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					 Penfield’s Historic Ghost Walk
    Penfield Local History Room & Penfield Recreation are beginning Penfield’s
  Bicentennial early with a visit from some of the early settlers of our quaint town.

Join us and you will have the opportunity to visit and hear from the
spirits of Penfield. The portal curtain that divides this world from the
next is open for the ghosts to walk amongst us and share some of their
memories of this once small village. Do not be afraid! They are here as
friends and teachers, ready to tell a story or relive a moment in time
once not so long ago.
Travel the old paths and meet many spirits on their way to their
respective destinations. The 200th Bicentennial has created great
excitement with the past residents of Penfield and they are thrilled to
celebrate the history that is rooted in the rolling hills of the east.

Dates: Friday, October 9 (Rain date Oct. 10)
       Friday, October 16 (Rain date Oct. 17)

           Tours begin at 7 pm

            Tickets $10 (proceeds to benefit Town of Penfield Bicentennial)

      Reservations can be made ahead of time by calling 340-8655
                    and reserving with a credit card.

Check our web site at for more details.

   Adult actors needed for Ghost Walk. Please contact
    Penfield Recreation at 340-8664 for information!
2010 Lodge Rental Information
On-line lodge rental and walk-in will open December 1.
On-line customers must have a username and password to enter the system.
Customers reserving via the web will receive a 10% discount.
View the on-line reservation system at and go to Parks and
Recreation on-line registration.
Penfield Library provides public computers with a valid library card.
More information at
                                           Penfield Community TV
     Community info                        Penfield Community Television (PCTV)         Community EvEnts
                                           provides the Penfield community
SportsNet                                  with a wealth of information on the

                                                                                                                                 Community info & EvEnts
                                           Community Bulletin Board, as well         Blood Drive
Residents of Penfield with disabilities                                              The Red Cross of Greater Rochester
may be interested in SportsNet.            as covering live government meetings,
                                           airing school board meetings, and         will hold a Blood Drive on August 27 at
SportsNet is a program which                                                         Penfield Community Center from 2:00
provides recreation, fitness and sports    so much more! At PCTV’s website
                                           - - you can find       - 7:00 pm. To schedule an appointment
opportunities for people with physical                                               to donate, or for more information,
disabilities. For more info., call the     information about signing up for the
                                           station’s electronic newsletter, read     please call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE.
SportsNet office at 271-2520 ext.674.
                                           Bulletin Board announcements, view                           the program schedules for cable           Holiday Celebration
Visit the Town website for news and        channels 12 and 15, and for those who     Penfield’s Holiday Celebration will be
information about Town departments,        don’t receive cable, or who missed a      held December 5. Watch our website at
services, and events. It’s all available   live meeting, there is video available. for further details as
at                       Most anything aired is available for      December nears.
                                           web viewing.
Penfield Recreation E-News                                                           Penfield Public Library
Stay informed with Penfield
                                           Penfield Pops Band                        Annual Book Sale
Recreation’s E-News. Once a week you       The Pops Band, conducted by Dick          Tuesday, September 15 - Saturday,
can receive the latest news and updates    Stacy will be performing throughout       September 19 at Penfield Community
from Penfield Recreation. Learn about      the Penfield/Rochester area in the        Center.
new programs and upcoming events.          coming months. For an up-to-date
Be the first to know! To sign up for       performance schedule, please contact      Hours:
this newsletter, or view it on-line,       the Recreation Dept. at 340-8655.
go to, click on Parks &                                         Tue.  9/15*     2:00 pm - 9:00               pm
                                           Please contact John Jorgensen, band
                                                                             Wed. 9/16       10:00 am - 9:00              pm
Recreation, scroll to bottom of page.      manager, at 385-1392 for more     Thur. 9/17      10:00 am - 9:00              pm
                                           information about the band.       Fri.  9/18      10:00 am - 6:00              pm
Penfield Players                                                             Sat.   9/19     10:00 am - 2:00              pm
Local, non-profit community theater group, sponsored by Penfield Recreation. (*members only)
The group performs a variety of shows per year. For current production
information see page 26 or visit                    Youth and Adult Singing
                                                                                     Groups Forming
                                                                                     Can you hold a tune? Can you sing
                                                                                     in key? That’s all that counts. Have
                                                                                     a little fun performing in a singing

                                                                                     group for Penfield community events.
                                                                                     A charming presence leaves every

                                                                                     audience pleasantly surprised. Minimal
                                                                                     time commitment. Coaching available.
                                                                                     No charge. Learn on your own, join
                                                                                     other happy singers. Performers
                                                                                     will be compensated. Contact Hattie
                                                                                     Harris Good Spirits Club st 585-383-
                                                                                     9088, or visit
 Save money, save our environment                                                    hattieharris.htm (comunity programs)
                                                                                     or (national/
                                                                                     international programs).
 In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, as well as
                                                                                                                                 Penfield Recreation 340-8655

 save money for the taxpayers of Penfield, Penfield Recreation                       Community Victory Garden
 is offering residents the opportunity to “Opt Out” of receiving                     Penfield is establishing a Community
                                                                                     Victory Garden on about 3 acres of

 a paper copy of our seasonal program brochure in the mail. We
                                                                                     Town property on Five Mile Line
 recognize that many residents now make use of our electronic                        Road, north of Atlantic Ave. This
 version of the brochure on our website, and therefore, have no                      garden is set to open in 2010 (Penfield’s
                                                                                     Bicentennial year) to provide garden
 need for a hard copy.                                                               plots for residents who want to grow
                                                                                     their own flowers and vegetables. We
                                                                                     are putting together a project team for
 If you wish to have your household removed from the Penfield                        the development of the site and for the
 Recreation brochure mailing, please send an email to srenner@                       management of the garden. If you are with “OPT OUT” in the subject line. Please be sure                     interested in helping, please contact
                                                                                     Penfield’s Recreation department at
 to include your name and complete mailing address!                                  340-8655 or email srenner@penfield.              37
                                PENFIELD CHALLENGE 5K-VII
                                September 27, 2009 at Penfield Community Center
PEnfiEld CahallEngE 5K-vii

                                9:00 am

                                Registration                                                  Proceeds to benefit:
                                $15 if received prior to 9/21
                                $20 if received after 9/21
                                Race Day Registration Opens 8:00 AM
                                First 200 runners will receive a commemorative
                                t-shirt and Nalgene water bottle.
                                Form available at Penfield Recreation.
                                Prizes awarded to:
                                Top male/female finishers in each age category: 14 & under, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+.
 Penfield Recreation 340-8655

       38 for                        rEgistration info        &   form, Call     PEnfiEld rECrEation           at   340-8655.
PEnfiEld ChallEngE 5K-vii Entry form   Penfield Recreation 340-8655

                                                         Chili Tastin’

                                                        Beer Samplin’

                                                        Cruise & Blues!

                                   Saturday, September 19
                                      12:00 to 4:00 PM
                               Penfield Amphitheater at Veterans’ Memorial Park

                                            Music by:
                               Steve Grills and the Roadmasters
                                                        Cruise “afternoon”
                                                          Beer samples
Penfield Recreation 340-8655

                                                           Chili judging

                                Chili contest entry form can be found at (click on
                                 Parks & Recreation) or call 340-8655 to have one sent to you.

                                                 This event is FREE.
                          TasTin’ The Blues
            saTurday, sepTemBer 19, 2009

 penfield amphiTheaTer & Kiwanis sTage aT pen rocKs
                 Chili Judging Entry Form and guidElinEs

  There will be two separate categories for judging - “Peoples’ Choice” and the “Judged” categories
                  Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in both categories.

                                                                                                      BluEs Chili Entry form
                             Fifty dollar cash prize for 1st place “Judged”

                        Chili may be made with beans and/or meatless.
               Chili entries must display list of main ingredients at tasting table.
                       Chili must be served from food grade equipment.
       Transported chili must be at least 41 degrees or colder, or 140 degrees or warmer.
                    Served chili must maintain a minimum of 140 degrees.
All entries must provide a minimum of four gallons of chili for the “Peoples’ Choice” judging.
                 Judged chili will be collected and submitted to judges at 12:45 pm.
                           Peoples’ Choice judging will start at 1:00 pm.

                             provided By The chili conTesTanTs:
         A minimum of four gallons of finished chili for the “Peoples’ Choice” judging.
         Warming/Serving equipment to maintain 140 degrees (crock pot or steam pans).

                                 provided By TasTin’ The Blues:
                     6’ table with plastic table covering for each chili entry
                                      Tent area with electric
                        2 oz. portion cups for “Peoples’ Choice” judging
                                       Spoons and napkins
                                          Judging forms
                   Wiping cloth and sanitized solution (for keeping table clean)
                                   Gift Bag for each chili entry
                                           TasTin’ The Blues
                                                                                                      Penfield Recreation 340-8655

    Name: ____________________________________________________________________________


    Phone: ____________________________________________________________________________

    Chili Name: _______________________________________________________________________

                  Entry fee $25.00 (each entry will receive a $20.00 Wegmans gift card )
                                    Make check payable to Penfield Recreation
                   Return by 9/11 to: Penfield Recreation 1985, Baird Road Penfield, NY 14526
            For more information, please call Penfield Recreation at 340-8655.                             41
                                 Many Thanks!
PEnfiEld aCKnowlEdgEmEnts

                                           to these Penfield restaurants
                                     for participating in our Taste of Penfield!

                                                                             Humphrey House
                                                                   Your Neighborhood Pub & Grill!
tastE of
  Penfield Recreation 340-8655

Tha             Support!
    nks for your - to all of the sponsors of the

                                                          2009 amPhithEatEr aCKnowlEdgEmEnts
                      2009 Penfield Amphitheater season


                                                          Penfield Recreation 340-8655

  Victory Garden
Penfield is establishing a Community Victory Garden on
approximately 3 acres of Town property on Five Mile Line Road,
north of Atlantic Ave. This garden is a pilot project, set to open in
2010 (Penfield’s Bicentennial year) to provide garden plots for
residents who want to grow their own flowers and vegetables.
We are putting together a project team of volunteers for the
development of the site and for the management of the garden.
If you are interested in helping, please contact Penfield’s
Recreation department at 340-8655 or email srenner@penfield.

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