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									                                              Integrating Research Cluster
                              Integrating Sustainability Sustainability Research Cluster
                                                                 A research cluster of the University of Adelaide

Emissions Trading - New Market Developments and
Dr Tony Beck, Australasian Emissions Trading Forum

Tony, in his role as coordinator of the forum, provides                             Emissions Trading
an information service and business network for
companies and agencies that have an interest in
national and international emissions trading
developments and opportunities.

In his presentation Tony will outline recent developments
in emissions markets and how these are providing new
opportunities for Australian businesses. Particular attention
will be given to the growing opportunities in the Asia-                                  A seminar to discuss
Pacific region associated with the Clean Development
Mechanism.                                                                          mechanisms to take advantage
                                                                                    of carbon trading opportunities
Designing a National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading
James White, National Emissions Trading Taskforce                                   When: 3.00 – 5.00 pm
James currently works in the New South Wales                                              Wednesday
Greenhouse Office where he provides secretariat support
to the Taskforce. He previously worked in the New                                         25 October 2006
Zealand Climate Change Programme, where he prepared
a national interest analysis setting out the possible
impacts, advantages and disadvantages of New Zealand's
proposed ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.
                                                                                    Venue: National Wine Centre
In his talk he will discuss the role of the National Emissions
                                                                                           North Terrace Adelaide
Trading Task force, key features of a possible scheme
design as outlined in the discussion paper Possible Design
for a National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading
Scheme and consultation and further work by the
taskforce.                                                                            The University of Adelaide is
                                                                                       presenting this seminar for
                                                                                       those interested in learning
Legal Mechanisms for Protecting Vegetation Planted to
Sequester Carbon                                                                      more about mechanisms for
Paul Leadbeter, Norman Waterhouse Lawyers
                                                                                    carbon trading and how those in
Paul is a Partner with Norman Waterhouse. He has
extensive experience in environmental law and has
                                                                                    the market can take advantage
recently been involved in negotiating and drafting a
number of Forest Property Agreements for Australian
                                                                                          of these mechanisms.
Carbon Biosequestration Initiative Ltd.

The Forest Property Act 2000 came into operation in
South Australia in November 2001. Emitters of carbon
dioxide are entering into Forest Property Agreements with                                Drinks will be provided
landowners to plant indigenous trees to offset the carbon
dioxide produced by their activities. Paul will discuss the
                                                                                    afterwards and we would like to
nature of the legal arrangements that are not only enabling
the sequestering of carbon but also the revegetation of
                                                                                     invite you to stay to meet the
previously cleared land.                                                                       speakers

Carbon Commerce
Terry Teoh, Pacific Hydro                                                                    All Welcome
Terry is Development Manager in South Australia and in
this role is responsible for setting and delivering Pacific
Hydro’s state-level business objectives. Wind and
geothermal development are core activities for the
company                                                                              Bookings essential for catering
Terry will talk about carbon commerce from the
                                                                                       purposes: please contact
perspective of an Australian renewable energy company                                 maria.lekis@adelaide.edu.au
whose core business is electricity generation. Two case
studies will be presented showing how emissions markets                                   or phone 8303 3952
can be leveraged to build business value, an international
example under the Clean Development Mechanism and a
domestic example of geothermal energy.

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