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                              BOOM TRUCK OPERATOR

Boom Truck Operator • BCACS                         1
                                                                Boom Truck Competency Profile Chart

1.                       1.01                        1.02                       1.03                        1.04                      1.05                     1.06
Describe Boom Truck      Explain Operators’ Duties   Explain Trainees’ Duties   Explain Employers’ Duties   Describe the Boom Truck   Identify types of boom   Describe industry specific
Industry                 and Responsibilities        and Responsibilities       and Responsibilities        Industry                  trucks and their         hoisting and transport
                                                                                                                                      applications             applications

2.                       2.01                        2.02                       2.03                        2.04                      2.05
Uses Communication       Acts professionally         Speaks and listens         Uses documentation          Communicates using        Uses electronic
Skills                                               effectively                                            signals                   communication

3.                       3.01
Interprets Applicable    Knowledge of regulatory
Legislation & Policies   bodies related to boom
                         cranes and where to
                         locate detailed

4.                       4.01
Works Safely             Uses PPE

5.                       5.01                        5.02
Complies with Site       Prepares for emergencies    Responds to emergencies
Emergency Plan

6.                       6.01                        6.02                       6.03
Describes Equipment &    Describes types and sizes   Describes major            Describes common
Attachments              of boom trucks              components and             attachments and
                                                     functions                  purposes

Boom Truck Operator • BCACS                                                                                                                                                             2
7.                        7.01
Basic Trade Math          Perform basic load
                          calculations using
                          accepted industry

8.                        8.01                           8.02                          8.03                        8.04                          8.05                         8.06
Rigging & Equipment       Describe construction,         Identify grades of chain      Identify and demonstrate    Demonstrate proper use        Identify accessories and     Describe types and
                          types and functions of                                       use of rigging hardware     of slings                     interpret related            function of synthetic
                          wire rope                                                    and tools                                                 regulations                  slings

                          8.07                           8.08                          8.09                        8.10                          8.11
                          Inspect riggings and           Calculate safe working        Interpret and describe      Interpret sizes, grades       Demonstrate advanced
                          identify criteria for taking   loads for slings              rope lay                    and classification group of   rigging techniques
                          out of service                                                                           wire rope

9.                        9.01                           9.02                          9.03                        9.04                          9.05                         9.06
Performs Pre-             Inspects and arranges          Inspects and arranges         Inspects and arranges       Inspects and arranges         Inspects and arranges        Inspects and arranges
Operational Inspection    service lubrication            services electrical service   services hydraulic system   services cooling system       services air intake system   services suspension
& Arranges Service with   systems                        system                                                                                                               system
Engine/Power Off

                          9.07                           9.08                          9.09                        9.10                          9.11                         9.12
                          Inspects and arranges          Inspects load bearing         Inspects and arranges       Inspects and arranges         Inspects and arranges        Inspects and arranges
                          services drive train           structure and arranges        services operator station   services fuel system          services carrier braking     services boom
                                                         service                                                                                                              components

                          9.13                           9.14                          9.15                        9.16                          9.17
                          Inspects and arranges          Inspects and arranges         Inspects and arranges       Inspects safety equipment     Describes tools and
                          services hoisting system       services stabilizing          services attachments        and arranges service          supplies associated with
                                                         system                                                                                  boom trucks

Boom Truck Operator • BCACS                                                                                                                                                                           3
10.                      10.01                      10.02
Performs Pre-            Starts and warms up        Cycles equipment
Operational Inspection   engine                     functions
& Daily Service with
Engine/Power Off

11.                      11.01                      11.02
Complies with            Arranges for or performs   Knowledge of CSA/ASME
Scheduled Maintenance    schedules maintenance      & WCB inspection
Requirements                                        requirements

12.                      12.01                      12.02                        12.03                        12.04                        12.05                      12.06
Plans Work Procedures    Assesses Site Hazards      Discusses environmental      Reviews job specifications   Assesses load                Plans tasks                Plans and confirms travel
                                                    concerns with site           and safety with site                                                                 route
                                                    personnel                    personnel

                         12.07                      12.08                        12.09
                         Determines best set-up     Determines work              Determines procedures
                         location on site           procedures                   for work around electrical

13.                      13.01                      13.02                        13.03                        13.04                        13.05                      13.06
Load Chart Reading       Interpret load charts      Explain difference           Explain difference           Determine % of capacity      Determine capacity         Calculate main boom
                                                    between gross and            between gros load versus     load from chart              limited by structural or   capacities (attachment)
                                                    capacity versus net          net load                                                  stability

                         13.07                      13.08                        13.09                        13.10                        13.11                      13.12
                         Calculate boom extension   Identify and determine jib   Describe crane factors       Describe site factors that   Describe principles of     Determine boom angles
                         capacities                 capacities                   influencing capacity         influence capacity and       leverage
                                                                                                              safe operation

Boom Truck Operator • BCACS                                                                                                                                                                     4
                        13.13                    13.14                      13.15                   13.16
                        Determine boom lengths   Interpret range diagrams   Determine load radius   Identify and calculate load
                                                                                                    hoist lines

14.                     14.01                    14.02                      14.03                   14.04                         14.05                      14.06
Operates Boom Truck     Complies with safety     Sets up equipment          Installs attachments    Performs hoisting             Performs specialty lifts   Monitors activities on site
                        requirements                                                                operations

                        14.07                    14.08                      14.09                   14.10
                        Monitors equipment       Troubleshoots equipment    Optimises equipment     Responds to weather and
                        performance              performance                capabilities            site conditions

15.                     15.01                    15.02                      15.03                   15.04
Follows Shut Down       Parks equipment in       Shuts down and secures     Performs housekeeping   Conducts post operational
Procedures              appropriate location     equipment                  tasks                   inspection

Boom Truck Operator • BCACS                                                                                                                                                            5
Boom Truck operator • BCACS   6

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