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service offerinG                                                                       extended services
The Local Government Tax Service provides Local Governments with specialised           The Tax Service contract provides subscribers with a 5% discount off the usual
advisory and information services across all indirect revenue types.                   tax consultancy hourly rates of UHY Haines Norton when providing support for
                                                                                       tax audits and with making applications for private rulings.
The current contract for Tax Service consultancy is held by UHY Haines Norton,
whose dedicated Local Government team provides Members with a range of                 Tax Consultancy services can assist with compliance and audit. The Service has
services that are directly tailored to the tax and financial accounting requirements   helped many Members with their BAS, salary packaging, FBT returns and diesel
of Local Governments.                                                                  fuel rebate applications. The Service can also assist with Taxation planning, and
                                                                                       related consultancy services which extend to covering the full range of Australian
                                                                                       and International Tax issues, and even UK pension transfer.
online tax advice
Subscribers are able to submit written tax enquires relating to GST, FBT, and
associated revenues and receive a written response within two (2) business days.
                                                                                       service quality
Common enquiry topics include:                                                         The Tax Service is committed to providing subscribers with a professional service
                                                                                       that combines the benefits of Local Government and tax knowledge to deliver a
• Property transactions
                                                                                       relevant, timely and reliable advisory service.
• GST on fees and charges
                                                                                       To achieve a level of service that WALGA Members seek, professionals that have
• Payments to suppliers                                                                worked in the Local Government industry are part of the service delivery team.
• Elected Member taxation

• Grants and appropriations                                                            contact
• Payroll and Eligible Termination Payments                                            For Service Subscription-related information and contract administration please
• Superannuation

• FBT and salary packaging
                                                                                       Company:       UHY Haines Norton
• ATO compliance
                                                                                       Address:       16 Lakeside Corporate, 24 Parkland Road,
The UHY Haines Norton specialist tax knowledge will ensure the answer to                              (PO Box 1707), Osborne Park DC WA 6916
enquires is concise, relevant and specific to your unique situation.
                                                                                       Telephone:     9444 3400

neWsletter and information                                                             Website:
Ten (10) times a year the WALGA Tax Service delivers a newsletter to all
subscribers containing relevant information relating to tax changes, tax cases,
and issues that impact the Local Government sector.

The newsletter reflects the most recent and topical enquires received and
reproduces relevant information from the enquiry service. When legislative
changes or high profile media issues affecting Local Government taxation
compliance are announced, the Service also releases special bulletins and email
alerts highlighting the impact.

Local Government specific training and workshop events on such topics as FBT
and GST are regularly hosted, with discounted access to Service subscribers.

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