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					Project ConTExT

                    Action Research Paper Guidelines

Part I: The Context
Your School
• Briefly describe your school, it’s population, the grades, the number of
   classrooms, the number of students.
• Briefly describe your classroom, including it’s population, the number of
   students with IEPs, as well as the number of adults in your classroom.

Your Students
• Explain how you came to choose the group of students you did. Include
   their ages, their learning strengths and challenges. If you have evidence of
   these strengths and challenges for each student, please include that
   information here. For example, are there school records or formal notes
   you have or another educator at your school has that support your

Part II: The Project
a. State your research question
b. Describe the project/activity that you designed for your students. Include an
   explanation about your curriculum, what technology was used (if it wasn’t
   named in your research question), and the supports you created for them to
   complete the activity/project.
c. Provide a general timeline for this work (i.e. how much time did you spend
   during the planning phase and during the implementation phase (including
   both the pre-activities and data collection phases).

Part III: Methodology
Describe the data collection method you used and the frequency with which
you collected the data. Be sure to include your pre- and post-interview
questions or a description of your observation protocol or the
rubrics/guidelines that you used for the analysis of student work.

Part IV: Representation of Analyzed Data
You may present your analyzed data in many different ways: visually in a
chart, as a list of themes and the examples you have found for each theme or
as a summary of the ratings you’ve gotten on rubrics you used to analyze
student work. Refer to the ANALYZING DATA guidelines you were given for
examples of what this section could look like.
Project ConTExT

                    Action Research Paper Guidelines

Part V: Discussion and Implications of Data
a. This is your interpretation of the student interviews, their work samples, or
   your observations of the students at work. What are your findings? What
   have you learned about the question you asked? Describe how the data
   does or does not answer your research question. Use specific examples. If
   the data does not answer your research question, indicate why you think this
   is so.
b. Describe the implications of your findings for:
• your work with these particular students
• your practice in general - What have you learned that might affect the way
    you now teach the subject area on which you conducted the AR?
• the use of technology in your classroom. What did you learn both
    logistically and pedagogically? Be as specific as you can and avoid global
    statements like, "Technology makes children better readers." or "Technology
    is a big distraction and does not belong in the classroom."
• Your work with student teachers. What aspects of the project would you
    share with them? Why do you think this would be important? Could a
    student teacher have played a role in this technology implementation?
c. If you were to conduct research again, what would you do differently next
   time? What would you do differently in regards to the technology
   component of the A-R project?
d. What questions have emerged from this study that you’d like to investigate
    in the future?

Part VI: Artifacts of the Project
Please include artifacts of your students’ work where a sample would elaborate
a point in your paper. This is to be done no matter what data collection
methodology you employed (this could be digital photographs that were taken,
worksheets the students used as part of their work, print outs of online
conversations, etc.)

We would like all PowerPoint projects, Word documents, links to discussion
boards, or Kidspiration work to accompany your paper. Please put them on a
disk or CD. Any i-Movies should be on a DV tape. If you have any questions
about how to do this, please let us know.

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