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									Happenings                                                                             Hershey Montessori School Newsletter

                                                                                                    November 30, 2007

                                                 Dates to Remember
                                                 Saturday, December 1:         Semi-Annual and Monthly Tuition,
                                                                               Morning and Aftercare payments due
                                                 Monday, December 17:          Winter Break Begins for
                                                                               Huntsburg Campus Students Only
           Concord Campus                                                      Holiday Program for Primary Families
        Phone: 440-357-0918                                                    Concord Campus 9:15 a.m.
      Email: HM_STAFF@LGCA.ORG
                                                 Tuesday, December 18:         Holiday Program for Elementary and Huntsburg
          Huntsburg Campus                                                     Campus Families Concord Campus 9:15 a.m.
          phone: 440-636-6290                                                  11:30 a.m. Dismissal for All Students
  Email: HM_FARMSCHOOL@LGCA.ORG                                                No Aftercare Available
     Scroll to the following pages:              Wednesday, December 19: Winter Break Begins for Concord Campus Students
 Office Notes ........................ page 1
 Quality of Staff ................... page 1     Thursday, January 3:          School Resumes for Concord Campus Students
 Catch the Moment ........... page 2-3                                         Monthly Tuition, Morning and
   A snapshot and information about                                            Aftercare Payments Due
   some things our children are learning
   at each level.                                Monday, January 7:            School Resumes for Huntsburg Campus Students
 An Inside Look .................... page 4
   Articles and more detailed news from
   the faculty at each program level. This       This is a biweekly publication. If you would like to receive our weekly calendar
   issue features: Huntsburg Campus.                               please notify the office. HM_staff@lcga.org.

                                                  Office Notes
Holiday Programs – All children will perform on Monday,                Please be reminded that on Tuesday, December 18th,
December 17th at 9:15 a.m. for our Primary families. All               dismissal is 11:30 a.m. for the entire school. There
Primary and Elementary children should be in their                     will be no aftercare available.
classrooms by 8:30 a.m. Primary classroom parties will                 Shuttle Drivers – We will need shuttle drivers for Monday,
follow Monday’s performance.                                           December 17th and Tuesday, December 18th to shuttle people
All children will again perform on Tuesday, December 18th at           from Hershey to Danvers Drive before the Holiday Program
9:15 a.m. for our Elementary and Huntsburg Campus                      and again once the program is finished. If you are available
families. Please have children arrive in their class-                  to help, please call the office at 440-357-0918.
rooms as stated above.

                                                                                Quality of Staff
                                                                       Congratulations to Nate Ewert-
                                                                       Krocker for successfully complet-
                                                                       ing the Montessori Orientation to
                                                                       Adolescence teacher training
                                                                       course offered by NAMTA this
                                                                       summer. Nate and 45 other educa-
                                                                       tors from Montessori communities
                                                                       around the world, celebrated their
                                                                       training at a special colloquium in
                                                                       Punderson Manor this month.

                       “Our mission is to work in the tradition of Dr. Maria Montessori to provide safe learning
                       environments for children that foster personal and academic growth, independence,
                       confidence, a sense of responsibility for self and community, and joyful, lifelong learning.”
                Catch the Moment                                    Hershey Montessori School Newsletter
                                                                                     November 30, 2007

                                                  Parent-Infant Program (2 – 12 months)
                                                  Tools to aid the child in movement are prevalent in today’s
                                                  society. With the array of choices, how is a parent to decide
                                                  what materials and toys are safe and appropriate for their
                                                  child’s needs? A good rule of thumb: Less is more! Simple
                                                  toys that encourage children to move freely, at their own
                                                  pace and with their own desires are most beneficial. The
                                                  walker wagon is a prime example of an appropriate choice.
                                                  This material provides the child independent opportunities
                                                  to walk. If a child develops movement independently it aids
                                                  in his self-confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance.

                                                                                  — Tierney Dewan-Saperstein


                                                  Young Child Community (1 – 2 ½ years)
                                                  These last two weeks, the Young Child Community has had
                                                  the privilege of caring for our school goats. We take trips to
                                                  the barn daily and give them food and water and tidy their
                                                  environment. Besides caring for our goats, the children are
                                                  also able to look after the fish in our classroom and the
                                                  squirrels and birds that frequent our bird feeder. Caring for
                                                  other living things is certainly one of the joys in childhood.
                                                  As seen in this picture, Patrick is diligently cleaning around
                                                  the fish tank after feeding the fish. Having such an impor-
                                                  tant role in the lives of other beings brings unparalleled
                                                  fulfillment to the children.

                                                                                  — Tierney Dewan-Saperstein


                                                  Primary (2 ½ – 6 years)
                                                  Opportunities for movement abound in the Primary Com-
                                                  munities. Children are raking leaves, digging, folding and
                                                  ironing laundry, practicing yoga, carrying heavy pails of
                                                  water, mopping, sweeping, dusting, window cleaning, etc.
                                                  Each one of these activities is purposeful, requires effort,
                                                  and/or benefits the community. Equally important, these
                                                  activities integrate body and mind, both relying on intelli-
                                                  gence and developing intelligence. Through the acquisition
                                                  of coordinated movement, the child becomes capable,
                                                  confident, independent and productive.

                                                                                      — Karen Hannan-DeWalt

Sushmita, Michael, Michael, Taylor, and Joshua.
Catch the Moment                                      Hershey Montessori School Newsletter
                                                                      November 30, 2007

                                    Early Elementary (6 – 9 years)
                                    Last week we (as a whole school) joined together at my
                                    favorite event of the school year, the Thanksgiving Gather-
                                    ing. Food, place settings, chairs and tables were put in their
                                    places with the help of our adolescent students. The most
                                    cherished part of the morning was the moment when the
                                    older children escorted the younger children to the gym
                                    bringing a canned good with them to provide to those less
                                    fortunate than ourselves. This was done with welcoming
                                    smiles, kindness and grace. It touches my heart every year.
                                    The whole school seems to take a moment to make a new
                                    friend, to eat together, to sing together and to enjoy each
                                    others company. It lasts less than an hour but a time that
                                    reminds me of how truly thankful I am to be a part of such
                                    a wonderful community every day.
                                                                                 — Jennifer Finan

  Payton and Makenna                Haley and Cassandra

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                 An Inside Look                                                   Hershey Montessori School Newsletter
                  Huntsburg Campus (12 – 15 years)
                                                                                                  November 30, 2007

                              The Hershey Montessori School Micro-economy

A frequent phrase you hear in reference to the Montessori       syrup, cutting boards, beeswax candles, and a clean and
child is “Help me to do it for myself.” Dr. Montessori’s        comfortable bed and breakfast. Each activity has an eco-
approach to the study of economics, commonly referred to as     nomic component with revenues and expenditures. The
a micro-economy, might aptly be phrased “Help me to             money that is raised goes for the upkeep of the various
produce it myself.”                                             components in the school’s micro-economy. The money flows
         Dr. Montessori wrote extensively on the importance     back to the suppliers of animal feed, garden supplies, fuel for
of exposing children in the third plane of development to the   the tractors and utilities in the bed and breakfast.
process of production and exchange. Students are to be                  The students working in a community divide their
given the opportunity to explore and investigate the realm      labor to make sure that schedules are adhered to and realize
of commerce not because it merely makes money. It is the        that their individual contribution is essential to the success
fabric from which society has organized and developed over      of each and every endeavor. At this time, if you hadn’t
time. Human society is based on the interdependence of its      noticed, holiday baskets are for sale. Dana would
members contributing to the well-being of all. Money is, in     like me to add that they are a terrific buy for the price.
one sense, the blood of this organism of society that con-      Order yours soon, quantities are limited.
stantly needs to be circulated to promote health.
         The adolescent program on the farm addresses the
needs of its community by engaging the students in a
variety of activities, based on a yearly cycle that promotes
the production of such items as garden produce, maple                                                  — Jim Ewert-Krocker

      Holden Market

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