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                                                                                                             SUCCESSFUL TRADESPEOPLE EXPLAIN
                                                                                                            HOW TO USE BARTERCARD EFFECTIVELY

tradies talk trade
                                                           Bartercard Club Platinum member AJM Electrics
Bartercard is a great way for trades-
                                                           provides electrical contracting services to its
people to grow their business, get                         industrial, commercial and domestic customers
more cash customers and offset                             in Melbourne. “My husband Alex established the
                                                                                                                         TIPS FOR
their business expenses. Learn the                         business 30 years ago. We joined Bartercard in

tricks of the trade from Ramjon
                                                           1994 to shut up a friend who kept bragging how                TRADIES
                                                           good Bartercard was and how good it would be for
and AJM Electrics Pty Ltd.                                 our business. We haven’t looked back since,” says
                                                                                                                         • Give your suppliers ideas
                                                           Rose Mastro, Assistant Director of AJM Electrics.
Ramjon specialises in industrial, commercial and                                                                           and contacts of Bartercard
domestic painting in the Illawarra region of NSW.          “We advertise in the Bartercard National Directory              businesses they can spend

 Jim Ramsay, Ramjon’s Managing Director, says they         and by consistently doing a good job, we’ve built up            with. If they are spending,

joined Bartercard in 2002 to broaden their horizons        a good reputation both in the Bartercard community              then you can continue your
                                                           and the cash economy,” says Rose.                               arrangement with them!
and expand the business. Ramjon is now a Bartercard
Club Gold member.                                          “Thanks to Bartercard we’ve been able to move our               Rose says when one of
                                                           home office to a separate dwelling on the property.             AJM Electrics’ electrical
“Bartercard has been very good for us. We’ve been                                                                          component suppliers sold
able to fill in the gaps with Bartercard jobs when we      For this we purchased cabinets, bookshelves,
                                                                                                                           their business, the new
have been short of work and it has helped us to pick       flooring and plastering all on Bartercard.
                                                                                                                           owners were unsure of
up more cash jobs too,” says Jim.                          “We’ve been able to offset some of our office                   Bartercard. Rose helped
                                                           expenses. We’ve also bought a forklift, shelving for            them with some contacts
                                                           the storeroom, and some electrical products on                  and spending areas, so their
                                                           Bartercard.”                                                    confidence in Bartercard
                                                                                                                           grew. The new owners were
                                                           Rose says they have also renovated two homes on                 happy to continue supplying
                                                           Bartercard and purchased tiles, kitchen cupboards,              electrical components on
                                                           an oven, flooring, paint, a spa bath, vanity and                Bartercard.
                                                           showers all on trade. “I do everything on Bartercard!
                                                                                                                         • Always keep in contact with
                                                           I use it to buy gifts, lingerie and wedding presents. I         your Trade Co-ordinator and
                                                           also cash convert by buying things on Bartercard on             keep them up to date with
                                                           behalf of my friends’ businesses, then they pay me              your requirements so they
                                                           the cash,” says Rose.                                           can source the items for you.
                   Jim Ramsay
                                                           Rose emphasises the importance of a good                      • Be creative and cash convert
“One of the main benefits is being able to offset our      relationship with your Trade Co-ordinator. “My                  by paying for items on
business expenses. For example, we use Bartercard          advice is to always keep in contact with your Trade             Bartercard and have your
to purchase paints, painting accessories such as           Co-ordinator and keep them up to date with your                 friends re-imburse you with
brushes, office furniture and cleaning chemicals for       requirements so they can source the items for you,”             cash.
the office. We’ve had no trouble spending our Trade        says Rose.
                                                                                                                         • Keep your trade quotes the
Dollars.”                                                  “Bartercard works for our business and gives us a               same as your cash quotes.
                                                           better quality of life. We can do things we wouldn’t            You will generate more
Ramjon is building a new 800 square metre
                                                           normally be able to do. We dine out once a week                 business this way.
workshop which Jim says will be very lucrative for
the business. “We will get the excavation, plumbing        and take all our holidays on Bartercard. The kids             • Do a great job for your
and electrical work all on Bartercard. The Trade           love it!”                                                       Bartercard customers and
Dollars help us a real lot. A third of the cost is being                                                                   they will recommend you
paid for in Trade Dollars so it is a big cash saving.”                                                                     to their friends. You will
                                                                                                                           gain extra business from
In addition to business expenses, Jim also uses                                                                            both cash and Bartercard
Bartercard to indulge himself. “My best purchase                                                                           customers.
was a Valentino Rossi signed photograph which                                                 Alex Mastro
hangs above my desk at work. I got it at a
Bartercard auction at Albion Park RSL. I was very
lucky to pick it up and I’m very happy with it.”
Jim advises tradespeople within the Bartercard
network not to inflate their quotes for Bartercard
customers. “Keep your trade quotes the same as
your cash quotes and you will find you will generate
a lot more business,” says Jim.
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