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                                      Caldwell College Student Newspaper

   Vol 2 Issue 1                                                                                                                                                     November 2007

NEVER FORGOTTEN: How Caldwell is Responding to
Security Issues in a Post-Virginia Tech World
        By Nicole Burrell                has acknowledged the vitality of             schools during a crisis situation,      That individual may then be            pointed out that we can’t just turn
                                         addressing those issues. William             Caldwell chose to use a company         referred to an outside professional    the school into a windowless,
                                         Ortman, the Director of Campus               called “e2campus,” which also           for testing to ensure they are         barred fortress. Such a decision
                                         Safety, knows firsthand the plans            services universities such as           not any danger to the campus as        “runs contrary to the college
  The Virginia Tech shootings            that Caldwell has developed and              Harvard      and     Penn     State.    a whole.                               environment, which is an open and
raised national awareness on             shared some of that information              e2campus would send out a                 Lastly, the school must be           free learning environment.”
school security. That tragedy            with the Kettle.                             message via text message, voice         prepared to respond to any                “We want to do as much as we
showed the importance of a good            First, the College recently                mail, or e-mail to inform faculty,      situation. The College has an          can to prepare for situations,”
mass communication system on a           addressed the need for a good                staff, and students of any crisis       emergency response team in place,      Ortman said, “but we don’t want
college campus, as well as the need      communication system. After                  on campus.                              as well as an emergency response       to, at the same time, mentally
to recognize and help those with         looking at about twelve companies              Caldwell is in the midst of           plan. The plan covers a variety of     convince ourselves that this is
mental illnesses. Caldwell College       that provide communication for               collecting forms with contact           possible scenarios that could occur,   likely to happen.”
                                                                                      information from the College            from bomb threats to chemical
                                                                                      community in order to compile a         spills. Each possible scenario is
                                                                                      database which will provide
                                                                                      e2campus with the contact
                                                                                                                              covered in the plan with a step-by-
                                                                                                                              step process that is to be executed
                                                                                                                                                                     Satellite Show
                                                                                      information it needs. Filling out
                                                                                      such a form would be extremely
                                                                                                                              during and after the event.
                                                                                                                                The        emergency     response    Takes on
                                                                                      beneficial for keeping anyone           committee is comprised of
                                                                                      on campus informed and safe.
                                                                                      The form is available on the
                                                                                                                              representatives from athletics,
                                                                                                                              residence life, nursing, facilities,
                                                                                                                                                                     Big Issues
                                                                                      school’s Web site.                      human resources, institutional
                                                                                          Second, Caldwell has been           a d va n c e m e n t , and      the                Joe Dante
                                                                                      vigilant in caring for mental health    administration. Additionally, the
                                                                                      needs and concerns on campus.           Caldwell Police Department and                   Staff Writer
                                                                                      The     school      employs     two     the Essex County Office of
                                                                                      counselors and one master’s intern      Emergency Management have
                                                                                      in the counseling office, as well as    copies of Caldwell’s response plan.
                                                                                      two licensed nurses and part-time         It is clear that Caldwell College
                                                                                      physician.       If there is any        has thought a lot about its security
A student at Virginia Tech holds up a candle with Burruss Hall in the                 indication that someone might           procedures. In some ways, those
background during the candlelight vigil on the Virginia Tech Campus...                need professional attention, they       procedures have been updated since
                                     AP Photo/The Roanoke Times, Christina O'Connor   are referred to one of these people.    Virginia Tech. But Bill Ortman

 A Home Far Away                                                                      FOREIGN RELATIONS
                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo by Camille Pride
                                                                                                                                                                       If you are a Communication

 From Home                                                                                       Nicole Bodrog                …as soon as I saw James Cook
                                                                                                                              University I knew it was where I
                                                                                                                                                                     Arts student at Caldwell, you
                                                                                                                                                                     have probably booked most
                                                                                                                                                                     of your classroom hours in
                                                                                                 Staff Writer                 wanted to go.” She knew that she
         Nga Pham and                    international students have to                                                                                              the semi-famous “Room 4224”.
       Bernadeth Piamonte                face many changes. Two of the                                                        could always have the possibility      A meeting place of most
                                         most striking challenges are food              As a Caldwell College junior,         of going to England, or Italy at       Communications classes, 4224 is
                                                                                      Meghan Johnston decided to make         some point in her life, and she felt   also the home of the campus
           Staff Writers                 and jet lag. Ivanka Koleva from
                                         Bulgaria enjoys American                     a change in her day-to-day college      Australia would be an experience       radio station.
   Adding the spice of diversity,        cuisine with the exception of hot            routine. A former softball player       that would be unforgettable.             However, the room has seen
                                                                                      for the Cougars, Meghan decided           After Johnston received all of       several changes this year for the
 international students are visibly      and spicy food. On the other
                                                                                      to take her college experience into     her paper work, signatures from        better. If you walked into 4224
 an important part of Caldwell           hand, Bibek Karki, from Nepal,
                                                                                                                                                                     today, you would probably notice
 College. Given the recent               found a lack of spicy dishes                 her own hands and seize the             her department’s chairs, and was
 addition of 43 new international        troublesome. With regards to                 opportunity to study abroad. With       cleared with her financial aid, she               (continued on page 3)
 students this school year, one can      jet lag, Hee Eun Park, an                    desire and will, Johnston carefully     departed the first week of February
 clearly notice their growing            exchange student from South                  scrutinized different locations that    and did not return for a little over
 presence. American students             Korea, shared his unavoidable                would suit her expectations for         five months.
 seem to be adjusting very well          misfortune, “Actually I went to              studying abroad. She said, “I             Looking back at her experience
 with them, but how are                  bed at noon, and I woke up at                started looking at Australia and        she could only wish it was longer.
                                                                                      found organizations that have           She was able to study and get to
 international students adjusting        midnight.” Then he could not get
                                                                                                                              know Australians, interact and
 to American college life?               to sleep until the sun rose.                 affiliated schools there and started
   Coming        to    America,                                                       to look at the different universities                (continued on page 3)
                                                     (continued on page 3)

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               Page 4                                             Page 5
 Page 2                                                                           THE          KETTLE                                                                                             November 2007

             OPINION                                                          AND                             EDITORIAL
Letter From the Editor:                                                                                                  From the Desk of the SGA President
                                                                                                                         Fellow Students,                                  available to the students more
  This issue of the Kettle was
                                                “Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws,                               I would like to welcome you to                  readily. We are working very
                                                                                                                         a new academic year on behalf of                  closely with various clubs and
extremely exciting for all of us                              we wait for you;                                           the entire Student Government                     organizations, and have planned
involved in its production. As a                           your name and renown                                          Association of Caldwell College.                  many future events. To make the
staff, we have made so much
progress in the year since we                           are the desire of our hearts.”                                   We aim to accomplish many goals                   weekends livelier, we are planning
                                                                                                                         this year. We want to be your                     many events on weekends.
began publishing the student
newspaper. I would be completely
                                                                       ~Isaiah 26:8                                      “true voice”! Therefore, we invite                Currently, we are working on a
                                                                                                                         you to cooperate with us and                      central SGA and Clubs website
remiss if I did not mention the two      hardest to give you, the reader, a       students in the ways of the Lord.      make this campus more lively                      where you can get all the
editors who came before me,              newspaper worthy to be read. And         I pray that we bring God glory in      and active.                                       information you need about the
Nicole Scimone and Nikki                 I have to say that I think we have       the way we put together this             The SGA Legislative meeting                     SGA, clubs, and future events.
Schreiber. Nicole took our paper         made the Caldwell College                newspaper. With integrity, with        takes place every Monday in the                   You can also vent your opinion.
from a dream to reality, and Nikki       community proud thus far.                purity, with prayerful wisdom, I       Newman Center Conference                            As Henrik Ibsen once said, “A
continued to build on that                 There is a more important              hope we will glorify Him.              Room at 12 noon. If you have any                  community is like a ship;
foundation with innovative ideas.        authority, however, to whom I              Thank       you    for    your       issue that is concerning you, or if               everyone ought to be prepared to
  So what can I bring to this paper      must answer. My goal for the             participation in this newspaper.       you just want your voice to be                    take the helm.” So let’s join in
as an editor? This is a question I       Kettle is that it would be a             Without readers, we would              heard, feel free to drop by for the               and work together for the
have thought a lot about in the          newspaper that would glorify             be nothing!                            meetings. This year, we have set                  improvement of Caldwell College
past few months. What is my              God. Over 75, years ago, this                                                   up the new permanent office hours                 and make it our “Home away from
special contribution? My goal is         college was founded with Godly           Sincerely,                             system for the clubs and class                    Home!”
to make this paper informative as        intentions. The sisters of Saint         Nicole Burrell                         officers, so that their services are                             – Saikat R. Gomes
well as thought-provoking. Our           Dominic determined to set aside          Editor-in-Chief
entire staff has worked their            this land in order to educate

PRESIDENT VS. PRESIDENT                                           OR
IDIOT VS. IDIOT?                                                                            Would you like to                                     We’d love to hear
                                                                                              RESPOND?                                               from you!
       by Nicholas Peros                give his speech, and dodge some
                                        questions to convert a room full
                                        of educated Americans to the                          Do you have an                                         Please email your
           Staff Writer                                                                                                                                  thoughts to
                                        Iranian cause, then he or she
                                        deserves to be put in white rubber                      OPINION?
  On Monday September 26th,             room. I think it’s safe to assume                                                                 
Democracy took a giant step             that there was not one person in
forward. The only problem is that       that room after the speech that
right after, it arrogantly marched      thought to themselves, “Hmm.
back to where it had started. When      Maybe he has the right idea”.               We have a man who denies the         introduced Ahmadinejad as a                           I don’t want Bollinger for that.
Columbia University in New York           I had the privilege of speaking         Holocaust, commits murder on           ‘petty and cruel dictator’, did                     That is what my president is for.
extended an invitation to Iran’s        with Dr. Paul Douillard, Ph.D.,           his own people, still carries out      Bollinger really expect the                         Communism did not crumble
president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,         Vice President and Dean of                public executions, and wishes          Iranian president to approach this                  under playground bullying. It fell
to speak and participate in a                                                              Israel to be wiped off the    whole thing in a sincere manner?                    to foreign policy and reason. I
question and answer session,                                                               map. Last time I                At the end of the circus show,                    have seen places crumble to
people all over the country went                                                           checked, these were           Bollinger stated, “I am only a                      bullying. Iraq anyone? Perhaps this
nuts. They lashed out at University                                                        pretty serious beliefs for    professor who is also a university                  time we should let foreign policy
President Lee Bollinger for                                                                someone        to     have,   president, and today I feel the                     and reason take over the debate
providing Ahmadinejad with a                                                               especially when he’s in       weight of all the civilized world                   between the U.S. and Iran. I just
“soapbox for terror”.                                                                      charge of a country with      yearning to express the revulsion                   don’t have the energy for another
  If anyone thinks for a moment                                                            suspected           nuclear   at what you stand for, I only wish                  invasion and botched occupation.
that Iran’s president was going to                                                         capabilities! Still, should   I could do better.”
walk into Columbia University,                                                             he have been invited
                                                                                           here? Of course! Show
                                                                                           them what this country
                                                                                                                                            Caldwell College Student Newspaper

                                                                                           was based on; the

                                                                                           meeting of ideas and the
                                                                                           freedom to speak and
                                                                  AP Photo/Stephen Chernin debate in an attempt to          Vol 2 Issue 1              w w w. c a l d w e l l . e d u / n e w s        November 2007

                                                   Columbia University President           reveal truth for the
                                                   Lee Bollinger                           common good.
                                                                                                                                                             Nicole Burrell
                                                                                             Bollinger had no
                                                  Academic Affairs at             intention of trying to facilitate an           EDITORIAL STAFF                                    OPERATIONS AFFAIRS
                                                  Caldwell, in regards to         educated discussion between U.S.
                                                  Columbia’s choice from          citizens and Mahmoud. Instead,                    Nicole Scimone                                                Linda Maher
                                                  an academic standpoint.         Bollinger tried to make himself                     Arts Editor                                    Graphic Imagery, Inc.
                                                  He insisted that from           out to be a hero and his guest out                                                               Design and Layout (donated)
                                                                                                                                    Laura Sinisgallo
                                                  an academic point of            to be a fool. Fortunately,                        Outreach Editor                                         Colette M.Liddy
                 AP Photo/Shannon Stapleton, Pool view, “one needs to             democracy’s        free      speech                                                                           Advisor
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic
                                                  study these regimes and         prevailed and made both of them                  Cassandra Vezeris
Republic of Iran                                  take them seriously.”           look like idiots. After Bollinger                 Outreach Editor

 November 2007                                                                   THE         KETTLE                                                                                      Page 3

A Home Far Away From Home                                                                 (continued from page 1)      FOREIGN RELATIONS                               (continued from page 1)

                                                                                extrovert and start talking to         learn from their culture, and she      areas in Spain. This trip is a great
                                                                                people. He said, “It’s your            had the opportunity to meet            way to break up the routine of the
                                                                                                                       people she still stays in touch with   long winter break. After finals
                                                                                responsibility to know their
                                                                                                                       today. And when asked if she           and the celebration of Christmas
                                                                                culture. That’s why you’re half        would ever want the opportunity        and New Year’s, a trip over seas
                                                                                way around the world.”                 to study abroad again, she said,       for six nights will not be too much
                                                                                  No matter where they are from,       “In a heartbeat. If I had the option   to juggle. Then with three more
                                                                                no matter how different their          to go somewhere tomorrow I             gained credits from this trip, there
                                                                                circumstances are, they all attend     would definitely do it. The            will still be time to rest and settle
                                                                                Caldwell for many different            experience is irreplaceable and I      down before coming back from
                                                                                reasons. Students, such as             truly think that everyone should       the spring semester.
                                                                                Michael Salmon from Jamaica            do it.”                                   Start thinking about this
                                                                                                                                                              opportunity now. It is one you do
                                                                                and Saikat, pointed out that           And now here is your chance!
                                                                                                                                                              not want to miss. At $2,729,
                                                                                scholarships were the primary
                                                                                                                          On January 3, 2008 a great          which includes tuition, travel,
                                                        Photo by Hee Eun Park   reasons for their enrollment.          opportunity arises for students to     breakfast, and dinner, this trip will
                                                                                When asked how they learned            travel to Spain to broaden their       be unforgettable. It will be a great
Robin Davenport, Director of Counseling and the Student Development Center,
speaks during a meeting for international students.                             about Caldwell College, students,      cultural horizons. This six day        way to meet new faces or form a
                                                                                like Bibek and Ivanka, said that       trip, ending on January 10, will       closer bond with those you
However, after a week and with          “because here professors know           friends, guidance counselors, and      explore Costa Del Sol and              already know. If interested in this
the help of medication, he was          you, know your name, whereas in         the Internet influenced their          Torremolinos, where students will      trip, please contact Dr. Roseann
able to adjust to the time. Bibek       my country… you are sometimes           decision to apply.                     not only have the opportunity to       Bar, Dr. Isabelle Genest, Jose
Karki from Nepal had the same           a number.” Hee Eun said, “I’m             Coping with college life is very     see for themselves Spain’s             Fraga, or Dr. Lisa DiBisceglie, or
                                                                                                                       cultural wonders, but will also        visit Caldwell’s website for the
problem. He couldn’t sleep at           impressed by the tutoring               difficult. Coping with college life
                                                                                                                       have a first-hand interaction with     day-by-day itinerary.
night and only slept during             system here.”                           in a foreign country is even more      the people and places of these
the day.                                  Time difference, food, and            difficult. Nonetheless, these
  As representatives of a total         academics are among the many            challenges can be overcome. “It
of 29 countries, Caldwell               changes international students          has been four or five weeks here,
international students have the         encounter. However, they do not         but I’m so happy, because my
chance to compare American              have    to    overcome     these        friends and my teachers and my
education with their homelands’         challenges on their own. Saikat         staff here are so kind. It’s
education. In South Korea,              Gomes, an international junior          amazing to me,” Hee Eun Park
according to Hee Eun Park, there        from India and the SGA                  said. He said that when he came
are relatively big lecture classes      president, said, “I really speak        here, he was worried about how
and not much homework. Bibek            with all of them and ask them           he would make friends, but after
shared that in Nepal, the student-      what their problem is.” He said,        talking to people on campus, he
professor relationships were            “The best way to get adjusted is        has found them to be very nice.
                                                                                                                                                                    Photo courtesy of Meghan Johnston
much more formal. “It’s better          to speak up.” There is no magic         “I was so impressed. I think that
than my country,” added Ivanka,         formula. You just have to be an         I chose a nice college.”               Meghan Johnston on her study abroad trip to Australia.

Satellite Show Takes on Big Issues                                                               (continued from page 1)

black foam lining one of the            to free speech is a right extended        Other topics have included the         The concern partly arises from        administration has been very
walls. You would also see a             by the United States to its             media’s role in convicting Duke        the fact that Sirius does not carry     cooperative on getting it on
brand-new Mac computer in the           citizens.     In Mann’s words,          Lacrosse players, free speech rights   a public radio network like the         the air.”
corner of the room.         These       O’Neil responded by saying, “It         of high school journalists, and lack   one Mann’s show is broadcast on           Caldwell receives two free
changes are a part of Professor         was an extension of free speech         of political coverage in Iraq.         through XM. However, the                commercials during his show and
Robert Mann’s XM Satellite              from the people at Columbia”.             Professor Mann chooses to            merger is not yet a done deal.          hopes to get more publicity for
radio show, Let’s Consider the          This is just one example of the         follow FCC rules and regulations,      The government could view               the College. With the kind of
Source. His show is recorded            depth of thought that is explored       even though he is on satellite         such a merger as illegal, since         exposure a radio show offers,
throughout the week and is              during each show.                       radio. “We choose to follow FCC        XM and Sirius merging would in          Professor Mann hopes he can tell
broadcast every Tuesday on XM             Jeff Mermain of Myspace TV            rules because of the reputation        effect create a monopoly which          more people about Caldwell.
Public Radio 133 at 7:30 p.m.           was interviewed about “big time         of the Caldwell.” Mann said.           would control the industry,               Everyone can benefit from the
  Professor Mann produces               Hollywood producers being               “We promised the College               killing      competition       and      changes made to room 4224.
the show along with Professor           brought in to produce TV shows          administration that we would not       hurting consumers.                      Students planning on pursuing a
John Yurko, chair of the                for the web”, increasing the            do anything to embarrass the             Professor Mann said that              career in the radio industry now
Communication Arts Department,          popularity of “webisodes”. Jeff         college. We would be very              getting the new equipment into          have state of the art equipment to
and Nick Amabile, the TV                Hermanson, head of the Writer’s         careful of the College’s               room 4224 was not an easy task.         work with. When asked about
Studio Supervisor, who takes care       Guild of America, came on the           Catholic identity.”                    “It took a lot of work, because         how our studio compares to those
of most of the technical concerns       show to argue that the new CBS            Thirteen shows have come out         we had to convince the                  in other colleges and universities,
in the department.          Senior      reality show “Kid Nation”               of Caldwell as of early October.       administration. We had to buy a         Professor Mann said, “I put
Communication Arts majors               violates child abuse laws and           “We have a one year deal, in           lot of new equipment because            our radio studio up against any
Deanna Wolowitz and Laura               should be taken off the air.            which we are given a tremendous        XM didn’t feel our sound was up         studio around.”
Sumas are associate producers.          Astronaut Buzz Aldrin talked            autonomy to do whatever we             to their standards.” This meant           Sometimes, a college campus
  The variety of guests on his          about the new documentary In the        want. But, then again,” Mann           everything had to be converted          can become cloistered, not
show are all related to the media       Shadow of the Moon. Another             said, “they can cancel us with         over to a digital format. Now           reaching beyond its boundaries to
business. One guest was Robert          guest was Alan Sepinwall, TV            thirty days notice.”                   everything needed for shows is on       speak to the larger community.
O’Neil, Director of the Thomas          critic for The Star-Ledger.               With a possible merge between        a computer, and a complex               However, with his XM satellite
Jefferson Center for the                Sepinwall was the only journalist       the two major satellite radio          program called Pro Tools is the         show, Let’s Consider the Source,
Protection of Free Speech, who          to interview David Chase about          systems, XM and Sirius, Let’s          software used.                          Professor Bob Mann reaches far
talked about free speech as it          the ending of the Sopranos.             Consider the Source could be             Mann eventually brought the           beyond our campus, speaking
related to the President of Iran’s         “It’s issues that are in my area     in trouble.                            show to Caldwell. “It has               with influential people about the
speech at Columbia University.          of expertise, and it’s out of my          “I am very nervous about the         been just a great thing to be           media’s role in society. That role
Mann pointed out to O’Neil              college. I feel freer here than I’ve    impending XM/Sirius merger.”           able to have the show out of            cannot be diminished or ignored.
during the interview that the right     felt,” Mann said.                       Mann said. “It could kill us.          Caldwell College.” He said. “The

 Page 4                                                                              THE          KETTLE                                                                      November 2007

                                                                   THE ARTS
STUDENTS PARTICIPATE IN                                                                                                        Bytes:
ART THERAPY EXHIBITION                                                                                                         Upcoming Arts Events
          By Nicole Scimone                  Cape and Mask,” refers to “the                                                    CULINARY ARTS
                                             expectation that a woman should                                                   For National French Week, the
                 Arts Editor                 be able to do it all: housewife,                                                  French Club is hosting a food
                                             mother, hostess, companion, wife,                                                 festival featuring cooking from the
                                             volunteer, etc.”        The cape                                                  French-speaking world. Dishes
  Caldwell College’s nationally              incorporates magazine images of                                                   from France, Morocco and Haiti
accredited art therapy graduate              women in these roles. Mollett                                                     will be served for free in the
program, the first and only in New           merges quilting, an art form                                                      Student Center Upper Lounge on
Jersey, opened the semester with             traditionally associated with                                                     Monday November 5, 11:30 a.m.
Art on Our Sleeve: A Wearable Art            women, with the realization that                                                  to 1:00 p.m.
Exhibition. The exhibition was               women are often forced into roles
open from August 28- October 1               which restrict their personalities.                                               THEATER
in the Visceglia Art Gallery and               Graduate Student Melissa Marie
                                                                                                     Photo by Nicole Scimone   Masque of the Heavens, an original
included works by Caldwell art               Johnson’s piece, The Artist Prayer
                                                                                   “Super-Gal Cape and Mask” created           17th century musical, will
therapy graduate students, faculty,          Shawl, refers to the mythical role
                                                                                   by Fran Mollett, a student in the           premiere in the Alumni Theater on
recent graduates of the program,             of the artist. The decorative
                                                                                   Post-Masters Art Therapy program.           Sunday, October 28 at 4:00 p.m.
art therapists from the community            shawl, made with curled pieces of
                                                                                                                               The play includes a god of cheer
and invited guests.                          brown paper, had a supernatural        own identities. Troubled that
                                                                                                                               surrounded by drinking sprites, the
  Each artist created a garment for          tone.      Caldwell alum and           art therapists are often not
                                                                                                                               heresy trial of Galileo and the
a mythological character using               practicing therapist Regina Lupo       considered artists, Caldwell
                                                                                                                               battle of wit of two of the early
brown paper. Entries ranged from             created Eve: circa 1960, an ivy-       Faculty Marie Wilson said that this
                                                                                                                               17th century’s most famous female
wigs to footwear, and everything             covered paper bikini, for the          exhibition proves the caliber of
                                                                                                                               royals, Queen Elizabeth I and
in between, referring to myths of            exhibition. Its use of the biblical    their work. “This is an opportunity
                                                                                                                               Cristina de Medici. Admission is
the Greeks, the Bible, 21st-                 figure    in     a    20th-century     to show that art therapists are also
century America and more.                                                                                                      free. Contact: Mary Lindroth,
                                             manifestation turned heads.            skilled artists, in addition to
  Caldwell Graduate Student                    The exhibition was also a                                             
                                                                                    understanding the psychological
Fran Mollett’s entry, “Super-Gal             statement about art therapists’        nature of human behavior.”
                                                                                                                               Garden State Opera will be
                   Back to You                                                                                                 performing The Impresario (The
   R E V I E W

                   Wednesdays, 8:00 PM, FOX                                                                                    Austrian Idol) and The Marriage
                       “Back to You” is a workplace sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer (“Frasier”) and Patricia                    Counselor in the Student
                   Heaton (“Everybody Loves Raymond”) as newscasters with a history together.                                  Center Auditorium on November
                       Grammer stars as Chuck Darling, a former Pittsburgh newscaster who returns to his
                                                                                                                               11th at 4:00 p.m. Caldwell
                   hometown after being fired from his high-profile job in Los Angeles. He comes back to rivalry
                   and witty repartee with Kelly Carr, who’s been stuck in the city since he left 10 years a go. A             students will be involved in
                   secret from their past keeps them on edge with each other as they report the news.                          backstage work and in comedic
                     “Back to You” is a perfectly competent sitcom, well-led by comedy veterans Grammer and                    roles onstage. Admission is free
                   Heaton, who carry the show with help from a supporting cast, highlighted by veteran character               for Caldwell students and can be
                   actor Fred Willard’s hilarious turn as a sportscaster who evokes memories of Ron Burgandy.                  used as an outside event for music
                     In fact, the whole show at times feels like “Anchorman: The Sitcom,” with Grammer laying                  core classes at the college.
                   on his ultra-pomposity and Heaton playing a single version of Debra Barone. Yet, there’s a retro            Contact:    Laura     Greenwald,
                   feel, a throwback to when the traditional sitcom was funny and popular. With great potential and  
                   a terrific cast, “Back to You” has the chance to develop into a winner.
                                                                                                    – Steve Lepore
                                                                                                                               COMMUNICATION ARTS
   M E D I A

                   The Brave One                                                                                               “Media Watch,” a program which
                      If you’re looking for a movie with suspense, action and a woman on a mission, “The Brave                 covers today’s hottest issues, is
                   One” starring Jodie Foster is an amazing movie to see. Foster’s character, Erica Bane, is almost            broadcast live on Channel 8 at
                   killed by a group of young men in Central Park one night. Bane survives, but the most important             2:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. The
                   person in her life, her fiancé, is killed.
                                                                                                                               show is hosted by Professor Bob
                      Jodie Foster gives her character a very strong and independent edge as she has to cope with the
                                                                                                                               Mann and a student from the
                   death of her fiancé while trying to pick up the pieces of her life. As Erica Bane walks the streets
                   of New York, she tries to balance her job on a radio show with the stark reality that once New              Communication Arts course
                   York City turns on you, there is only one way to protect yourself: by fighting back. Jodie Foster           “Senior Media Seminar.”
                   is a perfect fit for the role. She shows the world that a brave woman can stand up for herself.
                                                                                                        – Nora Kdiry

      Andrew J. Hickman III                 introduced two nights of                students present musical pieces            talents as well. This night will      who are and performed with
                                            musical performances. The               vocally and/or instrumentally. The         take place November 14 in the         them.” Kariisa sang the lead for
                 Staff Writer               Student Showcase and the Star           Student Showcase will take place           Alumni Theater.                       “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce and
                                            Night Showcase will feature             November 1:00 p.m. at 8:00 p.m.              “The Star Night Showcase was        her friends all sang backup.
                                            Caldwell students performing pop,       in the Student Center auditorium.          a great opportunity for me to be        All are welcome to participate
    With academic activities,               rock, R&B and jazz favorites.             Andrei St. Felix, an E.O.F.              able to express my talent,” said      and show off any talent that
extracurricular opportunities and             Rob Middleton, a lecturer in the      counselor for Caldwell has                 Kariisa Pascall, a student in her     they possess.          Both the
the high of sports seasons in the           Music Department, has advised           advised and will also be                   3rd year here at Caldwell College     Student Showcase and Star
air, what’s there for the music             and once again taken the position       playing the role as director               who performed in the Star Night       Night Showcase are looking for
community at Caldwell College               of director for the Student             for the Star Night Showcase — a            Showcase last year. “Even though      students to audition for
to do on campus? Not to                     Showcase, a night of talent with        night in which students perform            I’m not an E.O.F. student, I          November’s performances.
fear — two departments have                 musical performances where              musically and present their                entered with some of my friends

 November 2007                                                                  THE          KETTLE                                                                                   Page 5

  COMMUNITY                                                                            AND                            OUTREACH
Newark Soup Kitchen       From the Desk of the College Chaplain:
Teaches Caldwell Students Where Do We Experience God?
About Giving Back                                                                  In the Summer issue of
                                                                                 Human Development there is an
                                                                                                                      The Irish speak of “thin places”
                                                                                                                      – a place where the separation
                                                                                                                                                              ability to grab our attention is
                                                                                                                                                              what makes certain places thin.
                                                                                 article written by Father William    between heaven and earth, the              Fr. Barry as Spiritual Director
       By Meghan Dunn
                                                                                 A. Barry, SJ who is the Editor-      sacred and the secular, seems           recommends to people who have
                                                                                 in-Chief of the quarterly            especially clear. In such places        trouble in praying to do
          Staff Writer                                                                                                                                        something that they like to do.
                                                                                 magazine of the same name. He        people find the presence of God
  “We have all been created to                                                   is also a priest, author, lecturer   more easily. Where are the thin         A young man said that he found
love and be loved” says the quote                                                and spiritual director.              places in your life? What makes         himself distracted in prayer. He
from Mother Teresa that is on the                                                  He writes how Moses noticed        a place thin for you?                   said he’d like to look at the
wall of the soup kitchen in St.                                                  something extraordinary while          Since medieval times, people          architecture of the city in which
Augustine Church in Newark,                                                      tending sheep. That was the          have been drawn to the great            he lived.      When Fr. Barry
N.J. These words represent the                                                   famous burning bush – not being      cathedrals of Europe especially         suggested that he do this for
feelings of love and warmth that                                                 consumed. In Exodus 3:5, he          to the cathedral in the small           prayer, he felt guilty. So the
spread throughout that tiny                                                      moved closer to see and was told     French town of Chatres, because         suggestion was made “to pray
kitchen and dining area.                                                                                                                                      whatever way he wanted, but the
                                                                                 “come no closer! Remove the          they gave such promise of being
  Caldwell College’s Campus                                                                                                                                   next time in looking at the
                                                                                 sandals from your feet, for the      such thin places. Millions have
Ministry travels to Newark every                        Photo by Meghan Dunn                                                                                  architecture of the city, ask God
                                                                                 place on which you are standing      walked famous pilgrimage trails,
Wednesday morning to help
                                      Kaitlyn Conlan and Lia Caravan             is holy ground.” This is one of      like the 500 mile pilgrimage to         to go with you and tell me what
prepare and serve food to the         preparing food at St. Augustine’s                                                                                       happens.” It was a new way of
                                                                                 the places in the Bible where        Campaostello, Spain. What
many “clients” as they are            Soup Kitchen.                              people felt the closeness of God.    makes them special?                     relating to God.
referred to, not “homeless” or
                                                                                 Another famous place was Mt.           They take you out of your                There are several other thin
“needy,” as Campus Ministry
                                      the food was prepared, the                 Sinai where God gave Moses the       usual routines, don’t they?             places to consider, for example
Director Deacon Greg explained
                                      volunteers prayed before                   Ten Commandments.                    Something in these places               scripture, married and family
to the volunteers before entering
                                      welcoming the clients into the               For the Christians, Jesus of       surprises you, makes you forget         life, liturgy, nature and finally
the soup kitchen. “All you can do
                                      kitchen. A feeling of solidarity           Nazareth, an Israelite of the 1st    your own concerns and worries           the cross. There are many other
is offer them a smile and a warm
                                      and community set in as we                 century of our era, is the new       and captures your attention. For        thin places that you could
meal to let them know that
                                      stood next to people we had just           place where heaven and earth         a moment you pay attention to           wonder about and even discover
someone cares about them,” he
                                      met, but had such a strong                 met, where the holy is present.      something or someone outside            for yourself.
told those of us who had never
                                      connection to.                             The baptism of Jesus in Luke         yourself. The sunrise over the             Such      experiences      are
before been to a soup kitchen.
   As I entered the soup kitchen, I     Finally, the moment that we had                                                                                       experiences of God’s creative
                                                                                 3:21-22 and the Transfiguration      ocean captures all your
was greeted by Clara who is           been waiting for had arrived.                                                                                           desire for each one of us and the
                                                                                 in Mark 9:2-13 exemplify how         attention, for example you are
also a volunteer, and as she          Sister Marissa opened the doors                                                                                         correlative desire for God
                                                                                 heaven and earth meet in him.        not aware of the pain in your
embraced each one of the              and let in our clients, who sat                                                                                         whenever we become aware of
                                                                                 To meet Jesus is the meet God.       back or how cold your fingers
volunteers from Caldwell              down in anticipation as they said                                                                                       God’s creative touch.
                                                                                 He is holy ground.                   feel. In these moments God has
College, I knew this was going to     the “Hail Mary”, “Our Father”
                                                                                   The question of the article is     a chance to break through the
be a great experience. As we were     and “Doxology.”        Following                                                                                               – Father Albert J. Berner
                                                                                 where do we experience God?          self preoccupation and problems
introduced to the staff, their        prayers, they lined up to receive
                                                                                 Where is “our holy ground?”          that dominate our attention. The
smiles said it all, that they were    their meal. Sister Marissa had
happy to be at the soup kitchen,      told us to only give a certain           their plates when we saw their         understand the joy of giving as         complain about in the cafeteria,
happy to be helping those in need     amount of food to each person, but       hands shaking with hunger.             well as the needs of others. The        my education and the roof over
and happy to see college students     for many of the volunteers, this         Fortunately, we were able to offer     volunteers at St. Augustine are         my head just to name a few
also willing to help.                 was difficult. As these people           “seconds” and in some cases even       truly remarkable people who care        things. We are all so busy that we
    We immediately got to work        looked you in the eye and asked          filling containers or plastic bags     about what they do and put so           never even think twice about how
doing anything Sister Lily, who       for more food, it was too hard to        with food for the clients to take      much love and passion into their        fortunate we are, but a trip to St.
organizes the soup kitchen,           tell them no. Our hearts were full       with them.                             work. Coming back to campus             Augustine’s changes all of that. I
asked, whether it was chopping        of pain; we knew we had to make             In my opinion, everyone should      after such an experience made me        will not forget the time I spent at
vegetables for the salad, washing     sure there was enough food for           spend time volunteering with           realize how much I take for             St. Augustine’s, nor will I ever
dishes or making ice tea. After       everyone, but we just wanted to fill     those in need so that they may         granted: that food that we all          forget how fortunate I am.

  Dominican Hall Honors Its Roots                                              CAMPUS MINISTRY
    After much anticipation, Caldwell announced the name of the                     By Cassandra Vezeris              to 2:30 a.m. Campus Ministry            winter and spring breaks. For the
  new dorm during a special ceremony held the weekend of                                                              also offers a chance for students       alternative winter break, students
  Homecoming. The name is special, as the college chose not to                                                        to tutor in an after school care        will go to the Nazareth Farm in
                                                                                        Outreach Editor
  simply sell the naming rights to the highest-bidding company, but                                                   program at Our Lady Help of             Salem, West Virginia from
  to honor the sisters of St. Dominic who have worked to make the                Campus Ministry helps sponsor        Christians from 3:00 p.m. to            January 5 to January 12. The
  College what it is today.                                                    many events that Caldwell              5:30 p.m. on October 17th, 18th.        alternative spring break trip goes
    “How particularly appropriate that our new Residence Facility is           students can participate in. The       31st, November 1st, 14th, 15th,         to Flat Gap, Kentucky from March
  named Dominican Hall,” Steven M. Freeman, Chairman of the                    goal Deacon Gregory has for all        28th, and the 29th.                     23 to March 29. For these
  Board of Trustees of Caldwell College, said in his dedication speech         of these events is for people to put     Students also have the                alternative breaks, you are present
  of the dorm. “Were it not for the Sisters of St. Dominic of Caldwell,        faith into action, because as the      opportunity to pray with inmates        to help build homes or add on
                                           there would be no Caldwell          saying goes “actions speak louder      at the Essex County Maximum             additions to homes for those who
                                           College. Moreover, without          then words.”                           Security Jail on Friday nights          do not have enough money to
                                           the     Sisters   important           There are many events that           from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.             maintain what they currently have,
                                           Philanthropy and the                people can get involved in             Finally, residents are invited to       or just need help getting back on
                                           leadership of Sr. Arlene            through campus ministry. The           help Alzheimer's patients at St.        their feet.
                                           Antczak, there would be no          Midnight Run is an event which         Catherine’s        Convent       and      For more information about
                                           Dominican Hall...Thank              helps the homeless in New York         Healthcare facilities.                  any of these events you can
                                           you to all the Sisters              City. This event will happen on          In addition to these events, there    contact Campus Ministry by
                                           here today ...”                     Friday, October 26th and               are also retreats that are offered to   calling Deacon Gregory Quinn at
                                                                               November 30th from 9:30 p.m.           students, such as the alternative       973-618- 3302.

 Page 6                                                                            THE           KETTLE                                                                               November 2007

Shooting Stars at Caldwell College
         By Nora Kdiry                  here was “different, but an                 Practices for the Cougars are
                                        amazing experience.” Nutley,              becoming more and more serious
           Staff Writer                 New Jersey resident Mark Costa            according to both Costa and
                                        (#21) has played soccer all his           Carlsson. “We used to have light
                                        life. It’s something he grew up           practices before games, but now it
  From baseball, basketball and         knowing and loving.                       is way more intense.” With the
volleyball to tennis and one of the
most important sports here at
Caldwell College, soccer, this is               “I love the sport . . . but I won’t
the year to see our very own
friends, classmates or students               go pro. I did what I set out to do:
give their all on the field and bring
more pride to the Cougar name.
                                            play soccer all the way through college,
Our soccer team is among the                   and it’s just an amazing experience                                                                               Photo courtesy of the Sports Information Department
                                                                                                                                Junior Chad Bennett is part of the Cougar’s men’s soccer team, which is on
most diverse and skilled soccer
teams in New Jersey. Sophomore                              and sport.”                                                         the hunt for a CACC Championship.
Swedish exchange student Peter
Carlsson (#15) is one of the many          “I love the sport,” Costa states,      team currently holding a winning              whom they lost to last year in the        Costa said, “We lost to them in
scouted players who made his            “but I won’t go pro. I did what I         record, the strategy for intense              semifinals of the CACC                    the first round of the semi-finals
way to the Cougar grounds. He           set out to do: play soccer all the        practices seems to be working.                Conference Tournament.                    last year, but this year, it’s going
has played in a professional club       way through college, and it’s just        Their biggest competition this                  “Dominican is one of the                to be an amazing game to watch.”
squad in Sweden and said coming         an amazing experience and sport.”         season is Dominican College,                  hardest teams we’ve had to play,”

                                                                                                                                      FROM THE DESK OF THE
  Volleyball                                                                                                                          SPORTS INFORMATION
  Gets First Win!                                                                                                                     DIRECTOR
           By Steve Lepore                                                                                                          Greetings Caldwell College students.

             Staff Writer                                                                                                              The staff at The Kettle has asked me
                                                                                                                                    to offer my observations of Cougar
                                                                                                                                    Athletics in a letter to its readers.
    They say there’s a first time for                                                                                               Although there have been many
  everything. If the Caldwell                                                                                                       highlights so far this fall, the one that stands out is our volleyball
  Cougars women’s volleyball                                                                                                        team’s first victory since the College re-established the program
  team’s first victory since the                                                                                                    last year. On Sept. 25, the Cougars defeated Felician College
  school’s return to the sport last                                                                                                 three games to one, ending a 31-match losing streak that
  year is any indication, this school                                                                                               stretched back to last year’s 0-17 campaign.
  will be hoping for a lot more than                                                                                                   After fielding a team consisting of players with limited volleyball
  just a “first time”.                                                                                                              experience in 2006, head coach Megan Hrbek brought in seven
    A raucous George R. Newman                                                                                                      freshmen with impressive credentials to boost the talent level in
  Center watched the Cougars                                                                                                        order to compete with the other programs in the conference. The
  defeat the Felician College                                                                                                       rebuilding process took time, however, as the team struggled with
  Golden Eagles on Tuesday,                                                                                                         consistency and chemistry while losing its first 14 matches this fall.
  September 25th in four sets. The                                                                                                     Despite the results, the Cougars always remained positive,
  girls played with an unbridled                                                                                                    supporting each other with high-fives and shouts of
  confidence that their fellow                                                                                                      encouragement whatever the score may be. That being said, this
  students fed off of. Coach                                                                                                        team needed a win. After all the hard work, time and effort that
  Megan Hrbek said, “We kept our                                                                                                    an intercollegiate sport requires, the players needed to be
  intensity high from the start”, as                                                                                                rewarded. I’m happy for the freshmen who aren’t used to losing,
  Caldwell took the first set 30-17.                                                                                                such as Cory Roesing, who led Secaucus High School to back-to-
    After winning the first set, the                                                                                                back Group 1 state championships and probably didn’t lose more
  Cougars ran into trouble in the                                                                                                   than 10 matches in her high school career. I’m happy for Coach
  second, which they were unable                                                                                                    Hrbek, who now has her first win as a head coach. I’m happy for
  to come back from, losing that                                                                                                    all of our fans who have supported this team and finally had a
  set 30-27. “We gave ourselves                                           Photo courtesy of the Sports Information Department       reason to celebrate.
  too big of a hole to climb out of,”     Junior Laura DeVico gets low to set up a play for the Cougars.                               But most of all I’m happy for juniors Laura Ciesla, Ashley Cusack
  Hrbek said.          The Cougars                                                                                                  and Laura DeVico, and sophomores Elizabeth Newcomb and
  responded and turned the tide of          The largely student-based              Hrbek said “It’s awesome, the                    Ashley Collins. These are the five remaining players from last year
  the match with a third set win,         crowed was cheering at every             fans are great.”                                 who joined the team to help get the program started. After coming
  30-24, really worked the crowd          possible moment by the fourth              Of course, the million dollar                  up short 31 times, these five players finally can stand tall as
  over in their favor. Coach Hrbek        set, as the Cougars dominated,           question for the Caldwell coach:                 winners. I don’t necessarily agree that winning is the only thing,
  saw it as a key to winning the          winning again, 30-17.      The           How does it feel to win your first               but it sure feels good.
  match, “We lose that set, I don’t       crowd and the players stormed            game? “It feels great, finally to
  know how we respond.”                   the court as the won. As coach           get that over with.”                               – Matt McLagan

 November 2007                                                                      THE           KETTLE                                                                                          Page 7

  For each Cougar athlete, the journey to Division II Caldwell College is                             Andrew Fraser,                           Adam Sabree,                             Carla Bleiler, Soccer
different. Each path is different, and each person’s experiences along the                            Soccer                                   Basketball                                  Carla Bleiler is
way are as well. We spoke to eight athletes who each arrived at the                                                                              Adam Sabree,                           s h ow i n g     great
                                                                                                        Andrew Fraser,
College in their own unique way. Some are international students, some                                                                                                                  determination in her
                                                                                                      soccer player at                         basketball player at
came from other states, and some are New Jersey natives. Their                                                                                                                          Senior year at
                                                                                                      Caldwell College,                        Caldwell College,
backgrounds may be different, but one thing is the same. Each of the                                                                                                                    Caldwell. Bleiler
eight had impressive high school playing careers before being recognized                              attended Wolmer’s                        attended Detroit
                                                                                                                                               Renaissance High                         started her high
at Caldwell as major contributors to the College’s sports teams.                                      Boys H.S. in                                                                      school playing
                                                                                                                             School. During his time there as
                                                                                    Jamaica. While there, he helped                                                    career by being named Absegami
                   Cory Roesing,                             Kyrie Timbrook,                                                 Captain, he lead his team to a perfect
                                                                                    his team reach the varsity finals, but                                             High School Rookie of the Year, and
                   Volleyball                                Softball                                                        27-0 season, back-to-back City
                      You could say                             California native   fell to Norman Manly H.S. in a                                                     then went on to captain the team for
                                                                                                                             Championships, and helped reach a
                   that for Cougars                          Kyrie Timbrook, a      heartbreaking loss. After his senior                                               three years.
                                                                                                                             ranking of third in USA Today’s top         College recruiter, Coach Davis,
                   freshman volleyball                       strong asset to the    year, he was asked to join Caldwell      high school teams in America.             noticed Bleiler’s performance at a
                   player         Cory                       Cougar Softball        College by the team coach as well, as
                   Roesing, winning                                                                                          Shortly after his senior year, Sabree     tournament in the Poconos and asked
                                                             team, was recruited    by a former high school teammate,
                   comes naturally. At                                                                                       was scouted by Caldwell College           her to continue her career at
                                                             her senior year from   Miguel Walker.
Secaucas High School, she won two                                                                                            in Las Vegas. Since coming to the         Caldwell. The midfielder says she
                                           Los Gatos High School while also
state championships. Yet, with                                                         Since joining the Cougars, Fraser     Cougars, Adam has scored around           will never forget her successful years
                                           playing for the West Bay Nuggets
Caldwell’s       still    young     and                                             has made the all-conference team for     500 points and greatly contributed to     in high school. “The experience was
                                           Gold. With a fully-committed mind
sometimes struggling volleyball                                                     the past three years and regional        a ‘06-’07 CACC Tournament                 a stepping stone that has prepared
                                           set to attend college on the East
program, she knows winning won’t                                                    teams for the past two. He has also      Championship. He not only believes        me for the college level,” said
                                           Coast, Timbrook, who is a catcher
come quite as easy. However,                                                                                                 that                               they   Bleiler.
                                           and third-basemen, looked for help       played a role in the team making it to
Roesing, who was attracted to                                                                                                                                            Bleiler has held three all-
                                           from softball recruiting consultant,     the semifinals of the CACC               c a n r e p e a t a n o t h e r C AC C
volleyball because members of her                                                                                                                                      conference titles leading up to her
family played in the past,                 Cathi Aradi, who aided her in            Conference Tournament in ‘04, the        Championship, but that they will
                                           meeting her requirements for not                                                                                            senior year. Head Coach Nate
seems quite ready and able for                                                      finals in ‘05, and the semis again in    also win it all at the NCAA
                                           only a competitive softball program,                                                                                        Guagliardi truly believes in Carla’s
the challenge.                                                                                                               Tournament. “We have a mature,
                                                                                    ‘06. Fraser said “It’s time to win the                                             performance. “Carla has been a
    “I just go out and play my hardest     but also for academics. When                                                      solid team ready to win,” he said,
                                           making her final decision with           conference” and believes they can                                                  leader since the day I met her,” said
all the time, and I’ll do whatever it                                                                                        “especially with the strong group of
                                           Caldwell, Timbrook stated, “I chose      because “the team unity is very high                                               Guagliardi.     Bleiler’s goal this
takes to win”, she told me after the                                                                                         seniors we have, accompanied by the
                                           Caldwell particularly because of the     this year.”                                                                        season is to help her team reach the
Cougars’ first win of the season over                                                                                        great coaching staff.”
Felician College on September 25th.        strong softball program…I wanted to                                                                                         CACC tournament.
                                                                                                           — Osi Caceres                             — Osi Caceres
Roesing, who came to Caldwell to           be a part it.” With high hopes for                                                                                                               — Robert Bethea
play volleyball, said that first victory   her upcoming sophomore year,
was “a big win. It felt really good.”      Timbrook said, “I think we have a
You can tell that description comes        good chance of winning our

                                                                                                                             they will definitely be a benefit to      how often a coach may call or how
from someone who knows the                 conference this year and advancing                                                our program.”                             early in a student’s career he or she
feeling of winning well.                   to regionals.”
                       — Steven Lepore                                                                                         Strong athleticism is not the only      can be contacted. Johnson is
                                                                — Nicole Bodrog                                              concern of the college in                 the compliance coordinator, who
                                                                                            By Nicole Scimone                recruiting, though, as academic           makes sure that new recruits and
                Mackenzie Lynch, Basketball                                                                                  standards rise. “This recruit class       returning athletes are able to
                  Mackenzie Lynch, a junior forward, has had a lot of success                    Arts Editor
                during her high school and college years. Lynch was named 1st
                Team All Conference and Passaic County each year at DePaul             It’s common sense — a car is
                High School, and she was named The Star-Ledger Passaic              only as good as its parts, a dish
                County Player of the Year in her senior year. She reached the       is only as good as its ingredients
                1,000 point plateau in her junior year of high school and was a     and a team is only as good as its
                two time 2nd team all-state player.                                 players. And it is with that
   Lynch was interested in attending Caldwell College, but eventually chose to      same principle that Caldwell’s
attend Bryant University in Rhode Island instead. She transferred to Caldwell       athletic department has acted,
midway through her freshman year.                                                   recruiting      quality     freshman
   Lynch was named a Division II Basketball All-Star by the Eastern College         players and transfer students for
Athletic Conference after leading the Cougars in scoring and rebounding this        its teams.
past season. Lynch says she has no regrets about transferring.                         This year, 39 freshman players                                                               Photo by Pushparaj Aitwal
                                                               — Vinnie Falzon
                                                                                    were recruited to the college who        Eight of Caldwell's Athletes, each of whom have had a unique journey to
                                                                                    demonstrated a high level of             bring them to Caldwell.
                  Sam Cricelli, Basketball                                          capability during their high school
                     Samuel Cricelli, a sophomore from Brighton, England            sports careers. Caldwell Athletic        is strong academically,” Corino           maintain their place at the
                  played point guard for European School in Culham in the B         Director Mark Corino said he             said. “Student athletes have a            college by academic standards —
                  League. Cricelli and his team won the B league championship       hopes that the new players will          strong sense of teamwork, the             and their position on the team by
                  in 2002, his senior year, and was named MVP unanimously by        help to improve the college’s            ability to compete, discipline and        NCAA standards.
                  his teammates that same year.                                     programs.       “The number one          organization, which are all                 Perhaps the most important
                     In 2005 Cricelli went to the College of New Jersey to
                                                                                    benefit of recruitment is their          qualities that can be exhibited in        benefit of recruiting freshman
                  participate in an Eastern Invitational Exposure Camp which he
heard about through a friend back home. The purpose of the camp was to scout        [freshman recruits’] being able          the classroom as well as                  athletes is the hope that they bring
potential players for college. Caldwell saw potential in Cricelli and they          to help our programs from an             throughout campus life.”                  to the department.          As our
expressed their interest.                                                           athletic perspective.”                     Assistant Athletic Director Dean        upperclassmen continue to grow,
  During his first year at Caldwell he claimed the small forward position where        This is clear in the recruitment of   Johnson, who is at the helm of the        practice and develop into even
he started all but 2 games. Sam Cricelli is a good multi-dimensional player that    seven freshman players to the            recruiting effort for the college,        better players, the new athletes
works well on both sides of the ball.                                               women’s volleyball team this year.       agrees. Johnson said, “We work            symbolize        our      campus’s
                                                                 — Vinnie Falzon    The volleyball team had a building       closely with admissions to get the        untapped potential.        There is
                                                                                    season last year, winning none of its    most talented student athlete that is     nothing quite so emblematic of a
                 Adric Saxon, Baseball                                              matches. This season, thanks to its      academically qualified to be              school’s pride than a thriving
                    Adric Saxon was named All-Broward County Honorable              new recruits and returnees, won its      successful here on campus.”               sports team. As these new players
                 Mention and J.P Taravella High School Defensive MVP as a           first match on Tuesday September           But recruitment is no easy              bring their prowess and learn from
                 senior in high school. He played two years of varsity baseball,    25, beating Felician College 30-17,      business. Athlete recruitment is a        their teams’ more experienced
                 one season at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High and the other          27-30, 30-24, 30-17.           Megan     complex process fraught with legal        players, Caldwell sports can only
                 at JP Taravella High. Both schools are located in Florida.         Hrbek, coach of the women’s              complications. Caldwell is a              be looking up.
                    Saxon then attended Broward Community College. While in                                                  member of the NCAA, or National             Cougar fans will have to wait for
                                                                                    volleyball team, said, “It is always
                 Florida, he heard about the baseball program at Caldwell from
                                                                                    important to bring in new talent, but    Collegiate Athletic Association,          the spring season to see all of the
a freshman at the time who played for the College. So he visited the school and
practiced with the team.                                                            it was especially important this year    and thus follows its prescribed           recruits in action. Until then,
   He was then offered a chance to play by Coach Chris Reardon, if he was           because the opportunity to recruit       regulations regarding recruitment.        contact the athletic department for
accepted into the school the following year. He was, and played right field last    was not there last year.” She added,     Each coach in the department does         games and matches featuring the
year as a Cougar. Saxon started every game last spring, batting over .300 and       “Our freshmen are just starting out      his or her own recruiting by the          new fall athletes to welcome
recording more than 10 homeruns and 50 RBI’s.                                       and getting the hang of things, but      prescribed rules, which specify           them to our campus.
                                                               — Vinnie Falzon

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