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Record-breaking Mercedes-Benz DTM racing champion Bernd Schneider


Record-breaking Mercedes-Benz DTM racing champion Bernd Schneider

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									Record-breaking Mercedes-Benz DTM racing                                          Press Information
champion Bernd Schneider to retire
                                                                                  22 October 2008

    •    Bernd Schneider is retiring from motor racing. At the age of 44, he
         will compete in his last DTM (German Touring Car Championship)
         race at Hockenheimring this coming Sunday.

    •    Schneider won a total of 43 races for Mercedes-Benz out of the 226
         races in which he competed in the DTM series and the ITC
         (International Touring Car Championship), which became a DTM
         offshoot in 1995 and was held as the succeeding series in 1996. He
         started from pole position 25 times and achieved 59 fastest lap times.
         No DTM driver has been more successful.
    •    Schneider won five DTM championship titles in 1995, 2000, 2001,
         2003 and 2006, as well as the ITC Championship in 1995. In 1997 he
         won the title in the FIA GT Championship.

    •    Bernd Schneider is now embarking on a second career at Mercedes-
         AMG. In future the record-holding DTM champion will be active for
         the high-performance brand within Mercedes-Benz Cars as a brand
         ambassador, instructor and test driver.

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Stuttgart - Bernd Schneider is the only driver in the current DTM line-up who has       Page 2
competed in both the earlier (1984 to 1996) and the new DTM series (since 2000).

He is also the only driver to have successfully defended his championship title in
the following year (2000/2001).

His record-breaking tally of victories, pole positions and fastest racing laps is set
to remain unequalled for a very long time, if indeed it is ever equalled or bettered.

But this is not the only reason why "Mr. DTM" has put his personal stamp on the
series. Schneider is acknowledged to be an exemplary sportsman, who enjoys the
recognition and respect of his team colleagues, rivals and fans in equal measure.

Schneider's racing career: like a picture-book

The first milestone in Bernd Schneider's career was his victory in the 1980 Kart
Junior World Championship.

After winning his spurs in the Formula Ford monoposto (‘single-seater’) series he
entered the German Formula 3 championships, which he won in 1987.

Prior to this, in 1986, he had first competed with Ford in the DTM.

After two years of Formula 1 with Zakspeed in 1988 and 1989, as well as sports
car racing with Porsche in 1990 and 1991, Schneider moved to Mercedes and the
Zakspeed DTM team as the successor to Michael Schumacher for the last two
races in 1991.

In 1992 he made another move to AMG Mercedes, where Schneider has remained
to the present day.

Over the subsequent 17 years, as part of the AMG and HWA teams, he won 43 out
of 226 races in the DTM and ITC, and eleven races in the 1997 and 1998 FIA GT

Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Corporate Communications
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                                                                                     Page 3
All in all he achieved seven titles in these three championships.

Bernd won 43 of the 226 DTM/ITC races in which he competed for Mercedes-
Benz; taken together, his 18 current DTM rivals are able to boast 47 victories.

He stood on the winner's rostrum 100 times – almost every other race – (his
rivals cumulatively account for 140), and was in the points ranking 157 times.
That is, in more than two thirds of his races. He achieved 59 fastest lap times –
his current DTM rivals have managed a total of 45.

In his penultimate race in Le Mans he emerged victorious from a hard but fair
duel in atrocious conditions with one of the two title contenders, Timo Scheider,
thereby proving that even at the age of 44, he has lost none of his competitive

Bernd Schneider, one of Germany's most successful racing drivers of all time with
five DTM titles and one each in the ITC and FIA GT Championship, will in future
pass on his enormous know-how to AMG customers as an expert instructor at the
AMG Driving Academy. Moreover, "Mr. DTM" will also be active as a test driver
and brand ambassador.

Bernd Schneider: "I have now been active as a racing driver for a total of more
than 30 years, and my aim has always been to continue racing for as long as I
enjoy the sport and I am still able to remain competitive.

“The time to leave has now come, and it gives rise to conflicting emotions. On the
one hand I am sorry to be saying "Good Bye" to the many friends I have made in
motor sports, and above all in the AMG, HWA and Mercedes-Benz teams over the
last 17 years. On the other hand I am looking forward to facing my exciting new

“I see my decision to work for AMG following my career as an active racing driver
as absolutely logical. I was able to celebrate most of my victories, and also the

Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Corporate Communications
A Daimler Company
most satisfying ones, in the AMG Mercedes team, and now I am looking forward         Page 4
to the new challenge as an instructor, test driver and brand ambassador for

Norbert Haug: "Bernd Schneider and Mercedes-Benz Motorsports were partners
on the racetrack for 17 years – one of the longest and most successful
partnerships between a driver and a brand in the motor racing world.

“In this period Bernd won five DTM titles and one ITC title, as well as the FIA GT
Championship in 1997. Mercedes-Benz has much to thank Bernd Schneider for,
and he has put his stamp on the DTM like no other driver.

“Bernd has won no less than four of the eight titles awarded since the series
recommenced in 2000. Bernd is also an example to many young drivers. For me
he is also a friend, and one I will miss behind the wheel when there are races to
be won, but I will still have the pleasure of his company at race meetings and

“Mercedes-AMG has gained a first-class specialist with Bernd Schneider, one who
combines performance with brand commitment."

Volker Mornhinweg, Chairman of Mercedes-AMG GmbH: "We are very happy to
be welcoming Bernd Schneider to AMG. As a fair sportsman, Bernd Schneider
enjoys a great deal of recognition and respect throughout the entire motor racing
world and automobile industry.

“I am certain that our development team will benefit greatly from Bernd
Schneider's knowledgeable support. With his pleasant manner, he is also bound
to be much in demand as a conversation partner during customer and press

Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Corporate Communications
A Daimler Company
Bernd Schneider                                                  Page 5
Born: July 20, 1964in St. Ingbert (Germany)
Family: 3 children: Lisa–Marie, Luca Maximilian, Lilly Sophie
Residence: Monte Carlo (Monaco)
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Hobbies: Golf, squash, billiards, table-tennis

DTM career with Mercedes-Benz *
(up to the eleventh race in 2008)
First DTM race with Mercedes-Benz:
September 8, 1991, Nürburgring (two races): 11th and 6th place

Statistics: Total/ 2008
Starts: 226/ 10
Points: 1767.5/ 31
Victories: 43/ 1
Pole positions: 25/ 1
Fastest race laps: 59/ -
* incl. ITC

Driving career
1987 Formula 3, German Championship: 1st place
DTM, 7 races, 15th place
1988 Formula 1 WC with Zakspeed
DTM, 2 races as a guest driver
1989 Formula 1 WC with Zakspeed
1990 Porsche Cup: 1st place
1991 IMSA series with Joest-Porsche
1992 DTM, AMG Mercedes 190E: 3rd place/4 victories
1993 DTM, AMG Mercedes 190E: 3rd place/3 victories
1994 DTM, AMG Mercedes C-Class: 10th place/2 victories

Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Corporate Communications
A Daimler Company
1995 DTM, AMG Mercedes C-Class: 1st place/5 victories                          Page 6
ITC, AMG Mercedes C-Class: 1st place/6 victories
1996 ITC, AMG Mercedes C-Class: 2nd place/4 victories
1997 Int. FIA GT Championship, AMG Mercedes CLK-GTR: 1st place/6 victories
1998 Int. FIA GT Championship, AMG Mercedes CLK-GTR/CLK-LM: 2nd place/5
victories (with Mark Webber)
1999 Sports prototypes, AMG Mercedes CLR
2000 DTM, D2 AMG Mercedes CLK, HWA: 1st place/6 victories
2001 DTM, D2 AMG Mercedes CLK, HWA: 1st place/3 victories
2002 DTM, Vodafone AMG Mercedes CLK, HWA: 2nd place/2 victories
2003 DTM, Vodafone AMG Mercedes CLK, HWA: 1st place/2 victories
2004 DTM, Vodafone AMG Mercedes C-Class, HWA: 6th place/1 victory
2005 DTM, Vodafone AMG Mercedes C-Class, HWA: 4th place/1 victory
2006 DTM, Vodafone AMG Mercedes C-Class, HWA: 1st place/2 victories
2007 DTM, Genuine Parts AMG Mercedes C-Class 2007, HWA: 6th place/1
2008 DTM, Genuine Parts AMG Mercedes C-Class 2008, HWA: 6th place/1
victory (after ten of the eleven races)

Bernd Schneider's victories in the DTM/ITC from 1992 to 2008

          Year    Racetrack                                Year   Racetrack

1      1992       Avus                              23     1996 Mugello

2      1992       Singen                            24     1996 Suzuka

3      1992       Singen                            25     2000 Hockenheim

4      1992       Nürburgring                       26     2000 Hockenheim

5      1993       Hockenheim                        27     2000 Norisring

6      1993       Hockenheim                        28     2000 Nürburgring

7      1993       Singen                            29     2000 Nürburgring

8      1994       Diepholz                          30     2000 Oschersleben

9      1994       Hockenheim                        31     2001 Hockenheim

Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Corporate Communications
A Daimler Company
10     1995       Hockenheim                        32     2001 Sachsenring    Page 7

11     1995       Hockenheim                        33     2001 A1-Ring

12     1995       Mugello                           34     2002 Lausitzring

13     1995       Norisring                         35     2002 Hockenheim

14     1995       Donington                         36     2003 Hockenheim

15     1995       Donington                         37     2003 Lausitzring

16     1995       Estoril                           38     2004 Hockenheim

17     1995       Nürburgring                       39     2005 Hockenheim

18     1995       Nürburgring                       40     2006 Hockenheim

19     1995       Magny-Cours                       41     2006 Lausitzring

20     1995       Magny-Cours                       42     2007 Oschersleben

21     1996       Diepholz                          43     2008 Nürburgring

22     1996       Diepholz

Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Corporate Communications
A Daimler Company

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