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									             The Record
       Interstate Exchange (NSW and Qld - Under 20 Years)
           Girls             Boys                    Venue
1973       QLD                —                  Brisbane, Qld
1974      NSW           Tour of Sydney           Sydney, NSW
1975       QLD               QLD                 Brisbane, Qld
1976      NSW                NSW                 Sydney, NSW
1977      NSW                NSW                 Brisbane, Qld
            National Championships (Under 20 Years)
          Girls             Boys                    Venue
1978      NSW               QLD                 Sydney, NSW
1979       SA                SA                 Adelaide, SA
1980       VIC              NSW                 Wodonga, Vic
1981      NSW               NSW                Bundaberg, Qld
1982      ACT               NSW                Canberra, ACT
1983      ACT               NSW              Wagga Wagga, NSW
1984       VIC              NSW                 Brisbane, Qld
1985      NSW               NSW                Canberra, ACT
1986      QLD               QLD                  Geelong, Vic
1987      NSW               NSW             Port Macquarie, NSW

             National Championships (Under 16 years)
          Girls              Boys                    Venue
1988       SA                 VIC                 Adelaide, SA
1989       SA                QLD                 Brisbane, Qld
1990      QLD                 SA                 Canberra, ACT
1991      NSW                 VIC                  Perth, WA
1992       SA                 WA                  Bendigo, Vic
1993       SA                NSW                 Brisbane, Qld
1994       SA                NSW                 Sydney, NSW
1995       SA                 WA                   Darwin, NT
1996      NSW                NSW                  Adelaide, SA
1997      NSW                 VIC                Canberra, ACT
1998       SA                QLD                   Perth, WA
1999       SA                 SA                  Bendigo, Vic
2000       WA                 SA                 Caloundra, Qld
2001       SA                 SA                Newcastle, NSW
2002       SA                QLD                   Darwin, NT
2003      QLD                 VIC                Canberra, ACT
2004      QLD                 SA                  Adelaide, SA
2005      QLD                QLD                   Perth, WA
2006      QLD                QLD                Melbourne, VIC
2007       VIC               QLD                Morayfield, QLD
2008      QLD                QLD                  Adelaide, SA
2009      QLD                 VIC             Campbelltown, NSW
       Interstate Exchange (NSW and Qld - Under 20 Years)
1988       QLD               NSW                 Sydney, NSW
1989       QLD               NSW                 Brisbane, Qld
1990      NSW                QLD             Port Macquarie, NSW
1991       QLD               QLD                 Brisbane, Qld
1992      NSW                NSW             Port Macquarie, NSW
1993       QLD               NSW                 Brisbane, Qld
            Trans Tasman Volleyball Championships
       (NSW, Qld, Nth Island & Sth Island NZ - Under 20 yrs)
1994      NSW         Nth Island        Rotorua, NZ
1995      NSW           NSW        Port Macquarie, NSW
1996      NSW         Nth Island     South Island, NZ
1997      NSW         Nth Island       Brisbane, Qld
1998    Nth Island    Sth Island        Rotorua, NZ
1999    Nth Island      NSW            Sydney, NSW
2000    Sth Island      QLD          Christchurch, NZ
2001    Nth Island    Nth Island     Toowoomba, Qld
2002    Nth Island    Nth Island       Tauranga, NZ
2003    Nth Island    Nth Island       Forster, NSW
2004    Nth Island    Nth Island     Invercargall, NZ
2005    Nth Island    Nth Island     Gold Coast, QLD
2006    Nth Island    Nth Island     Hawkes Bay, NZ
2007    Nth Island    Nth Island   Port Macquarie, NSW
2008    Nth Island   Queensland         Nelson, NZ
2009   Queensland    Queensland        Bundall, QLD

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