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									                                                 February 2010, Issue 39


UNDP with IDS and DSA held a roundtable bringing together government officials, the donor community, civil society
organizations, foundations and key private sector actors to foster a common understanding of the problems, solutions and
actions required to mobilize efforts based on the theme that the “the MDGs are achievable.” The Roundtable focused on
what the MDGs have achieved so far, and what is needed to accelerate progress by focusing on, for example, civil society,
communities and families and individual capabilities and equity. Conclusions from the Roundtable will feed into the MDG
Review Process through UNDPs analytic contributions throughout 2010. Click here for more ...

                                               Recent Meetings
GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS                                              (Trondheim, Norway, 1 to 5 February 2010)
(Vanuatu, 10 to 12 February 2010)                                                                  The     sixth      Trondheim
                                  In February 2010 the Pacific                                     Conference on Biodiversity
                                  Conference on the Human                                          held on 1-5 February 2010
                                  Face of the Global Economic                                      considered status and lessons
                                  Crisis brought together more                                     learned from the 2010 target
                                  than 200 high level delegates                                    and provide CBD with a
                                  from 16 Pacific Island                                           sound basis for developing
                                  Countries to discuss the issues   post 2010 biodiversity targets. New targets will be set under
                                  that the poor and vulnerable      CBD and the United Nations in the second half of 2010. The
are facing in the Pacific. The meeting will discuss ways to         conference was hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of the
mitigate the impact of the crisis on various categories of          Environment in collaboration with the United Nations
vulnerable groups - including women and children. In                Environment Program (UNEP) and the Secretariat of the
particular understanding the need to integrate gender into          Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD). Click here for
responses to the impacts of global economic and financial           more....
crisis in the Pacific. Click here for more....

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UN SECRETARY-GENERAL COMMITS TO AFRICAN                         that a high-level panel on development and climate change
DEVELOPMENT NEEDS DURING THE AFRICAN UNION                      will be established soon, to address climate change issues
SUMMIT                                                          comprehensively in the context of sustainable development.
(Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 25 January to 2 February 2010)          He stressed that the September Summit on the MDGs will
In his opening address to the 14th Ordinary Summit of           focus on the achievements made thus far, identify the gaps
the African Union (AU), which convened in Addis Ababa,          and challenges for implementation, emphasize priority
Ethiopia, from 25 January-2 February 2010, UN Secretary-        areas for action and build a coalition for change. Click here
General Ban Ki-moon pledged to mobilize support to tackle       for more....
the critical challenges threatening peace and prosperity
across Africa, including climate change. He noted that the      5TH AFRICITIES
financial, energy and food crises, as well as climate change,   (Marrakech, Morocco, 16 to 20 December 2009)
have made development, including the achievement                The 5th Africities held in December 2009 brought together
of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) more                 more than 4500 people from local governments elected
difficult and more urgent. He praised countries that had        officials, development partners, private sector, civil society,
become associated with the Copenhagen Accord from the           academia attended the summit. The theme of the summit
Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December, and           was “African regional and local governments’ response to the
urged others to join them, stressing that nowhere are the       global crisis: promotion sustainable local development and
linkages between sustainable development and climate            employment”. Click here for more....
clearer than in Africa. The Secretary-General also recalled

                                         Development in the News
THE MDGS                                                        (UN-HABITAT Press Release, 16 February 2010)
(UNDP Newsroom, 15 February 2010)                               A conference on Sub-Saharan Africa, held during the first
United Nations Development Programme Administrator Miss         week of February at Wiston House in Wilton Park, Sussex, UK,
Helen Clark met with senior government and other officials      focused on the challenges faced by Africa half way between
to underline that “the United Nations development system        the Africa Commission Report tabled at the Gleneagles
stands ready to continue working with the Government and        Summit in 2005 and the target date for completion of the
the people of Papua New Guinea in overcoming existing           Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2015. Delegates
development challenges and accelerating progress towards        gathered to discuss the progress made and how countries’
the Millennium Development Goals, especially in areas such      priorities have changed as a result of the emerging key
as education, health, advancing women’s empowerment             global challenges such as the economic crisis and climate
and combating HIV/AIDS epidemic.” On the last day of her        change. The UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-
visit Miss Clark launched the Second National MDG Progress      HABITAT) Executive Director Anna Tibaijuka, as one of the
Report together with the Minister for National Planning         Commissioners for Africa, delivered a presentation on
and District Development, Mr Paul Tiensten. Click here for      Balanced Development for Africa: The Cities of the Future
more....                                                        - Beyond Chaotic Urbanization, emphasizing that climate
                                                                change only makes it more important to confront the
                                                                challenge of African urbanization. Click here for more....
(IDS Podcast February 2010)
                                                                ILO WARNS OF HIGH GLOBAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATES
                             With just five years to reach
                                                                (UN News Centre, 27 January 2010)
                             the Millennium Development
                             Goals(MDGs) this September         On 27 January 2010, International Labour Organization (ILO)
                             the UN will meet with Heads        Director General Juan Somavia launched the ILO’s annual
                             of State and Government to         Global Employment Trends report. This report indicates
                             review the MDGs and create a       that unemployment reached the highest level on record in
                             plan to reach them. Following      2009, with nearly 212 million jobless worldwide, or 6.6%of
a meeting where academics, civil society organisations and      the global workforce. The report provides a regional outlook
UN officials came together to develop an action agenda to       and indicates that the Central and South-Eastern Europe
plan for the review process, IDS has created a Podcast          (non-EU) and Commonwealth of Independent States
speaking with Selim Jahan (UNDP Poverty Practice Director)      (CSEE & CIS) experienced the most severe shock in terms
and Andy Sumner (IDS Research Fellow). Click here               of economic growth of all regions. The report notes that

MDG NEWS UPDATE - February 2010                                                                                         2
the ILO has adopted a Global Jobs Pact, aimed at creating           and the Philippines and promoting political participation in
jobs, including green jobs strategies, protecting workers           Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Dominican Republic, Uganda,
and stimulating economic recovery. Click here for more....          Morocco and in the Pacific Islands. Click here for more....

(UNIFEM Press Release, 11 January 2010)
                                                                    DATA FOR         MILLENNIUM VILLAGES PROGRESS
                                                                    (IRIN, December 2009)
The UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) has
launched the Fund for Gender Equality, which will provide           The Millennium Village Project (MVP) empowers communities
grants to support initiatives worldwide to empower women            to break the cycle of poverty and reach the eight Millennium
and to promote their political participation and property           Development Goals (MDGs) through community-led
rights. The Fund, financially supported by the Governments          development. It was implemented in 14 sites, among the
of Spain and Norway, will provide US$68 million dollars to          most impoverished areas of rural Africa, across 10 African
accelerate ongoing initiatives on the ground. Initiatives           countries (Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria,
emphasized should support Government and civil society              Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda), and new MVs
partnerships, and focus on vulnerable women including               have recently developed in Madagascar, Mozambique,
indigenous women, high-risk groups and those affected by            Liberia, Cameroon, and Benin. The project will release some
HIV/AIDS, as well as women who are small farmers facing             of its midterm survey data in the coming months, one
food insecurity and exposed to the negative effects of climate      of the areas where major progress has been achieved is
change. The first tranche of the Fund, totaling US$9 million,       MDG5, maternal health, the data will compare baseline data
will benefit 27 initiatives across 26 countries, including          from 2006 to data collected this year. Click here for more....
support to women in the informal sector in Cameroon, Egypt

INTERNATIONAL                                                       The UN Programme on Youth is calling for suggestions on
           The Human Rights University Network and                  a slogan that encapsulates the International Year of Youth
           Amnesty International invite contributions for a         and the theme, “Dialogue and Mutual Understanding”.
           special Issue of the SUR Journal that will address: i)   From 25 January to 12 February 2010, people will have the
the MDGs and Human Rights, ii) Corporate Accountability             chance to suggest a slogan for the International Year and
and Human Rights. The Journal aims at disseminating a               to vote on their favorites though the “like” function on the
Global Southern perspective on human rights and to                  facebook page of UN programme on Youth. The slogan will
facilitate exchange among professors and activists from the         be selected by the UN programme on Youth and will be used
Global South without disregarding contributions from other          in communications for the International Year. Suggestion
regions. The deadline for contributions is 10 March 2010.           is available at the newly launched facebook page of UN
Click here for more....                                             programme on Youth. Click here for more....

(Source: Astrid Marschatz: DEVINFO)
The Equator Prize is awarded biennially by the UNDP Equator
Initiative for outstanding local, indigenous and community
efforts to reduce poverty through the conservation and
sustainable use of biodiversity. Nominations for the Equator
Prize 2010 must be received by 28 February 2010.

To submit a nomination click here for more....

MDG NEWS UPDATE - February 2010                                                                                            3
                                             Upcoming Events
TO PROMOTE WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND GENDER                         (Marrakech, Morocco, 17 to 19 March 2010)

EQUALITY”                                                                             The Global Event (17-19 March 2010)
(New York, USA, 22 February 2010)
                                                                                      will bring together world leaders from
As part of the preparatory process for the 2010 Economic                              the North and South to spotlight the
and Social Council’s Annual Ministerial Review there will                             policy, institutional reforms and
be a special event held 22 February 2010 on the theme                                 investment decisions that have
of “Implementing the internationally agreed goals and                                 enabled capable states and societies
commitments in regard to gender equality and empowerment                              to sustain human development. This
of women”, to be held during its annual session in July 2010.                         is an opportunity to share the
Click here for more....                                         experience, understand the evidence and engage more
                                                                partners on capacity development – know what makes
                                                                institutions work better and deliver on vision; learn from
(Brasilia, Brazil, 25 to 26 February 2010)                      those that perform well over time; and ask why some are
                                         The 6th UN Web for     more adaptable and resilient to shocks. This is the ‘how’ of
                                         Development            development. Click here for more....
                                         Conference will take
                                                                THE MDGS AND HUMAN RIGHTS
                                         place in Brasilia,     (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 22 to 23 March 2010)
                                         Brazil on 25- 26
February 2010. Since 2003, Web4Dev has been acted as the        Are the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and
UN community of practice focused on applying the Internet       human rights complementary or conflicting? What are the
for the achievement of MDG goals. Annual conferences have       consequences for the road to 2015 and beyond? Leading
contributed towards the effectiveness of UN system              scholars and practitioners will come together at Harvard on
organizations advocacy, online communication, outreach          22-23 March to discuss. Click here for more....
and engagement strategies. Especially for this year, the
conference will focus New Media, Greening and Innovative
Partnerships and these themes will be covered in the
following Tracks: i) Track 1 - Strategic Management of
Communications Online, ii) Track 2 - Innovative Dialogue,
Involvement and People Mobilization. Online registration is
available at the website. Click here for more....

RETHINKING POVERTY: REPORT ON THE WORLD SOCIAL                  adopt a multidimensional approach to poverty reduction
SITUATION 2010                                                  that addresses inequality and social exclusion through the
(UNDESA, 2010)                                                  universal provision of essential social services. The report
                                                                also highlights the need to promote broad-based
                      This Report makes a compelling case       development with measures that support sustainable
                      for rethinking poverty and poverty-       economic growth, productive employment creation and
                      reduction efforts, with the aim of        social welfare. Click here for more....
                      advancing the global dialogue on
                      effective strategies to achieve the       EFA GLOBAL MONITORING REPORT 2010: REACHING
                      Millennium Development Goals. It          THE MARGINALIZED
                      asserts that over-reliance on market      (UNESCO/OXFORD, 2010)
                      forces and economic liberalization        The report assesses global progress towards the six Education
                      has resulted in the neglect of            For All (EFA) goals to which over 160 countries committed
nationally designed and development-oriented strategies,        themselves in 2000. It notes the major advances in education
to the detriment of the world’s poor. The report argues that    over the past decade, a striking contrast with the “lost
we must move beyond the dollar-a-day view of poverty to         decade” of the 1990s. Since 1999, the number of children not

MDG NEWS UPDATE - February 2010                                                                                        4
                         attending school has fallen by 33           IDS BULLETIN: THE MDGS AND BEYOND
                         million, and more children are              (IDS, 2010)
                         completing a full cycle of primary
                                                                                          Articles in this IDS Bulletin inform the
                         education. However, with less than
                                                                                          debate in 2010, leading up to and
                         five years to the 2015 target date, the
                                                                                          beyond the UN MDG review summit,
                         report warns that the window of
                                                                                          and reflect on the MDG experience so
                         opportunity for getting on track is
                                                                                          far. They ask what that experience
                         closing. Many countries are likely to
                                                                                          means for the next five years and
fall far short of the targets because of the failure of
                                                                                          beyond. What have the MDGs actually
governments to address inequalities and of donors to deliver
                                                                                          achieved, and for whom? What can
on pledges. The report’s authors identify sub-Saharan Africa
                                                                                          we learn from the MDGs about how
as an area for priority action. With fiscal deficits rising across
                                                                     the international community can best play a role in national
the region, education spending plans could face painful
                                                                     processes of development and poverty reduction? Click
adjustments. Click here for more....                                 here for more....
(UNICEF, 2010)                                                       (UNDP, 2009)
                                                                                          This report builds on the findings of
                         In commemoration of the 20th
                                                                                          MDG assessments completed in 30
                         anniversary of the Convention on
                                                                                          countries. It analyzes the factors that
                         the Rights of the Child on 20
                                                                                          shape MDG progress at the country
                         November 2009, UNICEF dedicated
                                                                                          level and explores the constraints and
                         a special edition of “The State of the
                                                                                          bottlenecks that have slowed
                         World’s Children” to child rights. The
                                                                                          progress. The report recommends
                         report broadly assesses the
                                                                                          how, moving forward, UNDP should
                         Convention’s impact on children’s
                                                                     support partners in accelerating MDG achievements. Click
                         well-being and human development            here for more....
during the past two decades, addresses the critical challenges
for the next 20 years and outlines an agenda for action to
                                                                     THE MDGS IN A CHANGING WORLD
ensure the Convention’s promise becomes a reality for every
                                                                     (UNDP IPC-IG, 2010)
child. Click here for more....
                                                                     The new IPC-IG’s Poverty In Focus (guest edited by: Andy
ACHIEVING UNIVERSAL BASIC EDUCATION                                  Sumner (Institute of Development Studies Sussex) and Claire
(ODI, 2009)                                                          Melamed (ActionAid)) highlights the need for a renewed
                                                                     political momentum to achieve the MDGs. Through the
                       The “Achieving Universal Basic                articles, it tries to provide a clear understanding of what has
                       Education:       Constraints    and           worked, what has not, why, and how we can move on. Click
                       Opportunities in Donor Financing”             here for more....
                       report presents the findings of a
                       study commissioned by the Hewlett
                       Foundation into external financing            LOW COST TECHNOLOGIES TOWARDS ACHIEVING THE
                       for basic education. It aims to               MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS: THE CASE OF
                       answer the question of why, despite           RAINWATER HARVESTING
                       the rhetoric of strong political              (UNDP IPC-IG, 2010)

support to basic education, the sector has not been able to          The International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth is
attract more donor funds. Click here for more....                    pleased to announce the latest issue in the series of Policy
                                                                     Research Briefs, by Christian Lehmann, Raquel Tsukada and
                                                                     Acácio Lourete, highlights the contribution of a low-cost
                                                                     water supply strategy for a number of the MDGs. Click here
                                                                     for more....

MDG NEWS UPDATE - February 2010                                                                                              5
TRADE AND ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW 2009/2010:                           Arab region is characterized by low food sovereignty, high
PROMOTING POLES OF CLEAN GROWTH TO FOSTER                           food insecurity, due to erratic food production, declining
THE TRANSITION TO A MORE SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY                        agriculture shares in GDP, and high levels of water scarcity.
(UNCTAD, February 2010)                                             The report also notes that climate change is expected to
                                                                    further exacerbate vulnerability, hunger and malnutrition
This report, published by the UN Conference on Trade and            levels. Click here for more....
Development (UNCTAD), focuses on the over 140 low-
income and least developed countries, which account                 A STRUCTURAL NONPARAMETRIC REAPPRAISAL
for less than 10% of energy-related GHG emissions of all            OF THE CO2 EMISSIONS-INCOME RELATIONSHIP
developing countries. The report explores opportunities for         (UNU-MERIT, December 2009)
low carbon growth, energy efficiency, and renewable energy
                                                                    This working paper, written by Théophile T. Azomahou,
technologies. It notes that no reduction of emissions from
                                                                    Micheline Goedhuys and P. Nguyen Van, discusses the various
agriculture was included in the Kyoto Protocol or the EU’s
                                                                    relationships between CO2 emissions levels and income per
Emissions Trading Scheme. It describes how market-based
                                                                    capita. It notes that the majority of available studies find
instruments can help reduce the impact of emissions from
                                                                    emissions to monotonically increase with income, because
the agricultural sector. Click here for more....
                                                                    they do not account for possible feedback effects of the
                                                                    environment to economic growth. By analyzing data for 107
STATISTICAL YEARBOOK FOR LATIN AMERICA AND THE                      countries, over a 44 year period, the study finds that CO2
CARIBBEAN 2009                                                      emissions first increase with income at low income levels
                                                                    and then become delinked with income at high income
(UN ECLAC, February 2010)
                                                                    levels. Click here for more....
This report, by the UN Economic Commission for Latin
                                                                    THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS AND THE ASIA PACIFIC
America and the Caribbean (UN ECLAC), focuses on
                                                                    REGION: A SYNTHESIS STUDY INCORPORATING
demographic and social aspects, with special emphasis
                                                                    EVIDENCE   FROM    COUNTRY      CASE    STUDIES
on gender, of Latin American and Caribbean countries.
                                                                    (UNDP, December 2009)
The report provides economic statistics, such as prices,
international trade, balance of payments and national               This report, by the UNDP Regional Centre for Asia and Pacific,
accounts. It also provides information on the environment           looks into the lessons learned from the past economic crises,
and natural resources. Click here for more....                      the impact of the current crisis and policy responses in 14
                                                                    countries in Asia Pacific. The analysis takes into consideration
                                                                    the rising threat of climate change and the recent experience
                                                                    of natural disasters in the region. Click here for more....
(UNPFII, January 2010)

                                                                    TSUNAMI       REPORT        FIVE     YEAR      ANNIVERSARY
This report notes that the world’s 370 million indigenous
                                                                    (UNICEF, December 2009)
peoples suffer from higher rates of poverty, health problems,
crime and human rights abuses if compared to the non-               This report, by the UN Children’s Fund agency (UNICEF),
indigenous population both in developing and developed              evaluates the results of its programmes to mitigate the
countries. The report indicates that indigenous peoples are         impact of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in December
also more vulnerable to environmental pollution and climate         2004, which left nearly 230,000 dead or missing causing
change effects. It highlights that self-determination and           social, economic and environmental devastation to already
land rights are vital for the survival of indigenous peoples.       poor areas. The report emphasizes work on safe water and
Click here for more....
                                                                    sanitation, the promotion of good hygiene, community-
DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGES FOR THE ARAB                                 managed ecological sanitation, solid waste management,
REGION: FOOD SECURITY AND AGRICULTURE                               and environmental practices, particularly amongst school
(UNDP, December 2009)                                               children. Click here for more....

This report analyzes the food security and food sovereignty
of Arab states and the emerging challenges. It indicates that,
while food security relates to the availability of nutritious
food at all times, accessible to all people, food sovereignty
relates to self-sufficiency of food production. It notes that the

MDG NEWS UPDATE - February 2010                                                                                              6

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