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Self-Talk Coaching

This coaching sheet requires you to take a current situation and to examine the self talk that you are generating in the
moment. From here you need to identify any emotions and feelings you are having and construct a more positive self-talk
statement and set of beliefs that help you deal with the situation more effectively. Lastly, try and identify the irrational
thoughts and thinking that were causing you to distort the situation. Use this last example as a focal point for your
contribution to the discussion in the CourseRoom.

           1                         2                          3                          4                     5
 What was the event or     What was the self-talk,      Note your feelings,      How can you think     In what way are you
      situation?           inner thought, or belief     images and beliefs      about this in a more       distorting or
                          that caused the feeling?        about your self       realistic and helpful    exaggerating the
                                                                                        way?                situation?
Activating Event          Beliefs/Self Talk           Consequences             Disputing Process      Evaluation Process
                                                      Emotional Reactions

Complete column (3) first when you are experiencing negative self-talk. Try to determine what is taking place when you
started to experience negative self talk and negative feelings (1). Then try to determine what the negative self talk was (2).
Then evaluate your self-talk and beliefs (5) and refute the self-talk (4). By doing this you can more objectively evaluate
whether the chances of the outcome actually happening are worth worrying about. Negative self talk can be disputed by
engaging in more positive self-talk.

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Communicating with Emotional Intelligence – Self-Talk Coaching

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