03 - Dwar of Waw by pengxiuhui


									Dwar of Waw

Level        39
Class        Mage

Homes        Waw in Southeasternmost Endor; later Barad-dur in Mordor and
             Minas Morgul in Ithilien.

             Citadel in White Forest – driven out by party.

AKA          Dendra Dwar; King of Waw; Dog King; Dog-lord; The Third

Appearance          Stands 6’4” with a stalwart build. Pale hazel eyes and ruddy
                    complexion typify Waw’s Wolim. Covered in magical, steel-
                    reinforced armor dyed in patches of grey, black and white
                    and vaguely resembling the coloring of a War hound. His
                    enchanted helm, shaped like a stylized wolf head.

Items        Falchion “War Dancer”
                 +5/+5 forged of ithilnaur and inlaid with white gold and pearl.
                    Pearl tipped pommel is actually the end of a +5/+5 dagger
                    (sheathed in the hilt). The sword will dance out of the
                    wielder’s hand for up to 10 rnds, parrying blows against the
                    wielder at half normal pluses.

             Ge “Air Cleaver”
                 +5/+5 enchanted Braric Killing-bola made of silvery ogamur.

             Ring “Wolor Priest’s Ring”
                 Made of gold-inlaid steel and inset with petrified wood it is a
                   spell multiplier. It glows with a blue green aura when ever it
                   is consciously pointed toward running surface water (within

             Morgul Knife “Sorcery Knife”
                +5/+5 dagger dissolves when exposed to sunlight.
                Blade breaks off in victim and will reach the heart in a
                   number of days (usually a few weeks). If the shard reaches
                   the heart, the victim becomes a wraith servant.
                When a Nazgul is slain, the Morgul Knife can be recovered.
                   We have three such knives. All nine are needed to retrieve
Special Powers

      Black Breath – Dwar can call up the breath (like all wraiths) on any given
      round. Failure can result in numerous effects. The victim might fall into a
      sleep that lasts for weeks or even months. The longer the sleep lasts, the
      greater chance that the victim becomes insane due to the terror of the
      accompanying dreams.

      Presence – Again, like all wraiths Dwar’s presence causes fear and a
      victim might either become paralyzed or run in terror. This is not caused
      by the breath, and is commonly misunderstood, but is a separate ability
      associated with the Nazgul’s very presence in an area.

      Spells – Dwar has a broad arsenal of spells. As a mage, he has no

      Hearing – Dwar can emit sounds that can only be heard by canines and
      he can speak to any such creature within 2000’.

      Dog Mastery – Dwar can absolutely control a number of dogs whose lvls
      total no more than 39 and who are within 2000’.


      Nature - Ringwraiths suffer in the seemingly commonplace aspects of
                 Daylight reduces their abilities by 50%, while cloudy daytime
                   skies reduce them by 25%.
                 They have a fear of running natural water, i.e. river, and
                   struggle to will themselves across it.
                 When touched by natural fire, the Nazgul might flee.
                 Attacks involving the elements should do significant damage
                   to the Nazgul, providing other protections are not in place.

      Varda Elentari “Elbereth Githoniel”

                     Varda’s presence effects the ringwraiths more than any
                      other being. When confronted by the manifestation of
                      Elbereth, even the cry of her name, the Nazgul must save or


For a detailed history, see the documents translated by Tecun. The following is
just a brief summary of those documents.
Early Years

Dendra Dwar was born in Horm on Waw, the Isle of Dogs, in S.A. 1949. His early
life was difficult – forced to work for his father, a Wolim fisherman, at seven years
of age. His mother Ombril died during his birth.

In SA 1965 the K’prur of Hent landed on Waw and burned Horm. Young Dwar,
his brother Dwem and his father Dendra Wim wscaped, but a wound cost Wim
his life several weeks later. Dwar pledged to avenge the attack on his people and
the murder of his beloved father.

Dwar sailed north to Wol, the warlike realm of the mainland Wolim tribes. He
learned the ways of the forests and fields and became an able warrior. He served
in Wolim campaigns and rose to become a scout, working with trained

In S.A. 1969 he entered an arcane school devoted to the ancient magical arts.
Studying under the priest Embra Slil, Dwar became a Mage in order to aid in
exacting his revenge.

Dwar emerged as Lord of Dogs in S.A. 1980. He wrested the citadel of Alk Waw
from the K’prur overseer and established a foothold on the remote peninsula in
southeastern Waw. He defended the citadel with the aid of 2000 warhounds and
eventually scattered the Kprur army that had occupied Waw for 17 years.

Unfortunately for the Wolim, Dwar established himself as the High-lord of their
isle and refused to reconvene the Elder Councils. Waw became the Isle of Dogs,
the domain of the Dog King, and no one dared defy his harsh edicts.

In order to satiate his desire for power and vengeance, he proclaimed himself
heir to all the surrounding islands and coastal realms, including Hent to the north.
With his fleet, he pillaged port towns and terrorized the coast. The Dendra Dwar
vanished. His soul consumed by greed and hatred, he accepted the offer of
immortality and a Ring of Power from Sauron of Mordor. His armies conquered
Hent, but the Dog King was nowhere to be seen. His nephew, Dendra Swip,
assumed the mantle of Lord of the Dogs during the celebration of the victory his
uncle had savored most.

Dwar the Ringwraith

Dwar remained in Waw, despite his apparent demise, for another 250 years.
During this era he manipulated the line of his heirs and ruled from the shadows
while residing in the solitude of Alk Waw. Peace came only after Dwar’s
departure for Mordor in SA 2250.
From this time through to SA 3262, Dwar lived at Barad-dur, where he bred the
war wolves of Mordor. When the Numenoreans of Ar Pharazon captured Sauron,
Dwar fled back to Waw.

The Dog King returned to Mordor in SA 3320, a year after the Lord of the Rings
returned to the dark tower. The War of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men
claimed the lives of the finest of Dwar’s foul hounds. Dwar followed the fate of
Sauron and passed into the shadows with the destruction of the one ring.

Third Age

Dwar reformed and reawakened in TA 1051. He flew east to Waw in that year
where he would preside for 598 years, once again assuming his place as the
ultimate power on Waw.

Sauron recalled Dwar to the West in TA 1640, to help prepare for the evil one’s
eventual reemergence. He remained in Mordor breeding ward dogs until 2000,
when he participated in the Nazgul’s capture of Minas Morgul. Here he lodged
until 2063.

Dwar then had the task of recovering the ruling ring. He teturned to Mordor and,
flying a fell beast, he engaged the fruitless hunt for the ring. He finally came to an
end while en route to the Orodruin, for the breaking of the Ruling Ring unmade
his own Ring of Poewer and robbed him of his only link to Ea.

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