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Radiology Billing Software by hjt98841


									      Radiology Billing Software
                                                       Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. has
                                                       developed medical billing software
                                                       specifically designed for Radiology
                                                       Billing. We assure an increase in
                                                       collections when you install our
                                                       software solution for Radiology Billing.

                                                       With over 28 years of experience in working with
                                                       Radiology billers and facilities nationwide, the H+Plus
                                                       Professional solution is designed to specifically handle
                                                       your needs and includes the following features:

                                                              Hospital Download Interfaces
                                                              Interfaces to CodeRyte and other coding
                                                              software Available
                                                              Interface with RIS and PACS
   H+Plus Professional Key Features                           Extensive software scrubbers and error
   and Benefits:                                              checking processes work to correct claims data
                                                              before transmission thereby reducing
      Bi-directional HL7 Interfaces                           rejections, and lowering outstanding days in
      Super Client Feature                                    A/R.
      Paperless Work Queues                                   Simple one-time setup
      Dashboard Analytics                                     Complete user control of charges progressing
      Automated PHI Auditing Systems                          to the billing system. Charges can be
      CCHIT Certified EMR                                     reviewed, updated or corrected before claims
      Electronic Claims and Remit Posting                     processing.
      Scanned Document Imaging
      HIPAA Compliant                                  Healthpac has been a pioneer in the healthcare billing
      Medical Necessity Testing                        community since 1981.       Our breakthrough billing
      Logical Design for ease of use and minimal       solutions employ strategic managing to the model and
      training requirements                            closed loop processes. We automate the management
      Based on “Rules of Billing”, tables that are
                                                       side of a company and not just the clerical side. Our
      easily changed by the client when required for
      special situations.                              execution of a paperless work queue environment frees
      Reduces Days in A/R through advanced built-in    users to produce two to three times more than they
      error detection.                                 would normally.
      Turnkey and ASP models available
      Simple one-time setup
      Part A and Part B billing included

                                                                                        1010 East Victory Drive
                                                                                      Savannah, Georgia 31405
                                                                                Phone: (800) 831-9419 ext 202
                                                                                           Fax: (912) 233-4370
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