The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) An example web site by hjt98841


									Blog is short for ‘web log’ and is a web site primarily written in journal style. There can be blogs on
every subject know to man: cooking, sports, literature, art even businesses and companies can have a
blog. The first blog was an online journal. Anyone can write an online blog.

The Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

An example web site:

       http://--hypertext transfer protocol:

                the language computers use to “talk” to one another

       www—world wide web:

                the body of information connected by

                the cables and computers of the Internet

       .starwars—domain name:

                the structured, alphabetic-based,

                unique name for a computer on a network

       .com—top level domain:

                gives an idea of where the document is stored

       /seminars—file name:

                a folder within a website

       .html—hypertext markup language:

                the computer language used to format documents

Different top-level domain (TLDs) are used by various types of organizations so the Internet user knows
what type of site he is visiting. The most common TLD’s are:

           .com = commercial sites
           .edu = educational sites
           .k12 = school sites
           .gov = government sites
           .mil = military sites
           .org = for organizations
           .net = net infrastructure (no restrictions -used by anyone)
Who pays for the Internet?

Advertisers pay for the internet websites with popups and banners trying to influence your spending

Commercial sites (.com) and net infrastructures sites (.net) are not always reliable sources for valid
information. When doing research for school it is best to use .edu, .k12, .gov, .mil and .org sites.

Boolean Searches Using AND, OR, and NOT in internet database searches and other computer
technology. AND, OR and NOT are Boolean terms, named for a British mathematician, George Boole.
Because the Internet is a huge computer database, people must search its contents according to the
rules of computer database searching. Much database searching is based on the logical relationship
among search terms, referred to as the "principles of Boolean logic." AND will give you data requested
that are both. Using OR will help you get key words that are similar to your data requested. NOT will
make your search smaller, more concise.

Binary Codes

Binary- The principle behind digital computers. All input to the computer is converted into
binary numbers made up of the two digits 0 and 1 (bits). The electronic circuits that
process these binary numbers are also binary in concept. They are made up of on/off
switches (transistors) that are electrically opened and closed. The current flowing through
one switch turns on (or off) another switch, and so on.

Zero (0) to the computer means off, no, empty, false

One (1) to the computer means on, yes, full, true

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