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									                                The GOLDEN

City of Golden Community Newsletter
                                                          INFORMER                                           January / February 2003

                                Here’s to a healthy and successful 2003
                                The New Year 2003 should be a great one for the City of Golden. Your City Council, under the
                                leadership of Mayor Chuck Baroch, has formed an effective working team. The four new members
                                who took office last January are now seasoned veterans of the council process and up to speed on all
                                issues affecting our City.

                                We are anxiously awaiting the completion of the new Washington Avenue Bridge and opening of the
                                new Fossil Trace Golf Club. The new clubhouse at Fossil Trace is stunning with truly spectacular
                                views. When it opens later this year you will want to have lunch or dinner there, even if you aren’t a
                                golfer. I also think it will be THE place for wedding receptions, office parties, and other gatherings.

In This Issue. . . .            The City is now soliciting proposals from qualified food service vendors to run the food operations at
                                the clubhouse. We need to find someone exceptional who can run a food operation worthy of the site.
Letter from Mike Bestor         The clubhouse won’t open for quite a while yet, but watch for sneak previews and other special events.
City Council Members
Flood Insurance Info.
                                We will have some vacancies on various City Boards and Commissions this year so please watch the
Street Division: Paving the
  Way to Golden’s Success       Informer and our website for those opportunities to get more involved in your community. There
Golden Panoramas                will be five vacancies to fill on our Parks and Recreation Board alone in another month. The next
Golden Recreation               edition of the Informer will also have the schedule for the four Ward meetings which provide a good
Council Wraps Up for 2002
                                opportunity for you to meet members of the City Council in a more informal setting.
Parks & Recreation
  Advisory Board Appointments
Junior Leadership Golden        We are also lucky to have two new members of our Management Team. Our new Police Chief is
  Alumni Association            familiar to many of you because Bill Kilpatrick has served the Golden Police Department for the last
Phonebook Recycling             13 years. Bill holds a JD and MBA degree from the University of Denver, a BS from Northeastern
The Future is Golden for
                                University in Boston and is a 1996 graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy. Bill
  the Demons
Calendar of Events              will be a great Police Chief.
Senior Sales Tax
  Refund Form                   The new Finance Director started December 30th, and has extensive experience in municipal finance.
Dog Waste Poses Threat          Jeff Hansen has a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Colorado State University and is a
                                Certified Public Finance Officer. He was recently elected vice president of the Colorado Government
Thank You to out Adopt-A-
  Street and Adopt-A-Spot       Finance Officers Association and before coming to Golden served as Finance Director for the City of
  program participants          Castle Rock. He has also held accounting and finance positions in both Longmont and Lafayette. Stop
                                in to meet Jeff anytime or come to our first meeting of the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee which
                                will be March 19th at 7:30 am in the City Council Chambers. You are always welcome to attend CBAC
                                meetings if you have an interest in the finances that make this whole operation run.

                                I hope this newsletter finds you as enthusiastic and optimistic for the New Year as I am and here’s to a
                                healthy and successful 2003.

                                Mike Bestor
                                City Manager
The GOLDEN                                                               Contact Your Council Members
 is produced and published by the
City Manager’s office and mailed as
a news and information source for
     all residents in Golden.
 All City departments contribute
      material for use in this
                                                                      Dave Shuey                                     Bill McKee                                             Mayor
  publication. Comments on the                                         At Large                                      District One                                       Charles Baroch
  newsletter format and content                                     (303) 279-1770                                 303-279-3214                                          District Two
are welcome. Please write to the                                                                                                                        
City of Golden, 911 Tenth Street,
       Golden, CO 80401
  Attn: Office of Public Affairs;
or call (303) 384-8119, or e-mail

    V ISIT   US ON THE        WEB                            Mayor Pro Tem               Marcie Miller                Robert Nelson                                                                Gwyn Green
                                                   David Ketchum                 Ward Two                    Ward Three                                                                   Ward Four
                                                     Ward One                  720-341-5271                303-279-2594                                                                 303-271-1500
 Departmental Contributors         

                                            The City of Golden can only provide you with the highest level of service if you
                                            maintain contact with City Council members and city staff. Please feel free to
                                            contact them at any time by calling or writing to 911 10th Street, Golden, 80401.
        City Manager: Mike Bestor

Planning and Development: Steve Glueck      City Council meets at 7:30 pm on the second and fourth Thursday of each month
                                            and welcomes comments from the public.
       Public Works: Dan Hartman             ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○    ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○

     Police Department: Bill Kilpatrick

        City Clerk: Susan Brooks            Flood Insurance Information
   Parks & Recreation: Charlie Fagan
                                            Notice to Lending Institutions, Real Estate and Insurance Agents
         Finance: Jeffrey Hansen            Flood Insurance Rate Map Zone Information
       Fire Department: John Bales
                                            As a public service, the City of Golden will provide you with the following
       Public Affairs: Tami Johnson         information upon request:

    Human Resources: Teresa Reilly                       Whether a property is in or out of the Special Flood Hazard Area as shown on
                                                         the city’s current Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM),
       City Attorney: Jim Windholz
                                                         Additional flood insurance data, for a site such as the FIRM zone, and the base
                                                         flood elevation or depth, and
                                                         A handout of the flood insurance purchase requirement that can help those in
  Tami Johnson: Public Affairs Specialist                the Special Flood Hazard Area in trying to obtain a mortgage or loan.
  Heather Grimshaw: Contributing Writer
   Susan Roméo: Professional Images         You can find out more about the Flood Insurance Rate Map Zone information by
                                            providing the street address, subdivision lot, and block number, if known, to the

                 A                          Public Works Department at 1445 10th Street, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, or call
                                            (303) 384-8153. There is no charge for this service.

Streets Division: Paving the Way to Golden’s Success
Imagine the City of Golden in                                                                     “Not one bad thing to say about
wintertime without legible street                                                                 the city. I even look forward to
signs, adequate drainage systems,                                                                 coming to work on Mondays.”
and effective snow removal                                                                        Not many people can make that
programs. It could be chaos. But                                                                  claim. Then again, how many
that won’t happen.                                                                                professionals have the expertise
                                                                                                  that 18 years at a job can bring?
Ever take a few minutes to
ponder who maintains the paved                                                                    With qualified employees and
streets and highways, bridges,                                                                    enough equipment to handle
gutters and drainage systems that                                                                 whatever Mother Nature throws
map out the City of Golden? Ron                                                                   their way, team members
Reavis, Steve Kurtz, and a 13-                                                                    respond to different demands
person team comprise the Streets                  Washington Avenue Bridge construction           daily. “A lot of what we do is
Division and patrol the cities                                                                    dictated by the weather,” says
boundaries to ensure safe travel.                                                         Kurtz. “If we see things that are wrong
                                            including Kurtz and reports directly to       we fix them. We’re always looking.”
“We are really a multi-purpose
                                            Dan Hartman, public works director.
division,” says Streets Supervisor Steve
                                                                                          More eyes are better than one so the
Kurtz who has worked for the city for
                                            “You couldn’t ask for a better guy to         Streets Division implemented a “Pothole
18 years. “We’re always on the lookout
                                            work for,” says Reavis when asked             Hotline” 11 years ago to involve the
for things that need to be fixed.”
                                            about Hartman. “Not only does he              community. A cooperative effort that
                                            know what he’s doing but he sincerely         includes five local merchants, The Golden
From crack sealing and pothole patches
                                            cares for the people who work for him.”       Transcript, and Coors Brewing Company.
to street closures and traffic control,
division personnel ensure safe
enjoyment of the city. But responsibly      Daily Routines                                The Pothole Hotline rewards residents
                                            Variety in his job appeals to Kurtz. “I       who report the largest pothole in any
does not end there. It extends to special
                                            do something different everyday,” he          given week with gift certificates and
events and parade preparation, like
                                            says. Most days start at 6:50 a.m. with a     prizes.
Buffalo Bill Days, the winter holiday
Candlelight Walk, and summer                planning meeting where assignments,
                                            which are set the day before by Reavis        “It’s a really popular program,” says
programs. Street Superintendent
                                            and Kurtz, are given out to                   Reavis. The five-week program starts in
Reavis describes special events as the
                                            crewmembers who report to Kurtz.              March and winners have received front-
“fun part” of his job. “People getting
                                                                                          end alignments, stadium blankets, and
together, enjoying Golden, that’s what
                                            Because of the small size of the city, the    other gifts.
I enjoy the most.”
                                            Streets Division handles many different
Reavis, who has worked for the city for     jobs that would normally be handled by        To prevent potholes from forming,
25 years, seeks professionals who are       separate Divisions. “Golden is not a          Street Division personnel attempt to
motivated self-starters eager to be part    large city but we do all the things that a    catch pavement cracks before they
of a vital organization. A minimum          larger municipality would do,” explains       expand and fill them with a rubberized
requirement is a commercial driver’s        Reavis. “It’s unique. The guys might          petroleum product. If that doesn’t fix the
license and construction-related            be patching asphalt one day, doing            problem or if the street has become
experience is a plus.                       sign maintenance the next, and then           “alligatored” or cracked all the way
                                            something different on any other given        across, the crew applies a CRF formula
Reavis started with the city as a           day. It doesn’t get routine. We take          petroleum product with crusher fines,
maintenance worker and came up              care of all infrastructure in Golden.”        says Reavis. Without the repair, street
through the ranks of the Division.                                                        damage could cause accidents or damage
He supervises a total of 13 people,         “I have no complaints,” says Kurtz.           to cars.
                                                                                                               continued on page four

                                                    Golden Panoramas
Streets Division: Paving the
Way to Golden’s Success
continued from page three

                                                    “A Residents Guide to Water
                                                    Conservation in Landscaping”
                                                    This new and exciting series of seminars is brought to you courtesy of the City
                                                    of Golden Parks and Recreation Department and the Parks and Recreation
                                                    Advisory Board. It is the goal of the staff and board to educate Golden residents
                                                    on what they can do to minimize the impact on water when it comes to their
                                                    outdoor landscaping. In times of severe drought, we are all aware of the issues of
                                                    water conservation. Through this focused series of seminars our community will
                                                    develop a better understanding of sustainability, the regional native landscape,
                                                    and a new love for the water wise gardens.

                                                    About Registration:
 Public Works employee installs a new street sign
                                                    All classes will be held in Bear Creek
                                                    South Room of the Community
                                                    Center from 7 to 8:30 pm for the
One of the biggest responsibilities for             lecture and 8:30 to 9:00 pm for a
the Streets Division is snow removal.               question and answer session. There
With six trucks and corresponding                   are no fees associated with this
routes, crewmembers remove snow,                    program but advance reservations are
apply a sand/salt mixture and then                  needed. Please call (303) 384-8100
repeat their drive after a storm to                 and provide seminar number and
remove the debris. The division works               name for reservations. Since this is
with the Regional Air Quality Council               in the evening, please do not bring
to ensure proper removal of the sand/               children to any of the evening
salt mixture, which can – if not                    sessions. Children are welcome on
properly removed – contribute to the                the Saturday tours.
brown cloud problem. “The salt
dissolves but the sand remains,”                    Seminar 1 – January 29
explains Reavis.                                    The Historical, Cultural and
                                                    Environmental Uniqueness of
Collectively Reavis and Kurtz
                                                    Golden in Creating a “Sense of            Seminar 2 – February 5
represent 43 years of experience with
                                                    Place”                                    Anatomy of Garden Design
the City of Golden, which has grown
                                                    The arid Landscape of Colorado’s          Join Craig Vickers and Mathew Evans,
substantially over that time period, and
                                                    front range is both beautiful and         Professional Landscape Architects with
both talk about the exciting
                                                    meaningful; this landscape has given      Civitas Inc. as they focus this seminar on
opportunities that the city will witness
in the future.                                      shape to our city, community and          the fundamental principles of small-scale
                                                    way of life. Fran Maclean Phillips        garden design. The evening will include
Participating in the construction of                with the City of Golden and Craig         a pictorial tour of both classic and
Fossil Trace, the city’s new golf course            Vickers of Civitas Inc. will establish    contemporary garden designs with an
as well as its new water park Splash,               a foundation of the basic xeriscape       emphasis on the elements that give the
Streets Division personnel play an                  practices. The initial focus of this      garden its form. Discussion topics will
important role in Golden’s                          seminar will include a brief slide        include: Planning design, grading and
development. “When there’s activity in              presentation of our native/regional       drainage, sustainability, making spaces
Golden we’re usually a part of it,” says            landscape and the qualities that give     for people and the elements that give
Reavis. “As Golden grows, so will we.”              Golden its genuine sense of place.        delight to the garden.

Seminar 3- February 12                                                                       Making the water wise choices and
Plant Materials                                                                              learning deep watering techniques
David Winger, a                                                                              will increase the success of trees in
professional plant                                                                           your landscape.
photographer and
conservation specialist for                                                                  Seminar 7 – March 12
Denver Water, will take us                                                                   Hard Scapes
into the xeriscape plant                                                                     Gardens have always been places
world. His slides of xeric                                                                   for people to enjoy nature, the
annuals, perennials, ground                                                                  company of each other, and our
covers and shrubs,                                                                           ability to articulate design.
photographed in our area,                                                                    Through a photographic slide tour
will show you numerous                                                                       this seminar will focus on the
candidates for your                                                                          design and materials of the garden
xeriscape. Experts will help                                                                 hardscape and how to apply them
you chose, by sharing their                                                                  to the exterior environments where
first-hand experience                                                                        we live and entertain. Craig Vickers
growing these plants,                                                                        from Civitas Inc. will offer this
including what soil,                                                                         information.
exposure and maintenance they need for peak
performance.                                                         Sleeping Gardens Tour
                                                                     March 29 (Snow date April 5) from 11:00 to 2:30 pm, this is
Seminar 4 – February 19                                              a self-guided tour of the Cities Sleeping Gardens. You will
Turf and Artificial Grasses                                          be provided a map at the Golden’s Xeriscape Garden at 1445
Chris Pope, grounds foreman for Denver Water, will                   10th Street. Early spring may seem an odd time to tour
share his expertise on drought tolerant native turfs that            gardens, but one of the assets of a xeriscape is the color,
can be used as an alternative to Kentucky blue grass. He             texture and habitat it provides all year long! Come see for
will discuss the establishment and maintenance of buffalo            yourself as you tour several local xeriscapes. There will be
grass, as well as introduce the possibilities of blue and side       gardeners at each location to answer your questions. This is
oats grama, sheep fescue, western wheat grass, little                a self-guided tour of the private gardens and community
bluestem and artificial turf.                                        areas of Golden. Slow down to enjoy!

Seminar 5 - February 26                                              Spring
2003 Xerigation                                                      Gardens Tour
Mike Queen, a representative for RainBird will bring you             Saturday May
the latest in xerigation, (water wise irrigation), and show          10, 2003. Please
you how you can incorporate it into a new landscape                  meet at the
design or retrofit an old one. You can customize your                Public Works
irrigation to include trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses and turf       Gardens at
with available, current water efficient irrigation                   1445 10th Street.
technology.                                                          This is a
                                                                     walking tour
Seminar 6 – March 5                                                  that begins at
Trees                                                                10:00 am. for a walking tour of City of Golden
Dave High, the City of Golden Forester, will share his               demonstration xeriscape gardens. Welcome spring by
combined knowledge of trees and water conservation.                  viewing the gardens as they make the transition into a new
Drought tolerant tree species that are successfully growing          season.
in Golden will be discussed.
                                                                     Please remember to make reservations by phone to
                                                                     Community Center – (303) 384-8100. All seminars are from
The care and maintenance, such as planting, watering,
                                                                     7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Lecture & 8:30-9:00 pm. Questions and
fertilizing and pruning required by trees to remain healthy
                                                                     answers. (Except tours). No Charge.
and grow well throughout the seasons will also be covered.

                            Golden Community Center
Tot Recreational and Leisure Activities:                           Youth & Teen Recreational and Leisure Activities:
Silly Slapshots Inline Hockey Clinics                              GOLDEN GIGS
Join us for this new programs designed for the younger,            Come rock out with your friends or maybe see them play a
beginning inline hockey player. This class covers the basic        concert at the Golden Community Center for these teens
fundamentals in skating, playing the ball holding the stick,       only concert series. Ages 12 - 18 years old. $5 at the door.
etc. All classes will be held at the Hockey Stop at 17533 S.       January 25, March 8, April 19. 7:00 - 10:00 pm.
Golden Rd. Two separate classes for ages 4 - 6 years and
7 - 9 years old. Call (303) 384-8100 for further
information or to register.                                        KIDS NITE OUT
                                                                   Grab your friends and come on down every Friday night
                                                                   for fun, games, sports, dancing to a dj, swimming, prizes
                                                                   and food. Each week has a different activity in the gym.
                                                                   Ages 9 - 14 years old, $10 at the door. For further
                                                                   information, call (303) 912-1591.

                                                                   CAMP COCONUTS
                                                                   Let your kids aged 6 - 12 years old have fun with us
                                                                   during their spring break. Our licensed program will offer
                                                                   sports, arts and crafts, swimming, a field trip, cooking, and
                                                                   much more. Programs dates are March 17 - 21. Call
Basketball Jamboree                                                (303) 384-8100 for further information or to register.
Your little hoopster will love this class! We will lower the
baskets, use smaller basketball and cover dribbling,
passing, shooting and more. Ages 4 - 6 years old. Call
                                                                   Girls Basketball Clinic
(303) 384-8100 for further information or to register.             This eight week program is open to all girls regardless of
                                                                   skill level, ages 13 - 17. Participants will learn the basic
                                                                   rules and fundamentals of basketball in a team setting.
                                                                   More advanced or skilled players are also welcome, as we
                                                                   will cover more in depth defensive techniques, rebounding,
                                                                   etc. Don’t delay, sign up today.

                                                                   “Clay Club” Clay for Teens (Ages 10 - 14)
                                                                   This course will provide an introduction to Wheel
                                                                   Throwing. Students will learn to center and form basic
                                                                   shapes on the wheel. The class will also include hands-on
Books & Beyond                                                     experience in dealing with greenware, bisqueware, and the
This fun filled class will contain a mixture of group              glazing process. Tools will be provided by the instructor.
interaction and individual creative time through crafts,           Note: All glazing materials are lead free and food safe.
songs literature and lots of fun! Each child will go home                            Age: 10 - 14 years         Min/Max: 5/9
with a craft. A parent/guardian must attend. Ages                  #17102
18 month - 5 years old. Call (303) 384-8100 for further            Wednesday         4 - 5:45 pm
information or to register.                                                          (1) Session I: Jan 8 - Jan 29
                                                                                     (2) Session II: Feb 5 - Feb 26
Music For Tiny Tots                                                                  $32 Resident      $37 Non-resident
This is a new age group for this very popular class for                              Instructor: Emmy Dimitroff
those 6 - 24 months old. Little ones will review old
standards and learn new songs while incorporating
movement, visual arts and storytelling. A variety of               CALL THE COMMUNITY CENTER TODAY TO FIND OUT
instruments and techniques will be used around a                   WHAT PROGRAMS ARE THERE FOR YOUR CHILD, 6
weekly theme. A parent/guardian must attend. Call                  MONTHS TO 17 YEARS OLD. MANY MORE ACTIVITIES
(303) 384-8100 for further information or to register.             ARE OFFERED THAN LISTED ABOVE! (303) 384-8100.

                                                  It’s All About Me!
Making Your Own Herbal Body Treatments                           Container Herb Gardening
Spending a fortune on natural bath and body products?            Explore the fascinating world of herbs by planting your own
Make your own home spa treatments from ingredients               portable herb garden. This is a fun, hands-on class for those
found in your kitchen and local health food store. We will       with limited space or time, who still want to enjoy the
learn to make facial scrubs, steams, moisturizing masks, a       aromatic and culinary benefits of herbs. You will design and
fragrant rosy salt glow, an invigorating body mask, and a        plant your own container herb garden from a wide selection of
relaxing bath blend. Refreshments, samples, and recipes          edible and fragrant plants, and learn the care and uses of the
provided. $12 materials fee to instructor.                       herbs. Handouts, refreshments and all materials included.
                  Age: Adult        Min/Max: 6/12                There is an $18 materials fee payable to the instructor.
#12128                                                                            Age: Adult        Min/Max: 6/12
Wednesday         7 - 9 pm                                       #12129
                  Feb 5                                          Tuesday          6:30 - 8:30 pm
                  $20 Resident      $25 Non-resident                              Apr 22
                                                                                  $20 Resident      $25 Non-resident
Gifts From the Herb Garden
This is a fun and easy class that will teach you how to
make your own beautiful and unique gifts. We will cover
body and bath products, herbal eye bags, culinary
delights, and more. Take home samples, handouts, and tea
and treats provided. $15 materials fee to instructor.                      Personal Training
                  Age: Adult        Min/Max: 6/12
#12202                                                                   Personal Training Orientations at the Golden
Saturday          *10 am - 12 noon
                                                                     Community Center will begin in January 2003. These
                  Mar 8
                                                                    orientation are led by our Certified Personal Trainers at
                  $20 Resident      $25 Non-resident
                                                                    no cost to those who pay the daily admission. They are
Beeswax Candle Making                                                  one hour each and are limited, so reservations are
Learn how to make your own fragrant beeswax candles for               required. Following is the schedule of these classes:
personal use and gift giving. We will explore different
shapes, the use of fragrant oils, and ways to decorate and
package your candles. You will take home two complete
sets of beautiful, fragrant, beeswax candles that you have
made yourself. Handouts, refreshments and materials
included. There is a $15 materials fee payable to the
                   Age: Adult       Min/Max: 6/12
Tuesday            7 - 8:30 pm
                   Mar 11
                   $15 Resident     $20 Non-resident
                                                                                    Tuesday, January 7 and
Herb Walk
                                                                            Thursday, January 9, 9:30 - 10:30 am.
Learn about the many edible and medicinal plants that
grow wild in our area. We will stroll along the creek,                   Monday, January 13 and 20, 7:30 - 8:30 pm.
identify several local varieties, and learn how these wild              Wednesday, January 15 and 22nd, 7:30 - 8:30 pm.
plants are used for food, medicine, and body care.
Handouts included. There is a $3 materials fee payable to            The orientation will teach individuals how to use the
the instructor.                                                     weight machines, what muscles each machine works and
                   Age: Adult        Min/Max: 6/12                   how to set yourself up properly on a fitness program.
                                                                    For orientation reservations please call (303) 384-8100.
Saturday           2 - 3:30 pm
                   Apr 19
                   $15 Resident      $20 Non-resident

Council Wraps Up Downtown                                          JUNIOR LEADERSHIP GOLDEN
Vitality Discussions for 2002                                      ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
City Council wrapped up this year’s discussions                    The Leadership Golden Alumni Association Board of
about downtown vitality at their November 21st                     Directors is pleased to announce that the inaugural
meeting by reviewing letters to the Golden Urban                   leadership program for high school students will be held in
Renewal Authority (GURA) and the City Economic                     2003. The program, which will be known as Junior
Development Commission (EDComm). These letters                     Leadership Golden will begin January 14, 2003 and
were drafted by Mayor Baroch to provide policy                     complete the end of April 2003.
direction to these two boards which are charged with
helping keep downtown Golden economically healthy.                 The program is an extension of the Leadership Golden
Council is asking GURA to perform several tasks,                   program which began in 1984 and has had over 400
including a review and update of the Urban Renewal                 graduates. The youth oriented program is designed to
Plan, recommendations to address future parking needs              educate emerging youth leaders and volunteers to the
and a review of GURA’s bylaws and membership criteria.             realities, opportunities and challenges in Golden.
City Council also asked GURA to take a leadership role
                                                                   The Junior Leadership Golden program will familiarize the
in completion of the Clear Creek Square redevelopment
                                                                   students with how the community of Golden operates,
project, as well as those redevelopment projects that
                                                                   including its history, government, public finance, justice
may require public participation such as the old
                                                                   system, arts, recreation and volunteering. Students will also
Hesteds building at 13th Street and Washington                     have the opportunity to operate as a City Council in mock
Avenue. In addition, Council wants to update the                   session and deal with a relevant issue in Golden. The goal of
Intergovernmental Agreement with GURA in 2003.                     the program is get the youth of Golden interested in their
                                                                   community and hopefully become involved both now and
Council’s downtown vitality direction to EDComm                    into the future.
focused on EDComm’s role in marketing the downtown
area. Council wants EDComm to work with events and                 The Junior Leadership Golden will mimic the “adult”
activities, and traditional marketing and advertising              program in that sessions will be held in the evenings at
strategies to attract desirable retail uses and increase the       various locations, but will have less sessions and each session
customer base for existing stores and restaurants. Both            will be shorter. The topics, however, are very much like the
EDComm and GURA will propose work programs in                      regular leadership program and of course, will be free to the
response to Council’s direction in early 2003.                     students. It is expected that about 15 students will participate
                                                                   in this first program.

Parks and Recreation Advisory
                                                                   If this pilot program is successful, it will become an annual
                                                                   offering. Funding for the initial Junior Leadership Golden

Board Appointments
                                                                   program is being provided through a grant from the Golden
                                                                   Civic Foundation. Any inquiries about the program can be
Golden City Council announces that five appointments               directed to Ed Dorsey at (303) 384-9923 or via email at
to the Golden Parks and Recreation Board expire in                 ETD91
March, 2003. Applications will be taken until 5:00 pm
Thursday, February 13, 2003. Interviews are tentatively            Phonebook Recycling Is Here!
scheduled to be held at the City Council Study Session,
in the evening, Thursday, February 20, 2003 in the                 The new phone books have arrived
council chambers at City Hall, 911 10th Street.                    recently. So, are you looking for a place
Applicants must be a resident of the City of Golden.               to recycle your old phonebooks? Look
The terms of appointment are four years. Regular                   for the big TRI-R dumpster on the south
meetings are held at least once each calendar month,               side of Safeway at 1701 Jackson Street in Golden.
as well as study session and special meetings when                 The dumpsters will be there through January.
                                                                   Thanks to Safeway, TRI-R Recycling and Golden’s
                                                                   Environmental Services Division, you can recycle your
Applications forms may be picked up at the City
                                                                   phonebook easily. Please take advantage of this service. It is
Clerk’s Office, 911 Tenth Street, or downloaded at
                                                                   paid for with funds generated by paper sales. Keep recycling.
                                                                   It makes good things happen!
For more information call (303) 384-8014.

The Future is Golden for the Demons
It’s hard to catch Al Talbot, coach of the Golden Demons              Two examples are Number 4 Luke
football team, during a quiet moment. There are knocks at             Roberts, a wide receiver and free
the door, questions from students, teachers with whom he              safety, who was awarded a full
needs to talk. A teacher of Physical Education and Social             scholarship to play football at
Studies at Golden High School, Talbot has coached the                 Colorado State University.
Demons for the past three years and took the team to the              Another is Number 7 Mark
State Championships last year and again this November.                Melancon, quarterback, who
Last year the Demons lost in the first round of the playoffs          lettered in three sports and is
and this year they made it to the 4A Championship game,               headed to University of Arizona to
losing to Monarch with a heart-wrenching score of 35-42.              play baseball.
“We were in it ‘til the very end,” Talbot says. “The kids
played hard. You can’t ask more than that.”                           “They’re all just great kids,” Talbot said.

More than 6,000 Golden fans attended the Championship                 It’s All About the Game
game at Centaurus High School in Lafayette, a number                  Talbot is relatively new to Golden, but not to football. Prior
that represents the year-round support the team received              to joining Golden’s team, he worked as the assistant coach in
from students, parents, and faculty. “The fans really stuck           Evergreen for six years and at Chatfield for two years before
with us,” Talbot says.                                                that. He grew up in Arvada and played football at Pomona
                                                                      High School and went on to play at Ottawa University in
Judging from the team’s stats they had cause.                         Kansas. Golden does not play Pomona because the schools
                                                                      are in different divisions, which is a good thing in Talbot’s
The Demons made a stunning comeback in the 2002                       opinion. “I wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings by beating
season. But the beginning was bleak. The team had lost                ‘em,” he jokes.
all four games before Homecoming and had lost the last
six consecutive Homecoming games. “We were dying,”                    Jokes aside, Talbot always knew that he wanted to coach.
said Talbot.                                                          “I always enjoyed the game,” he says, which is easy to do in
                                                                      Golden. He describes the city as a tight-knit community-
But when the Demons walked onto Brooks Field to play                  oriented environment. Proving that point he refers to
the Reds from Arvada for the 2002 Homecoming Game                     several of his assistant coaches, a team of 11, who played on
their luck changed. The Demons beat Arvada 26-13 and                  the Golden High School football team and have kids now
the students stormed the field to celebrate. That win                 on the team. Number 31 John Calvin (JC) Kelley, a full back
marked the beginning of a winning streak that took the                and strong safety, is a good example. “The Kelleys have been
Demons all the way to the 4A State Championships.                     in Golden forever,” says Talbot. JC’s brother Cal played on
                                                                      the team and is now a quarter back coach for the varsity
After Homecoming the Demons beat Ralston Valley                       team. JC’s father John is an offensive line coach for the
14-13 in overtime and then, in 16-degree weather, the                 varsity team.
Golden team beat Gateway 28-14, Longmont 17-13,
and “thumped” Fruita Monument 21-7, says Talbot.                      Golden parents across the board are supportive of their kids’
“It was really a miracle come-back.”                                  involvement in football and their time investment in the
                                                                      team, says Talbot.
Despite their earlier losing streak football players kept their
spirits high and approached each game with a positive                 “They support what we ask of the kids, encourage their
attitude, says Talbot. “These kids are really tough. When it          studies, and keep them out of trouble,” he said. “That’s
comes to Golden, the kids are willing to bring their game             very important.”
every time even when they couldn’t get the ‘W’. They
never rolled over.”                                                   The backing of parents becomes particularly important
                                                                      when you consider the time investment that football
And while Talbot admits to giving a few pep talks, he says            requires. In June football players start their summer weight
the students deserve the credit. “You can only pep talk so            program and 7-on-7 competitions. In August they spend
much,” says Talbot. “You’ve really just got to believe in             three days at a football camp in Glenwood Springs and then
them and given them every opportunity to prove                        practice starts “officially” on August 13th.
                                                                      Talbot, who has been on both sides of the bench, tries to
And prove themselves they did.                                        play all of the kids on the team, a total of 100 players in the
                                                                      program, but he is also realistic. “We play the best kids we
Talbot praised the entire team for its efforts and cited              can to get the best results,” he said. “The goal is to go out
several examples of seniors who played and lettered in                there and get a win. There’s nothing fun about losing.”
multiple sports.

Calendar of Events                                                                          January / February
Astor House Museum                                Golden Pioneer Museum                       Golden Public Library                       
Exhibit February 11 - May 31                       Ongoing in 2002
                                                  Exhibit - Through February 16               Library closed New Year’s Day, Jan. 1
“Frolic for the Masses: Leisure in                 The Don’t Shoot the Piano Player!
                                                  Please Golden Pioneer Museum is
19th Century Colorado” No TV?                      delighted to present “The and
                                                  An exhibit featuring the music Pot of       Features in January / February
No radio? What would Coloradoans                  musicalat the End ofof a bygone era.              Tuesday Night Book Group
                                                   Gold instruments the Rainbow”,
                                                                                                        7 pm - fourth Tuesday
have done for fun in the 1800s? Explore           January 22 honoring one of
                                                    an exhibit                                      Free classes on using the Internet.
the lighter side of life by discovering            Golden’s most be closed.
                                                  The Museum will successful
how different people would have spent
their free time.
                                                  January 23 7 pm Jolly Rancher.
                                                    businesses, The                                 Kid Stuff -
                                                  We will host a workshop on Preserving             · Model Rocketry Jan. 20
February 8 11:30 am & 3:00 pm                     Your Old Photographs. The cost is $10             · After School Fun Jan. 22
Tea Time at the Astor House Museum                per person. Reservations required.                · Stories from Mexico Feb. 17
“Two for Tea: Victorian Dressing from the         February 9                                        · Free storytimes for all ages
Inside Out” Enjoy a unique presentation           Non-Mystery History Tour entitled                 · Homework Help Tues. & Thurs.
as your hostess, Sharon Moore, dresses a          "Golden's Historic Past" as told by Mr.
model from the “inside out.”                      Chip Parfet. Reservations Required.         Call for details (303) 279-4585.
Call for reservations (303) 278-3557.             Lunch included. Call (303) 278-7151.

Clear Creek History Park                          The Rocky Mountain                           Golden Landmarks
                        Winter Hours
                                                  Quilt Museum                                 Association
                        Tours are by    
                        appointment only                                                       February 25 7:00 pm
                        Tuesday - Saturday.       January 6 - March 1                          In conjunction with the Cultural
                        Call 2 weeks in advance                                                Alliance Hearts and Souls Month the
                        to schedule a tour.       Gallery I - Chintz Beauties: Quilts          Golden Landmarks Association (GLA)
For more information about our future             from Sara Dillow                             will host its second annual Living
events, Hands-On History Summer                   Pieces from her extensive                    Landmarks Dinner at Table
Session reservations and hours of                                                              Mountain Inn.
                                                  collection of chintz quilts
operation, visit our web site or call
(303) 278-3557.                                   Gallery II - Transitions in Quilting         Tickets are $30 and can be purchased
                                                                                               from GLA by phone or mail.
                                                  Watercolor/hexagon style quilts
                                                                                               Phone: (303) 279-1236
                                                  For more information about our               Mail at: 805-B 14th St., Golden, CO 80401
                                                  exhibits and hours of operation visit        E-mail:
                                                  our web site or call (303) 277-0377.

Foothills Art Center                              Heart & Soul                                The Jefferson                        Month of February                           Symphony Orchestra
Through January 12
Earth’s Bounty: Paintings                                                                     February 23 7:00 pm
by Steve Tracy                                                                                Mardi Gras Celebration
Foothills II Building: A                                                                      The annual Mardi Gras Fete will
celebration of nature and life, with                                                          precede the concert: 5 - 6:30 pm.
sumptuous renderings of fruit and                 The Golden Cultural Alliance will           “Let the good times roll” with a rarely
flowers by Colorado painter Steve Tracy.          celebrate Heart & Soul Month in             played Mozart work and Elgar’s
                                                  February. Golden’s museums,                 enigmatic portrait of London society.
January 18 - March 16                             galleries, the Colorado Mountain
Foothills 35th Anniversary Exhibition:                                                        Order your tickets now for the 2002-
                                                  Club and the Golden Library are all
Twenty Great Artists - Four Great Styles.                                                     2003 season. Our offices are located in
                                                  planning special events and exhibits
Noted artists working in distinctive styles                                                   the US Bank Building at 1801 Jackson
                                                  for you to enjoy. This month long
and invited by Foothills Director on the                                                      Street, Golden, CO 80401. Mailing
                                                  celebration will delight all who
occasion of her retirement.                                                                   address: P O Box 546, Golden, CO
                                                  participate! For event information call
Visit our web site or call (303) 279-3922.        the Visitors Center at (303) 279-3113.      80402-0546. Call (303) 278-4237.

                      SENIOR SALES TAX
                      REFUND A AILABLE
Once again it is time to apply for Senior Sales Tax refunds. If you were 65 years of age or older and
 lived within the City limits for at least 90 consecutive days in 2002, you may apply for the refund.
                                The refund amount for 2002 is $40.00.
                  This amount will be adjusted for partial year residency in Golden.

  Just fill out the form below, clip and mail to Senior Sales Tax Refund, 911 - 10th Street, Golden, CO 80401,
                         or call us at (303) 384-8022 or (303) 384-8024 for more information.
                    All applications must be postmarked by April 15, 2003 in order to be eligible.

                             2003 CLAIM FORM
                    FOR 2002 SENIOR SALES TAX REFUND
                    Limited to residents 65 years or older within the City limits of Golden.
                               This form must be submitted by April 15, 2003.

  Please print or type:

  Date: _____________________ Phone: _____________________________

  Mr(s): ________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________ Age: ________

  Mr(s): ________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________ Age: ________

  Address: _________________________________________ Golden, CO Zip:_____________

  How many months did you reside within the City limits of Golden during 2002? ______ months

  Were you claimed as a dependent on any other person’s Colorado Income Tax form?              Yes     No

  Signature: __________________________________________

  Signature: __________________________________________

                Return to: Senior Sales Tax Refund
                911 - 10th Street
                Golden, CO 80401

For as long as the dog has                           Holiday Tree Recycling and
been man’s best friend, dog
waste has been a nuisance to
                                                     Winter Plant Care
man’s nose and foot. Now                             Each year millions of Christmas trees are
science has revealed a more unsavory truth: It’s
                                                     chopped off, temporarily used for the
an environmental pollutant.
                                                     holiday season, and then discarded at the
Let’s face it - more than just annoying, pet waste
                                                     landfill. This year, instead of putting your
left in the great outdoors is a problem. Besides     used tree out for pick-up, why not recycle
the obvious unpleasantries, pet waste contributes    it? Instead of adding to the landfill, do
to polluted stormwater runoff. Disease-bearing       something good and help your tree
organisms in the waste are washed away in            become beneficial mulch that will nourish
rainwater and snowmelt, eventually reaching          other growing plants.
Colorado’s lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands -
untreated. Failure to clean up after a dog can       Just bring your old tree to the drop-off site posted at the ballfields at Lions
cause both water quality and public health           Park, any time until January 17. Your tree will be shredded into useful
problems. As a matter of fact, dog waste is a        mulch, which is available at no charge to Golden citizens. Please remember
major source of fecal coliform and pathogens in
                                                     to remove any stands, ornaments, nails, tinsel, plastic, or other foreign
many urban watersheds.
The next time you take your dog for a walk,
remember to carry a plastic bag or use a Mutt        Don’t forget to water your trees and shrubs this winter if we fail to receive
Mitt from dispensers along Clear Creek and           adequate snow. Many young plants and trees will suffer without additional
Tucker Gulch trails, compliments of the City,        moisture during the winter months. Once you’ve added the supplementary
for disposal in the trash.                           moisture, you can use some of that free mulch from the tree recycling to
                                                     place around your plants and help to retain that moisture!
       The Practice of Watershed Protection,
       Thomas R. Schueler and Heather                The City of Golden appreciates your environmental participation, and
          K. Holland, 2000, Center for
                                                     you can call the city’s Forestry Division at (303) 384-8141 if you have any
        Watershed Protection Colorado
            Water Protection Project                 questions about this program. Please remember that the city does not             supply bags or boxes for mulch, so please make sure to bring your own

Our Thanks!
The City of Golden would like to thank                Visit Our WEB SITE
the following businesses and volunteers
for participating in our Adopt-A-Street
and Adopt-A-Spot programs in 2002.            
                                                                   CITY OF GOLDEN                                  PRST STD
Coors Brewing Company                                                                                              ECRWSS
Colorado School of Mines Student Athletes                          911 Tenth Street                              U.S. POSTAGE
Golden Elks Lodge 2740                                             Golden, CO 80401                                   PAID
National Assoc. of Letter Carriers Branch 1982                                                                   GOLDEN, CO
Rotary Club of Golden                                                                                             PERMIT #26
Secret Mountain Laboratory
Chris Barnhart-Spear
Stockton Bail Bonds
                                                                                POSTAL PATRON
Kim Fickes
Eric & Jessica Mosher-Knoshaug
Councilor Bob Nelson
Susan Rhea

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