Honey An Overview of the Honey I by fjzhangweiqun


An Overview of the Honey Industry in

                     Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum Office
                              Dr. Frank Flanders and Catrina Kennedy
                                                     September 2006
The student will be able to:
•   Describe why honey is important to the state of Georgia.
•   Identify products made from honey.
•   Describe the different types of honey.
•   Identify states that have the largest honey production.
       Why is the Honey Industry

• One-third of the human diet can be traced directly, or
  indirectly, to bee pollination.

• About 130 agricultural plants in the United States are
  pollinated by bees, and the annual value of honey bee
  pollination to U.S. agriculture is estimated at over $9 billion.

• Georgia has 75,000 bee colonies and 2,000 hobby and
  commercial beekeepers. The industry generates $70 million
  each year in the state through sales of honey, beeswax,
  queen bees and package bees.
 Honey Products
Clover Honey     Royal Jelly
  Beeswax         Candles
 Body Butter    Body Cream
  Lip Balm     Various Honeys
Honey Production
  1. North Dakota
  2. California
  3. South Dakota
  4. Florida
  5. Minnesota
  6. Montana
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Michigan
  9. Arkansas
  10. Idaho
  16. Georgia
          Types of Honey
•   Comb honey
•   Liquid (extracted)
•   Granulated (creamy) honey
•   Chunk honey
             Interesting Facts
• Honey is antimicrobial due to it's
  high sugar content, low pH and the
  presence of organic acids (Use it to
  treat cuts, scrapes and burns as well
  as to prevent scarring!)
• Honey is used as a hair and facial
  treatment due to the fact that it
  attracts and retains moisture.
• Honey never goes "bad". It is slightly
  acidic and, therefore, not conducive
  for bacterial growth.
• Honey is the only food produced by
  insects that is eaten by man!
• There are over 300 different varieties
  of honey produced in the United
  States, each having it's own distinct
  color and flavor.
1.   How many plants are pollinated from bees?
2.   How many bee colonies are in Georgia?
3.   Georgia generate how much money
     through honey production?
4.   Name three products that are produced
     from honey.
5.   What state is number 1 in the nation for
     honey production?
6.   Where does Georgia rank in honey
7.   What are the four types of honey?
8.   How many varieties of honey are there?
1.   130
2.   75,000
3.   70 million
4.   Clover Honey, Royal Jelly, Beeswax, Candles, Body
     Butter, Body Cream, Lip Balm, Various Honeys
5.   North Dakota
6.   16th
7.   Comb honey, Liquid (extracted) , Granulated
     (creamy) honey, Chunk honey
8.   Over 300

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