Using Google Talk by lindahy


Using Google Talk

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									                       Using Google Talk

Download the program
                               Using Google Talk

- Google talk downloads do not always work well.

- Run the program when asked.

- Next, save it on the desktop and RUN it again from
 your desktop.

- To use Google talk you need speakers (to hear) and
 a microphone to talk. Laptops have these facilities
 built in. Check you sound status through Control
 Panel – remove ticks in MUTE boxes, if present.
                                 Using Google Talk

If you see this window when downloading, click
where instructed below and RUN the program
                                       Using Google Talk

Once you see this icon on your
desktop, click on it and RUN.

This will initialise your Google
talk. The fun will start from here !
                                Using Google Talk

Sign in using your gmail user
name and password
                                  Using Google Talk

Google talk will pick up
automatically all your contacts
from gmail. Click on your
selected contact or type one in
the box.

For confidentiality reasons, we
have covered the names from our
personal gmail contacts with
blue boxes.
                                    Using Google Talk

Click on your selected contact.
To leave a voice message for this
person, click on send voicemail.
                                   Using Google Talk
This is how your voice mail will
appear in the email account of
the addressee. Notice, they can
reply to you also with a voice
                       Using Google Talk

Provided you have gmail account (and you
don’t have to use it as your email), never
again will you have to type your emails.

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