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					Wedding                                                                                  Where is it?
                                Would you like to make your                We appreciate that maybe you’re feeling
  Dance                         Wedding day extra special?                 nervous or anxious about dancing in front
                                Maybe you would like a few dance           of people at your Wedding. Learning to
 Lessons                        steps just to see you through the big      dance in the right atmosphere is important
Personal, Professional                                                     you need to feel comfortable and relaxed.
                                day?                                       That’s why we come to you. We teach you
   Dance Lessons                What ever the reason, Balanced Heart       how to dance for your wedding in the
 In Your Own Home               specializes in teaching Wedding            privacy of your own home. We also like to
                                Couples and their bridal party/ family     recommend that you have a practice lesson
                                how to dance. Our experienced              at your reception venue, so you can
                                instructors understand that everybody      familiarize yourself with the dance floor
                                                                           (Closer to the wedding date). Lesson times
                                is different and learns differently. We    can be arranged to suit you.
                                also recognize that this is your special
                                day and we want to help you enjoy it                       Music
                                even more.                                 You might have a particular song in mind,
                                                                           or no idea where to start. That’s ok we can
                                Why not amaze everybody with a             help you.
                                special dance routine put together         We have a wide music to choose from.
                                especially for you both. You can           Your choice of song will determine your
                                                                           style of dance.
                                choose your own music and / or
                                dance style. It’s entirely up to you.
     0422 39 73 11
              Dance style                     The more time you have to learn and                 Bridal Groups/Family
There are many songs which suit all dance     practice, the more comfortable you’ll be       Group lessons are a fun way for your bridal
styles. The most popular Wedding dance        and the more fun you will have. The            party to get to know each other while
generally is the Rumba. The Rumba is          objective is to have your Wedding dance        learning how to dance. Lessons are for 1
known as “the dance of love”; the reason      rehearsed so much you won’t have to think      hour and start from $15.00 per person
for this is that it is slow, sensual and      about it on the day.                           when there are 12 or more people.
romantic. Most love songs and ballads are     Usually anywhere from 4 – 12 one hour
Rumbas. It’s also one of the easiest dances   lessons will have you feeling confident and            Getting Started
to learn. Other dances include; Foxtrot,      gliding around the dance floor with ease.      Arrange a time that is suitable for you and
Waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Tango, Mambo, Jive                                                       your partner to have a FREE consultation.
even Salsa.                                                      Price
                                              Your first FREE consultation will run for
       How many lessons?                      around 30-40 minutes. This gives us the
Everybody is different and we all learn       opportunity to discuss all the details of
differently. It will all depend on a few      your Wedding dance. We will also get you
factors:                                      started with a step or two to practice until
       How much time you have before the      your next lesson.
       wedding?                               Balanced Heart has great dance lesson
       Have you danced before?                packages in 4, 6, 8 or 12 1hour lessons that
       What style of dance you choose?        work out to be really cost effective. Casual
       How elaborate or basic you would       lessons available also.
       like your routine?
       How much practice you do.
                                                              GIFT                                       Phone Yasmin on
                                                                                                      0422 39 73 11

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