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					              ETHICS                     Human Resource Manual
     Oath of Office and Secrecy          Section 201

                      OATH OF OFFICE AND SECRECY


1.    The “Oath of Office and Secrecy” binds employees to carry out their duties
      faithfully and honestly and to reveal employment related information only
      when authorized.


2.    These guidelines and procedures apply to all employees.


3.    Deputy Head is the Deputy Minister of a Government Department or the
      Chief Executive Officer of a Board or Agency.


4.    The release of confidential information that employees have access to
      through the course of their employment may have a significant impact on
      the Government’s ability to manage its affairs and to be seen as an
      impartial and credible organization by clients and the public.

5.    To protect the interests of the Government, clients and the public,
      confidential information that employees receive through their employment
      must not be divulged to anyone other than persons who are authorized to
      receive the information both during their employment and after they
      terminate their employment. As well, employees must not use confidential
      information, or their ability to access such information, for the purpose of
      furthering any private interest or as a means of making personal gains.

6.    Some examples of confidential information include but are not limited to:

      •   strategies for negotiating with organizations such as unions during
          collective bargaining;
      •   strategies for negotiating with other levels of government on issues
          such as formula financing and the acquisition of funding to support
          Article 23 obligations;
      •   confidential information on clients of the Health and Social Services
          and Education systems;
      •   confidential information on clients accessing government support
          systems such as business loans and economic development advice.

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               ETHICS                           Human Resource Manual
      Oath of Office and Secrecy                Section 201

7.     The application of the Oath of Office and Secrecy after ceasing to be an
       employee is of particular importance where employees or former
       employees have had access to confidential and/or privileged information
       which, if disclosed, could harm the interests of the Public Service of
       Nunavut and/or the people it represents.

8.     All employees must abide by the Oath of Office and Secrecy.

9.     The confidentiality restrictions associated with the Oath of Office or
       affirmation are not intended to limit employees from making public
       statements in carrying out the responsibilities of their jobs.

10.    Each employee, before being paid, must take the following oath or

       I, ________________, swear or solemnly affirm that I will faithfully and
        (name of employee)
       honestly fulfil the duties that devolve upon me by reason of my
       employment in the public service of Nunavut and that I will not, without
       due authority, disclose or make known any matter that comes to my
       knowledge by reason of such employment. (Add, in the case where an oath is
       taken, “So help me God” or name of deity.)

11.    Casual employees are also required to take the oath or affirmation. The
       oath or affirmation should be administered by the hiring department. The
       original of the signed document should be forwarded to the Human
       Resources Department for insertion into the personnel file.

12.    Where an employee, or a former employee, reasonably believes that
       they may be asked to, or feel pressured to breach their Oath of Office and
       Secrecy, or that they may be in breach of their Oath of Office and
       Secrecy, the employee shall notify their Deputy Head, or in the case of
       former employees the Deputy Head of their former Department, in writing
       of the circumstances and request advice on their obligations related to the
       Oath of Office and Secrecy.

13.    Failure to comply with the Oath of Office and Secrecy could result in
       disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

14.    In the case of a former employee, failure to comply with the Oath of Office
       and Secrecy may result in legal action against the former employee.

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               ETHICS                      Human Resource Manual
      Oath of Office and Secrecy           Section 201


15.    Nunavut Public Service Act
       Section 39, Oath

16.    Nunavut Public Service Regulations
       Schedule, Oath of Office and Secrecy

17.    Senior Management and Excluded Employees Handbooks
       Oath of Office


18.    For clarification or more information on this topic contact:

       Director Policy and Planning
       Department of Human Resources
       Iqaluit, Nunavut

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