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Where we’ve been…
Munroe Regional’s Bariatric Center is committed to providing quality, superior care
to those patients who require our specialized services. In 2007, Munroe was named
an American Society for Bariatric Surgery, (ASBS) Bariatric Surgery Center of
Excellence. The ASBS Center of Excellence designation recognizes surgical
programs with a demonstrated track record of favorable outcomes in bariatric

Our bariatric patients benefit from an entire team of experienced staff who are
dedicated to compassionately treating individuals of size. We have a devoted
bariatric nursing unit that is prepared with spacious rooms and any specialized
equipment that they may require.

Our world-class bariatric surgeons have had many years of training and experience
to develop and refine their skills and techniques. Our hospital is one of only three
StomaphyX ™ physician training centers in the nation. With this new certification,
new changes have been implemented to continue to improve on the care of our
patients. These changes include, new order sets, monthly support meetings,
nutritional classes and a full time on staff bariatric program coordinator. This
position allows patients to speak to an experienced registered nurse who is familiar
with any procedure or treatment they may have undergone.

Where we are now…
Because of our excellent experience and standardization of patient care Munroe
Regional has been able to maintain the total cost of surgery to approximately
$4,400. This is well below the average of $6,200 and consistent with the top 25% of
all VHA hospitals. The efficiency and experience of our operating room team is also
superior. We have an average operating room time of about 75 minutes, whereas
the average for other hospitals is 137 minutes, thereby reducing the amount of time
the patient spends in surgery, and improving their chances for a safe and fast

Embracing our better qualities and addressing our short comes, Munroe strives to
always improve on any factors involving our patients. Through intensive screening
of post-operative complications, outcome monitoring, and daily rounds we ensure
that all of our bariatric patients are getting the best care we can offer.

Where we are going…
Munroe’s Bariatric Program represents the hard work and dedication of a variety of
staff and individuals. It recognizes that we must continually review and identify
areas for improvement. This allows us to be able to evolve our care of each
individual patient. With the work of our physicians, nurses, and ancillary associates
we hope to continue to be among the top Centers of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery.


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