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Taralga Skillaroos Success at the Trade Olympics


Taralga Skillaroos Success at the Trade Olympics

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									                                    Crookwell Gazette
                                    Thursday 17/9/2009                                               Brief: WSKILLS
                                    Page: 1
                                    Section: General News
                                    Region: Crookwell NSW Circulation: 1,200
                                    Type: Regional
                                    Size: 392.20 sq.cms.
                                    Frequency: -T-T---

Taralga Skillaroo's Success
at the Trade Olympics
THE celebrations have begun for the                          ed at the last International Competition in
Australian World Skills team after winning                   Japan, 2007.
ten medals at the 40th International World                     Adding to Nigel's bronze medal, two
Skills Competition in Canada - the                           Australian competitors blitzed the world
Olympic Games of trade skills.                               class field to secure gold medals in the cat-
    Amongst the medallists was Taralga                       egories of Beauty Therapy and Restaurant
local, Nigel Croke, who was over the moon                    Service. Silver medals were awarded to
to receive a bronze medal at the closing cer-                Skillaroos competing in Plumbing, IT
emony on Sunday night for his efforts in the                 Software    Applications  and     the
category of Bricklaying.                                     Manufacturing Team Challenge. Bronze
    For the past week, more than 800 of the                  medals were also won by Australians in the
best tradies and apprentices from around                     categories of Web Design, Wall and Floor
the world have had their skills put to the test              Tiling, Sheetmetal Work and Welding.
in disciplines ranging from bricklaying and                      Once again the Australian team proved
welding, to floristry and web design.                        to the world that they are a force to be reck-
    Over the four days of exhausting compe-                  oned with, retaining their international
tition, Australia's Skillaroos featured                      ranking of 5th place, following some
prominently across the leader boards, set-                   imposing performances by the whole team.
ting a sizzling pace in front of a crowd of                  CEO of WorldSkills Australia, Mark
250,000 at Stampede Park in Calgary,                         Callaghan, was in the stands to cheer home
Canada.                                                      the Aussie competitors.
    Nigel Croke put in an extraordinary                         "Ten medals is an outstanding achieve-
effort to finish in third place in the                       ment and one which is well deserved by the
Bricklaying category. His strong finish was                  team. All of our Skillaroos did their country
a fitting reward for more than 12 months of                  proud and once again we have denmonstrat-
intense training, culminating with a daz-                    ed to the world that our Australian voca-
zling performance at the International                       tional education and training system is
Competition - an experience that was equal-                  world class.
ly as fun as it was challenging.                               "Nigel displayed an exceptional amount
   As the winners were announced, the                        of focus and determination to bring home
loudest cheers came from the Australian                      the bronze medal. It was truly an inspiring
corner, with members of the squad finishing                  effort and I'm sure they are celebrating his
on the podium in ten out of the 24 cate-                     success back home right now," Mr
gories that Australia competed in - more                     Callaghan said.
than doubling the haul that the team collect-

                                          L j

Nigel Croke, was over the moon to receive a bronze medal at the closing ceremony

                               Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) licenced copy                                     Ref: 57157515

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