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					                   2nd CHIEF

                                      May ,  & , 
                                Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
                        Corporate Security Strategies
                          & Leading Practices for the
                                        21st Century

                                                                    CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS
                                      PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS

           AON REED STENHOUSE INC.                                  Learn about the latest corporate security practices
                       BEST ACCESS                                  from 21 security professionals

        BLAKE, CASSELS GRAYDON LLP                                  Get the nitty-gritty on how the new privacy laws
                                                                    affect workplace surveillance tools
                                                                    Learn from case studies which greatest
                   CHUM TELEVISION
                                                                    challenges organizations face in their security function
                    CITY OF OTTAWA                                  and solutions they have implemented

      COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY                                    Gain insight into best practices in conducting threat
                                                                    and risk assessments

      DIGITAL FORENSICS CANADA INC.                                 Tap into the latest IT and digital forensics
                                                                    developments in preventing and detecting theft
                          ENBRIDGE                                  and promoting greater security
                 INTERCON SECURITY                                  Participate in interactive workshops that will guide
                                                                    you in designing effective emergency response
  MEMBER OF INVESTIGATIONS CANADA                                   plans and toolkits for dealing with high-risk
                                                                    employee terminations

                 NORTEL NETWORKS
                                                                    OPTIONAL WORKSHOPS
             PROCTER & GAMBLE INC.                                  RESPONSE PLAN
                                                                    Emory Gilbert, Staff Superintendent of Area Field
             ROYAL BANK OF CANADA                                   Command, METROPOLITAN TORONTO POLICE
                                                                    SECURITY & THE TERMINATION
        TELUS COMMUNICATIONS INC.                                   OF HIGH-RISK EMPLOYEES
               TOM HILL CONSULTING                                  David A. Black, CPP, Managing Partner
                                                                    KING-REED & ASSOCIATES LTD.
             TOYS-R-US CANADA LTD.                                  A MEMBER OF INVESTIGATIONS CANADA
                                  Federated Press
                                  Dear Colleague:
“business  legal publishing”

                                  Watching the news or reading our daily paper, we are bombarded with tragic events resulting
                                  from security breaches and increasing violence. Since September 11th, 2001, we are more
                                  cautious as a society and aware of the risk of imminent terrorist threats to homeland security
                                  and of rising domestic crime rates.

                                  This “heightened state of security” has meant that corporate security has taken on an
                                  unparalled role in our lives. Organizations are increasingly reviewing security arrangements
                                  and instituting a proactive response to concerns about security preparedness, detection
                                  and prevention. More importantly, the role of the the Chief Security Officer has grown and
                                  accepted renewed responsibilities.

                                  The Federated Press’ 2nd Annual Chief Security Officer summit is a forum bringing together
                                  21 security experts from various industries to address the latest issues affecting corporate
                                  security departments, in both the private and public sectors, including:

                                  • Privacy laws and their effect on workplace surveillance tools
                                  • Averting terrorist threats by enhancing structural and environmental designs
                                  • Tapping into the latest IT and digital forensics offerings to prevent and detect theft
                                    and promote greater security
                                  • Maximizing corporate profitability in the security environment
                                  • Using effective security techniques to dealing with labour disputes, special events & crowds
                                  • Using of standards in performance measurement as industry benchmarks
                                  • Designing effective emergency response plans and developing toolkits to deal with
                                    high-risk employee terminations

                                  Attend this conference and tap into the experiences of: ADT Security Services Canada Inc.,
                                  AON Reed Stenhouse Inc., Best Access, Blake Cassels Graydon LLP, Canada Border Services
                                  Agency, CHUM Television, City of Ottawa, Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Compass Group
                                  Canada, Digital Forensics Canada Inc., Enbridge, King-Reed & Associates Ltd., Intercon Se-
                                  curity, Metropolitan Toronto Police, Nortel Networks, Northwest Protection Services Ltd.,
                                  Procter & Gamble Inc., Royal Bank of Canada, Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital, Telus
                                  Communications Inc., Tom Hill Consulting, and Toys-R-Us Canada Ltd.

                                  Take advantage of this high-level learning and networking opportunity and attend the most
                                  comprehensive security summit of the year.

                                  Register now by calling (416) 665-6868 or toll-free 1-800-363-0722.

                                  Yours truly,

                                  Lise Ponton
                                  Conference Director

                                  PS. Don’t miss our optional workshops where you will learn how to develop a step-by-step
                                  approach to ensure that your emergency reponse plan covers all the bases and to design an
                                  effective toolkit in dealing with high-risk employee terminations

                   WHO SHOULD ATTEND:
                                • Top Executives involved in Corporate Security, including Presidents, CEOs, Chief Security Officers
                                  and Chief Information Security Officers

                                • Vice-Presidents, Directors, Senior Advisors, and Managers in the following areas, in both the
                                  private and public sectors: Corporate security, Security operations, Protection services,
                                  Emergency planning and crisis management, Investigations, Building operations and management,
                                  Risk management, Business continuity planning, Loss prevention, Compliance, Human resources
       Chief security                                                    

   officer SUMMIT
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, May ,  & ,  • Registration: : – :
                                                                    •   What is strategic security intelligence?
   SESSION 1                                                        •   How it provides an overview of trends, changes,
   Tuesday, May th                                                    threats and opportunities
                                                                    •   Usefulness to senior executives
   MODERN CHALLENGES OF                                             •   Adding to the protective efforts of government
   CORPORATE SECURITY                                                   and industry
                                                                    •   Supporting policy decisions for today and tomorrow
   Chair: Robert Gerden, MBA, CISSP, Director, Corporate
   and Systems Security, Canada, NORTEL NETWORKS                    : - : Networking Break
   : - :                                                      : - :
                                                                    Jason Conley, President, DIGITAL FORENSICS CANADA INC.
   TOWARDS INTEGRATION                                              Wib Craig, Security Manager, PROCTER & GAMBLE INC.
   Robert Gerden, MBA, CISSP, Director, Corporate and Systems
   Security, Canada, NORTEL NETWORKS
                                                                    Technology is racing forward, with little regard for the
                                                                    physical protection of intellectual data while “the human
   In the new millennium, organizations are rethinking the
                                                                    element’” continues to leave gaping holes in the already
   concept of security and are addressing risk from a more
                                                                    difficult task of protecting data. Forensic examination of
   holistic standpoint that combines all elements of risk
                                                                    digital evidence is becoming the primary tool in all mat-
   management, including digital security, crisis manage-
                                                                    ters relating to electronic evidence, particularly involving
   ment, business continuity, regulatory compliance along
                                                                    intellectual property theft. New concepts in the applica-
   with more traditional physical asset protection and in-
                                                                    tion of computer forensics are producing proactive risk
   vestigations. This integration provides new challenges
                                                                    management solutions for the detection of intellectual
   for the Chief Security Officer, whose role is evolving
                                                                    property theft, and other serious violations, through the
   and taking on greater significance. Perhaps the great-
                                                                    post-employment analysis of employee hard drives. This
   est challenge lies in opening communication channels
                                                                    presentation will cover:
   between various departments. Learn about the scope,
   responsibility and impact of the new CSO and CISO on             •   Developing and deploying post-employment
   the overall organization given the growing trend towards             investigations
   integration, including:                                          •   The scope of digital forensics: post-employment,
                                                                        analysis, storage, sanitization
   •   Enterprise risk strategy development, alignment              •   Emergency data recovery
       and execution                                                •   Case study and application in the workplace
   •   The key to solving the silo mentality within organizations
   •   Risk integration options along with advantages
       and disadvantages                                            : - :
   •   Skill sets needed to compete in new millennium               PANEL: PRIVACY LAWS & WORKPLACE
                                                                    SURVEILLANCE TOOLS
   : -:                                                      Connie Reeve, Partner, BLAKE, CASSELS GRAYDON LLP
   STRATEGIC SECURITY INTELLIGENCE                                  Peter Rollins, Director of Strategic Relations
                                                                    ADT SECURITY SERVICES CANADA INC.
   AND EXECUTIVE DECISIONMAKING                                    Allan Johnson, Chief Security Officer, ENBRIDGE
   Allan Johnson, Chief Security Officer, ENBRIDGE
                                                                    The PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and
   Knowledge is an essential investment in the manage-
                                                                    Electronic Documents Act) is a revolutionary change in
   ment of any organization: it ensures the highest possible
                                                                    Canadian privacy law. It confers extensive rights on in-
   return to shareholders, customers and employees. In to-
                                                                    dividuals to control the collection, use and disclosure of
   day’s world, the security function must enhance its over-
                                                                    their personal information by organizations in the course
   all contribution to the knowledge base of the corporation
                                                                    of commercial activity. This panel discussion will exam-
   it serves, in order to provide the highest level of advice
                                                                    ine the ways in which privacy laws carry implications for
   about protection in a constantly changing threat envi-
                                                                    workplace surveillance, including:
   ronment. This presentation will provide an example of
   an intelligence partnership between industry, the Royal          •   What is a reasonable expectation of privacy in the
   Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security                    workplace? What’s allowed and what’s not?
   Intelligence Service.

                 nd Annual Chief Security Officer Summit • May ,   ,  • Call    

•   Assessing the impacts of the federal and existing             •   Reducing insurance costs
    provincial privacy legislation: what every security           •   When to expand coverage
    manager needs to know
•   Computer and e-mail surveillance from a Canadian              : - : Networking Break
    legal perspective
•   Can evidence be excluded if privacy rights are violated?      : - :
•   Impacts on employee image databases and closed-
    circuit television (CCTV)                                     CASE STUDY: SECURITY AWARENESS &
•   Costs of compliance                                           SENIOR MANAGEMENT BUYIN
                                                                  Dagmar Wilhelm, Senior Director, Quality Assurance and
: - : Lunch                                                Health & Safety COMPASS GROUP CANADA

                                                                  The goal of security awareness lies in the creation of
SESSION 2                                                         a secure culture in your organization, among manage-
Tuesday, May th                                                 ment and employees alike. Ensuring security is even
                                                                  more important when companies operate in rented
MANAGEMENT & INTERVENTION                                         facilities or in those provided by clients. This presen-
Chair: John Mihalic, Director, National Loss Prevention           tation will outline how the security function is chan-
TOYS-R-US CANADA LTD.                                             neled through various departments and address the
                                                                  challenges to achieving senior management buy-in, in
: - :
CASE STUDY: THIRDPARTY                                           •   Security’s increasing role in both facilities
OUTSOURCING FOR SECURITY SERVICES                                     management and human resources
John Mihalic, Director, National Loss Prevention                  •   Ways to achieving buy-in of Security and Safety
TOYS-R-US CANADA LTD.                                                 policies and procedures
                                                                  •   Required analysis of available data to achieve
How do you select and work with a third-party security                cultural change
service provider? Several reasons dictate why an em-              •   Choosing the right internal and external input needs
ployer would choose to outsource corporate security:              •   Potential synergies in the joint management of
lack of technology, time, experience or resources, or                 Security, Crisis Management and Health & Safety
internal privacy and confidentiality issues. Hear from
the Director of National Loss Prevention of Toys-R-Us             : - :
Canada on how to contract and maintain control over               ELECTRONIC SECURITY: ESSENTIAL
third-party outsourcing:                                          DURING PERIODS OF FINANCIAL
•   Using an outside firm instead of an internal corporate        RESTRAINT
    security department                                           Bob Gauvreau, Manager, Corporate Security, CITY OF OTTAWA
•   Determining the scope of the work and
    establishing guidelines                                       A trend is developing where small and large Fortune 500
•   How to conduct a background check before hiring               organizations are investing more and more in electronic
    an outside firm                                               security and downplaying the need for physical (human)
•   Case studies and best practices                               security. This is explained by the fact that today’s fis-
•   Practical steps to follow, forms to fill out and checklists   cal reality demands a greater need to finding solutions
                                                                  that provide larger operational impacts with the least
: - :                                                       financial impact as possible. Greater availability of de-
                                                                  pendable and highly-trained contract security operators,
DEVELOPING SECURITY PROGRAMS                                      coupled with technological advances, have combined to
THAT MEET INSURANCE COMPANIES’                                    make electronic security systems a fiscally viable, highly
STANDARDS                                                         adaptable solution to many security issues. This presen-
Gary McDonell, Senior Vice President, Risk Practice, AON REED     tation will provide an understanding of what is available,
STENHOUSE INC.                                                    how to explore the solutions and how to begin planning
                                                                  for an electronic security solution.
The benefits of enhanced security measures in a com-
pany are seen most often in lower insurance premiums              •   Addressing ever-increasing demands with continually
because businesses have taken steps to minimise risk                  decreasing financial resources
and loss. This presentation will outline the elements of          •   Rising costs of physical (human) security and
a comprehensive security program attuned to meeting                   examining more cost effective alternatives
insurance company standards. Find out how insurance               •   Is it a buyer’s market when reliable electronic security
coverage is affected by what the corporate security de-               solutions are available to address all requirements
partment does or fails to do.                                         and budgets?
                                                                  •   Planning as the key to using electronic security
•   Scoring your security program                                     systems to maximum effectiveness
•   How to minimise risk in the workplace to meet
    insurance standards

              nd Annual Chief Security Officer Summit • May ,   ,  • Call    

: - :                                                   biggest asset for maintaining optimum safety and posi-
                                                              tive post-strike relations between management and its
CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP                                         employees is a contingency plan. But even before a
MANAGEMENT IN THE SECURITY                                    potential labour dispute is likely to occur, an effective
ENVIRONMENT                                                   strategy must be mapped out to provide the company,
Tom J. Hill, TOM HILL CONSULTING                              its suppliers and clients with a direction and course of
                                                              action to follow. A contingency plan is something compa-
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business          nies should consider implementing prior to negotiations,
strategy that involves co-ordinating and integrating all      especially in today’s unionized environment. Hear from
customer-facing functions, including security, that lever-    the Coca-Cola Bottling Company on its best practices for
ages people, expertise, intelligence, processes and tech-     ensuring security during tense times, including:
nology to adopt a business culture that maximises and
maintains profitable relationships with all customers,        •   What is a labour strike contingency plan? How do you
and ultimately, competitive advantage, industry domi-             develop a contingency plan questionnaire?
nance and shareholder value. If trust is the currency of      •   Protecting your company from irreparable damage
commerce - security is a cornerstone to building trust:           and law suits
                                                              •   Preparation: the key to success in surviving a
•   Delivering value-added security services through              labour dispute
    the security function                                     •   Security requirements
•   Integrating security into the ongoing customer dialogue   •   Ensuring security during transportation
•   Utilising internal crime statistics as a metric               (movement of goods)
•   Pursuing the potential of revenue generation within       •   Legal rights of management and of the
    the security function                                         striking employees
                                                              •   Recommendations for physical facilities and
                                                                  protecting executives
Wednesday, May th                                           : -: Networking Break
Chair: Gene McLean, Vice-President & Chief Security           : -:
                                                              IN BUILDING SECURITY HARDWARE TO
: - :                                                   CONTROL PUBLIC ACCESS
DISCOVERING IT’S POTENTIAL FOR                                Bill Player, Director Environmental Services
Gene McLean, Vice-President & Chief Security Officer          Adele Haschek, Electronic Access Control Representative
TELUS COMMUNICATIONS INC.                                     BEST ACCESS

Technological innovation holds promise for enhancing          Since 9/11 there has been an increased demand for both
almost every aspect of a business, especially in mat-         a better building design to control public access and a
ters of security. From large-scale integrated physical        heightened awareness by building occupants for control
security systems, card access control, alarm monitoring       of public access. With primary focus from a healthcare
and closed-circuit television systems, IT is increasingly     setting perspective, this presentation will cover:
used to increase security, reduce asset loss, comple-
                                                              •   What constitutes a better building design?
ment high-cost human guards, significantly reduce risk
                                                              •   History of building design from past to present day
to human life and automate the performance of repeti-
                                                              •   Evaluation of door locking hardware
tive tasks. The challenge for security professionals is to    •   How combining latest building design principles with
tap into the potential provided by the latest information         recent locking hardware allow enhanced security
technologies to execute an effective and comprehensive            without compromising greater public access
security program. This presentation will cover:

•   Basic steps in conducting an enterprise wide review       : - :
•   Developing a governance model                             EVENT AND CROWD MANAGEMENT
•   Operationalization and implementation                     Michael Doherty, Event Manager, NORTHWEST
•   Management of the process: best practices                 PROTECTION SERVICES LTD.

: -:                                                   Effective event facilitation and crowd management
SECURITY DURING A LABOUR DISPUTE                              requires the best crowd safety standards, laws and
Tracey Cook, Security Manager - Canada                        techniques for preventing common safety missteps and
COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY                                    haphazard event planning. Learn how to avoid mishaps
                                                              and to ensure crowd safety from the firm that handled
During a labour dispute, the danger of emotions getting       security for last summer’s World Youth Day and Rolling
heated and security threats arising is great. A company’s     Stones SARS-relief concert in Toronto. From strategy to
                                                              execution, the presentation will address:

              nd Annual Chief Security Officer Summit • May ,   ,  • Call    

•   Risk assessments                                            : - :
•   Planning your event management checklist
•   Event crisis management team co-ordination                  PARTNERS IN PROTECTION: CANADIAN
•   Safe and effective gate systems                             GOVERNMENTINDUSTRY INITIATIVES IN
                                                                HOMELAND SECURITY
:-: Lunch                                                Stu McLeod, Senior Program Advisor
                                                                CANADA BORDER SERVICES AGENCY

SESSION 4                                                       Customs plays a pivotal role in Canada in enhancing
Wednesday, May th                                             border security, combating organized crime and terror-
                                                                ism, suppressing contraband smuggling, and securing
PROTECTING YOUR BUSINESS                                        the flow of legitimate goods and travelers across the
Chair: Steve Summerville, Director of Security                  border. The Canada Border Services Agency’s Partners
CHUM TELEVISION                                                 in Protection (PIP) program is an innovative solution to
                                                                helping Canada remain competitive while making our
                                                                communities safer, especially in its impact on strength-
                                                                ening security practices at every level of the supply
THREAT & RISK ASSESSMENTS:                                      chain. This presentation will overview the structure and
BEST PRACTICES                                                  goals of PIP, including:
Ric Handren, Director of Protection Services
ROYAL BANK OF CANADA                                            •      Advantages to private industry in working together
                                                                       with government
Assessing external and internal security threats and            •      Importance of exchanging information & awareness
providing a plan to mitigate risk is critical for the protec-   •      Who is eligible?
tion of corporate personnel and assets. Threat and risk         •      Self-assessing security systems to identify
assessments, which serve to identify indicators of future              weaknesses in processes
activity and predict the probability of the occurrence of       •      Comparisons with American counterpart - Customs
such events and their impact on business, should be per-               Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
formed on a priority basis for all facets of an organization
to ensure that baseline security standards are current          : - :
and evergreen. Topics to be examined include:                   STRATEGIES TO MITIGATE THE
•   What is the value gained from assessments?
                                                                TERRORIST THREAT IN PUBLIC
•   Risk mitigation approaches                                  ACCESS BUILDINGS
•   Importance of achieving executive buy-in                    Michael W. Fenton, Director of Consulting & Support Services
                                                                INTERCON SECURITY
:-:                                                       Heightened security concerns resulting from the WTC at-
ESTABLISHING AND EVALUATING                                     tacks are still looming. It has become essential to ensure
TRAINING & CAREER DEVELOPMENT                                   a safe workplace. From making bombs easier to find and
MEASURES FOR SECURITY MANAGEMENT                                harder to hide to sensible landscaping practises, effec-
AND PERSONNEL                                                   tive methods exist for mitigating threats. This presenta-
Steve Summerville, Director of Security, CHUM TELEVISION        tion will offer practical advice to preventing your corpo-
                                                                rate facility from becoming a target:
The role of security training and the use of force for
security purposes have received much attention since            •      Making it easier to extract terrorists who have
the September 1999 death of Patrick Shand, a Toronto                   taken over your building
                                                                •      Enforcing access control with no access control equipment
shoplifter who died while being apprehended by security
                                                                •      Basic protection from Chemical, Biological and
personnel. The coroner’s inquest, which commenced in                   Radiological Weapons
February 2004, examined the circumstances surrounding           •      Basic protection from VBIED (Vehicle Borne
Shand’s death and issues relating to the training of loss              Improvised Explosive Devices) a.k.a. car bombs
prevention personnel and the licensing and training of
security guards. This presentation will give insight to the
practical lessons to be taken from this case, including:

•   Role of security training
•   Establishment of standards and measures
•   The evaluation of security personnel: by whose standard?
•   The role of the trainer
•   Due diligence: are you protected?
                                                                    SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                    Maximize your company’s visibility in front of key decision-makers in your target market! Feder-
: - : Networking Break                                        ated Press events are attended by those with the seniority and authority to change the way their
                                                                    organizations operate. For sponsors this means an unparalleled opportunity to raise your profile
                                                                    before a manageable group of senior decision makers. There are a wide range of sponsorship
                                                                    packages, which can be customized to fit your budget and marketing objectives.
                                                                    Contact Nayla Costandi at: 1-800-363-0722 ext. 244 for more information.

             nd Annual Chief Security Officer Summit • May ,   ,  • Call    
OPTIONAL WORKSHOP 1                                          OPTIONAL WORKSHOP 2
ursday, May  ,  :-noon
                                                             ursday, May th,  :-:

SCORING YOUR EMERGENCY                                       SECURITY & THE TERMINATION
RESPONSE PLAN                                                OF HIGHRISK EMPLOYEES
Emory Gilbert, Staff Superintendent of Area Field            David A. Black, CPP, Managing Partner
                                                             A MEMBER OF INVESTIGATIONS CANADA
Much has been said and written about emergency
preparedness and emergency response plans. How               Workplace terminations are never pleasant and can
can you be sure that your organization is truly ready        be potentially dangerous if there is any suspicion
to face a disaster and emergency? The importance of          that terminated employees may react in a violent
regular testing, practice and drills to ensure that ev-      manner. Making human resource managers aware
ery eventuality has been taken into account cannot           of this possibility is the first step in making security
be emphasised enough. How well do people under-              conscious judgements regarding high-risk termina-
stand the interdependencies of everyone’s actions            tions. Other steps include workplace violence pre-
within the company? This comprehensive workshop              vention planning and on-site presence during and
will lead you through practical steps to make sure           after the termination. Topics to be covered include:
that your emergency response plan is well designed
to your organisation’s needs.                                •   Selecting professionals to assist your corporate
                                                                 security department
•    Measuring your readiness                                •   When to involve law enforcement
•    Providing a framework for emergency response            •   What to do when threats of violence are
•    Using regular training to familiarize                       made by employees who are being terminated
     employees with their scope of responsibility            •   How to conduct a thorough investigation
•    Critical decision-making techniques in times            •   Establishment of action plans for workplace
     of panic and hysteria                                       violence prevention
•    Understanding the role of law enforcement               •   Creating a team approach to dealing
     during an emergency                                         with situations
•    Are your priorities realistic?                          •   Pre-termination background investigation
•    Using risk maps to monitor and assess your                  (including PIPEDA compliance)
     plan’s suitability
•    Checklists: a simple list or lifeline?                  David A. Black is a Managing Partner responsible for
•    Eliminating task duplication                            the operations of King-Reed & Associates Ltd™’s of-
•    The importance of evacuation plans                      fices located in Eastern Ontario, including Ottawa,
                                                             Kingston and Trenton. Mr. Black has been licensed
Emory Gilbert has been a member of the Toronto               as a Private Investigator since 1989. Previous to
Police Service for the past 33 years. From                   this, he was a Military Police Officer with the
January 2001 to January 2004, he was the Staff               Canadian Armed Forces as well as, a Police Officer
Superintendent in charge of Operational Support              with the Trenton Police Department for 14 years.
Services, responsible for the crucial specialized            During that time, he worked on various undercover
public order and public safety operations with the           assignments, including a lengthy joint force inves-
Toronto Police. He has acquired considerable uni-            tigation with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
form and investigative experience including train-           Drug Enforcement Section. Mr. Black is an active
ing as a police explosives technician, hostage ne-           member of the American Society for Industrial
gotiator and operational planner. Post-September             Security (ASIS) amd obtained the prestigious
11, 2001, he was the Toronto Police representa-              designation of Certified Protection Professional
tive on the Joint Emergency Operations Steering              (CPP) through ASIS in 1996. Mr. Black is also a past
Committee, working with key City agencies such               President of the Council of Private Investigators
as, Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Public              - Ontario (CPIO) and is a Certified member of the
Health and the Office of Emergency Management.               Council of International Investigators (C.I.I.).


    Full video of conference included on CD
    Audio/Video segments clickable slide by slide
    Papers and overheads also included
    Print any of the material for your own use

           nd Annual Chief Security Officer Summit • May ,   ,  • Call    
                                                                       2nd CHIEF
& Leading
Practices                                SECURITY
for the 21st
May ,  & , 
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel                  summit


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                                                                                                 P Box 4005, Station “A”
q Conference: $1695 + 7% GST ($118.65) = $1813.65                                                Toronto, Ontario
                                                                                                 M5W 2Z8
q Conf. + workshop 1__or 2__: $1695 + $495 + GST ($153.30) = $2343.30
q Conference + both workshops: $1695 + $495 + $425
    (additional workshop at a $70 discount) + GST ($183.05) = $2798.05
q Proceedings CD-ROM + Conference (with or without workshop)
    ADD $160.50 ($150 + GST)
q Proceedings CD-ROM only: $499 + GST ($34.93) = $533.93
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                                                                                                                1-800-363-0722                        info@federated                (416) 665-7733
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Telephone __________________ Fax ________________ E-mail: _________________
                                                                                                        UNCONDITIONAL UPGRADE POLICY                      GROUP DISCOUNT
                                                                                                        If you have registered for a similar or           If you register four people at the same
q Cheque enclosed (payable to Federated Press) for                                                      simultaneous event and wish to attend
                                                                                                        this Federated Press event instead, we
                                                                                                                                                          time you will be entitled to a discount.
                                                                                                                                                          To take advantage of this special offer,
                            GST Registration # R101755163
                                                                                                        are so sure that you will find this confer-       payment for all delegates must be made
                                                                                                        ence of more value that we will refund            with one cheque or credit card charge.
q Please bill my credit card:        O AMEX         O VISA     O     Mastercard                         any cancellation fee up to $300.00                Contact Sandra Frattolillo at: 1-800-363-
                                                                                                                                                          0722 ext. 223 for more information.
    # _______________________________________________ expiry: ____ / ____
    Signature: _________________________________                                                                             Cancellation: Please note that non-attendance at the
                                                              CD-ROM                                                         conference does not entitle the registrant to a refund.
WHEN CALLING, PLEASE MENTION PRIORITY                        The modern way to benefit from leading-edge confer-             In the event that a registrant becomes unable to attend
CODE: CSO0204/W                                              ence information. Weren’t able to attend this Feder-            following the deadline for cancellation, a substitute
                                                             ated Press conference? Though you can not replace
                                                                                                                             attendee may be delegated. A copy of the conference
                                                             the experience of attending, you can benefit from the
   GUARANTEE                                                 leading edge information provided at the conferences,
                                                                                                                             papers will be provided in any case. Please notify Feder-
                                                             including all the written materials and video presenta-         ated Press of any changes as soon as possible. Federated
If this conference fails to meet your expectations,          tions event by purchasing the Proceeding CD ROM.                Press assumes no liability for changes in program content
we will give you a letter of credit equal to the atten-      Our conference CD-ROMs create the experience of                 or speakers. A full refund of the attendance fee will be
dance fee. The letter is valid for one year after the        actually being at a lecture or conference.                      provided upon cancellation in writing received prior to
date of the conference.                                                                                                      April 28, 2004. No refunds will be issued after this date.