CISC897 Research Methods for Computer Science Note on Deliverables by sdaferv


									CISC897 Research Methods for Computer Science
Note on Deliverables

This note elaborates on the main deliverables for this course. Should clarifications be required for any of the
following, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please, consult with your supervisors for the choice of papers to review and the survey topic.

Reviews (20% of overall mark.)

Three reviews are required from each student. The point of these reviews is to encourage critical reading and
writing. Each review should carefully reflect on the following aspects.
     1. Motivation for the work.
     2. Review of related work.
     3. Clarity of contribution.
     4. Validity of the work’s main argument(s).
     5. Evaluation methodology.
     6. Presentation and organization.

You can take either a free form, or utilize the above six points as headings.

The deadlines for the reviews are February 10, March 3 and April 7.

You may find the following suggested readings helpful in writing your reviews.
   1. I. Parberry, “A Guide for New Referees in Theoretical Computer Science,” ACM SIGACT News, Volume
       2, Issue 4, pp. 92-99, November 1989.
   2. A. J. Smith, “The Task of the Referee”, IEEE Computer, Volume 23, Issue 4, pp. 65-71, April 1990.
   3. S. Keshav, “How to Read a Paper”, ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, Volume 37, Issue
       3, pp. 83-84, July 2007.

Short Presentation (10% of the overall mark.)

To be delivered on February 17.

Prepare a short presentation in which you introduce yourself and briefly discuss your area of interest or the problem
you are working on. The number of slides should not exceed three, and you should not take more than five minutes
to finish your presentation.

Please, email the slides the night before the lecture.

Survey: Long Presentation (15% of overall mark.)

This is a 15 minute presentation in which you overview your survey topic. Presentation is to include a proper
introduction to the subject matter, a well-paced exposition and a meaningful conclusion. Planning and preparation
will be noted, as well as the slides’ content and the delivery of the talk. The talks will be given over March 31 and
April 7. A table below indicates the order of talks.

                                Order    March 24      March 31           April 7
                                1        Bentley       Alharkan           Peikari (M)
                                2        Dickinson     Lazazzera          Bolton
                                3        Gruska        Peikari (H)        Bin Shafi
                                4        Gama          Pompeu-Robinson    Pape
                                5        Mohamad       Sears              Campigotto
                                6        Perez         Al-Yaseen          Brown
                                7        Seaborn       Matheson           Chalmers
                                8        Banerjee      Martin             Ouda
                                9        McIntosh      Kurczak

Please, email the slides the night before your talk.

Survey: Paper (35% of overall mark.)

The written survey is due on April 12. Page limit includes figures and references. You should use the ACM
proceedings format ( Choose the template without
permission block and copyright – but make sure that pages are numbered. An electronic submission would suffice.
In making your submission, kindly CC your submission to your supervisor(s) and clearly indicate the purpose and
the content of the email.


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