Calumet Region, Model “A” Restorer’s Club

  Volume 51 Issue 2                                                                                                                            February 2010
                                                                                                                                         Carol Healy – Editor

                                                                    ‘A’ NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT
                                                   February is here and old                times. Thanks to Judy and Ron       and Mel's place in Oswego. They
                                        man winter has dug in his                          Gerhardt for hosting (they have a   had a nice old farmhouse filled
       Club Purpose                     heels....Boy, is it cold out                       beautiful home). And ladies, the    with many antiques. Many may
                                        there. Bundle up for sure! I                       food was plenty and delicious.      remember Mel lived next to a pig
• “The general purpose of the
  Calumet Region of the                 spend little time in the garage                                                        farm, I mean right next to it! Oh,
  Model “A” Restorer’s Club             these days, but I look at the tudor,                                                   the flies. If you weren't watching
  shall be to encourage its mem-        waiting for warmer weather                                                             your sandwich, they'd fly off with
  bers to acquire, preserve, re-
                                        ahead. Only 44 days till spring.                                                       it. Mel also got stuck with a bar-
  store, exhibit and make use of
  the Ford Model “A” automo-                       The planning meeting                                                        rel of beer, so each of us took a
  bile, model years 1928 through        on January 16th went off without                                                       gallon or two of beer home in
  1931, and all things pertaining to    a hitch. Except for me being late                                                      milk jugs. I felt like a bootlegger
  the Ford Model “A”, and to
  promote the introduction of           (darn job), the meeting went very                             On a sadder note, for-   in the '30 tudor. By the time I got
  ideas and fellowship among            well. I'm looking forward to the                   mer member Mel Bartelmey            home, the beer was flat. Funny
  M.A.R.C. members.” You need           events planned for this year, as I                 passed away in January. Condo-      stuff.
  not own a Model “A” Ford!             know you are too. I hope every-                    lences to the Bartelmey Fam-                   Bye for now,
                                        one comes out this year to partici-                ily. Many of us got to see Mel
    Inside this issue:                  pate and drive that 'a'. When                      this past summer at the 50th An-                            Eric
                                        gathering with model 'a' people,                   niversary Picnic. I remember
                                        you know you're in for good con-                   many years ago one of the first
National News                  2        versation, good food, and good                     Quad meets was held at Arlene
From the Editor
Minutes from the               3
December Meeting                        Treasurer’ s Report   By Ann Steinberg

Calendar of Events             4
Breakfast Run                          Balance in Private Bank
                                       December 3, 2009
Theater Night                  5
Pizza Party                            EXPENSES                                                           INCOME
                                       Pizza for Christmas Party                 $132.81                  Membership dues                    $180.00
Ladies Page                    6       Region renewal                            $7.50
Era Fashions
Technical                      7
Tool of the Month                                               TOTAL EXPENSES $140.31                                 TOTAL INCOME $180.00
MARC Membership App            8                                                 January 7, 2010          Balance in Private Bank            $2163.57
Comedy Corner
This Month in Era History
Fall Overnighter

Calumet Membership App         9
 PAGE 2                                                 “ T HE C HATTE R”                                      V OLUME 5 1 IS SUE 2

                                            “The Chatter”
           A monthly publication of the Calumet Region of the Model “A” Restorer’s Club, Inc.

 The Calumet Region of the Model “A”        Normally, business meetings are held               Appointed Chairpersons
 Restorer’s                                 on the first Thursday of every month at
 Club is a                                  the Chicago High School for Agri-                  Regional Director-Art LeMere
 non-profit                                 cultural Sciences, Library, 3857                      Greeter– Ron Gerhardt
 organiza-                                  W. 111th Street, Chicago, IL. Call
 tion dedi-                                                                                         Safety– Al Bachman
                                            to order is at 7:30 P.M. sharp.
 cated to the                                                                                     Mileage– Jerry LeMere
 and preser-                                                                                   Refreshments– Nancy Kiefer
 vation of the                                       Elected Officers                          Lady’s Raffle-Diane Zuidema
 Model “A”
 Ford auto-                                                                                        Property– Art LeMere
                                            President– Eric Nietfeldt
 mobile. Total yearly dues for local and                                                            Web Site– Ed Blaha
 National membership is $58.00 of which     Vice President–Carol Healy                            Historian– Art Steinberg
 $38.00 is sent to the National organiza-
 tion for National dues and $20.00 is                                                             Technical– Wally Healy
 retained by the Calumet Region to pub-
                                            Treasurer– Ann Steinberg
                                                                                            Region Correspondent– Karyn Blaha
 lish “The Chatter” and to cover operat-
 ing expenses. Want ads are published       Secretary– Al Bachman
 free to members only in “The Chatter”.

National News                                            From The Editor
          By now you should all have the
Nov/Dec issue of the Model A News. This
                                                           T      he planning meeting
                                                                  went very well so, con-
                                                                                            new ad, please make sure
                                                                                            you spell everything out be-
                                                         sequently, there are a lot of      cause I can’t read automotive
is one of the best issues containing plenty              new events listed in this issue.   shorthand. What I see is what
of technical information and articles.                   Please take the time to read       goes in the Chatter.
                                                         everything so you are aware                 Please let me know if
Also, the registration form for the Mem-
                                                         of all that is going on in your    there is anything you would
bership Meet in Terre Haute, IN is in-                   club. It is going to be another    like to have printed in the
                                                                             great year.    Chatter. This is your newslet-
cluded. If you are planning on attending
                                                                                 In re-     ter so help me keep it one of
please send that in right away.                                              gards to the   the best.
                                                                             Chatter,                See you on the road,
                                                                             please check
                            Mileage informa-                                 your classi-
                   tion should be given to               fied ad and let me know if
                                                         there are any changes or de-
                   Jerry LeMere as soon as
                                                         letions. Also, when writing a
                   possible so he can send it
                   in to the national office.
Awards are given annually to those driv-
ers who meet certain criteria.
V OLUME 5 1 IS SUE 2                                     “ T HE C HATTE R”                                                   PAGE 3

    Calumet Region M.A.R.C. Business Meeting, January 7, 2010

•   The meeting was called to order at 7:33pm by President Eric Nietfeldt. Other officers present were Vice president, Carol
    Healy; Treasurer, Ann Steinberg; Secretary, Al Bachman. The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Ron
    Gerhardt announced that there were no guests.
•   The minutes from the last meeting were presented. There were no corrections. A motion to accept was made by Nancy
    Kiefer, seconded by Wally Healy. Motion carried.
•   The treasurer’s report was read by Ann Steinberg. Beginning balance was $2123.88, additions $180, expenses $140.31,
    balance $2163.57 in Private Bank. A motion to approve was made by Art LeMere and seconded by John Marshall. The
    motion carried.
•   VP Carol Healy reported that there were some changes to The Chatter. One is the addition of a Ladies Page. Any contri-
    butions for The Chatter are appreciated. The monthly Breakfast Run is this Saturday and it will be at Big Apple Pancake
    House in Chicago Heights. More info in The Chatter. Also, there will be a new club roster published for 2010. Carol
    will be collecting the information.
•   President Eric reported that he had nothing new to report.
•   Sick call; Mel Bartelmey is dying from a brain tumor, most likely he will be gone this week.
•   Badge fines were collected by Ann Steinberg.
•   The Historians report was presented by Art Steinberg, 2000. Pres. Craig Rith, VP & Ed. John Marshall, Treas. Ann
    Steinberg, Sec. Jerry LeMere. January: Parts Swap at Rizza Buick in Orland Park. February: Souper Bowl Party at The
    American Legion Hall $4.00 per person or $10.00 per family. March: Tour to the Beller Museum. April: Safety Check.
    May: Tour to Sandwich, IL fairgrounds for Car Show & Parts Swap. June: 10 Model A Fords on tour to Manteno Veter-
    ans Home. Parade in Orland Park. Parade in Evergreen Park. National Meet in Williamsburg,VA. July: Tour to Crete,
    IL 9 Model A Fords. Car show in Tinley Park. August: Momence Car Show & Flea Market. Club Picnic & Quad Meet
    hosted by Fox Valley Region. Club members met in Bridgeview for a group photo. September: Parade in Worth, IL with
    6 Model A Fords attending. Paul Moller Gas Economy Run to Navy Pier in Chicago. First place Jerry Sund, 2nd Howard
    Taylor, 3rd Jerry LeMere 4th Steve Rogers and Leadfoot was Bud Vetterick. October: Newport Hillclimb. Fall color tour
    to Nashville, IN with 7 Model A Fords. November: 60 people attended the awards banquet at chateau D’Amour. Decem-
    ber: Christmas Party. Christmas light tour & Parade in Tinley Park. For Sale: 1930 Model A engine $500, 1930 Closed
    Cab Pickup truck $2000, 1929 Model A sedan $59oo, Repro pop-out switch $75.
•   MARC regional director report by Art LeMere was to remind everyone to visit the MARC website (www.modelaford.org)
    as it has been updated. Also plan to attend the MARC Membership meet in Terre Haute in April, and the National Meet
    in French Lick.
•   The Safety report was 10 tips for safe winter driving.
•   There was NO website report.
•   The tech talk was announced by Wally Healy. Art LeMere was going to give a “Tech Tips” talk, little things you should
    be aware of and how to fix or what to do in an emergency.
Old Business:
•   The Christmas Light Tour was reported by Jerry LeMere. Good Lights. Lots of Fun AND rain & cold. 7 Model A Fords
    were there.
•   The Holiday Social, after Christmas was reported on by Pat Marshall. The start time had been moved up, so that the go-
    ing home time was not so late. 24 people attended. Plenty of food. A good time.
•   The engine is done at Antique Engine Repair. Rich has completed his portion of the engine work. John Marshall would
    be going up and getting the engine and a day to finish the assembly at John’s house will be set up. It is an inserted engine
    with a ‘B’ grind on the cam.
New Business:
•   The 2010 Planning Potluck will be at Judy & Ron Gerhardt’s house on January 16 at 6PM. Bring a Salad, Side Dish or
    Dessert and your ideas for events for next season.
•   Dues are Due! Please include your E-mail address with your renewal information.
•   There was a motion made by Ron Gerhardt and seconded by Pat Marshall to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 pm. Motion car-

                                                                                           Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                                           Al Bachman, Secretary
 PAGE 4                                                  “ T HE C HATTE R”                                       V OLUME 5 1 IS SUE 2

 Calendar of Events - 2010
          FEBRUARY 2010                                  JUNE 2010                       9th - Monthly breakfast run

4th - Business Meeting                     3rd - Business Meeting                        16th - Hillbilly Hayride, John & Pat Mar-
                                                                                         shall, Hosts
12th - “The Glass Menagerie” play, Art &   6th- Model “A” Day, Sharon, WI.
Marsha LeMere, Hosts                                                                     TBA - Fall Color tour
                                           12th - Monthly breakfast run
13th - Monthly breakfast run                                                                      NOVEMBER 2010
                                           13th-18th - MARC National Meet, French
14th- Illinois Region Winter Parts Swap,   Lick, IN.                              4th- Business Meeting
Kane County Fairgrounds, St. Charles, IL
                                                         JULY 2010                       6th - Monthly breakfast run
28th - Pizza Party, Art & Ann Steinberg,
Hosts                                      1st - Business Meeting                        7th- Turkey Dinner, Fox Valley Region,
           MARCH 2010                      8th-11th- Iola Car Show & Swap Meet,
                                           Iola, WI.                                     13th - Annual Awards Banquet, Heather
4th - Business Meeting                                                                   & Josh Resnik, Hosts
                                           17th - Grub at the Gerhardt’s, Ron &
13th - Monthly breakfast run               Judy Gerhardt, Hosts                                   DECEMBER 2010
14th - Annual “Souper Bowl” lunch, Jack 25th - Manifold cooking tour, Wally &            2nd- Business Meeting/Christmas
& Ginny Ventura, Hosts                  Carol Healy, Hosts                               Party, Chesterine Wisniewski, Host

            APRIL 2010                                 AUGUST 2010                       11th - Monthly breakfast run

1st - Business Meeting                     5th- Business Meeting                         TBA - Christmas light tour, Steve Rogers,
3rd - Monthly breakfast run                7th - Monthly breakfast run
                                                                                                    JANUARY 2011
7th -11th - MARC Business Meet, Terre      TBA - Candlelight Bowl, Bob & Nancy
Haute, IN.                                 Kiefer, Hosts                                 2nd - Holiday Social, John & Pat Mar-
                                                                                         shall and Wally & Carol Healy, Hosts
17th - Annual safety check, Al Bachman, 15th - John Tichan Picnic, Chuck &
Host                                    Diane Zuidema, Hosts                             6th- Business Meeting
TBA - Balmoral Park Race Track, Bud &              SEPTEMBER 2010                        TBA - Planning potluck, Ron & Judy
Marge Vetterick, Hosts                                                                   Gerhardt, Hosts
                                           2nd- Business Meeting
              MAY 2010                                                                   Events listed in italics are not neces-
                                           11th - Monthly breakfast run                  sarily club sponsored events but
6th - Business Meeting                                                                   listed for informational purposes only.
                                           16th-19th - Fall tour to Nashville, IN, Art   Watch “The CHATTER” for detailed
TBA - Monthly breakfast run                & Marsha LeMere, Hosts                        descriptions and information on up-
                                           18th - International Model A Day              coming events.
TBA - Garage Tour, Jim Hedderman,
                                                     OCTOBER 2010
29th - Progressive dinner, Art & Marsha
LeMere, Hosts                              7th- Business Meeting
                                           6th-9th - HERSHEY!!!

                                    Monthly Breakfast Run
When:      Saturday, February 13th                                            Chicago Rd just north of
Where:     Harry’s New Town Restaurant                                        Steger Rd.
           12 E.33rd Pl
           Steger, Il 708-755-4515
 V OLUME 5 1 IS SUE 2                                        “ T HE C HATTE R”                                                    PAGE 5

                                                                                 Join us for
                                                            A Night at the Theater
                                                                “The Glass Menagerie”

                                                           Friday, February 12th, 2010
                                                           7:30pm $15.00 per person
                                                          Drama Group Studio Building
                                                                 330 W. 202nd St.
                                                   (just west of Ashland and north of Joe Orr)
                                                     Chicago Heights

                                                       February 28th, 2010
                                                            1 - 3 pm
                                                         Beggar’s Pizza
                                                       15600 S. Cicero Ave.
                                                         Oak Forest, IL
  $13.00 per person, includes salad, pizza, pop, coffee, tea, ice cream
  Contact Art & Ann Steinberg @ 708-425-5037 for tickets by Feb 20th.

                                 Come and join us for some food and friendship!!

          WANTED - Title for 1930 Model        type battery charger, Snap On, $50.00; ‘29
A, rear window frame for sport coupe or        front shock arms, $22.00 each. Zinc for run-
roadster; call Bob Kiefer at 708-633-1558      ning boards; Four 225-60-16 Firestone Bli-
          FOR SALE - Title’s for 1965 4 dr     zak snow tires, like new, $100.00. Call Jack
Plymouth Fury, 1961 4 dr Plymouth, 1959 2      Ventura at 708-389-7776                                   FOR SALE - 220V Dayton welder
dr Chevy, 1953 4 dr Ford; call Bob Kiefer at              FOR SALE - L.E.D. 3rd Stop          with cables and helmet, $125.00 or best of-
708-633-1558                                   light, 6 or 12 volt; Metal car trunk, $49.95   fer; 2-15” snow tires on rims for 60’s GM
           FOR SALE - Distributors,            O.B.O. Call Art LeMere at 708-672-4269         car, like brand new, $100.00 for both. Call
Carbs,32 Ford Horns, small Model A Parts                  FOR SALE - Model A polo shirts,     Jim Agnos at 708-448-9322
for sale. Call Craig at 630-964-6891           white with gold lettering, large- XL-$20.00,              FOR SALE - 1982 Chevy Blazer
           FOR SALE - Rear window shade        2X- $22.00; In stock now the new MARC          6.2 Diesel; 1987 Blazer with Meyer plow;
with hardware for 4 door sedan; ‘24 IL li-     books “Technically Speaking” #1,2,3 & 4,       1977 Honda 550 Super Sport; 1978 Honda
cense plate with Chicago tag, $50.00;          save the shipping cost. For these or any of    550K; Call Tom at 708-720-4087 to make
Chrome valve stem covers, $20.00 for 4;        your other Model ‘A’ parts or carburetor       an offer.
Oval speedo, $50.00; used u-joint, $50.00;     needs, see Howard Taylor or call 708-499-
Repro ubder tank gas shutoff, $10.00; new      5622
fan belts, $5.00 each; asst. gaskets; Garage
PAGE 6                                           “ T HE C HATTE R”                           V OLUME 5 1 IS SUE 2

                                         Ladies Page
 Era Fashion News

 Taken from Good Housekeeping 1930

                                 The one piece flat crepe frock was a trousseau must, whilst Capes
                                 would be important for day or evening. Also, every type of bolero
                                 including bolero effects would be fashionable. You can see cape
                                 effect sleeves in the image on the left, plus a range of flared flutes
                                 and pleats arrangements. In general the lines are much softer than
                                 in the 1920s.
                                 To be smartly dressed in Spring 1930 a woman was advised to
                                 have a suit in her wardrobe, perhaps a 'Beller' styled one with a
                                 high waist highlighted by a belt.
                                 Brimmed hats were also in fashion again and four or six button
                                 suede gloves the ideal accessory. The final advice was to use jew-
                                 elry sparingly during the day and that chokers were very appropri-
                                 ate when jewelry was used.

   Recipe of the Month                                         Refreshments
  Cheesy Potatoes                                              Thank you to the following members who
                                                               have signed up for refreshments
  2 lb. bag "Southern Style" frozen hash browns-thawed
  1 can cream of chicken soup
  1 cup diced onions
                                                               February—Pat Marshall    —THANK YOU!
  1/2 cup melted butter
  8 oz. grated cheddar cheese                                  March—Karen Kats
  salt and pepper to taste
  crushed potato chips                                         April—Chesterine Wisniewski
                                                               May—Nancy Kiefer
  Mix thawed potatoes with grated cheddar cheese and
  onion                                                        June—Marge Vetterick
  Mix soup, butter and sour cream and add to potato            July—Marsha LeMere
                                                               August—Judy Gerhardt
  Place in sprayed 13 x 9 pan                                  September—Ginny Ventura
  Top with crushed potato chips
  Bake at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hours                          October—Helen Whittingham
                                                               November—Fran Schrader (Boggs)
                                           Pat Marshall
 V OLUME 5 1 IS SUE 2                                        “ T HE C HATTE R”                                                     PAGE 7

       Tech Tips                                                                  Reprinted from The Chatter, Sept 1974

                    While you are crawling around under the car or               Tighten body bolts, check front wheel alignment and all
climbing through it looking for things to lubricate, look for things   steering linkage. This includes the drag link, tie rod ends, spindle
to tighten, adjust or repair. First, remove the floor boards. After    arms, shock fluid level, shock links and spring shackles. All of
greasing the throw-out bearing, wipe the louvers clean in the in-      this is for control of the car.
spection cover to relieve air pressure inside the bell housing. The              The horn might be removed and dismantled to check the
transmission tower has a vent hole at the rear below the shift         inside of the projector for rust. Add a film of grease to the agita-
lever to relieve air pressure which needs to be cleaned out. Inter-    tor on the diaphragm, and check motor brushes.
nal pressure will force grease out through the cover gasket.                     The bolts for the steering arm, shock arms and the ‘U’
Check battery water level and use a hydrometer to check the            bolts for the front and rear springs will stretch so these should be
charge. The battery posts may be cleaned with a solution of bak-       tightened. Loose ‘U’ bolts can cause cracked cross members in
ing soda and water. Keep the vent caps in place while cleaning.        the chassis frame.
          Remove the battery ground cable, tighten the cable end                 Just about now you may well wonder just why all this
at the chassis then at the starter switch. Tighten the nuts inside     needs doing? Outside of normal operating wear, we must bear in
the junction box on the firewall, at the ammeter studs, ignition       mind that the entire car is flexible. Evidence of this is seen where
switch and coil terminals, then on to the cutout terminals.            the underside of the hood rubs the hood lacing, as both paint and
Tighten the cables at the battery posts adding a coat of grease to     lacing wear away. The doors rub against the body causing the
the ground post to slow the formation of corrosion.                    door dove-tails and rubber bumpers to wear down. Body bolts
          If the brakes need adjustment, back off the adjusting        will loosen.
wedge, then adjust the brake rods for a slight drag, install new                 The brake system was designed to allow for flexing of
cotter pins and tighten the jam nut for the clevis end. A loose nut    the frame. This is seen at the mounting of the brake cross shaft.
will cause the rod to break. Adjust the wedge for a slight drag.       The support allows the frame to flex without actuating the brake
Repeat at the remaining wheels. Adjust the free play in the            shoes. Some vibration was expected from the engine, so the mo-
clutch pedal. Inspect the distributor points, adjust the point gap,    tor mounts were designed to minimize the effects of vibration.
then time the ignition. A change in point gap changes the igni-                  The car was built to allow the owner-driver to do much
tion timing. Now adjust the carburetor idle as a change in igni-       of the needed maintenance. Spark plugs are easy to replace,
tion timing effects the carburetor adjustment.                         many adjustments are simple to make compared to modern cars.
          An aerosol can of silicone lubricant is used to lubricate    We need only to know what to do and how to do it. Much of the
window glass channels, hood lacing and rubber bumpers found at         needed data can be found in the Ford Service Bulletins and other
the doors, hood and rear deck lid and choke rod grommets.              publications devoted to the Model A Ford.
          Remove the drain plug at the carburetor, allowing some
gas to flow into a clean rag to check for traces of dirt or water.       1931 Tool of the Month
Shut off the gas valve and clean the screens in the carburetor and
gas filter bowl. A vacuuming of the car interior might be accom-
panied by a removal of the kick panels and door panels to remove
any debris that may have accumulated. This helps prevent rust
due to moisture absorption. Paint these areas if needed. Grease
the window riser mechanism.
                    As you drive and start to notice things that
should be taken care of, like that annoying rattle in the brake han-
dle, a sluggish wiper motor, headlights not aimed properly, a
horn that gurgles rather than Ah-ooghas, strange noises, or a
wobble in the front end (check the right hand spindle bolt, it
wears out first), make notes of the complaints that are so easily
forgotten when the car is safe in the garage. Repairs are simpler
to make in the garage than on the road.
    PAGE 8                                               “ T HE C HATTE R”                                      V OLUME 5 1 IS SUE 2

                                        MODEL “A” RESTORERS CLUB
                                         6721 Merriman, Garden City, Michigan 48135
             Membership Dues: Regular Mail: U.S. $38Air Mail: U.S/Canada $50, International $56 for the calendar year.
                              Includes 6 issues of Model “A” News over a calendar year. U.S. funds only

                                                          Name (Print) ______________________________________________
                                                          Spouse’s Name ____________________________________________
                                                          Address __________________________________________________
                                                          City _________________________ State ________ ZIP ___________
                                                          Phone Number ____________________________________________
                                                                   Is it ok to list phone number in club roster (yes or no)? _____
                                                          Signature _________________________________________________
                                                          EMAIL address ___________________________________________
                                                                  Is it ok to list email address in club roster (yes or no)? ______
                                                          Circle one:                Check | Visa | Master Card | Discover Card
                                                          Card Number______________________________________________
                                                          EXP. Date _________ last 3 digit code on back of credit card: _______

This Month in Era History: February 1929
•      Feb 1st - 1st clean & jerk of 400 lbs (182 kg), Charles Rigoulet, 402½ lbs
•      Feb 14th - St Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago, 7 gangsters killed
•      Feb 18th - The first Academy Awards are announced.
•      Feb 28th - Chicago Black Hawks lose record NHL 15th straight game at home

Comedy Corner                                                                          Fall Overnighter

   A couple arrived at an automobile deal-                                      September 16th - 19th, 2010
ership to pick up their new car and were
           told the keys had been locked in                                      Nashville, IN, Brown County
           it. They went to the service de-
           partment and found a mechanic working fe-
                                                                               Comfort Inn (17th & 18th only)
           verishly to unlock the driver's side door. As                                812-988-6118
           they watched from the passenger side, the                                   $118.99 per night
woman instinctively tried the door handle and discov-                        (reservations under Model A club or
ered that it was unlocked. "Hey," she announced to the                                        Art)
technician, "It's open!"
   To which he replied, "I know - I already got that
                                                                              For more information, call Art or
                                                                                  Marsha @ 708-672-4269
How are a baby and a Model A alike?                                                Stay tuned for updates!
They both have a rattle and they both are cranky!
V OLUME 5 1 IS SUE 2                              “ T HE C H ATTE R”                                         PAGE 9

                                                     Calumet Region
                                                 Model “A” Restorer’s Club
                                               2010 Membership Application


This form must be completed & returned to our club Treasurer. All renewal memberships must be paid on or before
the February meeting.

NEW MEMBER____________                                                        RENEWAL_______________
                                                                         NATIONAL I.D.#________________

               (LAST)                 (FIRST)                      (MIDDLE)

             (NUMBER)               (STREET)

                    (CITY)                (STATE)                       (ZIP)

PHONE__(______)______________________________PRINT______________DO NOT PRINT____________
E-MAIL ADDRESS__________________________________________________

SPOUSE’S NAME___________________________________________________________________________

CHILDREN’S NAMES________________________________________________________________________

OCCUPATION (OPTIONAL)___________________________________________________________________

                   YEAR                      STYLE                     CONDITION







Email: CalumetRegion@aol.com

   To Acquire, Restore, Preserve, Exhibit and Use
                the Model “A” Ford

            We’re on the web at

               It takes a lot of energy to plan all those wonderful upcoming events.

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