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									       Innovative Components

The DELTA Rock
S y s t e m
incorporates     two
innovative products
to     create     an
a t t r a c t i v e ,

membrane            is
installed against the
exterior sheathing of                        DELTA Rock Systems Inc.
the home before the                                   #5, 3716 - 56th Avenue SE
rock panel.                                           Calgary, Alberta T2C 2B5
                                                   403.720.2001 Fax: 403.720.0623
allows for airflow
behind the rock
panels and prevents
moisture from contacting the structure.
Keeping your home dry and comfortable.

Additional airflow is provided by channels
built in to the back of every panel.

                                             Colors shown are reproduced by the lithographic process and may
                                             vary from actual colors. Consult product samples for color accuracy.
                                             All materials are products of NextStone Building Products.
                                             NextStone Building Products reserves the right to delete or change
                                             items in its product line without notice.

The Beauty of DELTA-ROCK                          NEW Drystack Pattern                      Simple, efficient installation.
Our rock panels are cast from molds
created from actual stone. Our unique                                                      The top panel fits over the
coatings which are chemically bonded with                                                  bottom panel to secure
the molded surface of the panel create the                                                 the panel firmly to the
most authentic synthetic stone on the                                                      wall. The overlap of the
market today.                                                                              tongue and groove design
                                                                                           hides all screw heads.

                                                                                           The panel ends
                                                                   *Santa Fe Adobe shown   overlap as well and
                                                 Available in four designer colours that
                                                                                           provide a consistent
                                                 compliment       and      blend    with
                                                                                           grout line between
                                  Sedona Red
                                                 contemporary       architecture.   Our
                                                                                           every panel.
                                                 Drystack pattern provides an exciting
                                                 new option to your construction or
                                                                                           The tongue and groove top to bottom
           Desert Buff                                                                     interlock feature and the side to side
                                                 remodeling project. Drystack panels
                                    Tri-Gray     are 4” X 48” and cover 1.33 square
                                                                                           overlap give a professional finish with no
                                                 feet each with 8 different panel
                                                                                           caulking required, every time.
            Lava Gray

                           New England Mocha
                                                Western Taupe

DELTA Rock Systems rock panels are
made       of     a    uniquely   formulated    Santa Fe Adobe
polyurethane with UV inhibitors and fire
retardants. Each 15-1/2” X 48” panel
covers approximately 5 square feet and
weighs less than 6 pounds. Panels can be         Durango Red
cut using common woodworking tools. The
result is a lightweight, durable panel with a
realistic rock finish.                          Kentucky Gray

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