January 29, 2010 MEETING SUMMARY DRAFT by klx14649



                                             January 29, 2010

                                         MEETING SUMMARY

    John Callahan, Co-chair, Smithville Area Fire Protection District
    Brad Mason, Co-chair, Johnson County Med-Act
    Todd Ackerson, KCMO Fire Dept                            Mike Latta, MAST Ambulance
    Steve Bailey, Independence Fire Dept.                    Tim Lynch, Overland Park Police Dept.
    Les Boatright, KCP&L                                     Bonnie Martin, KCMO Public Health
    Jason Bonney, CJC Fire                                   John Neeley, KCMO Fire Dept.
    Dan Bunch, City of Lenexa/APWA                           Sandy Peruisch, American Red Cross
    Adam Crowe, Johnson County EM                            Ed Reschke, Olathe Fire Dept.
    Craig Duke, Kansas City KS Fire Dept.                    Jonathan Tucker, FBI
    Todd Farley, CJC Fire                                    C. L. Webb, Unified Government EM
    Mike Klender, KCMO Water Service                         Keith Yoder, KDEM

    MARC Staff: Kristine Martin, Lisa Elsas, Bill McCabe, Kourtney Woodbury and Sally McGraw

         1. Welcome and Introductions
            Brad Mason opened the meeting and introductions were made.

         2. Approval of Agenda and Summary
            Craig Duke motioned to accept the September meeting summary and
            October agenda. The motion was seconded by Todd Ackerson. All
            members in favor, none opposed.

         3. Follow-Up from December 1, 2009 Training & Exercise Planning Workshop
            • Review of Multi-Year Calendar-Lisa Elsas presented the Multi-Year Calendar
               (MYC) developed as a result of the TEPW to the committee and asked the
               members to take a few minutes to review it. After review, Craig Duke made a
               motion to accept the MYC. Ed Reschke seconded the motion. All members were
               in favor, none opposed. The MYC will be presented to the RHSCC at their
               meeting on March 2.

            •   Recommendations for Conference in Puerto Rico-Lisa Elsas brought forward the
                topic of the International Association of Bomb Technicians & Investigators
                International Conference scheduled held in Puerto Rico June 2010. This out of
                region conference is unique in that this will be the first time Urban Area Security

         Initiative (UASI) funds have been requested to support travel outside the
         Continental United States. Jon Tucker addressed the committee stating this is an
         international conference and is of significant benefit to regional representatives
         as information is shared with regional bomb technicians and investigators.
         Travel costs are not expected to be significantly higher. The budget is $13,500
         for seven people to attend. Even though Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, the
         committee recognized it could give the perception of foreign travel to some. After
         discussion, Todd Farley made a motion to approve the use of T&E funds for local
         participants to attend the IABTI Conference in Puerto Rico, with the suggestion to
         the T&E Co-Chairs forward a memo to the Policy Subcommittee that outlines
         T&E’s support of this IABTI travel as well as requesting a recommendation by the
         Policy Subcommittee on future foreign travel requests. Mike Latta seconded the
         motion. All members were in favor of supporting participation in this conference,
         none opposed. The T&E Co-Chairs will forward a memo to the Policy
         Subcommittee requesting a recommendation on further guidance on foreign
         travel requests.

     •   Policy on Regional Coordination Guide (RCG)-The Plans Subcommittee
         submitted a proposal the T&E Co-Chairs asking that the RCG be incorporated
         into exercise planning efforts, beginning with the MCI exercise on April 7. Craig
         Duke raised the question of the cost of adapting the RCG to all exercises. It was
         explained that the proposed approach would be to have a contractor develop
         tools to create an orientation that can be replicated for all exercises. This
         expense has been accounted for on the T&E calendar.

  4. Discussion and Recommendation for 2010 UASI Proposal
     Kristine Martin provided a summary of the Training & Exercise FY2010 UASI
     proposal. She stated the 2010 UASI grant award has been announced to be $7.7
     million; $2 million must go toward law enforcement/terrorism prevention. There is
     also a priority to address planning around children, infants and people with
     disabilities in this grant. There is a thirty-six month window for using these grant
     funds and there is the assumption that this grant program will continue in the future.
     There must be a plan for spending remaining funds from previous awards before
     applying for 2010 funds. All proposed activities must be attached to the Target
     Capabilities. All proposals are due to the RHSCC by February 12. The RHSCC will
     review all proposals on February 18 and approval of the application will occur at the
     March 2nd RHSCC meeting. Funds should be allocated in the summer. The Training
     & Exercise Co-chairs reviewed available existing T&E funds and the new calendar to
     ensure all activities could be accommodated. The co-chairs recommend funding
     T&E staff personnel costs from FY2010, but not requesting additional funds to
     support activities recognizing that available funds can accommodate all activities
     currently on calendar. It would also allow the committee to have another year to
     determine actual rate of spending for calendared activities. This would be helpful
     because the calendar is a planning tool and very dynamic. The proposal will be for
     $340,000 to cover personnel costs through September 2013, the end of the FY2010
     grant period. Craig Duke made a motion to accept the Training & Exercise proposal.

      John Neeley seconded the motion. All members were in favor, none opposed. The
      co-chairs will present the proposal to the RHSCC and have permission to amend the
      dollar amount if necessary.

5. Update on Event Calendar Transition
   Bill McCabe provided information regarding the new event calendar. The PASS/MEIS
   Committee has recommended Ungerboeck Systems International (USI) to replace the
   MEIS Calendar. He recommended oversight for this feature be under the T&E
   committee. He stated there will be no additional cost as the product is already being
   purchased by MARC. The timeframe for implementation of the new calendar is
   May/June 2010.

   6. Upcoming Exercise Activities & Planning
      Craig Duke and Kourtney Woodbury gave the following update on the
      Regional MCI Exercise:
         • Exercise date is confirmed for April 7 at multiple venues in Kansas
            and Missouri.
         • Play will range from full-scale to simulated activity. Jurisdictions will
            test aspects of regional and local plans.
         • Exercise timeframe is 8:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. The hot wash
            will occur from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at each site.
         • ICS structure is being used for the first time to organize a regional
         • Contract support through FEMA’s Regional Exercise Support
            Program will be provided at no cost to the region. Dewberry is the
            vendor; Jonathon Stewart is the project management lead
         • Exercise command staff:
                 Tim Lynch, Co-Exercise Director, Overland Park Police
                 Chris Alexander-Co-Exercise Director, Kansas City KS Fire
                 Craig Duke-Planning Chief, Kansas City Kansas Fire
                 Steve Isaacson-Operations Chief, Overland Park Fire
                 Keith Yoder-Logistics Chief, Kansas Homeland Security
                 MARC staff -Finance/Admin section
         • Participant registration will be coordinated by site coordinators. Site
            coordinators and exercise locations are identified as the following:
            Wyandotte County
                o Wyandotte County EOC-Betty Amos
                o KS Speedway/KS Communication Center-Bob Evans

             Platte County, MO

                o Platte County EOC (back-up)-Mike O’Neal
                o Waldron-Pete Sturner

             Johnson County, KS

                o New Century Adult Detention Center (NCADC)-Daryl Reece
                  and Tom Erickson
                o Johnson County EOC-Matt May

             Regional Hospitals-Carolyn Wells and Steve Williams

     Craig Duke emphasized the need to for participating agencies to provide
     exercise participants that have sufficient expertise to speak regarding
     agency’s operations in order to achieve the highest level of realistic play
     as possible.

  7. Incident Command System (ICS) Training Program Update
     John Staples reported the first ICS class for this year was in progress at the MARC
     offices. Leavenworth County Emergency Management also is hosting an ICS 300 &
     ICS 400 training January and February. Lisa Elsas welcomed discussion regarding
     the availability of ICS refresher courses. Recently, there was a request for ICS
     refresher training. No one was aware of a program to address this concern and the
     committee was supportive of refresher training. Staff will investigate to see how
     State of Missouri Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Kansas Department of
     Emergency Management (KDEM) and Federal Emergency Management Agency
     (FEMA) address this issue.

         •   Status of E449: Incident Command System Train-the-Trainer (TtT) - Lisa
             Elsas asked the committee if there would be enough interest in providing the
             ICS TtT class locally to enhance indirect ICS instructors to provide ICS
             trainings within their agencies. The committee agreed that prior to scheduling
             this training an email to interested training points of contacts should be
             disseminated to gauge interest in participation in this course prior to
             scheduling. The E449 TtT requires a roster of 20 participants for the Center
             for Domestic Preparedness.

  8. Non ICS Trainings / Previously Hosted and Upcoming
     Lisa Elsas reported on the following trainings:
        • Public Assistance Disaster Assistance, January 6-7. Thirty-three in
            attendance even in inclement weather. The second day had to be moved to a
            different location due to JCCC closure. Johnson County hosted that session
            in the Administration Building. Adam Crowe suggested having plans for
            alternate locations for events scheduled in winter months in case weather
            becomes a factor.

            •   Midwest Disasters 2.0, Social Media Response to Disasters Workshop,
                January 21. A total of 130 participants attended. The evaluations and other
                comments were very favorable. The local press covered the event and an
                article has been published in an Emergency Management publication.

            •   HazMat IQ, scheduled March 2-4, 2010 at the Missouri Department of Natural
                Resources – This will be three 8 hour trainings with availability for 30
                participants each day.

            •   HazMat Symposium, March 15-16- Six participants have been identified to
                attend in Manhattan, New York.

        Jon Tucker reported on the Remotec course that will be held February 9-11, 2010 at
        the Overland Park Fire Training Center. This course will provide training on repair
        and maintenance of the robots by each department’s own personnel.

        Todd Ackerson reported on the Tech Rescue trainings. They have an aggressive
        training schedule for 2010. There have already been two courses with over 100
        participating in each. He stated costs are down by 75% since the initiation of in-
        house trainings and Training & Exercise funding makes this program possible.

    9. Other Business
       The FEMA Training & Exercise Planning Workshop (TEPW) scheduled February 18.
       MARC Staff plan to attend and will share T&E’s Multi-year calendar.

        Craig Duke reported that C. L. Webb of Wyandotte County Emergency
        Management, long-time T&E Committee member, will retire on March 17 after
        seventeen years of service.

    10. Next Meeting: February 26, 2010
        Brad Mason adjourned the meeting.

T&E Agenda
T&E Summary 103009
MYC 2010- 2012
RCG TE Proposal
Event Calendar Recommendation
ICS Training Update 012910
T&E Financial Report
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