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									   Susie O’Neill,
K.I.D.S Foundation

Ballarat & Western
Region Woman in
 Business, 2002
             Tracey Holmes
                      Hair by Hart
             Tracey Holmes is the sole proprietor
             of the business “Hair By Hart”. Her
             salon is nationally recognised as
             benchmarking industry best practice.
             Tracey     Holmes        is   an    Industry
Ballarat &   Educator. She has been instrumental

Western      in   raising      business     standards
             throughout the Hairdressing Industry.

 Region      Awarded     for    her    dedication     and
             business skills, Tracey has developed
Women in     and delivered a series of Training and

Business     Development         initiatives.
             Holmes is an Industry Change Agent.

 Awards      As convenor of “Work On Your
             Business Not In Your Business” and
 Winner      author of “The Hairdressers Policy &
             Procedures        Manual”.         She   has
             contributed to Industry Best Practice.
             In a highly competitive field it was
Operator     Tracey’s    leadership        within     her

Category     business and within the hairdressing
             industry that set her apart.
                       Helen Hobbs – Proprietor, Hobb’s Emporium

                     Retail Business can be pretty tough in small communities. But
                     in Kaniva, Hobbs Emporium has survived since 1887,and is
                     the hub of the town. As owner of the business for six years,
                     Helen Hobbs has breathed new life into this retail business.
                     With a continuous commitment to self-development Helen
                     avidly takes advantage of every opportunity to expand her
Ballarat & Western   skills. From AussieHost to the Fashion Business Summer
Region Woman in      School, Helen incorporates new ideas and merchandising
Business Awards      techniques into her business. Helen has not always found it
 Finalist – Owner/   easy to survive as a Woman in Business but her determination
Operator Category    and skill has seen the Emporium firmly placed as a business of

                        Silvia Diaz – Proprietor, St. Ignatious Vineyard

                      If you admire people for taking the plunge and committing to a
                      “Sea Change” then Sylvia Diaz deserves your accolades. In
                      1987 Sylvia and husband Enrique, migrated to Australia. Not
                      content with this new life, Sylvia worked to have her
                      qualifications recognised in Australia. She left her professional
                      work as an architect in Melbourne to establish along with
                      Enrique and her very young sons, St Ignatious Vineyard. This
Ballarat & Western    Avoca business continues to thrive with successive wins in the
Region Woman in       Grampians Pyrenees Business Awards and the latest release of
Business Awards       the quality “Hangman’s” range of wines. Take note Sigrid
 Finalist – Owner/    Thornton…The courtroom drama at Pearl Bay is nothing
Operator Category     compared to the hard work and great rewards gleaned by
                      Sylvia Diaz of St Ignatious Vineyard at Avoca.

                       Carmen Goldsborough, Proprietor, Comfy Garments

                      Want to buy something over the Internet? Just talk to Carmen
                      Goldsborough of Comfy Garments. From Health Professional
                      working in the United Kingdom, to owner-operator of a
                      manufacturing business in Ballarat, Carmen completed the
                      original sale negotiations over the net. And despite all the hard
                      work, it’s paying off for this niche-market clothing
                      manufacturer. With garments specifically designed for the
                      aged and mobility affected, it is forecast that the market will
Ballarat & Western    continue to grow. It is Carmen’s goal to continue to improve
Region Woman in       and expand the business to meet the needs of this challenging
Business Awards       industry. Meanwhile, as a proud mum-to-be, a focus for the
 Finalist – Owner/    moment is on the immediate personal expansion of the
Operator Category     Goldsborough family. Don’t be surprised if Comfy Garments
                      has a younger feel in the next few months.
                          Debbie Duncan, Proprietor, Jetset Travel

                   Debbie Duncan faced two major business hurdles in
                   2001. The collapse of Ansett Airlines could have
                   devastated this Ballarat businesswoman. However,
                   Debbie took on the challenge with determination and
                   resolve. She asserts it took “every morsel of knowledge,
                   common sense, gut feel, academic training, analytical
                   skill and even my upbringing” for the business to survive.
                   Mentors, colleagues and work-mates have all testified to
                   Debbie’s incredible strength and business acumen, not
                   only during the crisis but throughout her business
Ballarat & Western career. Today Debbie advises the biggest threat to crisis
Region Woman in management is procrastination. It’s obvious that Debbie
Business Awards won’t ever suffer from that affliction. There is no doubt
 Finalist – Owner/ that Debbie Duncan will continue to fly as Jetset Travel.
Operator Category

                          Meryl Bowers, Proprietor, The Hermitage

                       Some people leave an indelible impression on the land-
                       scape of their community and Meryl Bowers of The
                       Hermitage is one such woman. Meryl commenced her
                       business journey with one cottage restoration. She has
                       continued to grow, altering the entire streetscape and
                       completing six cottage restorations. These tourism
                       businesses have put the “village” back into the township
                       of Great Western.

                   Gifted visual merchandiser, gracious host, convivial Bed
                   & Breakfast operator, and excellent caterer…Meryl has
Ballarat & Western overcome limited finance, planning objections and ill
Region Woman in health to single-handedly achieve her goals. Meryl is
Business Awards negotiating to sell part of her business interests but will
                   continue to operate as an owner of tourism-well-
 Finalist – Owner/ regarded and industry commended businesses in the
Operator Category Grampians region.
              Angela Carey
                     Deputy Editor
              The Ballarat Courier

             Angela Carey thought long and hard
             about entering these awards. As the
             highest level female staff member of
Ballarat &   the Courier newspaper, Angela is fa-
             miliar with making tough decisions.
Western      Angela is committed to mentoring

 Region      other women in her profession and
             has received the rewards associated
Women in     with nurturing skills and developing
             colleagues. It is only fitting that An-
Business     gela take her place in celebrating her

 Awards      own achievements as Editor in Chief
             The Courier newspaper, responsible
 Winner      and    crafted   journalist,   respected
             manager and mother of three young

Manager/     The judges agreed that Angela’s
Employee     work   ethic,    mentoring     and   high
             professional standards gave her the
Category     winning edge.
                        Arduina Di Guardo, Manager – ANZ Bank

                      It’s not always easy being a female manager in the
                      traditional world of regional banking. But Arduina Di
                      Guardo with the support of the ANZ Banking Group not
                      only succeeds in business but finds time to lend her
                      expertise to community endeavours such as Board
                      Member Ararat Retirement Village, Treasurer Jail House
Ballarat & Western    Rock Festival, Rotarian, and member of Ararat Regional
 Region Woman in      Business Association. Sport is a passion with Arduina
 Business Awards      and she holds Life Membership with Moyston Netball
Finalist – Manager/
Employee Category

                        Wendy Kendall, Deputy CEO, Highlands Personnel

                       Wendy Kendall has been consistently recognised by
                       employers as a manger with talent, compassion and strategic
                       planning abilities. Wendy has moved into management roles
                       in the Health and Disability Services sector. As the Deputy
                       CEO of Highlands Personnel Wendy is called on to exercise
                       discretion, sound management skills and high level
                       interpersonal skills. Highlands Personnel place disability
                       clients into employment and enjoys a wide reputation for
Ballarat & Western     quality and customer services in an environment where
 Region Woman in       funding levels and financial management of resources is
                       crucial to the viability of the organisation. Wendy has
 Business Awards
                       developed her own pathways throughout her career. Her
Finalist – Manager/    commitment to lifelong learning has enhanced her
Employee Category      employment options and made her an asset to the team at
                       Highlands Personnel.

                         Lorraine Cudia – Manager, Marshmans HR
                       High level skills, a management style characterised by
                       consultation and respect for staff, and personal courage.
                       These are the attributes of Lorraine Cudia. Testimonials
                       support Lorraine as a woman who can truly celebrate
                       her achievements in management- first in the hospitality
                       industry, and now as manager for Marshmans HR Serv-
                       ices. With business growth characterised in double fig-
Ballarat & Western     ure percentages since she commenced as manager,
 Region Woman in       Lorraine only seeks to better her business in the very
 Business Awards       competitive employment services sector. Overcoming a
Finalist – Manager/    major health issue in 2002 has only increased Lorraine’s
Employee Category      zest for life and her remarkable gift of communicating,
                       leading, and mentoring women in business.
                   Susie O’Neill
                    Managing Director
                   K.I.D.S Foundation

                 Susie O’Neill is an inspiration. The
                 work she undertakes as Managing

  Ballarat &     Director of The Kids Foundation
                 makes a difference to the lives of
   Western       children in profound and moving
Region Women     ways. Susie is not only the manager
 in Business     behind the operation that assists
                 victims of accidents and burns, she is
Awards Winner
                 the Founder, the driving force and the
                 inspiration to all who come in contact
 Community,      with her. As a mother, an Iron-woman

Environment &    competitor,   and   a   consummate
                 professional, Susie O’Neill is indeed
 Government      a sensational Woman in Business.
  Category       “Inspirational” is the word referees
                 used to describe Susie O’Neill. The
      &          judges concurred. Her commitment
Overall Winner   and passion for making children safe
                 shines through.
                           Gerardine Christou, Senrior Project Officer,
                               Wendouree West Renewal Project

                          Gerardine Christou is the Senior Project Officer for the
                          Wendouree West Community Renewal Project. Gerardine
                          is a Public Sector professional with a service record that
                          includes Manager Corporate Services Dept of Human
                          Services, Lecturer Ballarat School of Mines & Industry,
  Ballarat & Western      and primary school teaching. Gerrardine’s career has been
   Region Woman in        marked by a commitment to build better communities and
   Business Awards        on-going study to diversify her own career path. Gerardine
 Finalist – Community,    regularly mentors family and friends with advice and ca-
 Environemt & Govern-     reer path assistance and has a passion for antiques and res-
ment Services Category

                                   Lesley Gordon, Centre Manager,
                                     Nhill Neighbourhood House

                         Lesley Gordon is a tireless worker for the Nhill community.
                         She commands respect from her colleagues and has 30 years
                         of dedicated and professional experience to bring to her role
                         as Centre Manager Nhill Neighbourhood House Inc and
                         Adult Learning Centre. As co-founder of the local Encourag-
  Ballarat & Western     ing Women Group Lesley is committed to assisting regional
   Region Woman in       women reach their potential and have access to appropriate
   Business Awards       training and development activities.
 Finalist – Community,
 Environemt & Govern-
ment Services Category

                                         Lynne McLennan, CEO
                                            UFS Dispensary

                          Lynne McLennan is a woman of integrity and skill. With a
                          strong background in Local Government as a manager at
                          Moorabool Shire Council and City of Ballarat Lynne had a
                          reputation for competance and high level skills. As Chief
                          Executive Officer of the UFS Dispensaries Ltd Lynne over-
                          sights the management of 7 pharmacies employing 140 staff
                          with an annual turnover that exceed $25million. Despite this
  Ballarat & Western      workload Lynne finds time to contribute to her industry and
   Region Woman in        the community as a Board Member of Ballarat Health Serv-
   Business Awards        ices, and participates in the Wendouree West Renewal Proj-
 Finalist – Community,    ect.
 Environemt & Govern-
ment Services Category
                 Pauline Smith
                  Health Co-ordinator
                Pauline Smith began work at the
                Ballarat    And      District       Aboriginal
                Co-Operative 14 years ago. Through
                study and training she has advanced
                to being the Health Coordinator, in
  Ballarat &    charge of four staff, and managing all

   Western      the    health     programs          delivered
                through the Co-operative.
Region Women    Pauline’s       varied     studies     include
 in Business    counselling,              health       care,

Awards Winner   management and computer skills. A
                mother     of    two,     Pauline     recently
                captained the highly successful all
 Indigenous     women’s Indigenous Indoor Cricket

  Woman in      Team, who were not only premiership
                winners, but remained undefeated for
  Business,     the whole season.
Community or    Pauline impressed judges with her
Government      long-term        commitment           to     her
                community. Her recent undertaking of
  Services      professional development and her
                very    practical        solution     focused
                management         style     make      her    a
                             Jasmine Morrison, Aboriginal Liaison
                                        Officer, SMB
                        Jasmine Morrison grew up in the small country town of Marlo
                        and moved to Ballarat to attend university. In doing so she be-
                        came the first person in her family to complete a university de-
                        gree. Determination and caring are words that aptly describe
                        Jasmine’s commitment to use this experience to “give back” to
                        her community. Jasmine now works for University of Ballarat,
                        SMB Campus, as the Aboriginal Liaison Officer. She meets the
                        demands of this challenging role with generosity, sound organ-
 Ballarat & Western
                        isational skills and enthusiasm. Jasmine has strong community
  Region Woman in       involvement, with participation on many boards and organising
  Business Awards       committees. Jasmine is currently working towards her teacher
Finalist – Indigenous   training accreditation and sees her career path continually
  Woman Category        progressing. Jasmine is indeed a role model for all women in

                             Sheree Lowe, Aboriginal Education Officer,
                                       University of Ballarat
                         Dynamic employee, involved community worker, partner,
                         carer, young mother, sportswoman, student – Sheree
                         Lowe manages to fit it all in. Sheree is the Aboriginal
                         Education Officer for the University of Ballarat, Mt. Helen
                         campus, where she was instrumental in developing a
                         new stream in Aboriginal Studies, a first for Victoria.
                         Sheree is also currently studying to attain her Advanced
 Ballarat & Western      Diploma of Accountancy, and she and her partner have
  Region Woman in        an 18 month old daughter. Through her manifold
  Business Awards        community involvement activities, and high levels of
Finalist – Indigenous    success in her field, Sheree is a positive role model for
  Woman Category         aspiring young indigenous women. Sheree believes that
                         she balances the many aspects of her life by making
                         sure she gives each area the “attention it deserves”.

                                           Marley Smith, Artist

                         Marley Smith is a Gunditjmara woman, an artist and an
                         active member of the Ballarat indigenous arts
                         community. Marley’s commitment to her culture is
                         evident in the artworks she produces. As a student of
                         the University of Ballarat Marley has exhibited widely
                         throughout the region. She has a reputation for the
                         grace and beauty of her work and her passion for her
 Ballarat & Western      culture. Marley Smith is building cultural bridges through
  Region Woman in        her artwork.
  Business Awards
Finalist – Indigenous
  Woman Category
             Karen Robinson
                   Western Region
                Tipping Foundation

             Karen Robinson is committed to the provi-

Ballarat &   sion of high quality residential disability
             services. As Western Region Manager for

Western      the Tipping Foundation Karen services over
             60,000 square kilometres of territory, and is

 Region      responsible for the management of thirteen
             service delivery points employing over 70

Women in     staff from a budget of $1.5 million.

Business     Karen’s goal is to make a difference to
             those who are disadvantaged. Karen sees
 Awards      her own education and development as a
             crucial factor in making this difference and
 Winner      is currently pursuing a Masters Degree.
             Karen has energy drive and a proven com-
             mitment to disability services.

 Young       Karen’s   outstanding    referee     comments

Woman in     supported her as a quiet achiever with the
             high level management skills. Her absolute

Business     commitment to social justice for disability
             clients came through at interview.
                       Caroline Coggins, Manager, Pyrenees Hay
                               Processors Co-operative
                     Caroline Coggins has a true commitment to regional
                     Victoria. Caroline has proven this from her time as
                     President Dookie Agricultural College Students
                     Association, her attendance at international confer-
                     ences for regional women, and membership on regional
                     boards such as The Victorian Farmers Federation and
Ballarat & Western   the     Sunraysia Junior Area Consultative Committee.
                     Caroline is currently the Manager of the newly formed
Region Woman in
                     Pyrenees Hay Processors Co-operative. This innovative
Business Awards
                     business venture is benefiting from the tireless work of
 Finalist – Young    Caroline and her commitment to principles of business
 Woman Category      best practice.

                          Jade Odgers, Service Manager, Aged &
                                   Disability Services

                      Jade Odgers is responsible for the largest business unit
                      within the City of Ballarat. As Service Manager Aged &
                      Disability Services Section Jade oversees a budget in
                      excess of $8 million and a leads a staff of 220 people.
                      Since completing her Bachelor of Applied Science at
                      University of Ballarat in 1993 Jade has continued to
Ballarat & Western    undertake accredited training and development.
Region Woman in       Through the course of her career Jade has had many
Business Awards       achievements including the establishment of a Palliative
 Finalist – Young     Care Course at North West Hospital, and input into
 Woman Category       Gandarra - the first Palliative Care Unit in the Grampi-
                      ans region.

                        Marita Williams, Loss Adjuster, Robco ABS

                      Marita Williams is committed to continuous profes-
                      sional development. Her current studies in Occupational
                      Health and Safety through the University of Ballarat
                      complement her endeavours as an insurance
                      professional. Marita works throughout the Western
                      Region as a Loss Adjuster for Robco ABS Adjusters
                      and is committed to quality client liaison. Marita works
Ballarat & Western    in a field more traditionally associated with males but
Region Woman in       rises to the challenge. Marita is involved with the Make
Business Awards       A Wish Foundation and is an avid sportswoman.
 Finalist – Young
 Woman Category
             Sylvia Sweeney
             Wimmera Catchment Management
             Sylvia Sweeney completed a 12-
             month        apprenticeship       with   the
             Wimmera Catchment Management
             Authority with outstanding success in
             April this year. A motivated, goal
Ballarat &   focused young woman, Sylvia is
             determined to demonstrate to young
Western      people in her region that they can

 Region      “choose” their careers from the many
             opportunities        available,    and   be
Women in     successful in business without going

Business     to university. With accolades such as
             Trainee of the Year in the 2002
 Awards      Wimmera Business Awards, Sylvia’s
             own start to her career and as a role
 Winner      model to young people in her region
             has certainly been successful

 Trainee/    Sylvia’s capacity for innovation and

Apprentice   initiative    was    supported
             referee comments. She presented as
                                                by    her

 Category    confident and mature with great
             communication skills.
                       Leah Evans, Trainee Chef, Ruby’s Restaurant

                       Leah Evans has been an Apprentice chef for Ballarat’s
                       Ruby’s Restaurant since it opened in 2001. Leah’s
                       determined efforts doing the “dirty work” as a kitchen
                       hand impressed her boss so much, that he offered her an
                       apprenticeship in cookery. Since then Leah has become
                       a valuable member of the Ruby’s team, and earlier this
                       year, Leah entered herself in the Worldskills Culinary
 Ballarat & Western    Competition, where despite her relative inexperience she
 Region Woman in       won the Gold Medal.
 Business Awards
 Finalist – Trainee/   Soon Leah heads off to Newcastle to try her skills as one
Apprentice Category    of the best in Australia.

                        Claire Odlum, Trainee, Spee Dee Drycleaners
                        As a trainee with Spee Dee Drycleaners, Claire Odlum
                        has impressed her employers and her trainers. Claire
                        has introduced several promotional innovations and has
                        been responsible for integrating new business
                        knowledge into the business. As winner of the 2002
                        Ballarat Trainee of the Year Award, Claire has also been
                        entered for the Victorian Trainee of the Year. In time that
 Ballarat & Western     isn’t spent studying or working, Claire is involved in
 Region Woman in        various sporting activities, coaching as well as playing.
 Business Awards
 Finalist – Trainee/    With keen insight into the future of her industry, Claire
Apprentice Category     aims to start up her own small business.

                            Casey Donald, Apprentice, Hair by Hart

                        Casey Donald’s Apprenticeship at Hair By Hart has been
                        marked by recognition of her success in the field of
                        hairdressing. Most recently, Casey was awarded the Most
                        Outstanding 2nd year Apprentice at the Geelong Regional
                        Training Awards. A regular blood donor, and keen
                        sportswoman, Casey is also outstanding in her study,
                        finishing the requirements for her Certificate III in
                        hairdressing in half the time taken by an average apprentice.
 Ballarat & Western
 Region Woman in        Casey challenges herself and her industry by aiming to
                        change the image and profile of her profession.
 Business Awards
 Finalist – Trainee/
Apprentice Category

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