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Bowen Therapy Life Without Pain



    Bowen Therapy: Life Without Pain
“For many years I have suffered painfully with TMJ. Numerous visits to my GP
and several specialists yielded little relief. My original pain shot up from my lip
through my eye to the top of my head then down to the bottom of my neck.
I elected to stop my medication and put myself in Sorina’s hands and I am so
thankful. With each visit there was dramatic improvement. The Bowen Therapy
has also taken away my hip and knee discomfort. I wholeheartedly recommend
this therapy for those in pain. I cannot tell you how improved my life is. I feel
blessed to find a non-invasive solution to replace the extreme medication that was
only somewhat helpful.”
  This is a testimonial from one of my many patients who found relief with Bowen
Therapy. The Bowen Therapy helps the body remember how to heal itself.
Three to five treatments are usually enough to achieve long-lasting relief. It applies
to a wide range of conditions like sciatica, back pain, whiplash, neck and shoulder
problems, hip, knee and ankle problems, headaches, digestive problems,
TMJ and much more. For more information please visit
or call 519-200-5344.                                                           64005571

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