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									January/February 2010                  Hedden PTA Newsletter                              Volume 8, Issue 3

           A Note from our President                                              Hedden Elementary
                                                                                    11313 8th Street
Happy New Year!                                                                   Edgewood, WA 98372

We hope you enjoyed the holidays, with lots of time with family and                   Julia Grubiak
friends. We now look to a new year, full of promise of good things to                       Principal

One of the first things our PTA will do this month is turning in our top four          Hedden PTA
Reflections entries to the state PTA. In the spring the entries will be
judged against other finalists from across the state. Thank you Laura Na-              Shelley Werner
kamura and Elise Ostrander for chairing this committee. You’ve done a                    President
wonderful job, and we appreciate your time!
                                                                                         Tricia Woods
                                                            th                          Vice-President
An important State PTA event will happen on January 18 , which is the
annual advocacy day known as Focus Day. This is an opportunity for par-                Heather Russell
ents and children from many PTA’s to gather together and provide our leg-                Treasurer
islators a positive message to keep educational funding a top priority in the
                                                                                      Jennifer Stadnik
new legislative session. If you would like to be involved in this event,                 Secretary
please contact Tricia Woods. She is our PTA’s Vice-President. One as-
pect of the VP position is legislative issues; another is keeping our                  Julie Wahlgren
school’s PTA bulletin board current with our PTA events. Thank you, Tri-                 Newsletter
cia, for your creativity and energy!
                                                                                             Please see
Another PTA committee chair I’d like to recognize is Julie Wahlgren, our          www.fifeschools.com/hedden/pta
                                                                                    for a complete list of all PTA
newsletter editor. She has done a very professional job of putting together               committee chairs

our newsletters, getting creative sometimes in fitting it all in. A heartfelt
thank you to you, Julie!                                                          Calendar of Events
                                                                                       Early Release
At our November meeting, we as a PTA voted to support the two school                    January 14th
levies through a contribution to the “Citizens for Fife Milton Schools
Levy Committee.” If you would like more information on the levies please          No School - MLK Day
visit the Fife School District website. Please vote on February 9 th.                 January 18th

                                                                                          No School
In closing, I’d like to invite you to our next PTA meeting, on January 19 th at          January 25th
7:00 p.m. in the school library. We hope to see you then!
                                                                                       Early Release
Warmly -   Shelley Werner, President                                                   February 12th

                                                                                    Mid-Winter Break
                                                                                        No School
                                                                                   February 15th - 17th
January/February 2010                   Hedden PTA Newsletter                                Volume 8, Issue 3

Congratulations to the four Reflections finalists – Bailey Feinauer, Taylor Hospenthal,
Kamryn Hughes and Sydney McDaniel, who were recognized at the December Fife
School Board meeting, and had their artwork shown as well as a picture taken with our
Superintendent, Dr. McCammon. Pictures can be viewed on the PTA website. These
students will have their entries judged at the State PTA Reflections contest this Spring.

We would like to acknowledge all of the students who participated in the contest this year. There were a
total of 44 outstanding entries. All students who entered in this contest were recognized, with ribbons at
a school-wide assembly on December 3rd.

Visual Arts – Emma Murrey, Maren Schwaerzler, Sam Sessler, Andrew Reyes, Katie Meinecke, Haley
Welch, Elliott Scheumann, Saerom Kim, Carsten Lao, Elaine Weslati, Fiona Murphy, Olivia Garcia, Brent
Matoba, Isabelle Heslin, Alexa Valenciano, Kent Matoba, Elijah Rowden, Jadelynn Lucas, Niko Bird,
Brianna Parshall, Sara Walters, Maddie Stadnik, Margo Nordhoff, Taylor Hospenthal and Sydney

Literature – Grace Mattson, Kaila Lani Sa, Kelsey Lyons, Laura Randolph, Samantha Steffenson, Mad-
die Stadnik, Margo Nordhoff, Taylor Hospenthal and Kamryn Hughes.

Photography – Cooper Helgen, Emma Hillstead, Kevin Nakamura, Emelia Treece, Morgan Render,
Hannah Moore, Shelby Hegland, Isaiah Stevens, Sara Walters and Bailey Feinauer.

This program was supported by community judges who gave their time and expertise. Thank you also to
Mrs. Grubiak and Mrs. Ayers for their support, and to Shelley Werner for her guidance throughout the
                                              Reflections Chairs, Laura Nakamura and Elise Ostrander

              Just an FYI that all of the emergency kits were updated in December. We
              are prepared!

Box Tops & Labels for Education
We are off to a great start in both of these programs. I’d like to thank Mrs. Eller’s Life
Skills class at Columbia Junior High for all of the help they are giving me counting,
            sorting and updating the poster.

           As of January 7th, Mrs. McDonald’s class is in the lead in both contests. Her classroom has
           1,040 box tops and 1,183 soup labels.

           Keep up the great work collecting and remember to check your class progress on the posters
           in the main hallway. You can always visit www.Labelsforeducation.com or
           www.Boxtops4education.com for more info.            Sarah Miller, Box Tops/Soup Labels Chair
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January/February 2010                     Hedden PTA Newsletter                           Volume 8, Issue 3

Read & Lead / Spring Book Fair Reading Contest
Each class is challenged to read the                       Spring Fair 2010 - It’s coming!
minimum minutes required to qualify
for Read and Lead plus as many extra                            Mark the dates on your calendar:
minutes as you can.                                              The Hedden Reading Café will
                                                               open March 17th and be open dur-
2nd Grade - 200+ minutes/person                                 ing conferences until March 19th.
3rd - 5th Grade - 400+ minutes/person
                                                                Anyone wishing to volunteer as
The class, per grade, with the highest                        “Café Wait-staff” is encouraged to
participation and the highest total                                   contact Tina Jones at
                                    Your class has the opportu-
number of minutes read will be       nity to win time with Mrs.           253-735-1169
the winners!                        Grubiak as your class guest
                                                reader!              Tina Jones, Book Fair Chair
So, open up those books and

A BIG THANK YOU! To Shari Ours, Donna Murray, Kelly Robertson
and Christine Treece for helping with the Bus Drills back on that
rainy November morning!

Many thanks to Shelley Werner, Denise Burns, Melissa Scheumann,
Kelly Robertson, Teresa Bader, Diane Kasner and Justice Georgitsus for the hours
put in working the Health Screenings. We could not have done it without you!

                                                 Carol Schwaerzler, Parent Volunteer Coordinator

                                                          Skating Party!
                                                   Calling all 2nd Graders!
                                           Next skate night is February 4th - 6 to 8 pm
                                                          Pattison's West
                                              34222 Pacific Hwy. S., Federal Way
         $4.00 per person includes
       skate rental. In-line skates are
            an additional $2.00                     Upcoming Skate Nights

                                                  March 4th      3rd-5th Grade
                                                   April 8th       2nd Grade
                                                  May 6th        3rd-5th Grade

                                                                                                      Page 3
January/February 2010                Hedden PTA Newsletter                   Volume 8, Issue 3

                          January 21, 2010 | 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM | Columbia Junior High
             Come anytime during the three hour window and see some amazing work
                               created by K-12 students in our district!

                    Science Fair Exhibits
                    Robotic Competitions
                    Agricultural Science Display with Live Animals
                    Interactive Discovery Stations
                    Demonstrations of Interactive Whiteboards
                    A Variety of K-12 Students Showcasing Technology Use

              Be sure to make it to the Science & Technology Showcase
                  and then… Don’t forget to VOTE on February 9th

                         Educational Programs/Operations Levy
                                  & Technology Levy
                        Election to be held February 9, 2010
             These important replacement levies (NOT NEW TAXES) will support the
             continuation of:

                The excellent programs of the Fife School District
                Providing our students with the latest technology tools

             These replacement levies combined will allow us to con-
             tinue to have the lowest tax rate in our area while continu-
             ing to provide our students with the best education around!
             For further information check out www.fifeschools.com.

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