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    The purchase of drugs and supplies is an ancillary service that may be provided for a
    reasonable period of time in support of other substantial rehabilitation services.
    The Office may pay average wholesale price for prescribed drugs. This limit will be
    based on the cost of the drug plus a dispensing fee as established by the Kentucky
    Medical Assistance Division. The authorization will include the drug name, National
    Drug Code Number, prescription quantity, dealer cost and dispensing fee.
    Prescription medications are to be purchased following the established procedure
    outlined on the Prescription Medication form.
    It is not the responsibility of OVR to provide maintenance medications. The Office is
    not responsible for the continuing purchase of medications necessary for such
    disabilities as diabetes, epilepsy, or substance abuse (methadone/suboxone) except
    when necessary for the completion of the rehabilitation program. Numerous
    comparable benefits are available for prescription medications and should be utilized
    when available.
    In addition to any exceptions described above, unless prohibited by federal, state, or
    local statute or regulation, the Director of Program Services or his/her designee may
    approve an exception to policy. Please refer to the Services Introduction section of
    the Counselors Manual for the exception guidelines.

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