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and a stylish offer


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									   THOUGHTS ON

              SPRING ‘08

and a stylish offer
Relaxed and easy, sweaters are perfect for
summer. Consider adding a cotton or linen
 sweater to your wardrobe – great worn
           over shirts or alone.
Sure, a dark suit can see a man through
anything but a light coloured one really
makes a statement. Whether it’s classic
khaki or the more modern cool grey, a
    light coloured suit turns heads.
Don’t go with another spring jacket – sport
coats are the perfect cover in our climate.
  Worn correctly blazers and sport coats
  make jeans, even shorts, look fantastic.
 Brown is brave. Sure black is always the
basic, but brown is right for summer shoes,
        casual sandals, and loafers.
 Great jeans are a staple but be inventive.
Summer lends itself well to more interesting
pants – try cotton or linen, patterned, plain,
          flat front or five pocket.
Want a reaction? Try replacing your striped
 shirt with a smart print or bright colour.
        ’Tis the season to be bold.
 A man could do worse than wear nothing
but beautiful white shirts – under suits, over
 jeans, over khakis, even with shorts. Clean
     and crisp, white shirts are a must.
         Free shirt
Buy a new suit and tie and we’ll throw in a
beautiful new white shirt, $115 to $215 value.
        Offer expires May 31, 2008

                GET      DRESSED

            554 Yates Street, Downtown Victoria
                      250 384-2848

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