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Important Dates Troop Committee


									                               Centennial Jamboree
                         Boy Scouts of America Troop 1116
                            Committee Meeting Minutes
                           Saturday, January 13th, 2010

Important Dates
January 13 – A parent orientation meeting is being held at Beaumont (Emerson Center)
February 1 – All medical forms, with barcode and physician signature, must be
completed and turned in to the council.
February 6 –Troop meeting at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles @ 2pm
February 15 – Campership requests to Council are due
March XX – Troop/Committee mtg
April 3 – Tentative date for a fundraising activity at KC Hall in St Charles
April XX – Troop/Committee mtg
May 1-2 – Lock in at St. Mark’s Church in Ballwin. This will be the time for the Scouts to
complete their Emergency Preparedness
May 2 – Troop committee meeting at St. Mark’s Church in Ballwin.
June 4-6 – Scout Quest. Scouts will be attending this with Troop 1116.
June XX – Troop/Committee mtg
July XX – Troop/Committee mtg
July 16-18 – Pre-Jamboree Training Camp.
July 22- August 5 – Jamboree
July 28-August 3 – Visitors are allowed at Jamboree during daylight hours only.
August 7 – Pick up equipment

Troop Committee
All parents are members of the Troop Committee and are strongly encouraged to attend
the meetings, which will be held concurrently with the Troop meetings.
Committee Chair –          Joe Wolf
Finance Chair (Treas) – Konrad Sauer
Secretary –                Jill Sauer
Fundraising Chair –        Mike Ficken
Recruitment –              This is an open position. Who’s up for the challenge?
Quartermaster –            Joe Mercante
Gateway Chair –            Craig O’Connor
Web Master –               Paul Ke
Communication Chair –      Kris Impastato
                                Centennial Jamboree
                          Boy Scouts of America Troop 1116
                             Committee Meeting Minutes
                            Saturday, January 13th, 2010
Steve Fleming shared some ideas for fundraising that include:
Mouse races
Trivia night – possibly trivia about scouting to celebrate the 100th year.
Car wash
Breakfast with the Easter Bunny
Nut sales
Mulch sales – sell bags of mulch and possibly spread the mulch for an extra charge.
Candy sales
Booth at Ballwin and/or Manchester Days
Texas Hold ‘em Tournament
If anyone would like to seek out corporate sponsorships, that would really help decrease
the cost of the Jamboree.
We have the use of the Father William Pezold Council # 7198 of the Knights of
Columbus Hall (in St. Charles) on Saturday, April 3rd to use for a Fund raising activity. A
web link to the location/directions is below:
<< >>

There are four openings in Troop 1116 and the troop is need of a Recruitment chair to
help fill the last few spots. With the positions filled, the overall cost of Jamboree will

Extra Expenses
Steve Fleming discussed additional expenses in which he wanted parent to be aware.
Neckerchief, slide and hat $20. Troop to make leather slides.
3 t-shirts at $5 each, 3 shirts for $15
Field uniform $45 (Look on BSA website for a sale on the old style shirts, check EBay,
secondhand stores or borrow from friends)
Troop numeral and patch
Beaner and Nalgene bottle
Miscellaneous equipment $50
Patches to trade
Spending money $200

The Troop will be looking for a locked tote to keep any valuables in at the campsite, a
cash box, bulletin board and first aid kit.
                               Centennial Jamboree
                         Boy Scouts of America Troop 1116
                            Committee Meeting Minutes
                           Saturday, January 13th, 2010
The full field uniform will be worn at all venues and consists of:
       • Field shirt with appropriate patches
       • Shorts
       • Scout socks
       • Green applets and numerals
       • Belt
       • Hat
       • Neckerchief and slide
       • Shoes must be brown hiking boots or shoes. Brown Crocs may be worn at the
            campsite. Sandals or flip flops may be worn in the showers, otherwise, close
            toed shoes must be worn at all times.
The Scout uniform can be the new Centennial version or any older version.

Basic Information
   •   Troop meetings will be held once a month on a Sunday afternoon.
   •   Please ensure that the Troop has the best way to communicate with you and
       your Scout, whether it’s via email, home phone, cell phone, Facebook or Twitter.
   •   Steve Fleming’s email si or
   •   The color of the Troop is purple.
   •   Five places are currently on the agenda – the White House, Arlington Cemetery,
       Williamsburg, Congress and Busch Gardens. The Scouts are voicing their
       thoughts on other activities to be done as a Troop. Some discussion has been
       had around the Spy Museum and the Marine Corps Museum.
   •   The Troop will follow the Scout Law and Scout Oath. All Scouts should know how
       to behave appropriately on the Jamboree.
   •   Electronics will be allowed on the bus, then handed to Steve Fleming to store
       while at camp in the lock box. No cell phones or laser pointers will be allowed.
   •   Everything must fit into the duffle and day pack that are included in the cost of
       Jamboree. Laundry will be done every 2-3 days at camp so clothes are fresh. It’s
       important that the Scouts are in a clean Scout uniform. Scouts will also shower
       every day.
   •   The Gateway cannot be taller than 10 feet and must not contain any metal.
   •   A Crazy Creek chair with plastic supports is highly recommended so the Scouts
       have something to sit on. There will not be enough room for camp chairs due to
       limited space. From experience, the name brand Crazy Creek is suggested as
       the knock off brands don’t hold up as well.
   •   Light rain gear is needed and a reasonable rain outfit can be purchased for
       approximately $11 from Glens Outdoor online at
   •   A Swim Test will be completed before Jamboree. This can be done at summer
       camp – save your buddy tag.
   •   Red Cards are also required.
   •   If your Scout has any dietary restriction or needs, please let Steve Fleming know.
                                Centennial Jamboree
                          Boy Scouts of America Troop 1116
                             Committee Meeting Minutes
                            Saturday, January 13th, 2010
   •   Medications are handled in the same manner as summer camp.
   •   Review the list of merit badges and do any necessary pre-work before Jamboree.
       The focus will not be on obtaining merit badges, rather on the different unique
       experiences available.
   •   A list of what to bring will be forthcoming.

Respectfully submitted,
Jill Sauer

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