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…making a difference
WISE Employment seeks volunteer mentors to work with the Personal Helpers and Mentors
(PHaMs) Program, a unique program providing practical, emotional and holistic support to
people whose lives are severely affected by mental illness.

                                                    Mentoring     can help participants on their
                                                    recovery journey by building confidence and
                                                    self-esteem and improving their social and living

                                                    Mentors       would need to have a good
                                                    understanding of mental health, be reliable,
                                                    respectful, committed and encouraging and
                                                    ideally be over 25 years of age.

                                                    Mentors      and clients are matched based on
                                                    their values, beliefs and interests.

                                                    Mentors      will help participants in      many
                                                    different ways; reconnecting someone       to the
                                                    community, teaching someone to use          public
                                                    transport or maybe just being there to     talk to
                                                    when things aren’t going well.

To discuss this role further or to find out more    Mentors     will be provided with an in-depth
about the PHaMs information sessions, please call   training course, including First Aid Training with
WISE Employment’s PHaMs Team on:                    St Johns Ambulance.

WISE Employment’s PHaMs Program
WISE Employment Cranbourne,
7 – 9 Bakewell Street, Cranbourne VIC 3977
E: cranbourne@wiseemployment.com.au
T: 03 5996 3511
F: 03 5995 9755

  www.wiseemployment.com.au                         empowerment through employment
Volunteer Community mentors…
…making a difference
WISE Employment is a not-for-profit organisation with over 23 years providing employment
and training services to job seekers from some of our most marginalised backgrounds. WISE
has offices in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

What is the Personal Helpers and                        Is there a cost involved?
Mentors Program?                                        No, PHaMs finances all reasonable activities
PHaMs is a new program that supports people             undertaken whilst mentoring.
whose lives are severely affected by mental
illness. The program focuses on strengths - what        What is expected of the mentor?
people with mental health issues can do, and on
                                                        The mentor is expected to provide guidance
recovery – demonstrating that people with mental
                                                        and support to their mentee simply by spending
illness can lead a fulfilling life in the community
                                                        time with them. Sharing enjoyable experiences
with the same opportunities as other people.
                                                        by engaging in variety of social and recreational
                                                        activities, such as having a chat over coffee,
The PHaMs program aims to provide practical and
                                                        shopping or going for walks are key factors in
emotional holistic support to people aged 16 and
                                                        the mentor client relationship.
over with severe functional limitations as a result
of mental illness. It will also assist participants
to better manage their daily activities, as well as     Are mentors provided with training?
provide access to a range of appropriate services       If a mentor application is accepted, mentors are
and support.                                            taken through a selection and training program
                                                        with the aim of having each new mentor
The program is a key part of the Australian             comfortable with their understanding of their role
Government’s Mental Health package, which               and completely prepared to meet with their new
was announced in the 2006 Budget and is part of         mentee.
the Council of Australian Government’s (COAG)
National Action Plan on Mental Health.                  First Aid training with St Johns Ambulance
                                                        will also be completed with ongoing coaching
Why have a mentor?                                      and professional development opportunities
                                                        throughout the volunteer program.
Many PHaMs participants find themselves
socially isolated and feel disconnected from the
community. As a result of their mental illness,         How long will the mentorship last?
participants may also find it hard to manage            The duration of the mentorship varies, with
daily activities. The mentoring component of the        the average mentorship lasting three to nine
program assists participants on their recovery          months.
journey, by building confidence and self-esteem
and improving their social and living skills.
                                                        What does PHaMs expect to achieve
What does it involve?                                   with Mentorship?
                                                        PHaMs expects that through their mentors,
The activities and the time spent will depend on
                                                        clients will be encouraged and supported on their
the requirements of the mentee as well as the
                                                        journey towards recovery and achieving their
availability of the mentor. It could involve having a
                                                        individual goals by sharing their skills, knowledge
chat over coffee for an hour or spending a whole
                                                        and positive attitude.
day at the footy. We expect that there would be a
minimum of four hours contact per month.

To discuss this role further please call,
WISE Employment’s Personal Helpers and Mentors Program
WISE Employment Cranbourne, 7 – 9 Bakewell Street, Cranbourne VIC 3977
T: 03 5996 3511 F: 03 5995 9755
E: cranbourne@wiseemployment.com.au

www.wiseemployment.com.au                                empowerment through employment

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