Note B Finals will be conducted for all events

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					                       2010 Telstra Grand Prix
                          23 – 24 April 2010
                  Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

                          Program of Events

DAY 1        HEATS 9.00am           Day 2          Heats 9.00am
  1     W 50m Freestyle MC           26       M 400m Freestyle MC T/F
  2     M 50m Freestyle MC           27       W 100m Backstroke MC
  3     W 100m Breaststroke MC       28       M 100m Butterfly MC
  4     M 200m IM MC                 29       W 50m Butterfly
  5     W 50m Breaststroke           30       M 50m Butterfly
  6     M 50m Breaststroke           31       W 50m Backstroke
  7     W 50m Freestyle              32       M 50m Backstroke
  8     M 50m Freestyle              33       W 400m Freestyle
  9     W 100m Butterfly             34       M 400m IM
  10    M 200m Butterfly             35       W 200m Butterfly
  11    W 200m Backstroke            36       M 100m Butterfly
  12    M 100m Backstroke            37       W 100m Backstroke
  13    W 100m Breaststroke          38       M 200m Backstroke
  14    M 200m Breaststroke          39       W 200m Breaststroke
  15    W 200m Freestyle             40       M 100m Breaststroke
  16    M 100m Freestyle             41       W 100m Freestyle
  17    W 400m IM                    42       M 200m Freestyle
  18    M 200m IM                    43       W 200m IM
  19    M 400m Freestyle             44       W 100m Freestyle MC
  20    M 100m Freestyle MC          46       W 200m IM MC
  21    W 100m Butterfly MC
  22    M 100m Breaststroke MC
  23    W 400m Freestyle MC T/F

        FINALS ORDER 5.00pm                   FINALS ORDER 3.00pm
        MC Finals (1-4)                       MC Finals (27 - 28)
        B Finals                              B Finals
        A Finals                              A Finals
  24    W 4 x 50m Free Relay         47       W 4 x 50m Medley Relay
  25    M 4 x 50m Medley Relay       48       M 4 x 50m Free Relay
        MC Finals (20–22)                     MC Finals (44-46)

 Note B Finals will be conducted for all events if 16 or more
 contest the heats

 B and A finals and MC finals will be swum in the same order
 as the heats

 MC 400 Freestyle events are timed finals to be swum in the
 heats session.

 Qualifying Times apply for all events

 Multi Class swimmers by invitation only