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									                                     RFP 10-10, Web-Based Project Management Software
                                                          Vendor Questions and Answers
                                                                 February 9, 2010
       #       (contact & company)                            Vendor Question                                                      CCSD Response
     1.    Angela Pace                 We do have one question about the files available for            MS Word version of the RFP was provided. Vendor was reminded
           Expesite                    download… on the pages where you’ve outlined a table to be       that the original RFP language is not to be altered in any way. The MS
                                       filled in (Pages 21, 26, 27, 30, 32 for example), do you have    Word version can be used only to complete the areas requiring a
                                       a Microsoft Word version of these forms that we may utilize,     vendor response.
                                       or shall we attempt to recreate these, or shall we hand write
                                       the documents?
     2.    Jess O'Dell                 Which ERP you are using on the back end of your system?          CGI Advantage 3.7 is the financial system CCSD utilizes. It does have
           DLT Solutions                                                                                other ERP modules however the District does not currently use them.
     3.    Alessandro Chiarini         Section 6.2 of the General Terms and Conditions is in conflict   The General Terms and Conditions are standard terms/conditions that
           Intuitive Systems           with Section 4.1.7 of the Special Terms and Conditions as it     are included in all CCSD Requests For Proposal. Per General Terms
                                       relates to number of users. Software licensing, even             and Conditions Section 30.0: “Should these General Terms and
                                       concurrent, is sold in numbers. “Unlimited” as specified in      Conditions be in conflict with the attached Special Terms and
                                       Section 4.1.7 of the Special Terms is considered a Site          Conditions, the Special Terms and Conditions will control.” The
                                       License, however, we still need clarification. If we were to     Special Terms and Conditions are the terms/conditions specific to this
                                       estimate 800 projects over 5 years, we would estimate 300        particular solicitation.
                                       concurrent users to satisfy the needs of this program. Can
                                       you provide clarification beyond “unlimited”? Also, Section      Below is CCSD’s best estimate regarding user requirements. It is the
                                       6.2 describes the availability of funds as a driving factor on   proposing vendor’s responsibility to clearly describe options,
                                       the actual licensing needed. How are we to know what the         limitations, etc. in solutions proposed.
                                       availability of funds are after award?                               It is estimated that approximately 50 permanent CCSD staff will
                                                                                                            input, update, collaborate, view and report for any one of the 800+
                                                                                                            projects. Some of these 50 users may require access to all 800+
                                                                                                            projects. Others may have access as required for specific projects.
                                                                                                            Approximately 100 third party users such as architects, engineers,
                                                                                                            vendors and contractors to update, collaborate, view and report.
                                                                                                            Unlimited “view only” access for users such as principals, board
                                                                                                            members, media, parents and the public for all projects. We do not
                                                                                                            anticipate registering individual external users who view only.

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                                        RFP 10-10, Web-Based Project Management Software
                                                              Vendor Questions and Answers
                                                                     February 9, 2010
       #          (contact & company)                           Vendor Question                                                          CCSD Response
     4.    Alessandro Chiarini            Section 6.4 and Section 11.3 allow us to send you are               RFP 10-10 General Terms and Conditions Section 6.4 states: “Pricing
           Intuitive Systems              standard EULA (end User License Agreement) and SSM                  must be submitted on Proposal Form(s) as requested without
                                          (Software support and Maintenance) agreements for your              conditions unless called for in Special Terms & Conditions.”
                                          review and inclusion in the proposal, correct?
                                                                                                              RFP 10-10 General Terms and Conditions Section 11.3 states:
                                                                                                              “If the Vendor has additional terms and conditions, including but not
                                                                                                              limited to a Vendor drafted contract, that it is proposing, then the
                                                                                                              Vendor must disclose and submit those terms and conditions in writing
                                                                                                              for evaluation by the CCSD with their initial proposal. CCSD is not
                                                                                                              under any obligation to consider any terms or conditions proposed by
                                                                                                              the vendor that are not included with the vendor’s initial proposal.
                                                                                                              Further, unless expressly agreed to in writing by the CCSD, the CCSD
                                                                                                              will not be bound by any terms and conditions in any vendor contract,
                                                                                                              packaging, service catalogue, brochure, technical data sheet or other
                                                                                                              document which attempts to impose any conditions at variance with or
                                                                                                              in addition to the terms and conditions contained in the CCSD
                                                                                                              solicitation, the CCSD purchase order related to this solicitation or
                                                                                                              contract. If the vendor objects to any term or condition in this
                                                                                                              solicitation, then the objection shall be clearly indicated in writing.”

                                                                                                              Vendors are not prohibited from submitting their own
                                                                                                              contracts/agreements or exceptions to CCSD terms. Prior to possible
                                                                                                              recommendation for award, any such submission must be reviewed by
                                                                                                              CCSD attorneys. CCSD is under no obligation to be bound by any
                                                                                                              vendor contract/agreement/language submitted.
     5.    Alessandro Chiarini            Section 12 discusses shipping however this is a managed             Refer to response to question #3.
           Intuitive Systems              host, off site software RFP, does this section apply?
     6.    Alessandro Chiarini            Section 15.1 describes “Agreed Upon” LD’s (liquidated               Refer to response to questions #3 and #4.
           Intuitive Systems              Damages” for return of the software. Agreed upon by
                                          arbitration or by whom? This section implies that the CCSD
                                          can purchase a new software, 10 times more expensive, and
                                          the original awarded party is liable for the difference. Is there
                                          a cap? Also incidental and Consequential damages as
                                          permitted by an awarded companies liability insurance,
                                          Georgia Law, or arbitration judge?
     7.    Alessandro Chiarini            Section 15.2 seems to dismiss any current warranty provided         Refer to response to questions #3 and #4.
           Intuitive Systems              by the awardee’s Software but Section 11.3 allows its review
                                          for consideration, please clarify.

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                                        RFP 10-10, Web-Based Project Management Software
                                                             Vendor Questions and Answers
                                                                    February 9, 2010
       #          (contact & company)                             Vendor Question                                                        CCSD Response
     8.    Alessandro Chiarini            In the Contractor Affidavit and Subcontractor Affidavit, what     The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act OCGA 13-10-
           Intuitive Systems              is the “EEV/Basic Pilot Program User Identification Number”?      90 was enacted by the State of Georgia and is not administered by
                                          If we are out of state, do we need this? Is this a TIN or SS      Cobb County School District. Please visit the web site included in the
                                          number?                                                           RFP on the page with the Georgia Security and Immigration
                                                                                                            Compliance Act heading or contact the State of Georgia with any
     9.    Brad Cox                       Can there be an opportunity to submit the RFP response in         RFP responses must be submitted in hardcopy per the instructions
           HardHat Technologies           an electronic format (e.g. PDF)?                                  provided in General Terms & Conditions Section 4.0 Submission of
                                                                                                            Proposals. In addition, Special Terms & Conditions Section 4.2 states
                                                                                                            “The proposed solution must include the information listed below and
                                                                                                            be presented in a hard copy and CD/flash drive. The hard copy must
                                                                                                            match the electronic copy. If discrepancies exist, the hard copy will
     10.   Brad Cox                       I haven’t seen anything that requires us to submit our intent     There is no “intent to bid” requirement.
           HardHat Technologies           to bid – is this a requirement?
     11.   Brad Cox                       There is a requirement that the solution be hosted “off site” –   Yes, ASP - Application Service Provider.
           HardHat Technologies           does that mean ASP (i.e., ProjectTalk) or is there just a
                                          desire to have the solution hosted at a Data Center?
     12.   Brad Cox                       Are the users mentioned above needing full access or are          See response to Question #3.
           HardHat Technologies           there some that would only need Collaboration access (i.e.
                                          architects, engineers, outside your organization)? See
                                          attached for better description (Manager vs. Website)
     13.   Brad Cox                       Does your organization have a requirement for ARRA                The District is required to report ARRA expenditures quarterly.
           HardHat Technologies           Reporting?                                                        Although we occasionally have capital projects that utilize this funding
                                                                                                            source, the ARRA reporting will not be a requirement of the project
                                                                                                            management software.
     14.   Brad Cox                       How many total users are envisioned to enter or view data in      See response to Question #3.
           HardHat Technologies           this system? (it’s only mentioned that 50-100 users per
                                          project, but didn’t see any estimate of total number of users)
     15.   Brad Cox                       The RFP states: “CCSD’s expectation is that the                   If we are looking at the March Board approval then by April 30 would
           HardHat Technologies           Program/Project Management Workflow Tool implementation           be correct.
                                          would be complete by April of 2010.” Please clarify whether
                                          that means April 1 or April 30?
     16.   Brad Cox                       Is there any compelling event that we need to be aware of         There is no compelling event in April, however many SPLOST projects
           HardHat Technologies           that is driving the April implementation date?                    are already underway and/or complete.
     17.   Brad Cox                       Confirm the deadline for submitting questions (currently it’s     Confirmed.
           HardHat Technologies           Thursday, February 4).

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                                      RFP 10-10, Web-Based Project Management Software
                                                            Vendor Questions and Answers
                                                                   February 9, 2010
      #         (contact & company)                          Vendor Question                                                          CCSD Response
     18.   Brad Cox                     Can we be provided a list of the questions and answers that        Per General Terms & Conditions Section 2.0 Communications with
           HardHat Technologies         are submitted to you?                                              CCSD Staff, sub-section 2.1 states “Questions must be received by
                                                                                                           February 4, 2010. Answers will be posted to the CCSD Current
                                                                                                           Solicitations website by February 9, 2010.”
     19.   Brad Cox                     Can we be provided with a list of all attendees of the Pre-Bid     Please see the pre-proposal meeting sign-in sheet posted to the
           HardHat Technologies         Meeting?                                                           CCSD Current Solicitations website.
     20.   Brad Cox                     Does the School District use an outside firm for Program           CCSD has an existing contract for Program Management of 3
           HardHat Technologies         Management?                                                        construction projects.
     21.   Brad Cox                     If the county does use an outside firm can you share the           Brookwood/PBS&J
           HardHat Technologies         name of the firm?
     22.   Thiago Teixeira              Section 4.1.7 indicates the system must accommodate                See response to #3.
           e-Builder, Inc.              unlimited users. Section 2.5 indicates the system will have 50
                                        – 100 users. Can you please clarify the number of anticipated
     23.   Thiago Teixeira              Can you describe and quantify the number of project                See response to #3.
           e-Builder, Inc.              participants will be “entering data” in the system vs. “viewing
                                        data” in the system? (i.e. Project Mgr “approving a change
                                        order request” vs. Board Member “viewing” a progress photo
                                        or report).
     24.   Thiago Teixeira              What type of data in the system are you expecting to provide       Vendors should clearly explain what your solution offers. All data is
           e-Builder, Inc.              view access to the public at large?                                subject to open records requests.
     25.   Thiago Teixeira              The RFP references integration to existing financial software      See response to question #2. At this time, no integration is required.
           e-Builder, Inc.              as an alternate; what software system is used for financial
                                        management and what are the specific requirements for
     26.   Thiago Teixeira              In regards to system security, does Cobb County require the        Please provide a complete and detailed description of equipment,
           e-Builder, Inc.              provider to be SAS 70 Type II Certified?                           access, physical location, data/program backup and physical security
                                                                                                           for the server, CCSD's data and its location being proposed as part of
                                                                                                           your solution.
     27.   Thiago Teixeira              Section 4.2.2 indicates the desire for a “user-friendly            Per Special Terms & Conditions Section 4.2.2, “CCSD must be able to
           e-Builder, Inc.              interface”. Can you define key criteria that will be utilized to   thoroughly evaluate the user interface of your proposed solution. The
                                        validate this?                                                     onus rests on the vendor to provide as much information and access
                                                                                                           as possible with your proposal response in order for the committee to
                                                                                                           glean the full range of capabilities from the solution offered.”
     28.   Thiago Teixeira              Section 4.2.5 inquires as to the management of the data            Vendors are to describe the options are available to CCSD.
           e-Builder, Inc.              once the contract expires. Does CCSD have standards or a
                                        preference as to how they require access to the information?

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                                      RFP 10-10, Web-Based Project Management Software
                                                           Vendor Questions and Answers
                                                                  February 9, 2010
      #         (contact & company)                            Vendor Question                                                     CCSD Response
     29.   Thiago Teixeira              Section 4.2.8 defines the training requirements. Does CCSD        Special Terms & Conditions Section 4.2.8 describes the minimum
           e-Builder, Inc.              have a vision for individual end-user training or Train-the-      training requirements.
                                        trainer approach (i.e. key individuals are certified to train
                                        other CCSD end-users)?
     30.   Rick Bevington               Are costs for item #1 to be reflected for each year (1-5) and a   We are not requesting a yearly cost. See Addendum #1.
           M2 Consulting Inc.           five year total?
     31.   Rick Bevington               Does the vendor create, maintain, and Host the web portal         Yes. Cost should be included in line #1.
           M2 Consulting Inc.           for the general public? If so, where is this to be costed?
     32.   Rick Bevington               How many discreet registered system users are expected?           Refer to Question #3.
           M2 Consulting Inc.
     33.   Rick Bevington               How many concurrent users are anticipated?                        Refer to Question #3.
           M2 Consulting Inc.
     34.   Rick Bevington               Section 4.1.7 describes "unlimited users". This could be          Refer to Question #3.
           M2 Consulting Inc.           address for software if required, but Hosting will require a
                                        limit, regardless of the number, to ensure adequate system
                                        performance without incurring unlimited cost. Please clarify.
     35.   Rick Bevington               Can you project the total number of Gigabytes of data the         No. Vendors can provide information in their response as to
           M2 Consulting Inc.           Document Management system will eventually hold?                  limitations, expectations, etc.
     36.   Rick Bevington               We would prefer to not publish the instructions and password      Refer to Question #27.
           M2 Consulting Inc.           to the system for trial access and assessment. Can we defer
                                        this until we can have specific names to allow into the
     37.   Rick Bevington               Any COTS PM system above MS Excel, will need to be                Refer to Question #27.
           M2 Consulting Inc.           presented/navigated by an experienced person to help the
                                        evaluators properly assess the system. Can this be
                                        expected? If not, what systems have been presented to Cobb
                                        County in anticipation of this RFP?
     38.   Rick Bevington               Does the demo system need to be populated with all data           Refer to Question #27.
           M2 Consulting Inc.           relevant to your requirements to assist in the evaluation?
     39.   Ryan Mehl                    Sec. 4.1.11 – Is the school district’s public portal / web page   Not at this time.
           Expesite                     capable of receiving and displaying data for public review?
     40.   Ryan Mehl                    Please list all browsers, besides Microsoft IE, that must be      Special Terms & Conditions Section 4.2.3, bullet #3 states: “Describe
           Expesite                     supported?                                                        the technical requirements needed for the proposed solution (i.e.
                                                                                                          minimum workstation network operating system, etc.).” Vendors are to
                                                                                                          include this information in response to this item.
     41.   Ryan Mehl                    Does the selected vendor need Workers Compensation                Yes, if the vendor will be on District property, Workers Compensation
           Expesite                     coverage in Georgia?                                              coverage which covers their employees working in Georgia is

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                                     RFP 10-10, Web-Based Project Management Software
                                                          Vendor Questions and Answers
                                                                 February 9, 2010
      #        (contact & company)                            Vendor Question                                                     CCSD Response
     42.   Ryan Mehl                   Sec. 2.7.2 – Please indicate if the following integrations are   Special Terms & Conditions Section 2.7.2 is an alternate and is to be
           Expesite                    likely to be required:                                           priced separately should vendors wish to submit a solution for the
                                       - Invoice data from collaboration system to Advantage CGI        alternate (see Addendum #1). See response to question #25.
                                       -Contract / Change order data from collaboration system to
                                       Advantage CGI
                                       -Budget data from collaboration system to Advantage CGI
                                       -Budget, contract information from Advantage CGI to
                                       collaboration system
     43.   Trish Shurtz                Article 11.3 in the General Terms and Conditions, permits        Please see response to question #4.
           Autodesk                    vendors to submit for consideration vender terms and
                                       conditions and the opportunity to identify any exceptions. At
                                       the bidder’s conference CCSD confirmed selected vendors
                                       can discuss and negotiate with CCSD to arrive at a mutually
                                       agreeable contract. Please confirm the successful vendor
                                       will have an opportunity to negotiate terms, and that by
                                       signing the Contract Agreement form on page 32 of the RFP
                                       we are not relinquishing such option.

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                                      RFP 10-10, Web-Based Project Management Software
                                                           Vendor Questions and Answers
                                                                  February 9, 2010
      #         (contact & company)                           Vendor Question                                                    CCSD Response
     44.   Trish Shurtz                 Article 11.3 in the General Terms and Conditions makes          Terms stated on the standard CCSD Purchase Orders are pasted
           Autodesk                     reference to CCSD Purchase Order. Please provide any            below:
                                        additional terms and conditions appearing in the CCSD
                                        Purchase Order that do not appear in the RFP.                   1.Mail Invoice To:
                                                                                                        Financial Services Division
                                                                                                        Cobb County Board of Education
                                                                                                        P. O. Box 1288
                                                                                                        Marietta, GA 30061-1288

                                                                                                        2. All Packages, Cartons, and Containers must be plainly marked with
                                                                                                        the Purchase Order Number.

                                                                                                        3. If any discrepancy with Purchase Order, please contact recipient

                                                                                                        4. Terms NET 30 DAYS

                                                                                                        5. If not otherwise specified, prices are F.O.B. destination less Federal
                                                                                                        Taxes and State Sales Tax. (Tax Exemption Certificate will be
                                                                                                        furnished upon request)

                                                                                                        6. These are the final terms and conditions.

                                                                                                        PRICE INCREASES WILL NOT BE HONORED. PLEASE CONTACT
     45.   Trish Shurtz                 With the evaluation criteria score for 4.2 earning 49 points,   CCSD does not publish this information at this stage of the RFP
           Autodesk                     and the references in 2.2 Document management back to           process.
                                        4.2.5, can you please share the items and their associated
                                        weight you will have to total the (49) points. Example may be
                                        “The system must be completely open to industry accepted
                                        file formats and require no additional software for document
     46.   Trish Shurtz                  What system will be used to track program funds in the         See response to Question #42.
           Autodesk                     SPLOST program? We understand that once funds are
                                        allocated to projects, they need to be tracked, but where are
                                        the funds themselves being tracked? Is there any
                                        requirement for the Project Management System to interface
                                        with that system?

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                                      RFP 10-10, Web-Based Project Management Software
                                                            Vendor Questions and Answers
                                                                   February 9, 2010
      #         (contact & company)                            Vendor Question                                                       CCSD Response
     47.   Trish Shurtz                 Where does Cobb County currently stand with requiring              BIM is not mandatory at this time.
           Autodesk                     Building Information Modeling (BIM) deliverables on
                                        construction projects? What are the future plans?
     48.   Trish Shurtz                 Does Cobb County Schools intend to develop the                     No
           Autodesk                     middleware necessary to exchange files from their
                                        accounting system to the new project management system
                                        you will be acquiring?
     49.   Trish Shurtz                 If the intent of the RFP is to receive from a vendor a price for   Questions were to be submitted as stated in the RFP document. The
           Autodesk                     this interfacing, can you kindly share a contact within your IT    evaluation committee would then enlist the assistance of the
                                        organization who can assist us with technical questions and        technology department when needed.
                                        file layouts/characteristics to enable us to do so?

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