To All rate payers Public Exhibition of the Dungog Shire by lindahy


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									To All rate payers

Public Exhibition of the Dungog Shire Council Situation Analysis (SA) and Land
Use Strategy (LUS)

Council is writing to advise its ratepayers of the above mentioned documents currently
on public exhibition.

The documents are immensely important from a land use planning perspective as they
propose the principle strategic direction and planning framework for the Dungog Local
Government Area (LGA) through to the year 2031.

Council is committed to regular and proactive community consultation. As a result,
Council is conducting a comprehensive 60 day consultation period, during which Council
encourages your participation. Due to the nature and extent of the information, Council is
unable to commence consultation with a ‘blank canvas’. As such the draft documents
are Council’s preliminary vision for land use in the LGA, based upon identified
constraints and demands. However, Council strongly welcomes your suggested changes
or alternate concepts.

How can you get a copy ?

The drafts documents are available for download from Council’s website Due to the file size, the document maps and chapters are
divided respectively.

Copies of the draft documents are on display at the following locations;

   •   Dungog – Council Administration Building
   •   Dungog – Dungog Library
   •   Clarence Town – Rural Transaction Centre
   •   Paterson – Paterson Country Café/General Store
   •   Gresford – Gresford Post Office
   •   Vacy – Vacy Post Office/General Store

At the Council administration office in Dungog there are copies available for loan for a
period of up to a week. Alternatively, for a fee of $60.00 per document, colour copies of
the documents can be purchased. A CD with both draft documents is available for a fee
of $10.00. The fees are purely on a costs recovery basis.

Where can you attend information sessions?

The community is invited to attend information sessions in regards to the draft

The dates, times and locations are as follows;
   •   Dungog Information Session: Tuesday 8 September 2009 at 6pm. Venue: Doug
       Walters Pavilion
   •   Clarence Town Information Session: Wednesday 9 September 2009 at 6pm.
       Venue: Clarence Town Community Centre
   •   Gresford, Martins Ck, Paterson, Vacy, Information Session – Thursday 10
       September 2009 at 6pm. Venue: Vacy School of Arts.

These sessions will provide information to the public, discuss relevant issues, identify
how each of the local communities wish to be involved and determine possible
suggestions for Council during consideration of the documents.

How can you make a submission?

Council is receiving submissions during all of August and September 2009. The
submission period closes on 30 September 2009.

All submissions are to be in writing and addressed to;

                                 The General Manager
                                      PO Box 95
                                 DUNGOG NSW 2420

Electronic submissions are to be sent to:

How can you get the best out of your submission?

The best submissions are typically concise with clear links to the fundamental issues.
Furthermore, by maintaining a positive focus i.e. detailing the aspects you may be in
favour of, additional to aspects you don’t support, promotes a balanced and well
rounded submission.

How will your submission be assessed?

Council will firstly acknowledge all submission received. Council will then consider all
submissions with Council taking the issues into consideration prior to making any
decision on the documents. A submissions report, discussing all the raised issues will be
provided to all submission makers.

Council looks forward to your constructive comments. If a high degree of community
ownership can be affixed to the document, Council and the public can present a united
approach to land use planning in the LGA.

If you have any further questions please contact Council’s planning department on 4995

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