TRI NATURE PTY LTD Dear Member By the time you receive this by lindahy


TRI NATURE PTY LTD Dear Member By the time you receive this

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									                                                                                                             TRI NATURE PTY LTD
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     Dear Member

     By the time you receive this newsletter, the NSW 2008 Annual conference will almost be here and soon news will
     be starting to filter out about how terrific it was, how amazing the speakers were – and how exciting the new
     KYPHI Skin Care range is!

     Now I KNOW that you may not be a conference sort of person – but this isn’t your average event. It heralds the
     beginning of a brand new approach to marketing and provides attendees with an overview of how they can best
     benefit from what Tri Nature has to offer.

     The news that has created the most buzz has been the impending PR campaign. We have selected a firm with a
     portfolio of clients that includes NuSkin, Michel’s Patisserie, Lake Macquarie Tourism and EcoWash. In the
     months following the conference, we’ll be launching into an awareness exercise NATIONALLY.

     Keep an eye on the website as we report the places that this firm manage to get our name and Company showcased
     – and for the downloads they will be providing for you to use on a local level to see if you can raise awareness in
     your area.

     We’re trying everything we can to reduce our footprint and we feel it’s time to go electronic with the news! (See
     ‘What’s New’ for more details) Please let us know how you feel about the exercise through the website ‘quick

     Finally, this is a reminder to all Members at the Gold Manager level and above that we will be implementing the
     new volume requirements and level re-setting in July. This will complete the 2-year exercise we have undertaken
     to provide a rewarding and solid model for team-building and retailing rewards to take the Company into an
     outstanding future.

     We will complete the resetting of Gold and above member levels throughout July and will implement the changes
     in August. Please contact if you require assistance regarding the changes.

     With the new-look skin care, simplified marketing & rewards plan and all the fantastic work to be done by the PR
     firm, in conjunction with the ever-fabulous efforts of our distributors, Tri Nature is finally truly set to become a
     household name.

     Best regards

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                                                                     TRI NATURE PTY LTD
                                                   14 Sandpiper Close, Kooragang NSW 2304
                                              Box 304, Hunter Region Mail Centre NSW 2310
                                                      Ph: (02) 4928 2199 Fax: (02) 4928 2405

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Please post to our address or fax to (02) 4928 2405
                                                                                             AUGUST & SEPTEMBER
                                     Ph: (02) 4928 2199
                                     Fax: (02) 4928 2405                                                                       2008

The Nature of Things
Trends and Newsworthy Tips on Natural Technology

                                                                                             water shortage. Our Grey Water and Gentle
                                              •     Natural preservative system              products were well received by locals and
                                              •     Practical, sturdy yet fabulously         transient visitors at the show.
                                                    glamorous amber packaging!
                                                                                             Diane, Maree and Benita wish to thank the
                                                                                             Murray Region people for their hospitality
WE’RE GOING ELECTRONIC!                       Read more on the website!                      and business. We know that we will have
From September-December 2008, we                                                             a long and healthy association with the
will ONLY be sending our newsletter
out by email. We are being true to

                                              SHARING THE
‘who we are’ by reducing our printing                                                           CONFERENCE CALL
footprint! We encourage you to update                                                             TRAINING FOR
your email and contact details using the
                                                                                                MEMBERS ON THE
form attached to make sure you stay in
the loop regarding all the amazing new                                                                TNSS
things that are coming up between now
and December!                                                                                 To arrange TNSS Training, please
                                              TRINATURE LAUNCHES IN                           email

NEW KYPHI SKIN CARE RANGE!                    THE MURRAY REGION.                              Current TNSS members:           If
If you loved the jene range, you’ll flip out                                                   you have changed your email
completely over the KYPHI Skin, available                                                     address, please advise Wendy at
from September 2008!                                                                 so you
                                                                                              don’t miss out on your updates.
Key features of the KYPHI Skin range:                                                         If you have just registered as
• No added colour                                                                             a member of the TNSS, please
• All fragrance is from 100% certified                                                         email your contact details to
   organic essential oil blends                                                      so you
• Effective for all skin types                                                                can be kept up to date with any
• Unprecedented nutrition and hydration                                                       changes or to arrange training,
   is delivered to the skin through                                                           thankyou.
                                              A successful launch of Trinature was
   a superb selection of exotic oils,         conducted over 3 days at the ‘Caravan,
   essential vitamins, minerals and plant     Camping, 4WD, Boat & Fish Show’ by Benita
   extracts                                   Fielke, Maree Khoo and Diane Henderson.
                                                                                             SHARING THE EXPERIENCE
                                              The twin towns of Albury / Wodonga             Winner June/July 2008:
                                              and surrounding Murray regions with a          Jo Raydan (Vic)
                                              population of 90,000 are experiencing severe

                                                                                              Inside this issue:
                                                                                              What’s new &
   Tri Nature’s Customer Service Team                                                         sharing the experience                1
                                                                                              What's on across Australia            2
                                                                                                Meeting & event dates

                                                                                              August & September 2008
                                                                                              Member & Retail Specials
   Leah                   Lisa                    Stephanie             Dana
 Fernance                Castle                     Fuller             Richters                                                           1
                         MEETING DATES: August & September 2008

    New South Wales                             FRIDAY 26, SEPTEMBER 2008
                                                Date: Fri, 26th                                 Queensland
                                                Time: 9.30am - 2.30pm
                                                Venue: Highett                              Contact: Wendy Williams
Regular training sessions for NEW
                                                Cost: $15                                   (07) 3264 4885 or
members are being held, please contact
Diane Henderson for details and dates.          Contact: Jo Raydan to express interest
Also contact Diane and Alison for your          Ph: (03) 9532 2349 or                       NORTH BRISBANE NETWORKING
meeting and planning dates for June & July                    GROUP
2008. There is a very busy time coming                                                      Date: Wed 20th Aug, 2008
up for the Hunter region and we invite          NETWORKING DINNER                           Time: 10.15am to 12.15pm
everyone to participate.                        Date: Thurs, 28th August 2008               Venue: 6 Atlas Court, Eatons Hill Qld
Contact: Diane Henderson                        Time: 7:30 - 9:30pm                         Topic: We’re preparing for our afternoon
Ph: 02 49544055                                 Venue: TBA                                  on Women’s Health on 6th September.
Email:                  Topic: Special Event                        Come along and find out how you can grow
or Alison Gill Ph: 02 4988720                   Please confirm your attendance              your business by being involved OR JUST
Email:                     Contact: Vicki Williams (03) 9568 5569      join our networking group for support in
SYDNEY MEETINGS                                 REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING                     your Tri Nature business.
Date: Sat, 9th August 2008                      At each meeting we cover Business
Time: 10:00am                                   Presentation, product knowledge,            Date: Wed 17th Sep, 2008
Venue: Cherrybrook                              marketing, sharing ideas and knowledge,     Time: 10.15am to 12.15pm
Note: If you couldn’t make it to the National   current news upcoming events.               Venue: 6 Atlas Court, Eatons Hill Qld
Conference come and join us to find out                                                     Topic: We’re preparing for our Annual
the latest on the New business training         Berwick Meeting                             Retreat Weekend at “Anderson’s”. Come
system, and New Kyphi Skin Care range           Date: Mon, 11th Aug & Mon, 1st Sep 2008     along and find out how you can grow your
and lots more.                                  Time: 10:00am – 12:00noon                   business by being involved OR come along
Contact: Dianne Morris to confirm your          Venue: TBA                                  & join our networking group for support in
attendance.                                     Cost: $2                                    building your Tri Nature business.
Phone: 0419 990 496 or                          Contact: Jan Murray on (03) 9796 1395 or                                          SOUTH BRISBANE NETWORKING
                                                Geelong/Werribee Meeting                    Date: Wednesday 17th September, 2008
    South Australia                             Date: Tues,12th Aug & Tues, 9th Sep 2008
                                                Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm
                                                                                            Time: 7pm to 9pm
                                                                                            Venue: Runcorn Tavern, 124 Gowan Road,
                                                Venue: 69 Curletts Road, Lara               Runcorn
Date: Thurs, 28th Aug 2008                      Cost: $2
Time: 10:30 am                                                                              Topic: The Direct Selling Women’s Alliance
                                                Contact: Janita Martucci on (03) 5282       are a group of Direct Selling
Venue: West Croydon                             8575 or
Topic: Review on the Tri Nature                                                             Organisations all meeting together, join
Conference. Find out all about the new          Bayside Meeting                             us in a protected environment and enjoy
products. Get inspired with more things to      Date: Wed, 20th Aug & Wed,17th Sep          the guest speakers as they share their
come. Please let me know if you have any        2008                                        knowledge of our Industry with us.
topics/questions that you need answering.       Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm
Just send an email or phone me.                                                             WOMEN’S HEALTH
                                                Venue: 12 Hilton Street, Beaumaris          Date: Saturday 6th September, 2008
Note: Please phone to book in.                  Cost: $2
Contact: Benita Fielke Ph: 8346 4044                                                        Time: 2.00pm to 4.15pm
                                                Contact: Andrea Gault on (03) 9589 4763     Cost: $15 for Members/Guests Free!)
or                           or                  Venue: Evans Room at Captain’s
Date: Thurs, 25th Sep 2008                      Yea or Mansfield                            Cove Restaurant Bar & Function Room
Time: 10:30 am                                  Date: August - No meeting & Wed, 3rd Sep    Dockside, Kangaroo Point
Venue: West Croydon                             2008                                        Topic: Members and their guests are
Topic: Review of how your Mind Map is           Time: 10.30am-12.30pm                       invited to attend an afternoon with our
working for you. What can we add, change        Contact: Vicki for details (03) 9568 5569   Special Guest Speakers – Dr Warwick
to make it better? Brainstorm some ideas                  Raymont (creator of our Wonderful LIFE
for getting more customers and expanding                                                    BALANCE Nutritional Supplements) as
your business.                                  Dromana                                     he broadens our awareness to enable us
Note: Please phone to book in.                  Date: Tues, 19th Aug 2008                   to take responsibility in the management
Contact: Benita Fielke Ph: 8346 4044            Time: 10.0am-12.00pm                        of our own health PLUS Guest Speaker
or                           Venue: 29 Bellevue Road, Dromana            – Lyn Thomas who will educate us on the
                                                Topic: Tri Nature Update                    techniques of “Breathing & Relaxation”
                                                Contact: Mary Anderson (03) 5981 0021 or    PLUS We will have some amazing specials
    Victoria                                                  on offer for ALL attendees!
                                                                                            Contact: Wendy Williams to reserve your
If you are not on our e-mail list & would                                                   seats and arrange invites for your guests.
like to be, email Vicki strongwill@optusnet.                                              Western Australia
                                                Meetings and jené Skin Care training
                                                workshops held by request. For further
                                                details, contact:                                Oct - Nov 08 meeting dates:
Time: 9.30am - 2.30pm
                                                Karin Hanbury: (08) 9298 9829
                                                Faye Davies: (08) 9316 2798
                                                                                              Friday - 22 August 2008
Venue: Highett
Cost: $15

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