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									                                                                                                                                                             oCt 2009

                                                                                                   down the
                                                                                                   Garden Path
                                                                                                    Message from the President
                                                                                                    Dear Garden Friends:
                                                                                                    Another month has past and still no precipitation. Things out my way
                                                                                                    (Rge. Rd. 22) are pretty dry. I don’t know where the beavers have
                                                                                                    gone but I fear many of them have left our local ponds in search of
s.P.H.s. 2009 Board                                                                                 wetter homes; good luck to them all. The garden produce should all
                                                                                                    be in storage for the winter by now. I told my family there are enough
eXeCUtiVe Board                                                                                     frozen or canned tomatoes to have them every night of the week.
President: Karen Berglund  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 780-963-6575     They weren’t impressed by that. The same goes for the canned beans.
Vice President: Ericka Unterschultz  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 780-963-6061                The potatoes are stacked and labeled. The labels are for me to keep
Secretary: Janice Nickolson  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 780-963-8242      track of the spuds — I use certain potatoes for certain potato dishes.
Treasurer: Stephanie Camilleri  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 780-968-0780         Also I like to keep track of the early, mid and late season varieties, red
Honorary President:                                                                                 or white. My parents only grew Netted Gems and Pontiac. With so
Lorne and Phyllis Anderson  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 780-963-4848    much variety available today why not have some fun with them?
                                                                                                    The kids have been busy with school and sports but they also have to
Newsletter details and suggestions:                                                                 find some time to help clean up the greenhouses and put away the                                                                               garden ornaments and trinkets that can’t be left under the winter
                                                                                                    snow and out in the cold.
                                                                                                    Our 2008 – 2009 year is rapidly drawing to a close. Memberships are
                                                                                                    due for the upcoming 2009 – 2010 year. We ask that you pay your
Contents                                                                                            membership before the annual meeting in November so there is a
                                                                                                    little less to do on that evening.
HORTICulTuRe highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2                              Thank you to everyone who has been a member this past year and also
ODDS and eNDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3                        many thanks go out to all the folks who sat on the board and served
FRee SPuDS gold rush . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4                           on the committees. For the upcoming elections the president’s position
                                                                                                    and the vice-president’s are up for re-election. There is always room on
HISTORy and TRIvIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
                                                                                                    committees for anyone interested in getting involved.
Testing your KNOWleDGe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
                                                                                                                                                          continued on page 2
GReeN THuMB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4

                                                                                                    sell trade
Meeting details                                                                                     If you wish to buy, sell or trade garden related items you are
General meetings are held the first Tuesday of each                                                 welcome to list them in the newsletter. Give the information to
month (except July, August and December) at 7:30 pm,                                                Karen Berglund. We are encouraging our members to add to the
usually in the cafeteria of the Memorial Composite High                                             newsletter. Helpful bits of information, comments on events, and
School. Membership is not required to attend a meeting                                              upcoming events — we would love to hear from the members
but we do ask for a $2.00 drop-in donation fee.                                                     regarding these or other matters.

Stony Plain Horticultural Society • Box 2446 • Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1X8                                                       
HortiCUltUre highlights
QUestion                                      Coffee MUGs                                     assortment of donations. There was
                                                                                              only one big problem — the road being
of the month                                  Thank you to everyone participating             closed off for people turning off the 5th.
answer to June question —                     in our “bring your own coffee mug”              Despite this setback we did quite well.
What is a potager garden?                     campaign. This project is working out well      Thank you also goes out to simone from
                                              in reducing our waste.                          Forget‑Me‑not Greenhouse for filling
A potager garden is a garden with a
formal design that combines vegetables,                                                       our “Ask the expert” position. The day
herbs, fruit and even edible flowers.         Yard and Garden                                 was well spent with fellow gardeners,
Commonly these gardens are divided into       toUr news                                       members and non-members alike. There
a series of small beds separated by lawn                                                      was even the opportunity to dig a few
                                              Pat Munch and diane Coulthard have
or mulched path ways. The beds are either                                                     plants from the library garden and sell
                                              agreed to continue to head the committee
raised or at ground level.                                                                    them. It was nice to be able to show
                                              for one more year. Thank you to Herb
                                                                                              people what certain plants looked like in
october Question of the Month —               and ericka for joining this committee.
                                                                                              the garden. One of our library plants, of
What is a pomander?                           The committee is always looking for yards
                                                                                              which we had some small ones for sale,
                                              so keep your eyes and ears open, even
                                                                                              was identified by our expert. Originally
                                              through the winter.
BirtHdaYs and                                                                                 this plant was donated by one of our
ANNIveRSARIeS                                 Cookbooks
                                                                                              members, Beth armbruster. Simone
                                                                                              identified this plant as a bedstraw. Many
edie Schneider,                                                                               people have asked and up till now we
                                              Thank you to Bernice Hennig and
Diane Coulthard                                                                               have simply said, “Oh, it’s a great ground
                                              Phyllis anderson for supplying this
                                              month’s recipes. September recipes              cover, gets yellow flowers, is easy to divide
dates to Remember                             weren’t handed out so make sure you get         and doesn’t it look nice?” Thank you,
                                              your copy of Old Fashioned Cabbage Soup         Simone, for sharing your expertise and
November 27, 7:00 p.m.                                                                        spending the day with us.
                                              and Beet leaf Holubtsi with Dill
Christmas Party at the Stony Plain legion
Hall. Tickets will be available at both the                                                   Thank you to lucy Holt for the great
October and November meetings at $20          Membership neWs                                 suggestion of having a silent auction at
each. Contact sharon sikkema or Mabel         Pat and diane are requesting that               the meeting. The evening went really
stanway for tickets or more information.      everyone fill out new forms. Thank you          well. We had a lot of donations. The items
                                              to everyone who has already done so. It is      that the members brought were great, a
December 5 – 6, 2009                          much easier to start fresh rather than sort     real variety of things including a bottle
luminaria at the Devonian Botanic             through who has rejoined and who has            of homemade wine (I have to wait till
Gardens. luminaria begins at 5:00 p.m.,       not. Try to get these forms filled out when     Stephanie has her baby so we can share
with entry tickets sold until 9 p.m.          you renew your membership. you will be          the wine that I bought) The baby is due in
Admission is $9 for adults and $5 for         issued a new name tag (yellow) for the          December so we won’t have to wait too
children age 6 – 12. Children age 5 and       2010 year.                                      long to pop the cork. There were flowers,
under are free.                                                                               bulbs, homemade ketchup, tomatoes,
                                                                                              potatoes, a tea cup with tea bags, lily
                                              FloWer Bouquets                                 bulbs — something for everyone. Thank
April 24, 2010
                                              A big hugs and thank-you go out to              you, lucy, for the great idea. The proceeds
2010 A.H.A. Annual conference to be held
                                              Jo‑anne and James lubbers for setting           were split in a 50/50. Barb Hutchison
in Camrose — Mark this on your calendar.
                                              up this year’s fall plant sale. The weather     won — congratulations Barb!
A.H.A. is asking for individual charitable
                                              was reasonable and we had a good
donations to help out with finances.

Message from the President                                           water supply are the biggest influences on a plant’s performance,
continued from cover                                                 and not their genetic make-up.
With the long winter months fast approaching I hope you all          I hope to see everyone at the annual Christmas party which isn’t
have some hobbies and activities to keep your mind and bodies        really that far away — Christmas is just around the corner. Make
fit. Though the winter seems long at times the gardening books,      some of your garden photos into Christmas cards. Show your
magazines, seed catalogues, and tropical vacations keep us           friends and family what your garden looks like in the winter. The
looking forward to the upcoming season. The rest does my mind        photos I have taken of the bird feeders, the grasses, the trees and
and body good, and I do enjoy the thought of trying some of my       shrubs all make lovely cards. A great craft idea and also a way to
favorites again and not planting those that did not perform up       keep gardening on your mind through the winter.
to my expectations. (Perhaps I should try some of those things
again just to give them a second chance). Often the weather and                                            Submitted by Karen Berglund

oCt 2009
odds and ends                                                                            “GroWinG FrUit
sHoP Talk                                   grade 1/2 class worked in the kitchen        for a Cold CliMate”
                                            making scalloped potatoes. I had cut
If you would like to borrow the SPHS’s      the spuds at home. They all helped layer     Have you ever wished you could go and
copy of the edmonton Horticultural          the potatoes, make the sauce, grate and      pick some fresh figs of grapes from your
Society Newsletter or the one from the      put on the cheese. What a great bunch        own garden? Well, I’ve been told we can!
Devonian Garden, talk to Karen. We          of chefs they all turned out to be. The      On September 26, my son-in-law and I
have many past issues as well. We would     afternoon snack for the students and         attended a course hosted by the Devonian
like to encourage you to read them.         staff was homemade scalloped potatoes        Botanic Gardens, featuring Dr. Ieuaun
Please feel free to pick them up at the     with veggies from their own garden. We       evans as the lecturer. He feels that we can
meeting.                                    don’t have our own dairy so we had to        grow many fruits equal in quality to that
                                            buy the milk and the butter.                 produced anywhere in the world, as long as
liBrarY and                                                                              we keep in mind that the variety or cultivar
                                                                                         is adapted to the edmonton area, meaning
MUseUM Gardens                              S.P.H.S.                                     that it can withstand minus 40 ̊Celsius and
As Herb and ericka are looking to help      We are trying something new. At each         be able to ripen before the end of our short
more with the yard and garden tour          meeting there will be a selection of         summer.
we will need someone to be in charge        books for our members to borrow. All
                                                                                         Dr. evans, a long-time fruit grower in
of organizing things at the library. If     you need to do is sign the book out and
                                                                                         this area, has successfully grown not only
you are able to help in this way talk to    return it to the next meeting. Books are
                                                                                         many varieties of apples, cherries, pears
Herb, ericka or me, Karen. This project     expensive so let’s share what we have.
                                                                                         and plums, but has also raised grapes,
has been going very well and would          If you have some extra ones to donate
                                                                                         edible mountain ash (rowan), hawthorn,
be worthwhile for us to continue to         or if you know of any that you think
                                                                                         honeyberry (Haskap), pin and chokecherries,
enhance the library, as helping to          would be reference material let us know.
                                                                                         black, red and white currants, gooseberries,
beautify Stony Plain can never be a bad     A coordinator for this project would be
                                                                                         raspberries, strawberries, saskatoons,
thing. An apology to Jo Granger for         welcome.
                                                                                         apricots and kiwis. He also grows
missing your name on the thanks yous
                                                                                         pomegranates at the Devonian, and figs at
in the September newsletter. Thank
you, Jo, for showing your support to the
                                            A.H.A. — slide and                           his home.
society and for helping out the library     PHoto Competition                            Most of the fruits that we grow belong to
and the Town of Stony Plain.                There are four classes:                      the rose family (take a good look at the
                                            1) Berries and bush fruit                    blossoms) which originated in Northern
e‑Mail Contact Person                       2) Berries and bush fruit in bloom           China and adjoining countries, where
                                                                                         wild pears, plums and cherries grow in dry
Jo-Anne lubbers has most kindly offered     3) Berry patches and bush fruit
                                                                                         windy areas subject to very cold winters. He
to sit as our e-mail contact person. This   4) Flower Beds Along Sidewalks               thus advocates planting in poorer soils on
position was set up on the suggestion          and Pathways.                             northwest facing slopes, which are slow to
of one of our members. We are always
                                            I would like to encourage our members        warm up and not subject to the destructive
looking for ways to improve the society
                                            to participate in the events and             frost pockets found in sheltered hollows.
and the work we do.
                                            activities that the A.H.A. puts on for our   We were given a list of his personal fruit
                                            enjoyment. entries must be received by       selections for this area, and he also brought
Keephills                                   February 1, 2010.                            samples of various fruits from his own
sCHool neWs                                 Copies of the entry forms will be
                                                                                         orchard for students to sample. As well,
                                                                                         he provided a selection of fruit trees and
These past few weeks have been spent        available at our meetings.                   shrubs for sale at a nominal price.
cleaning up the garden — just like
we must do everywhere else when                                                          Also touched upon was information for soil
fall is upon us. On September 23, Mrs.      deVonian Botanic                             amendment to provide necessary nutrients
Myers, lucas and I went to the school       Garden                                       for successful growing conditions. He
to work with the grade 3/4 class.           seed Catalogue — Now available               supplemented his presentation with slides
The morning was spent picking corn,         on-line www.deonian.ualberta.                documenting some of his experiments
digging potatoes, harvesting pumpkins       ca The garden is getting greener!            and results.
and pulling the remaining carrots and       Call 780-987-3054 ext. 2234 or email         All in all, it was a most enjoyable
beets. Some of the students helped to                         presentation, and his unique sense of
wash the carrots and cook the corn for
                                            Master Gardener Program at the               humor kept things flowing very well
an afternoon snack for everyone at
                                            devonian Botanic Garden — Be the             indeed. He stated that he would enjoy
Keephills School. September 30th was
                                            gardener you have always wanted to be.       coming as a guest speaker to our club if
spent with Mrs. Myers, her son lucas
                                            Call 780-987-3054 ext 2229 or email dbg.     we were interested. If you would like to
and the grade 1/2 class. The flower pots
                                               have him in as a speaker for next year,
had to be dumped into the garden,
                                                                                         please let me know. (He also specializes in
the flowers into the compost and the        Application forms available at               martagon lilies).
pots put into the shed for the winter.
Before we went into the garden the                                                              submitted by — Ericka Unterschultz
Free sPUds gold rush                                                 HistorY and Trivia

Article Credit: RICHARD LIEBRECHT, SUN MEDIA                         Did you know that at our 1981 Flower and Garden
                                                                     Show the classes of 800 — 899 were reserved for seniors
Turns out edmontonians really dig their local spuds.                 only?

Organizers of a potato giveaway struggled to keep up with            Did you know that was the year I graduated high school
“overwhelming” demand yesterday as thousands flocked to              in Campbell River B.C. I was 18 years old and had no
the city’s northeast to pick their 50 pounds of free tubers off      idea where Stony Plain, Alberta was?
local fields.                                                        In 1983 the book “Perfect Plant, Perfect Place”, by Ray
“It was an adventure, and I love adventures” said third-             lancaster was purchased by the Stony Plain library with
generation farmer Gord visser, owner of Norbest farms at             our memorial donation.
20415 – 33 St. drawing hearty laughs from fellow farmers
gathered at his home after the half-day-long rush.                   Testing your KnoWledGe
It was supposed to be an all-day giveaway starting at 9 a.m.         in which house at the Muttart Conservatory will
About 100,000 pounds of potatoes would be dug out by                 you notice the biggest change?
machine, then picked by visitors.                                    How many houses are there at the Muttart
But visser and his tuber troupe were stunned with an                 Conservatory?
unexpectedly huge turnout for the first-time event.                  Where is the Big Greenhouse located?
A line of cars kilometres long formed down the roads to the
farm, spilling out onto Manning Drive for kilometres more.           Answers to last months questions:
                                                                     Where would you find Wagner Bog? Wagner Bog is
even after organizers hauled in an extra 20,000 pounds, they had
                                                                     located just outside of Spruce Grove on the yellow head
to shut down about 1 p.m. -- three hours early.
                                                                     on the way to edmonton
“you might want to say it took on a life of its own,” said visser.
                                                                     What does G.r.o.W. stand for? G.R.O.W. stands for
He described a scene as being akin to ants marching on the field.
                                                                     Greening and Renewing our World. This was a project
“It’s like the whole city of edmonton embraced it,” he said.         that was started by the grade one teacher at the time
                                                                     (Mrs. Morrison) and Horticulturist Mrs. lynn Dennis. This
visitors took away about $20,000 worth of potatoes — about
                                                                     project has been at Keephills since 1996.
three semi-trailers full.
                                                                     on what highway would you find the George
visser and his fellow members of the edmonton Potato Growers
                                                                     Pegg Garden? The George Pegg Garden is on Hyw.43
co-op simply wanted to show edmontonians what’s growing in
                                                                     just a little ways past Onoway.
their backyard.
“urban people don’t understand agriculture,
where their vegetables come from,” said
visser. “I wanted them to see the soil, put
their hands in the soil ... hopefully                                Green tHUMB
get a better connection to
the land.”                                                           Potato Savvy
He worries that developers will                                      Five tips for picking, storing and preparing potatoes.
push into the area, paving over                                      1. Choose firm, heavy, well-shaped potatoes
fields that are perfect for potato                                   2. Potatoes are either high, medium, or low in starch,
growing, he said.                                                       and different starches work better for different
                                                                        cooking methods.
                                                                     3. Store potatoes in a dark, cool, dry spot, such as a
                                                                        pantry shelf. Keep separate from onions, which emit
                                                                        a gas that will age potatoes quickly.
2 MinUtes a Day for…
                                                                     4. If potatoes grow sprouts or green spots,
                                                                        cut them out prior to cooking (and cut
… a Greener Planet:                                                     away the surrounding area), as they
                                                                        taste bitter.
Make sure all your paint is used.
                                                                     5. As you peel potatoes, place
look for natural paint, or failing that, use latex                      them in a bowl of cool water
rather than oil based paint.                                            to prevent browning. Drain
                                                                        well and pat dry just
Keep solvents out of the water systems.
                                                                        before cooking.

oCt 2009

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