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									               May, 2008

Inside this issue:
•    ACA National News        2-3
                                     A Message from Our President . . .
•    BPA Water Bottles        3        The past few months in-               Sand castle building con-
•    Trainings & Professional 4, 5
                                     cluded quite a bit of travel             tests, night walks, puddle
     Development                     time to and from                          jumping,         scavenger
•    Training Smorgasboard    6      conferences,                                hunts, cookouts, sleep-
     in Review
                                     camp and job                                 ing overnight under the
•    Badger Bites             7      fairs, and meetings                           stars, a trek through
                                     for many of us.                                the forest, sampling
     Food Allergens and       7
     Camp                            Luckily, my time                                the smell of camp-
                                     spent on planes                                  fires and pine trees
     2008 Mid States Camp-    8
     ing Conference
                                     means a rare chance                               are all a part of
                                     to catch up on read-                               helping to save our
                                     ing. Now I know what                                children from na-
      SECTION BOARD                  the big buzz is all about                            ture-deficit disor-
    Georgi Starz, President
                                     – Richard Louv’s “Last                               der. These are all
    Cliff Clauer, Past President     Child in the Woods”.                    things that make camp so
    Gabe Chernov                     This book is not only an           special and will be remembered
                   Vice President
                                     absolute must-read for parents,    forever.
    Gail Tumidajewicz
                   Vice President    but also for educators, camp
    Sharon Wuttke                    staff and directors! It reminded     Let us continue to keep these
                   Vice President    me of how fortunate we are to      experiences precious and ac-
              Bob Braun
                                     be in a profession that allows     cessible    to
             Kelly Byrnes                                               tomorrow’s
             Leslie Cripe            us the chance to appreciate na-
                                     ture and the opportunity to in-    leaders.
               Jim Flint
            Duane Hanson             troduce so many young people         On behalf
               Ed Hooke              to the wonder of the great out-
              Karen Katz
                                                                        of the ACA
          Annie Hernandez
                                     doors.                             Wisconsin
           Kelly Houseman
                                       How can we do this within our    S e c t i o n
             Ted Marthe
                                     camp programs? Most likely,        Board of Di-
            Cathy Palmer
                                     most of us already allow our       rectors, I wish
             Ron Romens
          Andrea Yanacheck           campers the chance to get          you all a safe
                                                                                              Georgi Starz,
            Staci Simpson            “down and dirty” with nature as    and success-         ACA-Wisconsin
    Kim Rathsack                     a normal part of programming.      ful summer          Section President
             Section Executive                                          season!
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                                                                       National ACA News
CALL FOR PRESENTERS                  FOR      THE    2009     ACA      cultures and various countries. Full information about the Con-
NATIONAL CONFERENCE!                                                   gress and online registration is found at http://
                                                                       www.iccquebec2008.com. For further information, contact Linda
ACA National Conference sessions will be accepted for innova-          Pulliam, acavirginias@acacamps.org.
tive, timely, and dynamic educational sessions to be presented at
the ACA National Conference, February 17-20, 2009, in Orlando,
Florida in these areas:                                                NEW BUSINESS RESEARCH AVAILABLE ABOUT
•     Youth Development and Behavior                                   CAMP SITES, FACILITIES, AND PROGRAMS
•     Staff Training and Leadership                                    ACA is committed to providing industry relevant research and
•     Business and Operations                                          information that camps can use to improve their business opera-
•     Emerging Issues, Tools, and Strategies                           tions. Following the Budget and Finance Survey in 2005, and the
•     Innovative Programs and Activities                               Compensation and Benefits (Salary) Survey in 2006, ACA re-
•     Commerce Sessions                                                cently completed the camp Sites, Facilities, and Programs Sur-
•     The Strength of the Experience (2009 Conference Theme)           vey in late 2007. Results are free to ACA members and can be
                                                                       purchased through the ACA Bookstore by non-members.
Proposals will be accepted beginning May 5 through September
15, 2008. Submitters will receive notification no later than Sep-      CAMPER OUTCOMES SURVEYS
tember 30, 2008.                                                       Looking for a way to measure camper outcomes this summer?
                                                                       Download questionnaires that address outcomes for: friendship
WEB-BASED COURSES ON CAMP HEALTH AND                                   skills, independence, teamwork, family citizenship, perceived
SAFETY COMING IN MAY TO ACA'S E-INSTITUTE                              competence, interest in exploration, and responsibility. Choose
The American Camp Association will release a series of Web-            the one(s) that are right for your camp based on your program
based health and safety courses. Available mid-May 2008,               goals. Questionnaires are age specific (six to nine years old and
through ACA's e-Institute, these courses are designed to teach         ten to seventeen years old) with two versions available for the
camp directors and staff specific strategies for reducing camp         older campers. You can individualize your choices and add some
illness and injuries. These courses make an excellent addition to      of your own questions. There are also scoring templates avail-
camp staff orientation and training. Courses can be purchased          able to help you when you get ready to analyze your data. These
individually or in a package. Courses are free to camps participat-    outcomes measures have been statistically tested and are FREE
ing in the Healthy Camp Study. The following courses will be           to ACA members. Check them out today!!
•   Reducing the Spread of Communicable Diseases in                    HEALTHY CAMP STUDY ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN
    Camp: Why We Should Do It In Our Sleeves                           Want to gain a powerful risk management tool for identifying and
                                                                       assessing injuries and illness at your camp? Enroll your camp in
•   Footloose: Minimizing Slips and Falls at Camp
                                                                       Year 3 of the Healthy Camp Study today. Participation is FREE,
•   Knife Safety: Reducing Sharp Object Injuries at Camp               confidential, and it's okay if you didn't participate in Year 1 or
                                                                       2. You'll devote about twenty minutes each week to enter data
Other Web courses available through ACA's E-Institute include
                                                                       into an easy online system. Each participating camp receives a
Designing Quality Youth Programs and Camp Is For the
                                                                       detailed camp-specific report analyzing the injuries and illnesses
Camper. For a course catalog, visit: www.ACAcamps.org/
                                                                       of that camp, along with a national report for comparison. Be-
                                                                       come one of the hundreds of camps benefitting from this impor-
                                                                       tant study.
T I O N A L  C A M P I N G C O N G R E S S                             SPRING CAMP ENROLLMENT SURVEY IS STILL
The Association des camps du Québec with the support of the
Ministre de l'Éducation du loisir et du sport and its partners, in-
cluding the Canadian Camping Association, the American Camp            Every camp director is encouraged to complete the Spring Camp
Association, the International Camping Fellowship and Quebec           Enrollment Survey. In only seven to ten minutes, you can add
City, will host the 8th International Camping Congress, October        your information on how your staff recruitment and camper enroll-
4-7, 2008, at the Quebec City Convention Centre.                       ment efforts are doing this spring. See complete results for this
                                                                       and previous enrollment surveys. Click on the enrollment survey
Registration for the Congress is now available online or by mail
                                                                       that interests you. We need your information, so please complete
with an Early Bird discount extended through June 15. The
                                                                       the online survey before May 9.
theme, "In Living Colors", represents the diversity of participating
                                       camps and their missions.
                                       ICC Quebec 2008 is a            IF YOU NEED THE ACA HOTLINE THIS SUMMER . . . .
                                       unique international event      While the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline (800-573-9019) is offered
                                       with the goal of creating       year-round, the majority of calls are received in June, July, and
                                       opportunities for the ex-       August. The Hotline is a highly-regarded resource; ACA mem-
                                       change of ideas and alli-       bers often describe it as one of the best services offered by ACA.
                                       ances between camp rep-         Now is a good time to understand how to make the best use of
                                       resentatives from various
ACA - Wisconsin, May, 2008                                                                                                       Page 3

                                                                       National ACA News
this service available to all ACA camps. It is important to remem-     done that, last year." While is this true, as things often change
ber the Hotline is not a medical, insurance, or legal advice hot-      from year to year, this document must be read and signed on an
line, but it does serve as an "ear" to help you talk through your      annual basis. We strongly recommend camps submit this docu-
crisis. The Hotline staff can help you think of issues and ques-       ment online at: www.ACAcamps.org/soc AND select the "print"
tions and identify other resources that can assist you.                option so you may have a copy for your files.
CAMPS RECEIVE NEW ACA-ACCREDITED® CAMP                                 This document should be signed and submitted prior to the start
                                                                       of the 2008 summer season. It is important to remember: Ac-
SIGN!                                                                  creditation applies to all camp programs and services offered
Over the next three years, all ACA-accredited camps will be re-        under the same camp name throughout the year, except for sin-
ceiving a new, more durable accredited- camp sign. The NEW             gle-day events.
sign is made of metal and is twelve inches tall and eighteen
inches long and is suitable for mounting on a sign post, a build-
                                                                       IS YOUR CAMP BEING VISITED IN 2008?
ing, etc. The first mailing includes all camps newly accredited or
re-accredited in 2007 and will be mailed the week of May 5.            If your camp is scheduled for an accreditation visit during the
Camps that are newly accredited or re-accredited in 2008 or            2008 season, remember the following:
2009 will receive their signs in late 2008 and 2009 respectively.      •     Accreditation applies to all camp programs and services of-
If you would like to purchase either an additional sign or one prior         fered under the same camp name throughout the year, ex-
to when your NEW sign is shipped, the cost is $25/sign, which                cept for single-day events.
includes shipping. Visit www.ACAcamps.org/accreditation/               •     Make sure you have downloaded the most recent up-
sign_request.php or call the American Camp Association at 765-               dates! These are posted at: www.ACAcamps.org; click on
342-8456.                                                                    the Accreditation tab in the center of the page. There is one
We hope the summer of 2008 is one of your best!                              update that is inclusive of ALL revisions from May 2007 –
                                                                             January 2008. There is a second update that only includes
                                                                             those revisions voted on by the Council of Delegates in De-
                                                                             cember 2007.
Within the past month, all Camp Liaisons should have received
an e-mail from the ACA National Office reminding them of the           Remember, the ACA-accreditation process is designed to be an
need to sign and submit an Annual Statement of Compli-                 educational experience. Include key staff as you prepare for your
ance. We often hear a camp director comment, "I have already           visit, and let your entire staff know what's happening on the day
                                                                       of the visit.

                                                                   BPA IN WATER BOTTLES
Over the past several weeks, there has been much in the news regarding a chemical known as BPA
(actual name is bispheral A). Plastic containing BPA is used to line the inside of most food and drink
cans as well as being use in the production of polycarbonate water bottles, the popular type used by
many campers and staff.
The concern regarding this chemical is that it can and does leach from the water bottles (as well as from
food cans and other lined containers) to a degree that has resulted in unacceptable levels in laboratory
animals leading to possible hormone disruption. Heat (such as leaving a water bottle in a closed vehicle)
has been shown to increase the amount of chemical leaching. Washing with a harsh detergent also in-
creases leaching.
The majority of "clear" polycarbonate (hard plastic) water bottles, at this time, do contain BPA. To verify
this, one simply has to look on the bottom of the bottle for the #7 inside the "recycle logo." If the bottle
says "made in China," chances are good it also contains BPA.
Safer alternatives for water bottles (and other plastics) are those that have #1, #2 ,or #4 on the bottom.
Most of these are the bike water bottles or the "milky plastic" bottles made by Nalgene®.
While disagreement continues regarding the true risk of BPA and polycarbonate bottles, Nalgene® will
discontinue the production of bottles containing BPA in the near future. There is a wide range of choices
of water bottles that do not contain this controversial chemical. Many are currently being advertised as
BPA-free. Some of these include: Nalgene®, Klean Canteen®, CamelBak®, and Ultimate Direction®.
For additional information, visit www.ACAcamps.org/hottopics
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May 18-23, 2008 - Bethel Horizons, Dodgeville, WI
50 hour course begins 12:00pm Sunday May 18th, ends 5:00pm Friday. Course cost: $230. Meals and
lodging available at additional (reasonable) cost. Contact Angie or Pastor Duane Hanson at 608-257-3577.

MAY 20 - 22, 2008 - Camp Blackhawk, Elton, WI
Learn the basics of facilitating group initiatives, challenge course activities, and high ropes. This course will
include facilitation techniques, belay techniques, high course rescues, and risk management on a ropes
course. $350 (includes the course, meals, and lodging). Registration deadline: May 12, 2008. Limited
amount of spots available. For more details or to register: campblackhawk@sbcglobal.net

May 22 - 23, 2008 - Camp Gray, Reedsburg, WI (1 hour north of Madison)
This 16-hour Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course will be taught by Greg Friese, a Wilderness Medical Associ-
ates (WMA) Lead Instructor and founder of Emergency Preparedness Systems, LLC. Upon successful com-
pletion of the course, participants will receive WMA Wilderness First Aid certification, meeting ACA standards
for wilderness first aid. Camp Gray can provide lodging and meal accommodations for participants who are
interested. If you would like to learn more about the course or to sign up, please contact Joe Van Tassel at
joe@campgray.com or call 1-800-711-4729.

Red Cross)
May 25 - 31, 2008 - Camp Blackhawk, Elton, WI
Combine course designed for those leading wilderness trips. This course meets both ACA accreditation stan-
dards along with state health codes. This is an intensive 6 day training that will cover American Red Cross
Lifeguarding, American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid, and American Red Cross Emergency Response. All
participants who successful complete the course will receive certification cards in all 3 courses. $425
(includes books and materials, meals, lodging, and instructor fees). Registration deadline: May 12, 2008 .
Limited amount of spots available. For more details or to register: campblackhawk@sbcglobal.net

LIFEGUARD COURSE (American Red Cross)
May 26 - 30, 2008 - Lake Lucerne Camp and Retreat Center, Neshkoro, WI
Cost is $200 , includes Lifeguard Book, CPR mask, Lunch and certification upon successful completion of
Life Guard, CPR for the Professional Rescuer and Waterfront Lifeguard. Lodging & meals will be offered by
Lake Lucerne Camp and Retreat Center for an additional fee. Registration is limited to 15 individuals. All
fees for course, lodging, meals, etc. must accompany registration form. Please make checks payable to Lake
Lucerne Camp and Retreat Center. Course registration fee is nonrefundable. Email Laura at lhul-
ter@wisconsinumc.org for a complete registration form or for more details.

May 27 - 28, 2008 - YMCA Camp Wapsie, Coggen, IA
The Wilderness First Aid Class ACA health & wellness standards for trip leaders. Cost is $120 , includes
course & materials, 4 meals and lodging (1 night, May 27). For more information - contact: Donald Enger,
YMCA Camp Wapsie, 2174 Wapsie Y Road, Coggen, IA, 52218; 319-435-2577
                                           More continued on next page!
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June 1, 2008 9am - 6pm - Mukwonago (WI) Town Park
Certification is through NADA National Alliance for the Development of Archery, and taught by a Certified
Level I National Archery Association Instructor. Instructor: Russ Robertson. Ages: 18 years of age or older.
Fee: $75.00 per participant ($85.00 if registering after May 12th). Capacity: Minimum 6, Maximum 20. Reg-
istration Deadline Monday, May 12th by 3:30 p.m. Contact Information: Town of Mukwonago Rec. Dept.
W320 S8315 Beulah Road, Mukwonago, WI 53149 Ph: 262-363-7077

June 7 - 10, 2008 - Camp Nicolet, Eagle River, WI
Open to all levels of skiers 16 and older, novice through advanced, who desire the training required to be-
come a competent Level-1 instructor and boat driver. Cost is $35.00 (under 25) or $60.00 (over 25) - USA
Water Ski membership (required for certification); $25.00 - Instructor Certification Fee; $160.00 - Course fee.
Includes eight meals, lodging, use of equipment, and instruction. $185.00 payable to Camp Nicolet, Inc. must
be enclosed with the completed application. Student must pay membership fee directly to USA Water Ski.
For more information & registration go to www.campnicolet.com/training.html.

June 7 - 11, 2008 - Camp Nicolet, Eagle River, WI
Waterfront lifeguarding - for lifeguards at non-surf, open water environments such as lakes and rivers, as well
as traditional pools. Surveillance skills to recognize and prevent injuries, rescue skills (water and land), first
aid and professional rescuer CPR, and professional lifeguarding responsibilities. 30 - 37 hours. Must be 15 or
older. Cost is $250 - includes 12 meals, lodging, course, instructor and facility fee. For more information &
registration go to www.campnicolet.com/training.html.

WILDERNESS FIRST AID (Wilderness Medica Associates)
June 9 - 10, 2008 - Camp Nicolet, Eagle River, WI
16 years or older. 16-17 year olds must provide written proof of parental consent. 16 hours of core curriculum
and elective options including patient assessment, body systems, equipment improvisation, trauma, environ-
mental medicine, toxins, backcountry medicine, and wilderness rescue. Dealing with medical emergencies
when help is miles away and dialing 911 is not an option! Look for complete course details at
www.wildmed.com Cost is $225 - Includes six meals, lodging, course, instructor, and facility fee. Completed
application form and fee to Camp Nicolet. Minimum 8 students, maximum 18 students. For more information
& registration go to www.campnicolet.com/training.html.

June 11-13, 2008—Camp Minikani, Germantown, WI
20 hour training provides instruction in small bore rifle safety, range safety and provides lesson plans to be
used at your camp.
Cost is $100 per student. Housing and meals available at an additional $65. Camp Minikani is located 30
minutes northwest of Milwaukee. For more information contact Jon Rempe at 262-251-9080.
ACA - Wisconsin, May, 2008                                                                                                   Page 6

                                                   ACA National Conference Session Report by Jenni Snavely

Kim Aycock of Creative Camp Learning         Don’t forget to leave time for your group    aids that you can use throughout your
led a session at the ACA National Con-       to Digest. Kim says this should be a         staff training. Here are some fun ideas
ference that was full of new and creative    recap that is done every 10-20 minutes.      from Kim that may help you improve
staff training ideas. This restaurant        Some of her creative ideas for re-           your visual aids at staff training; dia-
themed session cover three courses of        capping are sharing important parts of       grams, cause and effect charts, visuali-
tasty staff training tips. This three        the session with a partner and discuss-      zations, fill in the blank note sheets, and
course meal covered Appetizers, Pal-         ing them, ask questions and have the         posters. Any visual aids that you can
ette Pleasers, Brain Bites, Time to Di-      group shout out the answers to them as       add will help your staff better retain the
gest, Movement Morsels, Munchies,            a large group review, read statements to     information you are trying to teach them.
See Food Sampler, Feast Your Eyes,           the group and have them show with by         When you are wrapping up you session
and Dessert. Each part of the meal con-      clapping or using some other motion          let your staff “Feast Their Eyes” this is
veyed something that should be consid-       whether or not they agree with the state-    another time to help everyone get the
ered while planning staff training.          ment, or have everyone write down            most out of the training sessions. At this
Appetizers covered ways to prime the         three things that they learned and use       point you should have your staff make
brain and get the group ready to learn.      that as their ticket out of the room.        some sort of visual reminder about what
Some helpful hints in this area included     These different ideas can be used            was covered during the session. This
previewing the material ahead of time to     throughout staff training to either help     can be done by having the group star
start getting everyone talking about it,     wrap up a topic or to provide a break        any information they think is important,
having staff bring a random object so        from the learning.                           underlining things they are not sure
that they start brainstorming how that       Movement morsels are ways to keep            about, drawing a picture to help remind
object could possibly be related to the      the groups attention while giving them a     them about important things covered
topic being covered, and giving every-       chance to get up and move around to          during the session, or even drawing with
one a pre quiz to see how much they          help everyone focus. There are many          sidewalk chalk. Having everyone review
already know about the topic. These are      different ways to incorporate movement       or recreate important information they
just a few ideas that Kim gave us to help    into your sessions during staff training.    will better be able to recall the informa-
prepare staff for the upcoming training      Some of my favorite ideas from Kim           tion latter.
session.                                     were the popcorn ball where everyone         Any good meal ends with dessert and
Palette Pleasers are ways to prepare         writes something on a piece of paper         so should any good staff training. These
taste buds for learning. With this part of   and then crumples it up once everyone        should be memorable activities that
the “meal” we learned that it is important   has done that they all throw them up in      leave the group with a fun memory of
to make connections to something that        the air at the same time and get a new       the training. It can be any closing activ-
the group already knows. In some cases       one then that read what is on their new      ity you choose. Kim gave some fun
this previous knowledge may be goals         on out loud, and changing the words to       ideas that included having each person
that the group has already set, previous     a camp song to relate to what is being       write a letter to themselves that talks
knowledge related to the topic, or even      talked about and then teach it to the        about memorable moments of orienta-
another staff member. All of these con-      group. Any time you are getting your         tion and then return the letters to every-
nection will help the group relate better    group active and getting the blood flow-     one later in the summer, put shaving
with what is going to be covered and will    ing they will be able to better pay atten-   cream on a table and have the group
also make it easier for them to actively     tion and retain the information you are      write down important points from the
participate in the session.                  trying to teach them.                        training in the shaving cream, and
Brain Bites included ways to feed the        According to Kim Aycock munchies are         “accomplishmints” this can involve
brain. These were all ways to make the       when you use fidget food to help yet         handing out mints to the group and hav-
topic stand out and ways to help every-      again make the topic memorable. Some         ing them each talk about a few accom-
one remember the information being           fun fidget food ideas include, giving out    plishments from orientation. Again there
covered. To help feed the brain and          gum and in return have staff tell you        are many more options when it comes
make your presentation memorable             something from the presentation that         to memorable closing activities just be
consider providing time for the group to     will stick with them, or giving out hot      creative and find activities that will relate
brainstorm and discuss throughout the        tamales and having staff talk about          well with the information covered in your
presentation, use props or models, pro-      things from the training that got them       training.
vide them with mnemonic devices,             fired up. There are a lot more ways to       While this was just an over view of what
games to review the information, and         incorporate fidget food into your staff      Kim Aycock covered in her session “A
humor. The above ideas can be used           training all it takes is some fun food and   Training Smorgasbord “ hopefully you
separately or in conjunction with one        creative ideas.                              will be able to use some of the informa-
another to help your group to walk away      See Food Sampler was all about using         tion provided to help you add a little
from your training remembering as            visual aids throughout your training.        spice to your own staff training smor-
much as they possibly can.                   There is no limit to the types of visual     gasbord.
ACA - Wisconsin, May, 2008                                                                                    Page 7

                                                                                 BADGER BITES
                                                                   Important Info for You and Your Camp

BOARD           COMMITTEE                   Watch for upcoming trainings.       with the state process.    Currently
                                        •   April 3rd for camps who are being   Dave’s focus is on finances & pool
INFO                                        visited this summer, we had a       regulations. Right now his big push
Standards Committee                         conference call to answer any       is training for the new pool regula-
Standards committee has been very           questions they might have as        tions. He hopes to attend an ACA
busy the first part of this year. We        they began preparation for the      accreditation visit this summer to
have accomplished the following this        summer visit                        become more familiar with ACA
first half of the year                  •   Mid April all visitor packets and   Standards. It has been awhile since
•    30 camps will be visited this          camp packets for these sum-         the position on the state level has
     summer as part of the three year       mers’ visits were mailed.           been filled.
     rotation.                          •   Research questions again will be
•    On March 11th & 12th 11 WI             part of the summer visits           Finance Committee
     ACA members successfully com-                                              The section is doing well with its in-
     pleted the associate visitors      Legislation Committee                   vestments. Because of this report,
     course held at House in the        Cliff Clauer met with New HFS 175       the board decided not to raise the
     Wood in Delavan                    person, Dave Pluymers. Dave wants       section portion of the fees for the
•    Wisconsin has 54 visitors. The     to work with us & get us involved       upcoming year.
     goal is to have 60 visitors.

                                                    FOOD ALLERGENS AND CAMP
                                               ACA National Conference Session Report by Sandy Bartel

Presenter: Trent Rosenbloom                                 2. Make personal contact with the Director, Unit di-
                                                               rector, or counselor prior to your child’s arrival at
This educational session focused on the challenges
facing camp programs as they attempt to accommo-
date an increasing number of campers and counsel-           3. Make certain your contact person has a plan in
ors with an array of allergies, most common being              place to communicate your concerns with fellow
food allergies.                                                staff
Some important things to remember:                          4. Provide Camp with a recent photo attached to
                                                               written instructions and medical documentation
Food allergies can be life threatening. Camp staff,
                                                               as to how to handle accidental contact.
parents and campers must all work together to mini-
mize the risks and procedures must be in place to           5. Check the expiration date of all medications be-
avoid accidental ingestions or contact.                        fore sending to camp.
Camp responsibilities                                       6. Educate your camper on self-management of the
                                                               food allergy.
 1. Review the health records submitted by parents
     and physicians                                        Camper responsibilities
 2. Establish preventive protocols                          1. NEVER trade food with other campers.
 3. Be aware of Emergency Medical Care in your              2. Do Not eat anything with unknown ingredients
     area                                                   3. Read every label and check with a counselor (if
 4. Identify a core staff emergency response team              age appropriate).
     properly trained in Epi-pens                           4. 4. Be proactive in the management of mild reac-
 5. Assure anyone who will be in contact with the              tions, such as seeking help
     camper is aware of the allergy and can recognize       5. if a reaction is suspected
     the symptoms of a reaction                             6. Tell an adult if a reaction seems to be starting,
Parent responsibilities                                        even if there is no
 1. Notify Camp of the allergies or suspected aller-        7. visible appearance of allergic response.
     gies                                                   8. DO NOT go off alone if symptoms are beginning.
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