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Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

Harlem News Group

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                                                         Family                       page 4                    This week we learned of the
                                                         Business                     page 6            passing of both Issac Hayes and
                                                         Calendar                     page 8
                                                         Culture                      page 9            Bernie Mac. Issac Hayes joined the
                                                         Harlem Wk                    page 11
                                                         Event                        page 14           Harlem News when we sponsored
                                                         Art & Culture                page 20
                                                         Society                      page 21           the “Real Men Cook” promotion in
                                                         Urbanology                   page 22           Harlem in 2005. Both Issac and
                                                         Lifestyle                    page 23
                                                         Health                       page 24           Bernie Mac are two icons who will
                                                         Classified                   page 26
                                                         Sport                        page 27           be truly missed. (see page 7)
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                                                                                                        continue to celebrate HARLEM
                                                       Art&Cultural           Stacey Ann Ellis          WEEK with “Harlem Day” on
                                                       Adams Report           Audrey Adams
                                                       Travel Editor          Angela Hollis             August 16th and 17th on 135th
                                                       Events Editor          Wanda Mann
                                                       Family Editor          Kimberly Coleman          Street, between 5th and St. Nicholas
                                                       Queens Photojournalist Juliet Kaye
                                                       Brooklyn Writer        Keith Forrest             Avenues. The festivities will include
                                                       Bronx Writer           Howard Giske
                                                       Youth Editor           Pamela Salaam-Jahar
                                                                                                        a health expo, children’s festival,
                                                       Finance Editor
                                                       Political Editor
                                                                              Jennifer Edwards
                                                                              Cedric McClester
                                                                                                        auto show, college fair, food and
                                                                              Audrey Bernard
                                                                              Marc Rasbury
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                                                                                                                                                Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

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                                     HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX
                                          HOME SCHOOLING
                                                       By Kimberly Coleman

                                                                                  African American and Caribbean fami-         newsletter;     and     participation   in   initial email inquiry. You can contact

                                    A       s the new school year approach-
                                            es, many families will be starting
                                            their homeschooling year. For a
                                                                                  lies in Brooklyn and the tri-state area to
                                                                                  homeschool their children. They hold
                                                                                  events, share information about NY
                                                                                                                               NYCHEA-sponsored events, classes and
                                                                                                                               workshops. For general information,
                                                                                                                               please contact Isabel Alverez at idal-
                                                                                                                                                                            them at queenscountyhome schoolers
                                                                                                                                                                   or visit their site at
                                    variety of reasons, many parents are          homeschooling laws as well as network or visit their website     tyhomeschoolers/queenscountyhome-
                                    choosing to educate their children at         with educational facilities and other        at                        schooler.html.
                                    home rather than at public, charter or pri-   homeschooling families nationwide.                   5. New York Home Educators'                  7. The Uhuru Homeschool Hut:
                                    vate schools. There are many resources        They also maintain an online Yahoo!          Network (NYHEN): This is a diverse           Based in the North Bronx, this is a small
                                    available to support families who choose      Group. For more information, please          group of homeschoolers. They host a          group of homeschoolers who meet week-
                                    this path. I have highlighted seven of the    contact their founder Lynn Scanterbu at      variety of email lists at Yahoo! Groups;     ly. They focus on a holistic and balanced
                                    most helpful ones below.                                 keep parents aware of current legislative    African and multi-cultural curriculum.
                                            1. APPLE Family & Home-                       3. Home Instruction in New           issues; and they have a network of           For more information (or if you would
                                    school Group: This is a local and             York State: This New York State Educa-       lawyers who can help home educators          like to join), please call (212) 696-6601
                                    regional support group with members           tion Department site includes general        with legal problems. For more informa-       or visit their site at http://groups.
                                    currently from Long Island, NYC and           information; a questions & answers sec-      tion, visit their website at http://www. group/TheHomeschoolHut/.
                                    Upstate. Families with children of all        tion and a list of home instructing par-                                          Kimberly Coleman, a Harlem
                                    ages are welcome to their various activi-     ents groups. You can visit their website             6. Queens County Homeschool-         wife and mom, writes and speaks about
                                    ties and functions. There are no mem-         at http://www.emsc.nysed. gov/nonpub         ers: This group is open to homeschool-       parenting in the NYC Metro area. Read
                                    bership dues to join APPLE. Contact           /homeinstruction.html#Important.             ers located in Queens, Manhattan, Long       more of her writing on her Mom in the
                                    them at info@APPLE network.US or                      4. New York City Home Educa-         Island and surrounding areas. They offer     City blog ( and
                                    visit their site at http://www.applenet-      tors Alliance (NYCHEA): Serving New          park dates, play dates, teen nights, site (http://nyc.parent-
                           apple.html for information         York City, this group has general month-     mom's nights out, field trips educational You can contact Kimberly at
                                    on how you can get involved.                  ly meetings. Members pay annual dues         opportunities, a socialization network or 646-
                                                     2. Brooklyn African          (currently $36) which entitle them to a      and more. Please include your full name,     808-6344.
                                    American Homeschool Connections               NYCHEA membership card; a 1-year             phone number (with area code), and the
                                    (BAHC): Since 2005, they have helped          subscription to the monthly NYCHEA           town that you reside in when making an
Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

Harlem News Group

                                     Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

                                Harlem News Group
                              HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX
                       LES PEOPLE’S FEDERAL CREDIT UNION                                                          JOB FAIR FOR NEW YORK
                       HARLEM COMMUNITIES                                                                         EMPLOYERS SEEKING
                                   he Lower East Side People's                  In 1986 with the support of       OLDER WORKERS
                            T      Federal      Credit
                                   (LESPFCU) has been serving

                            the financial needs of our community
                                                                       members of this community, the
                                                                       National Federation of Community
                                                                       Development Credit Unions and
                                                                                                                      n response to an aging workforce
                                                                                                                      and a tightening labor market, the
                                                                                                                      AARP Foundation and The
                                                                                                                                                                      Employ the Older Workers
                                                                                                                                                             Job Fair Series is held in conjunction
                                                                                                                                                             with the U.S. Department of Labor's
                            now for 22 years. It currently serves      countless others, LESPFCU became
                            Community board 3 in the Lower East        the only financial institution within      Employment Guide have combined             National Employ Older Workers
                            Side, Community board 10 in Central        100 city blocks to serve those who         efforts in order to bring together older   Week, Sept. 22-26, 2008.
                            Harlem, members of the People's Cen-       lived and worked on the Lower East         workers with companies who seek                     The U.S. Department of
                            ter for Economic Independence              Side.                                      their talents.                             Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics
                            (PCEI), YKASEC and Housing Devel-                   The Lower East Side and                    New York's job fair is part of    reports that in 2000, 13 percent of the
                            opment Fund Corporations (HDFC).           Harlem communities are becoming            the Employ the Older Workers Job           U.S. workforce was 55 and older and,
                                    The Lower East Side People's       more gentrified each day but there are     Fair Series, taking place in more than     by 2010 that figure will likely
                            Federal Credit Union is a member-          still many members of these commu-         55 cities across the country from Aug.     increase to 17 percent. Nearly 7 out
                            owned, not-for-profit financial institu-   nities that have no credit or poor cred-   22 to Oct. 23.                             of 10 workers age 45-74 tell AARP
                            tion dedicated to meeting the financial    it. The LESPFCU specializes in                      Workers age 40 and older          that they plan to work in some capac-
                            services and credit needs of local resi-   making micro-enterprise and personal       seeking employment should attend           ity in retirement.
                            dents, businesses and community            loans with more flexibility than tradi-    this event Sponsored by: AARP                       For more information, visit
                            organizations.                             tional banks.                              Foundation and The Employment    
                                    Their mission is to stimulate               In addition, LESPFCU pro-         Guide. Participating employers repre-               The Employment Guide and
                            economic and community develop-            vides mortgages for low income             sent industries such as health care,, divisions of
                            ment by providing a safe, affordable,      coops; facilitating first time home        customer service, hospitality, finance,    Dominion Enterprises, offer a win-
                            and democratic alternative to tradition-   ownership in New York City. These          sales, insurance, skilled trades, trans-   ning combination of recruitment solu-
                            al banks, and by reinvesting our mem-      opportunities provide members with         portation, security and more.              tions to target hourly workers. With
                            bers' money in the community.              the tools they need to improve their                The New York City's Employ        almost 80 weekly employment maga-
                            LESPFCU began as a grass root              economic condition and expand the          the Older Workers Job Fair will be         zines in over 75 markets nationwide,
                            movement that joined in fighting to        economic development of their neigh-       held September 16, 2008, 10:00 AM-         an award-winning national online job
                            preserve and protect one of the poorest    borhood.                                   3:00 PM at the Affinina Manhattan          board and more than 250 annual job
                            communities in the city, located in the             For more information call 212-    Hotel located at 371 Seventh Avenue        fairs.
                            Lower East Side of Manhattan.              222-0328.                                  at 31st Street.
Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

Harlem News Group

ENTERTAINMENT ICON ISAAC HAYES                                                                       REMEMBERING BERNIE MAC:
TO BE REMEMBERED AT MEMPHIS-                                                                         ACTOR/COMEDIAN ROSE FROM
AREA MEMORIAL ON AUGUST 18TH                                                                         POVERTY TO A ‘KING OF COMEDY’
          memorial service will be held on Mon-

A         day at Hope Presbyterian Church, 8500
          Walnut Grove Road, Cordova, Ten-
nessee from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to cele-
brate the life of pioneering soul icon Isaac
Hayes, who passed away on Sunday at the age
of 65.
           Born in the rural poverty of a share-
cropper's family on August 20, 1942, in Cov-
ington, Tennessee, Hayes rose to artistic
success as an accomplished GRAMMY®,
Golden Globe® and Academy Award® win-
ning composer/musician, paving the way for
his fellow African Americans in the arts and
entertainment world. As well as being a pub-
lished author, actor and radio personality,
Hayes is a coronated King of Ghana in western
Africa. Instead of a palace, he built an 8,000
square foot educational facility as he felt that
education and literacy is the key to a success-
ful life.                                           While he was an iconic figure to many, to us
           He is survived by his wife of three      he was husband, father and friend. We will
years Adjowa Hayes, and their two-year-old          ever miss his love, wisdom, humor and the
son Kwadjo Hayes, ten children-Jacqueline           familiar comfort of his voice."
Fields, Felecia Hayes Fisher, Veronica Hayes,                 To celebrate Hayes' constant support
                                                    of the Stax Music Academy and his Stax
                                                                                                             nown for his candid, yet     our time. Sharing

Vincent Hayes, Melanie Hayes, Nikki
McGhee, Heather Hayes, Isaac Hayes III, Dar-        Records Legacy, the Hayes family, in lieu of
                                                    flowers requests that donations be sent to the           honest comedy, Bernie        the marquee with him during the
ius Caston and Lillian Bryant-14 grandchildren
and four great-grandchildren.                       Stax Music Academy in Memphis, made out to               Mac's fellow actors          phenomenon of the Kings of
                                                    Soulsville, 926 E. McLemore Avenue, Mem-
           The family issued the following state-
                                                    phis, TN 38106. Please specify "In memory of
                                                                                                     shared their thoughts on a friend,   Comedy tour bonded us like fam-
ment: "We are overwhelmed with the outpour-                                                          influential comedian and family      ily," said Cedric the Entertainer.
ing of support and love from Isaac's dear           Isaac Hayes."
friends, colleagues and fans from every corner                Condolences may be sent to the fami-   man who was greatly respected.               JET Magazine hits news-
                                                    ly at
of the world, and we thank each and every one                                                        "Bernie was a brother, a friend      stands Monday, August 18, 2008.
of them for their kind thoughts and prayers.                                                         and one of the comic masters of

                                                                                                                                                                               Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

                                    Harlem News Group
                                     HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX

                                      C          O          M           M        U        N         I      T       Y                 C         A         L        E         N         D          A          R
                                    MANN                                         Aug 16
                                                                                 “The Harlem Honeys & Bears” will pre-
                                                                                                                           Aug 20, and 27
                                                                                                                           1-4 pm
                                                                                                                                                                       Aug 29 and Aug 30 8:30pm, Aug 31

                                    ABOUT                                        sent an aquatics musical. It is the
                                                                                 story of Harlem told using beautiful
                                                                                                                           Just Drop In! At the Solomon R.
                                                                                                                           Guggenheim Museum. Stop by as we
                                                                                                                                                                       African Diaspora Summer Film Series
                                                                                                                                                                       will be showing the musical road

                                    TOWN                                         water birds. This is a group of senior
                                                                                 citizens who swim synchronized and
                                                                                                                           explore a different gallery each
                                                                                                                           Wednesday in August through cre-
                                                                                                                                                                       movie "Youssou N'Dour: Return to
                                                                                                                                                                       Gorée." A Pan African Film and Arts

                                    EVENTS                                       competitive swimming. The swim fes-
                                                                                 tival will take place at Hansborough
                                                                                                                           ative, interactive projects. Being held
                                                                                                                           at the Solomon R. Guggenheim
                                                                                                                                                                       Festival 2008 award winner for Best
                                                                                                                                                                       Documentary presents Youssou
                                                                                 Recreation Center, 35 West 134th          Museum, 89th Street and 5th Avenue.         N'Dour, a Senegalese singer, and his
                                    By Wanda Mann                                Street, from 11:00am-4:00pm. For          Free with museum admission, no              historical journey following the trail
                                                                                 more information call Hansborough         reservation required. Program meets         left by slaves and by the jazz music
                                     Salsa by the Sea                            Recreation Center 212-234-9603.           at the Information Desk. Register for       they invented. Showing at Riverside
                                     Thursday, August 14. 7:30 pm. Free!                                                   Family Programs: Box Office 212 423         Church, 490 Riverside Drive, New
                                     Salsa sensations El Gran Combo, La          Thru Aug 17                               3587 A family includes up to 2 adults       York, NY 10027. For more information
                                     India and Rakim Y Ken-Y perform at the      "Thurgood" starring Laurence Fish-        and 4 children. For children ages 5-        visit or
                                     Seaside Summer Concert Series in
                                                                                 burne on Broadway. The award-win-         10. $5 for each additional partici-         call 212-870-6700.
                                     Brooklyn. Bring your dancing shoes!
                                     For more information, visit www.brook-
                                                                                 ning actor performs his riveting          pant. For more information contact
                                                       portrayal of the first American Ameri-    Lauren Van Natten, Senior Publicist or      Thru Sept. 21
                                                                                 can Supreme Court Justice Thurgood        Claire Laporte, Associate, Media            FELA! A New Musical directed and
                                     Jazz Score: Gallery Exhibition at the       Marshall. Performances are Tuesday -      Relations at (212) 423-3840.                choreographed by Tony Award win-
                                     Museum of Modern Art (MoMa)                 Sunday at the Booth Theatre at 222                                                    ner Bill T. Jones with a book by Jim
                                     The exhibition runs through September       W. 45th Street. Group rates are avail-    Aug 27-31                                   Lewis, audiences are welcomed into
                                     17. MoMA is free every Friday from 4pm      able for 12 people or more. Contact       7:30pm and 9:30pm                           the extravagant, decadent and
                                     - 8pm. This gallery exhibition at MoMA,     WTG Group Sales at 646-467-7393 or        Roy Haynes & Fountain of Youth at           rebellious world of Afrobeat legend
                                     presented concurrently with an exten- to book             Jazz at Lincoln Center. After Hours:        Fela Kuti. Using his pioneering music
                                     sive series of films and live concerts,
                                                                                 your group for "Thurgood" today! For      Music of John Coltrane performed by         (blend of jazz, funk and African
                                     features a sampling of jazz-influenced
                                     merchandising, including a display of
                                                                                 single ticket sales you can purchase      Azar Lawrence Quartet. Cover                rhythm and harmonies), Fela!
                                     Polish and American film posters and        tickets in person at the Booth Theater    charge for weekly headliners is $30-        explores Kuti's controversial life as
                                     video clips of jazz-scored scenes span-     box office, visit                         $35 UPSTARTS! cover is $20. After           artist, political activist and revolution-
                                     ning five decades of international cine-    www.TELECHARGE.COM or call                Hours is $10. Student rates are: $15-       ary musician. Being held at 37 Arts,
                                     ma. For more information, visit             212.239.6200.                             headliners, $10-UPSTARTS! and $5-           450 W. 37th Street, NYC For more
                                                          6200.                                     After Hours. The food and beverage          information call 212-307-7171 or visit
                                                                                                                           minimum is in effect for all sets: $10 at
                                     Harlem Meer Performance Festival            Thru - Aug 23                             the tables, $5 at the bar. For more
                                     Sunday, August 17. 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm.       Portraits in Blue: A JVC Jazz Festival    information visit www, or
                                     Free! A natural shoreline surrounded by
                                                                                 Visual Art Event Exploring the Rela-      contact Scott Thompson, Assistant
                                     trees, the Harlem Meer is one of the
                                                                                 tionship of Color and Jazz presented      Director for Public Relations via
                                     loveliest areas of Central Park. Enjoy
                                     live Jazz music performed by Pucci          by Incorporation of Artists on the        phone, (212) 258-9807, or e-mail at
                                     Amanda Jhones. For more information,        Move, Inc. "Portraits in Blue" explores   sthompson
                                     visit               the relationship of color and jazz
                                                                                 music and will feature the works of
                                     HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival:       emerging and established artists such
                                     Superman Monday, August 18. Free!           as TAFA, Eric Girault, Sadikisha Col-
                                     The lawn opens at 5:00pm for blankets       lier, Ann Tanksley, Abdullah Azia,
                                     (no plastic tarps please) and picnick-      Emmett Wigglesworth, Joan Chiver-
                                     ing. The films begin at dusk (typically     ton, Mary Jo Schwalbuch Gitler, and
                                     between 8pm and 9pm). Don't miss this
                                                                                 Barry Mason, along with photogra-
                                     outdoor screening of the one and only
                                     Superman as portrayed by Christopher        phers Enid Farber and Tonya Leigh,
                                     Reeve. For more information, visit          mixed media artists Rene Hinds, Betty
                                                     Thornton, O'Neal Abel, Steve Mayo
                                                                                 and many others who have for over
                                     Lincoln Center Out of Doors                 a decade created works of art dedi-
                                     Through Sunday, August 24. Free!            cated to jazz music.Being held at
                                     Come to Damrosch Park for a Lincoln         Canvas Paper and Stone Gallery in
                                     Center Out of Doors season jam-             The Bradhurst at Strivers Row located
                                     packed with dynamic and free pro-           at 2611 Frederick Douglass Blvd, Stu-
                                     grams that offer something for
                                                                                 dio 2N in Harlem, NYC btw. W. 139th
                                     absolutely everyone! Highlights include
                                     a funk-filled African tribute to the late
                                                                                 & 140th Streets, 10030 For information
                                     Godfather of Soul, James Brown and a        call 212-694-1747 or email: canvaspa-
                                     celebration of our rich musical heritage    perandstone
                                     from blues to New Orleans funk to blue-
                                     grass to punk with the 25th Annual          Thru-Sept 28
                                     Roots of American Music Festival.           2:00pm
                                     For more information, visit    A Community of Music:
Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

                                                            Celebrating 15 Years of the Harlem
                                                                                 Meer Performance Festival. The Cen-
                                             For more information                tral Park Conservancy, a non-for-prof-
                                     about fun and affordable                    it organi- zation, celebrates with live
                                     events in New York City, visit              perfor- mances by local and estab-
                            to                    lished Latin, Jazz, World, and Gospel
                                     sign up for Wanda's free weekly             artists. Free admission. Charles A.
                                     events calendar. Wanda Mann                 Dana Discovery Center, Central Park
                                     is an events producer with more             entrance on 110th Street between
                                                                                 Fifth Avenue and Lenox Avenue For
                                     than 12 years of experience
                                                                                 more          information         visit
                                     planning high profile functions.   or
                                     Her "Mann About Town" newslet-              call 212-860-1370.
                                     ter is considered a must-read for
                                     New Yorkers looking for afford-
                                     able, eclectic and worthwhile
                                     ways to spend their precious
                                     free time.
 Harlem News Group
       he New York Classical Theater

T      will present free Sharkespeare
       workshops and classical perfor-
mances in Central Park!.
         There will be free Shakespeare
Workshops for Ages 16 & Up on Satur-
day's & Sunday's, August 16, 17, 23 &
24 @ 5pm-5:45pm at the same location,
W. 103rd Street & CPW in Central
         For more info & rainout info:
please visit, http://www.newyorkclassi-              Bring a picnic dinner, friends, 212-252-4531                       family or come alone to enjoy after the      L/R- L.B. Brown (Clinton Hill Gallery) / Gwendolyn Black ( IAM -curator) /
         Feeling dramatic this summer?      workshops and get ready to be enter-         Maxine Montano ( IAM member)                Photo by: Gideon Manasseh / photojournalist
Join the Central Park Conservancy as        tained by New York Classical Theatre
they team with professional actors from     with a free roving performance of                  t the opening reception in Clinton Hill    Art Gallery. Each venue will exhibit various
New York Classical Theatre to hone the
acting skills of participants amidst Cen-
tral Park's beautiful backdrop. No expe-
rience necessary. Participants will work
                                            George Bernard Shaw's "Misalliance",
                                            which begins at 7pm sharp, in the same
                                            location. The performance “MISAL-
                                                                                       A       Art Gallery in Brooklyn, "Portrait In
                                                                                               Blue" 8th Annual Visual Expression on
                                                                                       Jazz Art Exhibition, explore the relationship of
                                                                                                                                          artists specially selected for their location. The
                                                                                                                                          event is sponsored by Governor David Pater-
                                                                                                                                          son, K&R, Go No Fee, WABC-TV, UMEZ
                                            LIANCE” runs 1 hour 40 min. Thurs-         visual arts, color, and jazz. Created and pro-     (Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone) and
on scenes and monologues from various       day's - Sunday's at 7pm-8:40pm, thru-      duced by artist, curator Gwendolyn Black,          Citibank.
William Shakespeare plays                   August 24th.                               director of IAM (Incorporation of Artists on                 Clinton Hill Gallery founder/Director
         *Gain an understanding of act-                                                the Move), said, " The exhibition was devel-       L.B. Brown said, " It is my pleasure to team up
                                                     Hotline for Information and
ing in Shakespeare's plays, specifically                                               oped to be a vehicle to showcase the many          with Gwendolyn Black and IAM, Inc. to pre-
                                            Rainouts: 212-252-4531 or go to            works of art from artists all over the world and   sent this free art exhibition inspired by music,
in an outdoor setting              No        bring forth the current generation of artist who   and the participating Artists are highly collec-
         *Explore the language and          Tickets or Reservations! Just Show Up!     continue in the tradition of supporting jazz       table. I am extremely proud that the IAM,
meter of Shakespeare's poetry                        The play begins at West 103rd     music in their work".                              Inc.'s president Ms. Black views Brooklyn as
         *Gain cooperation skills and       Street on the lawn and uses footbridges,             Over 80 Contemporary painters and        an important outer Boro to promote this special
work as an ensemble                         trees, rocks, benches and even the audi-   multimedia artists will be featured at several     event and that my gallery can play an initial
         *Gain the ability to express       ence as scenery.                           Manhattan locations , Countee Cullen Library,      role in developing a Brooklyn base for the
thoughts and feelings through spoken                                                   Canvas Paper and Stone Gallery, Citibank           annual event.
word and tableau                                                                       Financial Center and Brooklyn based Clinton

                                                                                                                                                                                               Harlem News GroupAugust 14, 2008

                                    Harlem News Group
                                    HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX
                                HEAD OVER HEELS: MOVING FASHION FORWARD AT
                                HARLEM’S UPSCALE SHOETIQUE
                                           or fashionistas, shoes are more than      there is no need to feel left out - Head Over
                                                                                                                                     By Wanda Mann

                                    F      functional - they make a statement
                                           and express the wearer's mood and
                                    personality. Harlem residents wanting to
                                                                                     Heels also carries a selection of high quali-
                                                                                     ty men's shoes.
                                                                                               A true visionary, Dane's road to
                                    showcase their unique style in exceptional       success is an inspiration to anyone who
                                    footwear don't need to head downtown or          dreams of starting their own business. He
                                    fly across the ocean. Simply place one           previously worked at Con Edison for 19
                                    fashion craving foot in front of the other       years and was steadily moving up the cor-
                                    and get to Head Over Heels: The Shoe-            porate ladder. However, while working at
                                    tique.                                           Con Edison, Dane began selling shoes out
                                              Located at 270 St. Nicholas            of his car to supplement his income. Before
                                    Avenue, Head Over Heels is the vision of         long, he had a shoe route and a steadily
                                    owner Dane Huggins. Confident and                growing list of customers who referred to
                                    charismatic, Dane opened Head Over Heels         him as "The Shoe Man." Those humble yet
                                    in Harlem about 11 months ago after clos-        auspicious beginnings paved the way for
                                    ing the shoe store that he owned in Fort         Head Over Heels. Since launching his busi-
                                    Greene, Brooklyn for 2 ½ years. Brooklyn's       ness, Dane has been featured on "Living it
                                    loss is Harlem's gain and Dane describes         Up with Patti LaBelle" and his shoes have
                                    Head Over Heels as "not just a shoe store.       graced the catwalk on "Rip the Runway"
                                    It is an experience. A lifestyle." A sophisti-   and numerous media outlets and high pro-
                                    cated space with gleaming hardwood floors        file events. As he gains recognition in the
                                    and elegant furnishings; the large windows       fashion industry, Dane is delighted to call
                                    at Head Over Heels beckon you to come in         Harlem the flagship location for his grow-
                                    for a closer look at the treasures within.       ing shoe emporium. "Harlem has been very
                                              Dane is focused on catering to a       supportive," he said.
                                    clientele with an individual sense of style                The next time you need a little
                                    and asserts that "Women want exclusive           retail therapy, shop local and let Dane and
                                    shoes and don't want to wear what every-         his staff at Head Over Heels guide you
                                    one else is wearing." From sexy heels to         towards the perfect pair of shoes.
                                    stylish flats, Head Over Heels carries an                  Head Over Heels: The Shoetique
                                    impressive selection of footwear from Italy,     is located at 270 St. Nicholas Avenue (at
                                    Spain, and Brazil attractively priced at         124th Street) New York, NY 10027. For
                                    $150-$400 in up to size 13 for ladies. In        more information call 212-222-2804 or go
                                    addition, the boutique's chic handbags, jew-     to their website at www.headoverheel-
                                    elry and other accessories make it easy to
                                    coordinate a complete look. Gentlemen,
Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

Harlem News Group

                                     Harlem News GroupAugust 14, 2008

                                    Harlem News Group
                                    HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX
                                    WHAT’S GOING ON                                                                      ONE HUNDRED BLACK MEN SECOND
                                    By Victoria Horsford                                                                 ANNUAL GOLF & TENNIS OUTING
                                           eople are talking about the fine    his signature fusion of live jazz, funk

                                    P      Arts exhibit, THE WORLD
                                           STAGE: AFRICA LAGOS -
                                    DAKAR, by Kehinde Wiley, at the
                                                                               and African music genres. Directed
                                                                               and choreographer by award-winning
                                                                               Bill T. Jones, FELA! Opens officially
                                                                                                                                 n a picture-perfect Monday in New York,
                                                                                                                                 nearly 100 golf and tennis players descended
                                                                                                                                 on the links and courts at the elegant Pelham
                                    Studio Museum in Harlem. Ten new           on September 4, at the 37 Arts The-       Country Club for The One Hundred Black Men, Inc.
                                    luminous, figurative paintings, from       atre, 450 West 37 Street, Manhattan.      of New York City's (OHBM) Second Annual Golf &
                                                                                                                         Tennis Outing.
                                    his The World Stage series. A house-       Call 212.560.8912 for info.                         Building on the outstanding success of last
                                    hold name in American art circles,                 On August 14, the Harlem          year's event, even more guests, including basketball
                                    Wiley is best known for his stylized       Congregations for Community               superstars John Starks and Alan Houston, Hon. Ruth
                                                                                                                         Hassell-Thompson, New York State Senator; Judge
                                    paintings of young, urban, African-        Improvement (HCCI) hosts its 5th          Alvin Yearwood; Judge Leland DeGrasse; Norman
                                    American men in poses borrowed             Annual Jamboree, a Dinner Cruise,         Seabrook, President of the New York City Correc-
                                    from 18th and 19th Century European        aboard Spirit of NY Yacht. Entertain-     tion Officers' Benevolent Association and John
                                                                                                                         Hammond, President of 100 Black Men of America,
                                    figurative paintings. One of the men       ment will be provided for DJs and         assembled in the Main Clubhouse for a sumptuous
                                    in this series resembled Taye Diggs.       R&B icon, Ray, Goodman and                buffet dinner.
                                    For his WORLD STAGE series, the            Brown. Yacht will be docked at Pier                 Following an invocation by OHBM Chap-
                                                                                                                         lain Leslie Wyche, members of the One Hundred
                                    first of which was China, Wiley usu-       61, Chelsea Piers, the West Side          took the stage to honor Coca Cola Sales & Market-
                                    ally visits a country, sets up a studio,   Highway and 23 St. Yacht set sail at      ing SVP Steven Boyd as "Business Leader of the
                                    and studies the culture. He then super-    6:15 pm. Tickets are $80. For reserva-    Year," Noel Hankin, SVP Multicultural Relations
                                                                                                                         for Moët Hennessy USA with the "Member of the
                                    imposes or blends one art tradition        tions, call 212.281-4887 X12 or visit     Year" Award; Peabody Award-winning writer and
                                    with another. Another paintings at or the HCCI office at        New York Times sports columnist William Rhoden
                                    SMH, titled Mother and Child, was a        2854 Frederick Douglass Blvd,             with the "Trailblazer" Award, and CBS 2 News This
                                                                                                                         Morning co-anchor Maurice Dubois (who also
                                    portrait of a young African man.           152/153 Streets.                          served as emcee) with the "Communicator of the
                                                                                                                                                                                 Philip Banks Jr.
                                    Kinde says that painting represented               On August 16, many Tri            Year" Award.
                                                                                                                                                                                            One Hundred Black Men, Inc. wishes to
                                    African matriarchal traditions. His art    State Jamaicans, Jamericans              Darryl Williams served again as Chairman
                                                                                                                                                                                 thank the following generous event sponsors for
                                                                                                                         of the event with Felton "Buddy" Johnson and Phil
                                    is the whimsical interplay of ideas,       celebrate the 43rd Anniversary of                                                                 contributing to the success of the Second Annual
                                                                                                                         Banks, III as Co-Chairman. Honorary chairs were
                                                                                                                                                                                 Golf & Tennis Outing:
                                    colors, people and space.                  Jamaica's Independence at the Annual      New York State Senate Minority Leader Malcolm A.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Platinum/Event Sponsor - First American
                                                                                                                         Smith and New York City Comptroller William
                                             Previews began on August 5        Dinner Gala, held at the NY Hilton        Thompson.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Title Insurance; Silver Sponsor - Coca-Cola; Awards
                                    for the Off-Broadway production of         Hotel at 1335 Avenue of the Americ-                                                               Dinner Sponsor - Morgan Stanley; Longest Putt
                                                                                                                                   "One Hundred Black Men, Inc. was
                                                                                                                                                                                 Sponsor - Deloitte & Touche; Closest-to-the-Pin
                                    FELA!, an engaging new musical,            as, in Manhattan. For reservations,       delighted to honor four outstanding men at our Sec-
                                                                                                                                                                                 Sponsor - Goldman Sachs; Longest Drive Sponsor -
                                                                                                                         ond Annual Golf & Tennis Outing. Not only did we
                                    based on the career of Nigeria-born,       call 212.935-9000, X32                    get to enjoy a day of sports and raise money for to
                                                                                                                                                                                 Moet Hennessy; Hole-in-One Sponsor - Pat Lynch
                                    composer/activist, world music lumi-                                                                                                         Associates; Patrons - Comcast and Mitchell & Titus;
                                                                                                                         support our programs, but we were also very proud
                                                                                                                                                                                 and, Supporters - Ernst & Young, WBLS/Inner City
                                    nary Fela Anikulapo Kuti, featuring                                                  to have our Eagle Academy for Young Men students
                                                                                                                                                                                 Broadcasting, Jawanza Keita/State Farm, March of
                                                                                                                         serve as hosts for the day," said OHBM President
                                                                                                                                                                                 Dimes and Watson Rice.
Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

Harlem News Group   August 14, 2008

                                    Harlem News Group                    HARLEM WEEK
                                    HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX
Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

Harlem News Group                    HARLEM WEEK

                                                   Harlem News Group
                                                   August 14, 2008

                                     Harlem News Group
                                     HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX
                                                                                                                                                                                                        HARLEM WEEK
                                HARLEM WEEK FESTIVITIES AT THE HARLEM ARMORY
                                By Marc Rasbury
                                            he eyes of the golf and tennis worlds are       also added that this program allows its partici-       send. Maria Sanders brought both of her sons,

                                    T       focusing on Tiger Woods' surgically
                                            repaired knee and Serena Williams' quest
                                    for the Olympic Gold. But, back in the Village of
                                                                                            pants to work on their games all year round.
                                                                                                       I asked Palmgren when do they plan to
                                                                                            move the program outdoors. "Actually, our goal
                                                                                                                                                   Malcolm and Marcus Eley, to sessions to expose
                                                                                                                                                   them to both sports. "Both of my boys are autis-
                                                                                                                                                   tic." However, she refuses to let that stop them
                                    Harlem, a new generation of golfers and tennis          is to introduce and train our participants. The        from leading normal lives. Malcolm takes in
                                    players are being introduced to the sports that         Armory is the perfect platform for that. We want       karate lessons and also plays soccer while his
                                    Tiger and the Williams Sisters have dominated           to get our members interested in the sport, help       older brother Marcus plays basketball. Yet, I
                                    over the years.                                         them fine tune their skills and eventually, then       brought them here so that they can be introduced
                                               As part of the Harlem Week Festivities,      send them out to other programs where they can         to these games that forces you to think more than
                                    the Harlem Armory was transformed into golf             play on actual courses….Yes, we would like to          most traditional contact sports," Sanders told me.
                                    and tennis paradise as the Police Athletic League       move the program outdoors, but that is way down                  A few courts away, adults went through
                                    hosted a tennis clinic and the Harlem Golf Acade-       the road," Palmgren proudly proclaimed.                some grueling drills as some were introduced to
                                    my conducted a clinic of their own. Children and                   The Academy's long-term goals do            the Game of Queen and Kings while others were
                                    adults of all ages took advantage of the free two-      include branching out to the other boroughs and        hoping to fine-tune their skills.
                                    day seminars on the basics of these two respective      locations in the Tri-State area. They would also                 The Harlem Golf Academy and the
                                    sports.                                                 like to team up with the AAU to create a national      PAL Tennis Program will continue throughout
                                               Golf is not a sport that is normally asso-   pitching, putting and driving competition. For         the year. The Harlem Golf Academy will offer an
                                    ciated with the youth of Harlem. However, Tom           now, the Academy will focus on getting local res-      after school class starting with a fall curriculum
                                    Palmgren, the Founder and President of the              idents' skills on par with Tiger Woods.                running from September 16th to October 24th.
                                    Harlem Golf Academy would like to change that.                     On the other side of the massive            Additional classes will be scheduled in the
                                    I had the pleasure of sitting down with Palmgren        Armory, PAL held a tennis clinic under the             upcoming weeks. The PAL Tennis Program runs
                                    and John Guaragnn, the organization's Director of       direction of George Henry. Like the Harlem Golf        year-around and is open to the public.
                                    Operations, while several Harlem residents were         Academy, the PAL program wants to promote the                    The PAL program is obviously funded
                                    getting their first taste of golf. "If we can't get     world of tennis to the uptown populace. Over 60        by the City while the Golf Academy relies on
                                    them to the golf course, we will bring the course       kids and 30 adults participated in the two day         financing from the instructors and other benefi-
                                    to them." Palmgren told me. This program's in its       clinic. The youth and adults alike were given          ciaries. Both programs could use donations from
                                    first year is the brainchild of Palmgren. His entire    hands-on basic training on the game's nuances.         the public to offset their expenses. If you would
                                    staff is working pro bono and funds are tight but                  It was great to see the kids' eyes light    like to make a tax deductible donation to the
                                    Palmgrent and Guaragnn see brighter days ahead.         up as tennis pro Bernard Stovall taught several six    Harlem Golf Academy, you can contact Thomas
                                               The obvious question is where do the         to eight years olds how to serve and return prac-      Palmgren at 212 281-5431 or email him at tom-
                                    members play? There are no courses in Manhat-           tice balls. During the school year Stovall works If you want make a
                                    tan, nevertheless, Harlem. There are three differ-      with PAL Tennis program special needs partici-         donation to the PAL Tennis Program, contact
                                    ent stages within the Armory. You have a putting        pants. However, this weekend he lent his services      George Henry at 212 281-5431 ext 105 or email
                                    and chipping area in addition to a simulated dri-       to help out with this worthy cause. I asked him if     him at
                                    ving range. Utilizing a technical marvel called the     he noticed any potential future stars out there, "7-             You do not know whether the next
                                    Birdie Ball which reacts like a real golf ball when     year old Brittany Jones hand and eye coordination      Venus Williams or Tiger Woods will be come out
                                    struck by a golf club, the Academy members are          is exceptional while 6-year old Zuri Agelekan          of Harlem. However, one thing is for sure. With-
                                    able to work on their games while playing               was very impressive especially since this was the      out programs like these, the chances are slim to
                                    indoors. This new technology is a perfect match         first time she has picked up racket."                  none.
                                    for what the Academy is trying accomplish                            If you think that the kids enjoyed
                                    according to Palmgren and Guaragnn. Guaragnn            themselves, their parents saw this event as a god-
Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

Harlem News Group
WINDOWS OVER HARLEM TO HOST                                                                BUSINESSMAN KEVIN WALTERS JOINS
VETERAN CONFERENCE AUGUST 16TH                                                             CONGRESSMAN CHARLES RANGEL IN
           indows Over Harlemlocated at      Center is in the forefront of opening
                                                                                           “NIGHT OUT AGAINST CRIME” EVENT
W          163 West 125th Street, in the
           Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
State Office Building, on August 16th
                                             World War II veteran cases, and has
                                             achieved much success, especially for
                                             those who have lost their military dis-
and 17th 2008 will host the First Confer-    charge papers (DD-214).
ence of Veterans, honoring members of                 In a letter to the Veterans of the
the all Black 784th Tank Battalion Unit.     784th Tank Battalion, Dr. Jeffrey J.
August 16th and 17th 2008 will repre-        Clarke, Director of the United States
sent the first of what will be an annual     Army Center of Military History and
conference of veterans to review ser-        Chief of Military History, stated, "As
vices, benefits and entitlements for past    Chief of Military History and the advisor
present and future veterans and their        to the Secretary of the Army and Chief
family members. Guest speakers includ-       of Staff of the Army on all aspects of
ed; subway hero Wesley Autrey, a Navy        Army history and heritage, I want to
veteran, veteran activist Capt. Luis         underline the U.S. Army's pride in rec-
Montalvan, along with the New York           ognizing your memorial observance on
City and New York State Commission-          16-17 August 2008. The sacrifices of
ers of Veteran Affairs.                      our World War II veterans made the
         The conference honored the          world a better place to live and secured
members of the 784th Tank Battalion.         for the nation the peace and prosperity
Host Claude Frazier said, "We are striv-     that we have enjoyed in the postwar
ing to get citations for the 784th that      period that followed."
should have been awarded to its mem-                  After landing in Europe on
bers for their gallantry and service.        Christmas Day 1944 the Battalion
Windows Over Harlem is honored to            marched to the front where it joined the
                                                                                                  evin Walters, Owner and Managing Director of the Creole
have been chosen as the host site for the
event." Included with all of the pro-
gramming will be a continental break-
fast, lunch and dinner for both days. We
will have the assistance of the Harlem
                                             U.S. Ninth Army, from January1
                                             through February 7, actively defending
                                             the Roer River. For the next three
                                             months the 784th served with the 35th
                                             Infantry Division, where it was instru-
                                                                                           K      Restaurant and Music Supper Club (at left) pictured with U.S.
                                                                                                  Congressman Charles Rangel at a recent New York City spon-
                                                                                           sored "Night Out Against Crime" event. Mr. Walters was presented
Veterans Center who will assist us in the    mental in that Division's operation.
                                                                                           with a Business and Community Leadership certificate by the New
establishing a data base that will address            Those interested in contributing     York City Police Department.
the needs of World War II survivors and      to this effort are urged to contact: Ms.
their families." The Harlem Veterans         Beverly Griggsby at (917) 586-4412.

                                                                                                                                                                  Harlem News Group
                                                                                                                                                                  August 14, 2008

                                                                                                                  Oct 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th
                                                                                                                       from 6pm-7:30pm
                                                                                                                at the City College of New York.

                                    Harlem News Group                                                                                                                   COMMUNITY
                                    HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX

                                    WHO HAD 50 OR MORE YEARS
                                                                              started a couple of months later, just     age is a manager in the Manhattan                 Con Edison provides the most

                                            obert Soriano, Edward Sav-
                                            age, Dolores Coote and Lee        before the cinematic release of "The       Electric Operations Control Center.       reliable electric service in the United
                                            Romero have, among them,          Long Hot Summer," featuring the            Dolores Coote is a senior office assis-   States, with a 2006 national survey
                                    222 years of service working for the      newlyweds.                                 tant in HR; Lee Romero is a senior        showing that the company's perfor-
                                    same company. Each of the four start-             Three more will soon swell         customer service rep working with the     mance was five times better than the
                                    ed working for Con Edison while           Con Edison's 50-or-more ranks. John        Executive Action Group.                   average among large-city utilities.
                                    Harry S. Truman was President. And        McGregor will celebrate his 50th on                Joe Racsko, who has over-                 "The values of people wanting
                                    they're still coming to work every day.   June 9; Robert Sullivan's will occur       hauled countless automatic transmis-      to continue to do the job ? even after
                                            Three years after Ms. Romero,     three weeks later, while Carl Williams     sions as a mechanic in Westchester,       50 years ? are consistent with the val-
                                    and a month after the Brooklyn            hits his golden company anniversary        was among the first to work on ladder     ues of doing a good job," said the
                                    Dodgers won their only world's cham-      in November.                               trucks and propane vehicles.              company's Vice President of Human
                                    pionship in 1955, Joseph Racsko                   "Institutional memory is a                 Fred Simms, featured in a         Resources, Claude Trahan. "There's a
                                    started working at the New York elec-     priceless commodity," said Con Edi-        seniors-still-working profile in Busi-    commitment to professionalism,
                                    tric, gas and steam utility. Fred         son President and Chief Operating          ness Week in 2005, is a manager often     doing things safely, and doing things
                                    Simms started about a month after         Officer Louis Rana. "The continuity        seen overlooking street crews in Man-     right that is transparent to the other
                                    Joe, just before Christmas. Landing a     this group provides is invaluable for      hattan Electric Operations; James         14,000-plus employees, and to the
                                    job that's a keeper almost 53 years       both customers and employees. The          Connolly is a senior specialist in Sub-   customers we serve."
                                    later wasn't a bad Christmas present.     nature of running one of the world's       station Operations Planning.                      Con Edison is a subsidiary of
                                            James Connolly started on         largest and most complex utilities                 Ed Fitzgerald is a chief con-     Consolidated Edison, Inc. [NYSE:
                                    May Day in 1957, a few months after       makes intimate system knowledge an         struction inspector working in Substa-    ED], one of the nation's largest
                                    Ike took the oath of office for a sec-    extraordinary asset. These individuals     tion and Transmission Construction.       investor-owned energy companies,
                                    ond time. Edward Fitzgerald started       know our company and the service           Bill Penninipede is a commercial ser-     with approximately $13 billion in
                                    not quite three months later, with Bill   area; they embody a company tradi-         vices rep in Manhattan Energy Ser-        annual revenues and $29 billion in
                                    Penninipede a few days behind him,        tion valuing people and service. Their     vices.                                    assets. The utility provides electric,
                                    during the first week of August. The      historical perspective is useful to oth-           George Golovchenko is a           gas and steam service to more than 3
                                    Soviets didn't launch Sputnik until       ers in countless ways."                    senior engineer supporting the civil      million customers in New York City
                                    October.                                          The range of positions held by     engineering needs of substations and      and Westchester County, New York.
                                            George Golovchenko started        the 50-plus year employees runs the        transmission facilities; Vince            For additional financial, operations
                                    in February of '58, a few weeks after     gamut. Robert Soriano is a senior          Gerecitano is a senior customer ser-      and customer service information,
                                    Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward           planning analyst in Substation and         vice rep working in Unmetered Ser-        visit Con Edison's Web site at
                                    were married; Vincent Gerecitano          Transmission Construction; Ed Sav-         vices.                          
Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

Harlem News Group                    HARLEM WEEK

                                                   Harlem News Group
                                                   August 14, 2008

                                    Harlem News Group                                                                                                                              ART & CULTURE
                                                           GWENDOLYN BLACK: BEAUTIFUL IN ACT, WORD
                                                           AND DEED
                                                           By Stacey Ann Ellis, Executive Producer, The Blackwash Televised Art Gallery

                                        t is a beautiful thing to see people working together for     community can see the many visual artists' works dedicated

                                    I   the common good and Gwendolyn Black is an expert at
                                        getting people to do just that. The motivation to propel
                                    others to their highest heights, to get someone to realize
                                                                                                      to jazz music.
                                                                                                                This year “Portraits in Blue’ is the theme as well
                                                                                                      as the exploration of the relationship of "color," a term used
                                    their potential, or even to get a community to realize its own    in both visual art and music, and many other similarities
                                    wealth in culture and talent is actually an act of the utmost     used in both art forms. Featuring artists Tafa, Eric Girault,
                                    giving of one's self. The desire to inspire others is an act of   Ann Tanksley, Emmett Wigglesworth, Joan Chiverton,
                                    kindness, an act of real selflessness. Ms. Black is originally    Mary Jo Schwalbach Gitler, Carol Weaver, Alexa Birdsong
                                    from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we should all be grateful       and Barry Mason, along with photographers Enid Farber
                                    that Gwendolyn felt a need to connect to Harlem and the           and Tonya Leigh, mixed media artists Rene Hinds, Betty
                                    richness of Harlem's legacy, so much so that she decided to       Thornton, O'Neal Abel, Steve Mayo and many others. The
                                    become a bonifide New Yorker, bringing her talent and             exhibition began June 24th and will continue through
                                    organizing skills to Harlem. Gwendolyn is the Co-founder          August 23rd at The Canvas Paper Stone Gallery, until
                                    of the Incorporation of Artists on the Move, Inc. otherwise       August 31st at Clinton Hill Gallery and until September
                                    known as IAM.                                                     30th at the Countee Cullen Library and the CitiBank Finan-
                                              Gwendolyn has dedicated herself to supporting           cial Center. Highlighting this wealth of talent at the Jazz
                                    artists and enhancing education through the arts. Ms. Black,      Festival has been received well in the community year after
                                    an artist herself, attended the Fashion Institute of Technolo-    year. Famous artists such as Romare Bearden, Benny
                                    gy and graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh where       Andrews and Faith Ringgold have blessed Gwendolyn
                                                                                                                                                                       2003 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Grant Recipient
                                    she majored in General and Fashion Illustration. Illustra-        Black by presenting works at this annual event. Recently
                                                                                                                                                                       for the Women in Jazz Series, 2002 Featured in an Article
                                    tions done by her have been used in all areas of beauty and       Ms. Black was selected by The Harlem River Task Force to
                                                                                                                                                                       in Jazziz Magazine for The Exhibition on Jazz, 2001 Imple-
                                    fashion as well as having been published in several newspa-       curate the Harlem River Park Walk Project. It is no surprise
                                                                                                                                                                       mented Art In Motion: Exploring the Harlem Renaissance
                                    pers and advertisements. Gwendolyn's experience led her to        that Ms. Black would be chosen since her care and concern
                                                                                                                                                                       (Playing to Win), 2002 Artwork used for the cover of
                                    a crossroads where she decided not to focus only on her           for the community has birthed a long list of credentials as an
                                                                                                                                                                       African Voices Ellie Awards - Honoree Ruby Dee, Quoted
                                    career, but on the futures of other talented people, with a       artist, curator and organizer.
                                                                                                                                                                       in Allegro a publication of Local 802 Musicians Union,
                                    special place in her heart for those who seemed to have                     Some of her accomplishments include: 2005, City
                                                                                                                                                                       Nominated to International Women in Jazz Board of Direc-
                                    given up hope. Through her desire to motivate others, some        Council Citation for Arts Advocacy by Councilman Bill
                                                                                                                                                                       tors, 1999 Incorporated IAM, Incorporation of Artists On
                                    "staple" events were birthed in Harlem such as the annual         Perkins, Organized The Harlem Benefit for Katrina Evac-
                                                                                                                                                                       the Move, Inc. - President. There is much more that she has
                                    JVC Jazz Festival Special Event: Visual Expressions on            uees at Zip Codes' NY, 2004 Moderator and Exhibitor for
                                                                                                                                                                       done for the love of the arts.
                                    Jazz, now in it's eighth year. This event was birthed out of      African Voices Cultural Circle Conference: The Art of
                                    Ms. Black's recognition of a lack of support in the music         Romance Writers, 2004 National Endowment for the Arts
                                    industry for visual artists. At the annual exhibition, the        Artists in Residence with Truce (Harlem's Children's Zone),
Harlem News Group August 14, 2008



         20                               NEW LOCATION*********Gran Piatto D’oro, 1429 Fifth Avenue (Bet. 116th & 117th Streets) 212-722-2161
Harlem News Group
     “SAY IT LOUD”
                     By Audrey J. Bernard
          "The statistics of African-American         book, poster, etc. - all with poised aplomb that is    entertaining film and television programming for
boys who don't graduate from high school are          associated with someone twice his age.                 children. The trio's first project "Say It Loud!"
amazing, and I wanted to help out" . . .                         Wearing a white dinner jacket topped        film will screen as part of AMC Theaters' Summer
                     Jordan Coleman                   off with white sunglasses, the handsome youngster      Movie Camp in 2008. The film will also screen in
                                                      looked like a successful filmmaker at the meet and     schools across the country. Mama Don't Play is
        here's another phenom on the loose! His       greet where he was joined by his proud family          also developing TV projects that include: reality

T       name is Jordan Coleman, the voice of
        Tyrone the Moose on Nickelodeon's Nick
Jr. show The Backyardigans, and although he's not
                                                      including mom Chrisena Coleman, grandparents
                                                      Wilbert and Dorothy Coleman, younger brother
                                                      Justin, and his two dads, State Senator Eric Adams
                                                                                                             show, talk show, animated series, interactive sports
                                                                                                             show, holiday specials & travel show. The pro-
                                                                                                             duction company's film division is currently final-
running for political office, his flourishing cam-    (biological) and Roosevelt Hall (his mom's long-       izing its second film script.
paign to encourage African Americans to stay in       time beau who has raised Jordan since he was                        "After we challenged him, Jordan hired
school is being met by resounding success and         three years old).                                      a film crew, directed, produced and starred in his
reaping lots of attention.                                         The budding movie star will travel        first film," stated Hall who also has a part in the
           The twelve-year-old honor student at the   across the country this summer to promote his          film. "The statistics of African American boys           Rapper Breje, Nyles High-
Hackensack Middle School in New Jersey used           film. Other play dates include: Washington DC          who don't graduate from high school are amazing,         tower, Jordan Coleman,
earnings from his voiceover career to write, direct   (AMC Loews Magic Johnson Capital Center 12);           and I wanted to help out," he concluded.                 Gene Marshall, III
                                                                                                                                                                      * .Jordan Coleman, Rev.
and star in the film, "Say It Loud," which is on a    Kansas City (AMC Barrywoods 24); Chicago                            When his peers were hanging out play-
                                                                                                                                                                      Al Sharpton * Jordan
seven city tour this summer as part of AMC Enter-     (AMC Crestwood 18); Atlanta (AMC Southlake             ing games, listening to music and watching               Coleman, mom Chrisena
tainment's AMC Summer MovieCamp® program.             Pavilion 24); Los Angeles (AMC Loews Magic             movies, Jordan was making one. The pint-sized            Coleman, dad Roosevelt
           A Jordan Coleman film, the "Say It         Johnson Crenshaw 15); and wraps up in Miami            producer conceived "Say It Loud" in his home in          Hall * Jordan Coleman’s
Loud" exclusive 2008 summer engagement kicked         (AMC Aventura 24) on August 6. Still giving            the hopes of inspiring young black youth to study        grandparents Wilbert &
off in New York on June 25 at the AMC Loews           back, there will be a free public screening on         hard and sty in school. The young filmmaker's            Dorothy Coleman * Jor-
Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem in the morning        August 20th at the Tishman Auditorium at the           warm and loving home was a perfect setting for           dan Coleman and younger
                                                                                                                                                                      brother Justin Hall with
and that same evening had a splashy red carpet        New School, 66 West 12th Street, New York at 7         the documentary. Jordan hopes to eradicate the
                                                                                                                                                                      their schoolmates and
premiere at AMC Empire 25 in Times Square that        pm. So if you haven't already seen it, come and        stats that show less than 50% black boys graduate        friends who attended the
was attended by many politicians, business execu-     get educated!                                          from high school in the United States.                   New York red carpet pre-
tives and community leaders followed by a recep-                 "I wanted kids to know that it's not just                He then funded, directed and stars in the   miere of “Say It Loud!”
tion at the Empire 25 Grand Terrace with music by     their parents telling them to get an education. It's   documentary about the importance of education            Photos By: Ronnie Wright and
                                                                                                                                                                      Syncere Zakee
DJ Kut, Power 105.1 FM.                               their idols, too," said Coleman who started produc-    for African American boys. Although this was a
           The boogie-down Bronx was in the           tion on the film after his parents challenged him to   very serious topic, the seventh-grader had fun
house thanks to the delicious soul food prepared      make a positive contribution with his money from       putting together the reel that gave him up close and
by the popular Chris' Deli & Restaurant on Sheri-     the show. "Our son is a really good student, good      personal interviews with larger-than-life real
dan Avenue in the Bronx. For dessert - a smack        athlete and an exceptionally good kid," admits his     heroes Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, Ludacris, Busta
down performance by Universal Records' Young          swollen with pride mom Chrisena whose "Mama            Rhymes, Master P, Winky Wright, Michael Stra-
Breje who had the ladies swooning with his            Don't Play Productions" produced the film.             han, Rev. Al Sharpton, Yung Joc, Hurricane Chris,
smooth moves and movie star looks while per-          Chrisena also makes cameo appearances in "Say It       Swizz Beatz, Jadakiss, Biz Markie, Newark Mayor
forming his blockbuster song "Twist Wit It!" that     Loud!"                                                 Corey Booker and many more.
is taking the airwaves by storm.                                 Mama Don't Play Productions was                           At the end of the day . . . the bottom
            Jordan has so much charisma to be so      formed in December 2007 by Chrisena Coleman            line is . . . school is cool! Check out more on Jor-
young. I watched him as he worked his party -         and her young sons, Jordan and Justin. The pro-        dan, Justin and Chrisena on their website
greeting guests, signing autographed copies of his    duction company specializes in educational & 

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Harlem News Group
                                                                                                                                                                                                     August 14, 2008

                                    Harlem News Group                                                                                                 URBANOLOGY
                                    HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX

                                                       URBANOLOGY: THE ART OF W.A.R.
                                                       “MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT”
                                                       By William A. Rogers

                                        n a recent column entitled:       THINK. The body follows the          can't teach old dogs new tricks.    spirit. You have to BELIEVE

                                    I   "A Message to Baby
                                        Boomers", I talked to 60-
                                    something readers about a
                                                                          mind. What you THINK about
                                                                          most is what you attract.
                                                                                  The first step to becom-
                                                                                                               I say: old dogs that do learn
                                                                                                               new tricks live longer and hap-
                                                                                                               pier lives.
                                                                                                                                                   you were born with the power
                                                                                                                                                   to turn thought into reality.
                                                                                                                                                   We're all connected to a power
                                    unique adventure we're experi-        ing one with ourselves is under-            Start thinking about what    much greater than our con-
                                    encing. The good news is we're        standing that our mind is            you put into your bodies. I         scious minds. You only discov-
                                    living longer. The bad news is        divided into two parts: our con-     don't always consume the            er this power by looking within
                                    our healthcare routines need          scious mind and our subcon-          things that are best for me. So I   - never in the external world.
                                    adjusting to meet longer life         scious mind. Over 80% of all         balance my bad habits with          Finding your spiritual path
                                    demands. Until then, it's best        illness can be traced to stress:     good ones. Check out Dr. Peter      helps you complete the balance
                                    not to get sick. No matter what       mainly caused by the conscious       J. D'Amato's book: "Eat Right       of mind, body and spirit - and
                                    your age, you should be more          mind. Meditation, Yoga, Tai          4 Your Type" to learn the best      become proactive with your
                                    proactive when it comes to            Chi, and Ki training are excel-      foods for your blood type           health. Join me August 17th at
                                    your health. All too often we         lent ways to bring the two           ( Also,          the Harlem Day Health Village
                                    are reactive. We need to get          minds together - making you          EXERCISE is not an option.          on 135th Street near 5th
                                    real sick before we get proac-        one with yourself. Explore           Do something that you like to       Avenue. Call 212.862.7200 for
                                    tive about addressing illness.        them.                                do. I love skate dancing. Walk-     more information. Discover the
                                           Creating a balance                     Age is nothing but a         ing is one of the easiest forms     best wellness information avail-
                                    between mind, body and spirit         number. It's not about how old       of exercise. But you won't be       able - from around the corner to
                                    is very important for develop-        your body is, but how you care       consistent if you don't enjoy       around the world - by listening
                                    ing a proactive wellness plan.        for it. Some people take better      your exercise. Visit my website     to my show, Urbanology: The
                                    The mind is very important. If        care of their car than their body.          Art of War, every Tuesday,
                                    we do not understand that we          They drive extra miles for high      teen. com for more proactive        from 4-5PM on WHCR 90.3
                                    are only as old as we THINK,          quality gas. Then they eat junk      health suggestions.                 FM ( - The
                                    we will become what we                food all week. It's said you                Last, but not least, is      Voice of Harlem.

                                                                              ARE YOU LIVING
Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

Harlem News Group                                                                                                          LIFESTYLE

               “SUMMER LIVING...EASY”
              By Audrey Adams
       ummer time and the living      though, even if they tell you that            Respect: Observe the rules     offered only to those who can be

S      is easy . . . fish are jump-
       ing . . . and, well you
know the rest. It's the "living is
                                      they really enjoy entertaining . . .
                                      whether they ever take time for
                                      themselves. Summer is supposed
                                                                             of the house. If you are a guest,
                                                                             don't assume that you have the
                                                                             right to bring a guest! You can't.
                                                                                                                   entrusted with the keys to their
                                                                                                                   castle! It is up to you to give
                                                                                                                   your hostess an opportunity to
easy" part that I want to talk        to be fun, and that means that a       Don't wear out your welcome.          enjoy her wonderful weekend as
about. My hat is off to the           hostess should have some (fun)                Offer: Take your hostess       well by being an engaging and
legions of women who despite          too! I'm sure that she finds time      to dinner at a wonderful restau-      entertaining guest that makes her
working a full 40 hour week, can      to be entertained elsewhere, but       rant during your stay.                proud. Think about it. See you
still manage to pull off entertain-   if her weekends are spent clean-              Follow-up: Say thank you,      next week. Visit my website and
ing friends and family every          ing up and preparing for the next      thank you, thank you! Send note       checkout my online radio show,
weekend! Sure there are women         round of guests . . . where does       and a token of appreciation for       Talk! with Audrey for a series of
who cater, but there are those for    that leave her? You say you had-       all of the efforts that went into     interviews that will inform,
whom that possibility is non-         n't thought about it? Well, shame      making your stay enjoyable.           motivate and inspire you.
existent! They are the ones who       on you! Below are some tips to                Reciprocate: Extend an                Audrey Adams, former
shop for the food, order flowers,     help your hostess enjoy some           invitation to your hostess to be      director of corporate public rela-
clean the house, do the wash,         easy summertime living too.            your guest.                           tions and fashion merchandising
clean the grill, wipe down the               Be a good guest:       Her             Yes, there are some folks      for ESSENCE continues to moti-
outdoor furniture... all that after   home is not a hotel and she is not     that make entertaining look easy,     vate and inspire women through
"serving up" an impressive level      the maid; pick-up after yourself       but I can assure you that it takes    her syndicated columns and
of efficiency the rest of the         and pitch-in when it comes to          a great deal of planning and hard     motivational speaking engage-
week! And they entertain with a       cleaning up after meals. Offer to      work to pull it all off. As a guest   ments. E-mail your fashion,
smile and graciousness that           help prepare the meals and bring       you should always remember            beauty and lifestyle questions or
makes your weekend really spe-        along essential items to help re-      your role and responsibility to       comments to her at THEADAMS
cial. But it makes me wonder          stock the pantry.                      your hostess. Being a guest in        REPORT. com
                                                                             someone's home is a privilege

                                                                                                                                                        Harlem News Group
                                                                                                                                                        August 14, 2008

                                    Harlem News Group                                                                                                                    HEALTH
                                    HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX

                                    SENATOR BILL PERKINS ACKNOWLEDGES NORTH
                                    GENERAL HOSPITAL’S NURSING STAFF’S CONTRIBUTIONS
                                            enator Bill Perkins, Democ-      dent of Patient Care Services and

                                     S      rat, visited Harlem's North
                                            General Hospital on Friday,
                                     August 1, 2008 to thank and con-
                                                                             Chief Nursing Officer- North Gen-
                                                                             eral Hospital. Not only are nurses
                                                                             the face of North General Hospital
                                     gratulate the Hospital's Nursing        for the community, they are the
                                     Staff for the hard work that they do    eyes and the ears-at the front lines-
                                     for the people of East, Central and     catching errors, and recognizing
                                     West Harlem. The Senator, a long-       patient's needs. Edward Davis,
                                     time supporter of the 30 year-old       Board Member, North General
                                     hospital, praised the staff for their   Hospital remarked, "North General
                                     dedication to ensuring the health       Hospital's Nurses are integral to
                                     and well-being of the people in the     hospitalized patients' care and are
                                     community.         He presented a       also pivotal in the Hospital's
                                     plague celebrating nurses at North      efforts to improve quality. It
                                     General Hospital and asked “all         means a lot to our staff to have the
                                     residents of Harlem join [him] in       Senator acknowledge the work that
                                     honoring the registered nurses who      they do."
                                     care for all of us." Working long               Senator Perkins represents      vulnerable New Yorkers have             ment centers. In addition to prima-
                                     hours, educating the community          the 30th Senatorial District which      always been Bill's legislative prior-   ry healthcare for children, adults
                                     about health disparities, and treat-    is part of New York County and          ities.                                  and the aging, it offers comprehen-
                                     ing patients with the utmost pro-       encompasses Harlem, the Upper                  North General Hospital           sive treatment programs in dia-
                                     fessionalism and respect, North         West Side and Washington                offers a continuum of healthcare.       betes, obesity, asthma, hyperten-
                                     General Nurses play a vital role in     Heights. A life long resident of        Recognized as a medical and com-        sion, HIV/AIDS, heart disease,
                                     patient care and recovery.              Harlem, Senator Perkins started his     munity leader in Harlem, North          stroke, Hepatitis C, cancer, psychi-
                                             Nurses are "the largest         political career as a community         General Hospital provides its var-      atric disorders and addiction. For
                                     deliverer of health care in the         activist and is known for his com-      ied communities with state-of-the-      more information, please call us at
                                     U.S.," according to Dr. Michael         mitment to serving the community.       art healthcare services, highly         (212) 423-4000 or visit our web-
                                     Nozdrovicky, Senior Vice Presi-         The young, elderly and the most         qualified doctors and quality treat-    site at www.north
Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

Harlem News Group
      or over four months Rev. Al Sharpton          nosed cancer cases are forms of the disease

F     has broadcasted his national radio pro-
      gram on WWRL Radio with informa-
tive and provocative topics. He draws on his
                                                    that can be detected early through screening,
                                                    the Ralph Lauren Center has developed strate-
                                                    gies to encourage more screening. All men 40
experience as a grass roots organizer, commu-       years or older should get tested for prostate
nity activist and politician to bring his power-    and all men 50 years and older should get
ful voice to listeners. For over 40 years he        tested for colon cancer at the Ralph Lauren
has been an important voice in the communi-         Center in Harlem. The first 1000 men to com-
ty, now he has lent his voice to helping            plete either a prostate or colon cancer screen-
African American men understand the impor-          ing exam will receive a special invitation to
tance of being screened for prostate and colon      the 2nd Annual Harlem Men's All Star Event
cancer. "I have teamed up with my friends at        with NBA legends, players and other celebrity
the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and         guests this fall. Call the Ralph Lauren Center
Prevention to launch the 2nd Annual Harlem's        at 212-987-1777 or log on line to www.ralph
Cancer Screening Campaign to encourage     and make your appointment
over 1000 men to be screened by the end of          today. The Ralph Lauren Center accepts most
September." stated Rev. Sharpton.                   insurances, and for a limited time you may
          The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer        qualify for a free or low cost examination.
Care and Prevention is a state-of-the-art facili-             The Al Sharpton Show (1pm-4pm
ty located at the corner of 124th Street and        EST live) currently airs on over 20 stations
Madison Avenue in Harlem. It was estab-             nationally with WWRL Radio in New York
lished five years ago to serve the Harlem           as the flagship station for the show. The Al
community, which has one of the highest can-        Sharpton show is produced by Radio One and
cer mortality rates in the nation. One of the       syndicated by Superadio, which along with
most prevalent diseases in our community is         WWRL Radio is owned by Access.1 Commu-
cancer. African American men nationwide             nications Corp.
have the overall highest cancer death rate                    AM1600 WWRL-New York's Pro-
compared to other ethnic groups.                    gressive Talk Station with over 80 years of
          "Our cancer program targets four          service to the community, features talk pro-
forms of the disease: breast, cervical, colon,      gramming. Monday through Friday: "The 'RL
and prostate", said Dr. Harold Freeman, Presi-      Morning Show" with Errol Louis, 6am - 9am.        Show" 10pm-1am.                                   ate WMGM-TV 40 in Atlantic City. Access.1
dent and Founder of the RLC, also known for         "The Ron Daniels Show" airs each midday's                   WWRL 1600AM, licensed to                also owns and operates SupeRadio; a syndica-
his 40 years as a cancer surgeon in Harlem.         from 11am - 12pm. Followed by "The Ed             Access.1 Communications Corp. is a 24-hour        tion company that distributes over forty pro-
"The Harlem Men's Campaign seeks to                 Schultz Show" 12pm-3pm. Air America's Ron         African American owned and operated radio         grams broadcasting to an estimated 100
encourage the screening of over 1000 Harlem         Kuby 3pm-6pm followed by "Race for the            station serving the New York metro. Access.1      million people combined, and is one of the
men for colon and prostate cancer," continued       White House" with Rachel Maddow & David           Communications Corp. also owns and oper-          two founding partners of American Urban
Freeman.                                            Gregory 6pm-8pm."The Al Sharpton Show"            ates 9 radio stations in Louisiana and Texas, 5   Radio Networks.
          Since one half of all newly diag-         follows from 8pm-10pm and "Alan Colmes            radio stations in New Jersey and NBC affili-

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Harlem News Group
                                                                                                                                                                                                        August 14, 2008

                                    Harlem News Group                                                                                                    CLASSIFIED
                                    HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX


                                     Job Openings at Columbia University
                                        Columbia University currently has openings for the following jobs:
                                    Technical Specialist to document business processes, Groundskeeper and
                                      Heavy Cleaner, Senior Research Sonographer to perform ultrasound
                                      scans, Administrative Assistant for data entry and clerical work, Web
                                         Designer, Dental Receptionist for scheduling appointments and
                                           processing payments, and Projects Manager to research for

                                              The aforementioned job opportunities are brought to
                                         you by Harlem News, but for more information, please visit the
                                                 Columbia website at
                                                or stop by the Employment Information Center                                                  receive
                                                  located at 3180 Broadway (at 125th Street)
                                                              between 9am – 5pm.

                                                           Additionally, you can also
                                                e-mail or call (212)851-1551.

                                           COME GROW WITH US
                                                            ADVERTISING SALES
                                        Some Sales Experience Necessary. Earn $15/hr + commission
                                      Work near your home in Harlem, Jamaica Queens or Bedstuy Brooklyn
                                                           Computer experience -
                                                       Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet
                                                           Excellent phone skills.
                                                               Some College.
                                                          Harlem News Group, Inc.
                                                        Fax Resume to: 212-996-6010
                                                              (2 pages maximum)

                                                                                                     REAL ESTATE
                                                     Newly Rehabilitated Brooklyn Homes for Sale
                                       Lemor Realty is offering newly rehabilitated one and two family homes in the
                                                                                                                                             LEMOR REALTY CORP.
                                       following Brooklyn neighborhoods: Bedford Stuyvesant, Flatbush, East New                                          167 West 145th Street
                                       York, Carnarsie, and Brownsville. The two family homes include rental units.                                Call Today 212-281-2714 ext. 11

                                                                                                                                              Development, Property Management,
                                                                   Sales                     # BedRooms
                                    Address                        Price          # Families Rental Unit    5% DP            10% DP                   Consulting, Sales
                                    262 E. 39th St                 $525,000.00    1                         $26,250.00       $52,500.00
                                    322 Tompkins Ave. 11216        $605,000.00    2          1              $30,250.00       $60,500.00        For more information go to our website:
                                    853 Glenmore Ave.              $420,000.00    1                         $21,000.00       $42,000.00      
                                    1235 E. 87th St.               $560,000.00    2          1              $28,000.00       $56,000.00
                                    1415 Pitkin Ave. 11233         $505,000.00    2          1              $25,250.00       $50,500.00
                                    1843 Prospect Place            $595,000.00    2          2              $29,750.00       $59,500.00

                                                                         Get delivery each week by mail.
Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

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                                         PAY FOR POSTAGE & HANDLING.
  Harlem News Group                                                                                                                                                      SPORTS

                    DR. J IS STILL MAKING HOUSE CALLS
                    By Marc Rasbury

    t can become an awkward moment when a man             man that I wanted to emulate more than Julius Erv-

I   in his mid forties finds himself crossing paths
    with his childhood idol. That is the situation that
I found myself in last week when I had the oppor-
                                                                   It was not because he took dunking to a
                                                          new level combining power, grace and agility in his
tunity and pleasure of covering the Original Tee          high-flying act, looking so cool. I remember his
Golf Classic's Sponsors Dinner where they honored         Afro waving in the wind as he took off from the
the incomparable Julius "Dr. J" Erving.                   foul line. No this man was as suave as they came.
         When I got the last minute call to photo-        In an era when most people considered Walt Frazier
graph the event, I jumped at the chance to meet the       and Joe Namath drum majors of off-the-field cool-
man I have admired for most my time on earth.             ness, Dr. J should be mentioned in that conversa-
Trust me, I had to juggle some other pre-arrange          tion.
appointments, run home and pack my camera and                      Of course, I have met Julius Erving on sev-
drive almost two hours to cover the event. The            eral occasions as sports photo-journalist and I can
Sponsor's Dinner which is held on the eve of the          recall each time. It is hard trying to keep my com-
Golf event included representatives from Mercedes         posure and maintain my professionalism. I do not
Benz and Golf Digest just to name a few. It was           want to even mention that I still have several of his
held at the Crystal Lakes Resort in Hamburgh, New         more famous photographs and even bought his clas-
Jersey. All of the representatives met in the resort's    sic No. 32 New York Nets throwback jersey.
wine cellar which reminded you of a time your                      I followed his career from the Nets to his
                                                                                                                  Dr. J greets the next Tiger Woods Christian Dyer after a round of golf.
grandparents use to tell you about. Then Dr. J made       final year with the Philadelphia 76'ers. I remember                                                                  Photo courtesy of Margot Jordon
his grand entrance.                                       sitting in my grandparent's living room crying as       Dr. J with Wendell Haskins and Father at the Sponsor's Dinner the night before the event.
         It was like royalty entered the room. Now        Marv Albert announced that Nets former owner,                                                                       Photo by Marc Rasbury
this is not the first time that we have met. No, I        Roy Boe, sold Dr. J to the 76'ers. As a prep school
remember meeting him as an 11 year-old. Back in           student in New England, I got a chance to live
1975 my youth basketball team won the Rucker              through those epic battles with the Larry Bird-led
Biddy Division Championship and the Good Doctor           Boston Celtics. But when the Good Doctor won his
handed out the trophies. As Brother Erving shook          only NBA championship, I felt that I could die in
my hand, all I can remember was that his thumb            peace. Well, what did you expect from a college
nearly stretched out to my elbow.                         freshman?
         I was in awe of him then and I am still in                Billy Crystal once spoke glowingly about
awe of him. I read every book and article that came       meeting his childhood idol Micky Mantle long after
out about this man. My seventh grade teacher had          the Bronx Bomber retired. I thought that it was a bit
to forbid me from writing any more biographies on         over the top, but that was before I crossed paths
the former New York Net. I must have seen the             with Julius Erving as an adult. Now, Billy, I ain't
Fish That Saved Pittsburgh about twenty times.            saying that it is right but I understand.
Besides my father, I do not think there was another

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

Harlem News Group
BRONX RESIDENT RECEIVES                                                                                        BRONX TROLLEY VISITS FACTORY ART
CON EDISON’S HIGHEST HONOR                                                                                     IN BRUCKNER BLVD ARTS DISTRICT
                                                                                                               By Howard Giske

                                                                                              he Bronx Trolley went down to the Bruckn-         well as a man whose back is covered by intense,

                                                                                       T      er Blvd arts district on Wednesday, August
                                                                                              6th, as well as to Hostos College. At the
                                                                                       Haven Gallery, 50 Bruckner Blvd, a major exhibit
                                                                                                                                                cutting tattoos, by Miguel Anaya and Danny
                                                                                                                                                Ramon Peralta. This is part of an exhibit called
                                                                                                                                                "Departure," curated by Chet Urban, and part of a
                                                                                       on display is called "Factories" with featured artist,   group showing of the NYC BRIDGE Project, by
                                                                                       Cindy Tower. These are very big paintings of over        photographers from the South Bronx. The best
                                                                                       8 by 10 feet that are on drop clothes, of the 1902       way to see these photos is to come to eat and drink
                                                                                       Armour Meat Processing Plant in East St. Louis,          at the Bar and Grill. A block away is the Bronx
                                                                                       Illinois. I found these paintings interesting and        Museum Extension, at 11 Bruckner Blvd., display-
                                                                                       somewhat inspiring, even though the paintings are        ing a multi-media installation by Darcy Dahl,
                                                                                       of obsolete factories that may be torn down soon.        called "Insula", curated by Wayne Northcross, and
                                                                                       The paintings are abstract, in that the machinery is     featuring a series of kinetic animations projected
                                                                                       painted in isolation, without background, yet paint-     onto drawings.
                                                                                       ed realistically and in detail, in a limited palate of             Another big event was the Alvin Ailey
                                                                                       colors, mostly brown, with bits of blue, black,          Free Summer Performances, including free Mod-
                                                                                       orange and yellow. The paintings were done on            ern and Jazz dance classes, and classes on West
                                                                                       site, with a bodyguard, under difficult conditions.      African dance, at the Hostos Center Memorial
                                                                                       Though the paintings are not of the Bronx, they          Plaza, at 450 Grand Concourse. A very different
                                                                                       resonate with their location in the Haven Gallery,       art exhibition closed out at 450 Grand Concourse,
        arl L. Williams, a resident of the                                             near the industrial area of Hunts Point. Perhaps         inside at the Longwood Art Gallery, entitled,

C       Bronx, received Con Edison's
        highest honor, the "Living Our
Values" award, at a gala earlier this
                                                                                       these paintings of old industrial equipment can
                                                                                       serve as an inspiration for a modern industrial
                                                                                       revival. Other paintings of industrial installations
                                                                                       at the Haven Gallery are by Scott Lowenbaum and
                                                                                                                                                OTHER, OTHER… It is curated by Wanda Raim-
                                                                                                                                                nudi-Ortiz. OTHER, OTHER... and features works
                                                                                                                                                by 18 artists of African, Asian, Latino, and Native
                                                                                                                                                American ancestry working in drawing, installa-
year in May. This recognition is given                                                 there are objects curated by Barry Kostrinsky, enti-     tion, mixed media, painting, performance art, pho-
annually to Con Edison and Orange and                                                  tled "Factory Remnants" from the Grand Silver            tography, sculpture and video. The works are
Rockland employees, who exemplify                                                      Company. For more information, see www.have-             large, including one feathery work that stretched
the company's values of service, team-                                                                                       up a wall. A set of ducks and animals, made out of
                                                                                                  Down the street, at 1 Bruckner Blvd is        a transparent material with flashing lights inside
work, excellence, and concern for the                                                  the Bruckner Bar and Grill, also home of the             was able to amuse both children and adults. The
quality of life in the community. Five                                                 Bruckner Gallery. The photographs on display are         Bronx Trolley will run again in October, see
other employees were also are honored.                                                 interesting though painful. Sensitive photos have
         "Williams has given nearly 50                                                 subjects such as drug addiction and the elderly, as
years of exemplary service to Con Edi-
son. His dedication to his career and his
remarkable work ethic are productive
examples for all employees to follow,"
said Saumil Shukla," Vice President of
Steam Operations, where Williams
         In 1958, Williams started his
career at the 74th Street power plant
which was then owned by the New
York City Transit Authority. He con-
tinued his employment there when Con Edison bought the plant in 1961. Over
the years Williams worked in a number of capacities, primarily dispatching
crews to gas, steam and electric emergencies. For the last 20 years, he has been a
commercial technical representative, where he serves as a liaison between steam
customers and the company.
         "I really enjoy meeting different people from all aspects of life,"
Williams said.
         His commitment to community is equally notable. Among many things,
Williams volunteers with the Fresh Air Fund, the Salvation Army, Special
Olympics, planting trees at the Bronx Botanical Gardens, assisting with the com-
pany's Toys for Tots annual drive, and serving in his church, the Woodycrest
United Methodist Church in the Bronx as a trustee, usher and lay speaker.
         Williams served 42 years in the New York Army National Guard as a
member of the 369th Harlem Hellfighters. During his tenure he served in Desert
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

Storm-Desert Shield in Saudi, Arabia, completed two tours of service in Istanbul,
Turkey, and was dispatched to several New York state emergencies, including
hurricanes and the riots at Attica State Prison. He retired as a chief warrant offi-
cer four.
         "I am most proud of my work with children, especially working with the
Special Olympics and the Fresh Air Fund kids," Williams said. "I love to help
others and see the smiles on their faces when they have made great accomplish-
ments," said Williams, who is the father of seven children.
         First presented in 1992, Con Edison created the "Living Our Values"
award so that something intangible, such as an employee's values and work ethic,
could be transformed into something visible and concrete.
         Con Edison is a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc. [NYSE: ED],
one of the nation's largest investor-owned energy companies, with approximately
$13 billion in annual revenues and $28 billion in assets. The utility provides elec-
tric, gas and steam service to more than 3 million customers in New York City
and Westchester County, New York. For additional financial, operations and
customer service information, visit Con Edison's Web site at
Harlem News Group
WAYANDA PARK FAMILY DAY                                                             BRINKERHOFF ACTION ASSOCIATION
AND GOSPELFEST                                                                      12TH ANNUAL BLOCK PARTY

                                                                                    (L - R) NYPD Inspector Michael Blake, 103rd Prec., Yvonne Reddick, CB 12 Dist. Mgr. Nanny Caughman,
                                                                                    Scarborough's Office, D.L. Dora H. Young, Vice Chair of Queens Dem. Party, D.L. Archie Spigner,
                                                                                    Assemblyman William Scarborough
                                                                                                                                                                Photo By: Juliet Kaye

                                                                                           he Brinkerhoff Action Association held their 12th Annual Block

                                                                                    T      Party on Saturday, July 26th. Often called the Grand Daddy of
                                                                                           all block parties, this large block party is attended by all resi-
                                                                                    dents on the blocks comprising Brinkerhoff Action Association. The
                                                                                    area spans from 108th Avenue east to Sayres Avenue and Merrick
                                                                                    Boulevard going north to 180th Street. Fantastic BBQ, blow up rides
                                                                                    for the kids and lively music make this annual event one of the most

        ueens Village was rocking to the soulful beat of live music at the 7th

Q       Annual Wayanda Family Day & Gospel Fest held on Saturday, August
        9th, at Wayanda Park on Hollis Avenue. Hundreds of families from all
parts of Queens enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon of games, pony rides, live gospel
music, health screenings, and dance performances. Sponsored by the New York
City Department of Parks & Recreation, Wayanda Civic Association, Project
Hope, and Council Member Leroy Comrie, the festival helped the community to
come together to participate in events that fostered family unity.
         "Family Day is an excellent opportunity for families to enjoy time
together," said Council Member Comrie. "At Wayanda Park, parents, grandpar-
ents, children and friends came together to listen to gospel music, enjoy dance
performances, learn about local services, and eat great food. Family Day rein-
forces to our community that a family that spends time together, stays together."
         The 7th Annual Wayanda Park Family Day and Gospel Fest featured
2007 Tiffany Gospel Award Nominees Michael Ross & Tru-Praize singing their
newest releases. Hailing from Cambria Heights, Queens, 30-year-old Michael
Ross led Tru-Praize as they sang inspirational songs of hope. Crossover inspira-
tional gospel singer James (AJ) Ward mixed Rhythm and Praise, contemporary
and dance gospel styles in his undeniably unique sound. Ward brought down the
house as he performed hits from his current album, "Thank You."
         Pony rides were plentiful as the Black Cowboy Federation took children
                                                                                                                                                                                          Harlem News Group August 14, 2008

of all ages for much anticipated rides around Wayanda Park. Kids also took
turns running and jumping on and sliding down the towering inflatable rides.
         The American Museum of Natural History Moveable Museum was on-
site with their interactive paleontology exhibit. The walk-in learning exhibit
onboard the Moveable Museum included a replica of a dinosaur excavation site
that wowed children and adults alike. NYU's Dental Van provided on-site dental
screening for children all afternoon. The mobile unit travels throughout the city
and state to help serve the oral care needs of underprivileged children.
         Additional sponsors of the 7th Annual Wayanda Park Family Day and
Gospel Fest included 107.5 WBLS, Con Edison, Affinity Health Plan, Municipal
Credit Union, Old Navy, RE/MAX Real Estate and Joy Ice Cream.
         Council Member Comrie will be hosting another Family Day on August
23rd at Detective Keith Williams Park (Liberty Park) in Jamaica, Queens. For
more information about this event, call Council Member Comrie's office at 718-

 Harlem News Group
                                                      B R O O K LY N
         "Dance is the physical manifestation
of music" says Jackie aka Imani Kaba who
teaches West African dance at Charles Moore
Dance Theatre in Downtown, Brooklyn.

         s we know from our African ancestors

A        music and dance has always been
         extremely important in African culture.
Most all important functions, ceremonies, cele-
brations, etc. involve singing, drumming and
           The Djembe is played throughout
Africa however Sabar drums are specific to Sene-
gal and Gambia. The Sabar drum is by far the
most common instrument in Senegal. Sabar is
the National dance of Dakar, Senegal but it is
danced in Gambia and Guinea as well. In Sene-
gal, Sabar is most often danced at all important
functions, celebrations, ceremonies, family gath-
erings, etc. Both men and women dance Sabar
although it is mainly a dance for women. Sabar is
a celebration of women's beauty and grace.
When danced women typically wear a long bubu
(top), lappa (wrap skirt) and becho (decorative
undergarment worn under the lappa). There are
numerous Sabar rhythm,s however those most
commonly danced to are Kaolack, Thie Bou Dje-
une, Bara MBaye and Lembeul. Sabar rhythms
can be challenging to learn. However, once you
learn the basics it can be a lot of fun to dance.
Sabar dance is wicked, spicy, funky and most of
all fun. Those who have seen Sabar performed
are usually stunned, captivated and left speech-
           Studying Sabar dance is a wonderful
way for African American women to reconnect
with their cultural heritage. Many whom study
Sabar dance say it is both a cultural and spiritual
experience. Although Sabar dance is traditional
it allows you the flexibility to add your own
nuances to the dance. I believe studying Sabar
dance will allow you to express your creativity at
its deepest level, learn a new skill, and meet new
people while dancing collectively. Furthermore,
dancing is a wonderful way to stay fit, increase
flexibility and reduce stress.
           In 1994, Imani began studying African
dance at Wayne State University. She was
immediately captivated and felt a deep connec-
tion to West African culture and dance. Once she
began studying West African dance she never
stopped. Over the years she has studied numer-
ous forms of African dances such as, Afro-Hat-
ian, Afro-Cuban, Congolese, Soukous, etc.
however specializing in dances from the coun-
tries of Guinea and Senegal. She has had the
pleasure of studying with numerous master teach-
ers such as: Fabayo Manzira, Latifa Diop, Safia,
Ebrima Jeng (Gambian Dance Company),
Mohammad Diaby, Yamoussa Soumah, Alpha
Kaba, Marietou Cisse (Les Merveilles
D'Afrique), Aisha Rivers (formerly Aisha Diaby,
                                                                       Harlem News Group

Papa Hanne, Babacar M'beye, Rich Faye and
Marie Basse-Wiles. Also intrigued by other eth-
nic genres of dance she has simultaneously stud-
ied Salsa with the legendary teachers Eddie &
Marie Torres. She also had a four-year perfor-
mance history with a Detroit-based African dance
company, African-American Arts & Cultural
Society (AAACS) which further allowed her to
gain performance experience and further express
her creativity. She currently teaches a beginning
Sabar dance class on Mondays at Charles Moore
                                                                       August 14, 2008

Dance Theatre located at 397 Bridge St. 2nd Fl.
(btw. Fulton & Willoughby) from 6:30-8:00pm.
This class is geared towards those who have no
previous dance experience with Sabar or those
who have previously danced Sabar however want
to further develop their skills. This class is easy
to follow and suitable for all fitness levels.
           For more information contact Imani
directly at 313-467-0759 or westafricandancer or visit
africandancer.                                                         11

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