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    “I want every couple in my battalion to learn to communicate
     their love in a way that their spouse can understand and receive
     it.This book is something that enables marriages to not only
     survive, but thrive and deepen.”
              — Christopher E. Dickey, Chaplain (Captain) U.S. Army
    Available at your local bookstore or for more information log onto

Table of Contents
From the Editor’s Desk                                 4       Riding Stables has a Wagon
                                                               Full of Outdoor Fun                                   14
Past Meets Present:
A Tribute to the Esprit                                6       The Sky’s the Limit                                   15

The Carnival is Coming to Town                         8       Cruisin’ for a Good
                                                               Time with ITR                                         18

                                                               Fort Campbell’s MWR
                                                               Marketing Team                                        19

                                                               William Bishop the Web Intern                         19                                                      Page 11

                                                               Maintenance That Saves
                                                               You Money                                             20

                                                               Teen Fashion Corner                                   22

                                                               Army Community Service:
                                                               Adapting to Meet the
Gear-To-Go: One Stop Shop                                      Military Family Needs                                 23
For Equipment Rental
One Military Spouse’s Experience                     10        New to Fort Campbell?
                                                               Dive into Fort Campbell Aquatics
Sportsman’s Lodge:                                             Another Military Spouse’s Story                       24
                                                                                                                                 Page 18
Back to our German Roots                             11
                                                               Child & Youth Services:
Brides Beware:                                                 Fun in the Summer Sun                                 26
A Guide to a Stress Free Wedding Day                 12
                                                               Being SAFE in the Summertime                          27
Franchesca’s Tips to a
Low Stress Wedding                                   12        Summer Fun for Special
                                                               Needs Children                                        28
The ABC’s of Unit Funds                              13
                                                               GONE FISHIN’:
Hang Your Banner High                                13        A New Generation to Catch                             29

Brunch and a Book:                                             Kid’s Corner                                          30
Food for the Body and Mind                           14                                                                                                                       Page 29

       The purpose of Esprit is to provide current information about Fort Campbell MWR activities and events; to share ideas which will help readers become edu-
       cated about the Fort Campbell MWR activities and motivate them to take full advantage of these programs that contribute to our Fort Campbell Soldiers and
       military families’ better quality of life. Views and opinions expressed are those of the authors.

       The mention or appearance of commercial advertisers, commercial sponsors and/or their logos does not constitute endorsement by the Federal Government.

       The information in this issue is current at the time of publication; activities and events are subject to change. MWR Marketing is located at 5663 Screaming
       Eagle Blvd, Fort Campbell, Kentucky. MWR Commercial Advertising: 270-798-5576.

     Fort Campbell’s MWR Esprit Magazine is a bi-annual magazine produced by the Fort Campbell MWR Marketing Division under the authority of AR 215-1. Facilities and activities
     publicized are open to authorized patrons. Some MWR special events are open to the public. As a guest, you are eligible to use MWR activities.

Summer/Fall 2006                                                                                                                                                       ESPRIT           1
From the Editor’s Desk:
      As a military spouse I have become            monthly magazine was created and to reflect the
accustomed to change and with that I have           change we decided to retire the name Esprit and
learned to grow as a person. Change of duty         come up with a fresh, new name to symbolize
station, change of friends and finding new jobs     the publication’s growth.
are just a few of the unique challenges military           I hope each and every reader enjoys this
spouses face. Many of the changes I have            last issue of the Esprit and I anticipate many of
experienced have been personal, but I am now        you will notice some of the positive changes that
faced with professional change as well. The         have already taken place. Some of the articles
Esprit magazine has been in publication since       you see featured in this magazine will become
1986 and has evolved over the past 20 years         recurring articles for you to follow as the story
to its current form. As I took on the huge          develops, such as the MWR Marketing Staff
undertaking of becoming the editor, I realized      weight loss challenge or the school nurse’s column.
that I could really make a difference with this     This magazine focuses on taking a look back at        and/or critiques about any of our facilities, we
publication. I looked for a way to leave my         the journey of the Esprit and Army Community          encourage you to log-on to our MWR website,
lasting mark on the ever changing publication.      Service while also giving you a look into the, and click on the
The first thing I saw as a potential change was     future of the new magazine. The rest of the           “Break the ICE” link to submit your comments.
the frequency of the magazine. I found that a       issue focuses on all the fun MWR has in store         I look forward to hearing from you and
lot of the information would become quickly         for summer. Whether you want to make a                continuing to serve the Fort Campbell
outdated over a six month period of time and        splash at the pool or take your child fishing on      community. I am here because of the sacrifices
if there was a last minute addition it was not      a warm, summer day, this issue of the Esprit          that each and every one of you make on a daily
always possible to change things in a timely        explores all the hidden treasures MWR has to          basis and for that I thank you.
manner. With that said, this will be the last six   offer to cool off your hot summer days.                     As we say farewell to the Esprit and
month publication of the Esprit. Beginning in              As always it’s very important to hear from     welcome the new magazine, may we be
August, the magazine will be published monthly      our readers. The only way to continually              reminded that things are constantly changing
to provide patrons the opportunity to stay          improve the content of our magazine is to know        on a daily basis, but it is what we do with the
up-to-date on everything MWR has to offer.          what you like and what you definitely could do        change that really makes a difference!
      After changing the frequency of the           without. If you would like to submit a
magazine, I took a long hard look at the            comment or would just like to share what you               Sincerely,
content. I want the new publication to have         enjoyed about the magazine, please e-mail me at            Suzy Yates
value to our readers and be an all inclusive . Your comments                 Esprit Editor
magazine that includes human interest articles      might be featured in the first issue of the new
as well as event information in one convenient      magazine as we attempt to create a Letters to the
location. As a result, we have decided to           Editor section. Not only do we value your
combine the MWR Connection newsletter,              opinion on the magazine, MWR as a whole
monthly events calendar and Esprit magazine         values customer input on our facilities and
into one publication. And so the concept of a       programs as well. If you have any comments

4    ESPRIT                                                                                                                    Summer/Fall 2006
Past Meets Present: A Tribute to the Esprit
Interview By Suzy Yates
      As the first editor sits face to face with the   marketing manager from Europe and I became                I think the biggest thing that has changed
current editor one can see exactly how far the         the illustrator for the club systems. The first     is that the marketing staff at Fort Campbell has
magazine has come. Marty Sims, the first editor,       question she asked me was why we did not            grown, which was greatly needed in order to
sat behind her desk, smile beaming, as I sat           have a magazine. And so in 1987 the Esprit          produce a top-notch magazine. Unfortunately
across from her ready to interview her about the       was born and the first publication was released.    for me, in the early 90s we experienced a
history of the Esprit magazine. In her career at                                                           Reduction in Force (RIF) and I lost my assistant,
Fort Campbell she has come a long way from             How did the name Esprit                             Penny. The whole process of calling managers
starting at Eagle’s Roost Recreation Center,           come to be?                                         to gather information, interviewing people for
which no longer exists on Fort Campbell, to her             The name Esprit comes from Esprit de           potential articles, finding stories and organizing
current position of Commercial Sponsorship             corps. Webster’s dictionary defines Esprit de       photographs all fell on my shoulders. I was
and Advertising Coordinator. The minute I sat          corps as “the common spirit existing in the         proud of myself though, despite the fact that I
down with her, I could see we both had at least        members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm,        had lost my assistant, I still produced the entire
one thing in common, a passion for writing and         devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the    magazine by myself in two weeks. Then
creating the Esprit. She definitely has a special      group.” We wanted to make the name of the           something wonderful happened! We hired a
place in her heart for the Esprit magazine and it      magazine something that linked MWR and the          writer and the quality of the content vastly
has meant a lot to her to be a part of something       Fort Campbell community and we decided              improved, but it was also short lived. We now
that has truly been a resource for everyone at         Esprit did just that.                               have staff that have degrees in journalism,
Fort Campbell. Marty is the only staff member                                                              marketing and the creative arts which really
who has been around long enough to see every           How was the Esprit produced                         makes a difference.
                                                       when it first started?
issue of the Esprit. She has seen it grow and                                                                    Another thing that really helped the
change in ways that no one else has. The                                                                   production of the Esprit was technology. I
following interview takes us through the                     The very first issue was produced in-house    remember when the latest and greatest thing in
evolution of the magazine known as the Esprit.         using clip art, rub on letters, pen and ink and     technology was figuring out how to enlarge an
                                                       all articles were typed on a typewriter. The        image on a copier. We became computerized in
How was the concept of the                             modern computer graphics and word processing        the 90s, which changed the production of the
Esprit introduced to Fort
                                                       programs were not yet in use at Fort Campbell       magazine forever. No longer would people have
                                                       so everything had to be done with pen and
                                                                                                           to write an article with a limited number of
                                                       paper. The department bought our own offset         fonts, print it out, cut it out with an exacto
      I had begun asking for a magazine                paper and printed the magazine in-house using       knife and use a wax machine to place it on a
publication shortly after I arrived at Fort            a Hamada 600 offset press, which I did not          piece of 11 by 17 tracing paper. I laid
Campbell. I had produced a similar publication         even know how to operate when we first got it.      everything out on drafting tables so I could see
while I was overseas in Germany and wondered           Slowly, but surely I taught myself how to use the   everything. When the computers came, writers
why an installation as big as Fort Campbell            press and my assistant at that time was right by    had access to clip art galleries, numerous font
did not have a magazine publication to share           my side learning with me.                           styles and could lay it out in a program without
Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR)                                                                       having to cut and paste anything. Also, when
information with its community. Everything             How has the production of the
                                                       Esprit changed?
changed though in 1986, when we hired a new

6     ESPRIT                                                                                                                   Summer/Fall 2006
writing an article I would have to use a              had a piece in producing the
typewriter, so if I made one mistake I had to         magazine. Whether it was
retype the whole thing. With the technology of        gathering photos, writing
today, magazine editors have access to spell check    articles, selling advertising or
and grammar help that was not available to me.        providing graphics support just
                                                      about everyone working on the
Was the magazine always                               marketing staff helped with each
in full color?                                        issue. The person I remember
     When the magazine was first printed it was       helping me out the most after
one color. It was either black or one other solid     my assistant left was actually a
color. The very first magazine ever produced          Soldier, Specialist Alex Krohn. I
was for the month of December and was printed         remember when I first met him
                                                                                            Pictured Left to right: Don Stone, Marketing Director; Marty Sims,
in red ink. Within a year of production, we           he was very shy and ate lunch
                                                                                            Graphic Illustrator; Debbie Butler, Sponsorship Coordinator; Carol
added a two-color process part to our offset press.   quietly at his desk. His duty was
                                                      to provide me any assistance that
                                                                                            Saynisch, Writer; SPC Krohn, Theater NCOIC
That was very messy and Penny, my assistant,
and I many times felt like Ethel and Louise.          I needed, but advised that he
                                                      really was not into the art stuff.
Has the overall purpose of the                        Well, low and behold Alex did help with the art        One day a complete stranger shows up, early of
Esprit changed over time?
                                                      stuff and actually produced the Esprit for several     all things, and wanted to take my magazine to
                                                      years. It all started one day when I came down         the print shop. I was very apprehensive about
      The purpose of the Esprit has always            with influenza and was home sick in bed. Alex          giving my hard work to someone I did not
beento provide MWR information about the              called me at home and said he had been                 know, but I politely asked him to sit and wait
quality of life programs, services and special        collecting all the work orders and he knew what        because he was early. He kindly sat and waited
events for Soldiers and their families as well as     theme I was going with and would like to try to        patiently as he told me his boss had told him
the rest of the Army family. One thing that has       put it together for me. When he brought the            this was a very important publication and that
gotten lost in the shuffle of editors is articles     finished magazine to my house to look over             he would handle it with the utmost care. Two
acknowledging historical events such as Pearl         before printing I was amazed. He had done              and a half years after our first encounter and
Harbor and recognizing such programs as the           such a wonderful job and shortly after that I          many long hours of producing the Esprit, we
Month of the Military Child. I remember one           passed the reins to Alex as I took on a new            were married.
of my first covers in the magazine I produced in      challenge within marketing. Today, Mr. Krohn
Bamberg, Germany had a picture of a family of         is the Installation-wide Special Events                What would you like to be the
four and I was really proud of the article and        Coordinator and Cole Park Commons                      lasting legacy of the Esprit?
cover for that magazine. As MWR continues             Community Activities Center facility manager.           MWR’s sole purpose is to provide quality of life
to evolve with the changing times, I think it is                                                             programs, services and events to Soldiers and
important to acknowledge our participation in         What is your fondest memory                            their families. The Esprit opens the door and
special programs and activities to honor these        from producing the Esprit?                             provides a sneak preview of what MWR has to
special months. This year alone, MWR has              I have so many fond memories from the Esprit,          offer the Fort Campbell community. Our new
participated in Women’s History month                 but the best thing it has given me is my husband. editor, Suzy Yates, has a passion in her eyes that
activities, Earth Day and last year had a special     If I had not produced the magazine, I might not        reminds me of myself when I was working on
event honoring Armed Forces Day.                      have ever met him. We finally decided to               the concrete floor printing the first issues of the
Who on staff has produced
                                                      outsource the printing of the Esprit to a local        Esprit. As the magazine continues to change to
the magazine?
                                                      company and I was used to the same gentleman           accommodate the needs of our patrons, I remind
                                                      coming to pick it up to take to the print shop.        myself that I was a part of that!
Just about everyone on the marketing staff has

Summer/Fall 2006                                                                                                                               ESPRIT 7
The Carnival is Coming to Town
By Suzy Yates

      Each and every year as the 4th of July                   Probably the most popular part
comes around, people who have been around                of the Carnival is the fireworks
Fort Campbell for a while get excited for the            display. Fort Campbell hosts the
annual Fort Campbell Carnival. While writing             largest fireworks display in the area
this article, I originally wanted to take a look         lasting 22 to 27 minutes and this year
back at the carnivals of the past and show readers       will be no exception. People come
how they have changed over time, but oddly               from all over Kentucky and Tennessee
enough no one can tell me exactly when the               just to see the Fort Campbell sky lit
concept of the Carnival came into existence.             up with hundreds of fireworks.
All I know is it has been around for decades and         Many come and claim their spot
each year brings new and exciting additions to           early, but they find a ton of things to
the lineup of fun.                                       keep them occupied while they wait.
      The Carnival is one of those events that           The MWR entertainment tent will be
tantalize all our senses. When people think of           booming with music and the carnival
carnivals the first thing that comes to mind is          will continue all the way up until the
                                                         time the first fireworks are set off.
the rides. From a distance, arriving patrons are
                                                               This year the Carnival will be
greeted by the giant Ferris wheel standing tall
                                                         held at the Fort Campbell Parade
against the stark blue sky. As one moves from
                                                         Field from June 29 through July 5.
the car to the ticket entrance, he or she will be
                                                         The Carnival is open to the general
consumed by the loud and invigorating sounds
                                                         public, and if you do not have post
of all the carnival rides. As they wait in line for
                                                         decals please make sure to enter post
their chance to get a thrill, children tell stories of
                                                         through gate four or seven to obtain
their adventures and the funny feelings they got
                                                         your visitor’s pass. Arm bands will be
in their stomachs as they were spun round and
                                                         sold for all day access to the carnival
                                                         rides at one low price or tickets can
      Besides all the carnival rides, patrons can
                                                         be sold on a per ride basis. As in
also try their luck at their favorite carnival game
                                                         previous years there will be discount                   and friends laughing and having a good time
in a quest to see who can collect the most
                                                         armband days and dollar day.                            together,” said Marty Sims, Commercial
stuffed animals. All of your favorite carnivals
                                                               While many of the troops from Fort                Sponsorship and Advertising Coordinator, “The
games will be in one, convenient location for
                                                         Campbell are currently deployed, it is important        festivities bring out the patriotism in all of us
everyone to enjoy.
                                                         for us to celebrate America’s freedom which the         and everyone is dressed in red, white and blue to
      If the games and rides are not enough for
                                                         valiant Soldiers from Fort Campbell continue            show their support.”
you, the sweet smell of the cotton candy, funnel
                                                         to fight and sacrifice for on a daily basis. This             For all the latest information on the Carnival
cakes, corn dogs and popcorn are sure to catch
                                                         is one way for MWR to show the Soldiers and             events, please visit
your attention as their sweet and savory aromas
                                                         family members how much we appreciate the               and click on the special events link or call Fort
drift across the parade field. No one can go to a
                                                         sacrifices each and every one of them makes for         Campbell Installation Special Events
carnival without partaking in at least one of
                                                         our freedom.                                            Coordinator at (270) 798-4610 x120.
these carnival favorites.
                                                                “The best part of the event is seeing families

8     ESPRIT                                                                                                                          Summer/Fall 2006
Gear-To-Go: One
Stop Shop for
Equipment Rental
One Military Spouse’s Experience
       Like many of you, I am a military spouse       charge for either is $0.49 cents per mile. We         approaching. I had no idea what to do, but I
whose husband is facing deployment. Similar to        were really lucky that day because they were          knew it had to be special since she was
most of the Army population, I have gotten            running a special in which we got a dolly free of     desperately missing her father. I remembered
used to the fact that we need to be prepared to       charge. Normally the dolly would have cost us         seeing something about giant inflatable rentals
move at a moment’s notice. When we were               $8.40. So not only was Gear-To-Go in a                on some of the materials I received when we
informed our government quarters were ready           convenient location, but it also ended up saving      visited Gear-To-Go to rent our moving truck.
for us to move into, shortly before my husband        us money, which on a tight budget is definitely       Gear-To-Go has all different types of inflatables
left, I knew right where to go. I remembered          a good thing. The staff was so helpful and            for family members to rent. I was worried the
hearing about an on-post facility through my          courteous that we felt more like guests than          inflatables would be hard to operate, especially
family readiness group, which had all the             customers.                                            with me trying to do them by myself, but the
moving supplies I needed to make my move                    While my husband was taking care of             Gear-To-Go staff reassured me everything would
hassle and worry free. The facility was called        renting the moving truck, I got a chance to           be fine. I was relieved when they told me
Gear-To-Go and was conveniently located at            explore the store and all they had to offer. They     delivery and set-up charges were included in the
5658 Tennessee Avenue.                                have an incredible amount of items available for      rental price. Since my daughter was turning
       From the first time we entered the facility,   rent: boats, campers, lawn mowers, tillers, and       seven I thought it would be a great way for her
we were amazed at all it had to offer. It was a       so much more. I also saw that they were on the        to have a memorable birthday party at our new
busy place, but the counter help was handling         internet so I planned on checking out the             government home. And I was right. It was the
the customers with the ease of a traffic cop in       website when I returned home.                         hit of the neighborhood and my daughter was
New York City. Each customer was greeted                    So you are probably thinking Gear-To-Go         ecstatic when it was set up in the yard. My
warmly with a smile and offered as much               just rents equipment, well guess again. As I          husband was thoughtful enough to use one of
assistance as they needed to leave satisfied.         peered around the corner I was surprised to see,      his “free” Balloons by the Month extras to send
                                                                    of all things, balloons! They offer a   our daughter balloons on her birthday. It was
                                                                    wide variety including plain latex      just the best idea yet.
                                                                    balloons, Mylar and themed                    Right before her party I decided the grass
                                                                    balloons. What a perfect way to say     was getting a little long and I should give it a
                                                                    happy birthday or I love you – kind     quick cut before her party the next day. As I
                                                                    of like a helium filled smile. And I    went to crank up the lawn mower, it would not
                                                                    found out they deliver them to on-      start. So once again I turned to the friendly
                                                                    post locations! I spoke with the        staff at Gear-To-Go. They had a lawn mower
                                                                    staff and they told me that they can    available for rent and while I was there I rented
                                                                    make balloon bouquets, arches,          equipment to edge my yard and trim the bushes
                                                                    special baskets and much more.          to make the yard look really nice for all the
                                                                    Jessica, another Gear-To-Go staff       family and friends coming to the party. They
                                                                    member, happily explained the           sure seem to have everything. So this upcoming
                                                                    Balloons by the Month program.          weekend I have decided to tow one of their
                                                                    You purchase a year’s worth of          rental boats to the lake and go fishing. I am
                                                                    monthly balloon deliveries and          taking their operators’ class during the week.
                                                                    receive two additional balloon          Next month I think I will rent one of their
                                                                    bouquets for free. I began to think     campers and take my little family camping. It
When it came to our turn, we were actually            of all the occasions balloons could be used.          is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors with
helped by the manager, CynDe Clack. Her               Award ceremonies, weddings, birthdays,                some of the comforts of home. I have got their
genuine desire to see that her customers receive      anniversaries and the list goes on and on. I          price guide posted on my fridge, right where I
the best service really showed in how we were         must have been so deep in thought I never             cannot miss it. Thanks to all the friendly staff at
treated. My husband told her that we were             noticed that my husband had arranged to get           Gear-To-Go. You made our move into government
there to rent one of their moving trucks. We          balloons sent to me every month while he was          quarters easier, my daughter’s birthday memorable
were given all the specifics and reserved our         deployed. He pre-paid for them and set up all         and because of you, I get a monthly smile from
truck that same day. I was amazed at how easy         the bouquets and cards before he left. Now I          my deployed husband.
it was and all my fears were put to rest. To          get a specially arranged bouquet every month                For more information on Gear-To-Go
make things even better their rates were very         and I even got one on our wedding anniversary!        rental equipment, please call (270) 798-6806.
reasonable. It costs only $17.95 per rental                 After we got settled in our new government
period for the Cargo Van or the Pick up Truck         quarters, my husband deployed and my
and $27.95 for the 16’ Box Truck. The mileage         youngest daughter’s birthday was fast

10 ESPRIT                                                                                                                        Summer/Fall 2006
Sportsman’ Lodge:
Back to Our German Roots
By Melissa A. Schaffner

      Guten Tag! Willkommen! Now is the                      The dinner buffet has a new low
time to visit, or re-visit, Sportsman’s Lodge for     price, only $9.99. All seniors age 55 and
a taste of Deutschland. That’s Germany for the        over can benefit from a 10 percent discount
non-German speakers!                                  on all food items too. The warm, inviting
       A new menu was introduced in February          atmosphere, nestled in the woods near Fort
of 2006 that is sure to please all lovers of German   Campbell Riding Stables is just a short
cuisine. In addition to the award winning             drive from Gate 10.
schnitzel, customers can now experience the                  Do not forget about Kids’ Night
taste of Brathähnchen, or Rotisserie Chicken, in      every Wednesday evening, when the first
two flavors, traditional and lemon pepper. The        child in your group eats from the children’s
plate overflows with a full half chicken and side     menu for free and the second through
dishes to appease the appetite.                       fourth child eat for half price, when
       Rindfleischbraten is another new offering      accompanied by an adult ordering from
that will please the taste buds. We Americans call    the regular menu! It is always a good idea
it beef pot roast and it is tender and delicious.     to give Mom a break from cooking supper!
Hackfleischbraten is a blend of pork and beef,               Catering is a specialty of Sportsman’s
that appears to most of us here in the USA as a       Lodge. Call Lisa Dulen at (931) 431-4140
traditional meatloaf. Both of these new dishes        to arrange the details of your next party. If
come with your favorite accompaniments.               you are planning a special celebration to
       For those who prefer a lighter meal, new       welcome home the Soldiers of a deployed
salads also adorn the menu. Caesar salad is a         company, Lisa would love to hear from you
new choice for veggie lovers, and additionally,       soon. Don’t wait until all the dates are taken!      German style potato salad and coleslaw too,
you can get it with crispy chicken tenders or                Sportsman’s Lodge holds Karaoke in the        which are exactly the best way to complete
grilled chicken strips to make it a meal sized        Bullseye Lounge every Friday evening at 8 p.m.       your German taste experience. If you are
entrée. A Waldorf salad marries fruits and            If you like to sing, or just want to listen, come    really famished, visit the Schnitzel buffet –
vegetables for a springtime delight. The return       out and join the fun. The audience votes on the      you won’t go away hungry!
of a popular item should make Sportsman’s             winner of the $50 prize every Friday night.                I can’t end a meal at Sportsman’s Lodge
regular customers jump for joy – Frau Bianca’s               Do not forget to save some room for the       without a serving of strawberry shortcake. I
Own Schnitzel Salad. Bianca has been serving          traditional Schnitzel, which has been recognized     know it is not German, but it does make the
Sportsman’s patrons for over 20 years! The            for eight years in a row as Clarksville’s finest!    meal complete for me! Try it and see if you
Schnitzel Salad originally came about when            You can find Schnitzel in so many different ways     do not agree.
diners noticed the tasty dish that Bianca was         at Sportsman’s Lodge. Try the family style, or the         Lisa, Bianca, and all the staff at
having for her OWN meal, and asked if it was          ala carte, either with or without the flavorful      Sportsman’s Lodge are waiting to give you a
on the menu. Today, you can join Bianca in            Jager sauce. Jager means “hunter” in the German      dining experience that takes you back to the
savoring her own recipe of schnitzel strips atop a    language, and the sauce is made from onions and      old country. Come and visit, and until then –
bed of fresh lettuce and salad additions such as      mushrooms and it is just the thing to top your       Auf Wiedersehen (until we see you again)!
cheese and hard boiled egg.                           delicious plate full of schnitzel. Try our

Summer/Fall 2006                                                                                                                           ESPRIT 11
Brides Beware: A Guide to                                                                                      FRANCHESCA’S
                                                                                                               TIPS TO A LOW
a Stress Free Wedding Day                                                                                      STRESS WEDDING:
By Suzy Yates
                                                                                                                                     • Couples can take
      Every little girl dreams of the day she will     to let your guests know ahead of time so they                                   others advice, but
be married. For many these are happy dreams            leave in ample time to get through the gate.                                    should not feel
about the cake, flowers and of course their very       They will need to arrive through gate one and                                   restricted by it. It
own prince charming who will sweep them off            must have their photo identification. There is                                  is your special day;
their feet. Many do not think of the realities of      also the chance for them to get stopped for a                                   you are the primary
planning a wedding and the stress that comes with      random check. Letting your guests know all                                      decision maker.
it. Over the years there seems to be a growing         the details of gate clearance can help take some
pressure to get every little detail just perfect. As   of the stress off them when traveling on-post.         • Allow ample time for guests to RSVP
couples strive for perfection on their special day,          Once the date is chosen and gate access            to your wedding. It is suggested that
the stress levels rise as well. Probably the most      fears are relieved, the couple is well on their way      invitations go out at least two months
stressful time for a couple is the planning stage      to planning their special day. The biggest hurdle        in advance.
and it starts right after the couple get engaged.      has been met, but couples want to make sure to
As the bride and groom begin to plan their             identify and resolve all potential problems before     • Be reasonable when planning your menu
wedding, they encounter one of the most stressful      the wedding actually happens. That is why                and always indicate on the invitation if
times of planning a                                                           at Cole Park Community            light hors d’ oeuvres or a full meal will be
wedding, picking the date.                                                    Activities Center, Franchesca     served so guests know what to expect.
      “Brides need to be                                                      spends as much time as she
realistic in their                                                            feels necessary with each       • You cannot plan a wedding by yourself.
expectations when                                                             bride planning every small        Do not be afraid to ask for help.
selecting a wedding date,”                                                    detail for their wedding.
said Franchesca Rasin,                                                              “To me the reception      • Dreams and your pocket book are two
Cole Park Commons                                                             does not begin when the           separate things. Be realistic and stay
Community Activity                                                            guests arrive at the location     within your allotted budget.
Center Coordinator, “The                                                      on the day of the wedding;
most important thing for                                                      it begins when the couple       • Do not forget the children when
couples to realize is they                                                    begins to plan it,” said          planning your wedding. It is nice to have
need to remain flexible.                                                      Franchesca, “My most              a children’s table with crayons, coloring
It is when brides get their                                                   important goal when               books and other supplies to keep the
heart set on a certain date                                                   planning a wedding is to          children occupied during the reception.
that they usually end up                                                      make sure the bride does
disappointed when                                                             not get overwhelmed. My         • Appoint one person to make decisions
nothing is available.”                                                        job is so rewarding and           on your behalf on the day of your
      When choosing a                                                         when a bride hugs me on           wedding. Make sure your designated
date Ms. Rasin suggests brides pick a month in         her wedding day with tears in her eyes she does          decision maker meets with the caterer,
which they would like to get married and work          not have to say anything.”                               photographer, disc jockey and any other
from there. Especially when couples plan to get              To plan your wedding at Cole Park                  person who has a part in your wedding.
married on-post it is important to realize that        Community Activities Center or if you have
some months are busier than others and are             questions concerning getting married on a              • Always allow a day of travel for
booked in advance. For example, weddings are           military installation, please contact Franchesca         your guests.
booked quickly on DONSA weekends because it            Rasin at (270) 798-4610 X119 or visit Cole
allows guests ample travel time to and from the        Park Community Activities Center at                    • Choose your ceremony and reception
wedding. As is the case at Cole Park Community         1610 101st Airborne Division Road.                       location before selecting the date
Activities Center, the whole month of December
is reserved for military holiday balls and very few                                                           • Be organized. Designate one notebook
weddings are scheduled during this month.                                                                       in which you keep all your wedding
      Another obstacle to keep in mind when                                                                     notes, plans, receipts, etc.
getting married or holding your reception on a
military installation is the gate access. This is                                                             • Make sure to visit the hotel where your
easily overcome, but couples must be prepared                                                                   guests will stay and see if you can block
in advance to avoid any delays for their guests                                                                 off a suite of rooms with a military
at the gate. Here at Fort Campbell, couples can                                                                 discount for your guests.
provide the guest list to Franchesca at least two
weeks prior to their big day. Franchesca will                                                                 • Provide strip maps in your invitation
then make sure the information is given to the                                                                  from the hotel to the ceremony and
appropriate contacts so your guests may travel                                                                  reception locations.
smoothly through the gates. It is a good idea

12 ESPRIT                                                                                                                    Summer/Fall 2006
The ABC’ of Unit Funds
By Heather Ybarra

      Organizational days, company formals, and       current rate is $.45 per Soldier per month or         MWR Unit Funds Standard Operating Procedures.
welcome home ceremonies are examples of               $5.40 per Soldier per year. The total amount                Now that you know the technical
company and unit level events that take place         for the year is based on troop strength in            information, let us look at the fun part! There
on a regular basis. In order for these events to      September for the upcoming fiscal year, October       are a variety of things that unit funds can be
happen, funds are needed. There are funds             to September. For example, a unit of 1000             used for! You can have a company picnic,
available for units to use for activities where all   Soldiers would receive $5400 for the fiscal year.     organizational day, formal, and a variety of other
Soldiers in the unit can participate. This is where   These funds are available only for that fiscal        activities as long as all Soldiers in your company
the MWR Unit Funds office comes in. MWR               year. If they are not used by the end of              are able to take part in activity. In the past Unit
Unit Funds, while guided by regulations, offer        September, they will be lost.                         Funds have even been used to purchase weight
the unit an additional source of funds to enhance           ALR funds are available for those units that    equipment and audio visual equipment for the
the morale, welfare and recreation of its Soldiers.   are deployed and chose to take this allotment.        dayroom. It must be said however that audio
      It is often heard that the money you spend      The current rate is $2 per soldier per month for      visual equipment cannot be purchased with ALR
on post comes back to the Soldier and their           the duration of the deployed months. While            funds. There are endless possibilities to what
families, but many ask how. Funds that come           local funds are only available for the fiscal year,   you can do with the funds, however it must be
in through the various MWR activities on Fort         the ALR funds are available for the first two         approved. The easiest thing to do rather than to
Campbell go back to the Soldier and their             years after redeployment. This allows units time      ask what is not authorized is to come up with a
families through Unit Funds.                          to utilize the amount of money that is earned.        plan of what you like to do and present it.
      There are two types of unit funds, locally            Each Brigade/Unit Commander must                      Unit Funds can help promote morale and
funded and Army Level Requirements (ALR).             assign a Unit Funds Manager who is responsible        enhance cohesion in units. It is guided by
The locally funded dividends are allocated            for coordinating funds and working directly           regulation, however a little bit of creativity can
based on troop strength during a regular              with the MWR point of contact. During a               result in a successful and fun event. For more
non-deployment fiscal year, while ALR funds           deployment, a Rear-Detachment Unit Fund               information on Unit Funds, please log on to our
are distributed during a deployment cycle.            Manager is selected. The Unit Fund Manager            website:
      The rate for locally funded dividends is        can request unit funds to purchase various items      For unit specific information please talk to your
determined by the Community Activities                to send to their Soldiers in theater. It is the       Unit Funds manager or call Lisa Keller at
Business Center (CABC) Financial Support              responsibility of the Unit Funds Manager to           (270) 798-3854.
and Services Division (FSSD) Chief. The               adhere to the guidelines in AR 215-1 and the

Hang Your Banner High
By Heather Ybarra

      It is about that time! Our proud Soldiers       (FRG) leaders go above and
will be returning shortly from their year long        beyond the call of duty during
deployment to Iraq. As we have continuously           times of deployment. There are
shown our support throughout the year, let us         many things that these
now welcome them home with great fanfare!             individuals can and should be
Engraving Etc. is here to help you do just that!      recognized for. Engraving Etc.
      Whether you are welcoming home a                has a wide assortment of
Brigade, Battalion, Company or Soldier,               plaques, awards, gifts and
Engraving Etc. have just what you need to do it       custom items that will suit your
in style! Engraving Etc’s staff will create a         needs! If you have something                          you through the time crunch. Additionally, they
banner for you to hang with pride to show your        special in mind, do not hesitate to ask –             can assist you with their design which includes a
enthusiasm. Their Welcome Home banners are            Engraving Etc. can do special orders for those        wide graphic selection! Remember, there is no
2’x6’ and include full color ribbon and heart         hard to find items.                                   additional cost for the engraving – it is included!
graphics as well as text of your choice for only            Two words sum up Engraving Etc. –               Engraving Etc. looks forward to working with
$25. Do you want to add a crest, emblem or            customer service. The highly qualified staff          you to create your banner, award or special items
logo to your banner? Additional graphics start        looks forward to working with our Soldiers and        for a unit function! For more information on
at $5. Engraving Etc. banners are short period        their families to help them create that special       any of their products and services, please do not
all weather so feel free to hang them outside for     item. A key part of their customer service is         hesitate to call (270) 798-0171 or stop by their
all to see!                                           their effort to meet a 48 hour turnaround time.       office located inside Guenette Arts and Crafts
      Soldiers, whether deployed or on Rear           Engraving Etc. understands that things often          Center, Building 80 Screaming Eagle Blvd.
Detachment, and Family Readiness Group                come up at the last minute, and are there to help

Summer/Fall 2006                                                                                                                              ESPRIT 13
Brunch and a Book:
Food for the Body and Mind
By James Moore

      Where can you get food for body and             science fiction, romance to classics, biography     food that month had a Spanish theme. If you
mind at the same time? Try the Robert F. Sink         to history and everything in between.               are challenged by the kitchen or just do not have
Library and its monthly Brunch and a Book                   Allen Hunt, Reference Technician states       time to make something, do not worry. There’s
program. Every third Tuesday of the month,            “What I like about the group is that you get to     always more than enough for everyone.
library staff members and the public gather to        read books you would never choose to read on              Some of the recent book selections
discuss a selected book and to enjoy good food        your own. The experience expands your mind.”        include “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”
and conversation. Since its inception on                    Michelle Goewey, another member of the        by Mitch Albom, “The Watsons Go To
February 27, 200l, the group has read and             reference team finds Brunch and a Book “A great     Birmingham” by Christopher Paul Curtis
discussed sixty-two books. Originally the             opportunity to share my favorite books with         and “Empire of the Sun” by J.G. Ballard.
booklovers gathered in the morning. At that           other people and to learn what they’re reading.”    To find out the current book selection, please
time the meeting was called Breakfast and a                 Jan Daugherty, Acquisitions Librarian says    log on to the library’s webpage at
Book. Since the beginning of 2006 the group           “I come for the food.” Food has long been a
has been meeting at midday. The public response       vital part of Sink Library’s book discussion        or just stop by the library. If you need a
to the time change has been enthusiastic with         group. Since the move to Brunch and a Book,         copy of a book, contact Sink Library to see
attendance at Brunch and a Book growing at each       an attempt has been made to serve dishes that       if they have it on hand or can borrow it for
gathering. Participants range from senior citizens    relate to the book being discussed. Kim             you from another library through the
and retirees to active-duty military members to       Pottmeyer, Library Tech, loves cooking and          interlibrary loan program.
young mothers with babies in strollers.               searching for new recipes.                                For further information on Brunch
      Barbara Harry, Reference Librarian says               She says “I learned long ago that I could     and a Book call the Sink Library staff at
“We don’t read the latest best sellers because        never own too many cookbooks. It’s fun trying       (270) 798-5729.
other libraries won’t lend us their copies and        out new dishes on the group.” For example, Jane
we don’t want people to have to go out and buy        Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility” led to a Regency
the books.” Aside from that caveat, the field is      tea party complete with china, silver and linens.
wide-open for selections. Over the years, the         February’s selection “The Bridge of San Luis
group has read everything from science to             Rey” was set in eighteenth-century Peru. The

Riding Stables has a Wagon
Full of Outdoor Fun
By Melanie Wallace

      Looking for outdoor fun, then leap on           completing the safety
over to Fort Campbell Riding Stables, locally         prerequisites, you and your family
known as the Riding Stables. You will find 75         can enjoy the huge selection of
miles of riding trails nestled just off 101st         specially named horses and ponies.
Airborne Division Road and 11th Division              Once saddled up, you are ready to
Road. The entire staff gladly extends a welcome       explore nature’s best.
wagon greeting to all visitors. They are                    If your family or groups are
knowledgeable and eager to assist in not only         seeking a shelter to host a summer                  treasure at Fort Campbell is the 18 hole Micro
outdoor fun, but also safety. That is why all first   event, look no further than Destiny Parks and       Golf Course. For only $2.00 per person, your
time riders at the Fort Campbell Stables are          Pavilions. The Eagle Rest holds an unlimited        family could be out putting away on the greens.
required to watch a brief three minute safety         number of people for only $120.00 a day.                 In addition to these activities and
video. Each viewer then rates him or herself on       There is a $50 refundable deposit, based upon       recreational areas, you will find horse boarding
a given scale, which then allows green safety         the amount of cleanup needing to be done after      and kennels available. As you can tell, the
cards to be issued. These cards are a one time        your party leaves.                                  opportunities are numerous and the staff is
only procedure, so all returning riders will not            If you have a small group of people, Waholi   always open to suggestions. So gather your
have to repeat this process. As an added safety       Pavilion holds up to 50 people and comes in         family and friends for some down to earth
precaution, the Stables ask that all riders wear      at only $100.00 a day. If you are eager to get      outdoor fun. The ranch is open and eagerly
closed toed shoes, long pants and a shirt with        moving, then grab your sneakers and get ready       waiting to saddle you up.
sleeves. These important steps take only a few        for a workout as basketball, football, baseball          For more information on services offered
minutes, but these little precautions could           and volleyball games are all within walking         at Fort Campbell Riding Stables, please call
prevent a serious injury. After successfully          distance of the pavilion. Another hidden            (270) 798-2629.

14 ESPRIT                                                                                                                     Summer/Fall 2006
The Sky’s the Limit
By Deborah Young

       As I approached a milestone birthday I          was a worthwhile endeavor. I wanted to change         out of stress for a quick pick up but have learned
began to really do some introspection. I first         myself in order to enjoy the rest of my life.         that eating sweets is only a short term solution.
started with the mirror. I did not like what I saw           During a vacation, I was treated to an          Soon after eating sweets, I would crash. So I
nor did I like what I felt when I saw it. I realized   experience that forever motivated me to continue      have tried to start eating apples, oranges and
that I was not going to be able to get fit and         with my weight loss – I was given a ride on an        carrots instead of the sweets. I still eat things
slim overnight so I began researching an exercise      aircraft where skydivers were going to jump out.      that I should not but am working to cut down
program that I could do at my weight without           I was so amazed and driven to do a jump myself        on that as well. I want to live a long, healthy,
harm. After some serious searching I found some        that immediately upon landing, I asked how I          active life.
video tapes for Tai Chi – each was 20 minutes          could do it. I was bluntly told that I was going            It had taken me almost three years to lose
in length / one for the morning and one for the        to have to lose a whole bunch of weight and get       the weight to where I am at now. I have another
nighttime. I knew that no matter what excuse I         in shape. Then I really got serious about the         year of weight loss before I will actually reach
came up with I could fit 20 minutes, twice a           whole weight loss program.                            my weight goal, but I have reached several other
day into my schedule.                                        By the time my daughter was getting ready       goals along the way. I have become an avid
       Then I knew that the whole idea behind          for her Senior Prom, I had lost a noticeable          skydiver – something that has become quite a
my program was to introduce new life patterns          amount of weight, my energy level had increased       passion in my life.
that I could live with for the rest of my life. I      and I was beginning to feel better about myself.            Now I try to live by this motto: Life is
did not want to “diet” I wanted to teach myself        I knew that I still had a long way to go, but         NOT a journey to the grave with the intention of
how to lose my excess weight and keep it off.          I was seeing results now. I was still very self       arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved
I was aware that the eating changes were going         conscious about how I looked, but I was feeling       body; but rather to skid in broadside,
to have to “stick”. I figured out that one pound       better inside and that was more important. My         thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and
of weight equals 3500 calories and that is             daughter was actually proud of my accomplishment      loudly proclaiming: WOW, what a ride - can I
equivalent to 500 calories less a day or basically     so far. Her pride in me was so important to me.       do it again!!
one chocolate bar, one cheeseburger, one large               It has been a very hard journey. I have tried
bag of chips or one small order of fries. My goal      to go without all the things that I love to eat,
became to lose one pound of weight a week and          BUT I just love to eat. I have learned that you
by the end of a year I will have lost 52 pounds.       can eat anything that you want to eat just do it
In order to visualize exactly how much 52              in moderation and do not eat the bad stuff all
pounds was I picked up a 50 pound bag of dog           the time. Sugar and carbohydrates are a big
food and it was a struggle to lift.                    down fall of mine. My job is as an MWR
       I also realized that this was going to be one   graphic illustrator so I sit down at a
of the most selfish things I had ever done in my       desk working on a computer
life. I had to convince myself that this selfish act   most of the day. I eat
was going to have resounding residual benefits         the sugary stuff
for all the people in my life as well as those with
whom I will come in contact. When I looked
at the benefits to my family and friends, then
and only then did I convince myself that this

 “Champion the right
 to be yourself. Dare
 to be different. Live
 your own life and
 follow your dreams.
 For in the end if we
 live truly...we shall
 truly live.”

Summer/Fall 2005
Cruisin’ for a Good
Time with ITR
By Katy Longfellow, as told by Marty Sims

      Well, this was it. This was the year that      from my internet research that you take a
 would reach that milestone birthday that            major risk by booking cruises on your own.
                                                                                                                                         viewed a
everyone dreads. As my fiftieth birthday             No one is there to look out for you, so if you                              aica as
                                                                                                                    ardwalk, Jam                     eas.
                                                                                                            The Bo                           f the S
                                                                                                                                    ntment o
approached, my husband told me that he               get stranded at the airport and can not get to
                                                                                                                             s Encha
wanted to do something really special for the        the boat you are simply out of luck. Too bad!                 arribean’
                                                                                                            Royal C
occasion. As visions of black balloons, dead                After sitting down with Wendy at ITR
flowers and tombstones clouded my mind it            and telling her what kind of cruise we were
finally became clear. At fifty years young, I        looking for, she shared a lot of ideas and made
was ready to celebrate!                              some great suggestions that we were very grateful    Our daughter and son-in-law cruised with us,
      I had always wanted to take a cruise           for. Before we knew it, everything was set into      and it was the best way to spend quality time
vacation and had heard from Information,             motion to send us on our Royal Caribbean             together. My daughter and I tried to learn salsa
Ticketing and Registration (ITR) manager             cruise! Everything she described was factual and     dance while our husbands sat and had cocktails.
Connie Silk that ITR was going to start offering     we were very pleased. ITR gave us some great         We ate dinner together and did what we love
cruise vacations on post. This got me excited!       advice about how much money to take, where           best, shop till we drop!
What a terrific thing to offer for Soldiers and      not to go shopping so we would not get ripped              My whole family was so glad we booked
their families. So I thought, why not a cruise?      off, and where the nicest places to visit were in    through ITR that we were planning our next
      My husband was “on board” with the idea,       Jamaica and the Grand Cayman Islands during          trip before we were even off the ship! We plan
so I started searching the internet to see what      our free time off the ship.                          to book a cruise to the Mediterranean for 2008
cruise lines and vacation getaways were available.          From the beginning they made it easy to       and also want to plan a Disney cruise with our
I must admit, it was pretty overwhelming. So,        set up our vacation. Even the financing was          sons, their wives and kids. I cannot thank my
I decided to call in the reinforcements to get       flexible. We paid a small deposit up front and       family enough for making my fiftieth birthday
me set up. I went to ITR’s Vacation Expo at          had several months to make monthly payments.         such a memorable one. My husband was such
Cole Park Commons and spoke with Wendy               They let us know exactly when the final payment      a doll for making it happen! Also, my daughter
Franklin, ITR cruise line expert, and asked her      was due, which was about two months prior to         is in the military and came back from Iraq just
for help. I knew that ITR was the best place         the cruise, and then we were on our way!             last summer, so having her home safe and sound
to go because they are government owned and                 There really are no words to describe the     and being able to travel together was a blessing
operated and are not here just to get your           trip itself. We were so excited to go that it felt   of its own to celebrate.
money. They must provide top quality service         like a second honeymoon! Our travels went                  I also sincerely thank ITR for their fantastic
and help you every step of the way. I also knew      smoothly, and representatives from the cruise        services that made our trip a reality. It felt like
                                                     line were waiting for us at the airport to           it was “all in the family” when I became a customer
                                                     transport us to the ship. They helped us gather      for ITR. But the part that makes me the happiest
                                                     our luggage, gave us an itinerary and got us on      is knowing that ITR gives the same quality service
                                                     our way. We did not even have to worry about         to all the Soldiers and their families that enter
                                                     paying for anything along the way since the          their door. I commend Connie, Wendy, Mignon
                                                     price of the cruise included round trip airline      and the rest of the staff for all the hours they work
                                                     tickets and transportation to and from the Fort      to make good things happen for good people.
                                                     Lauderdale dock site. It was so simple we could            If you are interested in planning a cruise,
                                                     hardly believe it!                                   ask yourself some questions first to make sure
                                                            Once we were on the ship and the cruise       you can handle leaving civilazation and relaxing
                                                     was underway, every day and every evening            for a week or more. Can you stand being happy
                                                     was spectacular. The Royal Caribbean ships           with no interruptions? If the answer is yes, then
                                                     offer nightly shows, formal dinners, a grill-style   you are ready to book your cruise with ITR!
                                                     restaurant or a fabulous buffet. There is so               We could not have asked for a better
                                                     much food you could easily gain weight as you        vacation. Months later, I can still see, smell
                                                     indulge in the array of delicious appetizers,        and hear the ocean. It was just wonderful,
                                                      entrées and desserts. However, you can’t use        like a dream come true.
                                                      food as an excuse because they also have a                For information on how you can book a
                                                       full size physical fitness center, spa, Jacuzzi,   cruise or other family vacation, please call ITR
                                                     whirlpools, swimming pools, bungee jumping           Leisure Travel Office at (270) 798-7436.
                                                     and a climbing wall! The ship also features a
                                                     mall, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Parlor, and so
                                                     much more. They had live entertainment in
                                                     the clubs each night and all types of music was
                                                     performed, it was just awesome!

18 ESPRIT                                                                                                                      Summer/Fall 2006
   MWR Marketing Team

              Lora Delgado
             (270) 956-3710

              Katy Longfellow                                  Marty Sims
               Public Relations                         Advertising & Sponsorship
               (270) 798-7535                                (270) 798-2853    

             Shane Moore                                        Suzy Yates
              Webmaster                                Esprit Editor/Special Projects
            (270) 798-5611                                    (270) 798-1207                               Bethany Sutton                                      Public Relations
                                                                                                           (270) 798-7535
                Tye Rogers                                   Heather Ybarra          
    Advertising, Sponsorship & Grants                Marketing Coordinator/Research
              (270) 798-5576                                 (270) 798-2854                             Dannyale Crawley                           Ft. Campbell H.S. Intern
                                                                                                         (270) 798-7535
            Melissa Schaffner                                 Deborah Young
           Marketing Manager                                     Illustrator                            Larceaner Stanfill
             (270) 798-6837                                   (270) 798-4479                        Public Relations Volunteer                                 (270) 798-7535

  Profile: William Bishop the Web Intern
          I am originally from Tennessee, but     I have been working with AAFES for
     being an Army brat, I have not lived here    almost three years now. I started my
     very much. I was finally able to come        internship at MWR in February. I have
     back to this area in 2002. I came back to    been working with Shane Moore, MWR
     Tennessee to finish school. Currently I am   Webmaster. My experiences with MWR
     a senior at Austin Peay State University,    have taught me what my career may look
     majoring in computer science with a          like, upon my graduation. I have enjoyed
     concentration in information systems         working with AAFES and MWR because
     and internet and web development. I am       I believe that I am truly helping the best
     looking forward to graduating in May.        people in the world, our Soldiers and
     In September I will be getting married to    their families.
     my high school sweetheart, Crystal.
          At the moment I am working at
     AAFES and also as an intern with MWR.

Summer/Fall 2006                                                                                                            ESPRIT 19
Maintenance That
Saves Y Money
By Christiana Martin

    Should you take your car to a repair shop          when to rotate and
for regular scheduled maintenance or should            balance the tires,
you wait until the car breaks down, and then           when to inspect the
get it towed in for repairs? Which one do you          drive belts, the
think saves you more time and money? Having            timing belt, the
the regularly scheduled maintenance performed          coolant system, the
by a reputable repair shop not only saves you          exhaust system, the
from unnecessary frustrations, but also from           brakes and the wheel
additional expenses. It can make your vehicle          bearings. It even lists
less expensive to own and still dependable even        items to check
when it reaches more than 150,000 miles.               monthly such as the coolant reservoir level, the      keep track of your vehicle and to maintain your
    Your vehicle owner’s manual contains a lot         lighting system and horn, and you should check        records. The service professionals will be happy
of important information for you, including            for possible fluid leaks underneath. It lists items   to advise you and answer any questions that you
the recommended vehicle maintenance schedule           to check twice a year which include such things       may have. And the best part of all, performance,
for your car. Taking your vehicle in for its           as the power steering fluid level, windshield         reliability and even the gas mileage of your vehicle
scheduled maintenance is cheaper than having           washer and wipers, the radiator, the battery, and     will be greatly improved and your car will live
to repair it. Maintenance consists of replacing        the heater and air conditioning hoses.                “happily ever after…”
parts that are expected to wear out during                 Automotive maintenance is something most              To learn more about automotive maintenance
normal use, and also changing fluids and filters       of us ignore, until our vehicle is not functioning    and your vehicle maintenance schedule, attend
on a regular basis. If you pull out your owner’s       properly, or worse - not at all. If you are guilty,   one of our FREE Basic Automotive Classes. You
manual and leaf through it, you will find the          remember sooner or later your car will let you        can also schedule your FRG group for a FREE
service interval section and the maintenance           down, and it is always at the wrong time. The         Basic Automotive Class. Call (270) 956-3408
recommendations towards the back of it. Some           recommendation is to begin by reading your            for more information.
vehicles have a separate maintenance schedule          owner’s manual to become familiar with your               If you need to have your vehicle serviced/
book from the owner’s manual. If for some              vehicle. Then, find a repair shop with skilled        repaired or towed, or you want to begin the
reason you do not have the owner’s manual,             technicians; look for the Automotive Service          regular service maintenance schedule, call Air
any reputable repair shop should be able to            Excellence (ASE) logo proudly advertised at           Assault service professionals at (270) 956-1101
print out that type of information for you.            most reputable repair shops. Build a relationship     to schedule an appointment. Air Assault Auto
That shop should also be able to give you an           with the repair shop and the service advisors.        employs ASE certified technicians. Air Assault
estimate of the cost for any of the regular            Never hesitate to ask questions. Once you have        Auto Repair and Parts is “Your One Stop
maintenance interval services listed.                  found the shop and service professionals that         Automotive Shop” and is located at 5300
    The maintenance schedule lists such items as       you feel comfortable with and they have gained        Airborne & Tennessee Ave.
the recommended oil and filter change intervals,       your trust, let them advise you on your vehicle
and when to change the air filter, the PCV valve,      needs. When the continuity of servicing your
fuel filter, spark plugs, transmission oil, and also   vehicle has begun, it will be a simple task to

20 ESPRIT                                                                                                                         Summer/Fall 2006
TEEn Fashion CºrnEr
                           Damenique                                                     For those extra sunny days

                                                                                         this summer you can grab an
                                                                                         extended tank top, like
                           Baby Tees are fabulous for the quick                          Dannyale’s from the Main
                           up and go look, and this baby blue                            Exchange PX. To keep from
                           tee from the Main Exchange PX is a                            getting too cool on those windy
                           perfect example. Coordination is                              days, this bolero jacket from
                           always a must and that is why Air                             Wet Seal can keep you a little
                           Force One shoes are a hot pick for                            warmer and a lot more stylish.
                           any outfit, just like the baby blue and                       To throw in some color, try two
                           white ones from Champs that                                   tone Capri’s from Urban Planet
                           Damenique is sporting. One thing                              and be set for a beautiful day
                           about jeans is that they are always in                        out while summer is in.
                           fashion, and Damenique’s stone
                           washed Mudd jeans, also from the
                           Main Exchange PX, are just right to
                           keep her looking good in the winter,
                           summer, and most of all spring.

                                                                     As the summer of 2006
      Derrick Stallworth                                             emerges, some old 80’s
                                                                     fashions are making a
      Throwback Jersey’s have made a                                 comeback too, just like
      comeback with a bang, like                                     these patterned baby doll
      Derrick’s Jason Kidd throwback                                 shoes from Old Navy.
      from Hibbett Sports. Again,                                    Claire’s Accessories has all
      stonewashed jeans from the Main                                the equipment to spruce up
      Exchange PX, can keep you looking                              an outfit, like Amber’s
      hot this summer. White is always in                            matching earring and
      and goes with everything, especially                           necklace that coordinate
      in summer, so that’s no surprise                               with her shoes. Amber’s
      that Derrick’s Air Force One’s are                             white cropped jacket, also
      getting him ready for a full day of                            from Old Navy, finishes it
      summer fun. You just have to love                              off with a low tone, but
      his belt buckle!                                               glamorous finish.

22 ESPRIT                                                                                              Summer/Fall 2006
Army Community Service:
Adapting to Meet the Military
Family’s Needs
By Suzy Yates

            To see how something truly evolved         the Fort Campbell’s ACS program started from
one must go back to the beginning and retrace          humble beginnings offering just a few programs
where it all started. As Army Community Service        to now offering over 17 programs to aid
(ACS) celebrates its 41st birthday, we travel back     Soldiers and their family members. The
over 65 years to see where it all began.               concept of ACS first came to Fort Campbell in
            Throughout time, military families         1965 and ran under the guidance of the
have grown accustomed to the constant moving           assistant chief of staff, G-1. The first person
from here to there and reestablishing themselves       to take responsibility for running this
at each new duty station. Wherever military            community service agency was not a civilian,
spouses may be assigned, they find a tight, close      but a Soldier, Captain Robert E. Jones.
knit community waiting to welcome them with            Under his supervision, the Fort Campbell
open arms. For decades, military family                Community Service Center was established
members have consistently displayed personal           and provided a one-stop shop for Soldiers
sacrifice in an effort to help their fellow spouses.   and family members with questions
Before the concept of ACS was even created,            concerning which agency on-post they needed
volunteers ran lending closets, thrift shops, cared    to speak with to solve their issue (Southern
for the ill, raised money for worthy causes and        Publishing Company, 1965).
assisted those in times of need. The programs                     The Center itself was open 24 hours
were thriving at installations across the United       a day and when it was first created and had
States and overseas until the volunteers               four main functions. First and foremost,
                                                                                                          Prevention Program, which began in June 2005.
coordinating these programs were reassigned.           employees were there to provide information.
                                                                                                          This program was just recently added to the
With the volunteers moving on, many of these           The Center had a contact for each agency and a
programs fizzled and died without proper               brief description of that section’s role and       ACS lineup of support services for Soldiers and
leadership to run them. It was not until World         responsibilities. Not only did they provide        their family members and offers training and
War II (WWII) that the Army realized they              information concerning Fort Campbell agencies,     education on how to prevent sexual assault,
needed a more permanent solution (ACS Link             but they also had strip maps and information       confidential counseling for victims and makes
Website).                                              concerning post activities on hand to distribute   sure those offenders committing this type of
            As time goes on conditions change          to those arriving at Fort Campbell. In addition    assault are held accountable for their actions.
and WWII brought with it its own challenges.           to the general information on Fort Campbell,       Another newly added program is Soldier Family
Prior to the onset of the war, the Army was            they also provided relocation assistance. This     Life Consultants, ran through the Family
comprised of mostly single Soldiers and social         program was designed to help Soldiers and their    Advocacy and Mobilization/Deployment
service programs were not a high priority.             families make a smooth transition to another       department. The staff consists of certified social
When the war began many families were faced            installation (Southern Publishing Company,         workers and clinical psychologists who are
with long separations and were not prepared or         1965).                                             available to assist Service members and their
did not know how to cope with the situation at                    Besides information, the Center was     families during the reintegration period and
hand. The Army’s solution to this problem was          also there to provide assistance in the form of    provide those facing deployment the support
to create the Army Emergency Relief (AER)              Army Emergency Relief (AER) loans. When the        they need. Children will also have the
program in the 1940s. This program was                 program first began they were authorized to        opportunity to interact with this program as the
initially funded by the American public and the        approve loans for $100 or less. As an example      staff holds special sessions to help them cope
proceeds from the Irving Berlin Broadway hit           of how far the program has come, Fort              with deployment and reunion stress. This
“This is the Army.” Although it went through           Campbell AER can now approve loans up to           program is funded through the Office of the
many name changes during the war, this                 $2000. Any amount above and beyond that has        Secretary of Defense.
program provided the framework for the                 to be recommended for approval. In addition to                Just as ACS was started during a
development of ACS 20 years later. In order to         the financial assistance, they also provided       wartime situation, Fort Campbell ACS will
keep the programs running and offer a more             medical and dental aid to dependants needing       continue to adapt to the changing needs of those
official family assistance program, then Deputy        care in the sponsor’s absence (Southern            they serve, just as they have over the past 41
Chief of Staff for Personnel, LTG J.L.                 Publishing Company, 1965).                         years. So, happy birthday ACS and thank you
Richardson put the wheels in motion to                            From its humble beginnings on Fort      for 41 years of dedication to helping those who
establish a permanent solution to ease the stress      Campbell, ACS has blossomed into one of the        protect and serve our country. For more
and welfare problems Soldiers and their families       biggest programs within MWR. They are              information on Army Community Service
were experiencing. And so ACS was born (ACS            constantly adding or adapting programs to          programs, please call (270) 798-9322.
Link Website).                                         adjust to the needs of the Army and those who
            Like the history of ACS as a whole,        serve. The newest program is the Sexual Assault

Summer/Fall 2006                                                                                                                            ESPRIT 23
New to Fort Campbell? Dive into Fort
Campbell Aquatics Another Military Spouse’s Story
      We just PCS’ed here – I had heard about          outdoor pool. This time so we visited Dolan           designed for children ages 11 to 14, who are
the summers here in the Kentucky/Tennessee             Pool, just inside gate one. It was fantastic; I       interested in learning about lifeguarding, but
area, but I do not think I was prepared for them       loved the shade trees and the kiddie pool for my      aren’t old enough to be certified. These young
at all. My children were bored from staying            youngest child. I was even informed that there is     people will be trained on observation techniques
inside (out of the heat and in the air conditioning)   a club for youngsters on Fort Campbell called         and basic rescue skills – they used to be called
so I began to search out what was available on         the Buddy Birthday Club and that “club” would         Junior Guards. The only prerequisites are: be
Fort Campbell for a family to do. I browsed            be having a birthday party at Dolan Pool in July.     between the ages of 11 and 14 and complete a
through the material left in our Turner Guest          That would be perfect for my toddler so I found       swim test prior to registration.
House room and found that there were outdoor           out how to sign her up over the internet and she             The Water Safety Instructors Course, or
swimming pools available. It was hard for the                                                                WSI, is the certification program for swim
kids to contain their enthusiasm after that. We                                                              instructors. This course requires applicants to
packed a bag with swimsuits and sun block and                                                                be at least 16 years old and pass a swim test
off we went. My first stop was at the Aquatics                                                               and strokes test. At the end of this training the
main office on Tennessee Ave. There I was                                                                    participants have not only improved their own
greeted with a smile and a warm welcome by the                                                               swimming skills, but have learned how to teach
Aquatics Manager, Jan Wagner. She was very                                                                   swimming skills and strokes to others.
helpful with directions to all the outdoor pool                                                                     Parents wishing to have their child’s Swim
locations on Fort Campbell. We chose to go to                                                                Level evaluated can do so free of charge. This is
Baldanado Pool which was located just down the                                                               a quick five minute process that allows parents
road from where we were staying in the Guest                                                                 to place their children in the correct skill level
House on Screaming Eagle Blvd. Admission was                                                                 for lessons. Swimming lessons are available in
only $2 per person and we were able to stay all day.                                                         morning and afternoons. Swimming lessons are

                                                               “…I was greeted with
      Once we arrived, I was pleasantly surprised                                                            not just for children, so adults wishing to learn
by the professionalism of the lifeguards on staff.                                                           are encouraged to participate.
During one of the short mandatory breaks in                                                                         There is a Special Needs Water Exercise
swimming, my son, a 16 year old teenager, asked         a smile and a warm welcome                           Class designed for parents and children with
one of the guards how to become a lifeguard.                                                                 fitness challenges. Water exercise is a great
He was excited to learn that Guard Start, Water            by the Aquatics Manager,                          opportunity for the parent and child to exercise
Safety Instructor and Lifeguard Courses were                                                                 together in a low impact environment.
offered through the Aquatics Office and were all                     Jan Wagner…”                                   Also available is military physical therapy
American Red Cross certified courses. He came                                                                that meets three times a week at Gardner Indoor
to me afterward to ask if we could stop by the                                                               Pool. This therapy is run by the Physical Therapy
Aquatics Office during the upcoming week to                                                                  Program at Blanchfield Army Community
find out more about the courses. I told him I          could attend the pool party with the other            Hospital. Military PT and military water training
thought that it would be a great summer-time           children, and Buddy, MWR mascot. I also               are held at Baldanado.
opportunity for him and of course he informed          found out that the pools can be reserved for                 Dolan Pool offers families a great way to
me that the indoor pool, Gardner, stays open all       birthday parties or other special occasions. That     swim and picnic with children of all ages. The
year ‘round so he could have a part-time job           sounded like the perfect birthday party for my        kiddie pool even has a shading system so the
during the school year too.                            middle child who will be 12 at the beginning of       little ones don’t get too much sun.
      On our next visit to the Aquatics Office we      August. Our little family left after a day of sun            Baldanado pool has an exciting slide system
were again greeted with a smile by the office          and swimming, very glad we had chosen to go           that is available for an additional charge, but is
manager, Debbie Pressnell. My son was given            to an MWR facility where we are sure to return        well worth the cost. You can just get wet,
the specifics on lifeguard training and because        many times in the future.                             recreational swim or lap swim at Baldanado.
my daughter could not swim, I inquired about                 Many people do not know all of the                     And finally, pool parties are available at all
swimming lessons. I found out the swim lessons         hidden treasures the pools have just waiting for      the pools. Dolan and Gardner can
are held right there at Gardner Indoor Pool and        patrons to discover, so I want to share what I        accommodate groups up to 200, and Baldanado
were available for all age groups. I was thrilled      learned from my numerous pool visits:                 can handle upward of 400 guests. So if you are
that there was even something for me there too               The Lifeguard Course trains swimmers over       looking for a fun way to stay cool this summer
– Water Aerobics. There are weekday morning            the age of 15 on lifesaving skills, First Aid,        I would highly recommend you check out
and afternoon classes and even a Saturday              Emergency Prep and CPR. When they                     everything that the Aquatics Section has to offer.
morning class. I was trying to drop a few              successfully complete the training they are ready     The Aquatics Office is located at 2191
pounds and cope with the stress of a deployed          to lifeguard on the installation or at a local area   Tennessee Ave. or they can be reached by phone
husband so it sounded like the perfect low             pool. Lifeguarding is a great first job that          at (270) 798-6310.
impact workout that would fit my busy                  teaches real skills and responsibility. The only
schedule.                                              prerequisites are: age 15 by completion of the
      After our very informative meeting, we           course and a swim test prior to registration.
decided to take our family outing to a different             The Guard Start Course is a great program

24 ESPRIT                                                                                                                         Summer/Fall 2006
Child & Y outh Services:
Fun in the Summer Sun
By Suzy Yates

      Hi ho, hi ho it is off to summer camp we    sixth through eighth grades, will
go! Can you imagine your child waking up          have a variety of themes for their
every morning during their summer break           summer camp as well. Let us take
without complaining, or returning home to a       a look at what a day in the
child who is anxiously waiting to tell you what   Outside/ Nature week might look
they did at summer camp? If you are a parent      like, to give you an example of
with a child in kindergarten through eighth       what your child will experience
grade and are looking for a way to get them       during their never-ending
outside and active this summer in a safe and      summer of fun.                                          with more theme based activities for the
positive environment, you need not look any             As your child wakes up bright and early to        children. They might get to go and work on
further than Child and Youth Services (CYS) on    go to summer camp, you remind them to wear a            their hoops by playing basketball in the gym or
Fort Campbell. The School Age Services (SAS)      long sleeved shirt, pants and closed toes shoes         coordinate their own softball team and head
and Eagles programs will coordinate all the       for their outdoor adventure at the Riding Stables       outside to the field. Once they have expended
summer fun, beginning right after the Memorial    for Outdoor/Nature week. Once your child is             all their energy, children can come back for a
Day holiday.                                                                   dressed, you pile in       healthy snack before participating in another

                                     Our (CYS staff’s)
      The SAS programs open                                                    the van to drop him        theme based activity. By the time your child

                                    goal is to create
their doors bright and early                                                   or her off at their        comes home they will be full of stories of the
every weekday morning at                                                       summer camp site.          adventures they went on that day and the

                                       an environment
5:30 a.m. and the Eagles                                                       Your child gives you a     friendships they formed.

                                      that fosters a
(Middle School) program                                                        kiss on the cheek,               Each passing week brings with it more fun
opens at 6:30 a.m. for parents                                                 jumps out of the van       and challenging things for the children to

                                        healthy mind,
to begin dropping their                                                        and is ready for a day     conquer. In addition to the small field trips the

                                  body and character.
children off for a day packed                                                  full of making new         children take on Fort Campbell, they also have
full of structured activities and                                              friends and outdoor        the opportunity to go on trips outside of the

                                        Sunny Smith,
fun. The highly qualified CYS                                                  adventures. The            Clarksville-Hopkinsville area. Last year the
staff will greet you and your                                                  morning starts with

                                  School Age Services
                                                                                                          Eagles camp went to Kentucky Down Under,
child as your loved one                                                        your child eating          Venture River, Chattanooga Aquarium and

                                     (SAS) Director
embarks on the summer                                                          breakfast with the         Hendersonville Circus World. In addition,
adventure of a lifetime. As                                                    CYS staff and talking      children in the Eagles camp can participate in
your child progresses through                                                  about the special          the one big field trip out of state.
the SAS summer camp he or                                                      excursions available             “Our (CYS staff ’s) goal is to create an
she will rotate through the five main themes of   in the near future. Once breakfast is complete,         environment that fosters a healthy mind, body
summer camp: Fine Arts, Outside/Nature,           your child, along with all of his or her friends,       and character,” said Sunny Smith, School Age
Water, Technology and Performing Arts. Every      piles into the CYS van to go on a horseback             Services (SAS) Director, “We want our programs
week of camp your child will go through           riding venture. Once at the stables, your child         to be fun and exciting, but at the same time
activities related to these five themes to give   will learn how to care for and properly ride the        educational. We want to allow children to
them a better understanding of that topic. The    horses. Those children who have earned enough           experience some of the same things they would
Eagles camp, which encompasses children in the    incentive points will be allowed to go on a trail       with their parents if they parent did not have
                                                                                ride. While on the        to work.”
                                                                                ride, the CYS staff             The most rewarding aspect of a child care
                                                                                will point out the        provider’s job at summer camp is hearing from a
                                                                                beauty of nature as       child that this was their best summer ever. Each
                                                                                your child trots          and every staff member keeps this in mind as
                                                                                down the trail. If        they plan programs for the upcoming summer.
                                                                                you have a small          The staff appreciates any input parents or
                                                                                child, pony rides can     children have on how to improve the program.
                                                                                also be offered in              “The only way to improve our programs is
                                                                                lieu of the trail ride.   to hear from the parents and children involved,”
                                                                                The children will         said Mike Gorham, Youth Services Director,
                                                                                return to their           “We appreciate any suggestion as to how we may
                                                                                summer camp site          better serve you and your children.”
                                                                                just in time to eat a           If you have any suggestions for CYS or
                                                                                well balanced lunch.      would like more information on how to enroll
                                                                                After they have           your child, please contact Taylor Youth Center
                                                                                finished eating, the      at (270) 798-3643 or Central Registration at
                                                                                fun will continue         (270) 798-0674.

26 ESPRIT                                                                                                                     Summer/Fall 2006
Being SAFE in the Summertime
By Julie Hassler, CYS Nurse

      Summer time is finally here and Fort            and heat injuries are probably the most serious,               Children are at higher risk for dehydration
Campbell families are hitting the trails, lakes,      albeit, preventable injuries in children in the         and heat injuries than adults. They produce
parks and campgrounds all across Tennessee            summer. The National Athletic Trainers                  more heat, sweat less and may be less likely to
and Kentucky. The following summer recipe             Association has launched a public safety campaign       drink adequate fluids if not monitored closely.
is a sure-fire way to ensure your child has a safe    aimed at children to prevent heat injuries. The         It is important to allow children time to
and fun summer!                                       program is called “DEFEAT THE HEAT” and                 acclimate to vigorous activity in hot and humid
                                                      uses a simple ABC method as an easy way to              conditions. For most children, a period of seven
            Recipe for Summer Fun                     remind parents and kids to stay hydrated.               to ten days of 60 minutes acclimatization activity
     • Begin with one child approximately                                                                     each day provides substantial preparation for safe
       40-80 pounds
                                                           A   lways drink before, during, and after high
                                                                                                              outdoor activities. Camp facilitators know this
     • Dress the child in light comfortable
                                                      intensity activities, and remember that the intensity
                                                                                                              and are why you may notice the first week of the
       clothes (make sure you use play-
                                                      level need not be very high for dehydration to
                                                                                                              summer camp schedule includes a lot of activities
       clothes and keep in mind that dirt
                                                      occur if it is hot and humid outside.
                                                                                                              such as “making new friends” and “Introduction
       washes out)                                         B   ring the right fluids. Research on sports      to dance and theatre”; with the schedule gradually
     • Attach socks & sneakers to the                 drinks and water as a fluid replacement have            including more high exertion activities such as
       child’s feet                                   shown sports drinks such as Gatorade to be a            mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and
     • Slather the child liberally with               better choice for fluid replacement. Sports drinks      sports camps. As parents, we can give our children
       sunscreen                                      replace lost fluids, electrolytes and glucose lost      a head start to a safe summer camp experience
     • Apply bug spray                                during sweating. In addition, studies have shown        by spending time outdoors as the weather warms
     • Add a hat to the child’s head                  that kids, when drinking water only, will drink         up. This way we get a twofold benefit of getting
     • Add a water bottle or camelback                only about 50 percent of what they need, however;       to spend quality fun time with our children
       with fresh water                               when given a lightly flavored sports drink like         while they are getting in prime condition for a
     • Toss in some sunshine, water, dirt,            Gatorade, they actually drink 90 percent of what        great outdoor summer camp experience!
       and music                                      they need. In addition, research has shown that                Of course, no summer is complete without
     • Add a few bugs and worms for                   as children become hot, especially when outside,        bugs. The flying, creeping, crawling kind are
       good measure                                   their appetites decrease, and they may not be           fascinating to watch, but a real pain when we get
                                                      eating their lunch and snacks, therefore; the           stung! To help make your child less attractive to
     Kids live for summer and for a lot of            electrolytes and glucose in sports drinks give          insects, have them wear light colored clothing
children at Fort Campbell, summer camp is on          them a little bit of energy and help maintain           without floral patterns!
the menu. To ensure your child has a safe and         the electrolyte balance.                                       Insect repellents containing DEET provide
healthy summer there are a few precautions
parents can take.
                                                           C   onsider fluids as part of the essential        the longest lasting protection against insects.
                                                                                                              According to the American Academy of
                                                      safety equipment for camps and sports. When
     If this is your first summer at Fort Campbell.   it comes to your child’s water bottle, “do not          Pediatrics (AAP), the maximum concentration
be prepared for a hot and humid one. Dehydration      leave home without it”!                                                                 (continued on page 28)

Summer/Fall 2006                                                                                                                               ESPRIT 27
(Continued from page 27)                              playing in the sprinkler,
of DEET recommended for children is 30                water is what we crave in
percent. However, a concentration of 10               the summer time!
percent is just as effective. This is because               The most important
the higher concentration of DEET simply               preventive measure you can
means the protection lasts longer; it is not any      do to increase personal
more protective against insects. It is extremely      safety in and around water
important that you test the insect repellant on       is learn to swim! The CDC
your child, prior to your child attending camp        recommends swimming
with his bug spray in tow, to make certain he         lessons for all adults and
or she does not have an allergic reaction to the      children age 4 and older.
product.                                              So, if your child’s summer
     The Center for Disease Control (CDC)             camp does not include
advises using the following precautions when          swim lessons, contact
using insect repellant:                               Gardner Pool to find out
     • Apply insect repellant only to exposed         how to sign your child up.
       skin and clothing; do not use repellants       If you as a parent do not                              sunscreen with careful attention to sensitive
       under clothing.                                know how to swim, give the gift of swimming            areas such as the nose, ears, feet, and shoulders.
     • Use just enough repellant to cover             lessons to yourself this summer to increase not        And lastly, teach your child to reapply, reapply,
       exposed skin and clothing.                     only your own personal safety, but that of your        reapply, even if the sun protection states that it
     • Never use repellants over cuts, wounds,        children as well. Research shows that children of      is sweat and water proof; this is because without
       or irritated skin.                             parents who do not know how to swim are                giving it a thought, children will often jump out
     • Do not spray repellants directly on            much more likely to be non-swimmers as well.           of the pool for a break and the first thing they do
        anyone’s face; spray on your hands first      This, unfortunately, can result in generational        is towel off, hence; the need for reapplication.
        and then apply the repellant to the other     non-swimmers in some families. So, if this                   I hope this article has given you some
        person’s face.                                happens to be you, break the cycle, by signing         preventive information to ensure a fun and safe
     • When using a repellant on any area of a        up for swimming lessons this summer!!                  summer experience for you and your child!
        child’s body, apply the product to your             As I wrap up this article on summer safety,            For more information on summer safety
        hands first; then apply it to the child.      I would certainly be remiss if I did not discuss the   and fitness, visit the following websites:
     • Do not apply repellant on children’s hands     all-importance of sunscreen protection! Children   
     • Do not allow children to handle repellants.    should be using a sun protection of at least 25              www.speakupforkids/heat.html
                                                      SPF. When choosing a sunscreen for your child,     
     By following these guidelines your child         consider what he or she will be doing in the                 And of course, you can always “Ask the
should be able to enjoy the outdoors and all that     outdoors and choose sun protection that is sweat       Nurse” on
comes with it, without becoming a snack for           and water proof. As with insect repellants, make
mosquitoes and other pesky insects.                   sure your child has tested the sunscreen prior to           Have a Fun and Safe Summer!!
     Finally, no summer is complete without           attending camp to rule out any potential allergic           Julie Hasssler RN, LNC, CMC
water and sunshine. Hot summer days lure us           reaction. Teach your child to apply the sunscreen           CYS Health Specialist
to the water like magnets, whether we are             every time he goes outdoors, even if it is not
jumping in the lake, swimming in the pool, or         sunny. All exposed areas should be covered with

Summer Fun for Special
Needs Children
By Tresca Ramtahal

      The Child and Youth Services Special            difficult relationship for many of the
Needs Summer Camp is a two-week long camp             campers outside of their immediate
that is designed to cater to special needs children   families. Additionally, 90 percent of the
and youth between the ages of three and 21. This      campers have at least one parent
year the camp is being held July 10 through the       deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.        facet to the camp this year is the inclusion of a
21 at the Dale Wayrynen Recreation Center on                During the two-week program, campers             “Family Day” for parents and siblings of the
Fort Campbell. The summer camp will run               and their buddies participate in numerous              campers to come and enjoy a day of camp with
from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Monday through         activities including: swimming, board and table        the rest of the children and volunteers. Family
Friday. Each camper is assigned at least one          games, arts and crafts, and outdoor games.             Day is scheduled for July 14. The application
“buddy” for the two-week program. Buddies are         Wednesdays of the camp are reserved for field          for this year’s camp will be available on March 1.
Soldiers and civilians who volunteer their time       trips to places like Putt-Putt Golf and Games in       The application deadline is June 30. If you have
to the camp to build a one-on-one relationship        Clarksville, Tennessee and Venture River Water         any questions please call (270) 956-3738 or
with a special needs child, which is often a          Park in Eddyville, Kentucky. Another special           (270) 798-6843.

28 ESPRIT                                                                                                                        Summer/Fall 2006
GONE FISHIN’: A New Generation to Catch
By Katy Longfellow
      Remember the good old days as a kid when         parking pass with Hunting
summers were spent skipping rocks, exploring           and Fishing to take their kids
nature and fishing in the warm afternoon sun?          fishing at this location. Both
It can also be a reality this summer for kids right    kids’ ponds are stocked with
here at Fort Campbell. Hunting and Fishing,            catfish and bass, making for
outside Gate 10, is not just for adult gamers. It      an exciting catch.
also offers great activities to get kids outside and         Tennessee state
to teach them new skills.                              regulations require children
      Fishing is many people’s favorite pastime,       thirteen to fifteen years of age
and allows a great opportunity for parents to          to have a junior license,
spend quality time with their children while           however licensing
sharing an old tradition.                              requirements for kids varies
      “We especially encourage fishing for kids        when fishing on post, so
while Mom or Dad is deployed,” says Theresa            please contact the Hunting
Lee with Hunting and Fishing. “It gives them a         and Fishing Unit for more information. When          people interested in the sport.
good reason to get out of the house and enjoy a        fishing on post there is no post permit required           Director of Outdoor Recreation, Aaron
fun activity while providing them with an outlet       for kids ages fifteen years and below. Adults can    Goodman tells us, “There has actually been
to build self confidence as they learn something.”     get their fishing license right at the Hunting and   research conducted that shows kids who are
      You may even be a first time fisher yourself.    Fishing building, and enjoy fishing in the many      involved in outdoor activities like archery,
If that is the case, the great staff at Hunting and    ponds and lakes spread over the 62,000 acres of      fishing or other extra curricular programs tend
Fishing is eager to share some basic                   land that Fort Campbell has available to hunt        to perform better in school, have increased self-
fundamentals and techniques of fishing so that         and fish. Lake Taal and Lake Kyle are two            confidence, and display better behavior than
you and your children can have a great time            popular fishing spots which boast a great stock      those who are not actively involved.”
learning the sport together.                           of crappie, catfish, small mouth bass and                  Hunting and Fishing says they really strive
      “It’s an easy sport,” Lee adds. “It’s really     bluegill. Lake Kyle is an eighty-five acre lake      to provide as many opportunities as possible for
not about catching a fish, but about getting           that allows small boats and offers easy access to    young people to get active and have fun. So if
outside and having fun. And it really beats            the banks for fishing. Fishers also take             you are “gone fishin’” this summer, just
sitting in front of the T.V.”                          advantage of the many trout streams around           remember this: The fish you don’t catch today
      The easy access that Hunting and Fishing         post which are stocked monthly.                      is the one you will catch tomorrow.
provides makes it even easier for families to go             Hunting and Fishing also hosts several fun           For more information on all Hunting and
fishing. The most convenient spot is the free          days throughout the summer in which kids can         Fishing dates and activities, please visit our
kiddie fishing pond at Destiny Parks and               take part. In the August to September time           website at or call
Pavilions right outside Gate 10. You can park          frame a kid’s fishing derby will be held at the      (270) 798-2175.
right beside the pond and kids ages 12 years and       kids’ pond in training area seven. Kids can fish
under can fish as much as they want for free.          as much as they please and enjoy hot dogs and
The other pond that is designated for kids to          great fun. School Age Services (SAS) also teams
fish in is located in training area seven and it is    up with Hunting and Fishing in the summer to
open to kids ages 17 and under. Often referred         coordinate Hooked on Fishing, Not on
to as Ryan’s Pond, families only need to get a         Drugs. This activity-filled fun day is open
                                                               to all children through age 17.
                                                                     Besides fishing, Hunting and
                                                               Fishing offers great activities in
                                                               archery for kids to enjoy. In late
                                                               June to early July, a fun day for
                                                               kids with archery will be held to
                                                               include basic skills in archery, fun
                                                               games and prizes, too! Archery
                                                               booths are also available for unit
                                                               picnics and fun days. Simply
                                                               coordinate with Hunting and
                                                               Fishing to add this extra fun to
                                                               your unit or organizational
                                                               gathering. Archery instructor, Art
                                                               Petit, especially enjoys teaching
                                                               kids the skills of archery and looks
                                                               for every opportunity to get more

Summer/Fall 2006                                                                                                                              ESPRIT 29

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