and have watched many programs come and go. Year
                                              after year events happen, some what of a tradition, but no one
                                              ever asks for an update or information for the next time. It’s
                                              like each and every one of us is a lonely island in a big pond.
                                               Someone please connect the dots so we can all run smoothly
Air Hand Dryer         Chris       9/5/2007   I suggest instead of having paper machines in the restrooms to        ▪ This alternative was explored recently. First,
                       Brillhart              dry our hand let’s get air hand dryers in the restrooms. With all     environmental impact is minimal—a trade-off
                                              the money we will save, we could use it somewhere else on the         between reducing solid waste and using more
                                              college that needs it, plus we could save some trees in the           fossil fuels for electricity to run the dryers.
                                              process. I work over in Student Services in the Outreach              Second, dryers are not cost effective. Beyond the
                                              Department and the women’s restroom has paper all over it             cost of the units, the facility must be modified to
                                              from people not throwing there paper in the trash. I am always        add electrical outlets, resulting in a cost of $1000
                                              picking up paper that people missed from not throwing it in the       per unit.
                                              trash. I am a big activist on saving the plant. I recycle big time.
Board Room Number      Dianna      9/5/2007   Since Spring 2006, the Boardroom has been listed on the web           ▪ Cabinet agreed to henceforth use the name
                       Fauvor                 and in the Semester booklets as 1I. Frustrated students wonder        “Board Room” rather than 1I.
                                              around trying to find their class location, with some mistaking
                                              Room 1 for 1I and waiting most of the period in there, and if the
                                              student isn’t in class the first day, the instructor has the option
                                              of dropping them and taking someone who is in class.
Distance Learning      Dianna      9/5/2007   Some Distance Learning classes have no clear-cut                      ▪ Academic Services will look into this. At a
                       Fauvor                 communication (on the web or in the book) for the first day of        minimum, the Schedule of Classes will list the
                                              class, which leaves the student very frustrated. Shouldn’t a          email address of the instructor for the online
                                              guideline be met to be more student-friendly?                         class.
Adjunct Contact Info   Dianna      9/5/2007   Adjunct Instructors need to include their emails, or phone            ▪ Adjunct faculty are being issued COS email
                       Fauvor                 numbers, for their students to reach them.                            addresses. Those who want one will also be given
                                                                                                                    a telephone extension. There will be a separate
Title                     Name        Date       Suggestion                                                          Referral
                                                                                                                     directory for adjunct faculty.
Faculty/Staff Lounge      Velia       9/5/2007   COS should have a designated Faculty/Staff Lounge                   ▪ Given that such a facility is not eligible for state
                          Rodriguez                                                                                  facility funds, our choice would be to convert
                                                                                                                     existing space for this use. Cabinet did not see a
                                                                                                                     lounge as a higher priority than the uses assigned
                                                                                                                     to existing rooms.
Student fee waivers for   Velia       9/5/2007   COS should give student fee waivers for employees’ families         ▪ Under the law, college cannot waive enrollment
employees’ families       Rodriguez                                                                                  fees for any purpose. Employee’s fees are
                                                                                                                     actually PAID by the college. To include family
                                                                                                                     members would divert college funds from more
                                                                                                                     important priorities.
Kiosk                     Velia       9/5/2007   What ever happened to the information kiosk idea?                   ▪ As the kiosk project evolved, it was determined
                          Rodriguez                                                                                  that the plans and construction would need to
                                                                                                                     meet state standards set by the Department of the
                                                                                                                     State Architect (DSA). DSA standards are quite
                                                                                                                     high, raising the cost of the project considerably.
                                                                                                                     At this higher price tag, the college just has not
                                                                                                                     pursued the project.
Uniform Campus Student    John        9/5/2007   I suggest making it more of a priority to offer email services to   ▪ COS is in the process of implementing student
Email System              Redden                 all students. The benefits might justify the cost:                  emails. We will report on the implementation
                                        . 1. Uniformity - Communication with            timeline shortly.
                                                 the student body would be a bit easier and more reliable. The
                                                 current system of email communication is unacceptably
                                                 unreliable. 2. Institution Branding - Every time a student emails
                                                 a friend, COS would get a small bit of advertising. 3.
                                                 Professionalism - Often times I respond to students using their
                                                 "personal" email such as I have to
                                                 explain to them that they should have a personal email as well
                                                 as a "professional email" and they should be used separately. 4.
                                                 Institution Loyalty - Offer another small perk of attending COS.
                                                 Students will have yet another incentive to stay enrolled to keep
                                                 the email address. In the past there has been talk of using
                                                 Microsoft's email for life... but I would suggest that it is
                                                 important to offer students the to gain maximum
Bookstore                 Dianna      9/5/2007   We’ve heard the buzz around campus that the Bookstore is            ▪ Your ideas will be passed along to the
                          Fauvor                 losing money because of tough competition from two privately        Bookstore. The major financial problems of the
                                                 owned bookstores across the street. There must be something         Bookstore revolve around textbooks rather than
                                                 the Bookstore can do to make more money. All of us would            other items. The Bookstore has recently
                                                 really hate to see staff being cut. We all want them to prosper.    introduced several other non-book items, but we
                                                 Suggestions: Sidewalk sales with Bookstore merchandise in the       do not expect the resulting increased sales to
                                                 Quad area. Sell COS coffee mugs with COS logo at the Coffee         address the core financial problems of the
                                                 House, where people actually buy their coffee. Employees can        Bookstore.
                                                 offer the mug instead of a plastic cup. Ask instructors to
                                                 mention the services offered at the Bookstore at the beginning
Title                      Name      Date       Suggestion                                                          Referral
                                                of the semester. Services which include balloon orders, cards,
                                                gifts, etc. Can the Bookstore sell flowers prepared by the Farm?
                                                 Maybe, the Bookstore can install a cold unit with sliding glass
                                                doors to keep the flowers fresh. If the Bookstore lights some of
                                                their candles, it might entice more buyers to their candle and
                                                gift items. Offering more items marketed towards younger
                                                adults. Have students complete a survey in class, in order to
                                                determine what they would like to see for sale in the Bookstore.

Suggestion for Child       Dianna    9/5/2007   What if the Center creates and sells videos that document the       ▪ The suggestions will be passed along to the
Development Center         Fauvor               best practices for child care facilities with autism programs? Or   Child Development Center for their
                                                for that matter, what if the Center creates and sells videos        consideration. The main issue may be the market
                                                documenting best practices for any child care facility, not just    for such video tapes.
                                                for an autism program? Do you think that might help offset the
                                                costs that the Center incurs for salaries, supplies, etc?
Highlighting/advertising   Elaine    9/5/2007   Many of our COS instructors and staff members have received         ▪ The Public Information Office is working on
faculty & staff            Hord                 awards, been engaged by colleges and/or businesses to be            the design for a community newsletter. One of
achievements                                    keynote speakers or to teach their area of expertise, are           the features will be highlighting the
                                                published authors, etc. My suggestion is that we share these        accomplishments of students, faculty and staff at
                                                achievements with the communities in the COS district as well       COS.
                                                as the feeder high schools. This would accomplish a few
                                                things: increase respect for what COS has to offer its students
                                                and enhance our reputation with high school counselors and
                                                parents of high school students so COS becomes a first choice
                                                when selecting a college.
Staff Lounge               Chris     9/5/2007   I believe that C.O.S. should have a central location dedicated as   ▪ Given that such a facility is not eligible for state
                           Keen                 a "staff only" lounge, where people can congregate in a relaxed     facility funds, our choice would be to convert
                                                setting on their breaks to get to know one another and also         existing space for this use. Cabinet did not see a
                                                to gain a better understanding one another's roles at C.O.S. The    lounge as a higher priority than the uses assigned
                                                place would need to be central, so that everyone would feel         to existing rooms.
                                                welcome and compelled to stop there (near a mailroom?).
                                                The place would need to be comfortable (maybe a few couches,
                                                a dining table, and some vending machines and a coffee pot).
                                                And the place should accommodate at least a few people eating
                                                a brown bag lunch (instead of everyone always running off
                                                campus to eat). And the place should NOT have a big
                                                conference table in the middle of it like the FEC room, which
                                                makes you feel like you're at yet another meeting! And
                                                preferably, the place should exclude students (not only so that
                                                employees feel special, but also so that certain student issues
                                                can be discussed with appropriate privacy).
Green Campus Initiative    Jon       9/5/2007   My suggestion is to start something called the “Green Campus        ▪ This suggestion spurred a considerable
                           Blakely              Initiative.” The thought is to provide financial incentives to      discussion at Cabinet. While we found it difficult
                                                employees for making “green” choices. Some examples are             to find a way to pay faculty and staff for the
                                                riding a bicycle to work (I do this 2-3 times a week), walking to   “green” behaviors mentioned, other ideas
Title                   Name       Date       Suggestion                                                           Referral
                                              work, carpooling, buying a hybrid car. I’m sure there are many       emerged:
                                              more examples. I am not an incredible earth minded person,           ▪ Setting up a ride match service.
                                              but I would be willing to consider options if I knew I would get     ▪ Designating some parking spaces for carpools.
                                              paid for them. You could make it just a couple of bucks a day        ▪ Having the Foundation give a cash award for
                                              for some things (like biking or carpooling) and bigger               the best “green” actions by a department.
                                              incentives for other things. There are many obvious advantages
                                              to this type of program. It helps cut air pollution (and boy do      We will continue discussing options.
                                              we need that), the biking or walking helps promote overall
                                              health (another very good thing), helps save money on gas, etc.
                                              With this type of program we could make COS known as “The
                                              Greenest Community College in the state.” Think of the good
                                              publicity this could make.
Scheduling Faculty      Linda      9/6/2007   With the increasing need to accommodate non-traditional              ▪ Some of this is under the scope of bargaining
Workloads               Record                student schedules, it would be very helpful if the limitations on    with COSTA. There has been some discussion
                                              an instructor's scheduling could be modified. For instance, those    between COSTA and the District about holding
                                              who want to specialize in weekend classes or night classes or,       office hours online, but nothing has developed
                                              as in my case, online classes, should not be prevented from          yet.
                                              doing so by arbitrary rules about when one needs to be on            ▪ There is some flexibility in the current practices
                                              campus or the type of course load one can cobble together. This      of scheduling classes, but you are right that there
                                              isn't a matter of asking that special courses be offered; it's       are rules.
                                              simply recognition that as more non-traditional course               ▪ It may be that the evolution of distance
                                              offerings are accommodated by the campus, having greater             education will create a climate where non-
                                              flexibility in setting faculty schedules would benefit everyone.     traditional schedules will be more accepted.
Channeling Energy And   David      9/6/2007   1. Re-activate the COS College Radio Station. Use it or Lose it.     ▪ Members of Cabinet were not well informed
Creativity              Cargill               Currently Visalia has two privately held Low Power FM                about issues involving the radio station. We will
                                              stations in Visalia that can only broadcast within a 5 mile radius   look into this and discuss the matter at a future
                                              of their tower. Right now COS pays for radio advertising? No         meeting.
                                              radio, no problem...                                                 ▪ Posting podcasts is feasible, but the staff time to
                                              2. Post student produced podcasts on the COS website. The            review the content for appropriateness seemed
                                              content of the podcasts should be current information that helps     daunting and probably not worth the investment.
                                              students, i.e. What's new on campus. "How to" topics. Campus
                                              events. Reviews of courses offered at COS. Interviews with
                                              faculty. Community activities. Podcasts could complement
                                              Information Booth at beginning of semester i.e. navigating the
                                              campus, bookstore, etc. Content must pass review process
                                              before posting. Content is by students for students...not a grade
                                              or class, i.e. Journalism, Communications, etc.
Teacher of the Year     Rebecca    9/6/2007   Over the past three years, many students have asked me               ▪ Cabinet felt that a student-run teacher of the
                        Griffith              questions related to the process of selecting the "teacher of the    year award had merit. Frances Gusman will take
                                              year" (I believe that it is referred to as a Giant Award) at COS.    the idea to the ASB.
                                              My understanding is that faculty members and members of
                                              administration nominate the instructors that they feel are doing
                                              an outstanding job in the classroom. The students that I have
                                              spoken to feel that they should be part of the process and many
                                              believe that they should be the ones that ultimately make that
Title                      Name      Date       Suggestion                                                         Referral
                                                decision. I also support these students desire to change the
                                                process. After all, they are the ones that have direct contact
                                                with us on a regular basis and are the consumers. Although, I
                                                respect the recognition that other faculty members bestow upon
                                                the "winner," I feel that they aren't truly able to assess the
                                                impact that instructors have on student's professional and
                                                personal growth. I wonder which instructors are "making a
                                                difference." I would love to see COS turn this process over to
                                                the students.
Offer Faculty A 12-Month   Robert    9/6/2007   Offer faculty an optional year-round, 12-months pay schedule       ▪ Cabinet felt this suggestion had merit. We will
Pay Schedule               Vasquez              (as opposed to the current mandatory 10-months pay schedule).      bring it up the next time we talk with COSTA.
                                                The district can earn more interest on the account(s) from which
                                                faculty salaries are drawn if more faculty members are paid
                                                over a 12 month period. And full-time faculty members who
                                                are the sole wage earners in their households might opt to teach
                                                fewer summer courses: the district pays more in salaries for
                                                full-time faculty than adjunct faculty who teach in the summer.

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