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                 State Champs: Lacrosse and softball win state titles

                                                  September 22, 2006
                                                  Hoover High School

                                                  525 Seventh St. NE
                                                  North Canton, OH
                                                  Volume 57 • No. 1

Change comes to Hoover
New students, teachers and rules

Students enjoy
summer opportunities

• What is a tradition?
• Team traditions
• Student-life traditions
• Spirit Week
 VIEWSthe v

                                                                            Letter from the Editors

             Rachel Bosyj • Brittnie Viscounte
                   Managing Editors
                                                                                         Hopefully, we’ve all adjusted (or are almost done adjusting) to the new
              Amy Robenstine • Kelsey Stults
                                                                                         school year. Everyone’s found a table to sit at during lunch, figured
                       Copy Editors                                                      out which teachers to watch out for and learned how to navigate the
      Lauren Boyd • Brian Hines • Rebecca Paasch                                         hallways in less than four minutes.
                      News Editors                                                          Meanwhile, The Viking Views staff has been hard at work to prepare
      Kaitlin Kline • Rebecca Mohr • Sandie Young                                        the first issue. Other than some changes in design and a few new
                      News-in-brief                                                      features, we hope to bring you the same quality of work as we always
                        Rachel Bundy                                                     have.
                   Features Editors                                                         One new feature this year is the personality profile, in which we
                                                                                         randomly choose one Hoover student and write a story about them.
   Emily Boardman • John Jackson • Jessica Kincaid
                                                                                        This issue, we interviewed junior Jyo Sinha. You can read all about him
                  Personality Profile
                                                                                        in the features section.
                       Kelsey Robbins                                                       Also in features is our new “Life After High School” section. We will
                     Sports Editors                                                      be gathering information on colleges, college preparation, jobs, and life
Rachel Bouer • Pat Brady • Elise Devore • Dominic Garrini                                after high school.
                    Opinion Editors                                                         Other than the above, The Viking Views is the same magazine that
    Nathan Floom • Rebekkah Rubin • Kevin Zieber                                         you all know and are comfortable with, and we hope to stay true to you
                       V-Mail Editor                                                     throughout the school year.
                         Erin Druga                                                         Like usual, we still have a focus section. This issue, we went in depth
                                                                                        on traditions: the much-anticipated Spirit Week, what makes a tradition
                      Scene Editors
                                                               a tradition, school traditions and sports traditions.
   Chelsea Gory • Miranda Oberholzer • Alison Ritchie
                                                                   Congratulations to the lacrosse and softball teams, who hold the title of state champions.
                         Calendar                              Hopefully this will be the start of a new tradition. Also in the sports section, take a look at how
                        Michelle Bair                          three freshmen made the varsity cross country team and are impacting the team greatly.
                            Poll                                   Finally, to our disappointment, we didn’t receive any letters to the editor this issue. We
                          Dan Boyer                            realize that it’s early in the year, but The Viking Views is your newspaper, and we need you to
                      Focus Editors                            contribute your opinions.
      Bailey Adkins • Alyssa DeGeorge • Abby Hall                  So make the best of your time at Hoover. It may seem like the school year has just begun,
                      Photo Editors                            but we’re already an eighth of the way through.
        Nora Cauley • Derek Quinn • Sarah Tharp
                Web/Assistant Editor                                        Rachel Bosyj                                           Brittnie Viscounte
                         Joe Curran
                        Art Editors
                 Kali Amos • Lindsay Quinn                                         Editorial Policy
                                                                   The Viking Views is a student-produced newspaper             Letters that exhibit a blatant disregard for such standards
                  Business Manager                             distributed 12 times a year to approximately 1,900               will not be considered for publication.
                         David Esber                           students and staff, as well as members of the community.              Unsigned editorials reflect the opinion of a majority
                                                               As student editors make content decisions independently          of the editorial board. No one individual may be held
                    Billing Manager
                                                               of the school’s staff and administration, the paper is           responsible for opinions expressed therein. Signed
                        Sam Edmunds                            considered a forum for student opinion. It is therefore          editorials and columns reflect the opinion of the writer and
                  Advertising Design                           exempt from prior review or restraint in both principle          not the Viking Views, adviser, or school. The Viking Views
                                                               and practice.                                                    takes all measures possible to make a clear distinction
                        Charity Dizdar                             Letters to the editor are accepted and encouraged.           between fact and opinion in all news printed.
                 Circulation Manager                           Letters must be signed, but, upon request, they may be                In the event of an error, the Viking Views will print
                                                               published anonymously at the discretion of the staff. The        retractions as they are brought to the attention of the
                       Kayla Carpenter                         Viking Views reserves the right to edit letters for space and    staff.
                    Public Relations                           content in order to maintain the paper’s high standards
                                                               against obscenity, libelous material, and personal attacks.                                                   -The Editors
    Kaitlyn LeBlanc • Maggie Morrow • Crystal Olsen

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                     Ms. Pam McCarthy
                                                            Liz POrTEr

 The Viking Views
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 On the Cover:

 The boys lacrosse and girls softball teams celebrate
 winning their respective state championships. Photo
 illustration by DEREK QUINN
 2 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
                                                                                                        Leah Hecht poses in front of a “Welcome
                                                                                                        to Genesis Land” sign while on a tour of
                                                                                                        Israel this summer. Hecht’s trip was cut
                                                                                                        short due to escalating violence in Israel.

                                                                                                                                                 COurTEsy Of LEah hEChT
    FOCUS                                                              OPINION                            IN EVERY ISSUE
     22   what makes a tradition                             18 editorials
     24   sports traditions                                  19 your views                     7         news in brief
     26   school traditions                                  19 my view                        13        life after high school
     27   spirit week                                        20 something completely different 14        personality profile
                                                             21 more than a sandwich           17        trends
                                                                                               20        the floomin’ onion
             NEWS                                                                              28        movie reviews
4   katrina update                                                       SCENE                 29        cd reviews
6   new staff                                                30 urinetown review               32        back to the classics
7   new students                                             31 entertainment column           33        calendar
8   new changes                                                                                36        sports updates
                                                                                               37        halftime
                                                                        SPORTS                 38        game faces
           FEATURES                                          34 cross country                  39        stopage time
10 summer vacations                                          35 boys’ soccer                   39        best of the best
12 all you need is love                                      37 state champs                   40        sports captured

                                                             Don’t miss...
                                   COurTEsy Of amy Burnham

                                                             •Still rebuilding after one year       •What did you do over the summer?
                                                              Even though hurricane katrina          usually, summers consist of people
                                                              happened a year ago, the damage        taking vacations to a beach or to
                                                              still remains. read the Katrina up-    a theme park, However, this past
                                                              date on page 8 to see how Bay High     summer, several Hoover students
                                                              School reacted to “Pieces of Para-     went on vacations a little out of the

4                                                             dise,” made by broadcast and video
                                                              productions students last year.
                                                                                                     ordinary. Turn to page 10 to read
                                                                                                               09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 3

Revisiting Bay St. Louis
Ten months after hurricane, Hoover grads return to Mississippi
John Jackson
Staff Writer                                      Savage understands that it will just take                         ent community members like the Johnson

                                               time.                                                                sisters and Mrs. Lis Bosarge, who played
“Pieces of Paradise: Rebuilding Bay St.           “The issue is not that they are not try-                          large roles in the documentary.
Louis after the Storm,” the documentary        ing, but that they can only do so much,” she                             “They remembered us; we remembered
showing the destruction of Hurricane Ka-       said.                                                                them,” Wasko said. “It was such a cool feel-
trina on the citizens of Bay St. Louis, Mis-      But all agreed that the hope of the Bay                           ing. Of course we didn’t experience what
sissippi, was proudly shown for the first      St. Louis people was still thriving.                                 they did, but we definitely felt a connection
time this past June to local citizens.            “Their spirits are exactly the same, noth-                        with them. We told their story and we were
    Three Hoover alumni, Brittany Wasko,       ing but positive and hopeful,” Wasko said,                           so thankful that we were able to do that.”
Courtney Mooney, who reported in the           in an email interview.                                                   As for the actual showing of the docu-
documentary, and Amy Burnham, traveled                                                                              mentary, Savage said it was one of the most
to Slidell, Louisiana with a group from          “Their spirits are exactly                                         incredible experiences of her life.
Habitat for Humanity to do service and see                                                                              All who had a part in making the docu-
                                               the same, nothing but posi-                                          mentary were a little anxious about the
the premier.
    Associate principal Mrs. Peggy Savage           tive and hopeful.”                                              crowd’s reaction.
and Video Productions II teacher Mr. Tom                -Brittany Wasko                                                 “We were really nervous for them to see
Wilson also traveled down separately for                                                                            it,” Wasko said. “We didn’t want to offend
the premier.                                      For the showing of the documentary,                               or upset anyone.”
    Returning to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi    the citizens of Bay St. Louis gathered in a                              Mooney’s main concern was that the
a second time was a different experience       large cafeteria. The estimates of attendance                         documentary reflected the community as
for Savage who had journeyed down the          ranged from 300-500 people.                                          the citizens saw it.
first time in the taping of the documentary.      “I was definitely surprised at the number                             The fears were put aside once they real-
    “I was less emotional than the first       of people w+o showed up, considering the                             ized the audience was enjoying it.
time,” she said. “I could detach myself and    fact that it was in the middle of summer,”                               “They laughed; they cried; they were so
see areas of improvement.”                     Wasko said.                                                          appreciative of what we did,” Wasko said.
    Savage said the improvement was that          The number of people was encouraging                              “Seeing their smiles and their tears meant
“heaping piles of debris” and trash that had   for Mooney.                                                          the world to me.”
accumulated after the storm had been taken        “We put a lot of time and effort into                                 At the end, Savage said there was a “si-
away.                                                                               V
                                               producing the documentary,” said Mooney.                             multaneous standing ovation.”
    Mooney agreed, but said in an email        It was very rewarding at the final premier                               “Not a dry eye in the place,” she said.
interview that the rebuilding process “was     night, especially sharing it with the com-                               Mooney observed that it wasn’t just see-
pretty much at a standstill,” and added that   munity firsthand.”                                                   ing the documentary that was good for the
most people were still living in FEMA             Before and after the premier, Wasko and                           people but also just being together.
trailers.                                      Mooney were able to reconnect with differ-                               “It was a great experience because it
                                                                                                                    brought them together as a community and
                    nCourtney                                                                                       gave them a chance to reflect on the disas-
               Mooney, Brittany
               Wasko and Amy
                                                                                                                    ter,” she said.
                Burnham pose                                                                                            The people thanked Savage and the
               in Bay St. Louis,                                                                                    video production team for giving them a
                           Miss.                                                                                    voice.
                                                                                                                        “They can’t believe how much we care,”
                                                                                                                    Savage said.“What we did was such a good
                                                                                                                        Wasko agreed.
                                                                                                                        “Going to Mississippi was, without a
                                                                                                                    doubt, the best memory from high school,”
                                                                                          CourTesy of AMy BurnHAM

                                                                                                                    Wasko said. “I waited four years for some-
                                                                                                                    thing so great, and it was definitely worth
                                                                                                                    it. The people I met and how they survived
                                                                                                                    is a story worth being told, and I was glad
                                                                                                                    to be a part of that process.” g

                                                                                                                          CourTesy of AMy BurnHAM
                                                                                               If you’d like to help...
                                                                                               American Red Cross
                          CourTesy of AMy BurnHAM

                                                                                               Emergency Communities

                                                                                               Modest Needs
                                                                     CourTesy of AMy BurnHAM


                                                                                               The Salvation Army

                                                    n(Top) A demolished building 10 months after Katrina.
                                                    n(Above Left) 2006 graduates Brittany Wasko, Courtney Mooney,
                                                    and Amy Burnham take a break from relief work. Wasko and
                                                    Mooney went to Mississippi last April with the Video Productions
                                                    and Broadcast classes to document the devastation caused by
                                                    Hurricane Katrina.
                                                    n(Above Right) Mooney and Wasko help replace siding on a dam-
                                                    aged home.
                                                    n(Left) A ruined home lies in pieces 10 months after Hurricane
                                                    Katrina hit Bay St. Louis.
CourTesy of AMy BurnHAM

                                                                                               09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 5
Happy to be here

10 new staff look forward to year
                                 Kelsey Robbins                               from Kent.
                                 Staff Writer                                     Foughty and Jackson didn’t always

                                                                              have their minds set on teaching.
                                     t’s a new year at Hoover High school,       “I decided to be a teacher when I realized
                                     with new students, new rules and new I couldn’t do anything with my biology
                                     staff.                                   degree,” said Jackson.
                                    Mr. Joe Foughty, a 2000 Hoover               While Foughty “ended up here without
                                graduate and graduate of Malone College, planning to,” he agrees that “timing is
     Gamble            Keith    teaches 11th and 12th grade Economics and everything,” and that teaching is “strictly a
                                freshman World Studies. Foughty was born people job. You have to love people; you’re
                                and raised in North Canton, and played around them all day everyday.”
                                football and baseball. Keeping up with           “As a kid, I wanted to grow up ‘business’.
                                his interest in sports, he now helps coach I wanted to make money, I wanted to be the
                                baseball, girls’ basketball, and ninth grade business man,” says Foughty, “but now I
                                football.                                                              know that God gave
                                    “Nothings                                                          me a gift to work
                                changed at all. It’s     “I wanted to make money, I                    with young people,
                                the same as when I                                                     and that’s why I’m a
    Daugherty         Foughty
                                was a student here,”     wanted to be the business                     teacher. I’m here to
                                said Foughty.
                                    Growing up in
                                                         man, but now I know that                      teach young people
                                                                                                       and build strong
                                Green and teaching       God gave me a gift to work                    relationships.”
                                in Medina for seven
                                years, new English
                                                         with young people, and                           Mrs.       Carrie
                                                                                                       Keith, who also
                                teacher, Mrs. Carol      that’s why I’m a teacher.”                    came from Buckeye,
                                Eastman, says it is                 -Mr. Joe Foughty,                  is not only here to
                                “different here than                                                   teach science, she
    Eastman           Ohman                                           Social Studies
                                anywhere else I’ve                                                     said she expects “to
                                taught.”                                                               learn from the other
                                    “All my kids                                                       teachers to make
                                will go here. Hoover is a great school. me a better teacher myself.”
                                I’ve subbed here, at Jackson, Green and          Keith, who has degrees from The
                                Barberton, and this is the only place I ever University of Akron and University of
                                felt comfortable and at home. I was treated Phoenix (AZ), said her favorite part of
                                like I belonged here,” said Eastman.          teaching is “talking to the kids, getting to
                                    She has two little boys ages one and know the kids.”
     Lauter             Shaw    three, and a stepdaughter, Morgan Eastman,       Keith has two daughters, Jessica, 3, and
                                a freshman at Hoover. Eastman previously Haley, 11 months.
                                taught at Buckeye High School.                   These core course teachers aren’t the only
                                    New science teacher, Ms. Sarah Jackson, new staff members this year. Others include
                                said her favorite part of teaching is “the new cafeteria staff, Mrs. Lisa Shaw, Mrs. Jill
                                interaction with all the students.”           Lauter and Mrs. Stephanie Ohman; new ISI
                                    Jackson graduated from Louisville, monitor, Mr. Nick Gamble; and new monitor,
                                then attended the University of Toledo for Mrs. Lisa Daugherty. Also joining the Hoover
                                a biology degree and received her masters staff is student teacher Randy Wallace.
     Wallace          Jackson
New students learn the ropes
David Esber
Staff Writer

C    hange is hard for everyone, but for those students
     joining the class of 2010, coming from private
and home schools, the change is even more difficult
   This year’s freshmen class consists of 427 students, 52
of which are new to the district. For those coming from the
Middle School, the transition was simple, except for getting
lost in the new, expansive environment, freshman Chris
Rossi found, even after attending the various orientations.

                                                                                                                                              Pam McCarthy
   “Sometimes, just finding the classrooms was hard,” Rossi said.          Derek McKeaver, Andy Kelly and Derek Harper enjoy a donut
   And while the school tries to prepare new students,                     Sept. 12 in the library. All new students were invited to attend
coming from a home school setting took some                                and meet one another.
adjustments      as   freshman      Estelle   Byelene      found.             Meanwhile, Byelene found that past friends made for a smoother
   “It was a challenge to come from waking up at eight in the             transition.
morning to six,” Byelene said.                                                “I was on the softball team when I was younger and know a lot
   Other students have found different ways to ease into the new          of people from church,” she said.
school year at a new school, like freshman Sami Stults, who                   Regardless of the difficulties in finding classes and lockers,
attended Canton Country Day.                                              most students are enjoying the change.
   “I took summer gym, which helped me know some familiar                     “Hoover is a really neat place to be, and I’m really excited for
faces,” Stults said.                                                      all the new opportunities I can be a part of,” Stults said.

Foreign exchange student adapts to culture
David Esber
Staff Writer

         s the sea of students clad in orange       “In psychology, it helps to learn about        said.
         and black made their way through        all different cultures, and I hope to learn          Food aside, she feels it will be hard to
         the halls August 23, bleary-            more about the culture in North Canton,”          be away from her friends and family for the
eyed students began taking their seats in        Inzunna said. “It interests me.”                  next ten months.
homerooms.                                          While here, she has had some difficulties         “I am sad that I had to leave my family,”
    New to Hoover High School this year are      communicating, even with her background           she said. “That was really the hardest thing
427 freshmen and 104 new students. Also          of 12 years learning English.                     in coming here.”
making her way through the                                       “I can speak English and             Fortunately, she has the help of her
bustling hallways is senior                                   express myself, but it is still      teachers, who have assisted with both the
Heila Inzunna of Culiacan                                     difficult,” she said. “In English,   language barrier and other issues she has
Sinaloa, Mexico, who is                                       there are different words which      had.
staying with the Adams’                                       makes it harder, but I like it; I       “Mrs. Mogus has been very nice,” she
family during her 10-month                                    like the people.”                    said. “She has helped me with all of the
exchange program.                                                 Yet, she has absorbed the        problems and answered my questions.”
   Inzunna, who has visited                                   city and has taken part in              It has been made very clear to her that
the United States before,                                     what it has to offer, such as        the quality of education at public schools
but had never visited                                         joining the cross-country team,      here is much better than at home and that
North Canton is excited to                                    something not offered at her         Hoover High School is much like the
experience the culture, the                                   school in Culiacan.                  private school she attends at home. She
climate and to learn more                                         “In Mexico, my school only       also said that Hoover is much bigger than
about the city. Her brother,                                  offers basketball, football, art     her school in Mexico, which has taken
who had visited Alaska on a similar              and cooking,” she said.                           some getting used to.
exchange program, was her inspiration to            While she hasn’t had problems getting             Despite some homesickness and culture
join. She is very excited to participate after   used to the new culture, she does feel that       adjustments, she said the experience will
spending three weeks in Michigan prior to        the food has taken some getting used to.          be well worth it in the end.
coming to North Canton.                          Even though she doesn’t mind it, she said            “[It’s] an opportunity for me. It’s for
   Coming to the United States as a part         that food in Mexico is spicier, and has more      my future and my career; it’s very good
of the exchange program, she said, will          flavor. It has also been difficult for her to     to know other cultures,” she said. “It’s an
aid her in her future plans, which include       get used to eating at different times.            experience about life, and I want to know
attending a university in Mexico to study           “At home, I wouldn’t eat breakfast until       more about [North Canton]. I hope you
psychology.                                      nine, but now I am at school then,” she           want to learn more about my culture. I want
                                                                                                              09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 7
                                                                                                   to teach people about what it’s like where

No naps in study hall
New rules are observed, old rules are enforced
Lauren Boyd                          nother school year is ahead and that                “I think seniors should have that privilege just
Staff Writer                         means new schedules, new teachers, new          because they have been there the longest,” Hawley
                                     friends and new opportunities. And this         said, “and by letting juniors have that opportunity, I
                         school year, it means new changes as well.                  think it kind of down plays the whole honor of the
                            For the 2006-2007 school year, Hoover                    seniors getting the privilege.”
                         administration is reinforcing old rules and introducing         Pallija said that when students go into the real
                         new changes.                                                world, they will have to rely on themselves a lot
                            “We’ve been studying what makes good high                more.
    What students schools great,” Principal Anthony Pallija said.                        “We’re trying to make students responsible with
                                                Students have several new rules      freedom,” Pallija said. “They always relied on us.
                                            to follow this year. Academic assist     We’re trying to make [them] more adult-like.”
                                            has been moved from L-6 to DD-               Another new addition to Hoover is the new
                                                                                     lottery parking system. In previous years, students
    “As long as someone isn’t 0 and there’swhich astudents can
                                            detention in
                                                               now Wednesday
                                                                                     were assigned parking spots based on a first-come
  being loud, I don’t think it serve numerous detentions in a                        first-serve basis rather than a lottery system.
  should matter what they’re row.                                                        Mr. Todd Henne, associate principal, said that
                                                One major change is that juniors     students used to come to school early to get a good
  doing in study hall.”                     have the ability to have late arrival    parking spot.
                    - Pete Volpe, 11        or early dismissal if their schedules        “We wanted to avoid people camping out to
                                            allow it. In previous years, this        get the best spot,” Henne said. “That’s too much. I
                                            option was only given to seniors.        wanted to take that away.”
                                            However, Pallija is looking to give          Just like the early dismissal and late arrival
                                            juniors more flexibility and make        opportunity, the parking system can prepare high
    “You get three chances. them more responsible with their                         school students for the real world.
                                            time.                                        “When you go to college, anything you want,
  At least it’s not like you’re                 “We’re giving juniors a lot more     there’s others who want it too,” Henne said. “The
  tardy one time and you get a responsibility,” he said, “and we’re                  beauty of it is how it worked out like it did.”
                                            hoping they respond.”                        All of these rules and changes have been made at
  detention.”                                   Junior Megan Lilley, who has         Hoover to better the school, according to Pallija.
                -Elise Previtera, 11        early dismissal this year, said she          “Everything we do, we look at the whole building
                                            likes being able to leave school         and say, ‘What will do good for Hoover?’” Pallija
                                            before most students.                    said.
                                                “I think it’s a good opportunity,”       However, onr rule that is sparking more
                                            Lilley said. “You save time because      controversy than others is the no sleeping rule. As in
    “It’s study hall. They there’s not as much traffic and plus,                     previous years, according to the student handbook,
                                            you’re not spending as much time         students are not permitted to sleep during study hall.
  will stare at walls and play at school.”                                           They are to go to study hall with work. Also familiar
  calculator games.”                            The option of early dismissal        to many students is the tardy rule. Detentions are
                  - Robby Kress, 11         and late arrival is also appealing to    given after the third unexcused tardy to school.
                                            junior Pete Volpe.                           According to Mrs. Peggy Savage, Associate
                                                “I think it’s cool that they’re      Principal, nothing has really changed and Pallija said
                                            giving juniors some opportunities        that staff is just enforcing the handbook. gV
                                            of being an upperclassman,” he
                                                Junior Robby Kress could not
                         take advantage of the opportunity because of his
                            “It’d be nice because you don’t have to sit through
                         another class or study hall,” he said.
                            However, freshman Katie Hawley said that she
                         doesn’t think it’s fair that juniors get the privilege
                                                                                     DEREK QUINN

                         because all of the seniors had to wait until their
                         senior year.
                                                                                                                   News in brief
                                                                                                             Compiled by Rachel Bundy

                                                                                                  inductees are Paul Himes, Constance
                                                                                                  Howes, Mario Mattachione, and the North
                                                                                                  Canton Volunteer Fire Department.

                                                                                                  nHomecoming is scheduled for Sept. 23
                                                                                                  from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. and will have a
                                                                                                  jungle theme. The dance will be held in
                                                                                                  the gymnasium.

                                                                                                  nThe National Honor Society has recently
REbEccA PAAsch

                                                                                                  elected new NHS officers for the year. They
                                                                                                  include president, Allison Mayhew; vice
                                                                                                  president, Eric Leopold; treasurer, Kyle
   Junior Lauren O’Toole explains Leadership Council to a parent on Parents’ Night. The
                                                                                                  Roshak and secretaries Jenn DeMarco
   event was held Sept. 11 at Hoover High School.                                                 and Susanna Foote.

                                                                                                  nMs. Sarah Jackson is the new Key
                                                                                                  club advisor, following the retirement
   nJunior Cory Williams was involved in           nThe 2006 Hall Of Distintion Induction         of Mrs. Laura Abrashoff, the previous
   a severe car accident, leaving him in           banquet, presented by the North Canton         advisor.
   ICU for two days with a broken pelvis and       Alumni Association, will be held on
   some minor cuts and bruises on Sept. 1. He      Sept. 27. Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.   nSenior Chris Magoon was recently
   is receiving care in his own home, and may      in the commons, followed by the ceremony       selected as the Repository Teen of the
   return to school in December.                   in Hoover Hall. This year’s honored            Month for the month of September.

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   Dr. James Amundson Pearle Vision                                       Jimmy John’s at Washington Square
   Dr. Craig Balloon                                                      Kumon Math & Reading Center of N. Canton
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                                                                                                           09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 9

                                       COURTESEY OF: MAURA HANLON

                                                                                                                                                         COURTESEY OF: SAHIBA GILL
                            Summer fun at home
                               and abroad
                                                                                                                       COURTESEY OF: LEAH HECHT
                                                                    Becky Paasch
                                                                    Staff Writer

                hile some of us were sitting on                                    he graduated from high school to bring                         in plays and programs others took the
                the couch at home, with nothing                                    attention to rarely produced historical                        opportunity to help people out while
                to do and completely bored, other                                  operettas.                                                     expanding their spiritual side by going on
     Hoover students were out exploring the                                            “It’s really unique. Our company is the                    mission trips.
     world, tapping their creative potential and                                   only one in the world dedicated to historic                        Junior Valerie Fitler went with her youth
     helping others. Several Hoovers students                                      American operetta,” he said.                                   group from The Chapel in North Canton to
     spent their summer vacations in theater                                           Rubin’s company is for anyone aged 16                      the Dominican Republic.
     programs, on mission trips, or on vacations                                   and up, and is the only volunteer theater                          While there Fitler worked with others to
     in exotic countries.                                                          company in Ohio that allows high school                        teach local children Bible stories and arts
         Local summer programs gave high                                           students to participate.                                       and crafts, and said that she would love to
     school students interested in theater an                                          “It’s a rare opportunity for high school                   do a trip like this again.
     opportunity for extra practice and new                                        students—it’s a great experience and good                          “I would most definitely go again…it
     experiences. Junior Pete Volpe took part in                                   for your resume,” Rubin said. “We have                         was such an experience and such a different
     a performance of the musical “Wonderful                                       quite a few Hoover students and we’re                          life and I grew spiritually like none other,”
     Town” with Young People’s Performing                                          always interested in new singers.”                             Fitler said.
     Arts (YPPA) group in Green.                                                       One of these Hoover students was senior                        Senior Allison Mayhew went with
         Volpe said that he learned about the                                      Maura Hanlon, who was in both productions                      St. Mark’s Episcopal Church to Martin,
     program from a friend who “talked me into                                     over the summer: “The Student Prince” and                      Kentucky, where she helped repair houses
     it,” but that he enjoyed it so much that he                                   “The Prince of Pilsen.”                                        and lawns.
     plans to do the program again and become                                          While she found working with the                               “Some people had more pop cans in
     involved in Hoover’s Drama Club.                                              company to be very different than the high                     their yard than Hoover probably has in their
         “It was my first time in a show like that                                 school productions she usually takes part                      trash cans at the end of the day,” Mayhew
     so it was a good first performance and I got                                  in, she enjoyed it.                                            said. “We also cleaned house siding and
     to meet a lot of new people,” Volpe said.                                         “It was a lot of fun—the people were a                     normally it’s a job for a power washer, but
         Several other Hoover students took part                                   lot of fun to work with,” Hanlon said. “One                    we didn’t have one, and the people didn’t
     in summer performances by the Canton                                          of the things I liked was that we got to work                  even have a hose attachment, much less a
     Comic Opera Co., which was founded by                                         with adults so it was a different experience                   hose. The first day we had one bucket and
     Hoover alumni Joseph Rubin in 2003.                                           than doing shows at Hoover.”                                   just a bunch of sponges.”
         Rubin founded the company before                                              While some Hoover students were                                While the hard work was physically
     10 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
exhausting, Mayhew said she found the
work very rewarding. The state of the            anything else in Europe.”                          terminals, right up to where the planes
town when Mayhew’s group first arrived              Gill said she found Turkey to be very           were,” she said.
surprised everyone.                              different from both the rest of Europe and            The trip was a 16th birthday present from
    “We were laughing and having a good          America.                                           her grandmother, that was delayed a couple
time and we crossed the bridge in to                “The infrastructure in America just             years.
Martin…and everyone was speechless.              isn’t there. The size of Canton is about              DeMarco said that the wait was worth it
The entire town has been flooded several         their third largest city,” Gill said. “It’s not    however and was eager for the trip to start
times,” she said.                                super-rich like America, but it’s not super-       on the way over.
    Senior Denise Newbauer also went on          impoverished. It’s like the majority of the           “It was really exciting—on the flight
a mission trip with Akron Baptist Temple         world.”                                            over, it was an overnight flight and I
to Waveland, Mississippi to help clean up           Senior Jenn DeMarco also took a trip            stayed up the whole time because I was so
still-remaining aftermath of Katrina.            to Europe with her family, though hers             excited,” DeMarco said. g  V
    “It’s been a year and I thought there        lasted and covered 12 countries in western
wouldn’t be so much left—a lot of the            Europe.
houses were like how they were the day the          “I really like Italy and Holland because        (Opposite page, clockwise) n Jenn De-
hurricanes hit. The streets were cleaned but     both were really diverse—you had                   Marco and her cousin pose in front of
that’s about it,” she said.                      everything from the ancient parts of the           the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. n Maura
    While they didn’t go on mission trips,       towns to the countryside,” DeMarco said.           Hanlon sings on stage. n Sahiba Gill and
other Hoover students managed to do some            DeMarco also saw many differences               family traveled to Turkey this summer.
traveling, even abroad.                          between Europe and America, especially in          n A note in the Western Wall in Isreal was
    Junior Sahiba Gill went to Turkey            the security at the airports.                      placed by Leah Hecht. (Below) n Leah
with her family for two weeks, seeking              “When we landed in London it seemed             Hecht sits in front of a sign in Israel. (Left)
an experience “unique and different from         really weird because the security was              n Israeli soldiers talk to Hecht and the
                                                 so lax—you could go in and out of the              other students about life in the military.

Rebekkah Rubin
Staff Writer                    Middle East fighting complicates trip

      his summer junior Leah Hecht               Conflict in the Middle East has occurred           old friends, the activities were fun and
      traveled to Israel for a trip to connect   for centuries, rooted in historic religious        educational.
      with friends and to learn about Jewish     disputes. The violence between Israel and              “The Western Wall was really moving,”
religion and culture. While enjoying a           its surrounding nations recently escalated         Hecht said. “It wasn’t what I expected,
warm day swimming at the beach her               after Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert           though; it wasn’t that tall.”
journey seemed to take a turn for the worse      gained power earlier this year.                        She was amazed by the number of
when fighting broke out along the Israel/            Hecht and the bus of 100 other Jewish          people praying there at the Wall and was
Lebabnon border.                                 teens, who set off from the Pittsburgh Jewish      able to feel the importance of it and the
    July 12 marked the first day of a war        Community Center, were determined not to           historic land, a sensation she never felt
between Israel and Hezbollah, a Lebanese         let the violence spoil the trip.                   from looking at pictures or reading about
terrorist organization, which lasted 34 days.        “We weren’t really concerned about our         it in a book.
                                                                     safety,” Hecht said. “We           “The sun shines every day,” she said.
                                                                        were more concerned             However, there were some minor
                                                                        about the rest of our       setbacks because of the violence in the
                                                                        trip.”                      North.
                                                                            For many of them,           “There really weren’t a lot of restrictions
                                                                        this was their first time   in the beginning, but after the fighting
                                                                        in the country and they     started, we were prevented from going to
                                                                        wanted to experience        some of the places we were supposed to
                                                                        Israeli life to the         go,” Hecht said.
                                                                        fullest.                        One place they were unable to visit
                                                                            From repelling off      was a camp in Northern Israel where they
                                                                        of a cliff in the desert    were going to interact with Israeli teens;
                                                                        to going to a rock          however, the location was moved to
                                                                   COUTESEY OF: LEAH HECHT

                                                                        concert featuring Rita,     Jerusalem where safety was ensured. g     V
                                                                        a singer comparable
                                                                        to Madonna, all while                                  Continued on p.16
                                                                        bonding with new and

                                                                                                            09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 11
       features                                                      Tara Martino (left) was joined by
                                                                     sister Wendy in Southern Califor-

Career Spotlight:                                                    nia. Both girls, daughters of sci-
                                                                     ence teacher Mr. Joe Martino, are
                                                                     Hoover grads who work in the en-
Tara Martino                                                         tertainment industry.

    Four years of feeling comfortable, of           graduate) three years later. She stayed with
knowing exactly what to expect. Four years          E! for four years working as a talent relations
of high school, but what’s next?                    and then moved on to work for ESPN for
    For 1997 Hoover graduate Tara                   10 months. Being a “huge sports fan,” she
Martino, it was Indiana University where            enjoyed starting a new entertainment/sports        Up” “You, Me,
she majored in telecommunications. She              program for the network.                           & Dupree” and “Miami
graduated in 2002 and said that she was                After her run with ESPN, Martino moved          Vice”.
“lucky enough to go to IU where they                on to a job with NBC Universal Studios                Even though Martino enjoys working
have a top telecommunications program.”             where she is a publicist for upcoming films.       with Universal Studios she would like to
It landed her two internships with General          She sets up interviews for movie celebrities       eventually get back into sports, but will
Hospital and E!. In order to have both              for major LA based talk shows. Martino             wait “to see what happens.”
internships, she had to move to California.         works with celebrities including Will                 “I just try to go with the flow,” Martino
    Martino lived on her own until she was          Smith, Kate Hudson and Justin Timberlake,          said.
joined by her sister Wendy (a 2000 Hoover           and promoting movies such as “The Break                                       – Crystal Olsen

All You Need Is Love
A soft heart can deliver hard news
    Announcements of the new fall line-up for television shows brings         that Couric is currently facing always been there; deterring networks
visions of dramatic characters, daring doctors and dark villains to one’s     from hiring a woman to be at the helm of their evening news?
mind. But this season, a change has been made that will most likely               If so, then CBS finally got the picture, there was not a better choice
impact television and American culture for more than just a mere year         for their evening news than Couric, regardless of gender.
or two. In a field previously dominated by men such as Tom Brokaw,                Couric has to deal with proving to her critics that she can deliver
Dan Rather and Peter Jennings, a familiar face has stepped into a             the hard news stories that they want, while creating the fast-paced
position that is not so familiar to someone like her.                         environment that her busier-than-ever viewers are clamoring for. It’s
    Katie Couric, known by millions as the perky face of the Today show       a no-win situation that she will have to overcome to gain the trust and
on NBC, made television history on                            Sept. 5 as      viewer-ship of a nation that talks about the choice of a solo female
the first female solo news anchor                             for network     news anchor more than they actually watch the news.
nightly news. Couric signed with                              CBS to host         Aside from changing the way news is delivered, Couric faces ushering
their nightly news, fill the position as                      managing        in an entire generation of aspiring broadcast journalists. Young women
editor, contribute to 60 Minutes and                          host news       who would not otherwise see themselves being successful in television
specials after co-hosting the Today                           show since      will be inspired to continue on with their dreams and work towards
1991 with Matt Lauer.                                                         their goals. Couric will dictate the methods used to teach broadcast
    On the Today show, Couric raised                          ratings         in classrooms and influence the future of where the news broadcast
within her first year there and                               continued       is going.
to keep the show at number one all Kelsey Stults the                   way        Younger generations than ours will see a female reading the news
until her departure. She won the                              Peabody         from their earliest memory, making it an absolute norm to them. Think
Award for her series on colon cancer                          awareness       of the implications that will have for females in the future. No job will
following the death of her husband, Jay, who battled the disease.             be considered out of reach, unattainable or unavailable to women.
    Months before her first broadcast even aired, skeptics everywhere         Society will eventually be impacted in way that is beyond the style that
were not hesitant to speculate that Couric would turn the news into           the news is read in.
a “soft-show” filled with feel-good stories and no “real” news. Many              There is no doubt that we will see more of Couric in the months and
questioned the choice that CBS made in hiring her, asking if she was          years to come. Only time will tell how well she deals with the criticism
the right face to usher in a new era of nightly news.                         and stays true to her roots that got her where she is today. Her hard-
    Clearly a new era has already begun with or without Couric. After         hitting stories that are sure to come through will prove to those with
shooting a magazine picture to promote her new job, she was airbrushed        any doubts that she belongs where she is right now. Not just belongs—
to look twenty pounds lighter without her consent. Such an instance           but also is truthfully needed there.
illustrates how America focuses on the weight of women, even when it              Couric has faced extreme challenges in both her professional and
has nothing to do with the job they need to perform. It is safe to say that   personal life and has been able to overcome those challenges and face
Brokaw, Rather or Jennings never had to face that problem.                    them head on. There is no doubt that she will be able to do the same
    They also never had to deal with Internet news sources, blogs and         as she faces winning over viewers, trust and even more journalistic
satellite radio, all of which are causing fewer and fewer Americans to        integrity.
turn on their television sets to view the news every night.                       Her role as a woman behind the news desk will give an interesting
    The choice for a solo woman news anchor is long overdue considering       and fresh perspective that has not been seen in years past and
there have been women as co-anchors, talk shows hosts and weather             perhaps then the critics will conclude that she truly is the face of a new
reporters for quite a significant amount of time. Has the skepticism          era of nightly news.
12 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
                                                                                                                                      Should you retake

                                                                                                                                         the ACT?
                     High School                                                                                                         The ACT and SAT tests are the most
                                                                                                                                      widely accepted college entrance exams.
                                                                                                                                      Each year, nearly one million U.S. students
                                                                                                                                      take these tests. But is re-taking them really
                                                                                                                                      worth it?
                                                                                                                                         According to, more
                                                                                                                                      than 61 percent of ACT takers take the
                                                                                                                                      test at least twice. The web site indicated
                                                                                                                                      that students who re-take the test usually
                                                                                                                                      increase their scores. However, it also noted

                                                                                           PHOTOS/DENISON UNIVERSITY PUBLIC AFFAIRS
                                                                                                                                      that if a student takes the test more than two
                                                                                                                                      times, the scores start to decline.
                                                                                                                                         Senior Molly Price has taken the ACT
                                                                                                                                      test twice and scored better the second
                                                                                                                                         “I think retaking it really does help
College Spotlight:                                                                                                                    because you already have a feel for what’s
                                                                                                                                      going to be on it. I did better the second

Denison University                                                                                                                    time around,” she said.
                                                                                                                                         However, some students, such as senior
                                                                                                                                      Chaz Adkins, scored well enough the first
   Denison      University,     located    in   based scholarships offered each year.                                                 time that they don’t have to take it again.
Greenville, Ohio, is a private four-year           For acceptance, Denison recommends
                                                                                                                                         According to,
Liberal Arts college. The campus features       four years of English, at least three years of
                                                                                                                                      there are many ways to prepare for this test,
historic buildings spanning 1,000 acres. Out    a foreign language, mathematics, science
of 5,020 applicants, only 1,940 (38 percent)    and social studies.                                                                                         such as going online.
were accepted for the class of 2010.               The application deadline is                                                                               Different      websites
   Along with 48 majors, Denison offers         January 15, and applicants will be                                                                           will give you the test
three degrees: a Bachelor of Fine Arts in       notified by Apr. 1. Campus visits                                                                          dates, type of questions
Studio Art; a Bachelor of Science in all        are available this fall Oct. 9, Oct.                                                                       on the test, how long
science subjects; and a Bachelor of Arts.       20 and Nov. 10. Reservations                                                                              the test will take plus
   Costing about $29,860 per year, it’s no      are required, and Denison asks                                                              other information. The internet also
surprise 93 percent of students receive some    you make your reservation five                                                        has study guides and free practice tests
form of financial aid. An average financial     days prior to your visit. If you have any                                             available to help you.
aid package can cover up to $24,545, along                         questions, or would like                                              Junior Matt Hertweck just recently
with about 1,000 merit-                                            more information, call 1-
                                                                                                                                      signed up to take the ACT test for the first
                                                                               - Kaitlin Kline
                                                                                                                                         “My mom bought me a big ACT book
                                                                                                                                      for studying. I plan on looking at it about
                                                                                                                                      two times a week,” said Hertweck.
                                                                                                                                         So if you’re wondering whether or not
                                                                                                                                      you should re-take the test, chances are
                                                                                                                                      you’ll do better the second time around.
                                                                                                                                                                  - Erin Druga

                                                                                                                                      Above left: An aerial view of part of Denison
                                                                                                                                      University’s campus. Far left: Historic Doane
                                                                                                                                      Hall. Near Left: The moon rises over a Deni-
                                                                                                                                      son building.

                                                                                                                                               09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 13

                                                    LINDSAY QUINN

“ EY,
Aren’t You... Jyo Sinha?”                                                                        Sandie Young
                                                                                                 Staff Writer

Chances are that if you don’t already know of Jyo Sinha,
you’ve at least heard of him. This science enthusiast par-
ticipates in multiple clubs and extracurricluar activities and
                                                                                               Name: Jyo Sinha
still finds time for his rigorous academic schedule.                                           Age:16
                                                                                               Grade: 11

          e might seem quiet and shy but        studying tiny particles through microscopes,
          he’s the one raising his hand,        reading books and attending club meetings      Clubs: Key Club, Lead-
          making his voice heard. His
          piercing brown eyes and dark
                                                are some of his daily activities. Strong
                                                views and well-educated answers may
                                                                                               ership Club, SERP,
complexion reflect his pride in his heritage.
Traveling the world, meeting new people,
                                                come from the fact that North Canton was
                                                not his first major moving experience.
                                                                                               Mock Trial, Model UN
14 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
    Junior Jyotiraditya Sinha, better known       devastating, but not to Jyo Sinha. He loves       debates at home based on current events
as Jyo, has lived in eight different places:      it because he sees every move as a new            and political affairs.
six in India and two in the United States. He     opportunity.                                         “[Jyo] wins more than me,” Mr. Sinha
was born in Janshedpur, India, and moved              “I’ve gotten the chance to see different      said.
from Pittsburgh                                   kinds of people and different cultures,”             Glenn Cummings, who teaches Sinha in
in April 2005                                     he said, noting that there are 18 different       AP Government, thinks his situation is very
because of his                                    languages spoken and recognized by India’s        beneficial.
father’s latest          “I think                 constitution.                                        “I think outsiders see the big picture
job       transfer.                                   However,      moving         does     have                           better than we do,”
Sinha        joined    outsiders                  disadvantages.                                       “I see              Cummings said.
Hoover         High                                   “Each time you move, you have to leave                                  Jyo has met more
at the end of           see the                   friends behind,” Jyo said.                         a really              different types of
his      freshman
year and had
                      big picture                     Some may think moving a teen eight
                                                  different times would be harmful but many
                                                                                                      bright               people than many
                                                                                                                           will in a lifetime. He
            trouble       better                  don’t see the positive aspects of Jyo’s
                                                  situation. He takes all honors and A.P.
                                                                                                    future for             has had the chance
                                                                                                                           to experience two
    “People here        than we                   courses and takes them seriously. Jyo said          India,”              completely different
were         great,”                              the fact that he’s traveled a lot has shaped                             types of cultures.
he said.          “I  do.” - Glenn                his perspective.                                  - Jyo Sinha,              “I think [moving]
didn’t have any
                     Cummings,                        “I like to get things done and do [it
                                                  well,” Sinha said. “I give it the amount of
                                                                                                           11.             benefited me with all
                                                                                                                           the globalization that’s
    As           an Social Studies                importance it deserves.”                                                 going on,” Sinha said.
experienced                                           Jyo enjoys school and exhibits a              “Moving a lot helps me understand people
traveler,       Jyo    teacher                    noticeable sense of pride in everything he        a lot better.”
fit right into                                    does. He enjoys all subjects but has earned          His numerous moves have helped him
Hoover. He got                                    major accomplishments in science. He is           become a bright, ambitious young man by
involved with extracurriculars and wasn’t         involved with SERP, and did an award-             observing different lifestyles. He’s always
afraid to voice his views in class. In his                               winning         science    willing to help and his overall outlook
short time here, Jyo has at some point been                              fair    project     last   makes him completely unique.
involved with Key Club, Leadership Club,                                 year working with             “I get a broad view of things, a bigger
Science Experimental Research Program                “I like             nanofiber, which are       picture,” Jyo said.
(SERP), Mock Trial, Model UN, orchestra.                                 tiny fibers less than         Sinha misses India but he still
He attended an eight-week summer school              to get              500 nanometers long.       corresponds with friends there and even
program this past summer at Harvard,                                     It took him to districts   visited them last Christmas. India is an
focusing his studies on economics at the            things               and even to the State      extremely diverse country. Jyo explained
Ivy League School.
    “I’ve moved a lot, so I’m used to going           done               Science Fair. At states
                                                                         he won the third
                                                                                                    that each different group has seasonal
                                                                                                    festivals with bright colors and plentiful
to new schools,” Sinha said.
    Charles Collier, who had Jyo in his
                                                    and do               prize       engineering
                                                                         achievement award,
                                                                                                    food. According to Sinha, there are a lot of
                                                                                                    similarities between India and the United
AP History class last year, thinks he dealt         [them]               and even received a        States.
“amazingly” with the adjustment.                                         scholarship to Ohio           “I see a really bright future for India,”
    “I didn’t realize he’d just arrived because      well.”              Wesleyan University.       Jyo said. “The mood is really positive.”
he did so well academically,” Collier said.                                  “I find [science]         Sinha is happy at Hoover, but according
    His classmates also notice him. He has            - Jyo              pretty         exciting,   to Sinha’s father, Jyo frequently asks if
an air of intelligence that all can see. Junior    Sinha, 11             intriguing,” Jyo said.     they are going to move again. Jyo seems to
Emily Schillig recognized his serious                                        Jyo’s        father,   accept change and look forward to it.
attitude toward school.                                                  Jagdishwar       Sinha,       “All the people at Hoover are great–
    “He makes me look at things in a                                     says his son spends a      teachers, classmates, the whole bunch,”
different way,” Schillig said.                    lot of time studying and researching. Mr.         Jyo said. “Thanks for welcoming me.” g     V
    To many teens, moving would be                Sinha explained that his family even has
                                                                                                             09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 15

                                                                       Ohio State Buckeyes
                                                                     Notre Dame Fighting Irish                                             1,000
                                                                       Michigan Wolverines                                                Hoodies!
                                                            Over             Jerseys, Hats, Tees, Hoodies

                                                                        20% OFF

                                                                                   with student ID

                                                       Canton Centre Mall • 330.477.3377 – Belden Village Mall • 330.493.3850

                                                                 Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
                                                                        of Stark County, Ohio, Inc.
      Two Israeli boys play chess during recess at a
      school that Leah Hecht and her youth group              Joe L. Carpenter, DMD
      visited over the summer.                                Diplomate American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

      All cope with
      the fighting                                     6653 Frank Ave. NW                                                           330. 498.9920
                                                       North Canton, Ohio 44720                                                    Fax 330.498.9921
      Continued from p.11

                                                              A Smile is Contagious!
          Many parents were concerned about
      their children’s safety, but Hecht’s mother
      wasn’t as troubled.
          “They were on a private bus with
      chaperones and had regular contact with                     – be a carrier.
      Israeli security and Israeli soldiers,” Mrs.
      Marcie Hecht said.
          The teens were far from the fighting and
      the missiles being fired did not have the
      capabilities to land in any areas near them.
      Violence is a part of Israeli daily life and
      in some ways, it helped the teens to better
      understand and appreciate the country.
          Although she had to leave sooner than
      she had expected, some of her friends
      stayed behind. She wasn’t too concerned
      about them because she felt that they
      weren’t threatened.
          “I don’t regret going at all. I thought it
                                                                      Drs. Osborne, Bernard & Eimer
      was the most important time for me to be                                       Orthodontics
      there near all the fighting,” Hecht said. “I
      got to experience a lot of new things and
      I can always remember that I was in Israel
      during the conflict.”
          After spending 15 days in Israel, she felt
      like she truly belonged and was not eager
      to leave.                                        1021 Schneider Road                      N. Canton: 330.494.4310
          “When we left, it felt like we were          N. Canton, OH 44720
                                                                                  Member American Association   of Orthodontists

                                                                                                    Akron: 330.762.2311
      deserting the people,” Hecht said. g V                         
      16 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
    Trends                                                                                      Essentials:
                                                                                                      Even though Croc shoes have been

A chocolate phone?                                                                                      around for a while, they’ve grown
                                                                                                         increasingly popular this year.
                                                                                                         They might not be the prettiest
No way!                                                                                                  looking shoes, but they are
                                                                                                         comfortable! With this comfort,
                                                                                                       go on, chose function over fashion.
                                                                                                      – Emily Boardman
   What’s the same size as a deck                                     of cards and
                    p o p u l a r                                   among teens? It         Skinny jeans are the hottest thing in denim
                        is       the                              new Verizon                         this fall, although they are not a
                           C h o c o l a te                     Phone.                                    new trend. First made popular
     Buy it at the Ve-      Where          else               can    you                                      in the 70s by bands like The
   rizon Wirelss Stand       talk to your friends          and listen                                            Ramones and the Sex
                                                                                                                  Pistols, skinny jeans have
  in Westfield Mall for      to your favorite song       at the same
                                                                                                                    recently been sported
        $149.99.             time?                                                                                   by the likes of Lindsay
                                Some features that the Chocolate                                                      Lohan and Kate Moss.
                           phone includes are V Cast adaptability                                                     The darker the jeans
                         and a digital camera.                                                                       are, the more they will
                        Also, the phone has an MP3 player with                                                       flatter and elongate
music only setting and text messaging.                                                                             the legs. They are often
   The Verizon Chocolate phone is th latest in a barrage of techno-                                               paired with pumps or
toys that is changing the way people communicate.                                                               ballet flats, but can also
                                                                                                              be easily tucked into boots.
   As a result, other brands are starting to copy its unique features.
                                                                                                          And given how fitted the jeans
                                                                                                     are, they are best worn with a looser,
                                                                                            tunic-length top. – Miranda Oberholzer

                                                                                                   Ranging from pants to T-shirts,
Super-sized calories slip by                                                                           camouflage clothing is back in
                                                                                                         style. It was a popular pattern
   Mmmm…McDonald’s. Lots of people eat there. They might order a                                           for high school students
Big Mac a medium fries and a medium Coca-Cola. About how many                                               back in the 1960s, but it
                                                                                                             has the tendency to keep
                              calories do you think is on that tray?
                                                                                                             coming back. Interesting
                                   600? 700? Try 1160. If you guessed                                        enough, a middle school in
                                      too low, you’re not alone.                                             Colorado has banned this
                                            According to a new study                                        style, claiming that they have
                                          done by Pierre Chandon and                                      become a political symbol that
                                           Brian Wansink, published in the                              is a disruptive form of patriotism
                                           Annals of Internal Medicine, as the                       ( However, Hoover
                                          meal size and portion sizes increase,                 doesn’t have this rule, so you can buy
                                         it’s harder to estimate the total calories. This   camo fashions at most local teen stores. -
                                                                                              Michelle Bair
                                        problem surfaces when people eat fast
                                     food. The super-sized portions offered at                       The Louis Vuitton and Dooney and
                                 restaurants set Americans up to fail.                                  Bourke handbags that graced
   Chandon suggests in an article by the Associated Press, looking at the                                the arms of girls all over the
meal in pieces to make calorie counting easier.                                                          school last year seem to have
   Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom said, in the same article, that people should be                                been replaced by the ever-cute
eating smaller portions and avoid the super-sized burger and soft drink.                                Coco Chanel Purses. Whether
   She said that the idea is that you can always get more food if you are                              they’re real or fake, those stylish
                                                                                                    little C’s are everywhere. – Emily
hungry. If you cut your portions down, at least you have a fighting chance.
   - Jessica Kincaid
                                                                                                     09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 17

Our                                                          Mission
                                                                                  “We strive to provide our honest opinions while rep-
                                                                                  resenting all sides, and to fairly portray the student

                                                                                  body’s expressions.”

‘The times, they are a’changin’
   Every year the Hoover High School            instead of three will land you in detention.         By the time the next school year comes
administration decides which rules will             Although we at The Viking Views               around, certain rules that were put in place
stay, which will go and what new changes        question the necessity of restricting             this year will be long forgotten, some will
need to be put into operation. This             a 45-minute nap for a tired student               continue to be enforced, and more likely
year has been no different with several         who chooses to sleep rather than do               than anything, there will be more new ones.
alterations that have students talking.         homework, we believe that students will              Changes are necessary for growth
   For the 06-07 school year juniors have       complain about and find objection to any          and development, and are a very real
the option of coming in late or leaving         new slightly undesirable rule, change             part of the world outside of high school.
early. A Wednesday school has been              or restriction that is presented to them.         Finding a positive way to deal with even
offered giving students who need to serve           Out of all the adjustments that were          inconvenient changes early in life will be
more than one detention the option of           put in place last school year, how many           one lesson learned you could always use.
completing them back-to-back. Those in          can you recite off the top of your head?             The cycle will repeat regardless of the
need of academic help can skip the long         There might be one or two, but most               fuss that is made the first two or three
haul to L-6 and receive aid in DD-O. Rules      of the changes become ingrained in                months of school. So, embrace the new
that have always been in place are being        our everyday routines and actions, and            rules or not, we believe that changes
more strictly enforced. Sleeping will be        eventually just become the norm. A change         are going to be inevitable. It’s best to
prohibited in study hall, and two tardies       is only a change for a short amount of time.      find a positive way to deal with them.

Traditions help unify school
    Here at Hoover, traditions are very near and dear to us. Whether
it’s a box for a football player, or a senior toilet seat for no real
reason at all, we’re all about tradition. The list goes on; virtually
every sport and activity has its own traditions
    One lesser known tradition amongst seniors is the passing of
the senior toilet seat. It all began about four years ago when then
senior Drew Riley decided that the senior class needed to have a
symbolic toilet seat to accompany them during their final year at
Hoover High. No one knows why, but one thing is certain: it is a
distinctive symbol of our collective excellence.
    Hoover is home to other traditions that involve more of the
student body. The most cherished one is Turkey Gravy Day. The
mere mention whips us into a frenzy, which grows every year.
    In essence, the role of traditions at Hoover is that of a unifier.
One thing that we all have in common; one thing we all have to
share. We believe that traditions serve their purpose and get us all
a little more interested in our school.

                                                Rubin’s column. What you may not know             comments or you may choose apathy and
                                                is that it is up to you to fill that page. That   this page will remain as devoide as it is
                                                space is set-aside for you, the reader, to        now for the rest of the year.
                                                express your opinions. Feel free to send             We call upon you Hoover to exercise
                                                us a letter about anything you feel strongly      your right to be heard. You may heed the
                                                about, even if it criticizes the paper itself.    call and rise to fame and greatness or you
Most esteemed readers,                              The Viking Views is your paper, Hoover.       may ignore us and continue to leave your
   As you can see, the Vmail letter space has   It is what you make it. You may choose            paper letterless.
been temporarily replaced with Rebekkah         to share ideas, criticisms, complaints and                        –The Editorial Board
18 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
                                                      - Editorial Board -
      Rachel Bosyj n Nathan Floom n Amy Robenstine n Rebekkah Rubin
               Kelsey Stults n Brittnie Viscounte nKevin Zieber

Your Views                                                   What do you think about the strict enforcement
                                                             of the “no sleeping in study hall” policy?
                                                    I’m sure the real intention of teachers        Who is honestly bothered by some kid
   The new “no sleeping in study hall” rule,
in my opinion, is an act of communism.           was to have students get more work             passed out sleeping? They aren’t disturbing
This is one of the most random, ridiculous       done, but it’s doing just the opposite. All    anyone. Sure, they could be doing work,
rules at Hoover that I have ever heard.          the people that don’t have anything to do      but that is their choice. They may not
When you don’t have anything to do, what         during study hall are disrupting others by     even have anything. I thought high school
is so disruptive about taking a little nap?      throwing things at each other and making       was all about more freedoms in trade for
                    –Trevor Stevens, 9           snide remarks to teachers. This not only       greater responsibility. Forcing students
                                                 annoys study hall teachers, but it also        to stay awake in study hall is something
                                                 distracts other students from fulfilling the   I would expect out of the middle school,
   I think that sleeping in study hall should    original intention: to get homework done.      not the high school. I got a really good
not be allowed because your academics                       – Vanessa Burrowes, 11              idea-everyone who doesn’t have work to
are more important. Sleeping is meant for                                                       do should be assigned homework by their
home not school. School is for learning not                                                     study hall teacher! No more drinking
sleeping. I think that will change the outcome      I don’t agree with the no sleeping in       fountains locker passes, or bathroom
of student’s grades and such because it          study hall rule. Study hall is for homework    passes, either. Seriously, what’s next?
makes them want to do something. I think         and studying. If you don’t have anything to                       –Dan Gordish, 11
that not allowing sleeping also makes it         get caught up with, then you should be able
better for the school environment. I agree       to get caught up with sleep.                      I think the only thing that matters is
with the schools decision on no sleeping.                     –Desirae Kissack, 9               they’re getting their homework done
                  –Lisa Wenning, 9                                                              because then they should be able to do
                                                                                                what they want, like sleep.
                                                                                                             –Lauren Grasinger, 11

My View Staff member Amy Robenstine responds
                          The news that          it disruptive to other students who are        those students would just sit in their seats
                       sleeping in study         trying to work? I don’t think so. On the       with nothing to do for 45 minutes being
                       hall is banned is         contrary, I believe that it would be more      completely unproductive. How is that any
                       upsetting. When           beneficial because those students wouldn’t     better than taking a nap?
                       you’ve had a rough        be chatting, which we all know teenagers          Lastly, some students really do need
                       night studying for        are prone to do.                               those 45 minutes of sleep time. With all the
                       tests and finishing          Secondly, I’ve been told this rule is not   homework, projects, and tests we have, it’s
                       projects, the last        new. However, if it has been in place in       difficult to get to bed at a decent hour. As
                       thing you want to         the past years, why did study hall monitors    we’re all aware, teenagers need about eight
                       hear is that you’re       encourage students to nap? If it is such an    hours of sleep a night, which is a rarity for
                       not even allowed          important rule, why hasn’t it been addressed   most kids. Getting this much needed sleep
to put your head down during that much-          before?                                        is practically impossible without leaving
anticipated study hall. Though changes              Thirdly, what are students without          some work undone. Plus, we have to wake
are to be expected each year, I think this       homework expected to do? I understand          up at the crack of dawn to even make it to
is overstepping the line for a couple of         that carrying a book isn’t that difficult,     school on time. So, unless teachers lighten
reasons.                                         but most people are too concerned with         the homework load, or administration
   First of all, who is it bothering if a        what has to be done for homework to            changes the start time to 8:00, students
student takes a nap during study hall? Is        remember to bring extra item. Therefore,       should be allowed to sleep.
                                                                                                         09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 19
The Floomin’ Onion
Babies... on a plane?
    We all can remember the first movie that    As I sat through the movie I couldn’t help                  However, when it comes down to it,
we ever saw, or at least what our parents but glance at the innocent little children                    the children are really not to blame. The
told us we saw. For the majority of us these around me, most of whom don’t even have a                  parents who actually take their child to the
movies are of the Disney sort,                          full understanding of planes, the               film are to blame. Do they really think that
ranging from “The Lion King”                            mafia, or snakes. I wondered how                their child will not pick up on profanity at an
to the lovable dwarfs in “Snow                          they could possibly understand                  early age, or sex for that matter? I must say,
White.” Presently, there are all                        the profanity and sexual overtones              “Snakes on a Plane,” is a far cry from “The
sorts of cute and cuddly movies                         that only a semi-adult could figure             Fox and the Hound.”
currently out such as “Cars” and                        out.                                                Children are very impressionable at an
“Madagascar” which are geared to                            Movies are rated R for a                    early age and I feel that parents should watch
tiny little kids and adults who are                     reason. They are for people who                 closely what they watch. What the children
kids at heart.                                          are almost adults or a least have               might have learned from that movie may lead
    Over the summer I went to go Nathan Floom some sort of maturity; not for 2                          to some issues later down the road.
see the much talked about “Snakes                       year olds. The rating system is                     Movies and TV influence children a lot.
on a Plane.” The movie had all the                      designed to rate movies based on                That is why children’s movies tend not to
good attributes of a proper rated R film. It the age group that it is deemed acceptable                 use profanity and violence, but rather try to
had creative profanity, violence, violent for. The catch is that parents can take their                 teach life lessons and above all entertain
deaths, nudity, gore, violence, snakes, kids into any movie they want.                                  the kid in all of us. “Snakes on a Plane”
Samuel Jackson and a plane. What more           When I was a child my first movie was                   in no way teaches any sort of positive life
could anybody ask for in a R film? What I “Alladin;” according to my Dad I freaked out                  lesson, other than the fact that if you listen
didn’t expect to see when I went to see and had to be taken out of the theatre. I was                   to Sammy J you will live to see another day
“Snakes on a Plane” was a bunch of little terrified to the point of hysteria by the cute                when you somehow end up on a plane,
kids. It shocked me to see kids, some of blue genie. These children who saw “Snakes                     filled with snakes.
whom could not have been even four years on a Plane’’ with me will undoubtedly reflect                      When it comes down to it, get The
old inside a rated R film. Shouldn’t they be fondly 10 years from now on their first movie              mother*&%@#@$ kids out of the mother-
seeing “Bambi” or something?                 experience, “Snakes on a Plane.”                           @&@%$%@-rated R “Snakes on a Plane.”

And Now for Something Completely Different...
Will the ends justify the means?
    Secrecy is a time honored American             all is the right thing to do. Proponents of the      believe the human rights advocates who
tradition. It is a standard operating procedure,   Patriot Act, and legislation like it, argue that     condemn the facility as a place that strips
a by-the-book approach utilized up to the          these are necessary measures to thwarting            one of basic rights of man? Or should we
highest echelons of government. Within the         terror, while opponents believe                                  believe the war hawks whose
realm of reason, secrecy is necessary for a        that rights given to us by the                                   only true goal is information,
government to function. It is understood that      constitution should always come                                  regardless of who gets hurt?
governments must keep certain things in the        first. As for whether or not these                                    At the center of all this is
dark, but when all is uncovered and exposed,       programs are effictive is in the eye                             the age-old question; do the
will the ends justify the means?                   of the beholder. We, t he public,                                ends justify the means? When
    Five years have passed since Sept. 11,         know little about what attacks                                   documents are declassified
and its effects haven’t subsided in the least.     have been thwarted, if any.                                      40 years from now, will we find
In the wake of the attack, Americans have had          Should we focus on touting                                   that we have acted as savages,
to face a new level of fear, hysteria, and some    ourselves as the model of freedom?
might say, paranoia.                               Or should we abandon our morality
                                                                                            Kevin     Zieber committing atrocities in thewill we
                                                                                                                    of some idealistic battle? Or

    New measures have been taken to                and sink to terrorist tactics in order                           find that we have acted responsibly
essentially limit freedom in the hopes that        to prevent potential attacks?                        and accordingly? I’d like to think that we will
freedom might be secured in the long run.              Days ago, President Bush confirmed that          find the latter.
The U.S.A Patriot Act, NSA wire-tapping, and       the CIA has been keeping secret interrogation            I believe that if we are to be satisfied
now, secret CIA interrogation and detainment       and detainment facilities that we can                with our performance as a nation 40 years
facilities may seem like accessories to a          only assume were, and still are, used for            down the road, we must become that ideal
totalitarian system, but you’d be surprised to     conducting practices that might make the             of freedom that we are trying to instill in
find these and other operations to be in use       average American’s stomach turn. There               other nations. We cannot expect others to
right here at home. These types of program         have already been several scandals                   follow in our example by forgetting what
are now being relied on heavily since the          involving      questionable        interrogation     we stand for. To quote Edward R. Murrow,
attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.                         practices, such as the Guantanamo Bay                “We cannot defend freedom abroad, by
    The debate continues to rage over whether      detainment facility in Cuba.                         abandoning it at home.”
or not sacrificing freedom for the good of the         What are we to believe? Should we

20 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
More Than a Sandwich
Are we free from apathy’s stranglehold?
    Be grateful, America. Be grateful.            strikes our country. Yet, why is it that we seem overjoyed to help other countries; it will prove
    When was the last time you had to survive     unable to provide help for those outside of the best for America in the long run. It would
for weeks in a displaced-persons camp             our country?                                     be impossible for impoverished nations to pull
because the military group that has taken             Cows in Europe receive more in subsidies themselves up alone; they need assistance.
over your government will not allow United        than half of the population of                                     In the United States, when a
Nations peacekeeping forces to enter your         Africa. Currently trade rules are                             tragedy occurs, killing hundreds
country?                                          allow this to become a reality. The                           of people, aid is usually available
    This is currently occurring to 1.9 million    One Campaign states that in the                               as quickly as possible. It is almost
people in the Darfur region of the Sudan,         past 20 years, Africa’s share of                              impossible for us to realize that
according to CNN. Aid and food has been           world trade dropped to 2% from                                in many places around the world,
prevented from reaching about 355,000             6%. And to think, our government                              hundreds of deaths as a result of
Sudanese because of the war in northern           allowed this to take place.                                   AIDS, violence and famine isn’t
Darfur. Already, more than 200,000 people             One of the glories of our                                 unusual.
have died from starvation and violence.           government is that it is run by                                    “Who watches the watchman?”
    When was the last time your family had to     the people. Yet, the greatness Rebekkah Rubin asked the Roman poet, Juvenal. It
live on a dollar a day?                           of a republic is measured by the                              is our duty, as American citizens,
    One in five people around the world have to   greatness of the people being                    to be grateful for the benefits that we receive,
do just that, according to The One Campaign,      governed.                                        purely based upon the country that we live in.
a reality which is impossible for Americans to        Perhaps we allowed all of this to occur It is simply a matter of luck that we’re living in
fathom.                                           when we stopped caring about the rest of the America and not in the Sudan.
    When was the last time that waking up in      world. Maybe it was when we became so fat            Fortune should not be dictated by luck and
the morning meant you had to spend hours          and comfortable in the safety of our country.    we can help prevent that.
walking to and from the nearest well to get       Or it was when we became consumed and                Choose your passion. Whether it be saving
water for your family, meaning that you are       obsessed by the fact that we might not always the environment, dedicating your life to end
unable to attend school?                          be as safe as we thought we were.                world hunger or helping to achieve world
    One in seven people around the world do           We Americans consider ourselves to be        peace, by advocating a cause, you can help
not have access to clean water, according to      the world’s watchmen, but we seem to be          change the future.
WaterAid.                                         blind to the problems of foreign countries, the      Go out and do something. Take advantage of
    Living in America, we’re able to band         very countries with which we share the world. your government-given freedoms of assembly,
together and fight back when a disaster           The United States government should be petition and speech and maybe at the end of
                                                                                                   the day, you’ll feel better about yourself.

Student Views: What are your views of Steve Irwin and how did you react to his death?
                  tJessa Chevraux-9: A lot              Patrick Orr-12: “I wasn’t             Mrs. Dicola-Staff: “I was
                  of people looked up to him as         surprised that much. You can          heartbroken because he was
                  a role model, so it was very          only play with fire so long.”         trying to do good in the nature
                  upsetting.”                                                                 world.” u

                                                                                              Flannery Haas-11: “When I
                  Paul Adams-9: “I think it was                            Milano-9:
                                                                                              first heard...I laughed, but then
                  good that he died doing what                             “I seriously
                                                                                              I realized he was a real man,
                  he loved.”                                               almost cried.
                                                                                              not just a crocodile hunter like
                                                                           Now there
                                                                                              he plays on TV.”
                                                                           won’t be
                                                                           “crikey.”          Matt Hertweck-11: “It was a
                                                        pBrooke Davidson-10: “It              true shock and a blow to man
                  tMatt Mantyla-12: “He
                  was made out to be invincible         hurt me more than I thought it        kind – simply tragic.” u
                  to animals. I wouldn’t have           would, at first I thought it was
                  guessed he’d die like that.”          just another celebrity death,
                                                        then it really hit me.

                                                                                                           09.22.06    THE VIKING VIEWS 21
What Makes a Tradition, a

                                                    Abby Hall • Staff Writer

   You’re a freshman; you’re clueless and confused. Suddenly,        Spirit Week to show school pride at Hoover.
Mr. Pallija comes over the intercom saying that it’s Turkey Gravy        “I love it because it brings the whole school together no matter
Day and seniors are allowed to leave their classes early. You’re a   what stereotype they are,” Hohan said. “It makes everyone feels as
freshman; you’re clueless and confused. The bell rings and you       if they’re part of something.”
notice the upperclassmen moving quicker to lunch than most days.         Senior Caroline Hindley agrees. Hindley said Spirit Week is her
You’re a freshman; you’re clueless and confused. You decide          favorite tradition because everyone dresses up.
to take your time going to your                                                                         Hindley also commented, “I think
locker. By the time you get to the
cafeteria, the lunch line runs all
                                        “I love the Hoover                                           that people need to participate more.
                                                                                                     Underclassmen don’t know what
                                                                                                     they’re doing, and they kind of look
the way to A hallway. You realize
something: you’re a freshman and     Vikings. That’s what I’m                                        at us like we’re on crack.”
                                                                                                        Despite what you believe about
you’re about to partake in another
school tradition that you haven’t
even heard about.
                                        passionate about.”                                           traditions at Hoover, one thing is
                                                                                                     certain: Hoover has an extreme
   But what is a tradition?                         – Dave Stuffey                                   hatred towards Jackson Logan said.
   “A tradition is an event that                                                                     But it hasn’t always been that way.
is held annually and is well                        “The Whistler”                                      “Our main rivalry was Louisville,”
known throughout the school and                                                                      Jodi McKean said, Hoover graduate
community,” junior Jenna Logan said. “I’m glad we have traditions    of 1987. “We would have a huge pep rally the night before we
because Hoover can be really boring, so we have traditions to make   played them. We would burn the [Louisville] leopard, and someone
school more exciting.”                                               would donate an old car, and the football players would smash it
   However, sophomore Chris Talamo said he is not excited about      with big sledge hammers.”
traditions. Talamo describes a tradition as “something I’m forced        Out with the old, in with the new. When asked what tradition
to do every year.”                                                   she would like to make before she leaves the high school, junior
   Though Talamo doesn’t enjoy most traditions, he said that he      Christiana Barbaro said that she would like to participate in a real
anticipates the tradition of senior pranks.                          Freshman Friday.
   “I want to be a part of that so I can go down in history for          “Kind of like in the movie ‘Dazed and Confused.’ I think we
pulling a sweet prank against the school,” Talamo said.              should initiate in the freshmen every year,” Barbaro said. “They
   Sophomore Jenna Hohan said one of her favorite traditions is      could go on missions for us, or we could just have them make the
22 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
                                                                                                                                                       DEREK QUINN
                                                                                     (Left) ---Zach Meleg, Leyna Chovan, Alyssa Marulli, Paul Frank, Andy
                                                                                     Glaws and Justin VanDyke paint up for the softball State
                                                                                     Championship game June 3. (Above) Jodi McKean (far left) poses with
                                                                                     the other senior class officers in the 1987 yearbook.

                                                                                      YOUR THOUGHTS
                                                                                         How do you feel about high
                                                                                            school traditions?
                                                                   MS PAM MCCARTHY

                                                                                        “I think traditions are good, because they give
                                                                                        you something to be proud of.”
                                                                                                                         –Alex Huth, 11
football player’s boxes for us.”
   Freshman Louie DeGeorge said that he isn’t so fond of the
                                                                                        “They’re good, because it’s like carrying on
Freshman Friday idea.                                                                   something people have done before you, and it
   “They don’t need a Freshman Friday. [The upperclassmen]                              gives you a sense of unity.”
always pick on me anyways,” DeGeorge said. “They make me                                                             –Brittany Annis, 12
take up their trays at lunch all the time.”
   While old traditions may disappear, traditions of senior pranks
may change yearly and new traditions may be established, one
                                                                                        “They’re bad, because then we don’t get
tradition has been around for years. It is almost guaranteed when                       as excited because we know when to expect
you watch a home football game, you will hear the infamous                              things.”
whistle coming from the band side of the reserved section.                                                        –Alexa Gordish, 10
   “When Jeff Logan started playing football [in 1976] I started
whistling,” Dave Stuffel, Logan’s grandfather, said. “I’ve been
whistling for about 30 years now, and it’s just grown since then.”
                                                                                        “I think they’re good, because it makes going
   Stuffel said that even though most Hoover fans support his                           to school more fun - it gives us something to
whistling, there are some people that he irritates.                                     look forward to.”
   As a precaution, Stuffel said, “the sales lady always tells [ticket                                                –Dani Garfield, 11
buyers] that they’ll be sitting by the whistler,” Stuffel said.
   While many wonder why Stuffel whistles, he claims it is for a
simple reason.
                                                                                        “They’re great, but there’s one tradition I’ve
   “I love the Hoover Vikings,” he said. “That’s what I’m                               been missing - ‘Cookie Tuesday.’”
passionate about.”                                                                                                   –Eleni Bourlas, 10
   Whether you’re a senior strutting around the school, trying to
work through a serious case of Senioritis, which also seems to be a                     “I think they’re going to be good. I’m looking
tradition at Hoover, according to Hindley, or if you’re a freshman,
clueless and confused, traditions are what you make of them.
                                                                                        forward to participating in all the traditions
   There’s one tradition that holds true year after year: most of                       that we have.”
the seniors will graduate and, once again, will be clueless and                                                         –Matt Theiss, 9
confused freshmen at college.
                                                                                                                      09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 23
     Traditions create unity,                       Rachel Bosyj • Staff Writer
    Take a walk down C Hallway and look at the ‘Big Senior Picture’        “It’s good to spend time with your teammates outside of
hanging on the walls. Senior class shirts and football jerseys are      practices, meets, games, competitions or whatever,” senior Tracy
seen even in the oldest pictures. Students still wear these jerseys     Risaliti said. “You get to know everyone on a more personal level
and shirts to show team spirit.                                         which makes everyone feel more comfortable with each other,
   Several of Hoover’s athletic teams have their own traditions         which in turn, can only help your team compete better.”
as well, ranging from dyeing hair to team feeds to final senior            One popular restaurant for team dinners is Mama Guzzardi’s,
hits, that they follow year after year after year. But why do they      more commonly known as Mama G’s. Both the swimming and
continue to follow these traditions? Is it for team unity or is it to   cross country teams have Thursday night team dinners there.
feel a part of something bigger?                                           “It’s always Mama G’s, never anywhere else or it wouldn’t be a
   “Traditions are the guideposts driven deep in our subconscious       tradition,” senior Andy Hoffman said.
minds,” as columnist Ellen Goodman once said.                              Not only do traditions revolve around eating but there are also
   Assistant Principal, Peggy Savage believes that “kids follow         many focused on pumping up the team and their unity.
the traditions because when they are younger they hear about all           For the girls soccer team, one way they have always started
these neat things that the older kids do and they want to have their    their games is by holding hands during the National Anthem and
turn.”                                                                  then finishing it screaming, shouting and running straight into their
   Head Cross Country coach Travis Ackerman agrees.                     huddle, junior Jackie Nicodemo said.
   “You wait four years to be a senior
and then you get to be the leader and
you want to pass everything down.
You want to connect past success to
future success,” he said.
   Many of Hoover’s team
traditions revolve around team
feeds. The cross country team has
pasta parties, the football team has
Thursday night team dinners, the
girls basketball team has a home-
cooked meal before every away
game, the swimming team goes to
Mama Guzzardi’s every Thursday
and the list continues.
   “Everyone has to eat, so we
might as well eat as a team,” senior
Stephanie Gibson said.
   According to Gibson, it’s a
tradition for some of the parents to
cook a meal for the girls basketball
team before every away game so the
players have a good meal in their
                                      DEREK QUINN

   “The parents really love doing it
and we really love eating it too,” she
said. “The tradition just stuck.”
   Another sport that involves parents cooking for team members             “We do it for team unity and to let the other team know we are
is cross-country. Every Friday night before a meet, several             there and ready to play our best against them,” she said.
parents cook pounds of pasta and hundreds of meatballs for eager            The cross-country teams also have pump-up cheers.
runners.                                                                    “During warm-ups, it’s tradition for every team competing to
   “Pasta parties started about 15 years ago because Coach Clegg        do some sort of pump up cheer,” Delamater said. “With all the
wanted everyone to eat pasta before races and realized that having      teams standing around getting ready to run, the louder and more
a pasta party would be a good way to do that,” Travis Ackerman          intimidating your cheer is, the better.”
said, head cross-country coach.                                             However, not all pump-up tactics involve yelling and screaming.
   Not only are the pasta parties good for health reasons, but they     For the girls soccer and basketball teams, it is done through
are also good for team unity.                                           decorating and signs.

24 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
   develop lasting bonds
    “For most home and important games we always have and will
continue to decorate our lockers with inspirational messages and
signs and make bags for each other,” Nicodemo said. “We do it
show support for everyone on the team.”
    Following in similar footsteps are the girls and boys basketball
teams. On the girls side, the parents have decorated the locker
room for years.
    “They want us to feel special and get us excited for the upcoming
game,” Gibson said. “They’ve decorated for years and it seems to
work so they continue to do it,”
    Many traditions are set aside especially for seniors.
    “I think it’s good for seniors to have special traditions because
it’s a way to pass down all the hard work they have put in over the
years and let the underclassman know if they work just as hard then
their time will come to be seniors and have the same traditions,”
senior Scott Gnau said.
    One such senior tradition is the “final hit” in football. The final
hit occurs on the last Thursday night practice, usually before the

                                                                                                                                                 CoURTESY of KRISTEN GIbbS
Jackson game, where all the players stand around a tackling bag
and the seniors make a final hit in front of everyone.
    “It’s an old and really nice tradition to honor the seniors and
give them one last ‘hurrah’,” Gnau said.
    Savage agrees.
    “I remember watching my oldest son do his final hit and it was
emotional seeing his senior season coming to an end,” she said.
    Not all senior traditions are sad however. It has become tradition
for the cheerleaders to decorate the senior football player’s yard
the Thursday before games.
    “It’s something the guys look forward to their senior year and
for us it’s just another way to support them before the games,”
senior Tara Adams said. “The cheerleaders have done it for as long
as I can remember and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.”
    Another senior tradition involves an old swim jacket. Every
year a graduating senior passes down a swimming jacket to an
upcoming senior.
    “My sister started the tradition about 10 years ago. She gave her
senior swim jacket to an upcoming senior and used it to represent
passing down the senior leadership,” Matt Johnson, head swim
                                                                                                                                                     DEREK QUINN
coach said.
    No matter what the tradition or how old it is, most athletes
follow them for the same reason: to connect the past to the present
and the present to the future.
    “Traditions bring teams together and even brings the alumni
together with the current teams,” Hoffman said.
    Gibson agrees.                                                        g (Opposite page) Several Hoover swimmers shave their bleached
                                                                          hair before the sectional meet. It’s tradition for the swim team to bleach
    “The traditions that have been going on for a while connect
                                                                          their hair before the distict meet and then shave it off before section-
teams over the years. Every year it gets passed on and it makes you       als. g (Top) Kristin Gibbs and Susie Johnsen pose with the swim team
want to continue them,” she said. “You don’t want to be the year          jacket originally passed down from Johnsen to an upcoming senior girl.
to break the tradition.”                                                  Now, at the end of each season, the jacket is given from a graduating
    For others, traditions make the team what they are.                   senior to an upcoming senior. g (Above) Suzie Semroc dissects a frog
    “Our traditions are important because they are what makes             in Anatomy while wearing Matt Wakulchik’s football jersey. It’s tradition
hover football what it is. Without them we would be just an average       for girls to wear football players’ practice jerseys on Fridays.
team,” Orr said.
                                                                                                             09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 25
Traditions enrich high school
                                                 Kayla Carpenter • Staff Writer

   You see a few seniors walking towards you with a gift. And         breakfast.
then they hand you a toilet seat.                                        “It started by default because there was no place to announce
   Since 2004, the senior class has been passing a toilet seat down   the senior bests,” Savage said.
from class to class. This tradition was started by Drew Riley, Lee       But now, it is becoming a standing Hoover tradition.
Crumrine and Matt Ricciardi.                                             “It has turned into one of my favorite traditions because it’s just
   This year, senior Andy Hoffman has this infamous seat.             wonderful to see all of [the seniors] together before they go off to
   “I got it from Stephen Wakulchik on the senior’s last day of       college,” she said.
school last year,” Hoffman said. “I guess they give it to whoever        Apart from the school wide traditions, clubs and organizations
they think is the coolest junior.”                                                                     have their own traditions.
   Hoover High School has annual                                                                          National      Honors    Society
traditions, some school wide and                                                                       (NHS) has many traditions that are
some within clubs.                                                                                     performed throughout the country.
   A favorite of all of these traditions                                                                  One of the traditions is the
happens in the cafeteria.                                                                              induction ceremony.
   “Turkey Gravy Day might just                                                                           “All of the new members take
be one of the best days all year,”                                                                     turns lighting candles,” NHS
sophomore Stacia Bagnolo said.                                                                         advisor Flo Rankin said.
   Some students who buy turkey                                                                           NHS also has a spring service
gravy tend to buy a lot.                                                                               project and it brings the members
   “Well, on Turkey Gravy Day, I                                                                       closer together.
get the full lunch plus one serving,                                                                      “We’re all working like we’re
then I get another full                                                                                on the same team,” she said.
lunch and another
serving, and then I
go back up to get
                          “[Our traditions] make                                                          NHS has an annual “tapping” to
                                                                                        inform the new members of their acceptance.
                                                                                            “That tradition is so big I almost overlooked
another      serving,”
senior Erik Kennelly
                             Hoover, Hoover.”                                           it,” she said.
                                                                                            At Hoover, the seniors give the juniors an
said. “Then, I have                    – Stacia Bagnolo                                 engraved card to inform them of their acceptance.
been known to skip                                                                      This year’s “tapping’ will be held January 30,
out of study hall to go                   sophomore                                     2007.
get some more.”                                                                             Leadership Council also has traditions.
          Last year on a Turkey Gravy Day, the kitchen had               “Every fall, we have Leadership camp,” senior Chris Magoon,
problems, and was unable to produce the famous turkey gravy.          member of Leadership Council youth staff said. “It helps us to get
The administration called Taco Bell and ordered tacos for the         to know each other a lot better.”
whole school. Making Taco Bell Day an annual tradition is in             Choir has their own rituals. Before performances they hold
discussion.                                                           hands and sing “May the Lord Bless and Keep You.”
   “Taco Bell should be made a tradition because it adds variety         “It’s very awe inspiring,” senior Erik Essig said. “I always get
to our menu,” sophomore Rachel Libertin. “The food is really          goosebumps.”
tasty and the amount you get for the price is awesome. Unless they       The choir also has a “promo” day each year. They leave school
change the price this year, I think the school should make this a     at nine and distribute flyers and posters around the community.
tradition.”                                                              “It’s a lot of fun because we get to be crazy high schoolers
   Outside of the cafeteria, Hoover has pep rallies for fall and      together,” he said.
winter sports.                                                           At the auditions for the musical, everyone has their own
   Peggy Savage, associate principal and former Hoover student,       traditions.
class of 1977, said when she attended Hoover, they had pep rallies       “Every year, my mom drives me to my audition and we sing
every Friday.                                                         my song on the way,” he said. “We’ve being doing that since sixth
   “Our pep rallies were very elaborate and everyone attended,”       grade.”
she said. “We did the ‘class rah’ cheers, and of course we booed         On the Hoover flag line, they have dinner and get ready together
the freshmen.”                                                        every Friday before the games.
   However, many students still enjoy pep rallies.                       “We’re already really good friends from being together in band
   “Pep rallies are a good way to get everyone revved up for the      everyday, but this just makes us closer,” Morgan said.
football game that night,” sophomore Kelsey Morgan said.                 The traditions at Hoover make it what it is.
   A new tradition which was started two years ago, is the senior        “They make Hoover, Hoover,” Bagnolo said.

26 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
     We have spirit – yes, we do!
                                                   Amy Robenstine • Staff Writer

    Walking through the doors at Hoover High School, the first up for, but there is usually one that stands out.
sight is Willy Wonka and one of his Oompa Loompas. Turn the               “Nothing beats Wacky Wednesday,” Scaglione said.
corner, and see a mass of bright colored clothings. Most people           Palmer, however, has a different opinion.
would run in fright, but students know it is just Wacky Wednesday         “I don’t even know how Wacky Wednesday relates to football,”
in the middle of the highly anticipated Spirit Week.                   she said. “I think the hall decorating is an important part of the
    Spirit Week, the week before the Hoover vs. Jackson football week. It was intended to pull classes together in order for one class
game, has been an ongoing Hoover tradition for many years. that had the most spirit to triumph over the others.”
During the week, each day has a different theme, allowing the             Some students believe that the idea of two spirit weeks, with
students to dress in a variety of outfits they would not usually wear another during basketball season, would be even better for the
to school.                                                             school.
    According to Mrs. Peggy Savage, Associate Principal, when             “I think we did that my freshman year and it was awesome,”
she attended Hoover, Spirit Week didn’t exist and their rival was Scaglione said. “Especially if you were sick for the first week, or
not Jackson.                                                                                              didn’t have anything to dress up
    “Back then, our biggest                                                                               in.”
rival was Louisville,” she said.                                                                              Others aren’t so sure.
“We’d have a big bonfire the                                                                                  “Even though basketball is
night before the game.”                                                                                   popular, the week is before the
    English teacher, Ms. Rita                                                                             huge Jackson game and there is
Palmer remembers those days                                                                               so much community spirit that
as well.                                                                                                  it would be incredibly hard to
    “The average student wore                                                                             duplicate that excitement later on

                                                                                                               CoURTESY of LIz PoRTER
spirit tags that were handmade                                                                            in the year,” Close said.
from construction paper by the                                                                                Sophomore Sarah Maj said
cheerleaders and their friends,”                                                                          she feels like one spirit week is
she said.                                                                                                 better.
    Senior Kristen Scaglione                                                                                  “I think one per year is enough.
said she thinks the idea of a                                                                            Otherwise it kind of loses the
bonfire or big pep rally is still a                                                                      anticipation aspect,” she said.
good one.                                                                                                    Though everyone has a
    “We have the ‘traditional’ pep                                                                       different opinion on themes of
rally, but no one seems to care                                                                          outfits, everyone agrees that Spirit
about those,” she said. “There                                                                           Week is a positive tradition that
needs to be a way to make the                                                                            should live on.
pep rallies more fun.”                                                                                       “I like the traditions that tie
                                                                                                       CoURTESY of LIz PoRTER

    The pep rally before the                                                                             today’s classes back to previous
game in the 1960s was a much                                                                             classes at Hoover,” Palmer said.
bigger deal.                                                                                                 Close said she believes it’s part
    “The coach always spoke and                                                                          of the “high school experience.”
the cheerleaders put on skits for (Top) Neil Michaels, Tara Adams, Ryan Adley and Kristen Mieskowski         “It’s a week where no one
the whole school,” Palmer said. pose for a picture on Wacky Wednesday. (Above) A senior football         really cares what people look like
    Though Spirit Week has player’s yard is decorated for spirit week.                                   or how they act, and everyone,
evolved, and the parade and bonfire no longer exist, students are including the teachers, sort of lets go of stress and have fun,” she
still excited to show their school pride.                              said. “In high school that’s really important, because you have to
    “It’s so much fun and it really brings a ton of the student body have fun!”
together,” senior Amanda Close said.                                      Maj agreed with Close about how important Spirit Week is.
    Most would agree that it is a good time for school unity.             “High school wouldn’t be the same without Spirit Week,” she
    “It provokes talking amongst people about the crazy outfits and said.

                                                                                         Spirit We
it brings them together,” junior Jessica Crofford said.

                                                                             This year’ ober 23-27!
    According to Savage, Spirit Week is a good way for those
“quieter” students to be involved as well.
    “It’s important to have themes that are safe so the crazier kids
                                                                               ing up Oc
aren’t the only ones dressing up,” she said. “It’s for everyone.”
    There have been many interesting themes for students to dress
                                                                                                                                  09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 27
Nathan Floom
Staff Writer

   It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s “Hollywoodland,” sporting
Adrian Brody and Ben Affleck in a murder mystery/drama that
will leave you dead in your seat wishing that the real superman
will rescue you.
   “Hollywoodland” takes place in the late 50s when television
was black and white, cable didn’t exist and “Superman” staring
Reeves (Affleck) is the biggest thing on television. The film centers
on Luwis Simo (Brody), a quick talking, gum chewing, private
investigator who picks up the seemingly open and shut suicide case
of “Superman” star Reeves. He digs deep into the life of Reeves
and untangles a mass of adultery and deception that seems to apply
to every character. In the end Simo struggles to deal with the case,
which is constantly going against him.
   The film’s best quality lies with Adrian Brody whose acting
prowess has been seen on many big films such as “King Kong”
and the three academy award wining movie “The Pianist,” which
he took home an Oscar for best actor. He lives up to his name
in “Hollywoodland,” fitting the flawed detective role perfectly,
in addition to showing raw emotions that only a true pro could
   As for Mr. Ben Affleck; he should hook up with Matt Damon
and write another movie.
                                                                             COURTESY OF FOCUS FEATURES/USED WITH PERMISSION

   The general plot of the movie is interesting; it takes the story of
Simo and Reeves and sort of reverses them, making the film end
with the suicide. The film fails in the fact that it is very predictiable,
almost to the point of being stupid. The ending comes at no surprise
and you know right off the bat who is corrupt and who isn’t, though
every person in the film seems to be flawed.
   In the end you are sure to be wishing that superman would come
and help you fly away from this unique but ultimately uninteresting

‘World Trade Center’
Kali Amos                                          between the Twin Towers, Port Authority                                           conversations to each other, their family’s
Staff Writer                                       Sgt. John McLoughlin (Nicolas Cage) and                                           grief, and the rescue workers looking for
                                                   Officer Will Jimeno (Michael Pena), and                                           them.
   When the previews for “World Trade              their families who are waiting for news of                                           In order to make this film as accurate
Center” came out, one wondered how                 their survival.                                                                   as possible Cage, Pena, Maria Bello
appropriate this film would be. On one side,          The plot starts out with a brief glimpse                                       (plays Donna McLoughlin), and Maggie
the story of the New York City firemen and         of the policemen’s daily lives at home                                            Gyllenhaal (plays Allison Jimeno) all
police officers needed to be told. Perhaps,        and at work. Then after they have started                                         spent time with the people that they were
however, it was too soon to be making a            a normal day, they are called in because a                                        impersonating.
movie about them.                                  plane hits one of the twin towers.                                                   Gyllenhaal visited Allison Jimeno
   After watching the movie one can                   Sgt. McLoughlin gathers a group of men                                         several times so that she could fully
conclude that not only does this film help         to evacuate the building. While inside the                                        convince the audience of what it was like
bring to life the emotions and decisions           second airplane hits and they are forced to                                       to be pregnant during that traumatic time.
that the rescue workers and their families         run to the elevator shaft for safety.                                                Pena also spent a few months living
had to deal with, but also keep the viewer            When the rubble falls most of the                                              with Will Jimeno and his family so that he
entertained.                                       group is killed, except for McLoughlin                                            could better play Will’s character.
   The director, Oliver Stone, mainly              and Jimeno who manage to barely survive
alternates between the two rescue workers          trapped under large slabs of concrete.
that are trapped in the elevator shaft                The rest of the film focuses on their                                                                Continued on p. 32
28 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
Bob Dylan: ‘Modern Times’
   Throughout much of the decade of the         release, he creates music that is highly
60s, songwriter and folk artist Bob Dylan       listenable and compelling for fans of his
was the man to watch. In his early career       music from all the periods of his different
before 1965, Dylan evoked the spirit of         styles.
timeless folk music in the early century            One thing that is evident as soon as
while bringing forth a feeling of protest for   “Modern Times” begins is that it’s filled
the current times in such songs as “Blowin’     with mostly fun and sharp material, the
in the Wind” and “The Times They Are            best example of that being “Thunder on the
a-Changin.” Progressing from this, the          Mountain.” The more bluesy “Rollin’ and
musician transformed his music into full-       Tumblin,” is devilishly exciting for anyone
out rock and roll with the album “Highway       who’s wanted Dylan to explore the blues
61 Revisited.” With it, Bob Dylan was           genre a little more.                            listeners going to experience this emotion
set in stone as one of the most influential         For the most part, Dylan’s lyrical genius   if the creator himself seems too scripted,
musicians of the century. His career            extends universally to every track. And as      too troubled to really care?
continued with more successful releases.        should be expected; he’s been doing this            But that aside, “Modern Times” is
   However, starting in the 70s and up until    for over 40 years. But if there’s one major     a huge triumph for Dylan. He deserves
these past few years, Dylan has existed         complaint about “Modern Times,” it’s            nothing but respect for doing what he does
somewhere between a joke career and just        that while all the songs are to evoke some      best: creating well rounded and beautiful
worn-out music. He’s made some unusual          sort of strong emotion from the listener,       pieces with great, thought-inducing lyrics.
decisions with his music, creating pieces       Dylan himself never really seems to feel        And after 31 albums and over 60 years of
that were more country and bluegrass than       this emotion himself. He’s getting up in        age, it’s amazing to observe as Bob Dylan
rock and roll, but it’s obvious Dylan has       the years, obviously, but it’s truly a shame    even further solidifies the truth that he is, in
done this for himself and what he feels         to not hear the emotion pouring out of his      this reviewer’s opinion, the most legendary
will make a good album for the fans of the      voice like when he sang “Like a Rolling         musician of this century.
genre. But with “Modern Times,” his latest      Stone” or “It Ain’t Me, Babe.” How are the        Rating: 9.0                – Brian Hines
Christina Aguilera:                             Tom Petty:                                      Beyonce Knowles:
‘Back to Basics’                                ‘Highway Companion’                             ‘B’Day’
    Christina       Aguilera’s                      “Saving Grace,” the first                        Beyonce is back at
 new record, “Back to                           single from Tom Petty’s new                      it again, showing her
 Basics,” sets her apart from                   album sets the standard for                      growth and maturity as an
 mainstream pop stars. She                      the rest of the CD. The first                    artist on her new album,
 grabs inspiration from blues                   single on the album starts                       “B’Day.” She once again

   7.5 8.0 8.0
 and jazz works of the 20s,                     off with some good old-                          proves her originality by
 30s and 40s, making her album stand out        fashioned rock and roll. The song opens          experimenting with the new
 among today’s usual releases.                  with “I’m passing sleeping cities...” From       sounds and edgy lyrics in her sophomore
    She gives her audience a taste of big       Petty’s first album in 1976 to his latest        solo album, the first since her multi-
 band, fast tracks in her single, “Ain’t No     release in 2006, he has certainly passed         platinum solo debut three years ago.
 Other Man.” Aguilera slows down the            a number of sleeping cities. “Highway                The first two singles, “Déjà Vu” and
 pace on ballads with more serious issues,      Companion” is his 19th album in 30               “Ring the Alarm” are already big hits with
 like the domestic violence she endured as      years, and his third solo album.                 fans. “Ring the Alarm” is perfect for any
 a child in “Oh Mother.”                            Petty plays all the instruments on           woman ever been scorned by a cheating
    Aguilera’s sound can be compared to         the album like a man with 30 years               man. “Déjà Vu,” along with “Upgrade
 that of blues legends Billy Holiday and        experience. The sound is easily identified       U,” are duets in which she teams up with
 Ella Fitzgerald in tracks such as “I’ve        as Petty, but compared to his other albums,      rap artist and boyfriend Jay-Z. Full of
 Got Troubles.” “They’re going to see           this one is a little more mellow. He mixes       catchy hip-hop based songs, this album
 a whole other side of Christina,” Linda        his signature rock and roll sound with a         will keep listeners entertained for hours.
 Perry, assistant producer of Aguilera’s        little bit of softer Neil Young mixed in.            This upbeat album proves that
 record, said. Her throwback theme and          If you liked Petty’s albums in the past,         Beyonce is a force to be reckoned
 strongest vocals yet, show a new side of       then this album is for you. “Highway             with, and guarantees this will
 Christina.                                     Companion,” is the perfect companion             not be the last we hear of her.
    For anyone who may not have liked           for future lonely drives.
 her in the past, take a second look.
                          – Chelsea Gory                                   – Joe Curran                                   – Crystal Olsen
                                                                                                         09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 29

                                          ri neto wn’
                                 ‘U                                                                        Hotblades (Carlos Lopez), Hope Cladwell (Holly Ann But-
                                                                                                           ler) and Little Becky Two Shoes (Amanda Ryan Paige)
                                                                                                           perform the song and dance number ‘Snuff that Girl.’
                                                                                                           Bottom: Bobby Strong (Chris Murrah) leads the cast of
                                                                                                           ‘Urinetown’ as they sing ‘Look to the Sky.’

Alison Ritchie                                                        politicians enforce a ban on the use of            Whatever sparks the songs lack, the
Staff Writer                                                          private toilets. People are forced to pay       choreography, artistic design and the
                                                                      a fee for the use of public amenities.          performers set ablaze. The actors, while
   Many people know not to judge a book                               Bobby Strong (Chris Murrah), a poor kid         brilliant in their performance, were letting
by its cover. But those people should also                            with his head in the clouds, falls in love      loose and having fun on stage. They let the
be told not to judge a musical by its title.                          with Hope (Holly Ann Butler), who just          sheer wit and audacity of the script carry
Anyone who doesn’t go see “Urinetown”                                 happens to be the daughter of the CEO of        them. Most notable were the voices of
simply because its title is of poor taste is                          the company. After Bobby’s father is taken      Penelope Pennywise (Michele Ragusa) and
going to miss one of the best and most                                off to “Urinetown” for violation of the law,    Little Sally (Karen Katz), who were both
original musicals put on by The Carousel                              Bobby brings together the underclass to         pitch-perfect.
Dinner Theatre.                                                       start a revolution against corporate greed.        “Urinetown” is the type of off-Broadway
   The plot of the musical is as outlandish                               “Urinetown” is a dumb musical for           musical that people will either love or
as the name suggests. Set in the future, a                            smart people in the best way possible. It       hate. Audience members will either leave
20 year-long drought has depleted the                                  is a political satire filled with humerous     during intermission or be begging to stay
world’s water supply.                                                   quips that shatter any previous illusions
A                                                                        people might have had about what
                                                                         musicals should and should not be. The        “Urinetown”
                                                                           audience is involved in the show, yet       will be performed at
                                                                           remains detached from the characters,
                                                                            and for good reason. The writers don’t     The Carousel Dinner Theatre
                                                                             want you to relate to the people, they    1275 Waterloo Rd.
                                                                             want you to analyze the situation         Akron, OH 44306
                                                                              while laughing hysterically about it
                                                                                   The songs, while being both         Through Nov.4
                                                                                clever and original, were not
                                                                                 memorable enough to ever
                                                                                consider purchasing the soundtrack.
                                                                      “Urinetown” is a musical that should be          For tickets call:
                                                      and   corrupt
                                                                      experienced and not listened to in a CD
30 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
Don’t Think Twice – It’s All Right
Entertainment summer wrap-up
    Much to the dismay of most of Hoover’s student body, the even ended. It’s a shame that the director of the horrible “Rush
school year is up and going again. While we all are receiving our Hour” movies had to take the helm. Bryan Singer, the director of
first large projects and essay assignments, I think we should take the first two films, had another huge project to undertake, though.
this time to try and remember all of the high points of the summer “Superman Returns” was one of the only movies I truly enjoyed
in terms of music, movies and all kinds of entertainment. Fret not, this summer. Like “Batman Begins,” “Returns” reinvents the
my peers, the summer was good enough to remember and will be Superman franchise with new actors, new stories and brand new
sure to brighten your day!                                            conflicts. It was highly enjoyable, and I’m a little peeved that it
    Let’s start out on the music side of things. After a fairly wasn’t a huge box office hit. I’m excited for the sequel that will
uneventful early year for album releases, except of course The most likely come from this.
Flaming Lips’ “At War with the Mystics,” the summer brought               Of course, the best movie this summer was the blockbuster hit
some pretty good releases. Alt-rock favorite Sonic Youth                         and record-setter “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s
came out with “Rather Ripped,” a great return for a band                         Chest.” This sequel had almost no flaws whatsoever and
that has been placed on a high pedestal for the last decade.                     will, in my opinion, go down in history as one of the
Guster also released “Ganging Up on the Sun,” an                                 best summer blockbuster flicks with movies like “Jaws,”
excellent follow-up from their debut album that continues                        “Indiana Jones” and the original “Star Wars” trilogy.
their rich, relieving sound. But best of all, The Format,                        Everything worked so well with the movie. The special
following up their insanely successful “Interventions                            effects were the best I’ve seen in a movie since the “Lord
and Lullabies,” banged out the nearly flawless “Dog                              of the Rings” trilogy. Johnny Depp was, of course, a
Problems.” The release continues with the Format’s well-                         smash hit yet again with his Jack Sparrow character,
                                                               Brian Hines
known pop sound combined with a surprisingly rich and                            whose awkwardness alone brings in droves of people.
fresh brass section that can be best heard in the title track.                   Interesting story, great action sequences and an awesome
I feel guilty for listening to something so pop, but I don’t care; it cliffhanger made this movie the best one of the summer.
sounds fantastic.                                                         So that was it for summer of 2006. Pretty average overall with
    So while the music side of things was pretty good, films for some big disappointments in movies, but music has been pretty
this past summer were pretty awful, starting with “X3: The Last good over the middle of the year. There’s some big things coming
Stand.” The first two movies in the trilogy were so well made and up in the fall and winter, so while we slave away in school, at least
exciting but the last entry sputtered and died before the first act we have something to look forward to.

                                    Back                         to the                      Classics
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – 1961
 Maggie Morrow
 Staff Writer
     Combining the quirky character of           writer whose unlimited bank account has             Despite its title, the movie’s main focus
 Holly Golightly with the fabulously             been provided by a wealthy older woman.         is not Tiffany & Co. The only connection
 stylish Audrey Hepburn may have been            He has a witty sense of humor and takes         to the jewelry store in this movie is Holly’s
 one of the smartest things Hollywood has        a romantic interest in Holly. And after         belief that “nothing very bad could happen
 ever created.                                   spending more time with her he becomes          to you [Tiffany’s]. If I could find a real-life
     “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is the 1961        disgusted with himself and leaves his           place that’d make me feel like Tiffany’s
 classic about flighty socialite Holly           benefactress.                                   then I’d buy some furniture and give the
 Golightly (Hepburn) and her neighbor Paul           After numerous failed romances, Holly,      cat a name.”
 Varjak (George Peppard). They instantly         terribly upset over a public disgrace,              This film isn’t the quality some expect
 become friends when Holly sneaks into           heartlessly abandons Cat in an alleyway.        from a classic, but it’s not a bad film. The
 Paul’s apartment after a fight with one of      Paul confronts her about her inability to       acting quality, sets and costumes are great.
 her many “super-rat” boyfriends.                be depended upon and leaves her stranded        But the storyline is a little shakey and has
     As the pair become acquainted with          in a taxi to look for Cat. The final scene      a confusing chronology.
 one another, the details of their lives spill   is the most vivid and best remembered of            What attracts most people to “Breakfast
 out onto the silver screen. Holly is a flakey   the movie: Holly, with tears in her eyes,       at Tiffany’s” is Hepburn’s signature style,
 New York gold-digger with an unnamed            finds Cat, and shares a kiss in the rain with   sophistication and stardom, which often
 feline called Cat. Paul, in contrast, is a      Paul.                                           times makes or breaks a potential classic.
                                                                                                           09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 31
Indies in Town

                                                                                                   VIKING VIEWS FILE PHOTO
Lindsay Quinn
Staff Writer

    Aspiring to make it to the big screen, four       •October 7 – “Russian Dolls:” Xavier
directors will be showing their independent       is an upcoming novelist who tends to sit
films at The Canton Palace Theatre’s Fifth        on the pessimistic side of things. But one
Annual Art Film Festival. From comedies,          thing he’s sure he has right is his love for
to French, to a documentary, the Palace will      women; he can seduce any woman he
be filled with a variety of audiences.            chooses. However, his lack of commitment
    •October 5 – “Elevator to the Gallows:”       in business, love and life starts to catch up
To kick off the Festival, the Palace will be      to him in this comedy directed by Cedric
hosting a complimentary Pre-Movie Party           Klapisch. Not Rated.
in the balcony before opening with director           •October 8 – “Guys and Balls:”
Louis Malle’s French film. This drama             In Sherry Hormann’s sports comedy
deals with a murderous wife, in which she         she focuses on two things: soccer and              art films for the public, though. They are
and her lover’s plans take an unexpected          homosexuality. In this mix of themes, Ecki,        usually shown every Thursday with a large
turn. Not Rated.                                  a young gay male, plays on a soccer team           variety of genres to see. For the art film
    •October 6 – “Word Play:” New                 filled with homophobic teammates that              lovers, Art Film Club memberships are
York Times daily crossword puzzle; it’s           soon kick him out after hearing his secret.        available for $10 a year. A membership
history, it’s creation and it’s addicted          This urges Ecki to form an all-gay soccer          gives benefits of free popcorn, preferred
solvers. It’s exactly what Patrick Creadon’s      team to compete against his former team            balcony seating and notification of
documentary is about. His film moves              in a match of grudge, realization and harsh        upcoming screenings.
through all aspects of the not-so-simple          competition. However, this film will be               The Film Festival will be showing each of
crossword puzzle, and even over to the            only for limited audiences, as it has been         these films at 7:30 p.m. for a $5 admission, as
annual crossword convention in Stamford.          given an R rating.                                 an art film fundraiser. For more information
Rated PG.                                             This isn’t the only time the Palace offers     visit

‘World Trade Center’
Continued from p. 28                                                            Be CLEVER. Be CREATIVE. And WIN!
    Cage and Pena were able to keep the audience involved even
while stuck under the rubble by using facial expression and
changes of voice.
    The only actress that was not fully convincing was Bello.
While she does try to make it sound as if she is truly panicking
over her husbands disappearance, the audience can tell that she
is a little too calm about the situation for it to be real.
    It was the details in the set that made it seem like you were
really at the towers in 2001. The set designers made every detail
accurate from the “Zoolander” movie billboard to the shops in
the trade center.
    While most of the movie was filmed in New York City they
had to improvise for the towers. The film crew rebuilt a three
dimensional model of the World Trade Center in Los Angeles so
that the buildings could be seen. The model is so realistic you
can not tell the difference between what the towers had looked
like and the new model.
    The only part of the film that I would have taken out was
the flashbacks that showed McLoughlin and Jimeno’s past. They
do not relate with the situation, and only take away from the
families roles in the movie.
    World Trade Center truly shows how people can help each
other in the most desperate of times. It is a movie that will be
forever used to illustrate what went on during that historically
significant day.

32 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
                                              things to do
                                           September/October                                                                                                22                      23 Homecoming
                                                                                                                                                                First issue of                              Dance
                                                                                                                                                                                                         7:30-11 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                 The Viking                              Woody Allen’s
                                                                                                                                                                 Views out                              “Don’t Drink the
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Water” at Coach
                                                Although we cannot promise publication, please let us know about your cultural event!                              today!                               House Theatre -
                                                                    E-mail us at                                                                                              8 p.m.
                               24                       25                     26                          27                         28                    29                      30
                                                                                                                                                                “The Guardian” in
                                Last showing of “Nat                                 Ringling Bros. and         Ringling Bros. and      Author Maddox at          theaters today
                                                                                    Barnum and Bailey          Barnum and Bailey                                                          “Rocktoberfest” at EJ
                               King Cole and Friends”                                                                                  Border’s Books and
                                                                                    Circus at the Canton       Circus at the Canton                                                          Thomas Hall -
                                  at Actors’ Summit                                                                                     Music, Cuyahoga        Parson’s Dance
                                                                                        Civic Center -             Civic Center -                                                                6 p.m.
                                      Theater -                                                                                               Falls -       Company at EJ Thomas
                                        2 p.m.                                              7 p.m.             4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.         7:30 p.m.               Hall -
                                                                                                                                                                   8 p.m.

                               1                        2                       3                          4                          5                     6                         7
                                                                                     New Evanescence                                                               “49 Up”
                                                                                                                “The Texas                                   and “The Departed”

                                                                                                                                                                                    Leonardo DiCaprio
                                                                                     “The Open Door”,
                                   “The Man of Her                                      The Killers         Chainsaw Massacre:                                 open in theatres
                                Dreams” at the Canton                                “Sam’s Town”, and        The Beginning”
                                   Palace Theatre -                                         Jet               movie release                                  Eric Vincent Concert
                                      7:30 p.m.                                         “Shine On”                                                           at Lake High School
09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 33

                                                                                       CD releases

                               8                        9                      10                          11                         12                    13                      14

                               “Urinetown” continues                                                                                                         Second issue
                                                                                     Sister Hazel                                          Kasey Chambers
                                 at Carousel Dinner
                                                                                     “Absolutely”                                                            of The Viking
                                      Theatre -                                                                                               “Carnival”
                                       3 p.m.
                                                                                     CD Release                                              CD Release        Views out

                                                                                                                                                                             Compiled by Michelle Bair

Fabulous freshmen
A group of young
newcomers fuels
the varsity team
Alyssa DeGeorge
Staff Writer

    “Froshy,” “fresh meat,” “fish,” “newb.”
Upperclassmen might make fun of them,
but the freshmen are making their marks
on the cross country teams.
    “[The freshmen] are doing awesome,”
said Travis Ackerman, head coach of the
boys’ team. “They’re actually a little bit
better than I expected.”
    Of the seven varsity members on each
                                                DDEREK QUINN

team, four are freshmen. Freshmen Sarah
Tirrell, Allison Peare and Erin Garfield are
running for the girls and freshman Parker
Queen for the boys.                             being a freshman can be hard.                   Freshman Sarah Tirrell runs with senior Jackie
                                                                                                Delameter during the varsity race at the Tiffin
    Lauren Linz, a junior runner, said she is      “We know we’re the little ones on the
                                                                                                Carnival Sept. 9.
impressed with the freshmen.                    team,” Peare said. “It’s hard sometimes
    “Usually the freshmen are a little          because [the upperclassmen] have more              Everyone seems to have high
intimidated, but this year they haven’t been    experience and they know each other.”           expectations for the future.
scared to show their talent,” she said.            Sarah Tirrell, another freshman on the          “We have a tradition at Hoover that
    Queen is ranked number seven on the         varsity team, agrees.                           for years we went to [the State meet],”
boys’ varsity team.                                “Sometimes it’s a little intimidating        Ackerman said. “Since the 1990s, there’s
    “I’ve been running since seventh grade,     because [the upperclassmen] know the            only been two years that we haven’t
and from then, I’ve improved a lot,” he         courses and we’re just freshmen learning,”      gone.”
said. “In seventh grade I wasn’t that           she said.                                          Both teams have a goal to make it to
great, but now I’m just up there with the          However, according to the girls’ head        the state race, but according to Kirkland,
upperclassmen.”                                 coach, Jason Kirkland, the whole team,          they’re taking it “one meet at a time.”
    Senior Kyle Roshak said that freshmen       including the freshmen, is very close.             Blake says that the freshmen will help to
don’t usually make the varsity team.               “It’s one big family,” he said. “It’s like   contribute to this goal.
    “It’s very rare just because they’re        they’re 45 sisters on the team.”                   “A lot of people thought we were going
younger and not as physically developed,”          Roshak says it’s similar for the boys’       to be worse after last year’s seniors left, but
he said.                                        team.                                           we feel we can be just as good,” he said.
    However, Ackerman said he feels that           “We always try to take the freshmen             The boys’ team is currently ranked
having strong freshmen runners helps other      under our wing and incorporate them             second in the federal league, and the girls
runners to do better.                           in whatever we do,” he said. “We’ve             are ranked fourth.
    “If [the freshmen] come in and work         developed a good team atmosphere.”                 Peare is excited for the future as well.
hard, everyone else works hard,” he said.          According to Ackerman, there are no             “It’s exciting because I have three more
“It looks bad if freshmen are working           hard feelings about the freshmen talent.        years of cross country and knowing that
harder than juniors, so juniors work harder        “With running, it’s unique,” he said. “As    I’m running good now, it’s like I know
and it kind of snowballs.”                      long as everyone’s doing the best they can      that, hopefully, I’ll run even better as I get
    Freshman Allison Peare, who is ranked       do everyday, it doesn’t matter how fast you     older,” she said.
first on the girls’ team, realizes that she     are. They all accept it.”                          Senior Whitney Stevenson says the
helps to push other runners.                       Kirkland said he is glad the freshmen        freshmen will have a big impact in future
    “Me running my fastest is going to push     can contribute to the team.                     years.
other people to run harder,” she said.             “We all realize we need each other to           “I think that our freshmen from this year
    Linz agrees that freshmen like Peare are    succeed,” he said.                              will really take control of the team and
helping the team.                                  Junior Andrew Blake agrees.                  really help it,” she said.
    “We’re really glad to have them,” Linz         “We’re accepting them as a part of the          Linz is just glad the freshmen are able to
said. “It’s always nice, no matter what         team because we know they can help us           make a difference.
grade they’re in, to have a leader.”            now and are the future of the program,” he         “They just run their hearts out and
    Even with their success, it seems that      said.                                           they’re good at what they do,” she said.g   V
34 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
Fresh face brings change Experience of new coach
to boys’ soccer program  brightens future of boys’ team

Dominic Garrini
Staff Writer

   In 1989, The Simpsons premiered,                  “This team brings a lot to the table: good   potential to get to where those teams went”
famous female golfer Michelle Wie was            senior leadership and great team speed.          Baasten said.
born, and Neil Baasten started coaching          Also, they are adapting quickly to me as            The season has gone well for the boys
high school soccer. Baasten started his          coach and the new system,” Baasten said.         so far this season. They are 5-2 overall and
coaching career at St. Thomas Aquinas                According to Hoffman the team is             3-0 in the Federal League as of press time.
high school 17 years ago. Over his 17-           adjusting well to the new system.                Junior Tyler Schuller believes that the team
year tenure at Aquinas, he had a 170-87-             “It’s working better than other systems.”    could win the Federal League and do much
84 record. Also, he won the Greater-Akron        Hoffman said.                                    more in the post season.
District and Tri-County Coach of the Year            In the upcoming season, Baasten has             “Well, we’d like to win the Federal
awards four times and Stark County Coach         very high hopes for his team. One of those       League and eventually win districts and
of the Year twice. Bassten will bring all        hopes is accomplishing something Hoover          hopefully move onto regionals,”Schuller
of this to a program he has wanted to be         hasn’t done, and that is winning a district      said.
involved with for a while: the program here      title.                                              In the long run, Baasten looks to do
at Hoover High School.                               “This season, we would like to beat          great things here at Hoover.
   “I have had long contact with the             Jackson take the Federal League title, and          “In the big picture, I’d like Hoover boys’
Hoover program and a good                                                                         soccer to be viewed as one of the best teams
relationship with former athletic                                                                 in Stark County and mentioned as one of
director Joe Eaton, but it never                                                                  those special teams. I’d also like to bring
worked out. I’m very happy to                                                                     some Federal League championships home
take a chance with this great                                                                     and one day put the icing on the cake by
oppurtunity,”Baasten said.                                                                        winning districts and going deep into the
   Players       enjoy     Bassten’s                                                              post-season,’ Baasten said
coaching. Baasten’s 17 years                                                                         Baasten enjoyed his 17 years at Aquinas
have brought great knowledge                                                                      but felt he always had something left to
of the game to the players, and                                                                   accomplish. Baasten will try to do that here
it also makes the players more                                                                    at Hoover in division one.
confident. One in particular is                                                                      “I wanted to coach at a division one
senior Andy Hoffman.                                                                              level, and I felt I could. I also felt that I
   “With a coach with so much                                                                     could take Hoover soccer to the next level,”
experience you don’t second                                                                       said Baasten.
–guess him, you learn to trust he                                                                    After almost three years off, it wasn’t
because he knows more than you                                                                    a tough decision for Baasten to decide
about soccer,” Hoffman said.                                                                      whether or not he wanted to take the
   At Aquinas, Baasten coached                                                                    Hoover job. Baasten just missed too much
at the division two level, and by                                                                 about coaching to say no.
the end of his tenure their division                                                                 “Well I missed the contact with the
three. Hoover is a division one                                                                   players, and the second reason was my
program, and that was one of the                                                                  love for the game and coaching the game,”
reasons that Baasetn decided to                                                                   Baasten said.
come out of retirement and to North Canton.      hopefully win the district title,” Baasten          In his time back, Baasten has enjoyed
However, that wasn’t the only reason.            said.                                            his experience. It filled a small void left
   “I like the fact that Hoover was a Division      In 17 years, Baasten has seen a lot of        after his retirement from Aquinas in 2003,
one team, and I have never coached a             soccer teams. Some of Baasten’s best have        and he’s more than happy to be back.
Division one team. I also thought they were      included the 1992, 1998, and 2000 Aquinas           “I love coaching at Hoover,” Baasten
a good team that could get better, and I’d       teams. Baasten believes that this Hoover         said. g
like to take them there,” Baasten said.          team can achieve the heights of those
   Baasten will have the players to take         teams.
Hoover to the next level. Hoover returns            “This team is up there with my better         New head boys’ coach Neil Baasten instructs
two All Federal League players in junior         teams at Aquinas, which are the 1992,            junior Tony Kendle at a recent soccer prac-
Taylor Kiefer and senior Mike Tabeling.          1998, and 2000 teams. This team has the
                                                                                                          09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 35


                                                                                                                       NORA CAULEY
                UPDATES:                                                           The girls’ volleyball team
                                                                                   is starting their season
                                                                                   out strong with an overall
                                                                                   record of 5-4 and a 4-
                                                                                   2 record in the Federal
                                                                                   League. Hoping to improve
                                                                                   their record of 18-5 from
                                                                                   last year, the varsity team
Girls’ Tennis                                                                      has six returning letterman,
                                                                                   including senior captains
                                                                                   Sarah Tharp and Nicole
    The girls’ tennis team started their season
                                                                                   Dunlap. -Rachel Bundy
off right with an outstanding record of 17-0. In
the last match against McKinley, Hoover won

by 5 points. Leading in singles from Hoover
were senior Kelly Piero and sophomore Lauren
Bolender. -Elise Devore
                                                                                                                The football team has opened up their season
                                                                                                            with a record of 3-0. In the first game against
                                                                                                            Central Catholic, Hoover won 35-12. The next
                                                                                                            week, Hoover matched up against DC Coolidge
                                                                                                            and easily won 43-7. The following Friday, the
                                                                                                            Vikings met Louisville for the 83rd time. In the
                                                                                                            game, the Vikings went into the 4th quarter
                        Girls’ Soccer                                                                       down but piled 19 points on the Leopards in the
                                                                                                            4th quarter. Junior Kevin Dahl had three rushing
                                                                                                            touchdowns and an interception. -Elise Devore

                                                                                                                               Girls’ Golf
                          After a win against GlenOak with a
                      score of 1-0 Sept. 14, the girls’ soccer
                      team had a record of 5-2. The previ-
                      ous Saturday Sept. 9, the team beat                                                           Despite losing their first
                      Revere 1-0. The goals in both games                                                           two matches of the sea-
                      were scored by Jackie Nicodemo and                                                            son the girls gold team
                      assisted by junior Georgie Strohm-                                                            has bounced back.
                      enger. Their losses this season were                                                          Led by senior captains
                      to Lake and Cloverleaf earlier this sea-                                                      Morgan Monaco and
                      son. Since then, the team has played                                                          Marrisha Trompeter. The
                      Louisville and Austintown Fitch. The                                                          girls have won three of
                      team will play West Branch away this                                                          their last give matches
                      Monday. -Rachel Bouer                                                                         bringing their overall
                                                                                                                    record to 3-4 with a 1-3
                                                                                                                    record in the federal
                                                                                                                    league. -Sarah Tharp

                                                                 Boys’ Golf

                                                                    Defeating St. Thomas Aquinas Sept. 13, the
                                                                 boy’s team protected their undefeated record,
                                                                 improving it to 5-0. With scores of 30 and 31,
                                                                 the team was lead by junior Anthony Bontrager
                                                                 and senior Mark Grady. This season, the boys
                                                                                                                         CHARITY DIZDAR

                                                                 have also put up wins against Boardman,
                                                                 Jackson, Lake and GlenOak. -Sarah Tharp

                36 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
Sports Briefs
n Though some of you may barely notice the many tennis greats, including Lleyton Hewitt,                 n The Tiffin Carnival, Sept. 8, proved to be
minute details in a magazine or newspaper, Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick, as stated                      more difficult than usual for the JV Boys’ cross
there are some that are worth catching. In the on his personal webpage. His skills have                  country team. Instead of the planned race,
Sept. 2 issue of ESPN Magazine,                brought him much fame, as have his good                   they ended up running a time trial against one
James Blake, the fifth-best tennis                         looks and charisma. Now, that list            other team while the JV Girls ran their race.
player in the world, is pictured                           has another addition: his Hoover                 This chaotic saga began when the JV girls
wearing a Hoover Football t-shirt                          Football t-shirt.                             race was postponed twice due to lightning,
from 2002. However, Blake is not a                            I have begun to investigate                thus setting the starting time back an hour
graduate of Hoover, as he grew up                          how he acquired this t-shirt, and I           and a half. In the meantime, the JV boys
in New York. A mysterious addition,                        plan to report back to you with an            assumed that their fate was sealed for the
too, is that there are no apparent                         update next issue.                            day and that they would be unable to run their
connections between him and                                                                              race, so they decided to do a time trial with
the North Canton community,                                n       Despite the fact that it’s            the GlenOak JV boys’ team.
especially the football team. Blake     Rachel Bouer early in this school year, Hoover                      However, the girls’ race started while the
didn’t attend college anywhere near                     basketball guard, Steph Gibson, is               boys were still on the course, which lead to
Ohio either; he went to Harvard until he already thinking about her next season. Over                    much confusion. Boys were stopped to wait
dropped out to pursue a life of tennis.        the summer, she and Kent State University                 while the running girls passed and much other
   Despite many physical setbacks including made an oral agreement about her basketball                  pandemonium ensued. At least they could
a broken neck and a bad case of shingles, career in college.                                             say that the day was unique and hope that
he manages to be one of the best all-around       “I want to go to school there and it’s where I         something like this never happens again.
players in the world. His game has defeated want to play basketball, too,” she said.

                                                                                     The Hoover lacrosse team ended their season last year in
                                                                                 Columbus, where they won the Division II State Championship.
                                                                                 The team was led by past senior Tim Gates and current senior
lacrosse                                                                         Mark Lepkowski. A strong group of seniors provided leadership
                                                                                 and helped the team come together.

state champs                                                                         “It was good to have so many seniors because they were able to
                                                                                 provide a lot of leadership for the underclassmen,” junior Pat Orr said.
                                                                                     This year, though, the Vikings will be moved up to Division
look back                                                                        I and will have a lot of holes to fill.
                                                                                     “We need guys who didn’t play last year to step up and
                               MS. PAM MCCARTHY

on past                                                                          play varsity lacrosse. We will also need to have good team
                                                                                 [defense],” Orr said.

                                                                                     Lepkowski agrees with Orr saying that the way they practiced
                                                                                 was also a big help.
                                                                                     “We were successful because of all our practice and work
                                                                                 in the off-season, and we had a good group of senior leaders,”
    The Lady Vikes softball team ended their seaon on top. The                   Lepkowski said.
 young Vikings team stayed true to their number one ranking as                                                                              -Pat Brady
 they beat West Chester Lakota West in the semifinal game 4-0,
 scoring all four runs in the sixth inning. They, then, went on to
 defeat Elyria in the state final by a score of 2-0. They were led
 by sophomore McKenna Russ, who hit a two-run homerun and
 sophomore Jessica Simpson, who pitched a shutout.
    With the Vikings being so young, not everyone expected
 them to finish on top.
    “It was amazing, like a true underdog story,” Russ said.
    Simpson did what she had done all year to seal the victory.
    “It was sort of intimidating, but I knew I would do fine since
 I had the rest of the team backing me up,” Simpson said.
    The Vikings only lost two seniors from their lineup and will
 enter their season in the spring as a favorite to win it all again.
    “We just need to play together, practice hard and not get
                                                                          RACHEL BOSYJ

 over confident,” Russ said.
    The Vikings finished the season with a record of 30-2.
                                                         -Pat Brady
                                                                                                                   09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 37

     GAME FACES      Some athletes do everything they’re supposed to and
                                                                                                                                    BY DOMINIC GARRINI

                 get little recognition. Junior soccer player, Alyssa Marulli,

                 is one of these people. Marulli doesn’t always score the
                 game-winning goal but will always do whatever she needs
                 to do to get her team a victory, even if that means eating a
                 Subway sandwich before a game.
                     “I have this odd phobia that if I don’t eat a Subway sub
                 before a game that we will lose,” Marulli said.
                     Marulli has been a member of the Hoover soccer team
                 since her freshman year. Marulli first got the interest in
                 soccer from her brother.
                     “I play soccer because my brother played it and
                 encouraged me to play,” Marulli said.
                     She and her fellow players go through rough summer
                 practices, but this doesn’t faze her.
                     “I go through all the practices and things during the
                 summer because I love playing and I love the team,” Marulli
                                                                                            On Friday nights you may see senior Seth Allman running
                                                                                        a kick-off back for a touchdown or maybe he’s just cheer-
                     Despite this dedication, she could live without summer
                                                                                        ing for his team on the sidelines. No matter where he is, he
                                                                                        always loves the game.
                     “I really don’t dislike anything about soccer…but I hate
                                                                                            “I love the game, whether or not I’m on the field. ” Allman
                 the running conditioning practices,” Marulli said.
                     However, whether liked or not, practices are held
                                                                                            Football in high school is tough to juggle with homework,
                 everyday. With this daily repetition, Marulli said she has
                                                                                        family and sometimes chores, but Allman has his schedule
                 developed a habit.
                                                                                        worked out.
                     “On an average day, I’ll go to school, then go home to
                                                                                            “I go to school, to practice for three hours, then I get home
                 get something to eat, then practice, then go home to do
                                                                                        do my homework, eat and go to bed. It’s a daily routine,”
                 homework and do it all over again the next day,” she said.
                                                                                        Allman said.
                     Some days stand out among this chaos, though. Her

                                                                                                                                                            SETH ALLMAN
                                                                                            Allman had a hectic summer with lots of football. Football
                 previous years of Hoover soccer has brought her some
                                                                                        season started the last day of school with a mini-camp after
                 good memories.
                                                                                        exams, and then the following Monday conditioning started.
                     “My best moments of my high school career so far are
                                                                                        Two-a-days were required through August. All this work leaves
                 tying Jackson last year,” she said, “because it was the first
                                                                                        many people wondering why someone would go through this
                 time they hadn’t won a game in league play. Also, beating
                                                                                        much work for a sport.
                 Green was pretty big, too.”
                                                                                            “I go through with all the practices and conditioning
                                                                                        because there’s nothing else like being on the field on a
                                                                                        Friday night at Memorial Stadium,” Allman said.
                                                                                            Allman has had a good high school career, though last
                                                                                        season he was followed by some injuries. All of his hard work
                                                                                        paid off, as he was named an alternate captain of the team.
                                                                                        He has many fond memories from his career, his favorite
                                                                                        coming from this past season.
                                                                                            “My favorite moment of my high school play so far has
                                                                                        been beating Jackson and going to the playoffs,” Allman
                                                                                            He loves one thing in particular about Hoover football,
                                                                                        that he will miss the most after his senior season, which is
                                                                                        wearing the Hoover jersey.
                                                                          SARAH THARP

                                                                                            “There hasn’t been a feeling in my life so far like putting
                                                                                        that jersey on and running out of the tunnel in front of thou-
                                                                                        sands of screaming Hoover fans,” Allman said.

   38 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06
Stoppage Time
What’s wrong with sports?                                                                                       OF THE
      Nothing completes a day better than sports.
                                                      things. First, it would stop teams from putting in
                                                      no–name big men to foul Shaq because their other
  Whether it is Monday Night Football or The World man is in foul trouble. Second, it would prevent
                                                      big                                                       Girls Soccer
  Series of Darts, any sport would satisfy the craving.
                                                      LeBron and other superstars from sitting the bench
  But they definitely have room for improvement.      because they’ve got four or five fouls. As much as I      Jackie Nicodemo:
  Let’s be honest; nobody wants to see the Royals play Sasha Pavlovic, I’d rather turn on my TV and
                                                      like                                                       Has six goals this
  every year or watch LeBron James sit on the bench LeBron in there.
                                                      see                                                             season
  for the whole third quarter.                            This next one will take two steps. First, the
      First of all, we need more of a good thing and and NBA need to develop a farm system like
  that means the World Cup and the Olympics every              the MLB. Once this is in place, all three        Boys Soccer
  two years instead of four. Why wait                          leagues will adopt a relegation system like
  so long for the two greatest sporting
                                                                                                                    Sam Maj:
                                                               the European soccer leagues. At the end
  events in the world? There’s nothing                                                                            Had eight saves
                                                               of each season, the last place team in each
  like the passion of countries battling                       league will be replaced with the first place       against Glenoak
  it out for pride and bragging rights. To                     team in the lower league. This will help
  some countries, like the Ivory Coast,                        with two things. One, it will make it harder
  it is the only way for them to come                          for teams to tank at the end of a season for
  together. When their team qualified                          a high draft pick, a la the 2003 Cleveland       Boys Cross Country
  for the 2006 World Cup, they stopped Pat Brady Cavaliers. Second, it means we won’t
  in the middle of a civil war to cheer on                     have to watch the Royals suck every year         Adam Stackpole:
  their team. If the Olympics were every two years,   anymore. Now that the teams can’t tank, we need to        Placed 11th at Tiffin
  we would have a rotation so that we either had the  prevent the players from tanking.                                Meet
  summer or winter Olympics to look forward to every All player contracts in every sport should be
  year.                                               incentive-based. Too many players have a great year
      While we’re at it, we could totally eliminate last year of their contract and then when they sign
                                                      the                                                       Girls Cross Country
  the World Baseball Classic. Although baseball’s the big bucks, they have a convenient nagging
  not a bad thing, watching it eight out of 12 months hamstring or something of the sort that lets them sit       Allison Peare:
  is enough. Speaking of baseball, there are a few and count their money. The level of play would
  baseball players that should                                                                                  Placed fifth at Tiffin
                                                                         greatly increase if every player was
  be behind bars.                                                        actually playing for a paycheck. To
      Any professional athlete would be cool to           do this, there would also have to be
  who uses steriods should go          see Barry Bonds and               set numbers for the contracts, or it   Football
  to jail. Enough suspensions         Rafael Palmeiro in the would be impossible to get anyone
  and fines. Kick them out of
                                             same jail cell.             signed.                                 Phillip Howard:
  the sport and put them in jail.                                           While we’re talking about            Scored four touch-
  While it would be tough to                                             money, the Yankees should have to       downs against DC
  validate putting them in jail,                                         cut their payroll to 40 million and
  it would be cool to see Barry Bonds and Rafael see how they do with Alex Rodriguez eating up                       Coolidge
  Palmeiro in the same jail cell. If we can’t put them their payroll. And they shouldn’t be allowed to
  in jail, any positive tests should be the end of their
                                                      build a new Yankee Stadium.                               Golf
  career and nothing else. Eliminating the cheaters Next basketball can’t be mixed with summer. The
  isn’t the only solution, however.                   NBA needs to use a March Madness play-off format.           Mark Grady:
      All games should be commentated by a fan from   Their play-offs drag on way too long. All they need is    Scored 31 against St.
  each team. Regular commentators are boring. We take the eight play-off teams from each conference
                                                      to                                                          Thomas Aquinas
  need good biased opinions and heckling. Fox Sports seed them just like the NCAA does and put them
  World does this on occasion for soccer games and four different regions and play it out. This would
  it’s successful. This would add another dimension much more exciting than a seven game series that
  to watching games on TV. Who wouldn’t want drags on for over two weeks; the whole tournament
                                                      to                                                        Volleyball
  watch a Sox and Yankees game with two die–hard      could be done by then.
  fans going at it? In addition to better comentating, Finally, NASCAR needs to be eliminated totally.             Ana Kidder:
  we need to see our star players in basketball games. pointless. They drive real fast in a circle, that’s
                                                      It’s                                                         Had 16 points
      No more fouling out in basketball. It’s stupid. There’s no suspense. You can bet your life that the
                                                      it.                                                        against Boardman
  Teams don’t gain an advantage by fouling so why turn’s going to be a left one. What we need is
  should there be a limit? This would prevent two
                                                                                                  09.22.06 THE VIKING VIEWS 39

                                                                CHARITY DIZDAR
                                                        SPORTS CAPTURED:
                                                        n Junior fullback Mitch Rose plows through
                                                        a DC Coolidge defender. n Junior Casey An-
                                                        derson dives to return a ball against Minerva.
                                                        n Sophomore Lindsay Fisher and freshman
                                                        Reisdorf play doubles during a recent game.
                                                        n Senior Chad Kostelnick races towards the
                                                        finish line during the Tiffin Invitational. n
                                                        Senior Katherine Hinley battles for a ball
                                                        with a Revere forward. n Junior Nate Shin-
               DEREK QUINN

                                                        gleton watches his drive soar during a golf
                                                        meet against lake. n Junior Tyler Schuller
                                                        “breaks the ankles” of a Green Defender.
                             LINSEY QUINN

                                            DAN BOYER

                                                           40 THE VIKING VIEWS 09.22.06

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