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First Name: Barbara
Last Name: Pause
Organization: Textile Testing & Innovation, LLc.

Keywords (up to six): phase change material, textile composite, energy efficiency, thermal

                                 Abstract (500 words or less)

Title: Taking the heat! Introduction of new energy efficient building materials based on the
application of phase change material (PCM)

The thermal performance of building materials and, hence, buildings can be significantly
improved by the application of phase change material (PCM). PCM is a highly-productive
thermal storage medium. Applied to a building’s envelope the PCM controls the heat flux into
and out of the building. Preliminary investigations have shown that the roof of the structure
provides the most efficient location for the PCM. In order to integrate the PCM in a roof
structure non-woven composite materials have been developed. The non-woven composite
materials consist of a polymer matrix with PCM attached to a non-woven carrier material. The
newly-developed non-woven composite materials shall replace the underlay or the moisture
barrier currently used in roof structures. Tests, carried out in a model building and computer
simulations have shown that the temperature in a living space underneath the roof is reduced
significantly on hot summer days by the PCM application in the roof. Furthermore, a substantial
decrease in the annual heating demand of a building is obtained by the PCM application.

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