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        Mike’s Christmas
   This story is about a small, white envelope stuck among the branches                    For each Christmas, I followed the tradition –
   of our Christmas tree. No name, no identification, no inscription. It                    one year sending a group of mentally handicapped youngsters to
   has peeked through the branches of our tree for the past ten years                      a hockey game, another year a cheque to a pair of elderly brothers
   or so...                                                                                whose home had burned to the ground the week before Christmas,
                                                                                           and on and on.
   It began because my husband Mike hated the commercial aspects of
   Christmas: overspending, the last-minute running around to get a tie                    The envelope became the highlight of our Christmas. It was always
   for Uncle Harry and the dusting powder for Grandma – gifts given in                     the last gift opened, and our children, ignoring their new toys, would
   desperation because you couldn’t think of anything else. So one year I                  stand with wide-eyed anticipation as their dad lifted the envelope
   bypassed the usual shirts, sweaters and ties, and I reached for something               from the tree to reveal its contents. As the children grew, the envelope
   special just for Mike. The inspiration came in an unusual way.                          never lost its allure.
   Our son Kevin, who was 12 that year, had a wrestling match shortly
   before Christmas – a non-league match against a team sponsored by                       The story doesn’t end there. You see, we lost Mike last year due
   an inner-city church. These youngsters, dressed in ragged sneakers,                     to cancer. When Christmas rolled around, I was still so wrapped
   presented a sharp contrast to our boys in their spiffy blue and gold                    in grief that I barely got the tree up. But Christmas Eve found me
   uniforms and sparkling new wrestling shoes. I was alarmed to see                        placing an envelope on the tree, and in the morning, it was joined
   that the other team was wrestling with no headgear to protect their                     by three more.
   ears – a luxury they obviously could not afford.                                        Each of our children, unbeknownst to the others, had placed an
   We ended up walloping them. We took every weight class. And as                          envelope on the tree for their dad. The tradition has grown and
   each of their boys got up from the mat, he swaggered around with                        someday will expand even further with our grandchildren standing
   false bravado, a kind of street pride that couldn’t acknowledge defeat.                 around the tree with wide-eyed anticipation watching as their fathers
   Mike, seated beside me, shook his head sadly. “I wish just one of                       take down the envelope. Mike’s spirit, like the Christmas spirit, will
   them could have won,” he said. “They have a lot of potential, but                       always be with us.
   losing like this could take the heart right out of them.” Mike always
                                                                                           Author Unknown
   loved kids – all kids.
   That’s when I got the idea. That afternoon, I went to a sporting goods
   store and bought an assortment of wrestling headgear and shoes, and                       A special Christmas edition of
   sent them anonymously to the inner-city church. On Christmas Eve,
   I placed the envelope on the tree with a note inside telling Mike what                    Wellness News dedicated to
   I had done as my gift to him. His smile was the brightest thing about
   Christmas that year and in succeeding years.
                                                                                             those we love – our families

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         This month...                                                                              Editorial

Mike’s Christmas Envelopes ...............1                                        Christmas: it is love & the
CSA Weekly Programme ....................3
                                                                                   sharing of love that truly
New Courses & Events ........................3
Families With Cancer ..........................4            Dear readers & friends,                         to be happier, to do things differently...
Children use Alternative
                                                            Here it is: Christmas 2004 already! The         Each family is different (mine for example
Therapies too .......................................6
                                                            season for families, friends and happiness!     includes myself, my partner, two children,
                                                            Your family may have struggled this year        three step-children, a dog, two geese,
Alternative Therapies for                                                                                   twenty chickens, a camel, two sheep, and
                                                            (it is sometimes inevitable) but somehow
Children with Cancer .........................8                                                             at any given time at least two overseas
                                                            at this time of year we are able to put our
Reflections of a Cancer mum .........10                      concerns and differences aside, and to truly    visitors), each family is special, each
                                                            honour the ‘essence’ of those we share our      family member has gifts and talents which
The Efficacy of Androgen                                     lives with – by spending our time with          add to the diversity of the family group,
Suppression Therapy for                                     them, our money on them, and sharing our        each family group adds to the diversity of
Prostate Cancer ................................12          love with them.                                 a culture, each culture adds to the diversity
                                                                                                            of the planet – what a lot we have to
                                                            So what is it about Christmas that heals?
Wishing on a Star ...............................14                                                         celebrate!
                                                            Christmas is a celebration of the ‘birth’ of
                                                            Christ – we honour Jesus as an infant, as       Here is our Christmas edition of Wellness
Endings & Beginnings: Spaces for
                                                            an ‘innocent’ – and in this spirit we honour    News – in honour of our children, our
Transformation ...................................16
                                                            what is ‘innocent’ and pure in ourselves and    parents, our partners, our friends: our
                                                            others. We do not judge or condemn infants      families.
Cancer: Love & Forgiveness ............18
                                                            – we love them, play with them, nurture         Wellness News will next be published in
                                                            them, protect them. At Christmas this is how    February. In the meantime have the most
Additive Alert .....................................22
                                                            we are with each other.                         wonderful Christmas and New Year. If it
Recipes ...............................................23   From this ‘innocent’ perspective we             is your New Year’s resolution to be truly
                                                            may be able to heal past wounds, to let         well then remember this: it is love, and the
How to Survive Christmas .................26                go of regrets, and reinvent relationships       sharing of love that truly heals...
Bulletin Board .....................................27
                                                            or any aspect or ourselves or our lives
                                                            that hasn’t quite worked for us. We may         Much joy to you this month,
                                                            make resolutions at this time to live better,   ~ Mandii

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           Picture by Xavier Cortada, 2002

   On Families With Cancer
                           By Katherine Leonard, Ph.D, Health Psychologist

When I started working at a family counseling      and guide them. All the worse if we’re talking      some other parental figure. Going back to
agency over twenty years ago, I was told that      about a single parent family.                       our traditional two parent family, the other
a family was two parents and children living                                                           parent will try to take on the role of giving
                                                   The family with adolescent children may not
together. Then some years ago a U.S. census                                                            care and sustenance. But they may have a
                                                   need be concerned about how their children will
survey turned up the fact that the so called                                                           difficult time caring for their sick spouse and
                                                   fend for themselves. The adolescents, however,
standard family is found in less than 10% of                                                           having enough time for the children as well.
                                                   may feel the pull to stay home and care for their
households. The rest of the households have                                                            The sick parent may well feel left out because
                                                   parent just at the time that they would like to
one or more single adults, childless couples,                                                          they can’t physically care for others as they
                                                   be making steps toward independence and
single parent families, blended families,                                                              used to. In any case both children and parents
                                                   adulthood. Research on daughters of women
older people who’s children have left home                                                             feel the loss.
                                                   with breast cancer indicates that those girls
or some combination of the above. Some
                                                   who were adolescent when their mothers had          The decision-maker may be any adult who
families are very close geographically but
                                                   cancer were most involved in their mother’s         makes a certain type of decision that is
don’t spend any time with each other while
                                                   care and often put off plans to go away for a       essential to family functioning. For example
others live in far flung places but keep track
                                                   job or university.                                  who decides when family rules have been
of each other and will come any distance when
they’re needed. Families may even include an                                                           broken and what to do about it. The decision-
                                                   The family in later years is perhaps the one
assortment of non-relatives who have become                                                            maker may not be the same as the parent who
                                                   we see most often in cancer treatment centres
honorary aunts, uncles, sons, daughters or                                                             disciplines. You know the old line about “Wait
                                                   because around 85% of cancer patients are
grandparents.                                                                                          till your father gets home and then you’ll get
                                                   over the age of 50. In all likelihood that means
                                                                                                       a licking”.
                                                   another generation has arrived who may range
So when I talk about some characteristics
                                                   from toddlers to teenagers. And that means          So who takes over when one parent is sick
of families, keep in mind that there are no
                                                   more people to feel the impact. The adult           and the other is occupied with caring for the
standard definitions and that families vary as
                                                   children of cancer patients may be forced to        sick one? Sometimes the oldest child of the
much as individuals. If there were a typical
                                                   face their parents’ mortality just at the point     same gender tries to fill the parent’s shoes. In
family pattern (no matter how rare), it would
                                                   that they are learning how to be parents.           one family when the father was in hospital the
have these stages: Two single young adults
cohabit and may marry. They have some                                                                  oldest son who was about 17 thought he should
                                                   The impact on the family also depends on the
children who are very nice until they become                                                           take over dad’s role in disciplining his brother
                                                   role of the family member who is sick. When
adolescents. Eventually the children leave                                                             and sister. When his 16 year old sister came in
                                                   the main provider or breadwinner is ill, the
home and start families of their own. Their                                                            late, he “grounded” her. Boy was she mad.
                                                   family may experience financial hardship.
parents can look forward to retirement and         The other parent may have to assume some of         There’s another role I want to mention that
visits from the grandchildren.                     the task of providing for the family by going       may be filled by an adult or child. I call the
                                                   to work or working full-time – and become           role the ‘emotional centre’ for want of a better
Now when cancer strikes a family the impact
                                                   less available to the children. Also financial       phrase. That’s the person who somehow knows
will vary depending on where the family is in
                                                   hardship may mean tightening their belts and        what to do to glue the family together, to make
this life cycle. If a parent with young children
                                                   fewer recreational activities such as hockey,       people laugh, to defuse a tense situation with
gets cancer, he or she might feel the threat
                                                   dancing lessons, school trips, etc.                 distraction. I’ve seen a young child do this in
of not seeing their children grow up. These
children have a great deal to lose as well                                                             a family session by sometimes being comical
                                                   What happens when the main nurturer of the
because they need both parents to support                                                              or cuddly or even cranky. Whoever this family
                                                   family is sick? That may be mum or dad or
WELLNESS NEWS                                                                                        Cancer Support Association of WA          Page 5

member is, when they become sick or die it                                                               Feelings of loss
feels like the centre of the family is gone and
                                                                                                         There are many kinds of losses family members
“things fall apart”.
                                                                                                         experience when one is ill. I mentioned the loss
One complex way that families differ from                                                                of role functions that the sick person may be
each other is in their belief systems. Beliefs                                                           unable to fulfill. To the children it may seem
cover a wide range of subjects from ‘what is                                                             like they’ve lost both parents because one is
a family?’, to ‘how do we deal with illness?’.                                                           sick and the other is looking after him. Each
Some beliefs are part of a cultural or religious                                                         member may feel a loss of security about the
heritage. Cultural beliefs and traditions are                                                            future realising that anyone of them might be
such a large field that I won’t go into them                                                              threatened with illness.
now. So let’s talk about specific beliefs around
                                                                                                         Of course the greatest loss happens if the
cancer, illness and illness behaviors.
                                                                                                         person with cancer dies. It appears to be human
                                                      Communication comes                                nature to prepare for such a potential loss by
Beliefs and cancer                                    first. All other needs can                         beginning the grieving process even before
When somebody is diagnosed with cancer,               be dealt with if family                            the loss occurs. Family members may find
the universal question is “why me?” or “why                                                              themselves feeling angry or depressed, which
them?” There are probably as many answers             members know they can                              are normal signs of grieving, and then feel
to those questions as there are individuals           talk to each other.                                guilty because the one they love is still alive.
who ask them. Families may see cancer as a
punishment or as a special challenge. “God                                                               Sometimes family members feel frustrated
knew that our family could handle it – other        physically. Even very young children are likely      in their inability to do anything to relieve the
families would have fallen apart.” A father,        to be aware of changes in their families and         suffering of the one who is ill. They may not
who’s son had leukemia, prayed and said he          will be trying to figure out what is happening.       be able to tolerate their own helplessness and
would give his own life if his son could get        If no one tells them anything, they will make        may take their frustration out on others inside
well again. His son did survive but a few years     up their own explanations for why things are         or outside the family. Healthy family members,
later the father was stricken with a different      different. I usually start by asking a child what    especially children, need to continue to be
form of cancer. Then the father’s dilemma           they know or think they know about what is           involved with their normal activities such as
was that if he were successfully treated, would     going on in the family. That way I can clear up      work, education and recreation.
he be going against his agreement with God?         any misunderstandings. Then I ask what they
                                                    want to know more about and try to answer            Even the parent who is caring for the one who
So beliefs affect how people behave. Also
                                                    their specific questions in language that they        is ill must look after his or her own health and
families have beliefs about illness behaviours. I
                                                    understand. I’m often impressed with how             well-being so that he or she can have something
remember a nurse telling me that in her family
                                                    well parents know their children and how they        to give to the others. Self care becomes even
“illness got two days” and then the family
                                                    find ways of explaining difficult things using         more important if a family member is dying
member was expected to return to school or
                                                    experiences that the children understand. I          because the stresses within the family are so
work. The question is what happens in a family
like that when the cancer has not gone away         have found also that children accept “I don’t        intense and unpredictable.
after two days? And family members may              know” when we come to the limits of our
                                                                                                         Families may need to regroup and reconsider
react in different ways to being ill. One family    adult language.
                                                                                                         these needs at different times during the
member may be used to being indulged when                                                                treatment and recovery from treatment.
sick while another typically withdraws from         Changing roles                                       Cancer may become a chronic condition that
the family centre during illness. These two may     Redistribution of roles and tasks in the family      requires further adjustments. Even when a
have a hard time understanding each other’s         is not easy to do in the best of times. I can hear   cancer has been eliminated, the experience of
responses to illness.                               the kids saying “but it’s not my job” or “but I      living with cancer is likely to have an impact
                                                    did it last time”. Actually in the beginning most    on the patterns of family communication and
Needs of families with cancer                       family members are a bit heroic and willing to       interaction for years to come.
Communication comes first. And all other             do a lot more than they would normally. And
                                                    some jobs can be left undone for a while. It’s
needs can be dealt with if family members                                                                Resources:
know they can talk to each other. What needs        just when the disruption of cancer treatment
                                                    goes on for a long time and the situation keeps      “Taking Time: Support for People with Cancer
to be talked about? Well, the nature of the                                                              and the People who care about them.” A free
crisis and what it’s going to mean for each         changing that the family has to reorganise to
                                                    get things done. Sometimes Dad can wash the          booklet available from the National Cancer
family member. A lot of this information does                                                            Institute.
not come out in the beginning and the picture       dishes or sometimes Mum can go to the hockey
changes over time.                                  game, but other times they may be too sick
                                                    to get out of bed. I suspect that most jobs get
Family members vary in their ability to tolerate    reassigned by default, that is whoever notices       Katherine Leonard is a Psychologist and
information, especially medical information.        that they need to be done gets to do them. Some      Art Therapist practising in Portland,
Parents often have concerns about how to            of the research I’ve read suggests things go best    Oregon. She counsels and coaches families
talk to their children about cancer. When           when jobs are assigned to those who have the         who are facing challenging life transitions,
talking to children, I try to remember that         individual strengths and resources to do them        such as serious medical illness. This
children are developing their abilities to think    rather than by conventions such as girls do the      article can be found on the website:
and understand while they are growing up            cooking and boys mow the lawns.            
  Page 6      Cancer Support Association of WA                                                                  WELLNESS NEWS

                                                       Children use
A recent article in the electronic edition of Pediatrics1 sought to        inappropriate teaching subjects. 5 However, physicians are
compare the use of “alternative therapies” by children with cancer vs.     beginning to recognise the role of spirituality and prayer in the
children receiving routine check-ups in a medical outpatient setting.      healing practices of their patients, as indicated by conferences
While this study has a significant bias in that it only includes children   sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.”6,7
receiving care within the medical model, it still underscores a trend
that the medical community cannot help but recognise.                      “The findings suggest that many people use prayer and faith healing
                                                                           as a therapeutic adjunct. Discussions of spiritual practices may
The study interviewed the parents of 81 children with cancer and 80        improve well-being and compliance. In a much reported study,
children receiving routine medical care. What they discovered is that      Byrd conducted a randomised, double-blind study of 393 patients,
most parents who utilize medicine for their children’s health care         in which patients on the University of California, San Francisco,
also utilize forms of care that extend beyond what is traditionally        coronary care unit were prayed for by various religious groups
offered under the medical model.                                           who had only their first name and a brief description of their
                                                                           condition.8 The test patients and families did not know they were
The authors begin by reciting the usual litany on the significance
                                                                           being prayed for. Fewer patients in the prayed-for group died,
of alternative therapy in the United States:
                                                                           and significantly fewer developed pulmonary edema, received
“Alternative therapy (AT), also known as complementary, non-               antibiotics, or needed intubation. The researchers concluded that
allopathic, unconventional, holistic, or natural therapy, refers to        the prayed-for group endured less suffering. Although this study
healing practices that have become increasingly popular with the           has been criticized for its design, it shows the important role that
general public, but not widely accepted by the medical profession.         prayer may play in illness.”8
Examples of AT techniques include therapeutic massage,
                                                                           The study results are presented in the following graph which
acupuncture, imagery, energy healing, prayer, and use of medicinal
                                                                           provides an interesting profile of the current use of alternative
herbs. According to 1990 data, the number of visits to practitioners
                                                                           care by parents of children:
of AT was greater than the number of visits to all primary care
physicians nationwide.2 Reasons patients use AT include a belief
                                                                                                          CANCER             CONTROL
that it will cure or help a condition not treatable by conventional         TYPE OF AT
                                                                                                          PATIENTS           PATIENTS
medicine, dissatisfaction with allopathic medicine, and a desire to
use more natural methods of healing.”                                       Prayer                        64.2%              40.0%
                                                                            Exercise                      16.1%              6.3%
“It is estimated that Americans spend >$10 billion a year on                Spiritual healing             16.0%              21.2%
unproven cancer remedies.3 AT is thought to be used more frequently         Relaxation techniques         11.1%              17.5%
in patients with cancer than in patients with minor illnesses.3             Other                         9.9%               3.8%
                                                                            Medicinal herbs               8.6%               6.3%
According to Fletcher4, between 20% and 50% of cancer patients              Massage therapy               7.4%               25.0%
use or consider using AT.”                                                  Megavitamin therapy           7.3%               3.8%
                                                                            Imagery                       4.9%               3.7%
One of the unique qualities of this study is its inclusion of “prayer”      Folk remedies                 2.5%               13.7%
in the list of “alternative medicine used.” But the authors defended        Energy healing                2.5%               2.5%
their decision citing:                                                      Macrobiotic diet              2.5%               1.3%
                                                                            Self-help group               2.5%               0%
“Many parents questioned the inclusion of prayer as an AT. We               Homeopathy                    1.2%               2.5%
included it when it was being used specifically to treat illness,            Biofeedback                   1.2%               1.3%
                                                                            Chiropractor                  1.2%               1.3%
because few physicians prescribe prayer or consider it part of              Acupuncture                   0%                 2.5%
standard therapy. Religion and spirituality are not consistently            Hypnosis                      0%                 0%
addressed in medical school curricula, and even may be considered
WELLNESS NEWS                                                                             Cancer Support Association of WA        Page 7

Another interesting facet of the study was the reasons given for      References
using alternative forms of care:                                      Friedman T, Slayton WB, Allen LS, Pollock BH, Dumont-Driscoll M,
                                                                      Mehta P, Graham-Pole J. Use of alternative therapies for children
                                                                      with cancer. Pediatrics December 1997, vol. 100, no. 6, p. e1.
                                PATIENTS                              Eisenberg DM, Kessler RC, Foster C, Norlock FE, Calkins DR, Delbanco
                                                                      TL. Unconventional medicine in the United States. Prevalence, costs,
  No reason given               58.0%             62.5%               and patterns of use. N Engl J Med 1993;328:246-252.
  Faith, spiritual              21.0%             10%                 Cassileth B, Lusk E, Guerry D. Survival and quality of life among
  Supplement to                                                       patients receiving unproven as compared with conventional cancer
  conventional medicine         7.4%              5.0%                therapy. New England Journal of Medicine 1991;324:1180-1185.

  Dissatisfied with                                                    Fletcher DM. Unconventional cancer treatments: professional, legal
  conventional medicine         2.5%              3.7%                and ethical issues. Oncol Nurs Forum 1992;19:1351-1354.

  Lifestyle, general                                                  King D, Bushwick B. Beliefs and attitudes of hospital inpatients about
  well-being                    2.5%              1.3%                faith healing and prayer. J Fam Pract 1994;39:349-352.
  Want to help                  2.5%              0%                  Marwick C. Should physicians prescribe prayer for health? Spiritual
  Other                         2.5%              2.5%                aspects of well-being considered. JAMA 1995;273:1561-1562.

  Support, participation                                              Dossey L. Prayer and healing: reviewing the research. In: Healing
  in illness                    1.2%              0%                  Words: the Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine. New York,
                                                                      NY, Harper Collins, 1993, pp. 179-184.
  Hope                          1.2%              1.3%
                                                                      Byrd RC. Positive therapeutic effects of intercessory prayer in a
  Belief in treatment           1.2%              10%
                                                                      coronary care unit population. South Med J 1988;81:826-829.

                                                                      Article from Dynamic Chiropractic. January 1, 1998,
In addition, the study reveals how the parents learned about the      Volume 16, Issue 01. See the website:
alternative care:                                                     archives/16/01/02.html

                                                  PATIENTS              Looking for Children‛s Alternative
                                                                        Health Practitioners in WA?
 Friends and family                    58.8%      56.1%                 WELL CHILD CLINIC, Mt Lawley. Homeopathic & Naturopathic
                                                                        Clinic and Dispensary. Phone 9371 3991.
 Other                                 29.4%      19.5%
                                                                        GREEN TARA HEALTH. Children’s Naturopathic Clinic.
 Doctor                                15.7%      12.2%                 Phone 0421 424 010.
 Health food store                     9.8%       2.4%                  THE CHILDREN’S EAR CLINIC, Kalamunda. Homeopathy.
                                                                        Phone 9487 0214.
The authors conclude that “use of AT is not limited to children         ART THERAPY, Armadale. Art, sandtray and play therapy.
with life-challenging illnesses, but is commonly practiced by those     Phone Carol Linton Rudd 9497 1413.
with routine medical problems.” They go on to cite the increase         YOGA FOR KIDS, Bedfordale. Children’s yoga, relaxation
inclusion of “AT and other integrated health approaches” in half        and meditation. Phone 9399 1000.
of the US medical schools. They also discuss the need for MDs to
learn more about alternative forms of care.

                                An Invitation ...

     Memorial & Healing
             An opportunity to honour and celebrate
                  the lives of those we love...
    Friday 3rd December 2004 5.30pm-7.00pm
         You are invited to the newly renovated ‘Wellness for Life
         Learning Centre’ to mingle, enjoy a drink and cake, and
              partake in the service between 6pm-6.30pm.
             Page 8   Cancer Support Association of WA                                                             WELLNESS NEWS

                                                                  Th erapies for
                                                                  Chi ldre n with
Image by Joel Barr

Th e Pare nt’s Di le mma
 Jennifer Stroud battled acute myelod leukemia for 26 months. Part of her treatment included
 alternative therapies. Here her parents offer some practical advice...

The decision for a parent whether or not to          resulted in a remission only after the second   What evaluation criteria is
pursue alternative/homeopathy treatments             phase. She then relapsed within six months.     available?
rather than traditional chemotherapy or              She achieved a second remission by an
                                                                                                     MEDICAL FILE: Each parent should
transplants is one of the most difficult ones         allogenic bone marrow transplant. However,
                                                                                                     request a copy of their child’s medical file
presented to the parents. The question can           she then relapsed a second time within six
                                                                                                     after the initial diagnosis and after each
arise at the beginning of treatment, in the          months after the BMT.
                                                                                                     phase of the treatment. We found it essential
middle of chemotherapy treatment if the
                                                     T R E AT M E N T P R O G R A M S : T h e        to have a current medical file. Alternative/
child does not achieve remission, or upon
                                                     alternative/homeopathy treatment programs       Homeopathy Treatments will often use
relapse after being in remission from a
                                                     reviewed by the Strouds spanned four            this medical file. A consent form should
traditional chemotherapy or transplant
                                                     continents. Here is an example of the           be requested from the hospital or medical
treatment protocol.
                                                     treatments presented to us:                     professionals and be executed by the child’s
                                                         • Clinical Nutritional Therapy              parents or guardian.
Traditional or Alternative/                                                                          HELPFUL HINTS: We found the following
                                                         • Radioactive Monoclonal Antibodies
Homeopathy                                                                                           questions and helpful hints essential in
                                                         • Vitamin/Mineral Injection Therapy
The advancements in treatment of pediatric                                                           determining the validity of Alternative/
leukemia are in quantum leaps versus steps.              • Nutritional Evaluation                    Homeopathy Treatments, and whether or
Articles show that acute lymphatic leukemia              • Biological Response Modifiers              not the application would be helpful to
(“ALL”) remission rates are on the increase                (BBRMs)                                   Jennifer.
to a percentage often cited as 70% to 80%
                                                         • Laetrile                                  PEDIATRIC APPLICATION: Has this
versus acute myeloid leukemia (“AML”)
that is cited at 20% to 30%. Over fifteen                 • Programmed Cell Death Therapy             treatment been used for pediatric care? A
years ago, ALL was often a fatal disease.                                                            number of the Alternative/Homeopathy
                                                         • Polymer Treatment
Today, a majority of children will enter                                                             Treatments contain injection therapy, oral
                                                         • Cladribine Treatment (2 CDA)              pills and supplements that often a child sick
into remission. However, news articles and
the popularity of alternative/homeopathy                 • Hoxsey Tonic                              with leukemia cannot or will not take. We
treatments in the United States and other                                                            also found more than half of the Alternative/
                                                         • Japanese Herbal Soup and SMANCS
countries are also increasing in frequency.                                                          Homeopathy Treatment programs were set
                                                                                                     up for adult patients and had no experience
                                                         • Vitae Elixir                              with pediatric patients.
What was the experience of                                                                           INGREDIENTS: What are the specific
the Strouds?                                         Is a data base available?                       ingredients of the medicine? Since a
NO CHOICE: The search for a suitable                 The result of our effort is a Data Base         number of the programs include injections,
treatment for Jennifer Stroud had to                 maintained by the Jennifer Lynn Stroud          I.V. treatments, pills and supplements, we
include alternative treatments. Her first            Foundation that is available to all serious     found asking for the specific pharmaceutical
chemotherapy treatment against AML                   inquiries (              description important. I personally felt
WELLNESS NEWS                                                                                    Cancer Support Association of WA     Page 9

suspicious of a clinic that was not willing to     What are the financial
divulge this information after we would sign       concerns?
any confidentiality agreement.
                                                   The majority of Alternative/Homeopathy
PROTOCOL: What is the treatment protocol?          Treatment clinics require cash payments or
The physical condition of the child and the        direct financial guarantees from the parents
pain of additional treatment versus the benefit     of the child. Insurance policies issued by
need to be weighed seriously by the parents        United States companies generally do not
and the treatment team. The parent needs to        always cover Alternative/Homeopathy
determine if this treatment has been used          Treatments. However, managed care
for the child’s specific type of leukemia. We
found Alternative/Homeopathy Treatments
                                                   contracts covered by insurance policies
                                                   are beginning to recognise Alternative/
                                                   Homeopathy Treatments and provide
                                                                                                    My Se ve nth
                                                                                                     Frie nd
often are effective for solid tumors versus
leukemia.                                          limited coverage.
                                                   Parents are urged to consult with their
REFERENCES: Will references of patients
                                                   insurance company’s representative to             My first friend came and expressed
be furnished? We requested references
                                                   discuss the coverage of Alternative/              his shock by saying, “I can’t believe
of patients that had used this treatment in
                                                   Homeopathy Treatments. We found our               that you have cancer. I always
the past year. We would then contact and
                                                   insurance company to be most informative.         thought you were so active and
personally talk to the patients, if appropriate,
                                                   The insurance companies also use managed          healthy.”
and their parents. A number of clinics will                                                          He left, and I felt alienated and
                                                   care as a means to reduce the medical costs
indicate that this is contrary to patients’                                                          somehow very “different.”
                                                   and usually are willing to discuss openly
rights. However, upon further inquiry,
                                                   and honestly Alternative/Homeopathy
we were referred to individuals that had                                                             My second friend came and
consented to the use of their names and                                                              brought me information about a
would openly discuss the treatment program.        IMPORTANT NOTE: Parents should                    variety of cancer treatments. He
I also asked for the names of parents where        determine that if a child receives                said, “Whatever you do, don’t take
the treatments were not successful. I did not      Alternative/Homeopathy Treatments                 chemotherapy. It’s a poison!”
want to only hear “success stories.”               outside of current insurance coverage,            He left, and I felt scared and
                                                   whether or not it will preclude future            confused.
                                                   insurance coverage of traditional
What are the legal                                 chemotherapy or transplant procedures.
                                                                                                     My third friend came and tried
concerns?                                          Several of the insurance policies contain
                                                                                                     to answer my “whys” with the
                                                                                                     statement, “Perhaps God is
Parents should be aware that Alternative/          clauses that deny coverage after use of an        disciplining you for some sin in your
Homeopathy Treatments are often frowned            Alternative/Homeopathy Treatment. Since           life.”
upon. These treatments are outside the             most insurance companies assign a major           He left, and I felt guilty.
traditional chemotherapy/surgery procedures.       claim representative to supervise coverage,
Cases exist where parents start a traditional      the parents should ask this important             My fourth friend came and told me,
chemotherapy program and then try to               question before pursuing Alternative/             “If your faith is just great enough,
remove their child from these programs.            Homeopathy Treatments.                            God will heal you.”
                                                                                                     He left, and I felt that my faith must
The parents can be subject to legal action
                                                                                                     be inadequate.
by state child protective agencies asserting       This article is from the ‘Children With
the state’s rights over the parent’s rights. We    Leukemia’ website which is produced by            My fifth friend came and told me
found that open and candid discussion with         the Jennifer Lynn Stroud Foundation.              to remember that “all things work
the physician in charge of your child is the       It contains useful information,                   together for good.”
best route. A confrontational relationship is      practical suggestions, and references             He left, and I felt angry.
no benefit to the child and adds undue stress       to information pertaining to childhood
                                                   cancer:                     My sixth friend never came at all.
to the parents and family.
                                                                                                     I felt sad and alone.

                                                                                                     My seventh friend came and held

                    Counselling at CSA                                                               my hand and said, “I care, I’m here,
                                                                                                     I want to help you through this.”
                                                                                                     He left, and I felt loved!
                                                       With Debbie McLean                            By Linda Mae Richardson
                                                           B.Coun. Mem PACAWA                        (16 years old cancer survivor)

        • Relationships                                  ALL WELCOME                                 From: Silver Linings: The Other Side
                                                                                                     of Cancer, published by the Oncology
         • Grief • Loss                                 Phone 9319 1671                              Nursing Press, Inc.
                                                        or 0400 391 671
  Page 10     Cancer Support Association of WA                                                                     WELLNESS NEWS

                                                  Reflections of a
                                                  Cancer Mum
                                                  By Shari
                                                  my face, trying desperately to grasp what he is    happen to us, it happens to other people.
                                                  telling me, and to write down the information      There’s something wrong, its all a mistake.
                                                  that I need. I see Brittany’s 4 year old face      At any moment now someone is going to
                                                  looking at me terrified, because she knows          come running up behind us and say, “I’m
                                                  I’m talking to the doctor she saw just a few       sorry we mixed the tests up, its not your
                                                  hours ago. “What’s wrong Mommy?” “Why              child, it’s some other poor little girl”. And
                                                  are you crying?” I grabbed her and held on         then walking through the door and looking
                                                  to her, thinking if I hold on tight enough, if I   around, seeing the same black circles under
                                                  protect her well enough this can’t be true. I      the eyes, the same see-through skin, and then
It has now been 11 years since the day the        see her running into the other room saying,        finally, our future in the eyes of the children
world stopped. At least my world as I knew        “Daddy, Mommy is talking to the Dr. and            and the parents there.
it. September 16th 1993, the day that I forever   she’s crying”. And I see John’s panic stricken
tucked my secure little world aside and faced     eyes, as he looks at me and realises in these
my new reality.                                   few seconds our lives have changed forever.        Now its all happening so fast, they’re throwing
                                                                                                     information at me left and right. Slow down,
                                                                                                     I can’t grasp it all. They’re telling me that
I remember so vividly that phone call, “I’m       Fast forward to the hospital, sitting there        it may not be leukemia, maybe its aplastic
sorry”, he said, “It looks like leukemia”. That   waiting to be admitted. Glancing at Brittany,
                                                                                                     anemia? That’s better right? It’s not cancer,
word... how do you process that? The events       with her long blond hair in pony tails, looking
                                                                                                     but no that’s worse. They don’t know what
after that are like a movie in my head, played    so beautiful and “normal”. And then looking
                                                                                                     kind of leukemia it is. Is it A.M.L or A.L.L.?
over and over again. I can look at it almost      again and seeing the black circles under her
in the third person, seeing each action, each                                                        I no longer have the privilege of hoping its
                                                  eyes, the skin so pale you could literally see
expression and at the same time reliving                                                             not cancer, just that its the “good” cancer. I
                                                  through her ears, and then thinking, the pony
every emotion.                                                                                       find myself praying that it is cancer and that
                                                  tails won’t be there for much longer.
                                                                                                     its A.L.L. There’s something wrong with
                                                                                                     that. 24 hours before I couldn’t even think
I see myself sitting on the couch, looking        We’re walking up to ward 3-B, the “cancer”         about the possibility and all of a sudden I’m
bewildered and scared. Tears running down         ward, and it is so unreal. You see this doesn’t    praying for it. They have to do a bone marrow

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WELLNESS NEWS                                                                                        Cancer Support Association of WA           Page 11

aspiration, do I want to be in the room with        We lived through it and learned. Happiness          and she vomited quite calmly right in the
her? NO!!! I stand outside the door and as the      is possible, joy and laughter still have a place    middle of the pizza. No matter what twists and
first screams start, I rush inside knowing that I    in our life. We are “strong”, not because we        turns life chooses to throw you, somewhere
can’t allow her to do it by herself. I look into    are special people, or because we did it any        always there are lessons to be learned, and
her eyes and see the pleading. Mommy please         better than anyone would, but because we            joy to be experienced.
help, make them stop. Then the anger, How           are parents and we love our child. Life does
can you let them do this to me? Then slowly         go on, no matter how scary and uncertain the
the resignation. I watch as her innocence           road ahead looks. The fear and the pain fade        Cancer, what a word! It has the power to
drains from her soul, and feel my own leave         into bad memories, that merge somehow with          destroy, but it also has the power to build
with it.                                            your new reality. The one where there is no         and enlighten. For so long I have let cancer
                                                    blind faith in the goodness and the fairness of     define who and what I am. But now looking
                                                    the universe. Experience has taught me there        back on the past its time to let that go. Reality
And finally the diagnosis. It is leukemia, and       are no guarantees, but there is always hope,        is that they will not call her cured for another
its A.L.L. THE GOOD KIND!! We leave the             and even then sometimes we have to rethink          4 years, until then her chance of relapse still
conference with the Oncologists, and I’m            our ideas of hope, but as long as there is a        remains at 1 in 5. Her chances of developing
happy, we are so lucky, just think how much         glimmer, we survive. Maybe this isn’t the life      other cancers and long term problems are still
worse it could be. And then the irony and the       that we had planned when we started out as          greatly increased. But I have to work on the
reality hits, this is CANCER, is there any          parents, but it is our life, and I am so glad we    assumption that she will be fine, that she will
“good” kind? My joy soon turns to tears.            are all here to enjoy it.                           lead a long and healthy life. I have to make
                                                                                                        that our new reality in order to move on and
That was the beginning of the horror, the                                                               live this life to the fullest, and help her do
                                                    The little girl with the blond pony tails, has
hell and the hope that became our life. As                                                              the same. Somewhere along the way I’ve lost
                                                    turned into a young lady with beautiful long
time went on, slowly we began to accept                                                                 Shari, the person that I was and hoped to be.
                                                    brown hair. The cries of pain and fear have
our new reality. I now knew that cancer is                                                              She was replaced with “Cancer Mum”, the
                                                    turned into demands for “tear away” pants
what we were facing, so my hopes turned to                                                              person that could hold down her child while
                                                    and hair dye (rolling my eyes here). The
different things. I hope she can walk today,                                                            horrific things happened to her, the one that
                                                    shy little girl, unsure of how her swollen
because yesterday she couldn’t. I hope that                                                             could look at a series of test results and not
                                                    face and bald head fit in with everyone else,
they can turn down the morphine so that I           has turned into the wistful teen dreaming           panic at the implications, the one that could
can see a little bit of the personality I love so   about the cute boy down the street and her          detach her self from the emotional side of 26
much, or transversely, I hope they will turn        (hopefully very far in the future) first kiss.       months of daily chemotherapy to stay sane.
it up so I don’t have to see her hurt today. I      All those terrible times that we thought we
hope that today her blood counts are good           couldn’t live through, can be looked back on
enough that we can take her out without                                                                 I think its time to merge these two entities,
                                                    now and laughed about. The horror of the first       and become one again. Maybe I can become
wearing a mask. And all that is okay, because       time she looked in the mirror and saw what
she is alive and we have hope. Slowly the                                                               “Shari”. Someone that can come to terms
                                                    was left of her hair, and her looking at me         with all the uncertainties of her life, draw
unthinkable becomes our norm. The pride             with faith in her eyes and saying, “Mummy,
we feel as parents comes in different forms.                                                            strength from her experiences and regain the
                                                    please fix it” has been softened somewhat
She is starting to read, isn’t that great? But                                                          compassion, hopes and dreams of a young
                                                    by the memory of sitting on the bed, putting
hey, she had chemo today and didn’t throw                                                               mother who knew nothing more than the fact
                                                    tape on her head and then pulling it off along
up once. She swallowed all 7 of her pills                                                               that she loved her children and wanted the
                                                    with the stubble that itched sooooo bad. The
without crying. We didn’t have to feed her                                                              world for them. I think I can, I have 10 years
                                                    memory of the endless hours of nauseousness
by tube at all today, because she ate enough                                                            of triumphs to guide me......
                                                    is softened somewhat by remembering the
all by herself.                                     time we went out for pizza and clearing out
                                                    the surrounding tables, because chemo “hit”

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                                           serenity of yoga?
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                                           healing. Most the movements are done as flowing sequences that relax the body, calm the mind, balance
                                           the emotions and enable you to feel a deep sense of well-being as you ebb & flow with them. In us all
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  Page 12    Cancer Support Association of WA                                                                WELLNESS NEWS

  The Efficacy of Androgen Suppression
      Therapy for Prostate Cancer
                                                       By Don Benjamin

Attempts to reduce Prostate Cancer–Specific                                                     Overall mortality was also significantly
Mortality (PCSM) have centred on surgery,                                                      reduced from 23 deaths out of 103 patients
radiotherapy (RT), then RT dose escalation             Research results and                    on RT only to 12 deaths on AST plus RT.
and more recently hormone therapy.
                                                                                               The observed improved overall survival with
A randomised trial evaluating surgery,                randomised trials are                    added AST is different from that observed
Radical Prostatectomy vs No therapy                                                            in another trial recently reported3 where
(Watchful Waiting)1 was very badly run and
                                                  sometimes innacurate and                     patients were randomised to 2 years and
did not take full account of the implications     misleading. Look carefully                   4 months of AST after RT or 4 months of
of deaths from other causes. For this reason                                                   AST. A significant benefit of 3.4% in 5-year
the results have been widely discredited.              at the results before                   estimates of PCSM was observed for long-
                                                                                               term AST compared to short-term therapy
Trials of radiotherapy have not compared             undertaking a therapy                     but this was not reflected in overall survival,
radiotherapy with no therapy, so the efficacy
                                                                                               suggesting that increased deaths from other
of RT on increasing survival or reducing           such as hormone therapy.                    causes accompanied the decreased deaths
mortality is not known. RT has been shown
                                                                                               from prostate cancer. This highlights
to cause harm in several randomised trials
                                                                                               a possible explanation for the apparent
evaluating RT with breast, colorectal and
                                                                                               benefits of the latest trial.
lung cancer. The main effect appears to be
through damage to the cardiac, respiratory                                                     Although the results of this latest trial
                                                Those in the AST + RT group received
or immune systems.                                                                             were significant in terms of both PCSM
                                                6 months of AST consisting of 2 months
                                                each of neoadjuvant therapy, concurrent        and overall survival there were several
Trials are underway to evaluate the benefits
                                                and adjuvant therapy. The AST consisted        shortcomings in the trial that could possibly
of RT dose escalation.
                                                of a combination of luteinizing hormone-       have exaggerated the observed benefits.
A randomised trial recently evaluated2 the      releasing hormone (LHRH) agonist or
effect of adding hormone therapy in the         goserelin and a nonsteroidal anti-androgen     Deaths from other causes
form of Androgen Suppression Therapy            (flutemide).
(AST) to standard RT at a dosage of 70 Gy                                                      The inequality of deaths from other causes
(Gray). The patients consisted of those with    The results of this trial were significant.     in the two groups is rather large in view of
localised prostate cancer (T1b toT2b, NX,       Estimated percentage overall 5-year survival   the balanced nature of the two groups at
M0) whose PSA was between 10ng/mL and           was 88% for the AST plus RT group              randomisation. The deaths were reported
40 ng/mL or a Gleason score of at least 7.      compared with 78% for the RT only group.       as follows:

       Phone CSA on 9384 3544 for the best gift this
       Christmas! Visit us at 80 Railway St, Cottesloe,
       or order on-line at:
WELLNESS NEWS                                                                                 Cancer Support Association of WA   Page 13

                     AST + RT     RT ALONE      responded to treatment during the first 3
                                                years. This was referred to as Salvage AST.
Cardiovascular           8            9
                                                This resulted in 26 receiving salvage AST in
Second cancers           3            5
                                                the RT Only group compared with only 9 in
Sepsis                   1            1         the RT + AST group. Similarly orchiectomy
Alzheimers/                                     was carried out on 3 patients in the RT Only
Liver disease            0            2         group compared with only 1 in the RT +
                                                AST Group. 23 also received LHRH agonist
TOTAL                   12           17         therapy in the RT Only Group compared
                                                with only 8 in the RT + AST group.
This imbalance of 5 extra deaths among          Thus if salvage AST, LHRH or orchiectomy
two matched groups of ~100 patients would       caused harm in the way they were used or
appear to be highly unlikely. It suggests       produced more complications in the RT Only
that other unequal factors must have been
present to produce more harm in the RT
                                                group this could have contributed to the
                                                imbalance in the deaths from other causes          Christmas
Only control group.                             mentioned in item 1 above.
                                                Until these three factors are adequately
Untreated patients
In the AST added group there were 4 patients
                                                explained by the authors of the recent trial,
                                                those contemplating androgen blockade
                                                                                                   From A Fairy
who were untreated compared with only 1
in the RT Only group. This is because 3 in
                                                therapy should treat the recent results with
                                                some scepticism.                                   To a Child
the AST added group withdrew their consent
after randomisation compared to only 1 in       References                                          by Lewis Carroll
the RT Only group. A fourth was found to        1. Holmberg L et al. A randomized trial
be ineligible for treatment because he had         comparing radical prostatectomy with
                                                   watchful waiting in early prostate cancer.      Lady, dear,
Advanced Disease rather than localised
disease. As it is possible that both RT
                                                   N Engl J Med (Sep 12) 2002; 347 (11):           if Fairies may
and AST reduce survival, non-treatment
could improve survival, so having 3 more        2. D’Amico AV et al. 6-month androgen              For a moment lay aside
                                                   suppression plus radiation therapy vs
untreated patients in the AST Plus RT group        radiation therapy alone for patients with
                                                                                                   Cunning tricks and elfish play,
might have contributed to the increased            clinically localized prostate cancer: a         ‘Tis at happy Christmas-tide.
survival observed in this group.                   randomized controlled trial. JAMA (18
                                                   August) 2004; 292 (7): 821-827.
                                                                                                   We have heard the children say -
                                                3. Hanks GE et al. Phase III trial of long-term    Gentle children, whom we love -
Treatment Different From                           adjuvant androgen deprivation after
                                                                                                   Long ago on Christmas Day,
Original Protocols                                 neoadjuvant hormonal cytoreduction
                                                   and radiotherapy in locally advanced            Came a message from above,
During the trial the authors observed in           carcinoma of the prostate. J Clin Oncol
another published trial that adding AST to         2003; 21: 3972-3978.
                                                                                                   Still, as Christmas-tide comes
RT for locally advanced prostate cancer
had produced a 2-fold reduction in deaths.
They therefore decided to add AST to the                                                           They remember it again -
treatment of all patients who had “failed”      Don Benjamin is the Convenor of the                Echo still the joyful sound
after 3 years treatment, failure being defined   Cancer information and Support Society,            “Peace on earth, good-will to
as having a PSA > 1 and increasing by 0.2       NSW. He is the editor of ‘New Beginnings’,         men!”
on two consecutive measurements. This           the CISS newsletter, and also a valued
meant that AST was added unevenly to            contributor to the ‘Wellness News’. www.           Yet the hearts must childlike be
patients depending on how they had already Phone 02 9906 2189.                   Where such heavenly guests
                                                                                                   Unto children, in their glee,

                                at CSA with Karen Fong
                                                                                                   All the year is Christmas-tide!

                                                                                                   Thus, forgetting tricks and play
                                                                                                   For a moment, Lady dear,
                        Kiniesiology is a gentle healing modality which uses muscle                We would wish you, if we may,
                        monitoring to identify & locate stress in the body which may
                        cause disease, and correct these imbalances. Sessions are 1.5              Merry Christmas,
                        hours long and cost $25. There are two appointments available
                        each week at 1pm and 2.45pm on Thursday afternoons.                        Glad New Year!
                        Contact reception on 9384 3544 to make a booking.
Page 14    Cancer Support Association of WA                                                          WELLNESS NEWS

Guided Healing

                                               Wishing on a Star
 Weekly one hour open
 guided meditation sessions                                                by Mandii Knox
   THURSDAY 11AM TO 12PM                         A meditation to help children let go of their worries,
 Learn to meditate with various               relax, be happy and have a peaceful night’s sleep. Read it
 experienced Perth meditation                    aloud to your child at bedtime (good for adults too!)
          Cost is $8 or                       Imagine you are lying outside at night, looking up at the night-sky at all
   $5 concession and members                  the beautiful twinkling stars. You notice one special star that seems a little
                                              brighter than the others. This is your star, your wishing star. Imagine your
  Ph 9384 3544 for more details               star slowly starts to drift down out of the sky. Drifts down very slowly until it
                                              lands inside your body. Imagine this star has landed inside your heart. Think
                                              about your heart. Imagine this star there. Imagine that this star is a brilliant
                                              gold colour and that the beautiful golden light shines into all parts of your
                                              body. Wherever the golden light of this star goes your body starts to feel
An Earthman’s                                 soft and relaxed.
Gratitude                                     Feel the gold light of the star shining all the way down in your toes, and your
                                              feet. Feel the light of the star shining down into your ankles, your calves,
by Ian Robbins                                knees and thighs. Feel the light of the star shining into your hips and your
                                              belly. Feel the light of the star shining into your belly, your ribcage, your
                                              chest, upper back and lower back. Feel the light of the star shining into your
                                              shoulders, your upper arms, elbows, hands and fingers. Imagine the light of
                                              the star in your shoulders, neck and head. Your whole body is filled with the
                                              beautiful golden light of the star now. Imagine now that you have become
                                              this shimmering golden light.
                                              Think about your heart again and imagine your star there. Each time you
                                              breathe in imagine your heart fills with love for every being on the planet
A beautiful Christmas Gift!                   – for all the boys, girls, animals and plants. Each time you breathe out
Ian Robbins was a much loved CSA mem-         imagine you send a bit of this love out into the world. As your heart fills with
ber and before he died, Ian produced an       love imagine that your star expands and gets bigger so the light of the star
inspiring collection of 15 water colours,     shines out into the world.
poems & anecdotes which reflect the
wonder, appreciation & pleasure Ian           Your star will soon need to return to the night-sky, but first make a wish on
gained from life.                             your star. Wish for something special you need in your life, something you
                                              would like to keep for your whole life, such as happiness, peace, or good
An Earthman’s Gratitude is available for
sale from CSA reception for $9.90, and        health. Now make another wish on your star. This time wish for every boy
part proceeds are donated to the CSA. We      and girl and adult and animal on earth to be peaceful and happy.
extend our gratitude to all who purchase      It is time for your star to return to the night-sky now. Your star slowly drifts
this inexpensive, beautiful book, which
                                              back up to the night-sky where it merges with all the other stars again. It
will assist others who are affected by a
diagnosis of cancer. Come into 80 Railway     looks the same as the other stars, but you know that whenever you want to
Street, Cottesloe 6011 or phone 9384 3544     you can lie down somewhere quietly and imagine your special star drifting
to have copies posted!                        down to help you feel relaxed and calm and happy…
WELLNESS NEWS                                                                              Cancer Support Association of WA   Page 15

   Meditation Made Easy
                              With Bavali Hill
        ~ a weekly, ongoing, open meditation class ~

                                                                                                 The Five
If your New Year resolve is to learn to meditate then come along to this on-going and open
class for both beginning and advanced Meditators, offering clear, non-religious instruction
with weekly notes, individual attention and guided meditations. Learn over 20 easy to
practice methods for meditating at home or in short breaks during the day. Participants have
                                                                                                 of Reiki
a chance to discuss the effects of each meditation and to raise questions as issues arise.
                                                                                                Just for today do not
Learn how to tell if you are actually meditating, how to deal with persistent distracting
thoughts, how to use your senses to keep alert and focussed in the present moment.
Meditation promotes a deep relaxation of body and mind, an enhanced health and immune           Just for today do not
system, clarity of thought, greater efficiency and productivity, it helps access intuition       anger.
and creativity, creates easier relationships and a heightened sense of well being as well as
connection to one’s inner self.                                                                 Honour your parents,
Bavali has 30 years Social Work experience and has been meditating since1972. She               teachers and elders.
has benefited from a range of meditation instruction in India, Nepal, Thailand, USA and
Australia and regularity attends 10-day retreats to keep her practice fresh. She believes       Earn your living
that meditation needs to be easy and relevant to those with a busy working and family life.     honestly.
Bavali also teaches at Perth Meditation Centre, Women’s Health Centres and at Australian
Institute of Holistic Medicine.                                                                 Show gratitude to
Every Monday at CSA from 10am to 11.30am. No booking necessary.                                 everything.
Cost: $18 per session. CSA Members and concession $15                                           ~ Dr Mikao Usui

                                                                                                The Cancer Support Association of

                                Reiki is a Japanese word which means universal life
                                                                                                WA conducts weekly Reiki clinics
                                                                                                on Tuesdays, Wednesdays &
                                                                                                Thursdays from 12.15pm to 1.30pm.
                                                                                                Payment is a gold coin donation.
                                                                                                Or, if you would like a qualified
                                                                                                Reiki practitioner to visit you at
                                energy. It is a useful technique which helps restore            home or hospital please contact
                                balance in the body and support the body’s natural              Christine Robbins at CSA.
                                healing ability. You are invited to experience the
                                beauty of this natural healing technique, as given
                                by qualified Reiki practitioners.
                                                                                                 Phone 9384 3544 for
                                                                                                 further information.

                          Prior bookings not required.
Page 16    Cancer Support Association of WA                                                                        WELLNESS NEWS

                      Endings and Beginnings:
                      Spaces for Transformation
                                                                                  by Dr Loretta do Rozario,
                                                                                  Wellness Coordinator &

‘The Transformation’ by Grian                                          ‘I still don’t understand,’ said the boy innocently.
from ‘The Gardener’                                                    ‘You don’t have to understand. Birds do not understand the mechanisms
                                                                       of flight; however, they fly. It is as natural for them to fly as it is natural
A young man with splendid ideas, who often asked the gardener          for a human to attain Love.’
for advice, went to his hut one cold, rainy night. As though he had
been awaiting his visit, the gardener beckoned him to enter as he      The fire crackled intensely on the gardener’s last word, and both men
opened the door. He helped him to take off his wet coat and asked      kept quiet for an instance, captivated by the dancing flames in the
him to sit down by the fire.                                            fireplace.

When he had warmed his hands a little, the young man asked:            The young man looked at the gardener and in doubt looked at the flames
‘Good friend, I feel a deep uneasiness in my heart. Since I have       again. He turned his head and looked at the gardener once more and
left my boyhood behind and started to think like a man, I have         at last made up his mind.
been observing the world around me, and I have found good and          ‘And what must I do to change myself?’
great things among human beings and nature. But, each time I’ve        ‘Not try to,’ answered the gardener with a smile.
found other things that tear my soul and make me sad. I’ve seen
that in the world there is injustice and a lack of kindness, I’ve      A look of astonishment came over the boy’s face, and he couldn’t
seen hopelessness in the eyes of the poor and the ill, I’ve seen       utter a single word.
the claws of greed me over the boy’s face, and he couldn’t utter       ‘If you don’t try you won’t achieve it,’ continued the gardener. ‘You
a single word.                                                         have to wish for the change within yourself and be open so that
“If you don’t try you won’t achieve it and justice between brothers.   transformation takes place inside you. But if you try to provoke it,
And each time I see these things my confused heart cries out and       a conflict will begin in your heart that will leave you wounded and
my soul shouts to the heavens, looking for an answer to so much        hurt.
unhappiness. And I think I’d like to change this world, so that        Simply open your heart and let the transformation take place when
everybody could live in joy and harmony. But what can one man          Life considers it the right moment.
do against so much grief and devastation?’
                                                                       ‘The bird isn’t shown how it should fly. Nobody explains to the fish
The young man fell silent, hiding his face between his hands. ‘You     how it should swim. Clearly, one day they throw themselves to the
can change the world,’ said the gardener in a soft tone of voice.      wind and to the sea, and their own nature does the rest.
‘How can one man change the world?’ the young man asked.               ‘To love is written in man’s nature, a love as big as the ocean, a love
‘By changing oneself,’ was the gardener’s reply.                       which covers everything. Man has only to throw himself to the tides
                                                                       of Life with an open heart and his own nature will do the rest.
‘I don’t understand. If only one man changes, how can mankind
change?’                                                               ‘It is Love that will bring about the transformation in your soul and
                                                                       with it will come the transformation of the world.’
‘Each human being is the entire human race, his image shooting
towards the ardent depths of the cosmos,’ said the gardener, looking   And absorbed in his thoughts, the gardener finished by saying in a
                                                                       quiet voice:
into the fire. ‘When a human being submerges himself into the
ocean of Light, all human beings are caught by the brilliance of       ‘When a human being finds Love, the whole universe shudders in its
his goodness.’                                                         splendour.’
WELLNESS NEWS                                                                                    Cancer Support Association of WA      Page 17

                                                   too many possessions to Denmark where I

                                                                                                          CSA 20th
                                                   am creating a new home and retreat centre
                                                   for us all, Tree Song Retreat. Late yesterday I

                                                   was left with an empty house, without all the
                                                   furnishings it was more a house than a very
                                                   treasured home. I felt a mixture of feelings,
                                                   some sadness and some excitement about
                                                   the new to come, endings and beginnings.
                                                                                                        Night of Love &
                                                   But like our bodies, or our possessions I
                                                   recognised that the sum of myself or life
                                                                                                         Petrea King
                                                   was not in the quantity of boxes or the
                                                   physical environment around me. Although                   visit
                                                   these spaces can certainly be a reflection of
                                                   who we are. Rather I was left feeling I am
                                                                                                     Here at the CSA we like to celebrate
                                                   who I am from within. I am not what I am.         in style! For our 20th Birthday Petrea
                                                   Wherever I go, the memories, the feelings,        King came to the party and inspired
The end of a year and the beginning of a
                                                   the heart or soul of me is Me. Grian’s story of   all with a talk on love. We were then
new year is the time to ask ‘what have I
                                                   Transformation calls this Space, Love. And        entertained by auctioneer Dr Peter
achieved?’ and ‘what do I want to invite
                                                   really all the great religions or philosophies    Dingle (funds raised will help us acquire
in to my life to come?’ Many of us may be
                                                   say the same thing. When we really come           a sound system for meditation and
tempted to acknowledge the many things we
                                                   to the essence of our lives and what life is      healing - thankyou Peter), acappella
have done or accomplished, or even what
                                                   all about, it is Love. When we evaluate our       singersTuxedo Junction, a bellydancer,
we have failed to do. We are taught by our
                                                   true and essential accomplishments, we            and soprano, Beth O’Neill, who ended
‘western’ ways of thinking to simply see our
                                                   come back Home to knowing that it is how          the evening on a touching note with
lives, self and each other as commodities or
                                                   much Love we have discovered, created and         beautiful arias.
objects – to be used, to be quantified, to be
                                                   shared that is of true importance.
judged, to be done to, to expect the most, to                                                        Petrea’s talks and workshops were
conform to expectations and more...and as a        In this time between Christmas and a New          a great inspiration to all participants
result many of us are left feeling at the end of   Year I invite you to Remember the Love            and we sincerely thank you Petrea for
the year tired, burnt out, worn out, emptied       discovered, created and shared. This is the       gracing us with your loving presence.
and desperately needing time out!                  Measure of a Life well lived. This is Love.
For me, this year has been one of my               Thankyou to Julie and Wayne Maynard for
fullest times of change, transformation and        sharing their own “Story of Love” on the
movement. I am feeling a little tired from         following page.
probably too much activity of late...a year
of big doing...holding learning spaces with        With deepest Gratitude for
Ian Gawler and Petrea King; recreating             this year of Love.
new life within CSA with the Colour My
World at CSA project...much and more...and
yesterday packing up my own home to send

      A d v a n c e d                              W E L L N E S S
      W O R K S H                                  O P    2 0 0 5

                           With our Hearts
                           We Recreate Life                                Sat 19th & Sun
                           with Dr Loretta do Rozario                      20th February

                           ‘With our thoughts we make the world and with our
                           Heart we transform our lives’ ~ Buddha                                       Top: Guest of
                                                                                                       Honour Petrea
                           Begin this year with the sacred intentioning of                              King & Event
                           Transformation & re-creating Life.                                            Co-ordinator
                                                                                                        Dr Loretta do
                                                                                                      Rozario. Middle:
  At A Place Just to Be, 4A Preston Point Rd, East Fremantle. Cost: $230 members                     Tuxedo Junction.
  & concession, $270 non-members. (Private health fund rebates available) Call                          Bottom: Beth
  reception on 9384 3544 for a brochure and bookings.                                                          O’Neill.
  Page 18      Cancer Support Association of WA                                                                       WELLNESS NEWS

                                        Cancer: Love &
From Wayne…
I was pleasantly surprised and
a little hesitant when asked
by Loretta to write about my                                                                               By Wayne &
experience with cancer – from a                                                                            Julie Maynard
carer’s point of view.
It all began for me three and a half
years ago, and yes it did change
my outlook on life and it was a
huge wake up call for me. I’m not even the           I met Julie. Fell in love and we married fairly   ITSELF! When someone you have lived
one that has to deal with it in its entirety.        young and fairly quickly. We became close,        more than half your life with is ‘teased’ with
‘Beautiful Julie’, my wife of 25 years is the        loving and caring very easily. I knew very soon   the knowledge that she may not be with you
one that does.                                       Julie was the one for me, we were married         pretty soon - then zap! I really did a stocktake
                                                     sixteen glorious months after we met. I was 20    of what was important in life. The first thing I
As a young person going through high school          years old. We were a ‘couple’ briefly and then     wanted to do – and keep doing – was to help
learning and experiencing a little more to do        the surprise of our first daughter 14 months       Julie live a de-stressed, peaceful life. Nothing
with human health and the human body – I             later. Before I met my darling, I favoured the    else would come first, nothing would be more
formed a rather basic opinion – or was taught        idea of children two years apart. Julie agreed.   important.
– that cancer was to do with stress and diet         We had another lovely daughter 25 months
(nerves and food). It didn’t seem to occur           later. They are now 24 and 22 years old!          This involved giving Julie lots of love (I
to people close to me, as in my relatives or                                                           liked that part!) and forgiveness. Love and
friends. I just knew of its existence. It may have   Even though my relationship with Julie and        forgiveness. Another learning that stuck with
had more to do with people passing away than         our family unit has mostly been close and         me was – if cancer is a physical manifestation
I was aware of as a younger person. Adults and       loving, there have been times when things were    of DIS-EASE, then I must try to show Julie
society shield you sometimes from the trauma         strained. The first thing I decided when my        and give her confidence that from me and in
associated with early death from cancer. I had       darling was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma         my company she would experience warmth,
a tendency to think of it as a seniors type of       (soft tissue cancer) is that THERE IS             calmness and love. I also felt the need to
illness.                                             NOTHING MORE PRECIOUS THAN LIFE                   extend Julie forgiveness – unconditionally

                                                                                    Now available from Swanbourne Cellars,
                                                                                    Claremont Crescent, Swanbourne

                        Jeeleunup Gully Wines is a small family run vineyard set in the south-west. Since
                        1985 it has been producing wine grapes using Biodynamic practices free from artifical
                        fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides.
                        Their wines are in accordance with Organic Standards, and are clean and crisp with
                        loads of intense fruit flavours (and anti-oxidants!). Jeeleunup
                        grapes are certified biodynamic by the B.F.A.
                        Jeeleunup Gully Wines donate part proceeds from every bottle sold to the Cancer
                        Support Assoc. of WA. A range of wines can be ordered directly from Jeeleunup Gully
                        Wines on (08) 9851 1838 or indirectly through the CSA Wellness Shop on 9384 3544.
                        Enjoy these delicious wines, and support the CSA at the same time!!!
WELLNESS NEWS                                                                                       Cancer Support Association of WA           Page 19

– for anything. The thought behind this is that      removed a large tumour which was the result        lung and one in my left lung. In June 2004
it would allow my darling to love herself more       of a primary cancer or was the tumour so           another tumor in my right breast which I just
and be more at ease and at peace, experiencing       large because it was primary and secondary         had removed on the 17th September. I’m doing
calmness. I always knew Julie had a big              combined? Thankfully Julie was in remission        well considering. Just recently, on the14th
heart, strong character with spirit and a happy      for two years. I was able to share much love       October 2004 I was told that I more than likely
nature. She has what is needed to get herself        with Julie who is forever an inspiration. We       have another tumour at the back of my head.
through this and I am going to support her all       became very close and I became very strong.
the way.                                             The greatest thing I have been reminded of         Over the three and a half years of going
                                                     is Love and Forgiveness creates peace – and        to doctor’s appointments and oncology
Another decision I made which was a learning                                                            departments, I have become much stronger in
                                                     makes the world go around. I already knew that
experience was to be more of a home duties                                                              myself. I just take one day at a time and one
                                                     ‘Beautiful Julie’ is God’s gift to me. We are on
husband. With Julie’s tuition, nurturing and                                                            thing at a time and stay positive through all of
                                                     this journey together – we will conquer.
love I don’t mind admitting I have made a                                                               this, with faith and trust in my heart that I’m
marked improvement in this area. Not as                                                                 going to beat cancer, and to never lose sight of
close in proficiency as Julie, but a distinct                                                            the simple things in life. It’s God’s gift for us
improvement on the ‘domestic dinosaur’ that                                                             to enjoy each and every day of our lives.
used to inhabit the dwelling with his ‘fair
maiden’.                                              From Julie…                                       I have learnt that I am able to lean on my
                                                                                                        darling Wayne when needed as my rock.
Julie had a wonderful support group helping          The main thing that got me through this was        Thankyou darling for your strength, love and
and guiding her from day one of her diagnosis        overwhelming support. My two beautiful             support through this journey. My spiritual
– as well as her deep faith in God and prayer.       daughters, Julia and Tanya, and my counselors      journey has given me the insight to see and
She would look into everything the medical           Robert Kirby and Shelly Towns in reminding         feel love, peace, strength and courage, and to
staff put forward from all different angles and      me to keep my faith in God who will watch          never give up or lose sight of the big picture,
discuss it with everybody until she was satisfied     over me and keep me safe. He did just that,        this is what I have learnt living with cancer.
and at ease with what she was allowing them          without my trust and faith in God I would not      We would like to thank Loretta, Debbie and
to do next. After all – even though the medical      be here today. I’m sure of this, I owe my cancer   all the beautiful people we have met through
profession held all the cards to help Julie – it     and my life to God, as it taught me to see life    the Tuesday Support Group as this has also
was still her body and her choice as to what         differently. Although Wayne and I were not         helped us see we are not alone. We’ve felt so
and when they were going to do.                      together I knew in my heart he was supporting      much love and support going to this Courage
                                                     me from afar with his love and prayers.            Club. We look forward each week to being
After surgery when Julie was allowed to
                                                                                                        there with everyone.
leave hospital and continue recovery at              Again in January 2003 I was diagnosed with
home, she ‘studied’ and learnt as much as she        a tumour in my right lung. Then in September       Love, Light and smiles always
could. This raised a question. Have they just        2003 two more tumours – one in my right            Wayne and Julie

                      Mano Yoga:
          ‘Nature Power’ at the CSA
  The CSA recently hosted some unique
  guests – Subbuji and Ramji all the way
  from Hyderabad in southern India. They
  presented a seminar on Mano Yoga – an
  integrated yoga technique which may be of
  great interest to people with cancer, illness
  and also western medical practitioners.
  Mano Yoga is not exactly ‘yoga’ as we have
  come to know it – it doesn’t involve any
  physical exercise! It is a simple sequence
  of techniques, which when practised daily                                                               A Christmas Message from
  over a period of time have a profound effect                                                            Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  – many diseases and illnesses have been systematic way using our own willpower. The
                                                                                                          Love others as
  documented to be have been cured using practitioner then rests in a deep yogic sleep for
  this technique alone.                        sometime to allow healing to take place.                   God loves you
  Mano Yoga involves a breathing technique         If you would like to know more about Mano              Works of love are
  called the ‘pranavam’ which helps to             Yoga or participate in a workshop or an                Works of peace
  generate ‘nature power’ – our innate             ongoing class in the new year please contact
  healing potential. This healing energy is        Mandii Knox at the CSA on 9384 3544 or                 God bless you
  then distributed throughout the body in a        email                    M. Teresa M.C.
Page 20   Cancer Support Association of WA                                                      WELLNESS NEWS

                                       CSA “The Wellness For Life Learning Centre”

                                        Wellness Learning
                                        Designed to help YOU grow...
                                        This service offers our members the opportunity to be fully supported in their
                                        changing, growing and developing. Our existing ‘individual choice model’
                                        of being to select what learning experiences you want to participate in
                                        is still available. In addition to this flexibility, members can choose to have
Make a                                  an individualised learning program which will be specifically tailored-
                                        designed to meet each person’s needs, circumstances and ongoing
commitment                              health/wellness development. This Program is like ‘going away to a health
                                        or wellness retreat’ or ‘life university’ but will be held over a year’s span.
to yourself                             Members can pace themselves, change and learn in smaller ‘bite sizes’,
                                        and gradually build their knowledge, life skills and life changes over time.
this New Year:                          We all know how we can get inspired in a short course but enduring change
                                        only happens when we are supported over time, and can modify our lives
to be as well                           through ongoing ‘inspiration’ and ‘perspiration’!

as you can                              With your tailored-made ‘Wellness Learning Program’
possibly be!                            the features are:
                                         • You can begin at any time throughout the year
                                         • You will receive throughout the year, 6 individual sessions with one
To discuss any aspect                      our Wellness Counsellors - Dr. Loretta do Rozario; and will include a
of this Individualised                     Wellness Information Sessions regarding health resources, information,
Wellness Learning                          and monitoring with Dr. Peter Daale. These wellness sessions will support
Program and how this                       your development in the 7 areas of growth - physically, emotionally,
                                           spiritually, intellectually, creatively, socially and environmentally
could support you
in your healing and                      • In collaboration with your Wellness Counsellor you will develop your
wellness goals, please                     own Wellness Program consisting of a total of 100 hours of courses and
                                           training opportunities at CSA.
contact Dr. Loretta
do Rozario (Wellness                     • You pay (up front or instalments) a fee of $1500 for the full Program
Coordinator & Facilitator)               • You will receive at the end of your Program a CSA Wellness For Life
or Christine Robbins                       Learning Centre, Certificate of Wellness
(Membership Liaison                      • You can access Advanced Wellness Training (Certificate or Diploma in
Contact) at CSA:                           Wellness Facilitation) with Dr. Loretta do Rozario. This is relevant for those

9384 3544
                                           wanting to deepen or continue with their personal healing/growth or
                                           their professional development in whatever field of work or practice.
WELLNESS NEWS                                                                      Cancer Support Association of WA   Page 21

     Camp Quality is a children’s charity committed to
 bringing fun therapy to every child living with cancer and                              WRAPPED
                       their families.                                                   in CLOTH
 Camp Quality is a non profit organisation that is committed to bringing hope
 and happiness to every child living with cancer, their families and communities
 through ongoing quality recreational and educational programs.
                                                                                         Wrapping a gift in paper
                                                                                         demonstrates our intent
 Camp Quality passionately believes in the power of fun in helping children
 and their families overcome the challenges that cancer brings.                          to magnify an act of love,
                                                                                         beautifully; and, suitably,
 Fun flows through everything we do, from our programs to our philosophies.
 Camp Quality provides fun therapy for every child living with cancer and their          to keep eyes from spoiling
 families.                                                                               the glory of a moment
 Camp Quality is an international charity with the first office being established          when unwrapping the gift
 in 1983 in Sydney, Australia.There are 14 offices throughout Australia covering          unites giver and recipient
 every state and territory.
                                                                                         in a covenant of peace.
 Over 5,000 families each year are supported by Camp Quality; they participate
 in our camps and other activities. Nationally there will be approximately 125
 camps held in Australia in 2004.
                                                                                         God wrapped his gift in cloth.
                                                                                         Beautifully simple, suitably
 Camp Quality gives a child with cancer the opportunity to be a child again by
 providing enjoyment and a positive atmosphere. This positive atmosphere                 disguised from Herod’s eyes.
 quite often gives them the courage to continue on through treatment.                    Joyfully we join shepherds,
 Camp Quality gives the families of children with cancer a much-needed                   angels, magi, and the stars
 break. The impact of the diagnosis and treatment places tremendous stress               to treasure, to savour, the time
 on parents and siblings.                                                                in history and in the heart
 Camp Quality’s programs are focussed to care for the emotional needs of                 when unwrapping this gift
 children and their families. As they face the ‘bad days’ and celebrate the good
                                                                                         united us with the Giver
 ones; a support network of peers provides tremendous strength and hope.
                                                                                         in a covenant of peace.
 Camp Quality is all about fun therapy as Laughter is the Best Medicine!

                                                                                         - Arthur O. Roberts, 1999
Contact Camp Quality (02) 9869 0588. Website:

                                           Rene Caisse's                              SWORN AFFIDAVIT
                                                                                    by Mary McPherson who made the
                                          genuine 'original'                        Herb Tea daily for over 43 years under
                                                                                    Rene Caisse's strict personal supervision

                                             Herbal Tea                             Ojibway~Caisse Dry Herbal
                                        All herbs sourced worldwide are             Tea Mix makes ... 4 L
                                        chosen for their Freshness, Potency
                                        and Purity. And are either............      PLUS Free Bonus - 1 litre
                                       • Certified           From
                                                                                    Total 5 Litres ... $47.95
    Serendipity Laboratories           • Organic             Unpolluted
  PO Box 1357 SOUTH PERTH 6951 W A
                                       • Trade or            Sources                Call Now (08) 9368 0288              • Wild-crafted                                                  Mob: 0417 935 295
Page 22     Cancer Support Association of WA                                                                WELLNESS NEWS

Nutrition During
Good nutrition is an important part of your
child’s treatment. In general, your child’s
                                                                   by Julie Eady, Author of “Additive Alert:
normal diet should be continued during
cancer treatment unless your physician
                                                                       Your Guide to Safer Shopping”
gives you a special one. A few diet hints are     Most people want to be healthy and avoid disease and illness. Most parents, in particular,
listed below:                                     want their children to be healthy and safe and wouldn’t dream of intentionally feeding
Build meals around your child’s favorite          or exposing them to dangerous toxins or chemicals. Unfortunately, most of us have little
foods. Variety is not as important as intake.     idea about the chemicals and toxins we’re exposed to in our everyday environment,
                                                  and worse, through the food we eat.
Small, frequent meals and snacks are
attractive to most children. You can freeze       The following examples may shock you – but incredibly – they are real!
portions of a favorite dish and serve them
                                                  • Many brands of peanut butter in Australia contain a particularly nasty chemical
when desired.
                                                  known as butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA). This chemical is known to cause stomach
Smaller bites and frequent sips of water,         cancer in rats and mice and is strongly thought to be a human carcinogen too. Usually
milk, or other unsweetened drinks will make       there’s no mention of this additive on the label due to a loophole in the labelling laws
chewing and swallowing easier.                    in this country. Other equally effective, non-toxic additives exist that can do the same
Avoid empty calorie foods such as soft            job, but BHA is cheaper and so is more widely used.
drinks, chips, and candy that can reduce your     • Ice cream cones, you’d think, wouldn’t contain many additives, and, if they did,
child’s appetite without providing nutrients.     surely they would be non-toxic? Think again. Most popular brands contain at least three
By contrast, milkshakes, yogurt, fruit, juices,   artificial colours that are linked to hyperactivity, are suspected or known carcinogens
or instant breakfasts provide extra calories      that are banned in the US, and/or are known mutagens (agents that damage DNA).
and protein.                                      In addition, many of these products also contain the antioxidant BHA, mentioned
Some types of chemotherapy may temporarily        above.
alter your child’s sense of taste. Well-          • Baby food is protected under legislation from the addition of many of the more toxic
seasoned foods such as spaghetti, tacos, and      common food additives. Even so, throughout the research for this book, examples were
pizza may seem especially good at times.
                                                  found of well known baby foods that contained suspected carcinogens, mutagens and
Sometimes adding extra salt or sugar, or
                                                  artificial colours that are known to promote hyperactivity and are linked to asthma.
using less, may make foods taste better.
However, because of fluid retention, patients      Many food additives are harmless and may be beneficial, but there are numerous food
on cortisone drugs should limit salt in their     additives still in use today that are known to be dangerous and which, given the choice,
diets.                                            most of us would choose not to consume or feed our families.
A decrease in appetite is common to some          You are probably thinking, “How can this be true? Surely it’s illegal in Australia to
types of chemotherapy. But this must              put toxic chemicals in the food we buy? Of the 300 or so permitted food additives in
be countered with an increase in fluid            Australia at least 30 are known or suspected carcinogens. Many others are banned
intake beginning a few days before the            in other countries because of known adverse health effects, yet are still permitted in
chemotherapy and continuing for a few             Australia. The reason for this is that our testing of food chemicals isn’t as rigorous
days after it.                                    as in other countries.
If your child is taking oral medication at        We can, however, greatly reduce our daily intake of unnecessary, and often unsafe, food
home, the time of day that medication is          chemicals and toxins simply by choosing products that don’t contain these dangerous
given may be critical. Some are best given        substances. There are still many low additive, healthier choices available in our
in the morning, some at midday, some on           supermarkets today – there are still smart choices the informed shopper can make.
a full stomach. Be sure to ask your doctor
when and how medications should be
administered.                                     From “Additive Alert: Your Guide to Safer Shopping” by Julie Eady - a book
Information provided by the                       which helps put consumers back in control of what they buy and eat. With a bit of
National Cancer Institute                         knowledge about how to read food labels, and information on which additives you
National Institutes of Health                     need to avoid, you can very easily make some simple changes to your shopping and
                                                  eating habits that will reap real benefits.
article/926236247.html                            For your details of your nearest stockist or to order a copy of this important book
                                                  please phone 08 9403 2245 or email
WELLNESS NEWS                                                                                 Cancer Support Association of WA             Page 23

Whole food fun for kids...                                                                        Raw Food
  Bugs on a log                                                                                   Workshops
  A tasty snack or entree                                                                         for Health
  2 stalks celery
  your favorite filling: organic peanut
  butter, tuna salad, tofu dip, etc.
                                                                                                  & Survival
  raisins                                                                                               WITH MARGUERITE
  Wash celery and cut off ends. Fill celery with your favorite filling and decorate with
  raisins. That’s it!                                                                             2nd & last
                                                                                                  of month

  Kermit’s Dip
  1 ripe avocado
  1 cup yogurt or 1 cup mashed tofu
  1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar
  1/4 teaspoon Mexican spices, cumin, or oregano
                                                                                                  “If you want to be healthier, look
  Mash everything together with a fork or put in a blender until smooth. Serve with               and feel younger, live longer, then
  raw carrots, celery, cauliflower, or broccoli. Maybe you could stuff small cherry                eating more raw, live food could be
                                                                                                  the answer. Learn how to prepare
  tomatoes with it, too.                                                                          nutritious, delicious, and exciting meals,
                                                                                                  (cane sugar and dairy free), using
                                                                                                  organic fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts
  Apple Cheddar Quesadillas with                                                                  and seeds, without destroying vital
                                                                                                  enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

  Cranberry Coleslaw                                                                                        14TH DECEMBER
                                                                                                            Delicious Deserts
  A main meal the whole family will enjoy
                                                                                                             Fabulous Flans!
  6 Organic Tortillas                1/4 cup mayonnaise                                                       JANUARY
  (Traditional, Fat-free, Whole      2 tsp lemon juice
  Wheat or Red Chile)                1 TB sugar                                                           Phone reception for
  12 oz shredded cheddar             salt to taste                                                          2005 program
  cheese                             1 10 oz bag shredded cabbage coleslaw mix
  2 apples (any sweet, crunchy       1 large carrot, peeled and grated
  variety like Gala or Fuji),        2 scallions, green and white parts thinly sliced              Cost: $20 includes great snacks
  washed and sliced                  1/3 cup dried cranberries                                    $22 non-members. Ph reception to
  2 TB butter                        1/4 cup chopped walnuts, optional                                 book as space is limited.

  Put the tangy coleslaw together first, so its flavors can meld together while you make
  the quesadillas. To prepare quesadilla, sprinkle 2 to 3 TB cheese over one half of
  tortilla. Place several apple slices, barely overlapping, on top of cheese. Then sprinkle                                    farm direct
  2 more Tbs. of cheese on top of apples and fold tortilla in half. Repeat with remaining                                         certified
  tortillas. Heat butter in skillet over medium-high heat and cook quesadillas until the
                                                                                                                             organic fruit
  cheese melts and the tortillas are golden brown on both sides.
                                                                                                                             & vegetables
  To prepare coleslaw, whisk mayonnaise, lemon juice, 2 Tbs. water, sugar and salt
  together in a small bowl. Combine shredded cabbage, carrot, scallions, cranberries
                                                                                                    Mixed Seasonal Boxes ($30 & $45)
  and walnuts in a large bowl. Pour dressing over cabbage mixture and toss well to                 with 16-20 different types of vegies & fruit
  coat. Allow coleslaw to sit at least 15 minutes before serving, tossing occasionally.                 Seasonal Fruit Box ($40)
                                                                                                      Customised Orders (from $30)
  Serve immediately with coleslaw on the side. Serves 4

                                                                                                                 also available:
                                                                                                  free range eggs, biodynamic milk/meat &
  Instant Banana Pudding                                                                                        soy products

   Desert for one...                                                                               We deliver on Wednesdays & Thursdays
                                                                                                   Orders accepted until Tuesday 7pm via:
   1/2 small banana              1 tsp plain yoghurt                                                tel: 08 9284 6503, fax: 08 9284 6504
   1/4 cup applesauce
   Mash banana. Add applesauce and yoghurt. Eat and enjoy!
                                                                                                      Delivered direct to your doorstep.
                                                                                                       Regular country consignments
 Page 24    Cancer Support Association of WA                                                              WELLNESS NEWS

                                                How to survive
 CSA Online                                              by Dr Charmaine Saunders, CSA On-line Counsellor

 counselling                               Christmas is one of the loveliest festivals of
                                           our year. Everyone loves it, even the hardest
                                                                                              • My personal favorite is buying gifts all
                                                                                            year round. We know that January is the best
     is now available with                 heart melting to the sound of carol-singing,     time for sales so stock up then, especially
    Dr Charmaine Saunders                  the sight of city decorations and the thought    on decorations. You can get fabulous tree
                                           of all those mince pies, cakes and puddings.     pieces, for instance, for 50c or $1 each in
 Charmaine provides online                 Most of us have happy memories of this           the after-Christmas sales. It just requires a
 counselling and advice to CSA             holiday but somehow when we become               bit of forward planning.
 members & the general public.             adults, the magic is lost in the melee of
                                                                                              • Obviously, do not overwork the plastic!
   Some advantages of online               stress, cost and family hassles. Why is
                                                                                            Lots of beautiful gifts can be made such as
   counselling are:                        this?
                                                                                            baked goods, craft items, homemade cards
   - private & confidential                                                                  and so on. It doesn’t have to be expensive
                                           The simple answer is that Christmas is an
   - convenience & accessibility                                                            to be appreciated.
                                           ideal and that’s in fact what creates the
   - immediacy (book anytime)
                                           special magic. People seem nicer, more
   - annonymity
  1.00pm ~ 2.00pm Mon & Thurs
                                           caring and tolerant, generous. It’s a time for
                                           forgiveness and putting aside differences so
    On-line Support Group with                                                               • Release the fairytale image of Christmas.
                                           why does it fail? We’re human, that’s why!
     Dr Charmaine Saunders                                                                  It doesn’t have to all go perfectly.
                                           We fail to live up to the ideal. Christmas
 The CSA’s website ‘CSA Online’ at         brings out the best of intentions and often,      • Keep in simple and within your budget also           the worst of behaviour. Some over-indulge        so you don’t place any pressure onto
 offers a bulletin board for exchange of   and treat the season as nothing more than an     yourself.
 messages, enquiries, and comments;        excuse to eat and drink to excess. Others get
                                           lost in all the materialism, running up bills     • Try to enjoy the lead-up - the shopping,
 a chat room for general discussion; and                                                    planning, card-mailing, present-wrapping,
                                           that will cause distress well into the new
 a private counselling room where you                                                       cooking and so on. Don’t think of it as work
                                           year. Yet others get hooked on overdoing
 can make a booking with Charmaine.                                                         but as once-a-year fun.
                                           in the entertaining department, wanting
     Email Charmaine direct on
                                                                               Meeting the Challenge
                                           everything picture-perfect and feeling let         down if this can’t be achieved. We’ve all        Family
     for more information about            seen too many `perfect-family’ greetings          • Most important – forgive and forget any
   online counselling & support.           cards and at Christmas, more than any other      grievances from during the year. That’s what
                                           time, we demand to match that picture.           Christmas is all about.
                                           The very pressure of this brings inherent
                                           problems.                                         • Play peacemaker – invite family members
                                                                                            who don’t get along or don’t see each other
                                           So how do we avoid these common traps?           much during the year. Make it be easy and
                                           The three main causes of Christmas stress are    pleasant.
                                           financial, emotional and family problems.
                                                                                             • Be tolerant of younger and older members
                                           Christmas by its very nature is expensive        of the family who might have irritating or
                                           but planning and creativity are the keys to      disruptive habits. Exercise tolerance and
                                           avoid running up big bills.                      acceptance.
                                             • The Christmas club fund is a great idea.     Overall, the main message is that Christmas
                                           You put in a few dollars a week either in a      is a magical time and should be enjoyed to
                                           bank account or a piggy bank, if you’re very     the maximum and not just endured. Don’t
                                           strong, and by the beginning of December,        let one person in the family do all the work,
                                           you could have up to $500 to spend on food       let it be a group effort and let love be the
                                           and gifts.                                       guiding force.

                                               “All hearts come home for Christmas”
WELLNESS NEWS                                                                        Cancer Support Association of WA    Page 25

                                            h MEMBERS h
                                 BULLETIN BOARD
    If you would like to post something on the Bulletin Board send your contribution to: The Editor, Wellness News,
  PO Box 325 Cottesloe WA 6911; Phone (08) 9384 3544; Fax (08) 9384 6196; or e-mail

  Free Lymphoedema Consult                  Help us help other                              Give a gift of
  Daniela Arndt is a qualified massage
  therapist and ‘Complex Physical
                                            members...                                      Wellness this
  Therapy’ practitioner at the              We regularly have members and the
  Cottesloe Sports Massage Clinic.          wider community contact us wanting               Christmas...
  Daniela is offering a free initial        to know of medical and alternative        Christmas is just around the corner.
  consultation including assessment         practitioners who are supportive.         Come into the CSA’s Wellness
  and 1/2 hour manual lymph                 Please call reception and let us know     Shop and spoil your loved ones
  drainage. Phone 9244 8215 to make         of practitioners that have helped and     with a wellness gift. Choose from
  an appointment.                           supported you!                            music to soothe the soul, books
                                                                                      to ignite the healing spirit and a
  CSA VALET PARKING!                        H O S P I TA L B E D S F O R H O M E      great range of products to help
  If the CSA carpark is full please drive   Australian Foodgrains Bank is offering    you be well in the world. Did you
  up to the round-about directly at         ex-hospital beds to private homes         the CSA Wellness Shop is now
  the bottom of the CSA stairs and          where a loved one has a disability        online, so you can buy from home:
  ask reception for a staff member          of some kind. The cost is $100 each.
  to park your car.                         Phone 9335 2230 for more details.

  Paul Alexander, one of Australia’s leading natural health practitioners, is offering a very comprehensive Health
  Assessment Screening at a reduced price for CSA members. Contact Paul at the Tara Centre, or discuss this option
  with Dr. Loretta do Rozario or Dr Peter Daale at CSA.

                                                                         In Fond Memory
                                                                       of those who have
                                                                     shared part of their
                                                                   journey with us ...
     Welcome New Members!
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                 All Members Prices include 15% Discount
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Cancer Specific
You Can Conquer Cancer - Ian Gawler                23.80,   28.00
Cancer Proof Your Body - Ross Horne                18.70,   22.00
                                                                    Books cont...                                   Members, Rrp
Managing Dis-Ease and Cancer - Frank Michael       17.00,   20.00   General Health
D.I.Y. Cancer Treatment - Jill Royce               17.00,   20.00
                                                                    Sick Homes - Part 1 Volatile Chemicals, Cosmetics &
Quest For Life - Petrea King                       21.30,   25.00
                                                                    Personal Care - Peter Dingle & Toni Brown              7.00, 8.20
Spirited Women - Petrea King                       21.30,   25.00
                                                                    Sick Homes - Part 2 Dust & the Science of Cleaning     7.00, 8.20
Living Simply with Cancer - Ross Taylor            12.50,   14.75
                                                                    Dangerous Beauty - Peter Dingle & Toni Brown           7.00, 8.20
Flowers in Winter - Sir William Keyes              20.00,   24.00
Women of Silence - Grace Gawler                    21.30,   25.00   Personal Stories & Verse
I’ve Got A Curable One - Katie Burton              10.00,   12.00   Simply Soul- The Unplugged Version - Maureen Weiner 10.00, 12.00
Bald Badge of Courage - Lesley Girdwood            17.00,   20.00   Sometimes Hearts Have to Break - Petrea King        20.00, 24.00
Your Life in Your Hands - Jane Plant               23.80,   28.00

Mind-Body Health
Love, Medicine & Miracle - Bernie S Siegel MD      21.20,   25.00
                                                                     Audio Cassettes & CD’s
Prescriptions for Living - Bernie S Siegel MD      28.00,   33.00   MEDITATION
Peace, Love & Healing - Bernie S Siegel MD         19.50,   23.00
Molecules of Emotion - Candace B. Pert, PhD        25.50,   30.00   Cathy Brown
The Power Is Within You - Louise L Hay             18.70,   22.00   Relaxation Meditation - Tape                          11.00, 13.00
You Can Heal Your Life - Louise L Hay              18.70,   22.00   Ian Gawler
Ageless Body, Timeless Mind - Deepak Chopra MD     21.50,   25.00   Deep Natural Peace - CD                               25.50,   30.00
Perfect Health - Deepak Chopra MD                  25.50,   30.00   From Sound Into Silence - CD                          25.50,   30.00
Quantum Healing - Deepak Chopra MD                 25.50,   30.00   Meditation Pure & Simple - CD                         25.50,   30.00
Unconditional Life - Deepak Chopra MD              25.50,   30.00   Relax, Meditation, Imagery - CD                       25.50,   30.00
Anatomy of the Spirit - Caroline Myss              20.00,   23.00
Why People Don’t Heal & How They Can -                              Eric Harrison
Caroline Myss                                      20.00, 23.00     How to Meditate - CD                                  59.50, 70.00
Remarkable Recovery - Caryle Hirshberg             16.50, 19.50     Geraldine Page
Meaning & Medicine - Larry Dossey                  25.00, 29.50
                                                                    Visualise Your Way to Better Health - CD              23.00, 27.00
Meditation                                                          Immee Ooi
Peace of Mind - Ian Gawler                         21.20,   25.00   Ohm Mani Padme Hum - CD                               25.50, 30.00
The Creative Power of Imagery - Ian Gawler         21.20,   25.00   The Chant of Metta - CD                               25.50, 30.00
Meditation Pure & Simple - Ian Gawler              17.00,   20.00
                                                                    Ross Taylor
Creative Visualisation - Shakti Gawain             21.20,   25.00
                                                                    Living Simply With Cancer - CD                        20.00, 23.50
Mission of Love - Roger Cole                       21.30,   25.00
                                                                    2 Minute Meditation Series - Tape                     10.00, 12.00
Do You Want to Meditate? - Eric Harrison           17.00,   20.00
Teach Yourself to Meditate - Eric Harrison         17.00,   20.00   MUSIC & SOUND HEALING
Meditation & Health - Eric Harrison                17.00,   20.00
                                                                    Robert Boyd
The Naked Buddha - Eric Harrison                   17.00,   20.00
                                                                    Images & Reflections Vol 1 - CD                        25.50,   30.00
The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying -
                                                                    Images & Reflections Vol 2 - CD                        25.50,   30.00
Sogyal Rinpoche                                    28.00, 33.00
The Miracle of Mindfulness - Thich Nhat Hanh       29.80, 35.00     Images & Reflections Vol 3 - CD                        25.50,   30.00
                                                                    Jurong - CD                                           25.50,   30.00
Personal Growth                                                     Araluen - CD                                          25.50,   30.00
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway - Susan Jeffers     19.60, 23.00     Impressions - CD                                      25.50,   30.00
Living in the Light - Shakti Gawain                15.30, 18.00     Sunset Meditation - CD                                25.50,   30.00
                                                                    Angel Song - CD                                       25.50,   30.00
Nutrition                                                           Music of Sunset - CD (Boyd/Booth)                     25.50,   30.00
Laugh with Health - Manfred Urs Koch               28.00, 33.00     Christine Morrison
Blood Group Diet - Soma Health                      6.80, 8.00      Journey Into Colour & Sound - CD                      23.00, 27.00
Nutritional Medicine: Fact and Fiction -                            Waters of Time - CD                                   23.00, 27.00
Dr Igor Tabrizian                                  10.00, 12.00
                                                                    Cory Sea
Garlic for Health - Benjamin Lau MD, PhD            3.00, 3.50
                                                                    The Jazz Duo - CD                                     20.00, 25.00
Another Dose of Nutritional Medicine -
                                                                    “GLEE” - CD                                           20.00, 25.00
Dr Igor Tabrizian                                   6.80,    8.00
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           Visual - DVD’
                                                                         Hair Conditioner (500ml)                                       14.20,     16.70
Liquid Music                                                             Moisturiser Lavender                                           13.20,     15.50
Mindshower: Deep Spirit Drift - DVD                   25.50,    30.00    Moisturiser Unscented                                          12.90,     15.20
                                                                         Toothpaste (Apple, Lemon & Spearmint)                           8.50,     10.00
                                                                         Disinfectant (1 Litre)                                          9.80,     11.50
 Health Products                                                         Dishwashing Liquid                                              8.90,     10.40
                                                                         Dishwashing Powder (1 Kg)                                      13.90,     16.30
Juice Plus                                   one month 69.00,   82.00    Fabric Conditioner (1 Litre)                                    8.60,     10.10
Juice Plus Gummies                           two month 72.30,   85.00    Laundry Liquid(1 Litre)                                        10.10,     11.90
Colon Cleanse                                          30.00,   36.00    Laundry Powder (1 Kg)                                          13.60,     16.00
SAFE Lactobacillus                                     20.00,   24.00    Fruit and Vegetable Wash                                        8.20,      9.60
SAFE Barley Green (225g)                               36.00,   41.00    Oven and Barbeque Cleaner (1 Litre)                            12.70,     14.90
AIM Barley Green (200g)                                52.00,   61.00    Vigor All Purpose Cleanser                                      9.00,     10.50
Pharmalliance Oxichel Tablets                          75.30,   88.60
Pharmalliance Emmugen                                  50.10,   59.00
Pharmalliance Mennugen                                 53.50,   63.00     Water Filters and Juic-
Calcium Ascorbate (500g)                               22.00,   26.00
                                                                         Please contact CSA reception to confirm postage prices
Feroxin (500ml)                                        39.50,   46.50
                                                                         on the following items:
Paw Paw Leaf Concentrate                               17.00,   20.00
Melrose Organic Flaxseed Oil - 500ml                   18.70,   22.00    The Champion Juicer (5% discount members)                    565.00,    595.00
USANA Selenium                                          9.50,   11.00    Sampson Juicer (5% discount members)                         530.00,    560.00
USANA Essentials Mega Antioxidant &                                      Filter Counter Top Aqua Pro                                  140.00,    165,00
 Multi Mineral                                         93.05,   110.00   Filter Twin Under Sink Aqua Pro                              276.00,    325.00
USANA Poly C with bioflavanoids                         49.30,    58.00   Filter Reverse Osmosis (RO) Portable                         420.00,    495.00
USANA Proflavanol (antioxidant)                         49.30,    58.00   Filter RO Under Sink 4 Stage                                 552.00,    650.00
Ester C                                                32.30,    38.00   Filter RO Under Sink 5 Stage                                 637.00,    750.00
Biological Micro Mineral Solution                      18.70     22.00   HOW TO ORDER: These items are available by personal collection or by mail
Maxi-Phyte - Soya Phytosterols                         25.50     30.00   order. Payment can be made by cheque or credit card. A small charge will be
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 EnviroCare Products                                                     place your order or post or fax the order form below. Alternatively, log on to CSA
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