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           MBA PERSPECTIVES                                                                                      summer 2009

                                                          Hannon Library –
                                                          Opening a Door to the World
                                                          “What Does it Mean to the Students and LMU?”
                                                          by mike sapien | ’77

                                                           The grand opening of the new William H. Hannon Library will
                                                           be held on Sunday, Aug. 29. I was excited when I first heard the
                                                           announcement about the new library and by the initial plans
                                                           for it, and equally excited to attend the ground breaking in May
                                                           2007. There have been many reviews and announcements about
                                                           the new facility, its expansion of resources, new groups, and
                                                           modern technology, as well as the Jazzman Café. Perhaps the
                                                           most important enhancement is the extended hours (open until
                                                           2 a.m. with some 24-7 locations), allowing students and especially
                    graduate/MBA students to have access after hours. And yes, even more power outlets, group
                    teaming areas and computer tables.
                          But let’s give the Von der Ahe library its due - the former library was there for us long before the
                    merger of Loyola University and Marymount College. It has given the university maximum utility in
                    all its years and definitely served its purpose for many of us. It also gave students some real-world
                    experience in supply and demand of critical resources as we found ways to horde chairs, PCs and u page 3

                    Letter from the Editor
                    Several months ago, the Communications Committee of the LMU MBA Alumni
                    Board met to brainstorm ideas for the summer issue of MBA Perspectives – your
                    alumni newsletter. Over coffee, we discussed most of the articles that you will
                    read in this issue. One topic kept getting brought up – social networking. By social
                    networking, we mean networking via sites like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and
                    Twitter. I am a relative newbie to the social networking phenomenon. I used                    r sheila teevans ’03
                    LinkedIn for a few years, then caved in to peer pressure and began using Facebook
                    last fall after many friends told me that I “just had” to use it. So I did, I love it, and I use it all the time.
                         During that brainstorming session with fellow MBA alumni, I learned a few things about social
                    networking. For example, I didn’t realize just how many businesses, schools, and nonprofits, both
                    large and small, are utilizing these networks to build their brands. I learned about the Kogi Beef
                    Truck, which has built a cult-like following through the use of Twitter. If you, like me, had never heard
                    of this, read Russ Edra’s article “Sweet Savory Spicy Goodness Brought to You by Twitter” to find out
                    what the craze is all about. u page 2

inside this issue   the generational perspective on
                    social networking page 10
                    alumni profile page 14
                    Bill Austin ’79 – Helping Others
                    building your personal brand page 23
                                                                                                                MBA Perspectives is published
                                                                                                                twice a year by the MBA Alumni
                                                                                                                Association at Loyola Marymount
                                                                                                                University. For more information
                                                                                                                about the MBA Alumni Association,
  Letter from the Editor                                                                                        call 310.338.2848 or visit http://

        In this issue, you will have a chance to learn more about social networking. If you are new             Sheila Teevans ’03
  to the concept, Norma Miranda’s article “Social Networking 101” explains just what these sites
  are all about. If you are at the other end of the spectrum, then you’ll likely appreciate Rodrigo             contributors
  Escandon’s article “The Hardware of Social Networking,” in which he reviews the BlackBerry and                Debbie Bliss ’04
                                                                                                                Steve Bowen ’03
  iphone applications for Facebook and Twitter – so that you can use them anytime, anywhere. With               Marybeth Collins ’03
  the proliferation of these sites, it is vitally important to utilize best practices. In “Technology and       Lydia Chen ’05
  Job Implications,” Mireya Sanchez talks about the use of social networking from an HR perspective.            Russ Edra ’07
                                                                                                                Rodrigo Escandon ’08
  Lesley Goodkind has some helpful tips about maintaining professional etiquette while using these              Lesley Goodkind
  sites; Russ Edra also writes about using social networking to build and maintain your own personal            Erin Lorden ’05
  brand.                                                                                                        Mary Ann Mace ’07
                                                                                                                Nathan Miller, Current Student
        As we were finalizing the content for this issue, the Iranian elections occurred. While                 Kelly Milward, Current Student
  supporters of challenger Mir-Hossein Mousavi protested in the streets, the Iranian government                 Norma Miranda ’07
  banned all foreign press from covering the events. However, Iranians began ’tweeting’ and posting             Rick Rosenthal ’07
  on Facebook. News about the protest and its aftermath began to leak out; many of the large news               Mireya Sanchez ’08
                                                                                                                Mike Sapien ’77
  organizations were reporting on the events based on tweets and posts on social networking sites.              Sheila Teevans ’03
  There are people within my personal circle who resist the idea of social networking. They ask “Why            Marilee Valkass EMBA ’07
  do we need to know everything about everyone all the time?” and “Who cares if you are going to                Amy Wiedemann ’05
  the store? If your dog is sick? If your kids just colored with markers all over the wall?” And we’ve          graphic designer
  all read posts like these, right? But while watching coverage of the Iranian elections, some of these         incite/Matthew Lopez ’92
  people told me, “I get it.” These tools don’t just spread the mundane news of our everday lives. They
  also spread life-changing news – globally, in a matter of minutes.                                            mba alumni board
                                                                                                                Angel Barragan ’01
        We’ve all learned about the importance of an interconnected world. These are just some of               Gina Barro ’98
  the tools that enable that to happen. And whether we like it or hate it, embrace it or resist it, social      Debbie Bliss ’04
  networking has power. Incredible power. Social networking can transform people, businesses,                   Phil Chang ’94
                                                                                                                Dan Cooke ’04
  organizations. And perhaps even countries.                                                                    Mike Domaguing ’03
        See you on Facebook!                                                                                    Beth Green ’02
                                                                                                                Kelly Hansen ’05
                                                                                                                Liz Marchioli ’07
                                                                                                                Georgina Miranda ’05
                                                                                                                Norma Miranda ’07
                                                                                                                Rick Rosenthal ’07
                                                                                                                Lydia Chen Shah ’05
                                                                                                                Kim Soleau ’08
                                                                                                                Matt Stayner ’08
                                                                                                                Duane Teevans ’01
                                                                                                                Sheila Teevans ’03
                                                                                                                Anthony Zaller ’02
                                                                                                                Susan Swinburne ’EMBA Rep

                                                                                                                Let us know if your professional
                                                                                                                or personal contact information
                                                                                                                has changed by emailing

  le t ter to the editor

  I was 100% inspired by the article “The Power of Networking-Two Entrepreneurs Find Their Way” by Kathleen Molloy (Winter 2009 issue).
  As a budding entrepreneur, I know that it can be difficult to get a new company off the ground and break through the clutter. As I finish my
  MBA and embark on my Integrative Project, there are nights I stay awake thinking of how to get my future company off the ground and build
  awareness. Nevertheless, the power of networking and nurturing relationships makes the process less painful and outcomes surprisingly
       The fact that two women with a vision, conceived at a burger stand, are now featured in major fashion publications gives me hope that
  my unique vision can thrive and be just as successful.
       I have this article permanently dog-eared for inspiration when I feel slight doubt. Thank you.
  – allison nassour | ’09

2 |
                                                                         • Student group gathering                 The university is very
                                                                             places – informal and formal     appreciative of all the donors
                                                                             meeting areas to encourage       and staff whose generosity and
                                                                             planned and spontaneous          hard work made this library a
                                                                             team meetings and learning       reality. The LMU community
                                                                         • Faculty innovation center          now needs to make every effort
                                                                             – faculty resources to           to use the library and demon-
                                                                             promote, support and             strate the value of its research
                                                                             experiment in the use of         assets, staff, technology and
                                                                             technology in courses and        physical plant. The one way to
                                                                             student instruction              show this appreciation is to use
                                                                                Beyond the use of a more      the facility frequently, be cre-
Hannon Library                       which generally means that          modern facility with research        ative about maximizing its use
(CONTINUED)                         it will be ’green’ and energy        capabilities, what does this         and demonstrate its purpose in
                                    efficient. It will save energy by    mean to the LMU community?           projects, research and theses
                                    maximizing the use of natural        Besides all the technology and       that get recognized within and
study rooms that were always        light as well as minimize waste      traditional library resources,       outside LMU. This library is
in short supply. Although plans     and greenhouse gas emissions.        it will have various rooms and       destined to become the central
are not firmed up yet, it is a      Beyond all the ’green’ talk, the     computers to facilitate and          meeting spot, information
great, centrally located facility   university will save money by        encourage group collaboration        center and hopefully the
for a potential student center      conserving energy.                   among students. Not only is          center of creative use of all this
or bookstore, either of which             So what can be done in the     this collaboration important         new technology.
would benefit from a more           new library? These are just a        for student class activities,             But let’s still look forward
central and visible location        few examples:                        it is becoming a requirement         to see more applications that
on campus.                           • Wireless networking – great       for most corporate environ-          ’connect to the world’ and
     Now back to the new               connectivity for communica-       ments which requires local and       enhance collaboration among
library….the Hannon Library            tions between students and        remote access to resources           the university and the global
will allow more activities,            outside resources and staff       and people.                          resources. It will also be im-
increased resources and more        • Videoconferencing – connect               This also completes one of    portant to make sure that the
important, it will enable access       to outside experts, other         the remaining major facilities       thousands of volumes, million-
and exposure to enhance the            students and worldwide lo-        that LMU lacked compared             dollar technology investment
educational experience for all         cations to develop, research      with other major universities.       and modern design result
students. It will also provide         or share reports and studies      It continues the progress to         in a better LMU education,
the university global access        • Digital recording – develop        establish LMU as a top institu-      exposure to the outside world,
with its new communication             podcasts, courses and in-         tion of learning. It also provides   increased use of multimedia
technology as well as digital          struction that can be shared      a conduit to external resources,     techniques and graduates
recording capabilities. As you         with the LMU students and         staff and knowledge as well as       that know how to collaborate
start to see the size, location        beyond                            encouraging collaboration with       across the globe. Globalization,
and technology of the new           • Enlarged research facility         other schools and external           practical use of technology
library, it will also become a         – access to more research,        resources. Imagine … the ability     and collaboration are becom-
general meeting and “team”             volumes and electronically        to get a real-time briefing from     ing more and more critical for
workplace for students and             available information             a CMS group during their trav-       graduates in all fields. This
facility.                           • Electronic classrooms -            els. Think about … the potential     library gives LMU students an
     The Hannon Library will be        create live lecture series that   of working with some topical         opportunity to excel.
a “LEED” certified building            can be shared across the          experts outside the university
                                       campus and the world              as part of your thesis research.

The LMU MBA Program was ranked #12 in April by U.S. News & World Report’s
online edition. The program was ranked #14 last year, and #23 two years ago.
In specialty areas, the Entrepreneurship and Accounting emphases were
also ranked.

                                                                                                                            MBA PERSPECTIVES | 3
                                                                         It is my hope that the Alumni
                                                                         Association becomes an important
                                                                         resource after graduation, and that
                                                                         students and alums are excited to be
                                                                         a part of it. –     | ’04
                                                                                                debbie bliss

  board member profile
  Debbie Bliss ’04
  by marilee valkass   |   Emba ’07

  If anyone understands the           a project to enhance our           appreciation for her LMU MBA          program can help all LMU MBA
  value of being connected with       measurement systems of             (Class of 2004) experience            alums to get the most out of
  fellow Loyola Marymount             campaigns, so they can be          are clearly evident in her            their MBA degrees. Her focus
  University alums, it’s Debbie       even more successful,” she         service on the LMU MBA                now is to build awareness
  Bliss. Debbie was once hired        said. She is also active on a      Alumni Association Board.             of the LMU MBA Alumni
  by an LMU colleague at a            committee supporting WFCU’s        For more than two years,              Association and its benefits.
  marketing communications            internal service standards and     she has served on the                      “It is my hope that the
  firm serving The Toyota Motor       another focused on improving       Communications Committee,             Alumni Association becomes
  Co. “I believe in the power of      companywide communication.         working on the newsletter             an important resource after
  networking through LMU. That             Making positive changes       and devising ways to further          graduation, and that students
  job prepared me for what I am       and pursuing continuous            improve communication                 and alums are excited to be a
  doing now,” she said.               improvement are common             among the ever-growing                part of it,” she said.
       For the past two years,        themes in Debbie’s life. “I        ranks of LMU MBA alumni.                   Between her work at
  Debbie has been working asa         am inspired by a concept I         “I am currently working on            WFCU and the time she invests
  marketing communications            learned while working with         starting a new committee              on the LMU MBA Alumni
  manager at Western Federal          Toyota – kaizen, a Japanese        which will communicate to             Association Board, Debbie
  Credit Union. “It’s a perfect       term meaning continual             new graduates and current             competes in marathons and,
  blend of marketing and the          improvement. “I love to be         students and help get the             most recently, completed the
  financial services,” she said.      challenged and I feel fulfilled    word out about the Alumni             world famous Camp Pendleton
       She enjoys the fact that       when I am setting goals for        Association,” she said.               Mud Run with two LMU MBA
  her job provides exposure           myself and achieving them.”             Debbie is dedicated to           Alumni Association colleagues,
  to different aspects of the              Of course, her pursuit of     promoting the virtues of a            Angel Barragan ’01 and
  credit union organization           her MBA degree at LMU was          tightly connected LMU MBA             Anthony Zaller ’02 .
  and many opportunities to           just a natural extension of this   alumni community. “I believe               When asked what she
  make a positive impact. “It is      philosophy. “My philosophy         that maximizing the value             likes to do in her spare time,
  very rewarding to work with         about the (LMU MBA) program        of an MBA goes beyond the             she answers with an emphatic
  others to make very tangible        from the beginning was to          degree. After graduation, the         “What spare time?”
  changes,” she said.                 make the most out of the           degree is only as strong as we
       In addition to marketing       experience. I put 110% into        make it.”
  communications campaigns,           every project, paper, class,            She believes that
  Debbie invests a lot of energy      networking opportunity/            active participation in LMU
  in improving systems and            relationship, etcetera.”           MBA Alumni Association
  processes for the organization.          Debbie’s commitment           events, career services and
  “I am currently working on          to kaizen and a deep               ambassadorship for the

4 |
Social Networking 101                            by norma miranda   |   ’07

First there was MySpace, which in June 2006 overtook Google Search as Ameri-
ca’s most visited Web site. Then came Facebook, which the site’s owners claim
has grown to more than 200 million active users worldwide. With the success
of these sites, new sites focused on building online communities are growing
exponentially. Below are some of the newer sites worth clicking on:

LinkedIn – all business
Founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003 mainly
used for professional networking. As of May 2009, it had more
than 40 million registered users, spanning across 170 industries.
Big plus: you can look through your contact’s contacts and gain
an introduction to someone you wish to know through a mutual,
trusted person. Very useful to find jobs, people and business op-
portunities recommended by someone in your network. A great
feature is LinkedIn Answers, which allows users to ask business-
oriented questions for the community to answer.

Twitter – the SMS of the Internet
A micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read
other users’ updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based
posts of up to 140 characters, displayed on the user’s profile
page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them.
In February 2009 blog ranked Twitter as the third
most used social network, with around 6 million unique monthly
visitors and 55 million monthly visits. A blog ranked
Twitter as the fastest-growing site in the Member Communities
category for February 2009. Twitter had an impressive growth of
1,382%, followed by Facebook with a growth of 228%.

SmallWorld – MySpace for millionaires
An exclusive, invitation-only network with roughly 320,000 members (65% of the members are in
the U.K., Italy, Germany and France and 20% are in the U.S.) launched in March 2004 by former Lehm-
an Brothers banker Erik Wachtmeister. The site offers a luxury-travel guide boasting 65 “city guides”
written by its members detailing and rating high-quality clubs, bars and restaurants. Members also
buy and sell luxury items (including 500 member-listed yachts) and rent property.

PartnerUp – for small business success
An extremely useful Web site for entrepreneurs who are searching for people and resources for
business opportunities. The site is great for business partners, co-founders, executives and board
members. Members can ask or offer advice, find commercial real estate and find service providers
like accountants and marketers for businesses. Two key features are the “MoveUpSM” program and
the Resource Directory. The “MoveUpSM” program is beneficial for those who have experienced
a hard time trying to find office space for their business. The Resource Directory allows small and
mid-sized businesses to advertise their services. – Lending for the future
Members are considered “Lenders” and can browse to choose an entrepreneurt hey wish to
fundfrom around the world. Kiva aggregates loan capital from individual lenders and transfers it
to the appropriate 95 Field Partners (microfinance institutions around the world) to disburse to the
chosen entrepreneur. As the entrepreneurs repay their loans, the Field Partners remit funds back
to Kiva. As the loan is repaid, lenders can withdraw their principal or re-loan it to another entrepre-
neur. Kiva claims that its borrowers have a historical default rate of 2.5%. As of June 8, total value of
all loans made through Kiva totals $75,956,135 with over 502,000 lenders and over 180,000
entrepreneurs in 44 countries.

                                                                                                            MBA PERSPECTIVES | 5
                                      Sweet Savory Spicy Goodness Brought to You
                                      by Twitter      |    by russ edra   ’07

                                                                          BBQ and Mexican cuisine to an      Taco Truck uses Twitter to
                                                                          otherwise finicky L.A. crowd.      announce locations, and to
                                                                          Aside from the food that has       also send a quick tweet if
                                                                          people coming from miles           the trucks are running late.
                                                                          around, sometimes waiting          “VERDE: 12pm-3pm@Media
                                                                          over an hour, how the Kogi BBQ     Park- Centinela & Nebraska in
                                                                          Taco Truck reached cult-like       the back parking lot” or “ROJA
                                                                          status using social networking     getting to the Brig! ETA 9:15.”
                                                                          tools is a marketer’s dream.       It’s this kind of interaction
                                                                                The intersection of social   with its customers that has
                                                                          networking and food is not         catapulted the Kogi BBQ truck
                                                                          new. Sites like CHOWHOUND,         to celebrated status among an
                                                                          and Yelp use the concepts          otherwise finicky and over-
                                                                          that social networking is          marketed demographic. Not
                                                                          based on word-of-mouth and         stopping at Twitter, the Kogi
                                                                          six-degrees-of-separation.         Taco Truck also has a Web site
                                                                          These sites put other foodies      and a Facebook page where
                                                                          in control as they write their     they can further interact with
                                                                          own reviews of the newest          their loyal fans. Visitors to the
                                                                          restaurants, where to find         Web site are even encouraged
  r ChECk TwITTEr TO fIND OUT whErE   The music has ended, and last
    ThE kOgI TrUCk Is rIghT NOw.                                          the best of the best, best kept    to leave messages about their
                                      call was 15 minutes ago. The
                                                                          secrets and possibly even offer    first experience, post pictures
                                      party is over, but my friends
                                                                          criticism of the wait service.     and even upload videos to
                                      and I are far from ready to
                                                                          Followers of these sites find      YouTube. The “Kogi Kulture” is a
                                      go home. We’re hungry, and
                                                                          fellow CHOWHOUNDS’ or              true testament to the power of
                                      craving something very
                                                                          Yelpers’ reviews more credible     social marketing.
                                      specific. If you’re in most
                                                                          than the usually generic, and            So, the next time you’re
                                      towns, this could mean a
                                                                          formulaic marketing drivel         craving something unique,
                                      late night Denny’s run, or
                                                                          those business owners develop.     perhaps a kimchi quesadilla, or
                                      some 24-hour burger joint.
                                                                          A restaurant can essentially       a Kogi dog, look no further than
                                      However, for the hipsters of
                                                                          be made by a good review on        your phone. At the time of this
                                      Los Angeles in the “know”, this
                                                                          either site. The only problem      writing, Roja is at Eagle Rock
                                      means one thing: Pick up your
                                                                          was that in many cases it was      from 6-9pm, and in Rowland
                                      smartphone, get on Twitter and
                                                                          one-sided. For example, if a       Heights- Nogales & Daisetta
                                      find out where in L.A. Roja and
                                                                          restaurant received a poor         from 10:30p.m.-1a.m. I wonder if
                                      Verde can be found, and get
                                                                          review from a customer, it was     I can GPS that?
                                      there fast. Who are Roja and
                                                                          sometimes difficult to respond
                                      Verde? They are the nicknames
                                                                          to it. Enter Twitter.
                                      given to two Korean BBQ Taco
                                                                                Twitter is the micro-
                                      Trucks that roam L.A. serving
                                                                          blogging site that allows real-
                                      up what can only be described
                                                                          time updates in 140 characters
                                      as sweet, savory, spicy
                                                                          or less. Twitter was essentially
                                      mouthwatering goodness!
                                                                          the missing piece that made
                                           Dubbed the “first
                                                                          social network communication
                                      virtual eatery” by Newsweek
                                                                          with customers possible; it
                                      Magazine, the Kogi Taco Truck
                                                                          is what made following the
                                      serves a gastronomically
                                                                          Kogi Taco Truck so cool. Kogi
                                      unique combination of Korean

6 |
                                                                                                    w lEslEy gOODkIND

Maintaining Professionalism in the
Era of the Tweet        |          by lesley goodkind   lmU mba CarEEr sErvICEs

The discussion of business           and personal separate, just                  • Online etiquette dictates             MBA Connect group,
etiquette is alive and well in       let them know. If you don’t                    retweeting and sharing                which has about 700
the era of Facebook, LinkedIn        know them, tell them you                       responsibly: You must be              members currently).
and Twitter. One now needs           only connect with individuals                  careful to share the source of           As we all hear almost
an online presence, referrals        you know. I’m often                            the information you may be          daily, social sites are booming.
and a current yet relevant           approached on Facebook by                      passing along, giving credit        I recently read an article
blog to be considered part of        LMU students and alumni. I                     where it is due so others           involving LinkedIn. A woman
the 21st century - let alone         simply e-mail and ask that                     know if they want to follow         was laid off and changed her
to be considered at all for a        they find me on LinkedIn.                      that person’s site.                 status and resume within
new career. How does one go              “ABC’s of Simple Business                • Remember that anyone                her groups. Because she was
about sorting through and          Outreach Using Twitter”                          can read your tweets. If            active within the groups,
remaining “proper,” when the       (, April 30), had                     you connect with someone,           a group member saw her
lines of professionalism and       several guidelines for the                       take it offline or at least to      update and was able to help
friendship are being blurred?      Twitter newbies. Twitter is a                    your personal emails. Your          find her a position. With
When deciding what’s best for      free and public site that limits                 tweets can be googled, so           regard to Twitter, the host of a
you, consider who is lurking       postings called “tweets” to                      don’t be surprised if someone       networking webinar that I was
where, how you want to use         140 characters. Those on                         quotes you back to you. Keep        participating in shared she had
your profile and what you are      Twitter find it important that                   it clean – especially knowing       recently added a new client
trying to accomplish.              their 140 characters be seen,                    there’s a good chance a             because he began following
      I happened upon the          either for business or personal                  potential employer will             her work-related tweets and
article “Job Seekers Find          reasons. It does have two large                  see it.                             ultimately joined her blog
New Rules of Recruitment”          drawbacks: it can be time                            LinkedIn continues to           feed. He wrote to her, they
(Yuki Noguchi,, June       consuming and it’s wrought                     be the site for professional          corresponded, and they are
17) while I was perusing a         with completely useless                        networking. There is an               now working together.
colleague’s Facebook page.         information. Tricks for using                  assumption that if you connect             While you are scanning the
The article was a discussion       it well:                                       with someone you are open             multitude of social networking
of the relevance of blogs and      • Know your purpose for                        to passing along referrals or         sites available, think about the
groups in communications             tweeting – personal,                         perhaps answering requests            security of your information
online and how they are              business, or sharing (called a               for information. LinkedIn             and set the appropriate
quickly replacing a paper            “retweet”). Be careful about                 is a top referral source for          guidelines. You may want to be
resume. The article had a list       who you follow.                              employers; be sure your               searchable without showing all
of faux pas and one stood out:     • Spend only a few minutes                     information is up to date and         information on your page. You
“Asking an executive you’re          each day monitoring the                      accurate. This is another site        may opt in entirely, and show
hoping will hire you to be your      tweets of someone you wish                   where one should be seen              everything. You cannot control
‘friend’ on Facebook.” I smiled      to follow. This determines                   and heard.                            what others post, even if it’s
to myself. Please, send the          if he or she is someone with                 • Be courteous.                       about you. There are new and
thank you note instead!              whom you’d truly want to                     • If asked for a                      creative ways launching every
• Facebook friends are people        be connected.                                  recommendation that you’re          day to put yourself out there,
  you know, not people you         • Become memorable, in 140                       not comfortable with, don’t         get back in touch, find what
  want to know. Tread lightly        characters or less.                            leave one, but do respond to        you’ve been missing, and add
  when mixing the site             • 10% of tweets should be self                   the solicitation.                   value to your life and career.
  with work.                         promotion. That leaves a                     • If asked to be connected            In the end, the etiquette of
• Your employer, or potential        lot of room for thoughts                       and you’re not comfortable          social networking is the same
  employer, doesn’t need to          or ideas or jumping into                       with the connection,                whether it is done online
  know much of what may be           interest groups.                               decline or perhaps have             or in person: Be respectful;
  found within its pages.          • Individuals can get to know                    other conversations prior           know what you need; and set
• How do you say no to               you by looking for similarities                to connecting.                      a certain amount of time to
  someone who wants to               within the groups you join or                • Find an appropriate group           devote to it each day.
  “friend” you? If you keep work     the interests you have.                        to join (such as the LMU

                                                                                                                                     MBA PERSPECTIVES | 7
                                    The Hardware of Social Networking                                         by rodrigo escandon   |   ’08

                                    Considering how pervasive social networking has become, the logical next step for users of
                                    the various sites is to be able to access them anywhere and anytime. Owners of iPhones and
                                    BlackBerries can do just that.
                                         I was recently driving through Venice and noticed a lot of people in a small surf shop. When
                                    I searched on Twitter for the name of the shop, I quickly saw a couple of tweets explaining that
                                    there was a band playing that night at the shop. As you probably noticed, I didn’t wait to look up the
                                    Twitter search on my computer at home, but instead I used a Twitter application on my phone.
                                    Both the iPhone and BlackBerry have a wide range of applications to keep track of MySpace,
                                    Facebook and Twitter, as well as others. These smart phones and their applications have made it
                                    easier to keep track of these sites and to stay connected. Here I present you with my thoughts on a
                                    few of these applications on their respective smart phone.

                                    iPhone – Facebook
                                    The iPhone Facebook is actually a lot better than the Web site because its overall look, usability and
                                    navigation is easy to use and view. The app still separates the Top News, Status Updates and Photos
                                    sections, a gigantic benefit, unlike the Web site which combines those sections into the main live
                                    feed. So when I just want to check out the status updates of my friends, it is actually a lot faster to
                                    do this on the iPhone. About the only drawback I have with this app is that if I get a message from
                                    a group rather than an individual, the message will not load properly. There is currently no way
                                    around it and I’ve learned to live without it, but I wish it could be fixed in an update.

                                    Blackberry – Facebook
                                    Compared to the iPhone version, the BlackBerry Facebook app is less user-friendly. The icons at the
                                    top don’t tell you immediately what they do; you have to highlight one in order for the app to tell
                                    you what that icon does. Yes, after you have used it often I’m sure you remember what those icons
                                    mean but for the first time user it can be challenging. In addition, there is no separate section just
                                    to view photos like there is on the Web site or the iPhone app. To view photos, one has to go to the
                                    “Highlights” section and guess what? Everything (news, status updates, photos, etc) appears in this
                                    section just like the Web site’s main live feed, so yes that’s a tad annoying. Overall, the Facebook app
                                    feels like I’m on the regular Web site; since my BlackBerry is still on the old EDGE network, I would
                                    rather use an Internet connection and a computer to navigate faster than using the BlackBerry.

                                    iPhone – Twitter
                                    Unlike Facebook, Twitter has more than one app available on the iPhone and you can easily find both
                                    free and paid apps. I’ve only used two free apps, TwitterFon and Twitterific, since I really don’t see
                                    the need to pay for a Twitter app. From what I can tell, the most important differences between the
                                    paid versions and the free versions are: the ads are removed in the paid versions; you can manage
                                    multiple Twitter accounts; and there is more customization available such as colors and themes.
                                          There are a few differences between the free versions that makes me wish the developers of
                                    both would get together and make the perfect application, taking the best from each. Twitterific
                                    has bigger ads than TwitterFon but you can also customize the size of the font as well as choose
                                    from three theme color schemes, two features that TwitterFon lacks and thus making Twitterific a
                                    more eye-catching app. However, TwitterFon’s search feature is available on the main screen while
                                    on Twitterific you have to click on the “Sources” tab on the top of the screen and then select “Quick
                                    Search” to be able to start your search. In addition, on TwitterFon you can click on a tweet and it
                                    will take you to that users profile while on Twitterific there’s another two-step process to get to the
                                    profile. Finally, links to Web sites on Twitterific always seem to load faster than on TwitterFon, this
                                    is true both on 3G and Wi-Fi. Based on all these facts I prefer to use Twitterific more than TwitterFon
                                    but I would recommend that you play with both and see which one you like best.

                                    Blackberry – Twitter
                                        As with the iPhone, I’ve only used two Twitter apps on BlackBerry, Twitterberry and UberTwitter.
                                    Twitterberry is the most popular of all the Twitter apps, which I can’t really understand having used
                                    these two apps. For starters, compared to UberTwitter, it takes Twitterberry a very long time to load
                                    everything from my direct messages to my friends’ timelines. In addition, Twitterberry’s default
                                    start page is to update your status; I would rather first look at my friends’ timeline, which is how

8 |
UberTwitter defaults. There is     that moment. Some may find        somebody sent you a message.
also a lot more customization,     this last feature too invasive    Sure iPhone has apps like
ease of navigation and             on their privacy but this is      AIM, Skype and Fring that
some rather cool features          easily customized for you not     allow you to instantly chat
that Ubertwitter has over          to do that. If you are a heavy    with friends but they are all
Twitterberry. You can change       Twitter user on BlackBerry then   based on having accounts
the font size and the size of      I highly recommend you go         on Google, AOL or Skype and
your friends’ avatar. You can      with UberTwitter.                 not something unique to the
also set the refresh delay from         One huge advantage           iPhone. Plus with the lack of
anywhere between one minute        that the BlackBerry has over      instant push notification on
to Never. The menu options         the iPhone in terms of social     the iPhone, once you leave the
also speed up the ease in doing    networking is the BlackBerry      program then it is like you’ve
certain things like a ReTweet;     Messenger application. By         signed off. Hopefully, the
you just select the tweet, go to   using the unique BlackBerry       promise of push notifications
the menu and click on ReTweet      pin ID, any BlackBerry user       on the new 3.0 iPhone OS will
and voila, you’re done. Finally,   can instantly chat with other     fix this issue.
UberTwitter also gives you the     BlackBerry users. This program
ability to tag your location       uses your data plan and not
when you upload your tweet or      your SMS messages and even
picture and to also look up who    if you aren’t on the program,
else is tweeting around you at     you will get a notification if

Technology and Job Implications –
The Human Resources Perspective                                      by mireya sanchez   |   ’08

I continue to find myself in       precautions to ensure that in     Job Seekers:
heated conversations over          this competitive market we do     • Focus your efforts on
the fact that technology has       not inadvertently threaten our      professional sites such as
really taken over our lives.       current jobs as well as future      Linked In or apply directly on
How did this happen? When          job prospects.                      the company’s Web site
did we decide that we have to           Many companies are now       • Clean up your social
tell everyone we know exactly      expanding their electronic          networking pages to ensure
what we are doing every            communications policies             there is no embarrassing or
minute of every day? It seems      to include regulations on           offensive content on them, or
as though privacy has taken a      blogging, social Internet use       better yet make them private
back seat to our obsession with    and even PDA use. Here are a        so that only your friends can
real time updates and constant     few tips for professionals and      access them
connectedness. Due to this         job seekers.                      • Choose your “friends”
trend many implications begin                                          carefully. You never know
to arise in the workplace and      Professionals:                      what others may post on your
as an HR professional I have       • Do not blog or use social         page or wall
various opinions on the topic.       networking sites on
      Corporations and their         company time                    Companies can and will take
recruiters are now better able     • Do not include confidential     action with egregious cases of
to get the word out about            company information or          Internet misuse or conflicts of
jobs and, in turn, find the          disparage your employer         interest discovered on these
ideal candidate more rapidly         on such sites                   sites. Be careful and cautious
and inexpensively. However,        • Be honest and respectful        and you can have your Twitter
this means that employers            in all of your Internet         and update it too.
will also have easy access to        communications even if
your personal information.           they are on sites that you      Mireya Sanchez ’08 is the Human
                                                                     Resources Manager at Shaw Industries
As business professionals we         consider private.               Group in Cypress, California.
have to know better and take

                                                                                                            MBA PERSPECTIVES | 9
                                     The Generational Perspective on…
                                     Social Networking

                                     The common perception is that social networking sites are dominated by teenagers and twenty-
                                     somethings. However, according to a recent Consumer Electronics Usage Survey, Baby Boomers
                                     are the fastest growing users of social networking sites, while Gen-Y interest in these sites has
                                     leveled-off. But what of the LMU MBA Alumni Community? How do our alumni, regardless of
                                     generation, use this technology? We asked several alumni to answer a few questions about their
                                     use of social networking. Please note: this is not a statistically-accurate survey. Instead, it serves
                                     only to provide a generational perspective on social networking.

                                       B baby boomer
                                     mike sapien | ’77
                                     Which online social networking sites do you use? LinkedIn and Facebook for business only; I also
                                     have a Plaxo account, but never use it. I just signed up for Twitter, but don’t use it regularly or really
                                     write for it. My company has an internal social network system that I recently signed up for, but I
                                     have never used it since signing up.
                                     Which online social network site do you use most frequently? I primarily use LinkedIn. I use
                                     Facebook on a limited basis, primarily for business with minimal personal usage; my adult son will
                                     not let me into his friend list.
                                     If you don’t use social networks currently, do you ever plan on using them? I am still debating the
                                     value of Twitter.
                                     Does your company encourage the use of online social networks? They only sponsor their internal
                                     system, which no one uses. The company’s clients and my professional associates have encouraged
                                     the use of Facebook and LinkedIn. Twitter is starting to get more interest and use by my business
                                     associates which has driven my interest to try it out.
                                     Do you think it is valuable to be active in multiple social networking sites? Due to my position in a
                                     technology/consulting business, I am feeling the need to participate in LinkedIn and Facebook.
                                     In what specific way(s) have you personally or professionally benefited from your participation
                                     in a social networking site? LinkedIn has been very beneficial in staying in contact with business
                                     associates, job searches, helping associates find new jobs and tracking key executives of clients.
                                     Facebook is just becoming productive for business; I am just starting to realize the value of personal
                                     interaction and re-connections on it.
                                     With which generation to you associate yourself? Baby Boomer
                                     Mike earned his B.A. as well as his MBA from LMU. He has 25+ years in the telecom industry in marketing, sales and Board of
                                     Director positions. He is married and has two adult children.

                                       X gen-x
                                     jo martin stratton | ’95
                                     Which online social networking sites do you use? I don’t use any of the traditional social network
                                     sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) but I am a part of three different Yahoo groups all related to being a
                                     mom/parent (if those are considered social networking sites).
                                     Which online social network site do you use most frequently? No traditional sites. I use my Yahoo
                                     groups for parenting conversations and advice.
                                     If you don’t use social networks currently, do you ever plan on using them? I have no plans
                                     for traditional sites at this time as I don’t see the added value for myself either personally or

10 |
professionally. I have not seen         positions since 1995, including with     Jarrod Voth received his MBA from        multiple social networking
                                        Sheraton, Target, Mervyn’s and           LMU in 2008 and a BA in finance from
any benefits that convince                                                       Western Washington University in         sites if you had different
                                        currently Safeway. Jo is married and
me that I need to be in one.            is the mother of two young boys: Levi,   2001. He currently works at Electronic   groups of friends that only
Professionally, I am able to find                                                Arts, Inc, an industry-leading video     belonged to either Facebook
                                        age 2 and Wyatt, age 8 months.
                                                                                 game developer/publisher in finance.
people I want to find through                                                    Jarrod is involved in the development    or MySpace. There is a trend
my own networks. If someone                                                      of microtransaction monetization         now where Facebook is the
                                                                                 models, and recently published an
needs to find me, they typically        jarrod voth | ’08                        article about the development
                                                                                                                          place to be seen, but I know
know how to network to me. I                                                     of mobile technologies in the            not long ago everyone was all
                                        Which online social
am hesitant to be a member of                                                    developing world.                        about MySpace.
                                        networking sites do you use?
LinkedIn or Facebook as I don’t
                                        I have accounts at Facebook,                                                      In what specific way(s)
want to have info about myself
                                        Linkedin, Myspace, and Twitter.                                                   have you personally or
posted for anyone to easily see.
Now that I have young children          Which online social                       Y gen-y                                 professionally benefited from
                                                                                                                          your participation in a social
I’m not willing to open up more         network site do you use
                                                                                 alison price | current student           networking site? My roommate
info about myself or my family          most frequently? Primarily
                                                                                                                          from college announced her
unless I have to. But, when it          Facebook, but I also keep my             Which online social                      engagement over Facebook!
comes to the Yahoo groups, I            Linkedin account up to date.             networking sites do you use?             My sister-in-law posts updates
am willing to post more info                                                     Facebook
                                        Does your company encourage                                                       on my 11-month- old nephew,
about myself and my family in
                                        the use of online social                 Which online social network              and I love to see every little
order to get more information
                                        networks? I work for Electronic          site do you use most                     smile he makes!
back from other moms.
                                        Arts, which is the largest video         frequently? My husband and               With which generation to you
Does your company encourage             game publisher in the world.             I share a Facebook page. We              associate yourself? Definitely
the use of online social                We are encouraged to use                 both use this to keep in touch           Gen-Y.
networks? No, only the IT               Facebook. The Facebook EA                with friends and family. It is
department encourages it                network has 30% of EA’s 10,000                                                    Alison is a USC alumna, currently
                                                                                 a wonderful way to receive               working toward an MBA at LMU. She is
among other IT employees at             employees actively                       regular updates on our close             an account executive at Fossil and has
Safeway. Safeway is just now            on it.                                   friends who live out of state.           been with the company for five years.
dabbling in how to use these                                                                                              She launched their Fossil Jewelry line
                                        Do you think it is valuable to           If you don’t use social                  in 2007 and is working on the launch
sites to drive sales.
                                        be active in multiple social             networks currently, do you               of some exciting license brands for
Do you think it is valuable to          networking sites? I think it             ever plan on using them? I do            2010. She and her husband have been
be active in multiple social            has its place, certainly for                                                      married for one year.
                                                                                 not use a social networking
networking sites? I don’t see           reconnecting with old friends.           site just for myself. I do not
the personal or professional            I also think the capability to           plan on using one either. I find
value in the traditional ones           mass update people with what             that I am able to communicate
but I couldn’t live without the         you are doing has changed                with the people in my life just
moms clubs that I’m a part of.          the dynamic of how we                    fine without the whole world
                                        communicate. People micro-               knowing my status. Once I
In what specific way(s)
                                        blog, tweet, or update their             approach graduation day, I will
have you personally or
                                        status and can instantly tell            begin to participate in LinkedIn,
professionally benefited
                                        hundreds of people what they             but just can’t find the time to
from your participation in a
                                        are doing.                               get involved between the full
social networking site? The
moms clubs are unbelievably             In what specific way(s)                  load of work and school.
powerful for recommendations            have you personally or                   Does your company encourage
and parenting advice/Q&A.               professionally benefited                 the use of online social
If moms don’t like a vendor,            from your participation in               networks? My company has
then we all hear about it and           a social networking site? I              just created its own Facebook
recommend that others not use           use Facebook as a way of                 page, and yes, my husband
their services as well. Our clubs       networking with fellow LMU               has added Fossil as a friend.
can make a direct impact on             alums. Just a few minutes ago,           Fossil does encourage posting
bottom line sales for vendors. I        I was answering questions                updates onto our company
also use these sites to look for        about the state of the video             blog to promote a sense of
baby items for give away and            game industry to a fellow alum.          community between the
to purchase.                                                                     global company.
                                        With which generation to you
With which generation to you            associate yourself? I’m at the           Do you think it is valuable to
associate yourself? Gen-X               very end of Gen-X, beginning             be active in multiple social
Jo earned a B.A. in marketing as well   of Gen-Y. I’d say I more closely         networking sites? It would
as her MBA from LMU. She has held       associate with GenX.                     be valuable to be active in
various human resource management

                                                                                                                                         MBA PERSPECTIVES | 11
                                     facult y profile
                                     Amy Alward
                                     by amy wiedemann   |   ’05

                                     The aria, a self-contained         administrative and business        order to teach. Staying at
                                     melody for one voice               end of the venture even more       Washington State University,
                                     usually with orchestral            than the performing. She           she focused on ethics and
                                     accompaniment, has evolved         proceeded to pursued her MBA       defended her dissertation
                                     from a simple piece into a         at Seattle University. Enrolling   in the summer of 2007. Amy
                                     structured ternary form.           in the part-time evening           taught at Washington State
                                     Ternary form breaks down           program during a recessionary      University, and the University
                                     into three sections labeled        time period, Amy struggled to      of Idaho, before arriving at
                                     A-B-A. The first and third parts   find a full-time job in the arts   Loyola Marymount University.
                                     are nearly identical with the      and instead landed several         Drawn to LMU for the
                                     third section featuring more       accounting jobs that saw her       Jesuit values, the Center on
                                     ornamentation than the first.      through and past graduation.       Accounting Ethics, and the
                                     The second section contrasts       Eventually she settled into a      opportunity to work with Larry
                                     by way of mood, sound, rhythm,     challenging budget analyst         Kalbers, (R. Chad Dreier Chair
                                     and tempo. While many people       position with Group Health         in Accounting at LMU), Amy
                                     would understand these terms       of Puget Sound. After she          hopes to someday develop
                                     as describing music, they could    successfully implemented           an MBA elective dealing with
                                     also serve as a metaphor for       a flexible budgeting system        green accounting and social
                                     the structure in which Amy         for the hospital, Amy realized     responsibility reporting. In
                                     Alward, a current tenured track    that not only did she possess      the meantime, Amy thrives
                                     assistant professor at LMU, has    the skills of an accountant        on facilitating that “aha!”
                                     moved through her life and         and liked the work, her            moment for her students in
                                     professional career.               ventures kept taking her           the “Managerial Accounting”
                                          Amy started in California,    in an accounting direction.        course for undergrads (202)
                                     in the little town of Anderson,    Following the advice she now       and MBAs (602), much like she
                                     just south of Redding. She was     gives her students - “You might    did in her own “Managerial
                                     the youngest of six children       as well pursue the official        Accounting” class, providing
                                     and fondly remembers the           degree and certification that      explanations to her young
                                     challenge of always trying to      will allow you to be paid the      classmates.
                                     squeeze everyone in around         premium you deserve for your             So what is the next
  r assIsTaNT prOfEssOr amy alwarD
                                     the dinner table. The tight-       expertise” – Amy went back to      ternary form in Amy’s aria?
                                     knit family later moved to         get another bachelor’s degree      She will continue her research
                                     Piedmont, South Dakota.            in accounting from Washington      on ethics and looks forward
                                     Nestled on the edge of the         State University, then sat for     to becoming an associate
                                     Black Hills, Amy grew up           the CPA exam and passed the        professor at Loyola Marymount
                                     riding horses and exploring        first time.                        University. Additionally, she
                                     the surrounding forests and              During her accounting        is currently writing fiction
                                     limestone canyons. But             program Amy balanced a family      (under a pen name) and will
                                     she eventually returned to         (a husband and two children)       likely have a book out soon.
                                     California, to attend California   and a music directorship at        But she always goes back to
                                     State University, Chico.           a local parish while taking,       music and continues to play.
                                          Over the course of her        and loving, such classes as        The advice she gives to all MBA
                                     five years at CSU Chico, Amy       “Managerial Accounting” and        students and alumni remains:
                                     studied opera and art song,        “Cost Accounting.” “It excites     “The opera of life is long and
                                     graduating with a bachelor’s       me to have new ways of seeing      full of unexpected twists and
                                     degree in music education and      the same old problems, or          turns, but one thing is certain
                                     vocal performance. As an avid      gaining new perspectives           through all of it: pursue your
                                     performer, Amy teamed up           and exchanging ideas with          love and you will never ‘work’ a
                                     with some of her colleagues        others.” In her exchange with      day in your life. It will be such a
                                     and started a professional light   others, Amy noticed that her       pleasure. Success will be sure
                                     opera company. They are quite      (much younger) classmates          to follow.”
                                     successful and many of the         would often seek her help.
                                     company performers moved           This, coupled with the sad
                                     confidently on to the New York     thought of leaving a learning
                                     theater scene. However, Amy        environment forever, propelled
                                     found that she enjoyed the         Amy to pursue a Ph.D. in

12 |
                                                    w jErry sTEvENsON

 student profile

 A Challenge, from Jerry Stevenson
 by debbie bliss   |   ’04

For many people, finding a               Most recently, from July       decision, but after research-       daily routine and personal and
career they truly love is as       2008 to March 2009, Jerry was        ing major universities in the       career development. In both
challenging as finding the         deployed in Baghdad, Iraq            area, Jerry concluded that LMU      his professional and academic
fountain of youth. Not for Jerry   where he was assigned to the         would be the best at allowing       endeavors, he has followed the
Stevenson, though, a current       Counter Terrorism Command,           him to develop his leadership       core values of military service:
MBA student at LMU who has         which was part of the Multi-         and management skills in an         hard work, dedication and
just returned from a tour of       national Security Transition         academic setting while also         the ability to work well
duty in Iraq. Jerry is a budget    Command in Iraq. He was at-          providing an opportunity to         with others.
analyst for the United States      tached to a U.S. Army military       balance professional obliga-              While finding a career that
Air Force and he loves his job.    transition team whose charter        tions, including training and       you love may be as elusive as
He shared his journey with us,     is to advise and train the Iraqi     deployments, and time for           finding the fountain of youth,
including how he got his start     Special Operations Forces. This      his family.                         Jerry believes it is possible. He
with his dream job, and says       mission strives to assist in the           So far, Jerry has completed   finds inspiration in Socrates
that this most recent deploy-      development of a self-suffi-         his course requirements for his     who said, “The unexamined
ment was “without doubt the        cient operational organization       degree, with an emphasis in         life is not worth living,” a
most rewarding and interest-       by providing guidance and            finance and is working on his       statement which has sparked
ing experience in my 17-year       training to the Iraqi special        Integrated Project. He plans        Jerry’s lifelong mission to look
military career.”                  operations forces. Jerry served      to graduate in the fall. He also    at what he is doing with his life
      Jerry enlisted in the Air    as an adviser to an Iraqi Gen-       looks ahead to his next Air         and evaluate his plans for the
Force before college, and then     eral (CTC budget director) and       Force assignments which will        future. Doing so led him to his
joined the Reserve Officer         his staff, and served as a U.S.      most likely include a tour at       job in the Air Force, and guided
Training Corps while complet-      liaison for all CTC budgetary        the Pentagon and then squad-        him in his pursuit of an MBA
ing his undergraduate degree       and finance matters.                 ron command, military retire-       at LMU.
in finance at Arizona State              In addition to serving our     ment (when he is eligible), and           Jerry has a challenge for
University. Jerry had long been    country, Jerry is also pursuing      settling down in Las Vegas.         his entire LMU family: “I would
fascinated with aircraft and       his MBA, saying “continuous                Jerry has been able to        advise folks to find something
wanted to work on them; after      improvement is something             travel all over the world with      they enjoy doing and then put
college, he was commissioned       for which I strive and educa-        the Air Force, but his LMU expe-    all their efforts into accom-
as a second lieutenant. This       tion is a very important part        rience has been universal and       plishing their goals. One of my
was the start of a career doing    of personal development.” He         indispensable. His enhanced         biggest fears is to look back
something he loves.                also felt that having an MBA         negotiating, management,            and wonder if I did the right
      Jerry’s first deployment,    would add to his professional        budget and interpersonal            things with my life. To date, I
in October 2003, was in Diego      credibility, especially since        skills proved beneficial in his     have no regrets. I can’t imag-
Garcia, the largest island of      advanced degrees are encour-         job immediately, both here          ine doing anything else; I truly
the Chagos Archipelago in the      aged and highly rewarded in          and abroad. The knowledge           love what I am doing. I would
middle of the Indian Ocean.        the armed forces. Choosing           he acquired during his time at      challenge all to do the same.”
There, he was in support of        an institution for his gradu-        LMU translated directly into
contingency operations.            ate degree was an important          a measurable impact in his

                                                                                                                         MBA PERSPECTIVES | 13
                                           alumni profile
                                           Bill Austin ’79 – Helping Organizations
                                           nathan miller   |   mba sTUDENT

                                           With more blogs than anyone I know, it isn’t hard to find out what Bill Austin has been working on
                                           since his time at LMU. With my first glance at Bill Austin’s LinkedIn profile, I saw a list of the numerous
                                           activities he is a part of: from chairman of the board at Community Information and Referral in
                                           Phoenix, to the various committees, councils, and boards he serves on in community networks and
                                           nonprofits across Arizona.
                                                 Even if one isn’t easily impressed, receiving the Motorola CEO Award for Volunteerism in
                                           2000 speaks for itself. Bill Austin is the inventor of record on seven issued U.S. patents and has six
                                           patents that are filed and pending. There is no way that I could fit all of his knowledge, expertise and
                                           experience into this newsletter. Even a book has limited space. His own website lists many other
                                           important achievements, projects, enterprises, and creations that highlight his career.
                                                 I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed at what I found on his various Web sites. I could
                                           go on and on, but I knew that simply looking at his online profile wouldn’t help us understand just
                                           how many people Bill has helped and inspired over the years.
                                                 I needed to schedule a phone interview with him, and not expecting an immediate response, I
                                           shot Bill an email as I was preparing to head to class. I didn’t even finish gathering my things when I
                                           heard the phone ring. A kind voice responded on the other end of the line. “How can I help, Nathan?”
                                                 To make a long story short, after the end of an hour-long telephone conversation, I was
                                           convinced that his current success, past achievements, and outstanding awards are all byproducts of
                                           that what truly drives Bill Austin.
  r bIll aUsTIN was rECENTly INTErvIEwED         We talked about his Catholic upbringing and his appreciation for the education he received
    by ChaNNEl 12, ThE lOCal phOENIx       both at home and during his time at LMU. In order to pay for his undergraduate tuition, which was
    NbC affIlIaTE. CUrrENTly wOrkINg       $4,000 at the time, Bill worked as a teaching assistant in the chemistry lab and received a grant from
    wITh 23 NONprOfITs, bIll lIvEs IN
                                           Southern California Edison.
    ThE phOENIx arEa aND Is marrIED TO
    kaThEE aUsTIN, aND has fIvE ChIlDrEN         After earning a B.S. in chemistry at LMU, Bill was offered a position at Hughes Aircraft but chose
    aND ElEvEN graNDChIlDrEN.              to enroll in a new master’s program in business administration offered at LMU. In 1976, the two-
                                           year old MBA Program didn’t even have an Alumni Board, and was very different from our nationally
                                           renowned MBA program of today. As a current MBA student, I am extremely grateful for how the first
                                           MBA students, faculty, and staff built the program and continue to support it so many ways.
                                                 After Bill Austin completed his MBA with an emphasis in organizational behavior in 1979, he
                                           continued down a career path that could be summarized as “the American Dream.”
                                                 From working at the UNIX help desk with Motorola to being dubbed “The World’s Foremost
                                           Expert in Material Selection for Spacecraft Applications, ” I was still curious to know how he found
                                           the time for all of these activities. Between his current work at AZhttp, all the board meetings,
                                           committee events, activities and nonprofit contributions, I had to ask Bill how he does it. The
                                           answer: “Sleep is overrated!”
                                                 Today, Bill strives to help organizations face current challenges and is focused on developing
                                           the minds of the next generation in the areas of education, health, human services, science,
                                           technology, engineering, and math.
                                                 “It is the engineers who are responsible for developing an operational telephone grid. Engineers
                                           created the designs that power our cars, homes, and cities. It’s engineers who built the spaceships
                                           that took us to the moon and back.”
                                                 His primary goals these days involve positioning his company for explosive growth as the nation
                                           begins to recover from the economic slump. As a consultative planner, Bill partners with clients in
                                           determining the best possible strategies to ensure brand awareness and increase sales. Working on
                                           projects for hundreds of nonprofit organizations, such as Starshine Academy or the Southwest Job
                                           Network, Bill helps get their message to their stakeholders. For commercial companies Bill likes to
                                           say he wants to make sure that their internet marketing is right “so they will have lots of money to
                                           waste on TV and radio advertising.” If you would like to know how to get your company’s Web site no.
                                           1 on a Google search, Bill is the guy to contact.
                                                 Search engine optimization is just one of many systems engineering applications that are in
                                           Bill’s repertoire. He is involved with the operations of several telephone assistance lines that help

14 |
Find the people who are working to meet the needs of those who
need help the most. Recognize that these people have important
needs, and see what you can do to help! -     | ’79                     bill austin

the homeless find shelter, HIV            “Find the people who are    searched for Bill’s article, aptly
patients find care, and families     working to meet the needs of     titled “How Can I Help?” After
deal with foreclosures.              those who need help the most.    reading the article, which
     Bill not only focuses on        Recognize that these people      highlights his life’s goals,
achieving that shared vision         have important needs, and see    passions and outlook for the
of making the world a better         what you can do to help! At      future, I jotted down a few
place by helping those who           the very least, we can support   ideas for my own blog.
need it most, he knows the           the people who do have the
value of taking charge of            time.”
this desire and putting his               At the end of the
expertise to work.                   interview, I immediately

event news
The LMU MBA Community Gives
Back to the Local Community
by nathan miller   |   mba sTUDENT

On a beautiful Saturday              volunteer community to
morning this past April, MBA         take on three beautification
students, alumni, and staff          projects, which included
donated their time and energy        gardening, cleaning, and
to the Venice Boys & Girls           painting. The gardening
Club on Lincoln Boulevard            team got dirty and spruced
for a day of volunteer work          up the main entrance to the
and fun. This event coincided        club by planting flowers and
with the second annual Jesuit        shrubbery, which created a
MBA Cares National Day of            beautiful and welcoming area     MBA Student, Nancy Lieu,
Service. MBA programs from           outside. The painting team       commented, “There was a lot
Jesuit schools throughout            applied a coat of primer to      of great teamwork going on
the country each took on a           the massive recreation hall.     so we were able to finish our
different service project. As        The cleaning team washed,        work quickly. All the hard work
a unifying effort, all of the        vacuumed and cleaned             was worth it because there is
participants around the              the inside of the vans that      a really great group of kids at
country wore special shirts,         transport the children around    that center.”
listing the member schools           town. The day ended with              The MBA Cares National
and commemorating the day.           time to share pizza and some     Day of Service is certainly a
The projects are intended to         laughs with children who are     tradition that the LMU MBA
reflect the Jesuit tradition of      members of the club.             community will continue, and
educating the whole person                “It was a great way to      look forward to every year.
                                                                                                           r top - mba sTUDENTs vOlUNTEEr
while serving the community          spend a Saturday morning,”                                              ON ThE sECOND aNNUal jEsUIT
in an attempt to move an             said MBA Student Hector                                                 mba CarEs NaTIONal Day Of sErvICE
individual from experience to        Olguin. “The people and the                                             bottom - maTT sTayNEr, ’08 brOUghT
reflection to action.                kids at the club were warm                                              hIs sON zaChary TO hElp aT ThE
                                                                                                             vENICE bOys & gIrls ClUb.
      The LMU MBA team joined        and accommodating, and
the Venice Boys & Girls Club         we had a lot of fun.” Another

                                                                                                                         MBA PERSPECTIVES | 15
                                                                                                            v brIaN hrybyk aND hIs mIlEs
                                                                                                               fOr mIraClEs ’ paTIENT parTNEr
                                                                                                               DavID sT. DENIs.

  The Importance of Volunteering                                      by erin lorden   | ’05

                                     In economic times like these it is easy to see the glass as half empty. But for millions of Americans
                                     the glass will never be half empty because they have so much more of themselves to give. It is out
                                     of this giving to others that they receive the most pleasure in their lives – the most satisfaction
                                     and sense of purpose. It is not that they are ignoring the difficulties that lie ahead of them, they are
                                     simply choosing a different way to look at things. Instead of asking the question, “What does the
                                     world have to offer me?” they are asking, “What can I offer the world?” It is this fundamental flip in
                                     thinking that has the power to change the circumstances surrounding us.
                                          The importance of volunteering has been brought up recently by President Obama and Califor-
                                     nia’s first lady Maria Shriver. In April 2009 Obama stated, “We need your service, right now, at this
                                     moment in history. I’m not going to tell you what your role should be; that’s for you to discover. But
                                     I am asking you to stand up and play your part. I am asking you to help change history’s course.”
                                     During this time he also signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act which will help expand
                                     volunteer opportunities across the nation. For more information please visit:
                                          Shriver is also helping to pave the way toward service. One of her current projects is Califor-
                                     niaVolunteers. According to the Web site, “The mission of CaliforniaVolunteers is to increase the
                                     number and impact of Californians engaged in service and volunteerism.”
                                     has a section of their Web site dedicated to matching individuals to volunteer opportunities.
                                          It was through CaliforniaVolunteers that I came across an organization called Reading Partners
                                     ( Reading Partners is a volunteer tutoring program that helps students
                                     from low-income communities improve their reading skills and aims to excite the children about
                                     reading. The program was designed to mimic a classroom environment. The volunteers drive to a
                                     designated elementary school where they help their students with one-on-one reading and compre-
                                     hension for at least an hour a week.
                                          I started with Reading Partners in February 2009 and the school year has just come to an end.
                                     I had two students that I worked with over the semester and I found that I truly enjoyed watching

16 |
There comes a time when one realizes that the time is right to give of
oneself, and do something more than write checks to support worthwhile
causes.        | ’97
              barbara levine

them read and learn. I spent        Youth First provides arts         Another current MBA student,         unteering. From my experience
one to two hours a week with        education as prevention and       Brian Hrybyk, has found time         it seems that the children may
these kids and the time flew by!    intervention against youth        to run for charity. He joined the    be helping us more than we are
     Barbara Levine, MBA ’97,       violence. The program also        Children’s Hospital Boston’s         helping them.
has also had a wonderful expe-      helps foster a belief in the      Miles for Miracles team, which             All three volunteer stories
rience volunteering. Her story,     power of our next generation      raises close to $2 million a         have a similar thread: children.
in her own words, is below.         through standards-based,          year for the hospital. Accord-       However, there are numerous
                                    custom, long-term, and            ing to the Web site, “Children’s     volunteer opportunities
 There comes a time when            multidisciplinary arts            Hospital Boston is a 396-bed         available in other areas;
 one realizes that the time is      educational workshops at          comprehensive center for             animals, environment, politics,
 right to give of oneself, and      schools and community-            pediatric health care. As one of     art. Wherever your interest
 do something more than             based sites throughout            the largest pediatric medical        may lie there is probably
 write checks to support            Los Angeles County. The           centers in the United States,        an opportunity for you to
 worthwhile causes. I was at        arts include theater, dance,      Children’s offers a complete         volunteer your time. Most of us
 a networking event several         painting, poetry, sculpture,      range of health care services        have a limited amount of time
 years ago and was in a room        collage and more.                 for children from birth through      so I thought I would mention
 filled with successful profes-        The results are amazing.       21 years of age.”                    another Web site that I have
 sionals; the common thread         Theatre Of Hearts/Youth First           Through the Miles for          used, This
 was promoting their chari-         gives a pre- and post-test to     Miracles’ Patient Partner Pro-       Web site is great because it
 ties - NOT their firms or day      students in its workshops.        gram Bryan was matched with          lists opportunities that are
 jobs. It hit me loud and clear     The tests address students’       David St. Denis, a 5-year-old        one time only, perfect for
 that it was time for me to get     knowledge of vocabulary and       who has DiGeorge syndrome.           the busy professional. If you
 involved and add to my day.        concepts specific to the art      According to the NCBI website,       have any questions or need
 I asked many people in the         discipline they are studying.     “DiGeorge syndrome is a rare         any additional information
 room about their charities         For example, at Victory           congenital (i.e. present at birth)   please feel free to e-mail me:
 and involvement as members         Academy in Hawthorne, a           disease whose symptoms vary
 of a nonprofit board of direc-     special education high school     greatly between individu-                  Happy volunteering.
 tors. Sheila Scott-Wilkerson,      for students with learning        als but commonly include a
 executive director of Theatre                                                                             Editors notE
                                    disabilities, the average score   history of recurrent infection,
                                                                                                           If you would like more information
 Of Hearts/Youth First, was at      on the pre-test of theatre        heart defects, and characteris-      about the Children’s Hospital Miles
 that party, heard my request       vocabulary knowledge was          tic facial features.” Brian told     for Miracle program, visit their website:
 and invited me to meet with        29 percent. At the conclusion     a local Boston newspaper that        http://howtohelp.childrenshospital.
 her in her Theatre Of Hearts/      of the workshops, the             David has to go in for frequent      org/bostonmarathon09/. Many other
 Youth First art-filled office in                                                                          charities use marathons, triathlons
                                    average score was 87 percent.     check-ups and has had numer-         and century rides as fundraisers.
 Mac Arthur Park. I was struck         Having now served this         ous surgeries.                       Refer to the Leukemia & Lymphoma
 by the artwork I saw and the       incredible organization as              Brian ran for David during     Society’s Team in Training Program to
 stories I heard.                   a volunteer and a board           the same marathon last year          learn how you can train for such an
     I would like to share                                                                                 event while raising money for a good
                                    member, I know that it takes      and was quoted as saying,
                                                                                                           cause: http://www.teamintraining.
 my experience with this            many dedicated individuals        “Ask me right after finishing if     org/. If a non-athletic pursuit is more
 incredible organization.           to meet its goals. To date,       I’ll come back and do it again,      appealing, there are many tools and
     Theatre Of Hearts/             Theatre Of Hearts/Youth           and I’ll say there’s no way. But     Web sites to help you find the right
 Youth First is a nonprofit         First has helped more             a few days later, after the pain     activity. In addition to those listed
 organization that brings                                                                                  in this article, you might also try
                                    than 70,000 kids, ages 4 to       goes away and I start thinking
 the gift and power of arts         18. If you would like more        about it, then I know I’ll be back
 education to the most              information about volunteer       — and I will be next year.”
 underserved children in Los        opportunities with Theatre              Brian raised $4,000 this
 Angeles County. Over the last      Of Hearts/Youth First,            year for David and Boston
 20 years, Theatre Of Hearts/       please feel free to email         Children’s Hospital. But the
 Youth First has designed and       Executive Director Sheila         money is icing on the cake.
 conducted more than 150,000        Scott-Wilkinson: info@            Similar to Barbara and myself
 workshops at more than 100 You          the relationships that we have
 school sites in low-income         can learn more about the          forged along the way with the
 communities across Los             organization at their Web site:   children is one of the most
 Angeles. Theatre Of Hearts/          rewarding experiences of vol-

                                                                                                                           MBA PERSPECTIVES | 17
                                      Striking Gold for Green Business                                   by mary ann mace   |   ’07

                                      The economy may be a bit wobbly, yet many entrepreneurs see abundant opportunities with a start-
                                      up business in a “green,” or sustainable practices, enterprise. Perhaps this optimism has something
                                      to do with our government’s allocation of $38.7 billion of Recovery Act funds for investments in
                                      sustainable practices initiatives, including energy conservation and renewable energy sources, to
                                      mention a few. However, public funding isn’t the “be all, end all” solution for many fledgling green
                                      enterprises, whose only alternative could be a private investment source or lending institution.
                                      Exactly what options exist for green business start-ups? And what should be considered to optimize
                                      funding opportunities?
                                           Nikhil Jain, founder, serial entrepreneur and driving force behind the Clean Green GuyTM, a Web-
                                      based resource for budding green businesses (, advises the “fundamentals
                                      of creating and launching a profitable business always remain the same.
Your business model,                       “It all has to make sense,” Jain explains. “Your business model, revenue model and operational
revenue model and                     roadmap all have to make sense. If they don’t, no matter what the timing, the concept is not going
operational roadmap                   to work.”
                                           It’s these components that funders consider when determining the viability and soundness
all have to make sense.               of a new business. After all, what venture capital, government entity or private foundation would
If they don’t, no matter              underwrite an ill-conceived concept?
what the timing, the                       After aligning these logistics for a new enterprise, what public and private resources could an
                                      entrepreneur approach? Where could one go to access resources?
concept is not going                       Starting with public funding opportunities, the national government, within the Recovery Act
to work. - nikhil jain                program, provides an information rich resource at The site features an exhaustive
                                      range of grants through state and national government agencies. Applicants register, search, apply
                                      and track the grant application process entirely online through the portal. There’s substantial
                                      information available from the site assistance plus a blog with the most recent information. Help
                                      can also be requested.
                                           The government also recently created an “Office of Social Innovation,” under the Domestic
                                      Policy Council ( While its dominant focus
                                      might be on nonprofits, many expect OSI to allocate funds to the for-profit sector, particularly in
                                      areas of green and sustainable practices business.
                                           A more familiar government entity, the Small Business Administration ( presents
                                      an “A to Z” of business – building information helping entrepreneurs incubate, launch and manage
                                      a fledgling business. Financially, the SBA identifies and describes different funding channels from
                                      loans to venture capital. The SBA’s Small Business Investment Company (SBIC), at http://www.sba.
                                      gov/aboutsba/sbaprograms/inv/index.html, consists of privately owned and managed investment
                                      firms providing venture capital and start-up financing. The SBA licenses and regulates the
                                      participating firms.
                                           When considering private venture capital firms, entrepreneurs can utilize the Internet as the
                                      ultimate service directory. Yet, cherry-picking from an endless information stream can monopolize
                                      time and paralyze action. Whether owners of a ground floor business or not, many entrepreneurs
                                      have limited financial resources and may not want to chuck out precious dollars when they can do
                                      the research for themselves.
                                           This is where sites like Clean Green Guy come into play. Mike Miller ’85, director of www.
                            , serves as an adviser for CGG. He explains that the site “aims to make sense
                                      of the clean and green ’tsunami’ of opportunities by reporting information about trends, private
                                      equity and venture capital available to emerging businesses, identifying government earmarks
                                      available to the public, alerting the local communities and business world while helping clean and
                                      green businesses, investors and the like.”
                                           Businesses can utilize the site as a portal for sharing concepts, connecting with investors and
                                      accessing resources. Somewhat like a “match-making” venue, CGG serves as a “deal-making” forum
                                      for existing and new green businesses that seek start-up or additional financing. Plus, there’s an
                                      opportunity to rate new business concepts. CGG visitors are invited to rate a new venture’s viability
                                      thereby providing insight for potential funders into a venture’s projected success or failure.
                                           There are numerous private investing opportunities throughout the business community,
                                      such as:
                             New Resource Bank based in San Francisco leads
                                      in the development of green and sustainable businesses by its focus on both business and personal
                                      banking to help promote green and sustainable resources.
 18 |          transition to a sustain-            org “Green Business Network-       lay or dash the hopes of fledg-
tions/entrepreneurs.cfm. This       able economy.                       ing Group,” led by Mike Miller,    ling green pioneers. Whether
organization helps entrepre-                                            holds a monthly session of         through public or private
neurs and growth companies The         bankers, lenders, attorneys, ac-   channels, many opportunities
accelerate development of           organization seeks to support       countants, investment bankers,     exist for eager entrepreneurs
clean-tech businesses.              the life cycles of new technol-     mergers and acquisition firms      to finance a budding business.
                                    ogy development.                    and consultants, all related       Because so many options exist,
http://www.investorscircle.              Networking with appro-         through a similar client base to   it’s a matter of finding which
net/. Investors’ Circle is a        priate organizations could be       support businesses that offer      one works best.
network of over 200 angel           another way for entrepreneurs       clean, green, renewable energy
investors, professional venture     to gain entry to appropriate        and/or smart grid products
capitalists, foundations, family    resources for green business        and services.
offices and others who use          startups and ongoing concerns.           The absence of financial
private capital to promote the      For example, the www.allcities.     resources should not defeat, de-

Branding’s Battle of the Brain                                  by steven bowen   |   ’03

Marketing message overload          by Dan Hill, make the               nonproduct/service related         stolen. What if LifeLock simply
is now an understatement,           argument that success and           attributes will be more            promoted fast service at a
having resulted in a norm           growth are the consequences         successful in building brand       great price? Emotions are
of consumer dissonance.             of companies connecting             knowledge and loyalty over         much more compelling.
“We’ve become so good at            with their customers on an          time. The aforementioned                 Now, a personal example
mentally zapping it out. You        emotional level. And, this          rational brain’s acceptance of     of successfully marketing to
can’t presume that because          premise is both based in            and comfort with functional        emotion. I was responsible for
advertising is all over the place   science and supported               benefits and attributes need       the market research support
that it’s actually reaching         by countless corporate              to be supplemented with            of a private label brand. The
them,” says John Hunt, Chief        success stories.                    emotional messages                 gut feeling was to leverage
Creative Officer, TBWA/Chiat/             First, the science and its    appealing to the gate-keeping      the store brand’s low cost
Day. (USA Today, June 20, 2005)     applications in marketing           emotional brain.                   and market the portfolio on
We all know the numbers             and brand building. In                    Second, some                 price. However, we decided
but here they are once more         “Emotionomics”, Hill                marketplace examples. How          to position it for long-term
for emphasis: 3,500 to 5,000        references fMRI brain scans         about the often-referenced         growth. We’d still talk price,
average messages per day            that proved “our three-part         story of Starbucks? While          especially in today’s economy,
for a single consumer. And,         brain (sensory, emotional, and      feeling the impact of today’s      but we’d also address
that was in 2005! (www.             rational) is most influenced by     economy, Starbucks built a         root customer emotions                    the two oldest, non-rational        brand on customer emotions.        – these being the often-
     What’s the answer? E-mail      parts. As a result, people’s        It “feels” good to buy a more      felt embarrassment when
marketing spend? Banner ads?        decision-making process is          expensive Starbucks and enjoy      purchasing the store brand in
Viral marketing on Facebook?        primarily quick, emotional          it in the retailer’s perfectly     certain categories. The result
Blogging? Tweeting? Street          and subconscious; in a word,        designed ambiance. What if         was a strategy that addressed
giveaways? All of these are         it’s intuitive.” Furthermore,       Starbucks had competed on          functional needs (price) and
fine approaches for given           the signals running from            price, taste, or aroma? The        was also positioned for gains
target markets. However,            the emotional brain to the          result likely would have been      in brand equity.
misdirected messaging within        rational brain outnumber            quick, perceptual parity with            In summary, I’ll draw
these channels will only            those running in the opposite       the latest upstart. Another        upon one of my most distinct
achieve short-term, sales-          direction ten to one. (“On          prime, less-quoted, example        memories from my days in
specific gains. Long-term           Intelligence”, Hawkins and          is OnStar. Sure, distribution      the LMU MBA Program – one
brand loyalty requires more.        Blakeslee) In short, we             can be a challenge, but            of Dr. Higgins ribbing me as a
This type of growth requires a      feel before we think. The           there’s no questioning the         soft-science marketer when
step beyond rational feature        emotional brain both screens        direction of their marketing       taking his investments course.
and benefit promotion.              information as it enters and        efforts. Do you want to be         Let’s lean on hard science and
It requires marketing to            reviews information as it           stranded, alone, in the middle     market to the real decision
consumer emotions.                  departs.                            of nowhere after a severe          maker – the emotional brain.
     Books such as                        The marketing                 car accident? Of course not.
“Predictably Irrational” by         implications are simple.            Similarly, LifeLock appeals to     Steve Bowen ’03 is a founding partner
Dan Ariely, “Blink” by Malcolm      Messages focused on                 the current emotions involved      in the Tranquility Research Group
                                                                                                           (, a full-service
Gladwell, and “Emotionomics”        experiential benefits and           with having your identity          market research supplier.

                                                                                                                          MBA PERSPECTIVES | 19
  r ThE spEakErs fOr ThE prOfEssIONal
    DEvElOpmENT EvENT INClUDED,           Find Your Silver Lining                          by lydia chen shah   |   ’05
    l-r bIll sEmOs, mba OUTrEaCh
    COOrDINaTOr, bETh glassmaN ’02,
    aNThONy zallEr ’02, DaIsy swaN,
    rICk rOsENThal ’07, gINa barrO ’98,   With the economy taking its toll on morale and pocketbooks, the MBA Alumni Association
    lyDIa ChEN shah ’05, mIkE DOmagUINg
                                          presented its spring professional development event on “Finding the Silver Lining in a Stormy
    ’03, kElly waTsON (Emba) , aND
    bETh grEEN ’02. ( NOT pICTUrED        Economy.” The occasion was focused on leveraging our MBA community to share knowledge, best
    Is ryaN ONIshI)                       practices, techniques, and industry insights in order to help each other identify and capitalize on
                                               MBA Outreach Coordinator Bill Semos opened the event by addressing alumni along with
                                          current and prospective students with inspiring and practical remarks about the current state of the
                                          economy, what outcomes could be expected, and steps MBAs should take during a time of transition.
                                          He reminded our MBA community to “know and respect who you are” and to “confidently assess who
                                          you are and where you want to be in this economy.” Attendees were then able to participate in two
                                          of three workshops offered:

                                          1. The Art of Transferable Skills
                                          2. For the Love of Money
                                          3. You’ve Been Laid Off, Now What?

                                               This was the first time this type of multi-workshop professional development event was
                                          offered by the Alumni Association. Besides inspiration and practical working knowledge being
                                          shared, the solid buzz of making new contacts filled the first floor of the Hilton building during
                                          the networking break.
                                               Alumna Marlene Melby ’96 commented, “It was a great event and very thoughtfully done in
                                          the midst of the current economy. This type of event made me feel like a part of the big LMU family.
                                          You know you have the university’s support. My husband and I are blessed as we are both working,
                                          but the event answered my persistent question of ‘What should we do in case we were to lose our
                                          positions?’ The panel speakers in ‘The Art of Transferable Skills’ gave a lot of insights on how you can
                                          stay marketable.”
                                               Duane Teevans ’01, board chair of the Alumni Association, closed the event by encouraging all to
                                          continue tapping the many resources available to alumni and current students of the MBA Program,
                                          such as this professional development event. The fact that eight of the ten panelists graduated from
                                          our MBA/EMBA Programs is evidence of how remarkable our alumni network is when we recognize
                                          its capabilities and collective expertise. We hope to see you at the next Alumni Association
                                          professional development event!

20 |
The following information was distributed by Anthony Zaller ’02, founder and partner of Van Vleck Turner & Zaller, LLP.   How can you find your silver
                                                                                                                          lining? Here are a few tips
You’ve Been Laid Off, Now What?                                                                                           from our LMU MBA experts:
In the event that you are laid off, there are certain rights and provisions that should be included in
your severance agreement.                                                                                                 The Art of Transferable Skills
                                                                                                                          Those attending this
What Does the Agreement Have to be Titled?                                                                                workshop were given a
A severance agreement does not need to have a specific title nor contain specific words in order to                       worksheet to assist them
be valid. These agreements are usually titled “general release” or “severance agreement.” The title,                      as they decide and plan for
unless it is clearly erroneous or confusing, does not change the type of agreement or the rights of                       a transition to a different
the parties. The key is what the parties are actually releasing in the terms of the document.                             industry or an entirely
                                                                                                                          different career:
What Claims Can the Parties Agree to Release?                                                                             1) Is it possible for me to
 Release of Unknown Claims                                                                                                make a transition?
 The idea of the severance agreement is to buy some certainty that there will be no litigation
                                                                                                                          2) What types of transitions
 following the employee’s separation from the company. The employee (and employer for that                                am I interested in?
 matter) can waive all known claims. However, in California, for any party to release unknown
 claims, the agreement needs to be clear and advise the party that they are releasing unknown                             3) What is important to me
 claims. Ideally, the agreement should set forth section 1542 of the Civil Code, which states:                            about making a transition?
 A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist                         4) What will help me make a
 in his or her favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him or her must have                         transition?
 materially affected his or her settlement with the debtor.
                                                                                                                          5) What immediate action
  Release of Age Claims for Older Workers (over 40 years old)                                                             will I take to start my
  The Older Workers Benefit Protection Act of 1990 provides workers over 40 years old with                                transition?
  additional rights. The protection act places additional requirements on employers asking “old”
  employees to waive their potential claims under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of                             If you decide to embark on
  1967. Here is a summary of the requirements employers need to meet:                                                     a career transition, whether
                                                                                                                          out of choice or necessity,
  • The agreement must be written in a manner that the employee can understand.                                           remember to:
  • The waiver specifically refers to the employee’s claims or rights under the                                           • Identify strengths
    age discrimination act.                                                                                                  and weaknesses
  • The employee cannot waive claims that have not yet arisen                                                             • Understand and do not
  • There must be consideration (the employer must give value to the employee                                                take your abilities
    which was not already owed to the employee - this has to be present in                                                   for granted
    every severance agreement, not just those releasing age claims)                                                       • Recognize opportunity
  • The employee is advised to consult with an attorney
  • The employee is given at least 21 days to consider the agreement (the employer
    may have to offer up to 45 days – the employer should check with counsel to see                                       For the Love of Money
    if this is necessary); and                                                                                            In a rocky economy, we often
  • The agreement may be revoked up to 7 days after it is executed.                                                       become emotional about
                                                                                                                          our investments and want
Other Provisions To Consider For Severance Agreements                                                                     to make quick changes to
An employee should also consider if the agreement needs to address other issues, such as:                                 minimize the damage. In
  • Is the release mutual (i.e., the employer and employee are both releasing all claims                                  spite of the scope of this
                                                                                                                          decline, the tried-and-true
    against each other)?
                                                                                                                          advice is still the best:
  • Is there a noncompetition/trade secrets provision?
  • Is the agreement confidential? If so, is there a liquidated damages provision                                         1) Diversify your investments.
     where the parties agree to a certain monetary amount the breaching party will pay?                                   2) Be true to yourself in
  • Will the employer provide a reference statement? If so, the language of the                                           terms of your investment
    statement should be set forth in the agreement.                                                                       strategies.
  • Should there be an arbitration provision to deal with any issues that arise
    from the severance agreement?
  • Is there a choice of law clause in the agreement that determines which state law will be
    controlling in the case of a dispute?

                                                                                                                                 MBA PERSPECTIVES | 21
  Weighing In On Your Ethical Code                                        by marybeth collins   |   ’03

  What is your ethical code?           might be on the cusp of an         right method; the point is to             We’ve talked a lot about
  Clearly, each of us has a sense      entrepreneurial boom due           do something that helps you         people, but what about
  of what is right and what is         to an aging population, the        maintain a sense of self and a      the organization? Social
  wrong; of what we are willing        decline of lifetime employment     clear head. Because it is           responsibility is the belief
  and not willing to do. Just as       and the effects of recession       in knowing who you are              that firms should voluntarily
  we have a set of principles          on established sectors of the      that you are able to make           contribute to society and
  concerning proper conduct,           economy. And this makes it         good decisions.                     the less fortunate. People
  so do businesses, and the            a good time to review, and               Another point worth           are regularly attracted to
  individuals who lead them.           maybe, recalibrate.                noting is that often the people     a company that does good
  Recently, we have been witness            Ones’ own principles          responsible for massive ethical     things for society. Such firms
  to the fall, and the fallout,        translate into business and        breaches themselves question        enjoy a higher retention rate,
  of businesses that operated          corporate ethics. Most of us       how they got there. Most of         partially due to the fact that
  under what we can now call           spent a little time discussing     the time, it starts because the     people enjoy being a part
  questionable ethics. It is easy      ethics and decision-making         people involved are afraid.         of an organization that is
  to point fingers and to voice        models in a college or business-   They have over-extended             ’doing good’. Productivity
  anger over such ethical failures.    school class. But now that we      themselves and have bills to        increases, group dynamics and
  However, it is important to          are in the real world, how are     pay, no savings, and therefore      communication increase, and
  recognize that the individuals       we applying this? Because,         really, really need the job. They   risk in organization decreases.
  leading such businesses each         as previously stated, ethical      justify what they are doing in            Ethical behavior is a
  had a set of principals by which     dilemmas occur in real-time,       their heads because they have       two-way street. To recognize
  they lived and acted. What we        most of us don’t have time to      to. There is something to be        a lack of strong ethics is not
  see in the fallout is the tangible   sit and complete a decision-       said for living simply. Forgo       adequate, but to have the
  results of these personal            making exercise. The fast          what you can’t afford and keep      character and principles
  ethical decisions. Many people       decisions we make are most         a safety cushion in the bank.       defined, and to respond with
  ask “How did we get here?”           often linked to and supported      It is so much easier to stand       these tools – these are our
  Instead, let’s ask “How can we       by our internal spiritual          up for what is right when you       opportunities. Maintaining
  avoid being                          principles. For many of us,        know that no matter what,           balance, in ourselves and in our
  here again?”                         spirituality = religion. We        you can feed your family. And       work, are and will be important
       The ethical dilemmas that       maintain our “centeredness”        the reality, or so it seems from    as we stand and look forward.
  we truly lose sleep over are         by attending Mass, church,         anecdotal evidence, is that         Add a little compassion into the
  not usually the straightfor-         temple or mosque regularly         when colleagues and bosses          mix. Take these to work with
  ward temptations of conflicts.       and/or reading the holy books      know that you will stand your       you; they’re grown and cannot
  Instead they are often subtle,       that apply to our religions.       ethical ground, they won’t          be bought at Starbucks.
  involve the welfare of others,       For others, spirituality and       ask you to get involved in
  require calculation of conse-        religion are not one in the        something dubious.
  quences and happen in real           same. More and more people               Generally, a person doesn’t
  time. Problems rarely go away        are practicing meditation          wake up one day, go to work,
  on their own, and for any hu-        and yoga; even people who          and without warning, commit
  man obstacle to be overcome,         attend formal religious service    an egregious act of fraud.
  there must be inner work.            on a regular basis are finding     People in these situations
       So really, what IS your         value in meditation. Others        admit that it starts as a
  ethical code? When was the           might forgo religion and           small act that seems trivial.
  last time you weighed in on          meditation entirely, instead       Bad decisions build on bad
  this? Honesty, trust, respect,       choosing exercise and sports       decisions. So when you think
  judicious communication?             as a method of “clearing ones’     to yourself “Does this really
  Check! Interestingly, a recent       head.” The point is not to         matter?” the answer is most
  study shows that the nation          identify one method as the         likely “YES!”

22 |
Building Your Personal Brand: Think Twice, Type Once                                                                  by russ edra   |   ’07

When it comes to the Internet        McRae added, “If companies do        3) Monitor comments left by         8) Go private. Social
and social networking sites, all     not leverage this technology         friends. I make it a point to let   networking sites have privacy
you have is your profile. And        to their advantage, they will        my friends know that if they’re     settings so you can designate
from that online public profile,     be left behind, especially           going to make any comments          which friends can view it.
someone you may have never           with Generation Y.” C.Lowe,          on my profile, to keep their
even met can read about you,         an executive recruiter adds          comments G/PG-rated. I apply        Whether you’re a current job
peruse pictures of you and           “Individuals need to be careful      the USA Today test which            seeker, or someone who likes
draw their own conclusions           about what they post on              basically means don’t do            to keep their options open, or
about your reputation and            Facebook, as I’ve come across        anything, say anything, or be       just someone who likes to stay
character. From your profile,        candidates who thought what          photographed doing anything         in touch with friends, social
strangers or prospective             they were saying was private.        that I wouldn’t want printed        networks are great! Remember
employers can potentially tell       It’s not as private as               in USA Today. For any first-        though, your online profile is
if you’re a social butterfly who     they think.”                         time offenders, I contact them      all you have. You don’t have
likes to take pictures at parties,         The following are tips I       directly, letting them know that    the opportunity to address
active in your community, or         collected from various sources       I’d prefer that they keep the       any issues in your profile every
someone who jumps around             to help bulletproof your online      comments on the professional        time someone views it. That’s
from job to job. That’s why if       profile and maintain your            side or don’t leave them at all.    why it’s important to make
you’re going to participate          personal brand:                      For repeat offenders, don’t         sure it’s in great shape going
in social networking sites,                                               be afraid to use the ’block         out, and maintained. Follow
                                     1) Perform vanity searches
you must ensure that what                                                 comments’ feature. And in the       the tips above, and as the title
                                     on yourself regularly. Google
strangers see is what you want                                            worst-case scenario, don’t be       of this article suggests “think
                                     yourself from time to time
them to see.                                                              afraid to ’defriend’ that           twice, type once.”
                                     and you’ll see that nothing
     According to a recent                                                friend entirely.
                                     ever leaves the Internet. I’ve
nationwide survey of more
                                     come across press releases,
than 3,100 employers                                                      4) Monitor pictures that get
                                     news items, and comments
conducted by CareerBuilder.                                               posted of you. See above
                                     made in on-line guest books
com, one-in-five employers
                                     from years in the past.
use social networking sites to                                            5) Create a “me” folder. Create
                                     Should you come across any
research job candidates. Of                                               a folder to receive email alerts
                                     incorrect information about
those hiring managers who                                                 that inform you of any postings
                                     yourself, be diligent about
have screened job candidates                                              with your name.
                                     ’trying’ to correct it. It may
via social networking profiles,
                                     take some follow up and time,
one-third (34%) reported they                                             6) Use common sense. Don’t
                                     but removing any erroneous
found content that caused                                                 use Facebook, MySpace, Twitter
                                     information is important
them to dismiss the candidate                                             or your own personal blog to
                                     to maintaining a good
from consideration.                                                       vent frustrations about work
                                     personal brand.
     Social networking sites                                              Your comments may come back
can also be used to locate                                                to bite you.
                                     2) Monitor, manage and update
potential candidates. “More
                                     your profile(s) regularly. If you
and more companies are                                                    7) Join groups selectively.
                                     are a current job seeker or one
trying to use social networking                                           Social activism is great and
                                     that is ’continually’ looking,
sites like LinkedIn for direct                                            can be very rewarding and
                                     make sure you update your
recruitment since it’s free and                                           fun. The same goes for joining
                                     accomplishments. Don’t lie
recruiting departments are                                                groups with silly and harmless
                                     about them. With the Internet,
increasingly being scrutinized                                            names but be wary about
                                     it’s very easy to do a fact check.
over cost of hiring,” said C.                                             joining groups that may give
                                     Also if you’re looking for a job,
McRae, Senior Pharma Talent                                               the wrong impression– “LMU
                                     before you start, you should
Recruiter. “LinkedIn is a                                                 Alums together to Fight Breast
                                     remove pictures, content and
recruiter’s gold mine because                                             Cancer” is good, but the
                                     links from your profile that can
more times than not, the                                                  Facebook group that likes to
                                     send the wrong message to a
information on a LinkedIn                                                 “Party til they Puke” maybe not
                                     potential employer.
profile is more current than                                              so much.
a resume because current
colleagues are likely to see it.”

                                                                                                                           MBA PERSPECTIVES | 23
                                      btw writing skillz r imprtnt 2                                  by rick rosenthal   |   ’07

                                      At a recent MBA Alumni board        So the question is: What is         thinking and few words.
                                      meeting, we spent time              happening to writing skills in            Teachers in the U.S.
                                      discussing potential changes        the English-speaking world?         have seen the same pattern.
                                      to the MBA curriculum. When                                             According to a 2007 study by
                                      the topic of writing skills         Some feel the answer can be         the Pew Internet & American
                                      crept into the discussion, the      traced to the informal style        Life Project, in partnership
                                      stories began to fly and the        of electronic messaging.            with the College Board’s
                                      passion mounted. Whether            As e-mail messages, text            National Commission on
                                      it was memories of former           messages and social                 Writing, nearly two-thirds of
                                      classmates drafting a group         network postings become             the 700 students surveyed
                                      project term-paper using            so widespread in the lives of       said their e-communication
                                      semicolons to effectively           teenagers, the informality of       style sometimes seeped
                                      connect one very long run-on        e-communications is seeping         into their academic writing.
                                      sentence for six pages, or Dr.      into their schoolwork.              The study, based on eight
                                      Katz lamenting over how she               In a recent report,           focus groups of nationally
                                      receives e-mails without the        Ireland’s Department of             representative children, ages
                                      proper use of capital letters or    Education expressed concern         12 to 17, found that about
                                      punctuation, the topic struck       that text messaging is beating      half said they sometimes
                                      a chord with many of us. We         the smarts out of its students’     omitted proper punctuation
                                      began to wonder whether a           heads. The report, which            and capitalization in
                                      mandatory course in business        summarized the results of           schoolwork. More than half of
                                      writing would be appropriate,       observing 37,000 students           the teenagers surveyed had a
                                      if not desperately needed.          aged 15 and 16, states that,        profile on a social networking
                                      This prompted me to ponder if       “text messaging, with its           site like Facebook or MySpace,
                                      the art (or science) of writing     use of phonetic spelling and        27 percent had an online
                                      is declining.                       little or no punctuation,           journal or blog and 11 percent
                                           Rest assured this problem      seems to pose a threat to           had a personal Web site.
                                      extends beyond the business         traditional conventions in          Generally, girls dominated
                                      school world, and beyond our        writing.” The report not only       the teenage blogosphere and
                                      national borders. Australia’s       blames texting’s shorthand          social networks. The study
                                      secretary of education              vocabulary for poor spelling, it    found that most teenagers
                                      recently cited a case in which      also hints at a larger problem:     do not think of their e-mail
                                      Australian Ph.D. students           that children trained to write      messages, text messages and
                                      were forced to take remedial        at a rapid-fire pace are failing    social network postings as
                                      English due to their poor           to think analytically about         “real writing.”
                                      writing skills.                     test answers. They instead                Cindi Rigsbee, a sixth-
                                                                          answer quickly, with little         and seventh-grade reading-

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24 |
resource teacher who was           the evolution of language.
named the 2008-09 North            At the beginning of each
Carolina Teacher of the Year,      school year, she introduces
has seen electronic-messaging      a discussion about the way
shorthand show up in her           English has transformed over
students’ writing since the        time. “We look at Old English,
advent of e-mail. Years            Middle English, and what was
ago Rigsbee would call the         contemporary English in the
student’s attention to the         time of Jane Eyre. Then I show
matter, and they would merely      them a MySpace page.”
state, “this is faster.” Now,           Australian educators
when she says something to         are stirring up a bit of a
her students, they don’t even      controversy by teaching
realize they are doing it.         SMS text messaging as
                                   part of a language arts
So the question: Is the English    curriculum. These students,
language being flushed             in the Australian equivalent
down the toilet, or is it          of middle school, practice
naturally evolving?                writing in the short message       merchandise
                                   format that’s common in text
Some optimistic educators          messaging, putting together
maintain that there are good       their own glossaries of texting
tidings associated with all this                                      A variety of MBA logo items, pictured
                                   abbreviations. They also           above, are online at
e-messaging, too. Teenagers        compare the language and
are writing more than ever.                                           or in the MBA Office. All prices include S/H.
                                   syntax of text messaging with
Students are choosing to write     that of formal, written English.
in several kinds of media for                                         Navy fleece zip jacket (S-XXL) is $30
                                   Though plenty of adults
many purposes and to many          grumble about e-mail and
different audiences.                                                  Hooded navy sweatshirt (S-XXXL) is $28.
                                   instant-messaging, and the
                                   text messages that send            Grey medium weight round neck
Could all of this writing by
                                   adolescent thumbs dancing          sweatshirt with small logo on left
kids actually help them have
                                   across cell phone keypads,         (S-XXL) is $23.
a better command of the
                                   many experts insist that
                                   teenage composition is as          White t-shirt (S-XXL) is $11.
Some argue that the fact           strong as ever - and that the
that kids are writing online       proliferation of writing, in all   Polo shirt (white or chili red) is $23.
so frequently means that           its harried, hasty forms,          White available in men’s (M-XXL) and
they’re more comfortable           has actually created a             women’s (XS-XL). Chili available in men’s
with using written means to        generation more adept with         sizing (XS-XXL) only. Women should
express themselves. They’re        the written word.                  adjust sizing accordingly.
experimenting with language,            English has literary
but they’re learning from those    languages of different kinds;      Khaki cap is $13.
experiences and are more           it has technical languages,
comfortable with writing than      professional jargon, sub-          License plate frame
those who weren’t brought up       cultural languages, dialects,      (brass or silver metallic) is $15.
constantly using the computer.     and the kind of language that’s
However, there is a growing        used in online chatrooms. Kids     Navy cafe mug is $8
concern that the distinctions      today are exposed to a much
between formal and informal        bigger range of languages than     Kids white t-shirt (2T-7T) is $10
writing are disappearing.          those of us who were raised in
     Cindi Rigsbee, for            the pre-digital era.
example, makes sure her                 A new form of                 Click on
students know when text            communication is taking hold       to see a color photo and to order through
language is appropriate and,       in the linguistic sphere, which    our secure online site or stop by the
more important, when it’s          means new challenges for           MBA Office to shop in person.
not. She talks frequently in       teaching and learning – but
class about types of writing,      also new opportunities.
the intended reader, and

                                                                                                 MBA PERSPECTIVES | 25
  alumni ne w s

  Mike Sapien ’77 joined Ovum ( in September           Don Fasick ’96 became regional vice president, director of
  2008 as VP/principal analyst for their US Telecom - Enterprise    strategic accounts, Digital Signage / OOH at DataStarUSA in
  Practice. He focuses on the U.S. telecom market and               Chicago in January. The company designs and manages area
  enterprise communications trends for this global research         networks. Previously, Don was VP at 519 Digital Solutions.
  and advisory firm based in London. He remains based in his
  Carlsbad, Calif. home office.                                     Anshu Arora ’98 and her husband welcomed their second
                                                                    daughter, Neeva Zoe, in June 2008. Their older daughter,
  Dan Mathews ’81 is still running his own consultancy firm in      Rhea Summer, will be 5 in August. Anshu’s husband, Nikhil
  the South Bay – now in its 33rd year. He works mainly with        Kamkolkar, works for MTV in New York City on social
  space-related companies in El Segundo.                            networking initiatives. Anshu was the IT audit manager for
                                                                    Polo Ralph Lauren until last fall, and is now a stay-at-home
  R. Scott Rettig ’84 was named CEO of AgustaWestland North         mom. The family lives in Franklin Park, NJ.
  America. He is also a Member of the board of directors of
  AgustaWestland North America, AgustaWestland Inc.                 Darren Gibson ’98 became national sales director of Miller
  and AgustaWestlandBell, a joint venture with Bell                 Energy Resources in April. Previously, Darren was national
  Helicopter - Textron.                                             sales director at Provident Asset Management. Darren and
                                                                    his wife live in Oceanside, Cailf. with their 6-year old twins and
  John Owen ’89 is co-founder and chief financial officer of a      their 4-year old twins.
  renewable energy company called WindStream Technologies.
                                                                    Noam Meppen ’99 is vice president, retail promotions &
  Lisa (Tolman) von Biela ’92 just graduated from the University    merchandising at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
  of Minnesota Law School, magna cum laude. She is currently        Noam lives in Playa Vista, right below LMU.
  studying for the Washington State Bar.
                                                                    Marty Morales ’99 went to Brazil last year to finish training
  Robert Larioza ’93 was just named the new chief operating         as a certified Rolfer. Earlier this year, he started his own
  officer at BASE Performance. BASE Performance is a provider       massage school: California Institute for Bodywork Education.
  of premier supplement products for endurance athletes and         Visit his website for
  individuals looking to maintain proper nutritional balance.       more information.
  Robert has nearly 20 years of operations experience with top
  consumer companies like Lexus and Bell Sports and start ups       Silvano Parducci ’99 recently joined the W.C. Bradley Co. as
  like Alteon Websystems, Procket Networks, Mobile Digital          the vice president of internal audit. The W.C. Bradley Co. is
  Media and LOOK Cycle USA. Robert, his wife and two young          a privately owned company headquartered in Columbus,
  sons live in San Jose, Calif.                                     Georgia. It is a multi-brand supplier of high-quality consumer
                                                                    goods and services focused primarily on the home and leisure
  Paula (DeAngelis) Edwards ’95 and her husband Ken Edwards         lifestyle markets. It is comprised of Char-Broil (Columbus,
  ’04 welcomed their daughter Isabelle “Belle” Martha Elsa Ann      Georgia), W.C. Bradley Co. Real Estate (Columbus, Georgia),
  Edwards on March 24, 2009. She weighed 7 lbs, 12 oz and was       Lamplight Farms (Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin), Zebco
  20-inches long, and joins her brothers Johnny, 6 and Christian,   Brands (Tulsa, Oklahoma), and the PGA Tour Stop
  3. Paula has her own accounting business, Capri Consulting,        (St. Augustine, Florida).
  and Ken works in asset management.
                                                                    Rob Sherwood ’99 has been living and working in Argentina
  Mark Visconti ’95 took a sabbatical from managing an              since November 2008. He works for JPL and has been helping
  independent vehicle design studio in Ventura County and           the Argentinean space agency build a satellite that will host a
  took his family on a four-month RV trip around North America.     NASA instrument for measuring sea surface salinity.
  They are back in Ventura and Mark is back to work. He has
  started his own design studio in Moorpark and is working on       Julie Cox ’02 moved back to Southern California in October
  several projects.                                                 2008 from her assignment in London where she headed up
                                                                    Activision’s finance Department for the UK and Ireland. She
                                                                    is now the VP of Finance for Activision’s licensed properties
                                                                    (Marvel, DreamWorks, James Bond, etc.) business unit.

26 |
Melissa Crawford ’02 has been at for three years         Brianne Pergola ’05 started Eventful in 2007. Eventful is a
as a marketing director, focusing on their enterprise product.      full-service event planning and production company based in
On the personal front, Melissa and her husband Randy                Los Angeles. Recently, Eventful branched off into producing
welcomed their first child, son Shane, in February.                 weddings under the name “Quintessential Weddings” (www.
                                                           Q Weddings caters to all couples, including
John Hazen ’02 is now the vice-president of information             the same-sex community. Eventful has produced a charity
technology at La Jolla Group, a multi-brand action sports           concert featuring Patti LaBelle and numerous nonprofit galas,
licensing company, with a portfolio that includes O’Neill           as well as the Queer Lounge at the Sundance Film Festival
Clothing USA, Lost Clothing, Metal Mulisha Clothing, and            for the last two years. The Queer Lounge is a hub for LGBT
Rusty North America.                                                filmmakers at the festival each year. Eventful also manages
                                                                    production for the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles.
Craig Lawrence ’02 is working at Charter Communications as
a marketing retention and loyalty manager. He helps run their       Nisha Thapar ’05 is a business integration technology
national customer loyalty program. He works for corporate           consultant at Bank of America in Los Angeles.
in St. Louis, but luckily he can still live in Orange County and
work out of a local market office. Craig and his wife recently      James Armistead ’07 is a development manager at Urban
moved to Aliso Viejo.                                               Housing Group, an Irvine-based developer of apartments
                                                                    throughout California.
Sassan C. Parandeh ’02 is currently the globaltreasurer of
ChildFund International. In May, he earned his certified            Norma Miranda ’07 has accepted a new position as associate
treasury professional designation and was recently admitted         manager handling the harmonization project in the Global
to Georgetown University’s doctor of liberal studies program.       Product Marketing Group at Herbalife. Norma is very excited
The program will commence in fall 2009.                             to serve the company in their main project, to improve
                                                                    product formulas across 70 countries. She will continue
Sharon (Fujikake) Peirce ’02 has a launched a company called        working with the South American and Southeast Asian
Smarty Crafts ( Smarty Crafts is a            markets she has been working with for the past year and
monthly craft & activity kit with an educational boost for          a half.
parents of 3 – 6 year old kids. Each kit consists of individually
wrapped crafts with all the materials plus simple instructions,     Kathy Molloy ’07 and Ryan Miklusak ’07 are engaged to
pictures, extension activities and lessons based on national        be married in October. Kathy works for a women’s health
kindergarten standards. Smarty Crafts gives parents the             company called Hologic as a medical device sales specialist.
tools to play smart with their kids and give them a head start      Ryan works with several other MBA alumni, including
to preschool & kindergarten. A year ago Sharon relocated            Robert Klamser ’08 and Justin Goodkind ’08, at Kurtzman
from Manhattan Beach to Cincinnati, Ohio.                           Carson Consultants.

Jason Schweriner ’02 is a sales analyst at Southern Wine and        Caitlan Perez ’08 recently joined Swett & Crawford, a
Spirits and lives in South Florida.                                 commercial insurance broker in downtown L.A. as an
                                                                    associate broker.
Helen Alman ’03 and her husband had their second son, Jason
Mark, last August. Helen is a senior financial analyst at JPL,      Kim Soleau ’08 and her husband Alan welcomed their first
where she was just nominated to the Leadership Council.             child, daughter Eva Soleau Griswold, on 07/08/09. Eva
                                                                    weighed 8 lbs 5 oz, and measured 20 ½ inches long.
Brad Beeson ’04 and his wife Brittany Chen welcomed their
first child, daughter Madison, on May 15th. Brad works for
Boeing and is also in the process of taking the California
CPA exams.

                                                                                                                MBA PERSPECTIVES | 27
LMU LA                                                                                     presorted
                                                                                          u.s. postage
MBA Alumni Association                                                                         PAID
                                                                                        mercury mailing
                                                                                          systems inc.
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive MS 8387
Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659

retUrn ServiCe reqUeSteD

summer 2009

                                The LMU MBA Alumni Association hosted a Spring
                                Happy Hour at the Library Bar in downtown Los
                                Angeles. This was one of several networking events
                                that the Alumni Association hosts, giving alumni
                                and students the opportunity to meet and socialize
                                in a casual setting. Another Happy Hour will be held
                                this summer.

                              v raffi romanossian ’07 and david stein ’80

                              v gina barro ’98 (vice- chair of the lmu mba alumni board ) ,
                                gabriela mora ’00, carmen queral emba ’08 and ed profumo ’86

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