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                        reach clamps
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     Equipment                                                Toggle Clamps
                                                 Dawn manufactures a large range of quality toggle clamps
                                                 and is also the australasian distributor of Destaco toggle
                                                 clamps offering the world’s largest range of toggle clamps
                                                 suitable for numerous holding operations in industrial
                                                 jigs and fixtures where components must be clamped
                                                 precisely and securely.
Tapes & packaging                                each clamp uses the tremendous force multiplication and
                                                 locking feature of the over-centre toggle locking principle.

                                                 there are four basic toggle actions available:
                                                  1. Hold Down Action –
           Dawn Tools & Vices                        holds workpiece with a downward clamping action.
                                                  2. Latch (Hook) Action –
      are the australasian agent for                 operates with a pulling action for closing door lids, etc
                                                  3. Plunger Action –
    carver clamps. the carver range
      Other                                          straight line clamp that can be locked in a pull
     includes standard duty through                  or push action.
                                                  4. Squeeze (Plier) Action –
     to heavy duty clamps with short                 holds parts with a pinching action between 2 jaws.
             and long reach.                     Within these 4 groups, clamps are available in a variety
                                                 of designs and styles with differing clamping pressure
                                                 ratings, handle designs and placements, and clamping
                                A number of
                                                 manual operated toggle clamps are the most common
                               Dawn products
                                                 but power toggle clamps are available which can be
                                are proudly      activated by pneumatic (air) pressure or hydraulic
                              Australian made.   fluid.

                               Look for this     Stainless Steel clamps are also available for increased
                                                 resistance to chemical and acid attacks. these are used
                                logo to see      in chemical, pharmaceutical, aircraft, marine, dairy and
                              which products.    food processing industries.

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